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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, May 09, 1968, Image 17

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/ .jCPV MAYBERRY 1 V„,- Board Admissions ...c “ .'iv.'ii Saturday... May II \w a rii’ Senior High: U135;„lr,ting center. „ 250 .students 7“'p.-r*7 arrived to take !, of these 250, 30 w.ere t -students, The Scholas- Test, or College,; Vm iMOfis Test, was ad- i ed t;’-r otdfning at 's a three-hour objective' signed io ' measure how e.U[j„n!; have developed wBa' ‘>»d mathematical considered necessary for iS in college work, Achievement Tests, ad‘- wd in tin afternoon, are ‘ tests designed to mea- ents levels of achie.ve- .partiCuUr fields. Pur- rp,,,on session, a inax- uf tf.rt c tests may be tak-; By F-MM-A GARLOCK , | Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Barnes of Port Gibson - Mr. and Mrs, Clyde were Wednesday callers E d m u n d DeLooze returned h11 their daughter- .Mrs. David home Frid,ay from Ft. Myers -Dayton, Mr. Dayton arid-chil- Fla., where they spent the win- dren- , ' ' teF; Mrs. William Rogers left Mrs, HarrieMpickens.,- mother Tuesday for her home m- TJf>-. of Foster Dickens of Atwater Per Montclair, New Jersey. St. passed away * Tuesday i Ap- Where she will remain a week rd 30, 1958j at the Clifton before.j-eturniFe t.i care for her .Springs Hospital. She -is surviv- parents Mr. and Mrs. Glen. Ly- ed. by two- other, sons, Carlton . on. «. rumfnW c erS^y ' a2? -^cha»a of- Mr and Mrs. Kenneth Wi’nsr fife prl\'g - Funeral serv- ’ low and family of Tully N. J, W p M ^ e ie ? u Fnday at the/were Sunday guests of .Mr. and q m ? L f ra me> ° f 'CWt0n : Mrs- JeS3e Taylor and Mrs. springs.. _ rCtara Winslow.. W L - p George Hyman Mrs. Wade Adams o f Lyons Tnm pf Sr , fh ’ DliC,ki,f and spent1 Sunday w.th her son and Mrs nnrfs'm J ’ Mr: Robe« . Mrs- Ad.urn and family, and Mrs. Donald Hyman and- ,, , family Saturday evening. char,ea ^ an parys bowling Mr ^ !team and their Wives held their j ana Me§* Frank Tack banquet Saturday evening at em it T 77' and Mrs' Jacob'lhe Colonial Manor inn... There Prnnon Marion Sunday aft-j were 14 present. Mr. and Mr;. iCharles VanParvs Mr and Mrs b, Pennnv S' A l re,d Beamish'Paul Donk, Mr and Mrs Ed- nini? mntifrBS f ru y eVe7i waiid ^ rrin. Mr. and Mrs. -Dale M rf S , -of M'r- and ; Wirth, ..Mr. and Mrs. Richard ■Mrs, Robert Arthurton and fam- Button. - Mr and Mrs Robert Mrs i • j-Kneut and Mr. ar.d Mrs. Jack ■Mrs. Duane .McCue. Reed j ■ Mitch, Mike and Mark of New-, , :!Sn u ^ s.are offered m • ark caUed Mr..and Mrs_ Dale The Port -Gibson members of jteiSs. Thirty students w irth Sunday forenoon,_. I ' — ■ ’ v - - , net? up for. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Sherman Wii-i ijafte the Couples Rowling Teague al? tended %he 'banquet Saturday .evening at Karmack’s l a L Wa­ terloo. They -Were Mr. ahd Mrs. Teon Oakleaf, Mr.. 'and, ' Mrs, Robert .Williams, Mr. and Mrs. David Cra-wford. