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liD . I'1'-' r'i It -• CU-Voa ri\U li_(~l - - M.uua..<-t Leung and, j f> -- -I--— * “ 'm ——— . • (from left) complete basic art class p.oject to help promote the Marion Faculty Carnival to be held Friday, May 10. Stu­ dents in Harold Spehcei s art class were in charge of design­ ing- and pre'smting '.bulletin board advertisements using an animal figure as the theme to promote the carnival, . . . , - - P a l i i e r P h o t o ...•uni i .a i ntilfod ••.'t'o.o •-In\ -am . 1 ® conc'Crt was v .1 rte.J to be i. complete .suc ’pss. Seme of the highlights of thr j rosr.’m were a b n s s ,’-sextet'1' 'erfermano0 b-1 C;ndv MHler.1 l|cky Dibble,' Cathy Murphy.! Jpeg Harrs -n; N.oeb,Johnson arid i Jay J' hnscm: a dance band ..per- ' - -ron ninie'e-—BT Carry Loueks; } Ricky Dibble. Wiif ird-^ LaJoie. j Greg Hansen. Jim Miller, Hnw-i ard Bi'idsrpman. Jay .Johns to,j \ _ ___ v*coronet- s h lT b y d m n e s 'IjeVefc.l C 6 j i l f i t f y P r O j C C t uforPlfok f,0l° b” -D1anC 1 - Marion - John Hyland Mas m- MARION QUF.ENS—-Jeanelle V anlvou wenber.g (right) was select, d as. the queen Candidate and Judy Ake/s^as alternate to. .represent Marinin- in Williamson A p p le Blossom Festival. Twelve girls competed in local contest held by Marion Rotary Club. . Marion Tlie Republican information group will rieet on Wednesday evening a-* 7 30 oil May 15 at the liomt of Mr. and Mrs. Ecj Moore of Buffalo Streey—j John Ko.m an. town justn;, -.P a l m e r P h o t o 4-ff Club Discusses Outstanding events of the eve-< foodneed as a''new member •ring featured the various s e c - i # 1®' Wolverine ^-H Glut?,,, a,1( t l ‘ions of the band. LeRoy Ander-.1 A pril 24 meeting a t :tftj£ hptaf son’s “Bugler’s Rohdav'’ ^yvas llaved bv thy Gold Band and featured the cornet clovers Lar­ ry Loucks, Cindy piller, Greg Hansen and Gary ijePoint. Be guine for Flutes Gsterling, a of Mr. Lajoles..' ’ - During the meeting, president Hugh Maspn conducted a discus­ sion. regarding a baseball game as.- a cl and Peter Elirk. town -count'd man will be it lit .-.'A f ( R the..eyc \ping. They will discuss their do ties as' members of the Town RefreshnK^Us- will, bp; sekVpd jlliwirig the meeting. . Marion — The Marlon Central Yputlgi brot!iers ol the bride. School nine will journey to Sa- j Mark O’Connor of East Falmy- . .project. The group., vannah today for -a Wayne I ra * and Howard DeRidder .of; _ _ . _____ nute trio with baijri accqmpani-1 pessOd the ’motion,., and th®-’ .g ™ - Leaeue uahiewith Marion. Jrother-in-law of the • 5,arion-PEC, C fo a r i.e.^ A.. „ . , nient was nerjormed by K^.thy l.gaine was played- on- May 5 at! Cywity ABCD Leag. t g I .bridegroom, Paul ■Young, broth- ,.«s» -u „ u — ^ , v.esUgated Hifon.-Gaft Jtrricli arid Barbara' the Firemen’s Park. j -he Wildcats. . er of the bride., was junior ush- Dady. ' . ’ The club is. also considering r! Coach Paul DsRue’s Black j er Ring be.afef Mas Douglas The- percussidh section per- ’ worthwhile project for the bet- [ Knights take on tne North Rose jc.ampisi ol Webster. formed front st tn.o iii a selection .torment 'of the.- community. A I uiM, d horde game on Mon- The br.icTe wore a white silk committee has been organized.} Jay_ | organza gown of full length, A- Eoard, and their individual ob­ ligations to the people in thi community. - - Local residents Who wisji t . attend this meeting will be wei- ing on Tuesday evening, , corned .additions to the. group.