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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, May 09, 1968, Image 11

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' Tr, Wjyh’ C-'.unt}’ S h e r iff’s Department reper^ f l^ids? g per' IP\\ Ifseri revived and investigated during, tlie month of AjM'il, n; s. tO 'patrol cars-traveied a total of, 46'325 miles in raiitiuvl work. i cir.'.pl.uhts consisted 39 automobile • caused injuiry to \\’g.-, dot complaints;. •mil hornes checked 21 . notifications • . , ■■ri'ury esebrts ahd” ;3 emergency b]npd ; .<>•■« wven to other ’’ uui agencies;, three t-d. and escorted, , 1 iosal.of 12, fires.., ,, •_>,«* month, o f these, c nouse fires with ; ir.es and tw p ’auto- j There were 10 per- ttd missing and six iwo .cars, reported tw 1 v recovered. . The 1 Newark.N.Y. Cburier-Gaiette Thursday., M ay 9, 1968 1 1 pong and billiards tournaments.; \ Anmi 1 v. 1 ids bahiuiot of the : and Frank Lagana. Newark Ctmmvniiy Center was Tom Thomson and Dale Graf [ Members of tiie winning softball received the midget and junior'’ team earning trophies were league 'sportsmanship awards, Cindy and Becky Freelove, Di- respectively. ' :l arte Wahl, Kim Dodson, Peg City for.copping Wayne Conn- ..Santorp. ^ Donna__ Ppiaklewjqz, ty Easter Basketball Tourna- ment championships were: ■. 1 . • ’ ' , ■ Newark Druids 117 and tfel-r- . .Trophies svcre presented, to Rick Gravino, Ralph, Nash, John :, thy tuduWiiis basketball chain-..Gaviri; Paul-Priebe, Diek Rago. •pious: - ' . - -- - L - ■ — heid at the south’ center with.- 1'62 parents and children in at­ tendance. • Robert Gravino served as mnister of ceremonies in • the ’ boys’ division and Cindy Free-, love in the girls,’ 'division. Peg De’Pauw, 1 Karen Lukas., Karen Ulrich, Chris Patchett, | Kathy Moore, ■ Pat Richards, Chris Wifiiams, Julie Fagner, • Debbie Celestino, Karen Htmh- sorw Tina DeMarco -and S tic, - t cited • at the NEW ALBUM — KatHy Eckert, master of .Newark Junior Grange No. 9 I , and Mark Herc|man, assistant steward, hold copy of “Album of North .American Birds’I which they pre­ sented to the Newark Public Library. .cuse. tfas called in,on the labor1 S t a t e S c i o o f I n s t r u c t o r . S t . M i c h a e l C u b P a c k |Toiu Musooimo, Tom Chappell,; * o. I Celtics (Midget League) L,, Bob Wolfe: Newark Bench, Boys *tw'oes‘ , ' * ■ Mike arid Tint- Tanea, G r e g ; ?-13 and 14?-Doug Sloane, Tony.. Foiil Shooting, champs Sloane, Mike Tange, Tom Thom -, Lagana, Rick Lynch, Tom HauS-■ were Debbie Celestino, Sixter-j j son, Bob Christler and Jerry man, Joe Contaria, Bob fCagot ehes : Barbara Stuerrys, M-id?r (Sullivan., --- : and Mike “concert: Midget A ll-: gerettes: Peg DePa'uw, Junior-j . Triumphs- (Junior League) _ i S tarsAchris, Der Cola, -Chip.Tttes; Cindy Freelove, Center-j Ernie Heise, Frank Lagana ; Bloomer, Mike and Tiny Tanea, ' ettes- , Dick Spade, Rymie Port Allan Matt Collins, Kevin- O’Neil,./Ben-, Basketball 21 champs were ; 1 Kerr, Don Ahrans, Jim Tiebout, ’ ny Vasquez, Greg