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene DeLooze, Mr. andHvlrs. Edmund Krupa, Mr, and Mrs. Efnest. -Rude, Mi 'and Mrs. Frank LeRoy and , Mr. and Mrs.' Earl Rice. ■' • - ---------- \ Mr. and Mrs/' Roland Wirth aiid children of Palmyra call-’ ed 'on her parents Mr. and Mrs. Dale Wirth Sunday. Mr. -and Mrs. Robert Arthur-, ton- and family had. as' ‘.heir supper guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. John DeVuyst of Palmyra. Michael McCue. -Newark, and Terry Wirth of Palmyra spent Saturday with grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Dale Wirth. - Mr, and Mrs, Edmund De­ Looze jr. and family of Fair- port called Saturday on his parent's. Mr. and- Mrs. DeLooze. Charles Rolland attended the Rotary Club Annual Rural Ur­ ban dinner Monday evening at -the Town Pump. Mr.- and Mrs. Clark Stowe!!. Mrs. William- Kress and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hyman, of Roehes- i \iTeT- After altendingThe church -service at .Port Gibson '.church they were joined- by Mr. and . Mrs. George Hyman' Jit and ,-had ■ Sunday dinner 'with her [ sons David. Richard and Ronald .son Clark -and- Mrs: ■ E>injjtnah- :■og \Walworth. arid-Mr. and Mi's. ;.and children of Marion. ; George . Nichols und: daughter | Mr.;‘and Mrs’- Wdlard Cook ' Michelle of Palmyra, for a p i f ■spent Sunday in Binghamton\! n-ie dinner and supper. [with -her son Richard and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rolland • HY- . ^ | were Sunday., dinner guests: ol ' Mrs. Howard Burgess attend- . tlie.ir son Roy and Mrs. Rolland fed the iurier.al Saturday, of his fang children of Phelps. ;unele JYi’llqid Stomp Qf R p c n e -' Mr. Herman Schuiiini return-. .I’ler, at Hie Cetton -Futernl ,ed froiii Kentucky, where he |Hbme.,. .. ,, ^ « p e n t tlrree weeks w ith his f. Tlie Cheerful „Workers wall daughter Sirs/ Marvin Ruehaivr i-meet this Thursday 'evening ai ■ a “ - husband and eliildr-n at {the home-of Mrs. Mary Yost. .Herndon He also visited his -s.rn 1 . Circle T of the Woman's So. ; Richa. d and family-of .Rockville, -iciety of Christiftn Seryieei ,tnet.,„ ■ Monday evening „ with Mr-;., Mrs. Clark, Stowell entertained -Gloria Rude with- I? members Mrs. George Beatty of Palmyra •present. New officers elected , *or supper Monday. p. w e r e Chairman, Dorisr 'Cook. , , Mrs Marion Plytdr and daugh- . Vice ' Chairmanu Madaiene - Tay. f ters, Dor-ice and Colleen of lor.; Devotions, Bess Goeliiier; Rochester, called oh Mrs. Ply- ’■Secretary, Irma Stacy a n i i t e r s m .ther Sunday afternoon | Gloria Rude re-elected uTreas- j . Mr. and Mrs. paryl Lannon !-urer.; Suttshire, Emma Gar- and. ehiildren of\ Phelps. ..were lock. The Circle wil' have a pa- [Saturday supper guests of ‘Mr. J per -drive Saturday May 25. ; and Mrs. -Brian. Lhnnon. ,Cvc Ei otwel, Cu aEEpy] Cub gcouts ot Pack 158 j Mr. and Mrs.. Donald Hyman : participating in the Cu.b,Scout I and family had as guests S u n - . Pack Pinewood 'Derby Runoff [ day, Mr. and Mrs- George Hy- ] Saturday\ at Sodus Elementary, > m-ah Sr. of Wahvorth, Mr. and School were Eric Bjorling-, Jqhn 1 Bur'gess, Day id Wood, Richard ■Caswell who won first, second;1 i third and; four tin places i utively in tlie >Derby at Port I'GiBkon. Also Cubs Wadi Khoufy, Tack Howell, Matthew Heather- fieyJand Jim Bush. D<^.d Wood -frnisiied in.4jlif top '16. There v. ill be no Cubs ' from Pack 158 competing . at j Canandaigua' Aug. 10^,, 1 'Parents. a;ttehdinii were Mr; j and 'Mrs. Gary 1 Burgess, R-ev. Ham