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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, May 16, 1968, Image 7

Image and text provided by Newark Public Library

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»4NY.£owfer^3«»H»- . j . | |tfa ' T6 1963 , * \ . L. bRVICES . ,t0S1iih«*-d Paffe 5) I e !„ im i : k L u t h e r a n Hnne .'nc* Udgett St; jjpv W a l t e r Kovac Adult -BMmibcCgtotp- -s Pn f coiifirmatibn class\ Ld i aaii , , , I j L j v '- Sunday school and ■ffgV class at 9:30 a.m.; ^■pat 10:4 5 a.m. Nursery , provided- Visitors welcome: i cc-nivrence In Canandai- |aat : 30 P.m. T v m M”c'll7 on of th0 |t,~ council at 7:30' p .m .. FMU.YNTEL u n i t e d metii O d i s t - Bev. David L. Derk ftrcuy... Miirnhx; worship a t nn ■'Sunday school at 4>;4’5 and Senior \South' ,,-p- ti 30 -p.m .: Or- ;IIP loc! .I'S at r 30 p.m.; Ey.e- nhP at - 'SO pm: ; a.' The Albright Broth- xil! th-f for a supper ; the ihurch at 6:30 : i fejayr-SpH-ng'-groap-meet - 1 | r. the West Walworth ' la* for all official board- ’ ; r.-t 7 30 p..m. idresday ■ Junioi dh'oir re- J,j: 4 p m. at- the church’’, sti.tiy at 7130 ftjp .; Sanc- vh-ir rehearsal a t :;8:30- 100% LLS. Gov7}. > Inspected \ Fully Cooked < .•■j *i ■tf&U'sta.-, i : \ w - . *■ , \ > •v>.% h-'- ■r . ,• « # * * * * . . t A T Full Shank • Half No Slices Rem oved ■ r m H A I F n ° s\ ‘\ Full > Stic, Removed Lb. C e n t e r S t e a k s Thin Slfced Lb $1 08 r -1 i- ■ W h o l e H A M c Shonk Portion Portion S I R L O I N . O n A n y 6 t o 1 2 l b . Lancaster Mail fh Turkey Price Label, 2 Box Tops From 31b. Bold and Labels From 22 oz. \Ivory LiquifTUetefgenf Receive $2 Refund by Mail Get Full Details at your ACMF. MARKET Fresh Ground’Many Times Daily! ' G r o u n d R e e f In P<kgs. of 3 Lb, or AAore Save 124‘ib. B i b S t e a k F a m i l v S t e a k P o r t e r h o u s e S t e a k s°ve30cLb. Lt $ | 0 9 C u b e d S t e a k s Witfi W s Coupon OUT T h li co u r o n « n t i t l » j the n i l Y b e a rer to p u f c h u e one I U | \D a im ler\ pattern Crown Staftordahite ’Engtisli Bone i h w China m u ilo r ju a t 69$, One coupon per Customer Good thru Sot., iyioy l t> W68 Save 10c Lb. 7 ' Rib' SavoYOc lb. Cut f/txn top Round it. 9 9 ‘ S t e a k ib 5 f 09 A m S t e u k THIS \ c o u p o n WORl Lake? Farmdate'or Louolja. - BWYIER Bottom (Eye j Style) Boned A Rol NOUNO -®r KUMP fflSTIAN AND MISSIONARY, ALLIANCE— ...... Rev. William- L. Moon ayr-si’xa.ver:- IS.-P ir. fcri,.: R.idin-WACK at 7:45 S.-.ti.y Sd'.ool a t 9:45 av rn!..:- st-iyice at 11 a.m. isr n rulletie tc am. “Youth ( 3 :n A.