Sloane, Dave , Debbie Ceiestino, Barbara Steur-j i Midget All-Stars—Mike Tanea' | Comstock, Walt H a llagan,, Tom . rys,. Sue Forbes and- Cindy Free- ' Walt Hailagan Tim Tanea’ Thomson, John Santoro, .Jim [love. Barbara Steurrys won the Matt Collins, Kevin O'Neil, Tom ’ Westbrook and Daye Puiver. _ ■ checkers title. ,' 'Thomson, Benny Vasquez,’ John1 Receiving trophies for win-j Trampoline winners included j Santoro'', Greg Sloane, Jim West- n?ng .. basketball titles in the ! Djine Wahl, Micheles. Dayfen- |brook, Dave Comstock, - D a v e ' girls> division -were: . j port,, Meredith Eldiedge, Nancy ’ Puiver and’TvTascnts Tim- -West- Centerett-es-^Capt. Cindy-Free- * La-ngeimteim -Karen VanHeusea, „ ’J - ’ V , /, brook and Tqm TaneW L A ,' tovsy My.ry ;Boyko, loan,'A l-i. J.ulie Fagner, Diane DeMarco, „uu!t With a t o a e - ^ i n S f Elzufon Labor arm man P r e s e n t s P a p e r in B o s t o n . T p u r s J a i l , r i r e H a l l : Junior .League: All?Biars.—Boh, hyecht\ Angela Alvaro, Gail Baf- Becky Freelove. Elizabeth Ma­ tting instrument; f1'’ agement-met Tuesdav at the Old I Mrs Harriet Sistek 'assistan t' The Wehalnw n « , «• -! WoKe. Dick Spadte, D a le. G r M ,A fo i^ 'S fi^ ’W ® r A r o 6 k , -Sherry sori. Elame. Ellicott. Sue Stias- * hree attempted , World-Inn M tlv R w ^ ^ n b r t J % f f w ’ T I r h ;% J * £ & Q u g . Freelove, .Tom- -Chappell,- ktoW r^y/.-Jftlib^tffeG a p t, ^ u e : self Tina DeMarco, Demse _Kud-. I ;9 . runlrial m ischief; jna “no nroaress” hTrhh X ikP ■ 5 - instructor at th e .chae'is ScTiool, recently toured j £ g n McGee, Bill Van Tyle, Tom: Forbes, Peg. DePpuw, Margie ; la, Darlene Reeves, Karen Ul- r,c each armed rob -. w^icJl. began Mav 1 over a 1^eWarK State-^ s c h o o l presented the Wayne County Jail' in Lyops Cray, Mike Sovereign. i Brpwn, M eg Hannan, P a t Rifili; , rich and Debbie Celestino. si-xual misconduct: ,,.,w , differential’’ toetwppnthp' a PaPer before the American .,&nd the central tire hall.in New- Foul. ■ shooting champions — l ards, Barbara Mu&coiind./Cin# Girls’ team s awarded trophies ■ criminal trespass,.; Newark and R<FhpSter Association on Mental Deficien-; - . Mike T a tiea, 12 and under: iPriebe; M idSeM ttes^G a p t.Bi-J for- winning “Easter basketball, 1 induct, •harassment;, w ilj. _ - ; ' cy ui Boston. | F mnuin„ tho tmh- werp * teVe Dulmage, 13 and 14 -year-jane Wahl, Julie Pagner, Judy cha-mpibnships were: junior- „r Beverage Contro.l. f 5°, ' B . . The , paper, ‘’An . E xperiment j Thos_p making the torn were c^ . Q^ry WcMJlllD^ i 5 Wolfe/ Debbie GelestinoJ Bonnie ! e ttes-S u e Forhes, P e g D e B a u w .: • td*. bad check,. en> .r_^e! , ?1 jesteraajr- -production : ^ Rfecreatroh' with the Pro-,; erCT?cyton, Leo Smack. ^Ked j ^nd l4; B^lj-dravino, 17 and-, 18. r§ch£ndel, A,lbrecht,; Marg^ie^ Brown, Meg ^fyanan* ; ■veiiare of children,,.! nas been oyer 5fl.per cent of nor- , foundly Retai’ded,'' describes a VcrStractc, jii.u Me Hale, B il l! Pmg Pong—Steve Dulmage, 13 Marge Williams, Chris Wiliiams, * Cindy