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.-Yrzftr - - V Marlop*; . Mr. and' Mrs Jacob VanC*<-i- -».f Cnry HiU.RtL.-wl: ■ceLebratod.thu-r 50th '.u-ddtns •aiuuv.crvuy yii WednMciay, will, be liandR-d at a fajml,. diM.t-i .d -Cult Ill's (Vmn-Uy II JliSc Rosta'urant in spdiis on S-aturdaj. , ■ _ . • • • Tlie couple was married on .. f- j, , , Mr< Doa.vld. ■tRlir'.rv Ainoele May la /dl, „> ., »<■-. ; ,y J ,, X!;,non. \\..ltnnr; >?!' V.-id-..,; ’r” ;kl. lie W,i:,..aa m ,aili NjkSgt Bertha \.iiiH.dl, i>. >8 atan^mjU wall tlie.'ti. Gee is 69. ^ 1 . A.ir jppree iri 1 Thailand. * [j P r** to retiring in 19.G6 Mr. There. are 21 grandchildren-i VanQee worked- as, a .dt lLH-ry , a ; ^ . roaft iwr .lia: Newark oraiw-ir ui “Sibley’s for seven years. B^f^re that' he operated a farm at h i s , residence. Mrs. VanQee worked at Gar­ lock, Inc. in Palmyra foi\ 10 years before retiring in 1963. • Theif have seven children. Wili lard. Mrs. Frank (Irene) Buyck, Mrs.. Jacob (Marjorie) Haak, “Diamond ’ubllEtr- A n d y Griffith Saysi GET 1 FREE I Marion—Marita. Porterfield,- a : junior .at-Mnrion Central School, 'and president of the Marion FHA, was elected to the office of district treasurer of pentral Western District A a t the la.st . d i s t r i c t m R e t .i n g . -- ' . THURSDAY, MAY 16, 1968 Mrs Shirley Luciser, N ew s'Editor, Phone -926-4423 Marijn Nine teachers at the Marion Ce»tral---Sah Joi- were i ■ r i. me.ij o., ;.r \; iiigi.i s nyei ting at tile .-emu \Granted their tenure w£re: . C. Walter Hansen,'.social stud' its, Airsi itutti Happy French-; Mrs. Virginia 'inorn, science; Ih 'n u ts n v u t, iiiath; Mrs. Ju­ dith DoMarree, -.elementary; Mrs. Phillis Dixon, elementary, Stephan Habeckel, elementary physical Education; Mrs. Vera, Haley, elementary and Mrs. Jean McGee, elementary. Ralph Bushart was approved as a bus driver for the school year of-1968-69. Richard F. Wit- -fce-r-prpsontpd the-swame-e-s,' budget for the board’s consider­ ation. He explained several of the-categories in this- budget-and the board approved it with the ! understanding that the courses 'will be established if there is an enrollment of at least eight, stu- t-’.pet:ng PLAN DANCE -— Committee chairmen for spring semi-for­ mal at Marion Central 3 ( ^ 0 1 plan decorations. Front from left are Jennifer\Shoales and Darleen Mullin. Standing from the Qualified voter.,, tA _iUr Central School District \ k 0‘ will be held Tuesday. j Lil(,°' | !at 7:30 p.m. in the »ch„rf.ju torium. One trustee will be electee! i a teim of five years, to suocfj j. i William Arnold whose, term] -off-iee- e-x]Mres-y-,tnr~:r, Voters will- also v-.-ti* t,r: left are Mike Phillips, Sue Clark and Jerry Wilson, -r-'Ralitier Photo WITH THIS 6 PACK OF M e d i/ftra n ( F O R Start selling milk sooner... only 36- tour withholding after last treatment SHOALED 17 Si MAIN MARION, N. Y. , 926-5636 , Mis. Buotrice etirtis, Ghapter advisor, will attend tlie state meeting in Saratoga. Springs .with Suzanne Log ue arid P a t Le- howiz who will represent Mar­ ion. The girls were-' chosen on the basis of the number of- pro­ jects done for FHA. and various^ , other things. A garage bake sale will