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to* litfnBj W O R K S H O P — D o u g l a s O r b a k fr, p h o t o g r a p h e r at the N e w ­ ark S l a t e S c h o o l, r e c e iv e s certificate frfini Dr. Frank H e n n e (r ig h t ) fo r ,h a v in g satisfacto r ily c o m p le t e d w o r k s h o p on p h o ­ to g r a p h y ‘in R o c h e s ter. SCHOOL MEETING Cooperative Vacation Church I: School will rrieet Wednesday -at. ' 7:30 p.m. at the Park Presby­ terian. Church. BOARD MELTING Official board Of the First Me­ thodist. Church will meet today at 8 p.m. in the church dining: room. • ■ Comforting Our funeral home is never.left un­ attended. Families have told us how comforting it is to know that some­ one b always at hand. COTT UNPRAL ^ f O M E , lnc. B. DAVID SCOTT, LlC MGR. 124 W. MILtElR ST.—•NEWARK phone rgj p j^4 f t . DOuglas Orbaker, photogra­ pher at Newark State School, . was among Id; photographers, jrcim state hospitals t r the men- I tally ill and ■’Vpto seliojls for the . ' r e t a r d e d w h o i i c e h t h jtU - : icit\t.. t h e f i r s t N e w Y o r k S t a t e De- 1 a p a r t m e n t \f M c n f j l H y g ie n e . W o r k s h o p on 'in s titu tio n - p h o to - : \eraphv „ - 1 The conference in c l u d e d two . , days of the regular educational ' program on basic photography ' at the Eastmaii Kodak Coinpanv ; and a on-e-day meeting on spe­ cial aspects Qf photography in mental- institutions..' Julian Belin. senior photogra­ pher for the Department of Mental Hygiene, led a workshop .on- technical problems.. Margar­ e t M. Farrar, the department’s director of public relations! con­ ducted a session on photojour­ nalism and discussed \The Camera as a Communication. Tool.” Harold Wolfe, assistant commissiotfer -.for cpnpmififcitt tions, welcomed the participants and talked with them about the hepd to develop an'’-improved and expanded photography pro gram for the department:- --The Eastipan- program wasv — initiated several years ago to assist in-plant cameramen jn learning new processes , techni­ ques and uses. The’ workshop was tailored to the needs of pho­ tographers-in state hospitals -and schools after consultations with department staff members. Workshop sessions were held died I Newark,N.Y. Courrer-Gazetto Thursday, April 18, 1968 - A rcadia Teachers' C/J To M e e t Monday^Niqhl , . The. Arcadia. Xeacht-f*- c,| will, meet at the hOnve „f Horner Halvey of .424 Wist a ! ’Ext.,-Monday evening, April i W H E R E D I D IT G O ? — B u lld o z e r s clear-, s i t e w h ic h .o n c e co n t a in e d large 'g la s s h o u s e at v i ll a g e se w a g e d isp o s a l p la n t on M u r r a y St. ~ orrttightog7-Vameras~a-nd-'eattt*- 127 East Miller St. 1 N e w a r k , N ew York 14515 Leon J. Krolak, Lie, Mgr. Prepared, through experience, to ren­ der kind assist- ance._ta bereaved. families In ipeotful- nified manner. era techniques, jiortrnit work negative processing including re­ touching, printing techniques and, finishing. Firemen Log 24 Calls During Month o f March Firemen responded to 24 alarms during the past month with 10 inside the village and 13 outside, according to the fire re­ port made public, by Chief Mar­ tin Hyikema, Fire’ apparatus, traveled m to* tal of 181 miles. One mutual aid- .run was made to Palmyra. The first aid division answered five calls with 11 calls made for equipment, ___ ........... ‘ Newark Man to Face • Family Court J u d g e Gabriel A. Rivera, 40. Box 313 Stuart AVe., was apprehended by police on. Saturday for viola­ tion of order of protection from Family Court. He was taken to the Wayne County Jail in Lyons to answer the Family Court judge. ' MAKES DEAN’S LIST Edmund Hurley o f 374 E, Un- lion St. has been named to the y dean's list for outstanding scho- etilastic work in the term just. 4 ended at Rochester Business Iri- ituie wjiere -uc-is-currently en­ rolled. . Twelve- . motorists answeped various traffic law charges in village court during the past week! All appeared before Village Justice ’Thomas W. -Biddle ex­ cept three who'forfeited bail. Marie S. Ax tel 1202 N. Main D E A T H S ‘Leo Sinack £* Leo Sinack of .the Hartnagel ‘Road died Saturday (April. 13, 1968) at the Newark-Wayne Community Hospital after a re­ cent illness, He was 78. ' Mr. Sinack was born in Bier- vliet, Holland; Feb. 13, 1890, and ■came to this' country m 1908. He has been a farmer in the New­ ark area for, -his entire life. He was a member’of St.. Mi­ chael’s Catholic Church. Surviving are his widow. Amelia DeRycke Sinack: three sons, Peter of, Bath a'ftd Francis\ and Lawrence, tooth of Newark: two daughters,. . Mrs. Anthony; (Virginia) DeWispelaere and' Mrs David (MadeliheV. VanLare,. i Vernon- W. Severson,. : Tuesday e-April 16. 1968) at his ; home 713 West M-iller St.,. after, a. Iwiii* illness He m s born. April' lS. 1004, hi il.vib’svihe, the son of Minnie Thorne ami John -K. Severson.. !!,hl i:ve-d his entire life in N<'W- :nk wh'.'if lie attended lo c a l , H e retired from C. W Stuart. . & Co , after '41- years, because 1 of. >11 health., He was ? member _ ^ | of the Newark Elks Lodge for 38 Special Ulanlis to the n years, the Newark Country Club,-t^eir kindness Newark Chamber of Commerce meir K naness' and the New York -State Nur­ serymen Association. H r lg'aves' his widow, Helen Lapham Severson, and a sister,1 Mrs\. Earl—O. ' -Bingham, -two-*; nieces, and a nephew and an k uncle. There will be rid prior calling hours. Private services' will .be held Friday at 2 p.m. at the Schulz Funeral Home, Rev. Walter R. - Hobkirk, pastor of ( Park Presbyterian Church, offi-: c— ciatmg r ~T’riend s arid—reteti-vek-l •Chris Avery and Kevin Smith woh the big prizes in the annual Easteh Egg Hunt held in Perkins Park last Wednesday -afternoon. , .Young Avery found the gol- ,dek egg ancT'Smith came up | with- the silver egg. The event whs sponsored toy the Gourier- Gazette in cooperation with trie NeWark Community ‘C6nter. . Other winners', were as tot lows: Jetty Loson, Mifee Perry, Pris­ cilla Lester, Diane. DeMarco, Roto , a t 7:30. All members, are urgpq tu tend as plans for the spring dinner will be ... .iCj,7 C A R D O F TH A N K S I wish t'l express ;p.v ii-7 thanks and gpprt t lajp*,;. •, who serif flowers. i-ar.-js u gifts aiid to all \ In. visited , -during my recent illness at qj resee Hospital in Rcched Arnie (Arnold) Tyier sign violation. Floyd\K. Steinruek, 4 O'Brien •Road,' was fined $100 on a charge 7>f driving while intoxi­ cated-'His license also was re- jqjf>t j, of sodus; .15 grandchildren,' Havert. Rifk Gilbert. Dari Lar- voked. , , ’ 124 Bre.a't-grandchildren ahd sev-1 wiri, To’m .Thomson. Robiri 'De- David W. Malchoff, Clyde RD jeraj. nieces and nephews. _ ■ | John, Brian Smith, David Wood, woh inx- \”™F« A service was held Tuesday!Judy Palermo, Janice Marbn. at St. Michael’s Church With Sandy Santoro, S-usan O’Meal, ------------- —het'- . ..the Rev. Joseph McDonnell o f - ( Carl Mobbs, Mike . Ziinorino,. mSri 'Parkivny,’ jmrtri ' a AlV'fme-rfftrratiha;' Burial was In 'Newafk f Peter Hardm, Glenn McCeUan, for a.signal light violation., i Cemetery. !'Bayb Cill. Jeff Stowell, Susan John D. Rising. 