Priebe, Barbara M u seo-‘ : i.iw, liomjcide, ‘ S i - « t tl T?t ^dlMfHnPnt -prograni initiated by the R e c - ' McDaniels, Peter Burm, .Frank and under; D?.ve DeFelice, i4-‘ N ancy W u n d e r K a r e n R o s s i,, uBb, Cindy Howard,.. Pqt, Rlch- prqaucea lor tne u. S. Armed reation Therapy Deparhpent atfghniia -Michupi'Faust Mr ■Mc-iancl 18-year-oid. class-; mhess-^ Barbara Steurrys, Becky F fee-[ aids: Centerettes—Cindy Free-' the local institution arid tells.the 'v,-, ' ’ v . , . „ ' . /P e te Van Tyie; billiards—P e d r o ; p a il jj&wyer, Karen Ul-jlov«, Mary Boyko, Angela Alva-; value of enjoyable recreation a driver, and ueoige pey- gepa(j0i 21 basketball—S fev e , rich. Peg Santorb, .Karen Meyn . r0j Joan A lbresht,‘Rita Vander- [ a tool in \teaching social sk ills. ton,, leader,. Earlier this year t h e , D a m a g e Land • Rick Gravind,; and Laurie KrebbekS. .1 brook, Gail Safford, Sherry Mou- to profoundly retarded resi-! bbys toured^Garlock, Inc. h r g a l- checkers—Steve Dulmage; p o c - • Debbie Celestiiro receive^-tro-1 i’cy and Rita Crescibene; M ldg-, dents, 1 • -jn § i 9 , .'—• T “ \ ' kef billiards—Steve DiifiHage ’phjes for' w.lnnihg the chess taping' erettes---piane Wahl, Julie Fay- Contract negotia-tiuns between Local 339, International Union of Electrical Workers (TUEs and Newark Operation of the Electronics Division of General ^fnnr ' F yhamics wiil^^ be resumed to- . . . s!‘S $ ! % A Z » » ™ «>>- 1 George Ro.ewer, commissioqj 1 , investigated bv ' er witl? the pede.ral' Mediation S g i 2 : and P o t i o n Board in Syra- IK ■' !’ ...... led Newark Couple Honored On Their? 25 th Anniversary Rev., „ and. .Mi’s. W illiam’ %>. Moon of Colton Ave, were given a surprise- -25th \yed,ding anni­ versary .party Friday at the home p i Mr. and Mrs. -Dan Muokey of Shilling Rd., Palm y ­ ra. -The party was- giyen by mem b ers \of the Christian hnd Missionary Alliance Church. - Glen, Widenian of Palm y ra was) master of .ceremonies. . . Approximately 55 guests Were present. Among their were: their sons; William and Jon, both of Newark; - their daughter- in-law, Jean; Mrs. Moon’s par­ ents, Mr. and Mrs, Ceyian Reyn­ olds of Glens Falls, N. Y.; Mrs., Mopp's sister, Mrs. Ruth Ne- ron; and several aunts and un? cies from tiie Lunt- family of Whitehall. N. Y. wr festru.: Iffitr../.: Iju Pr:nunal Bureau- reports liSai- J 55 arrests for the Ijj,.. . r.<!stinu of 28 felpnies, \ *.«(!• mi-anos and offenses ,.-r- • >i arrest, as Tolio-ws: n'np p.etit larceny. IJe'assaaif. third -degree; - four liv- ir.tvxtcation; three liiOL ’■). * ea c h .' fraudulent Tier, Karen R o ssi,-Judy Wolfe; Barbara Steurrys, Debbie Cele’s- tine-,;-\ Be eky - F f f e lo y e , - Boanie Sehendel, Gall Sawyer, Sandy* Albrecht, Margie Williams, Karl an Clricli, Chris W illiam s,,P e g Santoro, ‘ Karen Meyn, Nancy Wunder and Laurie! Krebbeks. » .Forces here is being prepared for shipment imaecorcfance with government requirements. Re said that since th,e strike .began more- tha'fr475 untori represented ; employees have reported- back I to work and with/the assistance of supervisory and other plans- have been able to maintain es* K k s f e s M c g The Perfect-*'.Diamond g . rTTSyn tO n F o rm o rly B s u < ll«it«)s • JEWELERS ■ ' * ,10? E. OnlDn.Sk :NM*ark eovemmenfcal' ad- , T , ■ ^ oranH ' iarcenv t -Clifford . Haley, international ,ne each assauh representative for Local 339 of ■ us L l t se^oM de- Ahe international Union of EUecr rnl);t TOonranf. tncal Workers, appeared before dt'sree’ t a t nigh^'s board ■ni * Itle^ s -at. Hail te ***** ■( pistol; ABC viola- on the strike. -jrx...i! misconduct; v iola- : H?, said h?Js in control of the r J. / -T protectRm; r::-ntr->b'tk-e---eatkd--Mfry -I -trvr-r a- ■ “ wage differential.’’- Haley said . ' . , - the local General Dynamics fc/.icle and Traffic viola- is'paying a hiring, wage of -<i 148; as follows: 55 laedT.ai 23 failure to keep I I r 22 stop sign; nine equip- Irfr. violations: five driving liale intoxicated; \ four, unli- ; Ised -qn-i'ator; three each^ un- - lsr>TFct motor, vehicle; unsa,fe > Jssu k>avmg scene of acci- j fuiue .to stbp for fla s h - ! tiree sienal. two each, driving j ■tie ffTc-nse revoked; unsafe I failure to signal; one i fivde ordinance 88-5; : |ta.r.: : >■ closely.; No inspec- . i.i-.r. to obey command; , wrong way one way ' lift: M/.ure to yieid right-of-_ v /er display o f plates;’ ..rx.it;'; operating w ith- |S .rai.re. L :.’ hication Bureau re- ; 22 p.-tyl permit applica- ) pr. •-s.-cd: 30 sets crimin- k’ucrprints, 22, sets pistol sr.’ fprinto--and. 10 Sets | 2 \.: ;.n.-rprints taten, There fee ?3 kiro.’s committed to the month and 12 fc- ti* J ’/ C.v.l Department reports fe'-'-1- : 5121'53.24 collected .for ***!■•;■:; vvith $6,21677 paid to creditors, $1,704.29 in 1 ■ the Wayne County $175 00 Vehicle and $2,985.00 in other f a Tl.t-re were 81 Summonses ’■•plaints received and •:.d 72 Executions receiv- Um pxccuted, 15>-.... activities of th e month talks to. the ‘Wayne $1.60 an hour compared with a 29 to 30-cent higher liiring fate in Pajmyra and a hiring rate of 69 cents more at a paper, plant in Newark. . , s ’Haley pointed (SuL that the : wage differential is better than 60 cents an hour. Haley said the Newark plant pays a hiring wage of $1.60 an hour and Rochester $2.12 an . hour. ^ : __ __ “W.e’re asking a sm a ll eontri- , bution that the company will recognize this! wage riifferCn tial,” said Haley. “^Ve seek only to bring some form of economic adjustment. “This company is : makiiig a contribution\ to keep ! this area in a depressed state.” ' Haley said the union is will­ ing to expose its position to the community*, ^ ! Two employees'at tiie Newark i plant ’ reported Vandalism to ■ their cars parked on Siegrist St. : Tuesday. ............... . J Joyce King, 35 Pleasant St., ; Clifton Springs, reported that . her white 1963 car was sprayed with black paint. Larry Gillette, 15 W estside-Drive, Evens, fe- ported to police that someone i sprayed black paint on his ma- ; roon car which was parked near ’ Norton St. Police arrested three pickets 1 last Friday at 12:48 a.m. on dis- 1 orderly conduct charges.,. They were: Ralph Thomas Holby, 46, 1 Stanley RD 2: Eloise Doris la.”