Khoury,. Mr. John. Wood. Mrs. John Hoatherley,,_-Mr. ahd ; Mrs. -Ruger Bush. Mrsr Tolm f Blurting and Mr. Rieiiard Cus- * well. • Mr. and Mrs. . Vernon [Catehman a'nd.fapiily of AJace- . don vwr'e guests , also, . ' Kathleen Huebel&r • Wins Insiiiufe Scholarship Kathleen Hjiebeler, daughter of M-r. and Mrs. Carlton Huebe- ■ ler.. 130 Church St., has been - awarded a scholarship to Ce.i- , tral City Business Institute, SVr- i acuse. The award; announced by Donald J. Nelli, president, , represents half a year's tuition. , Miss Huebeler was among 20 j students selected throughout the state. 'The choice, Nelli said, | was based on high school trans- ■•cripts, personal evaluation, [need, and recommendations of“ . guidance counselors. Newark,N.Y. Courier-6.'az*tf* Thursday, May 9, 1968 Our Mena This Week fcj-Ser..- r -HiPh School, act- Miss Mildred .,.as it-.vt .supervisor. |atr-; Achievement Tests. son observed thejr 50th wedding |ynd'’---''K Galway. Mr. j anniversary Sunday May -5 -at' ,.-3t„;...ui. Mr.s. Marj.orie. i-(jie home of their dauehter Mrs. n. M:-■■■> Doris. Crellin. i Gordon VanAuken, Mr. VanAu- her' E'ecrl . Mr. B r u c e ; ken and children Brianne and M: /Minify Md y and j,pauj of NeWark. Relatives at-' steoper.. all from tending were Flo'-d Wilson, Mrs. \ ^ Ida Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Sidell, Miss Donna Sidell, Mrs- Mildred- Tinker all of Phelps: Mrs.- 'James Crawford. Mr, and- Mrs.- David Drawford ‘and sOns.i Jhn and Ken of Field St. and i Wayne' Smith of Newark. | Mrs. Wilson was the former ■ Marjorie Floodman of Rort Gib-, son..'Mr.. Wilson was a Phelps resident and is a retrree”bf Gar-1 lock Inc. of Palmyra. The Misses Fern and_ Ernma^, Garlock, and Lydia' Overend were Sunday, supper guests of |M r . and-Mrs. Daniel Burgess. Kim and Chris Of West Ave., Newark. ■> Mrs. Edward Maslyn.. daugh- ^ ters Linda and Mary Ellen of Clifton Springs . calif d on . Mrs. Thursday 'Miiy 9'. — Juice, submarine .sandwiches, fruit i.ilad, niilk, •pcjunitt butter cbdk- ' les. Friday^-Tunafis'i noodle cas- [seroie, buttered so.uash, cheese fingers, bread’and butter, milk,. , applesauce-. .. Monday—Juie-q hamburg and bun, catsup and pickle chips, buttered corn, milk” fruit chpr Tuesday - -P-irk and beans, lettuce wedge with Russian' . dressing, peanut butter sand­ w ich, milk, ice cream,.. ; W ednesday--Beef and gravy 'on mashed potatoes, buttered : mixed vegetables, bread and [butter, milk, pear halves., Thursday - Beef noodle soup,' egg sandwiches, potato chips, buttered squash, milk, apple crisp. FARM E$USP'T T h e s • S e r v i c e D I C T O R Y JEWELRY - Watches General Contractors' TRACTORS HEARINGA1&S Home Improvement I LAWN AND ^ A A P h r M __ U A r v U t r r D A N G L E R S 6 0 3 S. M A IN ST, WATCHES « . DIAMONDS REPAIRING • 331-2565 linss—Saturday. May TI, set fi,r the baseball liclcli mil officially open -tanner and Junior |;tseason Maslyn’s mother jir s . Stanley! lahy-vvdl- -begin at noon^j-Bureroff- Sunday who accompa- L'»r;en's Park, and- will »'through the afternoon.. |;wtd registration includes ip who l.ave^ been* assign- •o\'. .dl of'which will iaseball at the rally; The wiil be participating luested to be at the park :rr. n.rtst'eFThan 1 p.m. i r a hot