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ED I T O R I A L p a g e front T h e H\e wfi& >s s,ow *° -(Prov. 14:29). , peihaP: ihe most important' spiritual quality that' should TEN YEARS AGO \April I1?, 1958 „ 'The smallest group in redfht years, 72 members of the senior class, leave Monday, April 21 at 6:45 a.m. from-Newark Central School by- Greyliotind bus for the annual trip to Washington, D.C. .The United States has 13 New­ ark's all over the map. There is j also a Newark in Merry Old' After reitnt uprisings in which Viet Cong guerrillas visited 5nS}ana- ,„ d d w w c l i o o » » S o u th o . f e man>\ wondered what turn the war would take next, j out - for the annual banquet, dtfined the assaults a serious setback for U g i which was\ highlighted by the '' presentation of a plaque to Fred f jessed toward life'isfthe love of God. When we are \ of His l»vc ,md 'make a sincere effort to pour forth this ^ all persons and all situations, we have the sure cure for labter11 l e*t us build in a feeling of God s love as, we walk jisMur ‘,‘iys tn mect.on'y 'ove and understanding. ’ He Knows Because He Sees tor I?8-1 $ New»rLR¥. Coufjer-Saze Thursday, April 18, 196,8 ril?0 * Time «»A>'Pr°ve A\ inkling of why the j Lumbrato for his work with the rhay.be found in, the comments of Rear' Little League over; Jilt?' \seven jamcs. W. Kelley, chrel pf Chaplains. U. S. Navy, who ! years \u has b\ en active. - ' wjjaiiv tonidot with the war in Vietnam. ‘He says; My !- TWENTY YEARS AGO \ 'n. <>t the. morale of the troops is that morale is. high. ■!' April 15, 1948 The- 1948 financial campaign of- f ir e • Arcadia7 CoTriniunity Chest,\ planned for riekt month, will be conducted under the command of,.E. Elliott Marsh, r. fUv'hurh, and stable arjd consistent. But w h y ? The ex-fntial difference between high and low morale . 2. li m th'- combat- troop's perspective. He sees all \around ilencts of what Viqjt Cong terrorists have done to the _ _________ _______ ,j Vietnamese people in the hamlets. No one needs to tell ] an executive of the Commercial 3oti! the terrible suffering of the South -V-ietnamese-people r Building. I. 'I 1 i v A 4- / v n M e v n 4 f v w n M « H A . . 1. 1 1 1 * * ■ I ' . 1 t T T n e l a m .1 sou uf terrorist gangsters. Ntv one can tell him it doesn' t ! en or isn't serious or is not as bad as it is depicted. He 5*1 because he sees. . . •■ - v Any course which would lead to abandonment of a des- gale people m their hour of need seems to him to: be unthirik- and unAmeric-an. . . , All: the bophisiicated arguments in i,world- will not alter the truth of the situation he himself j\ these wopds go a loiYg way toward..explaining- why Ave ^Vietnam and Why We Very, likely will remain there for the ibtjV'O-fnOHe-. -- - - - - - - - . ■ ■ • - N a tional Library W eek Under -the direction of Chester Robb, supervisor of instrument tal music in Newark. Schools, the Rotary-High - School band, composed of 56’ musicians, will present its annual concert in the Junior-Senior . High School audi-, torlum. Fridav night, L. F. Lee, local high school agricultural- instructor, wins a prize for a ..story on arc welding.! Habitual throat-clearing and' zation has an information leaf- coughing are so common among dwellers in today’s irritant-Ioad- let, \Chronic Cough, The Facts” Ask for it—It’s .free and. avail- iPd environment, they're apt to able from the Health Assocla- i pass urmoticed. That might not-riion of Wayne County, Inc., 113 W.' Miller St., Newark, N. Y., -April 2127 will m a rk the- observance of N a tional L ibrary 'nt, The purpose of this occasion is to encourage fhe'develop- [ of lifetime- reading habits as. the foundation of . a better braied peoplg. W ithin our nation’s libraries are stored all the rlers of the w o rld’s literature. Scientific a n d technical