-' rd ' Youth Fellow - 6 4 a pin; Evangelistic’ ARCADIA REFORMED ISKday.. Choir practice at ■9 pm |tedi> Worship seryice at 10 ’ : Rev Gerald D ^ ^ n d t from i-L' wall lead- the morning fc.ee Narterv In charge of ft. Harr;. DeBruyne and MisV pis Rid! Sunday school from 13 to 12 15 p.m.; R.C.Y.F. :Yh tn if 15 p m .; Evening ;c: K 7 p qj. will be con- |gfc ■:•. .( revival team from C-Kege, Houghton. | T Dr George Wells- Will de- :te sermon. The public is bat Less Than 3’ tbsi Lb. 63c - Dollar ^Savings ' # 0 Cbucl: i^ast lasfaa Maas! Fresh Breast Or t e g fryer Quarters Meaty Favorite Brand Polish Sausage Boneless Boned & Rolled Necfe & Giblets Removed Save 20t Lb. Lb. 7 9 c ' A r m i f o a f f t : L b . f f R i b R o n s t Lb. Nock„& Giblefs Removed Split Broilers Fireside Skinless Oscar Mayor Oscar Mayer Sand. Spread or . . .-69t Smtokie Icnks Smokie Swax^pg.,3 § Boneless Shoulder First 5 Ribs Towards the 1 —Purchase ol One (3 Lb. Pkg.) Giant Sire I si m ark ’ s e p i s c o p a l I Her. Bernard D. Granger ‘t’day: • Annual churchwom- liJ. Von at 12, 36 p.m . M rs. S eppafd will be the tor Meeting of the-, vestry ; 3C p m * . inday Holy Eucharist and :• .' t aline a t-9:30 a.m.; Y\:r rehearsal at 4 J>.m. Ibih Hnly Eucharist at 8 |Yf\..T„;y worship at 10 a.m. in i sv church school class^- adult coffee hour, hy rogation day): Youth 3f.a:tcir-class’ a t 3:30 p.m.; Euchenst at 5:15 p.m . IJssdav irrigation day); Holy p:.?: at 5:15 p.m. '’tteeslay Holv Eucharist a t J e. fallowed by youth crafts class from 3 lAt” OFS iiistaUation sexyr P ®6 30 p m. II lh>’i SI MICHAEL’S CATHOLIC, ’ Rev. Joseph McDoniieU Iraay Confessions from, 4 fr. ar.d 7:30 to 9 p.m. =ity Masses a t 7. 8 , 9:30 -13 noon. - stella Maris, the Didce- saRT.er camp at Coneshs (for cram mar school hoys Cr-; will open on June 23 «J’’f 'A'',ks Further infor- 7 fur. be obtained by e’all- “■p r.mip secretary at 50 * “• st Rochester, |eie- 454-2030. ®T GIBSON METHODIST Rev. Hani Khoiu-y arsdav- Junior ‘ clioir ..re- t 7 p m ; Senior choif 1 at 7:;30,lp.m. t \ i irday- .Variety show a t at the Fire Hall by tfaior M.Y.F. Sunday School at IQ Morning worship at 11 t e w m .Y.F. at 3 p.m.; L ‘LV*!-at. 7 P-m i rusteer. meeting at ttle church: Official ■'■‘‘'’tine at the.church at Paper 7 rtoy. May 25: ’,n ’he forenoon. ARK ASSEMBLY o f g o d Lincoln Road lb ,,? Fred Parhison Sunday School at Worship at U a.m.; ■R . worship at. 7 a.m. j Prf'Yei’ meeting and ,S dv *>t 7:30 n.m! ewtK R^sal Rangers and i f t af ? P-m. Ifcn •oung People m eet at pMT PALMYRA v RESBYTERIAN Rev. no«! k Say V MBani KhourSr U.ta. rnmg worship at Farmdale S w e e t R e u s Save 17c 7 itb. Gens $ | G0 Ideal Whole Kernel or C r e a m C o r n Sove 13 c 5 1 Lb. Cans $ | ® 0 * Ideal S l i c e d B e e t s Save 15c 7 U b . Carls $ | 0 0 n Save K i d n e y B e a n s — 14c 4 ’ L b .11oz.