105 Frey St., | Contributions may be made i n ; Blake. Rirky NOble. Susan Tor- paid a $5 fine for an inadequate j Mr. Smfi-ck’s memory to the St. - t)lU and Aim Degearing, muffler. * ; Michael’s School Fund. Dennis C. DeBlaere, 397 Hydes- j . .... ville Road, was fined $5 on an- i 5 0ryi chapman ........ inadequate muffler charge. 2,. forfeited $5- bail for unsafe tires.. John L. Crescibene, 12 S may call at the late home, 713 :■ West Miller St, . . . Contributions may be made to the Town of Arcadia Ambulance Service or ..the Newark-Wayne Community Hospital. . ' ’ ' “Sw ’ Police H o ld Young Man For Army Authorities Kenneth E, Carpenter, ?2, of. 141 McDermott St., was picked up by local police last Saturday und turned ov e r-te -m-illfa-ry- au- - thoriiies. . - Carpentsg allegedly was ab­ sent without leave from the U.S. Army since Feb. 14, 1968. Po- lice said he left Fort Bragg. N. C. without leave, according to the U. H- Army. He-was placed in the custody of the county sheriff pending further action by military authorities. Raymond T. Humphrey, 137 Lyceum St., Geneva, forfeited $5- for unsafe tires. Meridith Eldridge. Fred Ah _ brecht, Cris Burgess, Ken Brem- -- ' er-,- Jeff Lilya, Charles Santoro. Jeff Ross. Carry Farrell. Gather- 66,' ine Martin, David Priebe, Tint Faithfully serving families of all faifhs CALL DE 1-3255 SENIOR CHOIR Senior choir of the Park Pres* byterian Church Will hold a practice Saturday at 7 p m. “Newark's Funeral Home I - ii Yours To Use A t N o A d d itional Offers you the privacy of your own home regardless of cost. i 'A. ~ ^ ” * ^Provides for modern surroundings in an atmosphere ihat is: iiomeHke.' ' Ample parking of cars, aw ay from m e te rs or other parking restrictions. A R T H U R G . S C H U L Z , In c . Leon R. Hall, Lie. Mgr. Maple Court — Just Off Main Mrs. George Chapman, dk'd Wednesday (April 17. 1968), \Zadroea Matthew Smith, Shar at the Newark-Wayne Cnmmun- on Safford. Barb Jaworski. .v\nrm'aia ~ r Alhrppht Palmvra , ity Hospital after a short illness.: Sharon Norrison, Becky VeiTJow. RD 1 * D i i d a $5 for an inadle- ! Slle was born in Newark. Beth LeRny. Erie Bjorlmq, Scott quate muffler: (.March 10, 1902. the daughter of, stowell. Peter Calviera. Kathy Gary R Orbaker 207 Black- | Arthur and Addic Ellis She had Ceravola, Jovce Pentycofe, Da- inar St forfeited $10 bail on a been aJifelong resident of New-• vid Young. John Behmidt, Barry failure to keep right summons #k'fgnd had resided at 514 Jef-VHardin, Chuck Freedman, Jim Adrian D. iBotiwens, 406 Madi-1 f*son Ext, : O’Connell. Raymond Wexder- son St.. was fined $5 on an in -, She leaves her husband, hold, Scott Young, Richard Wil- adequate jnufflcr charge. (George; four cousins. Mrs. Har-; Itarns, Mike- VanderWalle. Eric' Frank J. Burm, 108 Edgett St., old Porter of Lockport, Mrs. Keizmuk. S’te.ve Blankenbergr paid a $20 speeding fine. Lewis Wilson of Albany; Harry! David Stiles and Martin Leri^ Robert R. DeJohn, 305 Madi- Chapman of Newark and hart. Metcher Miller of Rochester and (several nieces and nephews S t a t e School