dog stand,. |fand and one or two sur- lor the youngsters -to pro- «iertamment for the en- |3i.3y . Its event of rain, the rally IMeld on Sunday! .May 12 isame time, and, will fol- Idsame schedule. nied them to Victor to visit Mr. and Mrs. Olney Exton and fam­ ily, Mrs. Floyd Stevens and Mrs. C. F. Harrington both' of New­ ark called on Mr. and Mrs. Gien Lyons Monday afternoon. Mr. ‘and Mrs. Earl Nichols and Mrs. Brian DeCann attend­ ed; the funeral Tuesday of Brian DeCann’s father, William Ge- Cann of Zurich Road, who pass­ ed away Saturday. May 4.At the Newark-Wayne Community Hos­ pital. Brian, his' son, who is serving with the Army’s First Cavalrv Bivision in Vietnam til M e m b e r s bed io O f f i c e s Htudent s TVo Marion Central ouncil members ‘«!ed to district offices :»cer.t meeting at the Central School; . H-inpi- was elected pres- District 12. and Eileen, a wc i looted secretary 12 The district serves a schools of which 30 are UYOU1SL) \ tiJU// JEWELERS ' 236 E.'MAIN STJ PALMYRA, N.JY. 506-5261 JEWELRY and WATCH REPAIRING ROCHE-KIMBERLY , Cjonstractionr Inc.- - General Contractors Concrete and Masonry P.O. BOX 55 14522+1 (315) 597-4191 KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS' HALLMARK CARDS (M a r i n e M i d l a n d (Sfcarge P l a n > I r . FORD \ TRACTORS&E0UIPT ' “ Hesston Wlndrowera Century Sprayers & Parts Ford Garden and. t 4 Lawn Tractors NEWARK TRACTOR Rte. 31 Palmyra N. Y. TRACTORS EQUIPMENT RAGS • PAPER « IRON SHOES ■SCK* pfC/7/zens G r o u p H don—The Senior Citizens v! moot in the school at 5 30 p.m. on Tues- Iseaae. May 14. Members pupstfrt. to bring satid- and coffee and cookies f®fUshed:' \ '— 5 \ Wtrfrh of Palmyra 2 musical program ■M Nine O u f l a s t s (Creek, 9 to 8 da-^The Marion Central ntpppd Red Creek, W.ivne County ABC at Red Creek on 5? *•!' Marion’s second ■ two losses while Red P«s '*-'in>ss in four starts. |^®by u-d Marion with a k'.ple while Craig Mal- ^^•ree singles and as !IEs batted iii for Red is tab' was home ISht month. Mrs. Donaid Hyman called1 on her parents Mr. and Mrs. Ma­ son A. Porter Sr. of Clyde Wed­ nesday. George Wall, father of Mrs. Wilbur Schwartz, is a patient at the Clifton Springs Hospital. Mrs. Nellie Nichols of Halli- day Corners spent Sunday in Palmyra with her son Donald Nichols and Mrs. Nichols. Miss^Sharon Jansen of Fair­ ville was Shnday guest of Miss Candace Dickens. Mr. and Mrs. William Be­ dette called on Mr. Bedette's sister Mrs. Mary Goossen of Newark Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob BurcrOff M a v 1 4 and daughter. Carol of Shorts- ville called on his mother Mrs. .Stanley' Burcroff Saturday fore­ noon. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Lyon and' daughter, Mrs. William Rogers were Sunddy dinner guests of M r.-and Mrs. G liver-Bavis of. Webster. . , 1 Eugene Fletcher Jr. spent., —Jim m y ,—Renee. .Clark . . and Tracy, children of Mr. ana- Mrs^, John Schmitt of Newark -spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mrs. William Bedette. ! Mr. and Mrs.. Lfee Yost and son Richard of Greig St. and Mr. and Mrs. Roger Yost and children Roger Jr. and Jeff of Floodman -Road attended a birthday party Sunday for Bob- ■bv Yost Jr. who celehrated his 7th birthday with his parents Air and Mrs. Robert Yost, sis­ ter Janet and brother Jimmy °fDon’ffo r g e t the annual ceme­ tery meeting at the homei -of Mrs. Irma Stacy Tuesday nine 2-i 7*30 p.m* . Mr. and \Mrs. Glen fright: spent Saturday evening: at Mr and Mrs. Adelbert W rights of ^ M ? 