$|O 0 Cans | Ideal Tiny Whole ^ C a r r o t s $ave 45< 5 1 lb. Cans S | G 0 --Ideal — T o m a t o J u i c e d 5c 3 Qt. 14 Cans » $ | 0 0 Ideal A p p l e s a u c e Save lie 3 1 Lb. \9 oz. $ 1 00, Jars 1 Empress Mandarin O r a n g e s 3 s t s J 2 s . 5 M oz. Cans 5 | 0 0 bldal Sections G r a p e f r u i t Save 10c 4 1 lb. Cans S | # 0 ; Enrpfess Crushed or Sliced'c ■m© 1 yUV© P i n e a p p l e 12c 5 .J Lb. Cans $ | 0 0 ALE SUPER SAVINGS M 4 z ^ w e l l l 8 G U s e C O F F E E © i @ n f S i x ® farmdale Pink Git. Orange, S a v e A 1 Qt. 1 4 oi.$ 4 0 0 . -Grape or Punch, Quarters Solids ' Ideal Brenkfah fi I Qt. ’ < <S AA O r a n g e Q riakgssoU S s - F R O Z E N F A V O R I T E S - Ideal Chopped iwsawj. tm Mi A A _ s p t e * @ 4 : - 4 9 ■■Birdseye 4 C o n t ^ i y 1 L b . S o l i d s With Coupion 8 , $5 or Moie Purchase Ail Grinds 1 I b . Can With Coupon & $5 or More PuVchase 3 Ib. Pkg. With Coupon & $5 or More Purchase Hill's Bros. Coffe® 51 Ideal Coffer Vac. Pack TftlS tOUPON WORTH _ B ® ii ©ITIIGIHT Wtrti a S3 .-of Mate PurcifdsU, Qne Coupon Per \Customer^. Good Thru Sat., May 18, T968 _ . Towqrds’the\ £ Purchase o f Four 1 Lb. 6 gz. Lvs. 'Supreme Long, - THIS COUPON WORTH' SANDWICH BRI VV'th a $5 or More Purchase One Coupon Pet Customer jFVmmmm Good Thru Sat., May'18, 196$ ACM « THIS .gC O UPON WORTH Leuello: Butter L o u e l t s l a t t e r Farmdale Blitter ^51r Acme Coffee Chase & Sanborn 'c«50‘ Acme Coffee Beechnut Coffee '^50' Wincrest Coffee Above listed butter and coffee priceselfective with coup ni.s & 55 or more purchase bXTRA S&H _ S t e s m p s f With the PurchqSO oi Two ' i Gal. Pkgs. § SCI CREAM Good Thru Sot., May 18 , 1968 Pre-Ground Ideal o r Farmdale THIS EXTRA S&H g - “C wor ST^^^^^Green Slaaips j With the Purchase of 2 Cans or Pkgs. O : ‘iS ,,» IA t S P IC ii ‘ g Good Thru Sat., May 18, T968 Lo n g San d w ich I b ^ l l ^ Frank-Borbeci/a K O l I S or Tea 1 Lh. 6 oz.- Lvs. w/Coupon & $ 5 or More Purchase pkg- 37c Bar Cakesct,°t'ited°E!.'49c 0 Cornell orl'a,ianS're-, 4 THIS \COUPON WORTH EXTRA S&H Brtad Ideal Fr.Style * f l a v e T ' •G r e e n B e o i l s i i E i 4 p k g t / 9 Lancaster C h ick e n S l e w viMvW Save 40c W w«i 2 99 Lancaster A 0. M in u te Steakspkg 4 oz; 7 %h °L^ ^ l -4 3 c • Pkg. ” Firsf ot The $eason” Cherry Red W A T E R M E L O N S Florida's Finest Slicing # New Crop Texas Green Stuutpsi With, the Purchase of | Two (Six Pack) Sealtest ICE CREAM SANDWICHES ! Lancaster w/Dressing Save Me 7oz. 1 1 P kgir. Lancaster Veal er Pork Steaks 2 Lb, Pkg D E C K O ' M O N E Y ! Win Up .To 14 oZiCan S l.li ,9/i ox, PK®. x/c, '<rS t t Copr-dMt- 6 ox. pVg. dS< -- 6 ox Pi« *U - -IS ox. C*n U c - 2 Ur duTTHT — ps otar sic T Ot. 14 ox Coo sJ tt» 10 ox PAa 39c TO tk*

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