be held on. the corner of Buffalo : and Mam Streets on May 29. Inj .Mi’S- Wiihanisuu, 1968 Bed Cross fund chairman. -.'A total of $1,381.79 was raised,,; -—•- While the quota was set a t 320. Abram Boerman was chair, r man of the drive in- Marion, 1 Three ’ other branches have I also exceeded - the i f quotas. They are: Butler, quota $415, .raised $418.47; Huron, $475 quo. \ a , raised $507.56; and Red Creek, $495 quota, raised $580.44. Marion -r- The Marion branch of the Wayne -County Chapter of dents. .the American Red Cross’has exceeded its fund quota, according to j Barrie Sleegfil, curriculum. eo-{ \ - ' nnn \ ~— : * - ‘ ” ; -j or.dma.tor recpivedappro v a t-trr- — [present to 'State Educational De-1 partmer.t a. proposal for instruc- Marion , tionai TV to he developed over 1 NOTICE OF AOOPTION OF RESOLUTION NOTICE IS H E R E B Y GIVEN, that fh<‘ Selected for Boys S tate 1st ^yeg^ periQd. Charles Huber Marion—J'asrth Haak, son of J.and William Arnold aceom p a -- KwrTof MariTTh. waV’»tf\c..'irnti-'fN.a ;nled. by.Barrie. Sleegel. Richard 1 t f “hi i Witter and Chester Curtis, plan i-iuth.in.ed i.s -.\-h .e,..iut.iorf may i..- .[ to attend -a N, Y,. State school , ^ f “uf|^rns lort^ Ie'1’ \n!y boards district meeting- in Man-| an object Chester on May- 21-. DuciirnnHrinc umho —f'PiVPli :i«- proposed budget for the ersna school year. Any . persons, wrsl come a .candidate for the b0l I vacatfey is renui'red by \lad ; submit a. petition with 3 ,l0| j-tupes. addresses and date ufi [clerk on or before May 28 . SERIAL BOND$ j Marion-- A resoluiw, .uuthuj j ing the issuance of $72,000 in f Marion—N e w baseball uni- sils and other household articles! niaclnhe. cam era, kitchen uten-f cia-lly- because serving the men j Lggign ~p 0 bt; No[ .. in Vietnam has greatly increas- : q , , ' w i } l be so ld. T h e sale w ift b e g m '.eci [he exp e n s e s q f th e C h a p T e r .y ^ A lcn- .; vo w /H ii'im crtr> trAforl t tli fh wtfie nuthor.j7.e4 for .or purp.o^e for. which .uni Town i* not anthometl ^O'expPntl money,, or if th e .pTorisions r^ ' ^f vsh.ih «.h<.s.!.!’ heen com- , - 4 , ,iiied w.th us of the date of pubi.ca-, forms for the Junior League j jon of ihis notuo wore not suhstan- , __ iaiiy corapiieci -with, and an Rcto*nr i teams are Q&dly needeci, ailQ j Mrs. Iza Tem p leipafeteria man‘ |.«n«iuT ir ' c l ^ T “ceu“wlUVnrft»lSity [funtf r.aisiiig .projects are being ; rial bonds to pay for the chase of- maahmerv and ipn* ] tus for the Town partment whs adopted, by Town Board in Town Hall -a-t 3 and will continue until 7 p.m. In honor of the volunteers, the FHA girls also attended a din­ ner at the Newark State School. Most of the girls do volunteer t work at the school. Another recent project the girls have undertaken is selling hot dags at the home baseball games They have .also enjoyed j bowling parties. Dependable protection and dedicated se r v ic e ... 