1 and- Mrs, Leon. Oakjeaf spent Sunday afternoonm L yons with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Edward Oakleaf. T Mr, and,Mrs- Eugene DeLooze ,r?ine the dog involv- and 'daughter Carol of Atwa e fe Rnuwens ordered | s t . a < M r - W a m ^ M c G e e ^ f Men's & Children's FINE FOOTWEAR • Bostonians • PJ?. Fivers • Yorktown • Classmates FRANK'S 1 9 7 E . U N IO N S T , ^ INVALID EQUIP'T Custom Made\ D R A P E R Y S E R V I C E We Offer Complete Service fh Window Decorating For Home* or Bustnesses WE SPECIALIZE IN: C u r t a i n s R e « d y - M a d a D r a p c r l a s • o d s p r a a d i — M a i c h l n e D r a p s D r a p e r y —- C u r t a i n tia r d w a r * W in d o w S h a d « L . ' P o r c h S h a d e s V e n e t i a n B l in d s T r a v e r s s R o d s W t R e p a i r B l l n d s ^ - l t s d s i l l D O W N T O W N N E W * * * CASH FOR YOUR IKON BATTEKIES • RADIATORS COPPER * METAL ETC.. HYMIE PORT . 224 W. UNION ST. \Newark's Most Versatile Junk Dealer\ William E. Reeves: PROFESSIONAL HEARING AID SERVICE 220 FAYETTE ST; PALMYRA, N. Y. PHONE 597-9249 C O R S E R S HOMEIMPROVEMENT Richard E. Corser ClAESie • A lu m in u m S i d in g • W in d o w s - D o e r s • A w n in g s - C a r p o r t s • R o o f i n g - In s u l a t i o n • Iro n R a i l i n g s •' 548-8901 fJewark St* PHELP5, N. Y. <V\ m TRACTORS 5 .,, 1 M i % 5 N E W M O D E L S M P W f ^ o m ? 12 horse* IsE r V Y * . pow e r m o d els* £ ac ( v 'NEW ® di‘ M C \ A / I C u b C a d e t « w a y out l \ C W . Iront lr^ e v e r y jo b It tackles! v - , _PamL SnRply_ m — R f. 3 1 A 1 4 , L y o n * ■ £ ■ 8 4 6 - 6 8 2 2 UPHOLSTERY CAMPERS - TRAILERS African Violets Invalid end Hospital Equipment FOR SALE or FOR-RENT ■ C n i t e h M a m i C a n e * . • H o h i . » » d * m W e l k e r e t t a * N n m a n y oHNT ty p e * r o l c o n v a l e s c e n t e q u i p m e n t OGDEN'S Pharmacy Clifton Springs 462-7131 MOVERS ENGEL-S African Violets E. Palmyra, N. Y. 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Mr and Mrs. DuWayne Pa Hick and family of Spenr/rpon and Mr. and Mrs. James Whea­ ton and family of East Wilhara- sdn were Sunday guests of Mr. and Wtts. Donald Cole. Mrs. Lee-'Colburn of Marion called on Mrs. Clark Stowell Saturday afternoon. Old Gold - Diamonds NEED HONEY? ? We Buy OLD GOLD and DIAMONDS LEE’S Jewelers 124 E. UNION ST. N e w a r k , N . Y . 3 3 1 - 2 2 S 1 .T io V lN G . \Move wHh care - « ■ Anywhere.\ $ MOVING? - F o r f a s t -d e p e a S a S I * t a n r l s a c a l l tM - O N L Y F S C a n d ICC; a a t l r a r t z e d f e n s d l s t a n c * a a S I n t e r s t a t e m a v e r I n W a y n a C o u n t y . ED PRICE Moving & Storage Newark Rd.. Lyons, N. Y. PjHONE 946-4660 , . ^ GUNS-SUPPL1ES G U N S TOM’S GEN'L REFR. ------------ TRANSMISSION REPAIR A ll M a k e * • A u t o m a t i c A . S t a n d a r d j C o m p l e t e A u t o m o t i v e S e r v ic e G e n e r a l R e p a i r * A T u n e - U p * 416 N. MAIN DE 1-3307 NEW USED