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\ f. 1 N’ L M a r i o n ' F lili-w in\ rr p l i l '- - :• n 'i >” -n T -u ! 'v -Vu il TfT •Goossen and Cmnffcny. a IcH'airUiiStiresstlaat tins bernf-a' p.iftrof the communityteihie tiie cmrlwrbttjrjvl ci.tjs, will, i-i.*-.' It\. 'doors after supplying local and area renflejits. wit a gr cor.irs and\'dry goed» for the past 83 years. Since its Uei.ninai. by Ja.'nes Peter S'.cya.tr* hi. awe a part- Goassen in 18S5,. \‘.lie business- riei*; and a sliuit time litai, Has c!l»n\'*il hands soyr.il. Peter CS. >'ssen became tlie third; limes riurin\ the years matPlv five years alter i* openerf r. At tliat 'time five stare G d o s s r n aiul C -n V p a n y . | Quality • Honest Values S GENERATIONS -OTHMASIEJt.CBAEXSMEN- W A 6-4972 GENE MILLER L (SA L E S M AN ) . J9 S. 'Main S i Marlon, N.V, or Marion Cemetery [•art became ; In 1928. James H Onasse'fi • anti Leon iali.ppeis pareUaJHcl, i-tne buviineas; and l anUimetl' its j !>oper,:Un>n under the same tiiinte. 'llr. Gaossen retired in 1959 at twhich time. Mr. Shippers as­ sumed sole ownership of tlie itore and has opt rated'it until ithe presetti time. I The building will undergo1 | complete--renovation and will be ! remodeled' tb serve three new 'businesses: A restaurant will oc- -i cupy tiie south end and. will be operated by Mr. .and Mi’s. Ralph I. Bushart and. Mr-s, Edwin Bliek. jThe south end will foe divided ■rintcnTOTD~se’ctions—where—Dore-- i tliy's Beauty Shop, and Howard’s ; Barber Shop' will 'be located. j, ' RUMMAGE SALE I Vlariom^-The Women’s Guild :of the United Church will hare ;fts annual spring rummage sale ;on •Thursday, Friday,, and Sat­ urday. April 25. 26 and 27. The sale will bp held at the East '.I Church. 4-B THURSDAY; APRIL i 8 . 1968 Mrs Shirley Lucieer, N ew s Editor, Phone 926-4423 M a r i a n D r . Paul* Adams, dean of- acad.mic affairs and professor of o. l.tical sclent\- at ftojeits VVeslcyaii. College, lyorth Chili,'will-be the speaker'and discussion leader at the April ,24 session cf tne Wide Horizons program at tla Vdlmms-ii Cen­ tral §ph. ol. Tlie se.- mar type program de­ signed. tor acaduinirally adv inc. ed1 high school seniors and jun- — ---------- —= --------- ------------------ ,--- tors is .sponsored by the Wayne NE WrSYAFF— Jack C a rrigan ( le f t ) presents’ gavel to A lb e r t . Co°Pe' atiY | m i* , i:. t iv/t • aa '-i p ■ » a an | Educ3.tionul Services under the Nevelizpr as co m m a n d e r -at M a n p n M e m o rial,Post 1-430 U r@ctibn ^ ivan j ohnsoIl) ad- American Legion, at installation ceremdn.es held m • post •.lilin^frati.ve assistant home Howard Bushart (center), past 7th District command- . A ^ r,eg ofV 1(?llt me-Mnvs are er, and .Outgoing Corhiruiinder L arngmir installed the-new held throughout the school year staff. * , . , at which faculty representatives —orbaUer photo . from nearby colleges and“ uni. versities .present timely discus­ sions of topics related to their, specific field of Interest. Junior and senior students, chosen for their ability tn ■ profit from ed­ ucation ’ stimulation at the uni- ■wrsifry-Heveir-a-bteBd—the-mw&t N a n c y A. Bush, Donald J. Foster also flowed' into the pool- , house which loosened the i ; floor covering. 1 j NEW HOURS : TUES,, WED., THURS, 9 A .M .. 9 P.M. 1 FRIDAY & SATURDAY 9 A .M .- 5 P.M. B E V ' S B E A U T Y S A L O N 142 W illiamso n Rd. ( RTE 21 ) ■ -PHetNE—T2fy4-2-a9— ■ \ . - ings held from .4 to 7 p.m. All are encouraged to participate in the discussion period whieh fol- . lows the speaker’? presentation. \ Marion—An interest m doing volunteer-work for tiie benefit-of Wayne Counfy-. .