a-fatee. philosophy, economics. art, politics—-ev e r y area of aginable human interest—.aw ait th e exploring, mind. When man learned to record his accom p lishm ents, per- aently storing the sum of his know ledge, progress becam e a ablative thln'hi e’acif~ggneratf6n building 'upon the progress [ihepas*. W ithout this, w e w o u ld very likely be living in a Mankind must sum m o n the wisdom of the ages and har- stechnoloeies yet unborn to build a peaceful a n d 'a better ! for the future. O u r libraries are a basic tool of learning rffldi <>f u»—-a priceless Asset to a nation th a t . w o u ld set its sapon the path \of leadership in a com p lex and changing 2L . .. .. ....... .: '. ,Se i parL of a.. “ F^Cading N a tion\. Visit- votir Newark Sc Lbrary during N a tional L ibrary W eek, Secret of Food S u p p lies le hear a great deal: ab o u t developed an d 'u n d e r d e v e l- I nations. Just w h a t is the. distinction and w h a t are the ■sptoms of an u n d e rdeveloped nation, and w h y are som e pns more developed than others? T h e se questions are of ftsenot susceptible to ) p a t answers because the answ e rs m u st i into factors o f geography, clim ate, politics and hum an piles that are com p lex in the extreme.- But, a few facts into the record, - ' Today, when w e speak of a p underdeveloped country; we [speaking nf a country w h e re tne people do riot have enough leat; where technology lags so far behind needs that there 1»>way to sustain an .expanding population.-M o re avf more. s;T.p:.3— i f or. underdeveloped country is m a lnutrition and fetation The U n ited S tates is c o n c e d e d to bes>one of 'the m o st Moped countries on earth an d 'its people are the best fed: a n d ’ Hest clothed. Chir technology is superior and is so far ad- fctd that a substantial portion o f our resources a r e to d a y stave o ff fam ine in o th e r countries. Nowhere is the evidence of our developm e n t m o re appar- 5 Am m. a£ric,u ltom ^ L Q n g ^ ^ Q ,_ b .rm e ^ _ ipd.ustry and the_ i laboratory team e d up. to m a k e our land the m o s t pro-,, se on earth. N ew industries w e re founded on the require- f-Td-the farm e r and Mhe soaring-dem a n d , \for-food. and. ri for example, w ithin a com p a ratively f e w years, t h e scien- c!^.of chem ical'ppstleirlec hag com p letely changed the food «t Picture. - fhe ap p licatio n - o f intelligent: national an d in tern a ^ Mgolicres the fam ily of p esticidcs,. without_ w h ich w e have priso many pld w ives tales, could p lay an irrirrieasumble p a r t *l>e threat of fam ine and hunger over m u ch of the A Ves. !he Unite d States is a developed natiop, but its1 f™Pme‘Hi'hds been-rro- accident. l t is traceab le-ta one factor rfwan any other— th e independence of-its citizens^—in busi- 1 'n '\dustry in the laboratory an d on the farm . George Cham p ion, chairm a n of fhe board of t h e C h a se attan Rank, has noted, “ I c a n think of nothing that w o u ld *»e brakes on big governm e n t faster than fo r business to ' critical problem s and tatke th e initiative in dealing w ith thelore W ashington felt the n e e d to act.’’ THIRTY YEARS AGO April 14, 1938 j be so bad if it weren't for the Wayne County- Boy Scout Offi- i f3Et that the habitual cougher ciuis rcpoet-rgn-■ enrollment uf | -tada to- notice it inmscit. Or~tr over 500. i he is aware of it, he yields to Not in 44 years' -has Newark , the temptation to shrug it off. anti vicinity felt the grip of “Old, Actually, it's h little late in Man Wmter in April as -he the day ^ .pEeten(i that ,persist. than ste inbhesarof Jet heavy i ent coue™ 18 is iust a harm- than six inches of wet heavy j legs uttle miosyncraqy. The days snow. In April 1894 a snowfall, when a cough was just a cough By CONGRESSMAN FRANK HORTON The President has announced a 'l\aittb the borrabing of all but militarily -essential