toH o lcI f She was a member of the [' rj i Park Presbyterian Church. | Q p e n HbOSe OH M 0 / 4 ^ n g s Dauuhicrs. and a pasf • 0pen house will be held at (' Matron of Armt.e Chapter. | thp Newark statp Schoo, on May ,U E-b- *4. it was announced .by Dr, | Friends may call at Parker- • F r a n k H e n n e . d ire c t o f . I Rayfield Funeral Home today ( Conducted touts .wUl be sche- TRAFFIC SEMINAR •Police set. Edward Hetheoat and Bert- Mesley, vUlage traffic control officer, have been au­ thorized by the villfige board to attend a traffic .safety,, seminar sponsored by the State of New York in Rochester, May 27-28. CIRCLE TO MEET Circle V of the Park Presby­ terian Church will meet Friday in the lounge at 1:30 p.m. LESSON ON PLANETS , Whitbeck Kites will meet Tuesday evening, April 23 at 8.' Mrs. Eleanor De .May Will give a lesson on making planters. Mrs. Micky Mittak Will be in charge of refreshments. __ _ son -St., was. fined $15 on a speeding charge, j i: Fifteen Eagle Scouts Were recognized at an eagle recogni­ tion diniieF' sponsored by the Finger Lakes Boy Scout Council at-the-Cunundaigua—Elks-Cluh. Be read y by Easter to pay trib. ote tb your mast loved one with the surpassing beauty ot a Sock of Ages family monument. Come in and let us help you choosc from our wide selection of Rock of Ages types and designs You can choose Sock of Ages with confidence be: erase they are rmade from the world’s finest monumental granite, with a signed guarantee to you, your heirs or descendants. 4 teo)( tor tUi scot on your Ro(k of Agu monument or tntfrfce'r ft qB Rodt of Agw- mortiinrfWt. \ NEWARK GRANITE WORKS Owned and Operated by Mrs. Mary Beme 731 N: Main St. Newarlt,, N.Y. Dial 331-3005 Coi. Howard C. Metzler, com­ manding officer of the Seneca Army Depot, was the speaker. He pointed out to the young men the need for leaders in'to­ day’s world and as Eagle scouts they could be looked at the pro* vide this leadership as well as- epresent, scouting to the world. It Was revealed that only about two per cent of all the boys who join scouting ever at­ tain the rank of eagle. The 15 scouts were presented with a flag and certificate in recognition of their achievement by the Canandaigua Elks Club. Scouts who achieved the rank of eagle in 1967 were Tom Ac- quilano. Glenn Withiam and Jo­ seph Poole, all of Geneva; Mark from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Services will be held Friday at; 3 p.m. witn tne hot . waiter Hobkirk officiating. ©Urtal in. Newark Cemetery. 3 An Eastern Star service will Be held Thursday at 8 p.m. at the funeral home. . Miss Ellen Ketchutn of St. John’s School, Clyde, Won first prize of a $25 bond for her en­ try in a patriotic essay contest sponsored).,by the Fourth De­ gree, Knights of GolUmbus. * The contest, sponsored annu­ ally by m l Newark Assembly, K, of C„ was open to seventh And eighth grade students of all Wayne County schools. Essay America?” Eighty contestants from the schools entered—the-—contestr Munson of Canandaigua; David | subject was “What’s Right With Burnisky of Phelps; Kevin Srif*’ fith of Ovid; Kyler Morris, Val- dls Goncarovs and Ronald Al­ drich of Seneca Falls; John Ken- Michael Peck of Sdriecfi Falls; Micheal Perk of Seneca Falls; George McFaul and Terry Smith of Newark and David Rice of Port Gibson. Two Students Named To College Dean’s List , Two Newark students have b.een named to the dean’s list! and-honors list for the\second term at State- University Agri­ cultural and Technical college at Delhi.