-schools eur- rdjgrants. and/or otherresidents of the community and county has renifly; participating in the'pro- been shown by several Marion residents at local and area meetings gram are Marion Central. Way- the past weeks. - - - - - - • !1-edC°n^u ’ C e n tl^m m a r n s o n Since coumy leaders have em- Imunlty whether the Individuals• ' Jfyed 'teltu S '* lS f IisrtioofIof^ahon 'have annbumed“ t h e ' d°?- ^ phasized a need for a task force- -are. church-affiliated or not. It for the past fonf years. A sim 1-■» engagement of their Jdaughteti *fitrug^ • fer?iau,eci inside* for^action immediately, repr^- : is hoped that volunteers will ,^e(iar sem,jna^ program for east- . ^ancv Alice (Rush, to *0onaid^ A .deputy from the Wayne sentatives of the. women’s ’ga-oup | reached as a result of eommuni- | ern Wayne County . schools is l T0hn Foster son'of M£ and Mrs^VCounty -sheriff’s Depar-tment, ' ’ • ■ - ---- ~io.ii.nut '.ration through Rotary., firemen, conducted at: Hobart CpUege in Fiank j.. Foster of .Brooklyn.' ^ Town Constable Arthur — £ L M a . f\ T n D l * ' m _ J : . . _____ f . 2 1 . T i l -* - _ r > A , , n + A r t f n o m o i _ S e m o h d t i t e n s © r l ; Plans Pof Luck Sup] M a r ion—A pot luckl I'will .be .held at t'.r ie&,i 1 5>vl 23rd meetinj|' ;of the Seri ’ ze’ns group-.., Memfcors a| to furnish a dnh tu. I their' \own tabje service Marion, T h e damaging re-( . The supper will b,,P suits of a series of incidents in- pm. in the sohoo! vulving a dog and a swimming, , pool forced .the Robert .Mandcr ^ -. . . family of Vue Eddy -Ridge Road r NANCY A: BUSH the unexp^c.ed task of ,i‘emov-t ing 8.000 gallons of water from . their ceflar. , I ■ It all began when a neighbor’s | |:dog apparently fell into the, .aboye-ground swimming' pool. In j -Tits attempt, tp escape the .con-: ffines- of the pool, the dog tore j a ithe ' plastic liner in several: j places, thus allowing the water , I to drain from the-pool, and flow , 'into the basement'Of thre house . ; where its depth put out. the iur- |.nace. Water When the family discovered; the source of the trouble, they j .. WnrAri w o„sh-i found the pool empty, except for Mr. and .Mrs. Harold ,E. Bush i+t^ jjj spjte of the Monday night at the home of j I ___ __ ___ _ _ ^ __ _ Mrs Durfee Youne- tor the .pur- organizations as well as individ- (^ q rnnj-ipratiyo Rnnrrl pose of considering, possible uals who happen to read this' steps toward action by local vol- communication. I 1 unteers. • An action-program-for-Marion t Mrs. Ma!co)m IngUs of 'Manan-. • mumt include one up- more, o i . I'Sirs. Robert Taylor.,of Pultnpy- the following: :j ville and Mrs. Ralph Hinchman, —Working at the Williamson j: of Clifton Springs, area leaders Ceftter at least one Wednesday for migrant ministry in Wayne .each month.''' j County', attended the session as- ■—provide transportation *fSt ( resource people and consultants. | people who need to get to a t Tlie following leaders have medical-clinic or doctbr. _ TOimnrreered to iissisrm'\ttre - J u ly. 27: Miss Buc-:i, an inteTnatio'nal hostess with Trans World Ahv CARD OF THANKS Compiles'AV community on- a temporary bn- . between - manag- Holdridge, First Reformed ( wllQ jS trained to operate a pro MONDAY - ■ TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY THURSDAY- FRIDAY - - SATURDAY - ■ * 9 - 6 ■-8:30 9 ■* 9-8:30 - - 9-8:30 - - 9 - 6 — Furnishing a truck -Ohed in a wliile lu transport donated sis: Mrs. uurfeeTfoimg. temppr-: fur,ni| HPe ary general chaimian; Miss- —Operate • a movie projector. Irene Folle.tte, Catholic Church - Hiirina an evening at the Wil- ing a house, holding down a full chairman Mm Michael flard-; i tlmfl Joh, sewlngf crocheting, ner, .co-chatrman, Mrs. Robert, nortation for a youn-0, person i and fulfilling a number of other «r„w,*wo'“ ° 'interests. Mrs. Linwood Dietz, 51. has' completed a three year, course in industrial supervision in two years and proudly .pos­ ses a straight-A average. Mrs. Dietz received her diplo­ ma- on Tuesday evening after having attended the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Eve­ ning College. Although she found the'homework the most difficult part to -adjust to, she .enjoyed being back in school and, if pos­ sible, would like to be a full time student. The mother of two sons, Rob­ ert of Marion and Karl of Gates, Mrs. Dietz also has two .grand- C-hur-Qh-eha.irman, ■ Mrs. Borman . fcor VanManen, co-chairman; Mrs.