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■ YEAR— No. 20 Published' Weekly-—Subscription., Rate $5.00 a Year m Advance-—jSiftgle Copies 15. cents NEWARK. M. Y.. THURSDAY, MAY 16, 1968 E n t e r e d a a . s e c o n d c t a d a m a i l m a t t e r a t N e w a r k , .N, Y . 1 4 5 1 8 , P o s t O f f ic e TWO SECTIONS—20 PAOES Robert- S iev e m ^ r ig h t ) . accepts- jutcrcd Francis the counter j gavel from outgoing commander Paul Beader as new com- jju, j. mander pf August iVlauer Post, American Legion, at installa-' (E rejd where an American Post honored ^ 50-vear ters at a dijlner recently.] _ -/*. ,i . He tmeiucan. Legion wasn’t] | until “March 15-17, 1919. ! ■ s * . * j ER1. a one- puoch in tow n ( t^iuld always be kind to ■ rn d P r a n c i r B re^ r—tion rite held Thursday night at Legion Home. - Mfie liltlo animal w a s floun-' 111 the Barge Canal off U te Town oi Arcadia .wili.soon have a new ambulance. Superior Coach & Equipment Co.; Inc., Rochester, was awarded iiraii (01 entry dock when the the contract ior a 1968 Cadillac, 4-patrent, 51-mch. headroom am- all Ijltr pulted tlie-little fellojyout ———— ------ equipment oi tlie most modern jiihf water with a garden* -- • ambulance Sok He managed' to hook the DRIVER HU R T —- A newark wom an was injured: Friday when her car and a truck w e r e involved in collision at the Scott- .; The 1 •>(•) tcadeis and work* j eis ot the Arcadia L ommuhity : ,, • C hest Fund' campaign had aj_\ ! real reason for celebrating, at a p \Victory Dinner” held Mon* i day night at the Newark Elks! 1 Lodge. ‘ ■ ! The campaign went over the I, top by 10 pe.r cent. Charles £. Stitt, campaign di- rector, announced an --ail-time high of $7f;584 in pledges se- j cured to support tlie nine mem--, her agencies jind the Red Cross-. 1 The campaign goal- at the Start j of the fund effort was $64,545.' Stott was generous' in his praise for efforts by leaders ami workers, and for the fine com­ munity spirit displayed by - the people of Newark and Arcadia who made the outstanding ac­ complishment p ossible. in reporting the campaign as ; teaching 'kip' pdr cent df th e ' goal, Stott also revealed the fol-,; lowing' total of pledges raised in J the’ . various segm ents .of. they drive: ' . ' • ' ! Industrial envision, led ..by.; _ _ _ Frank F . Luerssen, R o b e r t'F r i'\ i _ ' J Fanning, Richard D. Boerman,' Any chances that the Board Donald L.1 Crowley and J a m e s : 0f Education would take a ^seffr Shearer. $18,877. ' hand” in its recent a ction’which' M iller Sf. intersection. Front of car w a s e x ­ tensively dam a g ed. Car cam e to slop ton lawn of Eugene Schiltz residence. The decision of the W ayne County Board: of Supervisors ’ tu construct the new county in- : ftrmaiy on Route 31 in the Town of Lyons has drawn . sharp ob jection s » frorp the : T o w n Board o f Arcadia. In a resolution, passed by the board at Tuesday ’night's meet- ■ ing at City Hq.ll, the board se­ riously objected to the county , board’s decision and stated five | reasons why t h e infirmary j should be built at the site of the iNewark-Wayne - Community Hos­ pital. The board favored the con­ struction Of the infirmary at tlie hospital site for the -following reasons:-- . » 1—Savings in the initial cost' and -future services. ■ ,2—Better medical cate for- pa- j tients because of the availability I of doctors. . ! 3—This- addition', together with, planned addition, would make. (Newark a.i'arger medical co m - „ A rash, of accidents on village streets, kept.police:.busy.making -' • ' «. ■ out accident reports during the past week. The mishaps resulted ' w^md^Utract\ more m edical s j ^ * in injuries tossivenpeisuns, . - .'cl&tists'and the .possibfitty bL'h Mrs. Ella L. Henkel, 74, of 22-1 Piospect .St., suf.-feied a fiac-; complete nurses* training cen* tured collarbone, fractured ribs,* • \ . . mm went to its distress. • bulahce all i>i the safety devices and enlerucnoy treatment !