90 Call us for information about total protection under Tha - Travelers well-known um­ brella of insurance. We'll „ 3 &o-sfaow you -wfiy.it pays to - deal with a lopdl Insurance agency whose business d e -\ pends on service to clients, Marion Agency, tne. First National Bank Bldg. Phone W A 6-4248 MARION, N. Y. Harold Bush - Sanford Bush n Vie.tr.am h as greatly in c r e a s -j^ ^ ^ g U te -h--Muxrh,vmc Agri- cultural and Technical School w m iam sonLnotedthe week of June 23. Boys State is an objective diti- T 4 Q n s i ttQTiri - validity ia commenceu vyu<iin m n u r i*** ------ -- —o * ~ IMUMO auena t ager xhe next special meeting lai-s after the .tut,-of puhkeatmn ,,f nlarined and will, occur during tftiiville Agn- of the board'of education will be t\- n^ ' \r - -- Also, all's, advances in medicine\ which -have brought-about great­ er usage of-blood is an added expenditure to the Chapter. It costs the Wayne County Red Cross $9.27 to collect^ process and transport one pint Of btaocl. Those who ha ve not been con­ tacted by a Red Cross solicitor lit. tiieh rucct-iily ate . tttged by Mrs. Willinmstn to contribute to their fund chairman . or send their contributions to the Chap­ ter office at 117 East Miller St.,, Newark. • To date, other branches of the lU thoT izfd m violdt held May .20, at- !^,,,n8 of the c-onHt-.tut . -A \ \ - ’Duted* Marion-. New Yftrk board room. ' zeriship training program which inculcates individual responsibil- i ity to the romm-unity, state and; Student Council April 30.. 1968. Ifcvelvn Ver Plank 1 Town Clerk ' BOND RESOLUTION DATED APRIL nation. It is operated om-theibar j fitical government i existing-- in - New- sis of the pofitical government i T o S p O l l S O T A l l f l U Q I Dance on May 25 29. 196*8. A RESOLUTION- AUTH O R IZIN G TH E ISSUANCE OF $72,000 SEH- IA-L K^NDS OF TH E -TOW N OF MARION. W-AYNR ' COUNTY. NEW YO R K . TO PAY TH E COST O F THE r\P t lK l’HASE -ttF\ i-IACHINERY AND- f APPARATUS FOR T H E ., TOWN I HIGHW A Y D E P A R T M ^ T OF SAID i TOWN. ■ . .. aa . * *- - • m n* -RESOiWED, Uy . it.*- M a iTO n StU d P n t \ Hoard nf the Town «>f Munnn Wuyne CaXinty. N(‘«v York. .US' follows: organisation York State, including all levels froni the municipality '\to the staIt‘ \ \ ; ! Marion—:The , Boys are selected on the basis Council will sponsor its annual (- 5 ^ th[. ci ,.r -ot of seriousness of purpose, in Jus- • serrii-formal dance in the school; ,.u rpose's tn he* financed pursuant to. try, mitfative concern for otli-jgym on Saturday. May 25 |-^* P I S , 1 O S p o n S l b l l i t y . . I T h i s , t h j e . t h 6 n i f i p f t h e j N e w Y o r k , o f mat-hi,tier>; a n d .ap p a r Jason has been active in a.th- dance will be ‘‘Geisha Gar- the season in an attempt to ob­ tain - money-enough - ip. .iiuEchase imiforms to outfit the teams. A successful rally to open the- season was held at the park on; Saturday afternoon, .the pro­ ceeds o f which will be set aside for • this purpose. . -Booster tickets are now ,on sale, and will be sold through­ out the season as another-means or raising tuhj If, anyone haV a uniform that is no longer being used ,they are requested to retum it .immedi­ ately since there is a shortage • mu . ir.r hip Highway .Depnttmi-nt of atid they are' needed for the ! said Town. : $538.