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'ou Think! flrrh I f t *. seam squirrje , \\ . Or.Ior nf 'tb* , ,, I :’. r> U» ; i o •i - • -<*i « m-ii U.. 1-1 s •'ll. i r< i th.it .ittrnd fc, mt * Kit h lU'ilUll snugs .ini ^ Hfi.i) > coat, pockets and jjwn t’.t ■.i.ints to see what’s go- fon 'lw will cfa*wl out ?and te is- all over his ni-as- ■£ a>'f always carries a m im Br' .. i sk Oottie with h im — . : a o.ise the squirrel gets iustv ..r hungry., Bcdettf found t(je little fellow ailip Silver M l Road. fllKT ItOBB, junior high uistnimental m u sic )•<.\ ■- ' \iivmeod the fellow jij.d. the other day w a s a gem Sew i ..in him come out of a pm th.it said so,” said Ches- l;r. K; tl , our apprentice jar! Mark Rosqtti, ii we .\fHeif oTuir'eut the other 'day. \You won t lieed a haircut Ir the rcKt o f your life,” he listtcml. °r V 0 # R. I.i:v D. L A N D A U , orie of i;u.! • foremost theoretical . and ,r Nobel Prize tuner dud m Moscow on A p r il ijmjsnes received h r an au-‘ taooiir .iiTident six years ago., iwas 60 years old. the Soviet physicist w a s only i! years of age when he ex- piuied in rigorous m a them a ti- ul terms, the superfluidity and St super-conductivity of hel- i cooled into a liquid at near Mute zero. JOHN’ R. P E L L A M , ‘the jie.r.m physicist, New a rk na- har.d Newark graduate, met i Landau in Moscow several SE\ Mike He Augustine ran from m v Home to Cliff BoeU- i> jestaurantin _East New - d without stopping on ’ fils ~toET them * birthday, M a y 4. /HE distance, said M ike, w a s fctpnit-.s of a mile. Checking St s run from a ear were Bob te r a lirrici'b Bedette. Mike said lie fan fro'm saloon JsaMnn. but when he went by fine's (ri-iPe the sign a l light ereen \. . . ‘‘else I'd , kve stopped there to have a\ kik on my birthday.” New \ ork Telephone Co. was awarded a Civil Defense banner, for plant protection this week. Holding award are (from left) - Robert A.. Kelafant of Elmira, district man­ ager: Donald Colvin, Savannah, chairman of Wayne County Board of Supervisors: Horning, district-' manager; Mayor Milton Elzufom and Edward Swartele, director of the Wayne County Civil Defense office in - Lyons.-The telephone building meets all the CD requirerrients .as a fully-equipped fallout shelter. A trainm g school for all members of- the Newark Volunteer Fire Department will open Monday. M a y 27, at 7 p.m. at City Hall, according to Chief Carlton Huebeler, ' TKe F ire C u u u iU ' dequesta air / ;fireineji_who have been niern- , R a y m o n d . G Offrea was--elects E a s t Palm y r a ed . chief- qf tlje bers less than five vear«* witri Volunteer S3re Departrfteht for -who h Iv e r l c e i v e T t L > * * *ttm - a t -the annual * * r d e x p o s i n g _itosuppto't to r owner of G r a h a m Florists, w a s named for three years; OJiver Young, buildkig contractor, w a s appointed fori two years, and Leo • Krolak, 'funeral director,, was 1 named for a one-year terrn. Term s of office are effective at once. ‘ AH positions are u n s a l- aried. T h e 'housing authority was activated by the mayor, u n ­ der., resolution of the State A s ­ sembly. ' M rs. E v e lyn Brow n e ll; who re ­ sides at P la in ’and F a ir St., a p ­ peared before the board to make ,m inquiry on the village’s plans on the nearby Green Sp a n site. She was~ntformed by the m a y o r 'that tiie village has no plans a t tire present tim e for develop­ ment of the site except for a sm a ll access road. Bii'tuo-d DeJoffn. local buui nessrnan, subm itted a personal letter t o each- member -of the , quired arftount of 0 training to I meetlnR heid aLth e lire hail, qualify as an active firem a n to i Elected for their eighth terihs professional baseball in L the community. The m a y o r said the letter listed DeJohn's recoin 1 Mishap Sunday JAtOBivtNG Of the V a n Au- e R'-d. p f t two. eggs at .the • One w a s the size of /trie-, <^.5 and the other the **'( a penny Easter egg. Ike cess were laid by hens * Ike same size. K in g explain- Mtkat if you feed the chickens M tlirv will give you the big ft- If you don't feed them ! >«» get die sm a ll egg. ffliT's \e g g s a c t l y ” w h a t ' ••t-hp-a. ' aaymg,- - j^ k e r :Fsed^j: 1 goon' and you’ll get K iiig - eggs. * * « ’Ppv chairmen for t h e nerican Legion and V F W ists here remind everyone to a poppy f0I, M e iiiorial D a y . N'rwark-Wa baseball Clu! :ne Com m u - -ii i,— “““ (C o -Pilots' ‘ -ski its,,, \ s p r in g tra in in g \ • ^ai'k iifarting -June 12-.-The propie will be to New J>me 2-9, for the'play- ,md in N e w a r k on June a reception. * * J e”ark’s two m u s ical groups. Sin™ Juihi B r a s s and the .‘\t Raiders, have had re- iir« s ma<,e and hdre’s hop- <lisc jocircys play them 7 aiui over again SnO~sprtog ?r •’’phage m u sicians into national spotlight, ..... A.V * * W ' ! ? ' lu'' apparently aban- occiipie-ci-a .meter-ed- i attend at least half of the traip- in^ sessions. __ | The course will consist of 19 -.lessons a s recom m e n d e d by the T n C w Y o r k F ire Insurance R a l- Ting Bu r e a u .-P u r p o s e i s to im- A New ark Central School stu- prove the efficiency pf the fire dent-was injured Sunday a't 4:45 department and its njembers. p.ni. when his motorcycle struck j chief Huebeler said the les- a dog on the Sand Hill Road. sons wlU be taught by qualified T e r r y Lootens o f 6.08 Peirspo- ots and • Aye., a m e m b e r of New ark s undefeated field and track team, - department. State fire tnstruc- suffere.d abrasions to the left tors will be requested to assist hand, knee and foot, and the The 'local Instructors who will loss/of two toe nails from his JeftTconsist; of Chief Huebeler,, As- footf; ' slstants Harold G lerum , Rich- The’ W ayne County Sheriff's ard Norsen and G e o rge D e M a y Department reported that Loo-: and At Dayton, a p a s t chief and tens, a high juniper on the track past state tostttrctot. team, and Ronald Ambrose, 1004 F ilm s will be included in some N. Mato, S t , were riding their 0f the training sessions as well cycles together in a northly d i - ; as actual use of a l l fire equip- rertion on the San d H ill Road • nicnt to the, department, when a large dog started chas -1 , - Sheriff's deputies stated that Bd-T G tO l i p fd SxpCffick Ambrose m a n a ged to get around • r / A'ltJ the dogTbut. Lootens struck m b ' / r e e L e g a l A i d P r o g r a m am m a i with the front w h e e l., The W ayne County B a r Asso- Lbbtens w a s taken to the New-1 ciation has taken action to ex- ark-Wayne Com m u n ity Hospital pand the operation of its free in the town ambulance. He was j legal hid program , according to treated fqr his injuries and re- Maurice E . Strobridge of New - leased..-..’ ____ - 1 ark, president. ‘ - I in order to facilitate this ex-- • ' H O M E S N E E D E D ■ ! pansion, and to provide legal More\ hom es ’are urgently j counseling to those Who are. in needed tor-the Fresh A ir chil-i need of help, an attorney frorh dren from New York City w h o . the B a r Association w ill be will arrive in New ark the mid-1 a vailable each Wednesday frotn die of June. Anyone wishing t o ! 