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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, May 16, 1968, Image 5

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fcl* f. Cour\ef'^ aze^ iv '16' !^ 3 ItWRK STATE SCHOOL protestaitt-'hcrviee ... _ Prescott L. Laundrle ,ay. i For ambulatory pa- yornmg worship at r. gunday School at _ JJ3& L o t h services, in the main I Visitors welcome. |gi wechly ward services, (TDK SO. >HN ATI ON AL BIBLE GLASS bv Butters, Teacher «jy N'un-denominational rhss- meets at 7:45 p.m. Hernck. room ofHhe New- FREE METHODIST V Linrnl.h Hoad Rev. Harry L. Girts ban- Sunday School at 10 :s h Bible Study j For every. - group in fijnrny fe af 11\ a .m - A j- m essage itapt to present day. pjrpto- Isis presented each, Sunday jig. Evening Service at 7 |j, it.s service is. for the Tsai in.'piratfon' of •Chris- pe ple An invitation is ex- j to all m the Community jbave' no other church t SunJ.iv evening. ' ■ Kf;;...r,v Mid-week Service fjjvr'r ami Praise at the bib at 7 pm. jVARK STATE SCHOOL - failiitliv Services | ;Rev. t- Charles Bauer Mass, 10:15 a.m ., As- SJif Halb , * fas:, m':!. Saturday: M ass • • . We.ekl v Mass- I;;.. 3 - r'nif thp \variOUS P er. W'dne.sdiiy, Thursday priiy • j If HO V MI'S WITNESSES litivark Congregation) Levi Peterson- Presiding Minister Ifcsday. Service meeting EBistry school at 7:30 p.m. sday Public talk at 3 p.im, piovef'Study at 4 p.m. INTH DAT ADVENTIST i Whitbeck & Teliier Roads | Edmtmji Robinson, j r . local Eider . larday Sabbath service at |Hi.. Horace Walsh; Sab- Schoni. il a.m ., Ed- Robmson. Jr.., Supt. fc? People - Service one half piel-re sunset, E . O'. Rob- i Jr. It .uier. Prayer tneet- IWr.evdays at 8 p.m. IfflVILLE PRESBYTERIAN Ittv. Gerald H, H a rris\ fc’-'-tv Mother - daughter RK a’ the church at 6:30 Pmgram by the Sodus RChoir - • I'd tr Communicants : the church at II a.m . may- Morning worship a t Get : Church school for pry primary and kinder- p durine the worship serv- pChurch school for all other\ t'Boups and adults a t IT Mce cream Social at the I* from 1:30 to 5:30 pan, * made pie, ice cream “and RSponsored by the senior fwiinwship Public is invit- \t ,y 21 ; open house r'\‘ :V home at 7 p.m. day May 23: The fel- Ap r'..,ss will meet at' the Pt at 6:30 p.m. for a pieijic ! business meeting. CHl'RCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST : % wgva at A: 15 a.m . X*H am at 9:15 a.m . Teen- Pteed to know someone ’ares -but how can par- them this reasspr- ftw can help. Lis- f today to “Assuring Our P-55»rs that We Really ihice; First ,Church. of I*1 fi'-r.het at 120 High St, ■j at li a m . The subject of week s Lesson-Sermon, bf read in ail Chris- R-once churches today, is B V and immortals.’* , r Text is from Ro- Be VC transformed by ,rf your mind, that I. ■' Prove what is that good, |Sp6hdt\ ant^ Perfect> ; h'om the Christian Tj ex;t„,yk. t'Science and ^ with Key fo, the scrip- \ £ Mwrv Baker Eddy in- : fo . . . r -Ijving': “We must i £ . -1 tuodeis in thought fz.,,TTl' them continually, or ,S!: r,f’‘>r carve them out. ■’\'i nc.ble lives,'.’ - «day .evening .there is a. , meeting at 8 p m. iw l s Room will be ' C , Lday Friday from . L an'l-before and after Ay evening meeting.- ■ ltevC°rtllally iuwuted to ..a t ^ !fCs and use the Read- I Continued on P,age 7) Prices tn fhfs ad good thru Sat. May 18, 1968. 1 Y* Orchard Park Frozen Orchard Pack Frozen PACER- WHOLE Orchard Park Frozen Birdseyfe Frazer. GOLDEN W AFFLES STRAW BERRIES 0 N 1 0 H RINGS S 2 r W : t-tb-Q Q O Piss- 1 1 9 •“ Q 7 - o z . $ ^ i | P k g s . : f l SPRING BOUQUET IR O N S T O N E SAVE 106 O r c h a r d Park ON SALE THIS WEEK ------- WITH EACH $3- PURCHASES P I

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