* — Alert Mrs. Albert Short if P5a^ Im -Miller, Second Reform - • individuals reside in Marion who ed Church chairman; Mrs. Paul. wlsh to jjgjn re£uj. Russell. United Church, chair- ' —Assist county leaders (ion- .man. eermng housing fop nugraiijt br Mrs, A-lbcrt Short. Marion other families, chairman of the ''Each-One- —Other activities as needs-de- Teaeh-One” program, was in at- ■ velope. tendance so that this volunteer - The next meeting, of the above work may be coordinated with mentioned temporary leaders Is other community .services. Mrs. scheduled for Wednesday. May 1, Robert Hyatt and- Mrs. Alvah ' g: 3 0 a.m„ at the home of Mrs, Walker also attended the meet- Durfee Young. Marion residents ing. are urged to contact any of the Tins' action program is being 1 above mentioned chairmen if in- snonsored bv local churches but terested in volunteering to assist includes residents of the com- in this activity. - ^ Come Jn anil Take Advaniage of Our Extended Hours S H O A L E S D R U G S T O R E 17 S, M ain S t. )26-5636 M arion, N . Y. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kearns;West Seneca, N. Y. are spend- entertained a family gathering i ing their Easter vacation from at their Palmyra Road home on, Fredqnia State College in the Sunday. Their guests Were. Mr.; Bahamas. Miss DeNearing- is and Mrs. Cornelius Cook and the daughter—of Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Stanley ■■DeNear- (Stanley Defjeafing of the Pal- ■ing—of—Manhii.J^Mig—and—Mrs.^-myr-a-RrQacL lines, Will -ccc.. fit h grade at family of the late C.' Ber-' the Birch: Wathen Seh-ooi, New fhard White extend \ffiejr 'sincere j;: York City, in the fall, fSne at- . arKl heartfelt, appreciation -and'. fended .’Grove- City- College for - the cards,1'flowers 1 was gfjtduated from -Syrftcnsej other thoughtful ges-' Universfty., J ; - . j ^ r e s - of family, - friendsr and-j, .MJCi. .-Fpster, a certified p’ublic \neighbors who expressed' their , accountant, Is a personnel man- ^gympathy dufflie^gmr teheat feai .- ^ger-^ t-h -P-rlc-e-'-I^m.exhoiise ’ ' aBd-UmmmL-sopmw'.' . . ' ,'L Co. He is ah alumnus of Lehigh - University and atMnde'd the New Classified Want Ads Bring Re? York University G r a d;u a\t e suits. . . . , - SchooL of Business. ~ ' ----- :—' - The future bride is a grand- ef 1 Dependa protectlp and dedicated in hand Call usfor inforrnation a| total protection underj Travelers weil-knownf breila—of insurance. J also show you why it paj deal witli- a-locaHrrsur ■agency whosu nusiiiesi pends on service to clil Marion Agencyj :Rrst National Bank _ Phone WA 6-424 MARION, N. Harold Bush - Sanfoil daughter of Mis. F. (NeffStroup.- of Newark, and the -Uite Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe S, Bush\ of Marion.' C u b S c o u ts E n joy E a s ter E g g H u n t Marion—The boys of Cub Scout Den 6 were entertained at a special meeting on Thursday afternoon at the North Main St. home of their Den Mother, Mrs. Ray Voellinger. Mrs. VOellinger was assisted by Den Chief Terry sons and a granddaughter. Stewart. Mrs. Dietz is the former Doris The boys enjoyed an Easter DeNeering and is a 1934 gradu- egg hunt and located over 100 atfL °.f Marion> Centra^ School, eges jn the.search, Scott Eagner For the past four years she has-j wnn nnzp ' been, employed asH'cTerk in fiie a chocolate rab- tool and storage department at the Xerox Corporation