- -14 TO CONFER DEGREE Marion—The Marion, Masonic Lodge 926 F&AM will confer the first degree at the regular hieet- May BANK STATEMENT Call Ho. 465 Charter No. 10546 National Bank Region No. 2 REFORT OF CONDITION OF TIIE FIRST NATIONAL BANE\ OF (MARION IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK, -AT THE’CLOSE OF BUSINESS ' ON APRIL 18, 1968 PUBLISHED IN . RESPONSE DER SECTION 5211, U.S. REVISED STATUTES \ ASSETS . ' - Cash, -balances with other -banks, and cash items iii process of collection \... ............ .. .United States Guvernmer.: ntjligrtrins .............. Obligations o f States and political .subdivisions . . Securities of Federal Agencies arid Corporations . Other Securities ..........................- ................................... Loans arid discounts ........................................................ Bank premises, furniture and fixtures and other assets representing bank. pre.rotsi.-fe . „ Otner 724.684.67 1.060.126,79 604.806 69 148.875.00 6,000.00 4650,523.80 62.785 66 I entit-ied “ Sandpaper Ballet.’ The final number. of thy eve­ ning, \Spanish'‘Flea” featured three of Marlon’s baton twii’lers, Barbara Miijer? Debbie Devlin, and Lynn Viele. Marcia Brte'a ably narrated the program add­ ing many sidelights to th? hum-' bers presented during the eve­ ning. Judy Bovet Named To St. Lawrence Honorary Chapter Marldn—Miss Judy ‘Bovet \“is one pf five students at St. Law­ rence\. University who Was jni-. tinted into the university’s chap-- ter of Theta Chi Beta, an honor-’ ary religion fraternity. Membership in the chapteT re-1 quires an overall minimum grade average of 3.0 (B) 'after| tiie freshman year, and a m ini-, to make inauirics into the mat-l- Wjicpt-t came lip with tw tir'. . . 1 runs in the third inning last daisies_ and seed pearls, S e r .President.Mason read an arti- Frlday t0 haTld RnlgHta .a{dress.-had a ful train with an ci-fr—te- tfoea-^T-ou-p ■*aSeiffe— -DQijg I t ^0Ia.rioiTr THe 'gani 0 ’ appliQU© to niatch ^hat o f . tne Christianson, Doug, a memher; ,was calied • after 'five innings; 3 re_e-nuaTter^ lengtfo because of rain. BUI Palmer tripled for one - RBI .to. feature the rally. Bill no®®gay / I Dhds’dcU. . thfrL-wSanlng- -.pitchac,— . —riiron of 1 of 'the Wolverines is. presently attending Ithaca College and re­ cently won a dairy judging con­ test in Chicago \L a s t month, members of the club enjoyed a bowling party at Lyons. • •. • 2 ld‘l 76 'iTrjITi grade average of 3.6 m ftiarion—-Nearly 30 residenis. of Marion have •yoinntecred to I a ssist at the Williamson Center TOTAL ASSETS 6.960,595 37 LIABILITIES j Demand deposits of individuals, . partnerships, and I corporat ions 3,656.007 55 Time and sgvincs deposits of individuals, partner­ ships, arid corporations 25,483 40 Deposits\ of United States Govrrnnient ...................... • 687,529 ?6 Deposits of States and political subdivisions ................ 1,809 674.46 Deposits cf commercial banks .................... ' ’25.249 16 Certified and officers’ checks, etc. .......... ; .......... 30 630i3 TOTAL DEPOSITS ............... .66,234,574.06 ' ’ . • - ta’i Total demand deposits ’ . . $2,159,657.21 (b) Total time and savings deposits $4,074,916,85 Other liabilities .......................................... 110,436:74 TOTAL LIABILITIES ................r. . . .................. 