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It,'.': r - i f Chejcry Delight-—. ^ \ W in n in g Recipe B y M I S S G O O D Y ' 1 When it comes time- for spring, one of tiie most popular attrac­ tions in the country is the cher­ ry blossoms in Washington, D. Tl c gar and I pkg, undissolved dry-! yeast. Add VI cup- softened butter. - _ f — (MaduaHy-add- -V eup -very, hot* tap water to. dry ingredients:.' Beat for 2 minutes'at medium- . spbed on 'electric mixer, scrap- elected president of the Major ing bowl occasionally. ! Bowling League for next year at Add- 1 egg and % cup unsifted, post-season banquet held at jflour.-or enough to make a thick tlle -M-idway Restaurant: Charley De’John of Clyde Was mm T h u m b . _ By Georgs Abraham Cotton M a k e s Good House Plant Many. Qf otir readers.' have !j t seed, send me your-name -and it Thursday, April .18, 1968 i address and well forward I along to a saur.B£,agarest.you‘.- AFRICAX VIOLETS: You can start your -own violets from seed. Sav.e the . seed ’pods ftom your i violets.- if they are teown and « v- a pod to ipen, * hJeWarUPI.Y. Gourier-Gazett# „ * •r. . A.. .1 to k a L b 0 - 4 tor flower-bud formation. Some-, times, you' can force violets' into bloom by setting the.pots in .a has been effected. Pinch off the , - - , , .. j ripe pod and -place in a dish..to , were-yery showy. I brought the ^ ab^llt .a week t0 dry ipots-’indoors and the . plants.J tbe pods off, and after'that, I blossomed indoors, during ‘ the i break them qpan-and_-sow seeds wintervmonths.’lcal in saiid and vermietilite. Do. not . . . .. . j Because so-many readers fell i cos/st seed, feut press it _ down C. But |f you-can't take a trip j batter. Beat, at high speed for 2:1 He succeeds Frank Niunlo- Many. Qf our readers, nave us how\ much they enjoy 'raising j lightly. Seedlings will pop up in south a tiio aiosig Lake Ontario fminutes; scrap bowl occasional--Rudy. Fritz was elected vice : written to te jl; us what - good eotton .as a^rwvelty I've taken up'| 2 to 3. weeks. Transplant them ’’ • ly. Stir, in enough additionalpresident . and Ed Brockhuizen>luck-they’ve had raising, cotton ; th„ idga aud.have some plants an. iflch apart when they have flour to matte a soFr'cIougfijfhis! was reelected secretory: “ t indodm. ^The- plants^ c/en pi o -1 growing in my office window !, 3 leaves. When plants have-4 of . and around ' tits Finger.. (Lakes. ’ will give you some of the- same pale pink beauty. IM- - will probably be between Hi to,, pete Minutolb was a w a r d e d j duce ^blls Hght in, ^ < 3 ^ the ^greenhouse. Cotton (5 leaves, ’transplant into 3 inch j is easy tq grow. You simply put|pots.. Young, plants from seed Turn out on lightly floured! the year award-for increasing j One resicrer writes; ‘‘Somp j seed in a flower pot containing,. begin to-bloom when 6 months board and knead dough until-j-bis average from. -. If© to 176. |time haej< I picked up^a aottom i sand, peat and loam. Seed'is set-old. • smooth and elastic. Press dough, Mike Chelenza won high indivi- boll in the south and planted jn 1 inph deep,'watered, and a f-| A. common trouble now is leaf evenly into a 12-inch pizza, paif,; dual average honors with an 184. the seed, I used plain soil in a > ter the plant comes up water j bleaching. This may mean too making a rim of dough around 1 followed' by Charley DeJohn wooden box mid- after the sqeds|oniy once every 4 or 6 days, or, much light or a lack of nitro-. the edge^ Fill with cherries and, with 179 aiid Minutolo with 17,6. , came up | . planted them. out-;jyvhen’ the, plant looks withered.; gen in the soil, Mov.q plants to a top with, cinnamon crumb »top-, - The Pepsi entry won .first; doors im-Junr. The plant:S~staxt; Grow in ■ full sun..'Tf you don’t , darker window. Failure to Bloom ping, Let stand -in. warm' place.! prize for‘high three-game total; to blossom' in September ai-id know where you can get cqttonTmay be due tp insufficient light 15 minutes to rise and then bake! of 2,932 and the Old World inn 1?4 cups: of unsifted flour, !