areas' of\ North Vietnam,,near ’the DMZ, - \ Tliis decision has opened a new I door of hope' for. all Americans and for all the world’s people who sincerely want peace. In lignt of recent .military de- velopinents in Vietnam, and po- . ntical developments at home,; the President's decision was a very difficult one. He resisted the call by military leaders for a. new escalation of the -War, and: instead chose unilateral de-es­ calation as a demonstration of! Anieriua's , active determination for- peace, and of our -restraint - in- the use of -arms as an instru­ ment of fore in .policy. I . recommended a, similar bombing’ halt several months ago, blit this decision was the President's alone. He underscor­ ed its sincerity hy- putting his -own. future..on the .line—in the hope that, by taking away -any trace* of personal political ambi­ tion, he^eould bring, us closer to an'honorable peace. I ask my constituents and all Americans to pray ’ that our yearning “ for peace sprea'd.s across the 17th parallel, in 're- sponse-tb this held decision, and to pray that soon, the youth and dollars which. are.-hoIdins..-thc,. Y O U N G E B L O N G E R . of 11 inches was reported. Forr the first-rrsr timerme inn or ine r r i high\‘tlh„ school athletic historv. softball:the mustache cup. „.rn t-,p c fpotnrpH intramtirnl- Years of researcn ana meaieai t ,, r ...... .— - ~ .y ■ = _ _ e _ a feata-ed .intrami.ral ,-c-atonsto^n4.-rctom Sp0lt' . . . that a chronic cough may be a °nly\ those medications that FORTY YEARS AGO symptom of respiratory disease ™erela^ cdhf®Ed m S \ dentlff- April 13 1998 ’ which may seriously -threaten are laneiea rcn mstant laennu Great interest’is manifested ’ ^ a lth or even life. This . fact ?a_10\- ' . ' in the confine 45th anniversary Hlas been- emphasized to thef The Council warns that some celebration of the Salvation i general public repeatedly by of-1 compounds deteriorate with age, a mp »„ -trp,.i, . ficial and volnnt.arv health I while others become dangerous­ ly strong through evaporation. Discard unlabeled containers. and What of |t ar,-i at. obsolete a s 14513 or phone 331-1317. Advises Families To C h e c k Labels Safety Council line against communist expan­ sion in Asia, can be' applied to the urgent problems we face at home. ------ ----- ' ■ • - D o n 't Leave T o ts A t Home Alone Here’s a -thought to remem­ ber, not only during Spring The National Safety Council Clean-Up Week, but the year ivises families to check their \ round: Army in western New York riicial and voluntary health whiefr wtH~be observed- in the • agencies, since the National-tu^- Temple Theatre at Geneva on berculosis and Respiratory Di- Friday. April120, at 12:SLtL p.m J. G. Penney Company of 330 I first, nationwide RD. educational West 34th • Street, New York campaign in ’1963 with the slo- City. will open store in New­ ark soon. This is a nation-wide ’tob much? See your doctor—you. industry that operates nearly 900 stores, dealing in dry goods, ready-to-wear clothing,---furnish­ ing and -shoes. gan, \Short of breath? Cough Classified VVant Ads Bring Re- suits. ; Fires I clai'med 12.200 lives in 1967, says [ the American Insurance Associ- ] ation. j More than- half of the fire . deaths occurred in homes, and. ! about-one-third of these fatali- ; ties were children. I The Assoeiation_urges: ! Never invite disaster’ — which .could mean a latal fire — by j leaving little children at ‘home 1 alone. You can kelp that Queen who reigns over your kitchen keep he?youthM bloom jqnger.. Just give her hew, worlc-saving- electric appliances to make her work easier. - For instance#— a frosL. - 4 free refrigerator. It never needs defrosting,r,. or chippipg away at chunks of stubborn ice. See the latest models at your electric appli- ’ ance dealer’s, The girl of your dreams will ^ love you for helping