• \d?* fdvtajg; ^ ^ .^ e . Edbisbment meted to i' b> its collar. ¥ * SH . ERL'S wie resident in our \« who wits carrying M r s .:,, or, B Johnson's beautifica- j program just a little too* . He planted two evergreens1 it a fir^ hydrant in the front | 'i property. -i Price -o.f the ambulance doliv- tereci is $13,000. Town Supervisor George E. Lookup said the -am­ bulance is now hemp assembled . at the factory and should be de­ livered within three weeks. ‘ . The Town Board-received bids - for a new ambulance for the Town sof Arcadia Ambulance • Service last April 16, but held up the award because of the move­ ment under way by a group of- interested citizens to raise funds 430\. several students for breaking i windows, ' a t 'the senior high H nas a beautiful work of! 'scaping , . . hut the trees ist go, we understand.' F ire’ , „„t,i„n,,,nt in trials say it’s impossible t o 1 settlement it 12 > for the purchase of' the ambu- ’ cape a fire hydrant Not old ?tnke at tdie Newark Oper- ianrp Town officials and a. Elly, anyhow. ation of the Electronics Division committee of laymen and doc- —CommTrmai —Divisacm; -led by—higir-sehom-bttWing-sv-ere-ttwewB- Junies -E. Mills and Richard F . ; out the window at Tuesday Fmewood. $6,571. 'night’s meeting in the board Newark State.School Division. Jro0m- • . . . directed by Chester M. P ilis , Janies R, Peck, board raem- anti Dr. Edward D. Stevenson,. ber. said that he had been ap- $5,068 1 pro'acfied'by the father of one Newark Schools Division, ledl-of the boys- who was of the ppin- by Warren G. Neely, $4,088. j ion that if the boy “toed the. Residential Division., with Mrs. | line” up-th gfaduaUon night he Charles F. ^Klt-feker as chair- . should be able to participate in man. and R. F! D . Division, the commencement exercise, headed by Beth ,Hoad» $2,768. - j, . The.m atter touehed off :a ltve- Special recognition was given , jy discussion among the board Frank F Luerssen for outstand-, members, ing leadership in leading the In- j j-jr( Joseph j ustino said the dustrial Division to 125 per cent ‘ - 5hd abrasions ot tlie right hand arid on both knees, last Frii at 10: IS a.m, when her car and a truck were involved in a .col­ lision at the Scott-Miller St. in- tCTsec-tton-.-- — Mrs. Henkel was traveling east oh W. Miller St. and a-’ truck operated by Tlvomas L. Rost. 26, Sodus Center, Was going north on Sr-ott St. when the accident occurred. ; ' . The truck i s ' leased by tlie post office to , transport mail. The front of the Henkel car was \8 » ter, 5—Th.is medical cbnter woqld be located approxLmately in trie\ center of W ayne. county and would be more convenient to ail people of Wayne County. In Community Dogs must react their ■ own extensively damaged. The left I publicity. • side of the truck and the drive! , Dr. V. James Palmcfi, village health officer, called the'board’s attention to four persons nicked by dogs during the past month inai uivimuii iu pci b fj stand mi the _ 'of G e n e r a l Dynamics W a s re.wh- tors from the group agreed upon | 0f division quota: to Chester; “ IF nvir-minded r6sid6nt . _ , . . » . «■ * the I vdp of vchicl6 tho town I poHc onri nr TTHTj/Mrri T) Qfpvpn-* mciuent a..nd, no r68,son wny up to it he might suggest ed Sunday wrth the ratilicauon sh()ul(iphaw with thp award go- j 2 for mS»V o f ta i ^ <ieclsWn « te?e^ in they move the hydrant and of a contract between manage- ^(> ^jie Rqciiester tifm c!r»vtrtrvi way, shape 01 - manner. He us nay not a tree- will be ment and labor. H„orother* Supervisor Lookup said the William Fennell] plant man- ambulance service in Newark ; ager, said all employees were and the town of Arcadia must The Army Reserve Center*onj 0H fhe job Monday after be the best. •Her St. will hold open house; ratification of the contract Sun- ’ “It is a service- that doesn't ■Aimed Forces Day this Sat- day at 7*30 p.m. - • mean a tiling until you need it.'' U n f L \ n ntiCiC als\ ',si ales The settlement effected be- He said, “and then it must be . coffev iv ill be servejL - Uv(,en General Dynamics ahd immediately available, fully : Local 339 of the Internationa! equipped, adequate in every re­ union of Electrical- Workers spect. with well trained attend- N . fellows, okay. We’ll calls for a nlinimum 18-eent a n , ants who arc dependable and »k it. But not more than one hn,u. increase by the, end oi the capable of making corroct de- ?