- - raised\ $479.13:—Rose, quota $356, raised $279 71; Sa­ vannah. quota $495. raised $361- .51: Sodus, quota $3,69,6. raised Marion—Mothers arvd daugh-1 $2.019.55: Walworth, quota $660, ters o f . the' Second R e f o r m e d I raised $462,71; Wolcott, quota Church .attended their annual $1,188. raised $1,109.25.: and Wil- ba-nquet 'on Tuesday evening,\; liamson-Puitn-eyville. auota $2,- May 7 in-the rhufrh parlors 1-000, raised Si ,281.31. Mrs. Bruce Boerman acted as 1 • ________ ; ______ \ toasimtstress at the dinner- and ; presented Mrs. StaaL wife of ] the minister of the church, with I . a bouquet uf flowers. Mrs. Franklin Miller gave a toast to daughters, and Cindy Miller gave a toast to mothers. The program for the evening -wed—the—theme,— .JGuiding. ‘ riiintpr- ore as follows *0 Plvde\ Rtics having played on the var- ’ dens \ There will be dancing j ““‘section 2 . The minimum pstimoted boys who are iiow playing on the Uliapter arc as .IQUOWS, L/.iyue, .. .: , , \ ,,, ,, ,, , anri rafrp.hmant. fme-, Q- uri.tii vo»t the oforesanl \-a ■ tp .m s ‘ - a quota $ 1,8157 \raised $1,081.48; - Slty basketball a n d soccer and retiesiiments trom u until iip Iilirrio.es ST2.„ft0. The pjen for w anlb- t vom nnnt-i so 070 roienri «i . ' teams. He has also been active 10 p m. with muqic provided by -he f,nnr„,n« thompf ,, »»> the .,-u, » cfio on-‘ MnreBnn mmtn $t;650,.! W nf>ld of m u sie- 15 BJ-Uie Towne Five orchestra. • ;TL?adT ^ . i . atho^rn nUo-!■ three .year mcdlber of the senior. The public is cordially invited section 3 t, 1 iy the m * ,-r .t-h- ! ‘ ----- ...and' the senior -band.-— • tojattend this event:• raised $88ti7H, North Rose, D E A T H S , Hartds ” apd was enacted b y the 1 mothers and daughters Who ‘ showed the various phases- of i growing up. j It began with tqdcilers, the Mrs, Myron C. VanDusen ■ IWirrion—Mrs Myron C. Van­ Dusen, Sr.. 65. of 131 Canandai­ gua \St.. Jr’girnyra, died Bunday' 1 May 12_. 1 S 681 shortly after she was admitted to Newark-Wayne Ci nun unity Hosnital. Mrs VanDusen'was born ih Lyons. For the past 17 years first day at school the tomboy she had s{)&nt the wlnters in fitri rpft rno«n rhn tcNMyvirt I * stagq, teens, the first formal daac-e, -graduation arid 'mar­ riage, then the duties -and re­ sponsibilities of motherhood and continued to the grandmothers. : A duet' was sung by two wom­ en of the chiirch, and the girls of the juriior choir presented musical- selections as part o f the program. if’. BIG RED SHUSH PUP Feed it wet or dry. -Crunchy, bitc-sizo bits are fat coated for extra flavor,- extra energy. Take advantage of this special price now: 25 lbs. — $2.89 BIG RED MEAL Complete diet, wet'or dry., Improved taste and nutrition. Try this new high protein ration on your dog to­ day . . . 50lbs. — $4.79 25 lb$. — 2.55 10 lbs. — 1.15 BIG RED PELLETS Complete diet, Wet or dry. Improved taste and nutrition. Try this (new high protetin ration on your dog to- day * •• 50 lbs. — $4.99 25 lbs. ~ 2.65 10-$Mr— • 1.23 10% DISGOUNT on SOO lbs. or more. MARION AOWAY Phone 926-7712 Morion, N .Y, and the summers poses. t«heie 4ure hereby authorized t o ; he issued $“ 2 .nii(» * serial homl* of ♦ siiid T»»wn !il«iru»n. New y<»»k. ami -furthei ileta.N pertaininif to t*ani liornis ; will he pieN(»riln«d in a fuither ieso-.' ^elution oh iesolution.s of-< this Tottn j Brtard.. 