to slow the! march of time. MfEtf YORK STATE ELECTRIC 8 BAS, CORPORAljON, YOU LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY Rehearse/Escape from Fjre' Plan as your family rehearsed its “ e scape from fire plan rn%? . . I* not. Spring C lean-U p W e e k i s a good tim e to d o so.. J*16 American Insurance A ssociation gives these sugges- [night, gather.all m e m b e rs of the household together that in the event of fire, everyone should know routes of escape from .any part of the house or nvc an E D IT H practice drill,. (E x it Drills- in fh e Pulate a fire em e rgency a t night, w h e n everyone is em b ers of the fainily go to tneir at then’ s h o u t - F i r e ! ” -Everyone in the average oner - should be able to get outside in less than a m inute. tkere are' very sm a ll children in the hom e , assign ’ responsible teen-ager to the job of seeing to it that hi the building. A* responsible person should also to the job of gettihg the elderly out of the house or Uess upon all m e m b e rs of the fam ily thaf in the ■ they should leave the building quickly, and gather 1 o n location. A lso m a k e it d e a r that no one, under dnce. should ever re-enter a burning building. Editor Courier-Gazette Most people only write this column when they have an axe to grind or same fault to find (as X have myself) but this is a letter of gratitude and praise. I’m very grateful for our pub- iic library and have only praise for the niee people that work\ there. It is bright, clean anjd ate tractive, and -the quantity and quality of books available to us all is amazing. This wonderful facility has afforded- me many, hours of pleasure and I would, like to take this opportunity to tfmnk‘ everyone working in—and responsible fCr bur public li­ brary. Mrs. Richard B. Guard ■ i ■ • 1ST CROSS-COUNTRY LINE The first transcontinental tele­ phone line—New York to Sari Francisco^—opened on Jan. may have a respiratory disease.” The Health Association df Wayne County, .local affiliate u f the N. 'T. A,, urges those who suffer with chronic cough or shortness of breath to follow this suggestion, . ' A cough is considered chronic if it persists beyofid three or four weeks, or if it clears.up but keeps coming back. Such a cough can be symptomatic of a chronic respiratory disease such as emphysema, chronic bron­ chitis, asthma,, TB; or lung can-{ (cer. The earlier such .arr ailment is diagnosed- the better tlie chahce of its being treated ef­ fectively. If you’ have a cough you can’t shake off, two imme­ diate courses of action are ad­ visable.: stop smoking, and see your dorcor. v Your Christmas' ~SggI orgapi- Newark Courier-Gazette IVIarfon Enierprhe - Establishvd 1S4Q Horaco Gfoeiey Howard - or—and -Bobl i ihei^ ChyUa. ~ ' - - Richard Whitney Bosinesa Manager Theresa Colaeino OHico Manager Robert H. Hamilton j ^dvertismsc ^Manager Published bv Kewai^: C&urier-Ga- { zetie, Tne.? Grange Bldgrr New­ ark, N, Y. Vince Speiszano, —presidentt ^-Horace— Howard, vice-preaident? 'John B,. Gart- land« aecretary-treasariir. WH£M W AS A R B O R D A V INAUGURATED, A n d - W R E R E WATCH FOR THE ANSWER NEXT WEEK 4 / 1 1 — Texas—under the flags of Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederacy, and. the. U.S.A. M J L F I K E S & S O N J N C . COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE 123 E.UNION ST.*NIWARK;N.Y. WE’VE GOT SPECIAL PLYMOUTHS AND BARGAIN PRICES We’re celebrating soaTing Plymouth sales by giving' • great deals ortspecial Furys, Satellites, Barracudap ..'\•■anti Valiants. These1 oars are specially equipped. Success Celebration Special Fuiy 111 Fast Top JtfeeZJHF AUTHORIZED DEALERS d f llC H R Y S L E R 1 ---- ; tm S MOI0R8 CORPORATION NOTHING SHOULD STOP YOU NOW! P a A A R C A D I A O i l C O . , I N C . • N . M a i n S t r e e t

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