• 1 „„„„ - * cisiorts in an emergency situa- * * lyeai. , . 'tions,” OVERHFiARD during the re-!,. Cli^forcl HaJe>'- I1JE i„r]ac’r^ ' The responsibility for the am- l Picketing at thb G eneral!tl0nal representative, f said^ the buiancc service fell upon the » : c s plant here: I can’t 1 ^ t r i n ^ c a U s for an im - i T o^n ° f Arcadia. - ‘n May ^ d to picket. I have a fam -' ^ , rPnt^ across^ th e -\ vvhen the funeral dlrectors de- . to* feed ” ’ \ (.mediate 11-cent across tne , cided to give up the service. Ar- j board hourly rate mcrease with )thur gchulz dohated h is. 1955 -thm “Catfish\ c “ i Cadillac ambulance to the town Schrd his perfect cam e we 1 ^ merit review ip ^ Dave -Scott gave a cot and. »wmlcr if anyone asked him , ^ tT o u ^ to ^ D C T 'een t1 some sUpplies' The town has re- R «as his best cam e , of 5 rents aa J] 75 per cent ceived many compliments on its • best gam e. ^ the workers. The 17-m onth.,servjce ^ directUjn ojE BERT MTSLEY and Harold con^rac^ that worK- ^jjen ^ o lf e whill* working with * unrfllsbl. .w m m c n t, Lookup said the 13-year-old ambulance is now requiring con­ siderable repairs. Permanent ra- State Chapter of the I n - ! ^ . Friday-after °nal Municipal Signal A s - 1 Thankse =' An it* _ , » - i A vs rsfVlrir* vr» a hnn at the Old World Inn week tfit Another merit review with a minimum of a S cent increase • dfb eqnuipment is needed and the | for 75 -per cent of the workers (ambulance Should be housed ih representatives would go into effect after Dec. , a heated garage. Lookup said 31, providing. General D y n a m ics: there are residents who feel renews its lease on the Siegrist j there should be a second vehicle St. plant. The company’s stay i n , ^ the service is limited to the Newark depends on government from ail parts of 1 country.. I®0\'. Hydesville *dcume; Elmer)?** we ,ed.- , 1>0 llirv I) a vc a stop light A ” flashed our Bert who d'potl us n itl, his radar think- T f.isiirrman. we're not - 'us name, accident- \‘ \'■'■•i ins lantern out .of1 'hr recent evening. contracts. (•Continued on Page id) heading the State School D m - . said tne board set a “ get tough sion which hit 126 per cent- o f , p0liCy on any destruction to quota, and, to several local firms property and as far as and their employees for out- ^ was concerned the policy standing support of the drive w ld lHain unchanged'. Local employers and their t „„ , employees honored '-included ;,, ^ r s' ? Perfection Foods, We§man's. ® a t a student should be Edgett-Bumham CO., Mohawk! Prevented from taking .part in Containers. DeFauw Chevrolet, sraduatlpn ceremonies. New York Telephone Co., Jack- Mrs. Elizabeth Bergman said son & Perkins Co., Newark- the board has made its derision Wayne Community Hospital, .-unless it wanted to rescind it- General Dynamics and the New-_. Paul Wekher said he would ark’s State School. 