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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, April 18, 1968, Image 20

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A Mrs. ..'v'hew'.s. ThirJ Tirado agreed he. n .VVJion -Ihft papers ' . ■ are iu.ajv rriSPtHrd'the teacher Time t >• wute M 'fics < ..in® on- ■ • , », J - l u t p r . s « f o r ■ t h e u e s t b a t .s . 111 - Friday tp t h e - t h i r d g r a d e . - A t(j c, beanjtifi'l S'li iil': da' and a t-'pic- g .me m '|lw - jijPkUq&hn-' dry? \\Sprint\ 1’ disou..sect . and strrrotypeci prodm-turnt that are U S E D A U T O E , P A R T S TRUCKS ' FOR DISMANTLING REc <W;!DI^IO|VED BOYS - . FREE TELETYPE SERVICE DIAL 594-7361 ROUTE 104 ~ WEST OF WOLCOTT apt tp result when, .som'e rbil- rfvon arc as’’ ed to\express their feelings cn paper.' Eut what is this? id's like a pleasant; s»r- prise fi'.'nf\Jay liiomsan! Tills Irsn't tlie usual run. As we .read farther the tempo pf spring I piilks up -.-to include it litll.e. girl Sn a swing1-.\Wie-e-e- 0 ‘'e-e-e-p-e- 1 e-e ” — 11 *-p's” -in all to empha^ si/e a deltshtfut boy's descrip­ tion of spring: SLUING FEVER s;t. / ark.N.Y. Caurier-Gazptte Thursday, April 18, 1968 1 camp -out at -my house.. See the new- flowers coming: :uo‘ ia th' ' ground. Here are m‘y ducks-hav- :Jng furt. Take, a long, long, walk.* '•Pack a lunch .and go fbr a w*4!k : in t|i,e -woods and eat your lunch j then ride youb. horse and .pin} I, cowboy ana Indians \on hortse j Then, if you have time make, i . Spring is -so much fun, you t raft .and ride in the, water- in a can think of swimming in thejgood boat. Just do what, you water. The wind blows . so soft you. can hear u little- whistling tune. There is.a little girl over there oil a -swing “ we.e-c-e-c-e-e- e-e-e\ and touching the .sky. Children are' running ail around raring and running. I can see a boy riding a bike over there oil the 'sidewalk ._ It is fun to h.tve Spring Fever. want to do! Mrs. scheer is a volunteer to ride my horse. \ No'-fliariks, M rs. Sclieer \ Will NOT Volunteer! (H er PoCm) NOTICE- LIGHTING FIXTURES PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES SUNBEAM AND EUREKA CLEANERS :For.Setvice Call DE I-2785 ELECTRIC SERVICE 319 WEST ST, NEWARK THE RE’ 5 L OTS OF ROOM 8 N SI PE m v ' G LONG LIFE clean , span RUGGFD CLEAN . ATTRACTIVE - What next* An unusual begin, ning' -sentence oh Daryl Martin's ••Spring Weather”. Isn't it super from a boy who sets out always; to do his careful best0 SPRING WEATHER ' TH spring-*' Are you bark again? I love your weather we | have had the' last fevv days, Wr conked hamburgers on our grill ■ it’s been so nice. I ¥ ¥ ¥ | Oh. wouldn't we all love to re­ turn to a time in our lives when the world looked as heantiful to us .is it doe’s to a lovely little1 girl like Barbara0 . ^ THE SPRING I - J,iuvL.ioKlim„hCLaiLit-JI (a ele-! I' Imhttul I love to.see the flowers , tf Htonm Isn't, rt a w<mderGd; sight? What a beautiful world it j is! J % * « { Here iA just what the teacher has had in her sub-eonscious imind. It just takes an interest- ring little girl to express, it! IT IS SPRING , Which leads us mercifully to- i some better poetie expression 1 by -Craig Hulet.t and Shirley Gas- i ton who are too highly impor­ tant and interesting personali­ ties in our room. J ^OEM j Spring is-hear, I Spring is near, I wish I was otffr-bj now,, So I could see, So I could sec, That spring is realty here. C raig H u lett . . - * - * * SPRING, SPRING, IT IS NEAR Spring, Spring, it i,s near. Pretty soon it wiJJ' be here, I like spring because you can go out and plav. The sun shines all the day, . Now— ah-- the- snow -is- melted- — away. So I ran go out and play. Shirley Gaston A T BERN FURNITURE - ■ - NEWARK AND WOLCOTT _ ..... UP Includes STEREO! J* ft 6-PC. MODERt^ BEPRODm Purchand J Separately Buy Now — Month* To Pcyl Freshly styled in rich walnut grained veneer, with Double dresser, 4-drawer chest, framed mirror, bed. Box spring, mattress included. 5-PC. DINETTE $ , CHOOSE FROM SEVERAL ATLANTIC COLORS A t l a n t i c , s t e e l L T BtTTLDrNGS FAST DELIVERY Coil us rodoy for depfyndobH*, **dfO»v<nq b o o ' d »o cbmpf«?»<on® serv .ee . A V O ^ , NY. CONSTRUCTION, INC. ROCHE-KIMBERLY General ( o n traetnrs -B.C L -BQ X -5S PH. 315-597-4191 • PALMYRA, N. Yl I'm glad Spring ls hero be­ cause I've been waiting for it for a long time! Now we can Title T. ju T bikes ahd hr ab,r tc -go without our heavy coats and boots. When spring is here we can soon go swimming In lakes and pools too. #. * # 'Jim Hoyt really let himself go, on this one didn't he0 It gives me a lift to road such a sincere dissertation on the joys of grow­ ing up on a farm expressed by this ve.rv likeable little boy. SPRING i We hear birds singing and having their fun ut spring. We swim and play and run and And so it goes. Who. knows which child's work will show a i spark -bf individuality n e x t , week? - „ Perhaps it will'-be a' change of pare like this one written by one of the most enthusiastic learners we have in our schools. * * <* # TIWC MISERY j The .spring fever brings the ' thought of summer misery. It is I-the- feeling that soon the heat will kill you. That part really ; got* . you tihout spring— David Lester i s ' j