in Web­ ster. Mr- and. Mrs. Dietz own and operate a fruit farm on the Frankhn Road in MsnTon. C A R N I V A L 890 PASSENGER TIRES Count on\ them-—for safer, surer traveling com fort. Every t ire is quality-built for safety, with Full 4—ply construction. Nylon cord bod y is electronically p r o c e s sed fo r uniformity, 5-rib tread as­ sures excellent stability, maxirnum road contact, ’Wrap-around d e s ign im p roves cornering an d handling. G e t ready fo r spring -end—summer driving with these value?. ■ $16.95 650 x 13 plus -$1.81 FET** 24-3800 $18.95 735 it 14 plus $2.06 FET* 24-3803 $20.95 775 x 1.4 plus $2.19 FET* 24-3804 $21.95 825 X 14 plus $ Z 3 5 FET* 24-3805 - \ *Tuebless black, walls.. W h ite wails available for $2.00 additional. -Most sizes available, STOP IN AND DOUBLE CHECK OUR PRICES MARION AGWAY Phone 926-7712 Morion, N. Y. Charles Brewer of Lyons, Mr.,' Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Dietz and Mrs. Lionel Snave of Gien-; visjted Rev. and Mrs. Cornelius, field, N. Y., Miss Mareia Brew-, VanderWoude and family In er and William Prlnty of Roch-, Michigen during: the Easter holi- ester, , days. Mrs. Bertha Cook, who has Miss Abram DeNearing and been a patient at the Newark I daughter, Miss Florence De- Manor Nur'sTng Home for the ! Nearing of'Palmyra, spent ffbmrl mast several months, is now re-» Thursdav - until Sunday visiting siding with her daughter, Mrs, Frederick Gardner of 17 Clear- view Drive in Penfield. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Avery and son, Scott of Detroit, Mich., spent the Easter holidays with Mrs. Avery’s -parents, Mr. “and Mrs. Abram Boerman of the Walworth Road. Miss Caroi For- shay, 'a friend from Detroit, ac­ companied them during their visit. ■ - Mrs. Larry Kearns and daugh­ ter, DaWn, recently entertained at a bridal shower in honor of Miss. Marcia Brewer of. Roches­ ter. Three birthdays were cele­ brated- last: week . at a family celebration at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yates of the Parker Road. Guests present for the occasion were Mr. and Mrs.- Clark Dingman and family, and Mr.’ and Mrs. Donald Meyers and family of Marion, Mr. and. Mrs. Charles Meyers and fami­ ly of Newark, Mr. and Mrs. Gil­ bert Yates and family of Ark- port, N'. Y., William Murphy, Mr, and Mrs. Richard Flavin and family, Mrs. Emily Flavin, and Mrs. Marjorie Golding ail of Rochester, and Louise Ferris honored were those of Charles Yates, Donna Meyers and Rob­ ert Yates. . Mr. and Mrs. Earl Leno,. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Cornell Boer­ man and Miss Shirley Couper- ous all of Marion, and Mr. and Mrs. David W--Cran“ of Roches­ ter were Easter Sh'nday dinner guests^of Mr._and Mrs._ Donald Leho' and sops, Tim and Paul. Miss Joan DeNearing and roommate, Miss Sue Rodney of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bertko and family in Canton, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Filibert? left.. Ma-i'iph on Wednesday to spent several days visiting their daughter and husband, Dr. and' Mrs. Leonard Thien in Madison, Wise. ON THE SICK LIST: Mr S. Theodore Adriaansen is a pa­ tient at the LyOns Hospital. Mrs. Cornelius DeRUe is a patient at the Newark-Wayne Community Hospital. Mrs. Wraymond Cor- sette is a patient at the Clifton Springs Hospital. Wayne Her­ man has returned home' after having been a patient at the Myers Community Hospital. • • Legion installs A lbert N evelizer New Com m ander Marion—Albert Nevelizer was Iristailed as new commander Of Marion Memorial Post' 1430, American Legion, at the annual dinner held in the post dining room. succeeds Jack Ctinlgaii; Assisting in the installation cer­ emonies were Howard BUshart, past 7th District commander. Also installed were Robert Erb, first-vice commander;, Don Firnlickjpsecond vice