'not agree to upsetting' the qrig- The Community Chest again (inal decision, stressed that the “Victory D in-. . p eCk said “we haven't been ner” was sponsored by the EJks | jQd rough on them .” kod^e' I No further action was taken las the board clung to its deci- P'ro Baseball Club Lists ; sion. ' n L i‘ i j c ± j — ' The bbard also moved that. Public Meeting Saturday {our of the nine nfth grades m The Newark-Wayne Communi- the Newark schools be transfer- ty Baseball Ciufa. w ill hold an red to the .East, Palmyra ele- organizationql m eeting Saturday mentary school in September, at 2 p.m. at the Newark Elks The assistant ^superintendent of- Club when plans wifi be final- schools was authorized to ad- ized for Newark’s first year in vertise for bids for milk, ice organized baseball.. . cream, fuel oil, roof rehabilita- Johh Bilotta, board chairman, tion and painting for the next said the m eeting is open to any- school.year. one interested in, the co-pilots The board moved that the dis- who are scheduled to open the strict enter into an agreement New York-Fennsylvania League with C .. H. Stuart and Co. for, computerizing the tax rolls at Schedule at Geneva on June 22 arid at home against Auburn on June 25. Directors w ill be elect­ ed. a figure not to exceed $600. it >1 for th lm\if(iiat<'ly started fish- \“Id li ,i v <• Idnlern and as luck c it he managed to oniiuHed on Rage 10) To Find It Reserve Center Sets Open House on Armed Forces Day entry Parkway last-Friday at 2:14 p.m. Richard E. Hamelinck, 27, Coleman Road, suffered a head bump and lacerations above (he right eye. Police said Hamelirick was going north on East Ave. when his car was involved in a collision with one operated by Jacob King, 74, Newark RD 2. who was going east on Sarah Coventry Parkway. The Hameiinck car knocked knocked down it fence at 138 Sarah Coventry Parkway5 and, struck a hobs A now owned by. Sarah Coventry, Inc, Hamelinck was charged with driving while intoxicated. Both' cars were (Continued on Page 8) Legion Auxiliary Unit To Launch Poppy Sale Mayor Milton Elzufoh has pro­ claimed Poppy Days in the com­ munity starting May 22. Members of the August, Mauer Unit, American Legion Auxil­ iary, will start selling the pop­ pies on May 22, shaft were damaged. Post was issued a summons for failure to yield right of way at a stop sign. One person was injured in a j a t the last board meeting on. two-car accident ort Sarah C o v -; May 7. Police Chief Donald Bi-own reported 36 complaints in reference to dogs, citing the matter .as “very serious.” He even suggested a part-time dog j warden. The controversial dog subject was dropped until the next time it pops into the open at a board meeting and it may break at th e ’ May 21 or June 4 meet- ings. . The dog log at police head­ quarters has m - far recorded four complaints pertaining to attacking dogs.. David Bullock, SIS W. Miller St,, 'was bitten in both legs by a dog on Jefferson Ext. Eugene Spangeriberg, 313 E. Union St., was bitten by. a dog. Timothy Celso o f the Patter­ son Road was nicked on the right leg by a dog oh E. Union' St. The dog also tore the lad’s trousers. Mrs. M innie Ressue, 309 E, Union St., reported to police that she was attacked by a dog w'hich nearly knocked her down. Men working nearby pulled the dog off the woman. The resolution was. passed- by Supervisor George E. Lookup and Councilmen Peter Fisher, Vincent _ E ischette,. JHenryL.J logg and Ronald VanCamp. Supervisor' Lookup said he wifi make one more plea before the county board for a reversal , of its decision this morning when the supervisors m e et at 11 o ’clock-in Lyons. He said'the infirmary definitely should be - constructed adjacent to the lo ­ cal hospital because of the ad­ vantages of sewer system,'W a­ ter supply and grading. \If certain, facilities caajjbe ' combined with the Newark- Wayne Community ' \Hospital said Lookup, “all these advanfc- ' ages can reflect definite savings in the capital investment as well as the operating cost.” Lookup said there has neve.r be'en a vote taken on the .New? ~ ark-Wayne Community Hospital site at a county board meeting. He said every vote has been o n ’ the bond issue to ■ eohstrueLthe - ; infirmary on county property^ near the county home.