A CHERRY' STATE New York ranks second m sour cherry production and sixth among sweet cherry producing states There are fiJfi.fihK sour , cherry trees m commercial or­ chards in the state producing 23,000 tons of sour cherries. Purchased ifeparately Elegant dinette grouping has , jnar-proof plastic top, 4 easy-cara vinyl upholstered chairs. Hurry Buy now! Have vou fried our from the oven T R Y SOME TODATT Come in and watch us bake it. u. EAST PEARL ST. NEWARK WASHINGTON REPORT By CONGRESSM AN FRANK H O RTO N Prom my office window on | centrate on the troubled areas. Capitol Hill, I can look over the'Many thousands of Americans, iroof of the Rayburn House Of - [ including several from Western (fice Building toward downtown , New York, cancelled high-schodl Washington and the executive jor family visits to the Nation’s departmental offices. ■ Capital. The Cherry Blossom Two days alter Martin Luther. le.stivaT was calied oil King was sUun, the usually How. ironic it is that in the pleasant v i e w from m y window . height of Spt'thg, the most bcau- was marred by ptllars of thicks j tiful time of the year, qur Na- blark smoke, rising from fires tion shows its. ugliest face—the that had been- set by • fire. face of hatred, racism and law- bombers\ during the Waslring- lessness. ton riot , .. Tb® day after the height ol On tlie Rayburn roof, a flag the riots here. I toured the af- flew at \hair-masT/ honoring Dr. ~fected areas’, wliere most of the King, while ui the ■ background | more tlian 7Q0 fires and thous- much of W.ashington's tnner-.ands of arrests had taken place. '4 • I 4 L J ‘D u t c h B o y ’ ’ N I A L P L E X . .. the onesstroke, one-coat interfor flat limsh that lets you -paiiSt like an expert. No brush marks, no lap marks - 1 begins to dry instantly-! Easy cleanup, ,foo—just use soap- aad waterl You’ll find many smart colors to choose from. • - ....................... , - - - J $745 S a l . — $ 2 3 8 <?t. MATCHING $g05 G a l . — $241 Qt. E D W A R D S PAINT & WALLPAPER 132 E. Union St. DE 1-2615 . Newark, N. Y. i ANTHONY &. MARGARET MAUGIRI, OWNERS i city -was being robbed, looted and burned to the ground, it was apparent to me that the wanton criminals who caused this de­ struction Had no concept of the meaning of grief or sorrow over the loss of this clergyman. To them, the assassination of Dr. i King -did no more , than provide an opportunity to wreck and steal what belonged to honest citizens and small businessmen in the Nation’s Capital. Before the rioters finished- their “reign of terror” over sev- 'prai Wavhinrtrin n/li'rhborhe''d,~ more than i$30,000-,000 worth of : goods and property were stolen, burned, or destroyed, and more ; than. 7,000 arrests were made- many of them for serious fel- It is difficult to imagine, but there, were more IT. S. military vehicles and troops on the streets, of Washington than I saw on the streets of Saigon -last January when -1 toured military installations in Southeast Asia. One of the saddest moments I - have ever experienced as a Congressman was when I drove my family by the Capitol Build­ ing and saw its steps guarded with machine-gun armed sol­ diers and Marines. That Stick precautions should\ be necessary- tragic. There is a brighter side to’the events of that week, however. Tlie double-barrelled shock of Dr. King's death and the ensu- onies which will not go unpun- ing riots re-awakened Washing- i ishod. : ton's citizens to tlie dangers and | -More than • 12,000 crack V. S. the fbily oif violence as a means ^troops and National Guardsmen j of expression in a democratic ‘were deployed in the'city; where j system. The vast majority of most of them remain, standing Washingtojj's residents deeply watch over, the \aftermath of this April nightmare. mourned the loss of Martin. Lu­ ther King, and their mourning Tn addition to the millions of | was coupled with the shame dollars worth of property they they felt at tlie wanton acts of -destroyed, the rioters b r o u g h t their rioting, n e i g h b o r s . , its great city to a grinding halt J. My hope is, that the combined Curlews were imposed which' effect of these experiences will lasted for a week, .Conventions j rekindle the conscience of Anier- and other large gatherings ican clvilizatiori. We must re-- scheduled for the. Cherry Blos­ som season in Washington were (vanoolled; businesses closed — some never tp open again. For several days, all citizens were j required: to be off tb® streets by 4 o’clock in the afternoon, to |free troops and police to con- dedicate ourselves to solve with equal flrmriess and resolve the problems of poverty and- jobless­ ness and the intolerable out­ breaks of destruction and dis­ order. 1 . have pledged to work. In Congress for progress on both bf these crucial fronts. Purchased | -Separately .../U m 1 ' M Easy Terms I 7-PC. MODERN LIVING ROOM 84 inch sofa has polyfoam zippered cushions, stitchex} backs, matching companion chair, color daoiee. Fash- deluxe comfort, 2 walnut tone plastic 'top step tables, matching cocktail table PLUS a pair of decoratorlamps! Selected wood veneers with high-gloss pjano finish, 4'.speaker. system, hi-fi ainpiifiei, 100% automatic, 4-speed chaiiger. 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