command­ er; Ed Waeghe, adjutant; Jake VanK-ouwenberg, finance offi­ cer; Ray DeClerck, welfare of- ficer; Arnie fiber; Lee Stewart, chaplain; Bob VariHall, historian and Bob Schul, sergeant-at-arms. SANDRA KAY WESTON W S ston - Vogel te tr o t lio l Tdlcf Marion—The engagement of Sandra Kay Weston, daughter of Evy Beth Weston of iOO North St., Mariofi-, and Charles H. Weston of Williamsville, to Charles R. Vogel of 172 Greg­ ory St.. Rochester,''has-been am: nounced. “ The bride-elect is a graduate of Marion Central School and is employed at Allstate Insur­ ance in Rochester. Her fiance, foster son of Mr. and Mrs, Joe Sp.vchalskl of Pre-emption Rd bit, for finding the- greatest number of eggs. Danny Seppler won • a chocolate rabbit for find- the egg with Mrs. Voellinger's name on it. Orman Mayville, -Jr. came closest to guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar and as a reward, won the jar containing riEHjruraUF ----------- - ---------- Refreshmenis were served fol­ lowing a variety of other games and ■ activities. The . boys _ who attended the party meeting were Derek Pie­ ters, David, Mannhardt, Norman ,4 Orman Mayvlllo, T im Smith, Danny .Seppler, Tim Vp'elii'nger, ' Raymond Tokbya.- and Scott Fagner. N ew ark M o torist T o Answer T raffic Charge.A p ril 23 Marion—Edward Sullivan of Newark has been charged with leaving-the scene Of an accident involving a volunteer fireman’s .car Sunday night on -thei Marioili- Walworth Road. State Trooper J. C. O’Brien of the Williamson station reported that the Sullivan car struck a qar operated by Peter Dibble of Marion, a volunteer fireman. O'Brien said Dibble was on his way to answer a fire alarm at 8 p.m. when he slowed down- The Dibble car was struck in the rear by the Sullivan vehicle fri T.Vi n i»0'ABQJS nouui uirtg iu uric TTOUpuT, • Sullivan will appear before Town Justice Stanley Hance on April 23.' Geneva, is also a, Marion Cen­ tral School -graduate and is em­ ployed by Springer Construction, Fittsford. , Wedding -will take place May, .25, 1968. - TURKEY THAW An eighty to 12 pound turkey at room temperature in a closed paper bag. A 20 te 25 pound bird takes about 18 hours to thaw. Marion leg a is NdTIOE -OF-iSSUAHCE 0FH0EN5E . Notice is hereby gfiven tfeM liquor Store lidensfe iwimBer 14-7745: h&s been issued to the undersigned to sell li­ quor wine and oid'ei 4 at\ retail under Uiei Alcoholic Beverage Control LaW at_ 33. .. Main 'St.^._Marion, ' Wayne County. New York State, f 6 r off- premises consumption. MARGARET H. DtB.A. PeR’s Liquor Store 33 Main Street Marion, New Yorlc A boneless chuck roast yields about three Sefviilgs of cooked meat per pound. Announcing A Ne* DEALERSHIP IN MARION POW-R-BOY 200 SUPER DEI RIDING MOWS Ir Sptied Transmjl 32\ Swath (tv/inT 7hp B&S Engine.J Dlsiuxe buciet i with foam p a d l GENE MILLER tPHONE“926-4972) 79-5. MAIN ST. MARION, N. Yj Community Calend< Apr. 17— Republican information group, 7:30-9.' of N/Ir. and Mrs. Alan Rothfuss. Apr. 17-—O.E.S. Richard’s Chapter^ 8 p.m.. fnitj Masonic. Temple. Apr. 18-^—A.F.S) Program, school homemakin” 7 :30 p.m. Apr. 19-—Grange meeting, 8 p.m., Grange Hall- Apr, 22— Rotary, 6:10 p.m., Presbyterian Church, Apr. 22-—Boy Scout meeting. 7 p.m., Scout l . nrlq-p Apr. 23——Webelos meeting, 7, Taylor’s on Union Apr. 23— Senior Citizens, Pot Luck Supper, 5:30 school cafeteria. Apr. 25., 26, 27— United Chqxgj) Women’s Guild tnage sale. East Church. _ Apr. 26—“P.T.A, Panee-reeifai, school auditoriurri. Apr. 27—-Chicken Barbecue, 5:30-8, Women’s An> Marion Fire Department, at the’Fire Hi and save this handy guide to coining ot coprtesy of the First National Bank of Marion. OP. MARION Marion, New York WAYS FIRST IN BANKING* . Mwriitr Pwtenl-0«MR J im m h Cm*. / V :': • • i ■; ■

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