0 j S e c ti o n 4 . Suhjeet to the provisions’ .of the I.ocu'l Finance Law. the pnuer\ to auth.vt i 7 ,e t:h«* fs*.uiinre nf and III Tell hoiid imttcipuf on notes 1 n anti*- ( T T i cioatior 1 of the ist,unnce and -.ale of *. f % -the, ^filial bonds heiein nuthurized. ! \S Jj m iud.ojr lem' wa! ol ixii h notes. is M arion-The Anierjqan Field hereby delegated to iht? <^uperv-j 9 o»* of Sftid Tottn. the rh :ef fi«r.H offirer. •Judh n*«tes shall be of *»«»c.h termsv form and r.»ntt*nls anil shall be »«>M m ... ■ m wr in su»,h ntaniiei. j ** fm«\ bt* presniheri SPVViCU SndTC D flV P tfl MQlJOIl- by «n,.l _ S t .p .r,,,,.. a.th ig J1DW III ^ ^ ^ 3 3 . .1116. .& C a l iS Hie a.-* if the Local FTnance Law . section s.. it i»' hen«.v detertnineii a forpprs exchange student tjhat the period ,»f probable usefulRe-s __ - ________ jf the jfoixesaal class nf objerts or hflS COTT16 tO MR-liCD. fiRCll V63.I plir|mw»s U Gv© veara. pursuant to. siHCO 1059. and C^RtiriU^d Slip* t & .\n :S S nf' the rort is needed to give future ‘ SeeHot* tiermined ceuuiied A 'Man to Remember THBHE is. all o f us must- come,. wh| we must seek a selrvice unlil any we have ever souel before! When we retijemb that time, perhaps 'od afterwards, - what we ma recall above all is a man gave ah intangible ur.del ~t and ing heiped to bridge an ah -into which we seemed, aboi to fall- ■Nre Funeral Homl Edwin A. Stevens] - ~56-Buffdlv Street Marion , New York WA 6-4222 (Invalid CoaService) Mi nt th© Local t innnce Ustv. ^ f**'- •****«*■%. » t d>. ■it- -djt- -iiPTPhv - furthw d*^- -opDDF^inity t ,nh?!.nnl';.,ora,th''1Vh7''rf'.,p'i 'tj s^e tlje American w'^w of life. or |iUf(ni|iPs at**r*tv tl>» 5 wiil not ltt» in Lutz, Fla., here. ; Survivors include her hus­ band,, Myron; five sons, Myron Jr. of) Marion, Robert L. of Ver:: non. Richard A. of Macedon, I John H.-of Lutz, Fla.; and Fred­ erick, a brother, Earl -Schraf- ( fenberg and a siste-r Mrs Mable I , - _ . , Chambers, both..... of.. Iloneoye A i r m a n L o m p l e m s JDClSfC' Services were held yesterday I T f O i n i n g o f L a c k l'C tod aj^the N y e S’uneral Home with 4 Marion-—Airman Steven B. burial in Marion Cemetery, [Crhy, son of ‘Gerald A. Cray of Mrs. Mary” b ! DuBois j29 Buffalo St., Marion, has Marion—Mrs. Mary B. Du-].c0^ B ^ te.d ._^ asA? trainings at GTUEST SPEAKERS —- A.F.S. students were guest speakers at the annual' Student Court and- Student Council awards dinner held ,on Wednesday, May 8 . Left to right are students from the Philippines, Germany and Paraguay. • ‘ — P a l m e r . P h o t o laid? rl tv* «>f <>b|©< since the (u .. bonds ht*rt-u> .tuihiuH OXc©?? nf ftvp\ vpaiN, i Section 7; The ri th and c i«»il t <»f 4aid Town pf Mnrron N™vr Yrrrk. n.*? bercbi ’< i1-' Daymens*! r»f the pcincipal of and int*r- , 1st on |such bond's as, the same ke- ^pectivelv her«>me due and patahle. An annual appropriation shall be made tn* ehrh veor sufficient tn pav t^ie principal of and. interest on such - A . P . S . m 'PlTtrier. bonds becoming due and payable *in such ye^r. There shall annually be le­ vied on all the taxable property Bois, 52 pf 34 Parker R o a d ,! Laekland AFB, Tex. Marion, died Saturday (May 11, i He has been assigned to the 1968) in Strong Memorial Hospi-j Air Force Technical Training tal, Rochester.