-. Roxanne Ehrhardt, a business senior, was named to thf dean’s list and Judy Lee Anderson,'an agricultural freshman, was nam­ ed to‘ the honors list. C H A N C E L C H O I R ” Chancel choir of the First Me­ thodist Church will hold a re­ hearsal Wednesday at 7:3B p.m. tliese-days- of- dissent,- die rea­ sons this essayists found for be­ ing proud of their country were very heartening. •Miss Toni Perry of Lyons Central School, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, John ’Perry., 59 Phelps St., won second prize of $10 and > Michael Chiazza of Newark Cen­ tral Schopl, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gaetano dhiazzo, 425 Church St., Newark, won third prize of $5. Miss Ketchum is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Ket- chum of fclyde. B A P T I Z E D - Rev. Hani Klioury baptized, James F. smith, -sob of Fred and Caro} Smith of RD. Pal­ myra, and Brian, Kay arid Lisa Mary; children of Erwin and Caroline ^Herman of Palmyra, at the ,E. Palmyra Px-fcsbyterian Church .over the past weekend, j duled between 9:30-11 ajn. and 1-3:30 p.m. Registration will be in the hew school building 'foyer .off E. Maple Ave. Exhibits and refreshments will also be on the program. m e e t i n g s e t Minnie F. Snyder Post Noble Grands will meet MondgjL .April 22. at thp Rebekah Hall o n E - MOTer j s i. ~Dorotriy BUfrk' Nathaiia Genthner program committee, \and P H I L C O C O L O R $2 9 9 00 WITH TRADE SPO R N S W tttpnse-fM |a47bW . UNION-NEWARK is on 4\ - at the following locations: Frances Grocery Rotary Gas Station DeJohn's Superette Wayne Drug . (Plaza Store) Acme Super Marfet — Midland -Discount - •. . Celso's News Room j Patsy’s Market ( State School Stpre Lagana's Grocery ‘ Bramer's Variety Store (South -End)' PORT GIBSON Smith's General Store MARION Shoales Drug Store , Pulclni's Market Don's IGA PALMYRA Lunch-ln Central News Room Breen’s Super Market The Sweet Shop MACEDON Doyle News Room CLIFTON SPRINGS Clifton Springs • Book Store “ , Clifton Springs Samiariuj LYONS Fox -Drug Store FAIRVILLE Poftef's General Store HYDESVILLE Hydesville Grocery 1962 CHEVROLET Co rvair Coupe, solid red fin­ ish, matching interior, radio, heater, WW tires, 4 speed transmission. - - -$495- 1964 Jeep W agoneer Station Wagon, gold finish matching iiiterior, 6 cyl. over­ drive trans, radio, heater. 1964 FAIRLANE 590 Station Wagon, light blue finish matclxing interior, ra­ dio, heater, automatic trails.. newer steerihar. V/8. *66 Fort) Galaxie 500 4 door, solid white finish, blue interior, radio, heater,, V/8, steering, whitewall tires, Low mileage. H $2166 1986 GALAXIE ? door hardtop, Solid gold finish, matching interior, ra­ dio, heater, automatic trans. V/8, potver steering, ■ 1964 OLDS 8 8 Station IVagon, maroon, fin- jsix, matching all vinyl inter-r automatic trans,,” radio, 1964 FORD Galaxie Fofdor, black and white fin­ ish. matching interior, automatic, radio & power steering. V8.1 heater, j 1964 FORD Ghlaxie 500, 4 door, solid j White finish, black interior, radio and heater, auto. V8,'| whitewail tires, cleans , car. 1964 FALCON 4 doffib, black finish, red in­ terior* radio, heater, 6 cylin­ der,- standard trans. 135 W. MAIN • \ON THE SPOT1 584-3 FINANCING y PHELPS. N Y. LOW BANK RATES

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