6,345,010.80 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Common stock—total par value. ......................... $100,000:00 No. shares authorized 1,000 . No. shares outstanding 1,600 Surplus .......................................................... 100.000.00 Undivided profits ................................................ 415,584.57 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS .......................... 615,584.57 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL . ACQUNTS. 6.960,595,37. in the field of religion Miss Bovet-is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Bovet of South Main Street. MEMORANDA Loans as shown above are after deduction of valua­ tion reserves ot .................................... 1 . 104,156.78 I, Sanford C. Bush, Vice President of the above-named bank,', do hereby declare tthat this report of condition is true and cor­ rect to .the best of my* -knowledge arid belief, •- Sanford C. Bush We, the undersigned directors attest the- correctness of this report of condition and declare that it has been examined by us and to the best of our knowledge and belief is true and correct. E. J VanHail , W. Rvy Converse H. D , Bush , .Directors Marion—H ie spring confer­ ence of Wayne County Baptist Women will be held on Wednes­ day, May 15 at the Ontario Bap­ tist Church. Registration will begin at 3:36 and will be followed by a din­ ner from 5:30 to 6:30. Those who attend are asked to bring a dish to pass and their own table serv­ ice... .. . ......... ... . t . . Mrs. Lawrence : VanHeerden of Williamson will be the guest speaker and will show slides of a trip to England, Mrs. Van­ Heerden w ill. also relate many interesting incidents of tlie .trip. All ^women of the United Church are urged to attend the meeting. WISE WORDS Marion—When you reach the point of no ' return—you must -fcr-ge-ahead-or fail completely. * County. This fine response to the re-: quests for \ volunteers bv local chairmen has made it possible for the Center to open regularly on Wednesdays from 10-a.m. to 1 p.ni. Other volunteer assistance is being provided by lqeal resi­ dents indicated a willingness to -b e called for transportation emergencies, for the use -of a truck to transport items of fur­ niture, and for laundering\ and mending donated clothing. Also, leaders are endeavoring to open the “Center one evening a week for the purpose of showing mov­ ies,!- Supervisors and projector operators are needed for this activity. If any local person has a \room which could be used as a local depot for depositing clothes which need sorting, washing and mending before being taken to foe Center, there are .Maridij. Tyffmen' tyBiS’l^ve'vbluriteered fo d o -the work-involved. Any of the follow,iijg Marion chairmen may be contacted con­ cerning, the needs or details in­ volved in this community acti­ vity: Trene FolIette. Mrs. Frank­ lin Miller, Mrs. Robert Hold- ridgev Mrs. Norman VanManen, Mrs. Michael Gardner, Mrs. Paul' Russell, Mrs. Frances \ming. delivered a pair , of doubles. Ter- ly Storey homered for Marion' in trie triird; Wolcott, Marion . 1 6 2 6 0 - 3 - 7 - 0 0 0 1 0 0—1-2-1 L.r'.oE- .i. $ 3 .srn E. Youh‘g , . ...i.T t , r. u # i.s, il w- rcl Ytui^g of ft Uni a St., and , ■ _/ .ie K. Ver-riank, son oi Mr. and Mrs. Keantt.i V er Plunk c f , 20 Dean ltd ■ writ- married Sat-} urday ct 2 pan. in tlie Evar.ge'li- I cat Lutheran Church in Web­ ster.