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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, April 11, 1968, Image 7

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lib . Qtr's. 6 1 ' Full Butt Hull •Cooked1 Redeem Coupons Below With O n e $5 Purchase S a v e S S C i ih . ; Cart Mewark.N.Y. Courler-Gazetta Thursday, Aoril 11, 1968 w tQup’on - and SS oi mote - purchase t Lb. Solids . We Reserve th^Rlght to .limit Quantities, Prices Effective thru Sat.. April ,13, 1968, C o u p o n W o r t h . Towards P urchase of l Lb. Maxwell House, Ideal, Acme or Wincrest . CO F F E E . 1 With $5 or riiOre purchase • ' pne coupon.per customer ‘ ' 1968T (Continued tom Pajre.5); ; EAST PALMYRA * . PRESBYTERIAN Rev. Honi Khoury . ' Maundy Thursday: U n i o n communion service at 7:30 pm . at Port G i b s o n - Methodist. • “Church- . • ‘ • Sunday: Our church has been invited to attend Easter Sunrise Service of the port Gibson Methodist Church at . 5:45 am , to be. held oh tlie hill near The , Jacob home -on-the Port Gibson Road. Easter breakfast, .following - the service- at the Methodist church; morning worship at - 9:45. sermon, “A Living Hope”. Monday: Communicant class get. church ■ at 6:45 p.m.; Book Study' at 7:45 p,m. ■> ■<e| aCHUJRCH-QE CHRIST. ftfith Coupon 0 t Righf Purchase Pkg; af 4 Cans < s Coupon s t e r Cooked - ftt(| Shank Hall Worth Towards tho Purchase of 1 lb. The Lord’s Church 219 West Ave, ; _ Sunday: Bible - study at.'io a.m,; worship at 11 - 4 . 1 %.; We- worslilp at 5:30 p.m. - ■ . L b . Farrtidalc.pr land ’Olokos With 55 or more purchase One coupon per. customer. Good thru Sat., April 13,1968 JliUg Thursday at 7 p m. Mid-week service . t h i s Coupon Towards Ihe Purchase of One H Avg- lb.' Large Selection ^ ^ T L C O M I T C L E A M S E R One coupon per customer Good Thru Sat., April 13, 1968 1 Lb..iyLb.«2 Lb.«3lfe. 4 ib.-& lb .-8 Lb^lO tb. L b . Chuck Steak Coupon Worth ^Save14 e lb . K e i l b a s a F R O Z E N F O O D S Rib Short Ribs New! Mild or Tcmgy Hygrade Polish Acme's •lowf*»ee ■Toward the purchase of C h e s terfield, Lark or L&M . Any Stylo CIGAftETXES One coupon per customer Adolts onIy,21 years old or over a GpodThru Sat., April 13, 1968 / iCnf1 Acme low Pr1c6' Lb. tb . • x=> -T O 0 A 6 h 6000-000 0 THIS COUPON WORTH Extra S & H Lb. 5 0 Green Stamps •* <—> ^—< Ideal Peas Green B eans TaSti Fries Sliced Turkey Chicken Slew T Sove- , \> ori Sw e e t Ideal Birdseye Lancaster W /Dressing 10 o r . , Pkgs. B A K E R Y S A V I N G S B o n u s S & H S t a m p s With Coupon af Right And Purchase of Your Choice >£• With Ihe Purchase of Two 3.1b -2 oz. Jars .. | Ideal Applesauce 0,/0> o THIS COUPON WORTH >= Extra S & H jg Green Stamps es Willi »ba Purchase of O? Three Dozen Any Siro Farm.fresh-Grac^e A Local ^ Ideal Eggs | F I R S T CHURCH O F C H R IS T SC IEN T IST Sunday: WG-VA at 8:15 a«d_ j WHAM at 9:15. What does Eas- .. Tin Arc, ter mean to a space age? The pZVVVK . Bible says the promise--of'E&s- 1 ter is timeless. l isten today to g j “Easter and Today’s World.\' <=>( Morning worship at 11 am, g 1 “Are Sin, Disease and o ! Real?’” is the subject of _ the “ ! Lesson-Serinon to' be rea!TlfrjHr'~ •=> j Chritsian Science ’churches- Ion § i Easter Sunday. Selections frtiih S>. j.the Bible . include ‘ this _ versa - j g\[ from Isaiah; “Look. unto me o-j and be ye saved, all the1 endsLof y | g j ' the earth; for I am God,-4nd. y ,y. . A rimng ritii ? tlons “from fee AM i textbook, “Science and JJealth : with Key to the Scriptures'” 'by.' Mary Baker. Eddy are these lines: “All reality is in God and, - | <=>-.: His creation, harmonious. § j eternal. That .which He ere a <=> is good, and He makes all tfiat § • is made.” I «r> I . A. special Easter solo “O ga- g ] vior Sweet\ by. MdCk Harrell will' «=> be sung by Paul Welcbor, g | church soloist, Mrs. Marie\ Pal- matier will pi'ay “Easter Morfi” 10 or. Pkgs. T L fc.4 oz. S u p r e m e Home Sfyle o r 1 ‘ Cornell, Plairi or S e eded Rye lb. Good -thro Sol, SaF., g Apnh13. 