-the “most improved”, bpwler qf; ?0,ir 6 -W-n home. .. But during the . winter many e4-H’ers. were anticipating the spring cherry blossoms in their Cherry Dessert Contest held at Rochester's Midtown Plaza, County Cherry Dessert Contest winners from both, the junior and senior divisions were en­ tered in (he February contest, THP 4-TT’prs nrpsteii an n r in l-i16 * preheated -360 degree’ oven j took high single game with 1,- naT^ecipe, or m o d m e u a r e S ' e for about 40 minutes. . ' j 032 F r e d C o m n b e r w o n high ■ - , j single game with his 267 and Ed Another entry in the. contest - Brockhulzeri w 0 ’ three-game 1 was fo r Cherry Chnnamon honors wilh G55 Crunch, the recipe of Sharon | Ail* teams voted to return to ihe Pete’s the\fillmg drain a I IK cad of jjestaul-ant emerged as the loom pitted sour- cherries; reserve champions with Jim Lipari; son - green thum b c l in ic : a reader writes:' -“Last .year we raised cucumbers' and melons and they were tasteless. They had goodssize 'to thenV.but no quality. What caused' this?” Answer: Probably due'to the weather, Lack, -of sun is she rea*- son. Free:' Send mg a ,se!f-ad- dressed, stamped. envelope ’ and ask for a copy of my. builetihi, “Bow tq 'GtbW CaimnbefS, Mel­ ons. and Yfalermelons.”' RECORD CALLING New York Telephone custom­ ers' placed _a record daily _aver­ age of 36.4 million local and long distance calls in 1967.. Hydesville Cop, -■TlfygEBSfalle' Grocery' q three points to the Albrec still came Up'With the championship in the TWit? iy League\ at thg RySe Lanes; . ' ' , Gordon Vanllall rolled opening game ifi his 568’ winners. The Norsens b Newark Market' to clinch t .place, Bcdfields took threJ from the -Abbotts, the pI ffom the* wHose Doff DeLue had a i Agways sbfit out the fill bprg's Md Iff tiie othPf f the' Rdlldfs blanked the I bn a 246-593 effort bv - Leacli. : - fo p slxj... Hydesvilio 841 I sens 76V?, Albrechts 78 I 73%, Flying A '70V2, Ag'wl Use Wapt A t l s . fo r Rcs| for a-cherry dessert. Skills and theorieb married in 42H foods and' nutrition . projects are put into practice. Desserts were Cvaluareb'bn’bnfin'alTty'.'j’lTrvor.' consistency, use of cherries and general appeal. Debra -Barnes, of Lyons, was a blue, ribbon winner in the jun- igf division.-. Her .Cherry Delight juice. Combine % cup cherry juice, 3 tbls, sugar 2 tbls. cornstarch, 1 of the late Pete Lipari, accept­ ing the . championship trophy from Charles Rpss, managing winning recipe-for j 2-3 tabls. cinnamon candies and- editor ql' the Courief-Gaze.tte. this 13-year-old. You might like a pineh .of salt in a small sauee’ to try it for yourself. For ihe cherry filling, mix Vs cup sugar, 3% ib}s._ cornstarch and a dash of salt together in a sauce pan. Drain 1 can (1 lb* pan. Cook over-low heat, stir­ ring constantly. Stff in'The 1V2 cugg drained cherries and set aside, For the crust, mix 1 eup im- butter with a pastry blender un­ til crumbly. Spread half of mix­ ture evenly to -cover fhe bottom % enp of the juice. Slowly add cherry juice dnd % tsp. re^t food eoloiing to sugar. IM mixture and-cook slowly untn of a greased 8x8x2 inch pan-. Re­ serve. -remainder for top. Spread the cherry mixture evenly over the crumbs. Cover the top with the ■ rest of the minutes. ^ ----- - — — ■ ---- ^— fhis redipe makes 9 servings warm or coin, ft: thickened and clear. Cover and simmer for 5 minutes. Add cher­ ries and mix, In the meantime, crush 12 ounces vanilla sugar wafers.' - Spread wafer-crumbs over-the bottom of a . 6 x 10 - 1 % pan, re- ' serving, 1 Ibis, for garnish. Separate whites from. 2 eggs — and-whip-unta a thisfefeftcd Svc.- _____ ________ ____ ringue. Add I hup confectioners’ J disired this dessert may be' top- sugar, V 4 cup softened butter or 1 ped v ith vanilla ice cream\ ma’rgarine to the 2 egg yolks - -whipped cream, sour ci'eam or aiid- beat. Fold meringue into softened cream cheese. egg yolk mixture. Spread egg mixture over wa­ fers in the pan. Spread cherry filling over egg ..mixture. Fol- lqw hy a. layer of whipped top-' ping and sprinkle, the reserved - wafer crumbs on top. Refriger­ ate until served. In the senior contest,. Pat Reynolds-of the MinStee'd Road in Marion -entered her recipe for Cherry Kuchen. v This also has a cherry filling. Blend 34 cup'sugar and 3 tbls. -cornstarch, in a sauce pan. Add l >/2 cups cherry juice and cook Tintil thick .and clear,' stirring constantly. Add Vs tsp. red food Red Jacket Power Squadron of . the United States Power, Squadrone held its a n n u a 1 crumb -mixture. Bake in- pre* . change Of watch banquet at the heated 350 degree oven for 30 ,-ciifton, Springs. Country Club, tTjf e a r for Q u ick E x it Spring Clean-Up Week ’ f t ' a good time to make sure halls in your home are not blocked With furniture and other . obstacles, especially if there are elderly persons' in your household, the American Insurance Association said today. , . . , , , , ; In case of fire, the elderly coloring, 8 tsp. almond extract, 1 s)lrM1;d be guided quickly to safe- 3 cups sour cherries (drained) j ^ ' coql.