‘ ^ _ - • The\ Rev. Frani.lm Llax:k‘ cf- iiciat-d. • Mrs. Eileen Hamrlink of Wal­ worth was the matron of honor. 1 The bridesmaids were\\ Mrs. i Joan DeRidder of Marion,, sister (of tlie bridegro m. Miss Denise I namptsi of Webster.. ancl.,MJs. i Pennv O’Connor cf East Palmy- ra; Miss Lori VerPiank of -;Mar- ion, sister of foe ; was the junior bridesmaid. Misses Jody “and Jill VerPlprik of Marion, sisters of \foe bride­ groom. were,,flower .girls. * B est man was Duane - Hame- link of Webster. Ushers were Timothy Young ’and Stephen | bouffant veil ’ w as attached to- : a pearl- crown. S h e . carried a ?; honor wore Biaisdell,. Palmer (5) and Jackson; Kepifo and Scrooby. full length mint green taffeta d r e s s ‘.with a ,chiffon cage, She carried a nosegay of white and yellow daisies. The .bridesmaids wore ' full length dresses Of yellow taffeta with matching chiffon cages. They carried nosegays of yellow and white. daisies. The flower girls were outfitted in green, taffeta and chiffon;, .dresses with full skirts. - j 1 The mother of the bride wore an apricot crepe suit ahd yel- i I low \roses. The bridegroom’s^ I mother wore a blue suit and yeL , Mildred DuBois .Marion—Mrs. Mildred A. Du-! low roses. • _ I •Bob of Wyalusing RD 1, P a ..; A reception at the American! ■lona'-.Tiv 01' Marion, aiect inurs- Legiun No.. 1430 in -Munou. day i.May 2, 1968), at foe Cas- j mediately followed foe ceremo -1 terlint Rest Home where she ny. ■»£• j had made her home since' Sep-: A fter.a one-week-,honeymoon j tenvber foee^She was 79. to Washington, D. C. and 'Vir- She was born In Spring Hill. Einia Beach, the cpuole-Will be . March 22: 1389. the daughter ofn their home at 22 North M a in, Vlonzp a d Amarida DeFrehri s t - :^ Hawley. She was the widow o f ! Tlle bride is a fo67 graduate • Walter DuBois. of Marion Central School and is tef,UrMfoin OrVa G ale?ofPp a lm y -1 8IThebridegroom;6 am em p lovee ! :a:’ one stL>i)son’. g m d u a t f o f Mariori Central!5\6 1 ! Pre-nuptial showers were giv- i en by Mrs. Eileen Hamrlink, i Miss Beth SteverrSOrf of Web­ ster and Miss Mary Elleii Ste­ vens of Newark, Stylish Leather Clutches, Purses, * regu!aC 5700 rofoi Charles Hawley of SprihgLHill, and several cousins. A funeral service was held Saturday at camptown Method­ ist Church with the Rev. .Wil­ liam D, Le.Wis, pastor, officiat­ ing. Burial was to Camptown Cemetery. Unbeaten Tennis Team Posts Third Triumph Marloji-LUribeaten ;foiWimsLf.'Wolaottr . 2 . 4b .1, to -a. Wayne- County Tennis |. pr gup , | match tnr th e local courts Mon­ day. The win Was Marion’s third while Wolcott is wtnless ta five starts, Noel Johnson of Manph wdri his. first stogies in 6-4 and 7-5 sets'and Bruce Galek of Wol­ cott won 'in 1-6,'6-4 apd 8-6 sets. Terry Nevil and Mark DuPre clinched foe victory with 6-3, 3-6 and 6-2 sets.\ R E L O C A T I O N ! Marion Churches List Services, Club Activities THE GOOSSEN BLOCK w m o m r s HOURS: TUES., T-BUJL, FRI. 8-6 SAT, 9-6 Closet? Monday & Wednesday W ERE* a T r CO ND iflONED MAIN STREET, MARION H O W A R D S B a r b e r S h o p HOURS: TUES., WED., *SAT. 8-6 ,THUR., FRI. 8-8 Closed Mcndcy WE'RE air - conditione U ST. GREGORY’S . Rev. tucnard Nangle Sunday Masses at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m . iDaily Masses at 7:30 a.m. Confessions Saturday, 7-8 p.m. Baptism, ' Sunday after last Mass by appointments. FIRST REFORMED Rev. Norman VanManen Sunday, 8 a.m ., “Temple Time” adll be heard