-. 5 . 1 .'>r>i system on n.ar- ! Briggs, 40, Lyons RD 3.: Minnie i’d ( bicycle safety pr<5- ' D- Sizemore, 19, of 40 Franklm r\puty Paul Fowler, Hirer. MS - ' -n-'ratton and exercise ' Defense ern.crg.ency u. win be conducted at the ' school on May 15 , ►. v by the Wayne County DHf-nse Office. * / • A Swartele of New? . ; J director! said the ex- — „ * * he jointly conducted ‘ lounge. New York State Emer-1 .Medical Service and the \ir-e. St.. Lyons, j They were released on $25 i hall each when arraigned before\ /V illage Justice Thomas W. Bid- i die. 'The arfests brought .to 'five j the number arrested since the j Strike began May, 1. ■ j The pickets, according to po- I lice, allegedly refused to com? 1 ply with a police order to dis- 4 perse when a Penn Central train I was switching cars at the plant. 1 1 ; ENROLLED IN COURSE } Dr. John Venoski. senior psy- ' chiatrist at the Newark State School, is attending the Letch- worth .V illaeeG raduote. cnurse : in Mental CIRCLE II TO MEET Circle II of the Park Presby­ terian church will convene Tues? day at 9:30 a.m. in the church 1 IrmncrP * l sTD '-mergency hospital is a iunctional 290-bed ‘,'i‘ packed in boxes and: -r‘ many communities « - ut the. United States. km dTP t,lree such hospitals tv , :a- VVa.vne County, They ‘ t;?v‘'d to be set up in ex? re as soon as pos- Ej.-)‘-er a disaster in order to 1 ,,^° F.ptiical’.care to disaster . S|pplies and equipment : r| rn the CDEH. can be .^ P a n d the capability of «, “ m® , community hospital ?P?f a com p letely in- Kwr«, ( °®PitaL During the- K m the CDEH w ill fee ■ by Physicians, dentists, medical aids and main? ROSARY s o c i e t y Rosary Altar Society of St, Michael’s Church will Tuesday in the school auditori­ um following Mass nt 7 p.m. PLANS CAMPOREE Boy Seout Troon i22 complet­ ed plans at Monday night’s meeting to hold 3* cumporcG this weekend. tonarice personnel from within Wayne County. . . . ... Floyd U . Philo, county health aiid welfare officer: Anthony Bushart, CD administrator , for Sodus, and Alfred Frament, ■New—York -State- Emergenc Medical Service, wijl supervise the dbihonstration. Public is in­ vited to attend the exercise. Limit 1 Sack, please 5 LB. GOLD MEDAL FLOUR I f l c Limit 1 lb. please COFFEE CHASE & SANB'N > g ,b. Limit 1 can, please . 3 LB. CRISCO SHORTENING ic can 5 9 c THE SUPERMARKETS OF INTEGRITY Cortina—*by Stanley R o b e rts STAINLESS FLATWARE— - f * $ f e 9 5 - 24 pieces SUGAR SHELL & BUnER KNIFE 3 9 ^ , in a 10 Oz. FROZEN BIRDS EYE CUT CORN KGS. 10 Oz. FROZEN BIRDS EYE CHOP'D BROCCOLI 5 PKGS. $1 Give Mother a lovely CHRYSANTHE- ____ i l l i i ’J ^ MUM Shop until 9 P.M. 6 nights a week GAILY DECORATED MOTHER'S DAY LAYER CARES 6 -inch pcit EACH REG. QUARTERS . MRS. FILBERT'S MARGARINE Tobin's First Prize PORK STEAKS ib .

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