*• | Center at Sheppard AFB, Tex', Survivors include a son, Floyd | for specialized schooling as a of Kittering, Ohio, three grand-;refrigeration and air condition- children; five brothers, Jacob,.,-ing specialist. Airman Cray a Beit, Peter and Mark Breemes, j 1957 gradaute of Marion Cen- ajl of Palmyra, and John Bree- j tral H i ^ - School, has studied .at mes of Marion^ and two sisters, . Rochester Institute of Technol- Mrs. Earl Huisman of Palmyra ! ogy. His.mother, Mrs, Adeline E. and Mrs. Martha DeClerk of i Cray, resides on E. TJhipn St., Marion. ' I Newark. ’ Services were held Tuesday a t 1 the Nye Funeral Home followed 1 •by Requiem Mass at St. Gre­ gory’s Church at 9 a,m, Burial was in Marion cemetery , ^Con­ tributions m ay be made to thS\ American: Cancer Society, County Pomona Orange Plans Lyons Service Marion—The Wayne County Pomona Grange wiil be holding a rural life Sunday service at the Methodist Church in Lyons on May. 19 a t -8 p.m. the guesj, speaker for the eve­ ning-, The clitirch choir will pre­ sent special music during .the- service.. Theodore Roosevelt was given the Nobel prize for peace in rec­ ognition of his part a s mediator tin arranging the- peace terms rinding the Rjusso-Japanese war. STEVEN CRAY WISE WORDS Marion-*-Happiness is where we find it, but setqorn wnere we ‘seek it.—Petit-Seiui Five Auxiliary Delegates Attend Spring Gonference Marion—-Mrs. East, M r s ..' Katharine Nevil, Mrs. Ruth Mander, Mrs, Sally Carri- gan and Mrs. Sally Timlick at­ tended the spring conference of the 7th District of the American Legibn Auxiliary which was held recently ,in jWaterlpo. , * The Marion women were among the 189 auxiliary mem* bers from several counties .who attended. Unit reports were given for the various projects, activities and volunteer work the mem* bers have accomplished in the\ cbunties represented. CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank Dr. Bovet, Dr. Diamond, Marion Fire De­ partment, nurses’ at the Newark Hospital, all of our friends and neighbors for the many acts of kindness during our recent be­ reavement, illness and loss of our dnlighter, Marion Underhill. Mr. anti Mrs. Ray Palmer and family LEAVES FOR CHICAGO Marion — Rev. Norman Van Manen, pastor of the- First Re­ formed Church, left for Chicago on* Monday where he will spend until Thursday attending ibe Western Synods meeting aS Clas- sis Youth Counceior. Use Want Ads for Results! On M a v 21 there will be a par- tv f -r nil who wCrk on the • A.F.S. share dr'iy* Th°re w*71 • also be a nieetin * thnt -ii A F ,S j members arc expected to at­ tend. 4 Donations will be accepted by Mrs. Jerome Callens or any in Raid Town, a tax sufficient to pnV Cemetery Association the principal of and’\interest on such f/ec/ Trustees S e c ti o n 8. The -validity o.f such • - - - i- . - i -±»- - * bonds* may be contested only if: , M aTlOn-r-AdlriUEll yn.eGting ...OI 11 Sm h homu are authorized for. the Marion Cemetery Assodia- irnnea for , .V. 