over radio station. WAOK; 10 avto;., 'Morn­ ing worship; l i : 15 a.m., Sunday School.' May 8, Senior Choir Prac­ tice, 7:16 p.m. May 9, Womgn’s . Confere at the Williamson Reformed Church. • May 15, Gpngregationai POfc Lurk supper, 6:30 p.m. station WACK; io a.m ., Morn*- tag\worship;' i f : 15 a.m .;Sunday School: 7 p.m ., evening worsbin Rrayer service Bible sfody will be held each Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. May, 9 . Junior arid Senior choir practice. • \S e c o n d r e f o r m e d Rev. John Staal Sunday, 3 a.m ., “Temple Tim e” will h&Jheard over radio UNITED CHURCH IN MATlION Rev. Robert Hyatt heaKfi fri- Np Juni0r choir re­ hearsal this week : 7-p.m. Chari- cel choir rehearsal ?;30 a -m., Church Mother’s Day Service lOiJ.O ( a.m», WOrship service sermon __fopic , “ T r ie Dutiful rigrTiw.,F’ ■ May 9, Junior Choir Rehears­ al, 3 p.m. Chancel Choir Re­ hearsal, 7 p.m. - ..... May 14, Board meeting, 7:30 p.m., chrircii' office'. ‘ ' May 15, Spring Conference of Baptist Women in Ontario Bap­ tist Church. Marion—The mid-year m eet­ ing Of the Wayne B a p tist Asso­ ciation held Sunday at Macedon was well-attended by area resi­ dents who' heard a panel discus^ sion “Christian Responsibility to. Wayne C o u n t y . ................ Rev, Lawrence, VanHeerrier of Williamson moderated the Dane! and introduced the parti- ioaijts, Air. James Conners of Ontario, Dr. William Herbert of Williamson. Mr. Ernest PJiilitos of Williamson and Mbs. Law- -.pnee Col]ins. Sneakers represented t h e. Wayne Countv . H-ural Ministry inc., wavne County Action Pro- aram. -Ine-.-.-avbinh ;fo. a Wavne Couritv Vegetable' Grower who emolnvs farm help arid foe So, drs Corinthian Church. Each sneaker presented a dif ferA”t phase of thp t'1riio whier is of current interest and con- .cern. The audience was eiver an opportunity to pose questions to panelists. Representing the Church of Marion were pastor and Mrs. Robert S., HvaH. Mrs ChurclrfMalcolm Inglis. \Mrs. KonnefF Franke. Mrs. Albert Moshier, and Miss. Margaret Curt-is. ON DEAN’S LIST Marion—Lawrence E. Crane son of Mr. and Mrs. Myrville E. Crane.-343 Ridge 'Chapel Rd.. was among the 293 students named to ’foe dean’s list for foe winter .quarter at State Univer­ sity Agricultural arid Technical College at, Alfred^., Fantastic values — famous nationally advertised Ar-iil clutches, purses and billfolds at a purse pamperif $2,00 plus saving. Choose from several smart shadtj in a variety of soft, luxurious leathers. All ^re boxed in the \Presentation Case”. SHOALES DRUG 17 S. Main St. 926-5636 Marion, N. I T v ^ r M A I M O N - • ' Community Calend< May 9-2—Community Clean-Up Day,. May 1 0— Faculty Carnival, 5 :30, school gym, Mayo 1 1 — Baseball Rally---:} 2 noon, Firemen s P.ulj May 1 2— Mother’s Day.\ May 1 3— Rotary, . 6 :10 p.m., Presbyterian Church.. May 1 3— BoyScodt irieeting, 7 p.m., Scout Lodge-j May 1 4— Webelos meeting, 7 p.m. May 1 4--—Senior Citizens meeting,. 5:30, School <-.i| May 1.4.— Masonic Lodge ipeeting, 8 p.m., 1st cleg May 15— Republican information group mecl'n2-| p.m., home Of Mr. and Mrs. F.d , Buffalo St .\1 - May 1 7— Grange meeting. 8 p.m., Crange Hall. Clip and Save this handy guide tn coming eyfl courtesy of the First National Rank o t Marlon. OF MARION . Marion, New York , . “AW. WA?fS FIRST IN RANKING'' Uwnkir FM*ra( DafMlt IixwraiM C«ni.

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