1968 < S L f l C M € > ^ *P nl 13- * 9 6 8 _____ ______ _ _____ » M Wf A\X;A'A A'A A n/7 CvTA A * A <* ■ MAAU’a ■ u u u i f v)\Y(iU't f ir m ?iT u-irtrrrtrif jsj~xnt^t,>^TT~TTTt'tr^“tTtttt n ysiinr\Ki ia/^dtu jjllS COUPON WORTH cs LI.. THIS COUPON WORTH Extra S&H < Green Stamps < 5 0 _ _ - 'O f French.Dinner.Poppy Seed or Ass'f. 5 1 . 1 9 1 Brawn & Serve Balls ChfeHJolale Chip. v Ice Cream Ideal \Flavor •of the . Month\ Decorated Easter Half 0£! I t Ea. With Ihe Purchase of Two ,16'Ga.i Pkg’i. Fa/mdoleor ideal . Mhru Sal., I 13,- 1968. ^ ExtraS &H _ Green Stamps g With Your Choice Any 4 Oslod ers Virg. lee French Dinner Ass'f. or Poppy Seed ^ lr : L Rolls or g Cornell. Plain or Seeded Bye, Cr> Supremo m « C> —Oldftrsh; - B r e a d — ----- & • r Home;Slyle , Good ThruScM^pfei > April 1-3, i.968. j by Mailing; “Open Tlie Gate^ of The Temple” by Knap; ar.d \Unfold. Yc Portals” by Grenod. Wednesday evening there ft a; testimony meeting at 8 p m.; The Reading Room will - be open Tuesday and Friday from 3 to 5,p.m. and before and after Wednesday„evaning~meatlng..' - All are cordially invited to&t*. tend services and use the Read­ ing Room. REDEEMER LUTHERAN. Hope and Edgett St. Rov. Walter Kovac — Maundy' “ Thursdayr with Holy CommunioriiY:30 p»t% Good Fridas: Special worship : service at 7:30 p.m. _ * Easter Sunday : Sunrise serv­ ice 7 a.m.: Easter Breakfast 7:45 a.m.-9:15 a.m.; Sund School and Adult Bible Class 9:30 a.m.: Main Worship service l%45~ajm;—Nurser.y—care—pro.-.. Luscious California Dry Pint Basket Gardeji Fresh All Green tb s . Lge. Bch. i A p p les W eslern Delicious California Navel S . Amer. Black or Seedless D o z Sweef Western 2 tb. 6 oz. Pkg. LB. CAN ‘ LEVitT ONE Orahge-Grape of Punch SUGAR GRANULATED 5 LB. B a g l i m i t * C a r r o t s , 4 9 < G r a p ^ f r i i i t For -H-crl Gal. Juicy F|ori_da_ ___________ Acme Has a Complete Selection of Easter LANTS-AJLOWFRS . Make Your Seteciion Early I And Be S u re o f ihe Plant ' of Your Choice ^ 2 9 < 6 9 « CAMPBELL’S I^MATG SOUP i \ 10 K. oz. # C S? GAN g l i m i t ' F O U R TOMATO SOUP IDEAL a T c 10% oz. GAN LIM IT FOUR SHORTENING ( REAM WHITE * SALAD DRESSING FARMDALE QT. JA R L I M I T ONE TISSUE W hite or - co l o r s ROLL LIM IT FO U K PRINCESS 2 PLY. TOILET TISSUE BOLL A C PKG- M m W L IM IT ONE IDEAL FLOUR LB. BAG LIM IT ONE vided. Visitors welcome. Tuesday: Meeting of the Vot­ ers’ Assembly 7:30 p.m. 2 . «i f| CH R ISTIA N AND M ISSIO N A R Y A L L IA N C E . Z Rev. WiUlam L i Moon _ Thtu-sday: service- Of m edia­ tion and prayer, 7:30 ipln. | Theme: “Garden of GethSe-- ■niane”. -• Sunday: Sunrise service and breakfast at 6:30. a m at fee Arthur Deys in E.i«I almyfe -^ta dio-WACK at 7:45'a.m. Pravpr- time at 9:30 a,m. Sunday Schorl at 9:45 a.m. Worship Servic&sat 11 a.m. Theme; “The Final “jai vitatlon”,. Rev. 22.' Youth Bel towship at 6:45 p.m. Evang«&= tic Service at ~7;3%%nar Thefhe: ; “The Resurrection of Christ £ ■ Advance notice; VacationSpi-’.I .b^j Schooi,- April 15-19' frosj' 9 | to; 11:30 -a.m. at*the chu«%. X- .) • . j- ST. M ark ’ s c p isc o p a # • Rev, Bernard D.- GrangejJ charist and minfttty of h'e^|00?“ at 9:30 a.m. Altar Guild ate communion and work day..; Holy- Eucharist at '6 pm. foljSw^ ed by supper at 6:30 in-ifee - Parish House. \ Good Friday: 12. nooii W -M , .pm>r--“Three 'Hours’’, 7:30 .pan,,. “The .Way of the Cross”, 'tgjr -~r.Z Saturday: Spiritual counsel-:...! ling from 7:30 to 8i30 p,m.- 5^. Easter .Sunday: Holy Euchar­ ist at 8 p.m. Family Worship a t ,1 10 a m r followed bv ChuSch-Jjf School class and. ndnlt. coffee 1 GAL. ’ L IM IT ONE BLEACH SPEED-UP GAL. \LIMIT ONE hour.. Easter Egg Hunt for,nur-,i,j sery-kindergarten through feixtd-f [•grade. Monday: Holy Eucharist ^ at [ 5 :16 p.m. x ■ Tuesday: Holy Eucharist- 5:15 p.m. Wednesday-: Holy Euchanstrntl 6:45 a.m. Crafts- Class from S>Ro| 6 pm . -5 (Continued oh Page I I K 1 /

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