'an object or purpose for which 1 . , i » , 4 - x id Town -is not -authorized t 6 W ill b6 ll6ld Mfty 24\ 8,t 7.^0 monev, or expend should b e com p lied w ith at th e .p.m . a t Marion Town Hall. Three trustees- will be elected: date or publication of this W 36 - ] tor a term of three years to re- lutjon are not substantially- « - * -- - - < - _ complied with. 'place K. M. Johnson, Peter C: SH ijS procMdinjr' VanHall and .Howard .VanHoo- contesting: such validity is Commenced 1 ____ ; x _____ j . _ ______________ \ a fie within twenty days such publication. SI Such bonds are authorized- in .vL ^ elation of the ptovisiuns of the .Constitution, Section 9. This resohittah. which takes' effect, immediately, shall he pubr lished in full in Newark Courier- Hazette together with a Clerk’s cer- lificate in mtWstantial cbnformitv with •?etd;ion b LQ|! of the Uoeal Finance- Law.l v - ' t ’ the date of ver whose terms expire.- HAMPTON MEMORIAL! fiS . i Quality • Honest Values] 3 GENERATIONS OF MASTER CRAFTSME WA &-4972 GENE .1 (SA L E S M A N ) | 39 S. Main St. Marion, N.J| o r , Marion Cemetery N O T I C E O F A N N U A L M E E T IN C Notice is hereby uiveh that the An- nual Meetiotr of the Qualified Voters of Central School Distric.t H 6 ; 1 of .the ToWris *of Marion. Palmyra. W il­ liamson. Sodus. Walworth, Ontari ahd Arcadia-.. County of Whvne State of New York, w ill he held ir th*- school aurtitni'ium nT**Marffiir fSn- - • tral School on Tuesday evenihi? June * > 1^68 at 7 :30 o’clock. Ope trustee wilt o be elected -for a term, of fi\y? .years to sucreed Wil- iiatn Ai.nuld whose term of office ex­ pires June 30.. 1968. Any person washing t a 1 Tiertrine - s - candidate for this vacancy is re- luired by Jaw to. submit a petition with 2 -V siitnatiires.. addresses and late to. the Clerk on or before Mav 28. 1968. A proposed budget. copies of which w ill -foe available after June t; 1968 wilh be presented for the en­ suing year and other such business transacted as mny properly come he- • •ie the meetinfj. Dated May lf>; 1968 ' Thomas A. Gatlipp Clerk. .. Board' of Education ' - -MB.ri 6 n ■■C^it-ral School r-^-i N O T I C E O T A N N U A L M E E V IN G . - Ine annual meetinffiof the Marion Cemetery Association , will be held May 24. 1968. ot .7:^0 p.m. at Mar­ ion Town Hall. The purpose of the Meeting: ‘.*s tb elect (fa-ee trustees for a term of three years ahd such other 'business as many come before the ranting.. rustees whose -\terms.-expire -are iv. M. Johnson. Peter G. VanH#ll HbwaTd YahHoove'r. and ! Howard- VanHoover Secretary Community Calendar May 15- Republican mlormafion group meeiinz. '•3I( p.m,.' home of Mr, and Mrs. Ed M°ore| Buffaf o St. ---------- — • May 1 7— Grange meeting, 8 p.m.. Grange Hall. May 20— Rotary, 6:1 0 p.m., Presbyterian Churctf. tv * May 20 — Boy Scout meeting, 7, Scout Lodge. May 21- -Firemen’s meeting, 8 p.m., Fife Hall. May 21 — Webelos, 7 p.m. Clip and save ihis bandy guide to coming events, courtesy of the First.National Bank of Marion. 1st National Bank OF MARION Marion, New York “ALL WATS FIRST IN BANB3N0* MtmdM- FMNrUt D ^ i w l t Im n rM H M C m * . Ml ■ BANK.

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