C o m e l t t i R a t c a d l n c S a p p l l* * ° MARIO dr CHET 1 8 4 E . U n i o n S t . N e w a r k . O p e n W e e k d a y s 7. P .M . t e 1 0 P .M . A ll J » « f S a t u r d a y , S u n d a y M o r n l n * BEAUTICIANS DAVID VANDER MOLEN H i L L t d P * O V E R L A N D L E IS U R E -T IM E - BLA Z O N GO’T A O A - L O NG - LIT T L E C H A M P T r u c k C a m p e r * • I C a m p e r o t t e s T e n t A T r a v e l T r a i l e r s “ '~SAI6lft~& S e r v i c e L o w O v e r h e a d ~ - L a i ^ o S a v i n g s “ T H E B E S T F O R . L E S S \ 1 9 6 8 M o d e ls I n S t o c k . C l o s e o u t , o n A lt U s e d a n d 1 9 0 7 - N e w M o d e ls. 1 9 5 M a r l o n R d . R t e . 2 1 N P a l m y r a , N . Y . 5 9 7 - 5 3 8 9 Meats & Groceries \ h y d e s v il l e G R O C . I H Y D E S V IL L E R D ., N E W A R f t, N . Y. for All 'Yo«r PICNIC SUPPLIES OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEBf 8 : 3 0 A .M . t o 9 P M . PAT'S RED WHITE\ 103 EAST AVE- OPEN 7 DAYS A WIC \ 8 A .M . to • P .M . i B e v e r d g e * - G r o c e r i e s «• L u n . M e a t s CASE FARM MACHINERY \~N E W IDEA SNOWMOBILE TRAILERS GEHL - ONTARIO PRILL Lawn - G a rden Equipment CASE - HOMELITE - ARIENS ARCTIC CERTIFIER SHOP SALES and SERVICE O’MEAL TRACTOR E. PALiMYRA, N. Y. (597-4962) NURSERY STOCK - P L A N T N O W - i SHRUBS - TREES EVERGREENS All Nursery Fresh FOREIGN CAR SERVICE Beauty Sal,on ,, HARPER METHOD < 0 4 S . M AIN S T . N E W A R K . -Tte.-. DE i - 3 * i a ‘ PALMYRA FOREIGN CAR SERVICE A ll M a k e s - A u t o r ij a tl e *, S t a n d a r d C O U R T E S Y C A R S A V A ILA B L E . B Y A P P O I N T M E N T O N L Y R t\31.597-9^16; Palmyra, f^.Y., y C a m i l l e ’s BEAUTY SHOP 604 Mason St., Newark, N.Y. i Phone D E '1-1940 . Plumbing & Heating FORMAL ATTIRE Plumbing-Heating Air-Conditioning Installation LENNOX DEALER Custom Sheet Metal D E 1 - 2 3 8 0 MURRAY p l ii m b l n B 1 M m t l a f E d w a r d F . M u r r a y —. O w n 7 0 3 S. M A IN S T . « * ! * « * ! » , _ N f t D A ’S ' | Mixed Bird Food Scratches Grains Suet Feeders Sun Flower Seeds Wayne County's , Largest Bird Food Center NCUfARIf flfiW flV nCTfMrflV H«f»H I 331-2120 BEAUTY SALON \ I f y o u v a l u e y o u r h a i r , c h o o s e p r o f e s s i o n a l c a r e 14 Phone 331-1246 JUDY’S Beauty Salon ' • • f h e U l t i m a t a In B e a u t y C a r d ” St. Newark,' N.Y Phone DE 1-3263 L A G A N A S J I G R O C E R Y i ► 101 Nartqn St. 5 ’ P OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 4 ► Beverage* a Crocerlc* • Meats J : GENERAL > STORE P O R T G I B S O N . N. Y . , O P E N E V E R Y DA Y S i o o - A . M . te B : 3 0 p . m . FLiATURiNia Q uality G r o c e r i e s • M e a t * • B e v e r a g e * Lawn Equipment WHEELHORSE AN3G- REO LAWNMQWER FRANCHISE • REASONABLE PRICES * COMPETENT ADVI0E~BY QUALIFIED NURSERYMEN P a r k e r R d . N e w a r k , N . Y. P h o n e 3 3 1 - 4 6 1 7 & S T M C R A F T & Boats and Camping Trailer* Johnson Outboards. Merc-Cruf$ot Inboards - Outboards “ Sales & Service KEN'S SALES & SERVICE - 20 DEAN ROAD MARION, NEW YORK 926-4252 H U N T LEY’S [ Live Bait & Tackle East el. Newark ip- Route 31 Phone (315) 331-2093 W a l l p a p e r # pa in y

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