\ If the rinnamon crumb top-: ping Is made a couple’ of hours ahead of time, Miss Reynolds; “says, it makes 'a bctter-topping Mix together % cup unsifted flour, 44 cup sugar,. % tsp. cin­ namon and 2 this: butter. Tlie„ basic sweet dough is made by thorouglily mixing in a howl 1 ciip flour, (again uh- The highest death vrate in fires was among persons 65 years of age\ er older in 1966. Fire deaths in this age brack- 12 s,pen.iQ0J30O^^ lation, compared wifii only 4,5 per 100,000 among persons 45 to 64 years old, 2.6 in the 25-44 age bracket, 1.1 among young peo­ ple' 15 to 24, tWo among those 5 to 14; and 7,6 among children four years old or younger. Sixty-seven ' ‘members a’n’d guests were on hand to pay trib- n t p tn m i t s - n i n g C f i m m a n r l p i ' Robert Kiilips of Lyons “ancT to -welcome the, new officers. . New offieers'feffTES 68 itfe -Har-- ry Tellie.r of- East palmyra, commander; Robert Berry of Victor, executive officer; Enosj Trowbridge of Palmyra, admin­ istrative officer: William Roche of PjiJniyra. secretary; ____ Paul Scofield, Palmyra, treas­ urer, New members of the Red Jacket Chapter include Phil Fa- libtti of Lyons and 'William Brainerd of Williamson, Representing District 6 pf .which Red JaGket is a part was; 1st. Lieutenant David Williams of Buffalo. Lieutenant Williams administered the Power Squad* ron Oath for the benefit of new members and also the oath of office to the new Squadron offi­ cers. United States Power Squadron is- an educational organ! devoted to the idea of “safe boating through education”. ■ At the present time, three elemen­ tary piloting courses are being ted. j n .addition to .severs advanced courses. And,.the Red jacket Squaws, the ..wjves of Squadron members, are - con­ ducting classes for young boat­ men. This project is headed by Jean Gavin, Dorathea Davis and Myrtle Smith-of Newark. ft: k ij. rTtT m TV' •. |i\'> h-J J:‘i / l-’i: 4- o n e v e r y - We pamper criminals and hamper police, when the police are all that save us from -anarchy: - . .. , . We spend billions to pay people not to work — when we need 'il\e \Workers, and haven,’t .got the billions. ' -> '. * Devoteffmiii In uniform spend their lives, underpaid and in jeopardy, fighting tp keep our nation safe. Then, fob political advan- tage, we Sweep aside their gravest advlCL. Companies which provide millions of the - toestTpaying jobs iri the world were built out Of profits made by - ambitious men who plowed those profits back, to make jnore. Now Government and unions call speh men selfish, afad tax arid destroy the profits Vital to tomorrow's jobs. ; We spend billions to get to .the moon, for some ridiculous “prestige”, instead of using those billions to reduce our debt and make us safe and solvent again. * For voters at home we placate our ene-' inies abroad and. attack our fiends (and how we'need those frieridslV ; 1 We concentrate more and more power in a ppptra] government (tern.-toffon 1 j)t)o people) and so weaken the local govern­ ments—which are the very essence of de­ mocracy and freedom. - We spend billiobs for foreign aid arid lfe.t prosperous foreigners Who owe us billions spend our money to deprive us of our dan­ gerously-needed gold. Comittoh sense used to be the outstanding trait of Americans. In Heaven’s name, what has happened to it? . . . 1 W N E COUPONBWAYNE COUPON 1.49 VALUE 9-INCH T O E f f \COMPLETE INSURANCE PROTECTION\ 139 W. UNION ST, — 331-5700 — NEWARK, N. Y. (Reprinted By PeriHIselon of the WARNER AND SWASEV- CO., CLEVELAND. oNlO, Precision Machinery. Since 1880 ) f f REG. 25c '/ leakfro O f I I I I RAYOVftir ! I FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES 1 E COUPONBWAYNE COUPONBWAYNE COUPON REG. 2.69 3 y e a r Guarantee «>R ONLY^ APRIL IS CANCER M O N T lT lC ilv£^_ TbOAY, dUftljO I \ i l c I - J m r water BOTTLE TWO QUART *1 44 J. - 1.49 VALUE' . HEAVY d u t y SAVE AT WAYNES j I 330 SIZE 1 | l | PLASTIC I I WildClierry I WASTE BASKpT ff ( CANDY I' ” ? I G . W P w ’c ■ i . LARGE — - -j L BOX

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