- The Arcadia supervisor also said he may present a resolu^— r tion this- morning for a vote on - the Newark-Wayne Community Hospital site. : Dr. Norbert Menuhih, presi­ dent of the Wayne County Medi­ cal Society, will also appear be­ fore the supervisors this morn­ ing tq maintain that the board should re-consider its decision . ‘ on the infirmary location. The medical society. only recently '. took a firm stand that the medi­ cal needs of the people. d£ W ayne County would best be served toy the location of the in­ firmary next, to an accredited' .- hospital.- ! ■ Chester M. Peiis of Marble- i town Rd. has been selected as I IhjS year 's .outstanding emplo,- ;,yec of the Newark State Schoat.^ i Peiis was nominated by thF' The U. S. Army Reserve Cen- selection committee' of the StatF ter at 121 Water St. will hold an School and his nomination was , open house on Armed Forces confirmed by the New York i Day, May 18,. it was announced . State Association for Retarded ; by Lieut. Co! N-.rbrrl J. Rappl, Children. IF will receive his I commanding officer. , award at the annual award Hours will be from l to 4;30 luncheon sponsored by the De- . p in. Refreshments will be .serv- pnrtmcnt of Mental Hygiene. ' ed. F - I Born m Phelps in 1915, Peiis T h e 2nd Battalion (391st : has always lived within the'ci- , R e g ti, 2nd Rrigade i-BCTi. 98th t c u iity of the school. Following Division iTN'G’i wiil display maduation from Newark High. , w eapons and equipment’ of the m 1934 , he joined the staff of the . individual soldier. A slide dem­ onstration will show tho , many Newark State School.' He -was sueeessfuHy promoted TREE PLANTERS-— Mayor Milton Elzu- fon has \honor o f planting one of several maple trees presented to the village by the Newark Garden Club on Mason St. during .’ last Friday’s heavy rains. CJub members hbld umbrellas while the m a y o r \dl'iSs” and the rains fall, It’s all for the beautifica­ tion of our community; vrf the Army- ba-sib com- i f]irough the ranks of the ocCupa- bat training, reserve summer ticnai”fhm-any*Hepm-tin£iiLJarJik, camp and reserve tiammg ! pre^nfrpnsitkm as sttp>ervisor-bf ’ ' that department. His entire adult life has been devoted to serving the, mentally retarded except for a period of military service from January, 1942 to .January, 1946* .Recently' Peiis has been in­ strumental in instituting a pro8- gratti of rehabilitation for the physically and mentally handi­ capped; His program is a work- Newark. Girl Scout Leaders Plan Neighborhood Meet The Girl Scout leaders will hold a final neighborhood meet­ ing. of the year on Monday at the Park Presbyterian Church. A pot-iuck dinner a t 6:30 will precede the short program. c h E' s t e r p e l i s tremely interested in communi­ ty affairs. He is a leader, ill the Boy Scout movenet irt the F in­ ger Lakes Council, has been an official and manager of Little League baseball teams, and is a director of the Aro.adia Commu­ nity, c h e st and also chairman Of the ‘State Sehool division of that Organization. P e lis’ citation reads, as ,fol-„ lows: ■ “Throughout His years of serv- ’ice, Refis* has grven of and energy for the betterment of tlie community and especial­ ly the residents of the Newark State School. “He is a man of fine charac­ ter and possesses outstanding qualities ’ef leadership, responsi­ bility and duty to those he seL've'sr. Tie Is a lliost dedicated!\ loyal and conscientious worker in the field of mental re tarda-, tion;” ing example of What occupation­ al therapy is actually doing for the severely retarded. H e -has received - recognition from, the Department of -Mental Hygiene for his work. P e lis, the iatheiyof three sons and one daughter, is also ex- CAR PLATES STOLEN Edna B. Martinez, 133 Ny;’ Main St., reported to police- yesk terday that her registration plates were stolen,from heir par ■while it was parked near P a t - ■ sy ’s Market. ' “

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