7 p.m. to 10' p.m. at the Neigh- take in a child is asked to can.- i borhhod Centers of Wayne. Goun- tact Mrs. E lm e r Israel, 331-3118, j ly Action Prograh, 13 M a p le St., ■or M r s ’- Darrfel Frank, 331-1341.; Sodus, an d -5 Sodus St., Clyde. slstant chief; Atiyn Cator, sec­ ond-assistant -chief, and H a r r y .Wt'ikens. captain. R o g e r H o a d : w a s elected iicuteii.jnt la t'-sufic|; ^ out the line officers lor the-eoBi- ing wear. Hftrian Tyler w a s elected president of the departm e n t and serving under him will be Don- i aid Lester, vice president; A n e BPnne. seciLtary, ahd Vincent Hoad, treasurer. T h e department also voted to buy a new pum p e r tank truek which would bring its fire-fight­ ing equipment up to three vehi­ cles. The department presently owns a pumper ahd. a tank pumper. Brice of the new punip- | er tank; truck wtjs set at $24,000. Firem e n plan. to. raise funds for the purchase df the new track with such projects as a chicken barbecue,-a fall auetmn -and a' turkey party. Marine Midland ^ To Serve Coffee \ On 1 st Anniversary I t will bo coffee “on the house\ a t the New a rk office of M a rine M idlan d Trust Com p any were Matthew Engels, first as- mendations for m o d ifications o f the baseball park. A l l members of the New a rk Police D e p a rtm e n t signed to •Vie as specufl deputies under -County Sheriff Jam e s ■Humey i n event they are needed for riot control duty Tn 'The coppty; according to Chief D o n ­ ald Brown. 'M a y o r Elzufon read a letter frurn Vineent M c N a m a ra, pres­ ident qf the New Yorlf-Pennsyl- vania B a s e b a ll League, who list­ ed h is recom m endations for im ­ provements a t Colburn Park to prepare the park for profession- ai baseball. He noted that the changes and alterations w ill re ­ m a in well w ithin the board’s budgetary allotment of $15,000 tor the work. W illia m Cosulieh, a ’ c o n sult­ ing engineer on the im p rove­ ments project at the sewage treatment plant on M u r r a y S t - reported that work is progress­ ing very well on the job despite 'the . riuris' w lrttti-pat^ the -eon— tractor a week behind schedule. of Rochester, F r id a y . ( M a y 31 >, a l l; h 0 o l d W o r ld Inn. •p . 100 block on E. M il- for several days.. The car .. n idatos. it m u s t .b e an. A few m o re feet i . \oiiid be- to the m iddle of street. r. a r t e l f t v e r ; a y r D r . D k u f o n ; 2 7 I M e w ■ m p o r t a n t . . G V e r y 5 n ° u ' C O t D i n a M S l l , i ^ d a c a t t o n \ e d u c a f i b / < 3 © T V e r y ' |fTi . D a v e o bu'T w e oou m b e V V c r r t r j e u d • . . ; ifib K L eei ■ Jam e s M ills, manager-, of the bank, said, “ w e ’H serve coffee throughout the day du r in g our regular F r id a y ban k in g hours, W e i l even g i v e it -to our drive- up auto teller custom ers, on re­ quest.” The occasion is to m a r k the ban k 's first ann ive r s a r y to New­ ark. One year ago the bank sponsored M a r ine M idland F a m ­ ily Day, giving aw a y some 10,- 000 hot dbgs, showing free mov­ ies and providing entertainment with a Dixieland band and, bar­ bershop ,•quartet.- - - Masons, Knights Plan Second Annual Banquet .The second annual combined banquet of the .New a rk M a sonic Lodge and N e w a r k Council, Knights of Coiiim b u s, will be held Thursday, June 6 , at 7 p.m. T h e firgt banquet held by 4he two’ ,organizations la s t year w a s such a success that plans were m a d e to m a k e it an annual af- fair. . ' ' Former Newark Pastor To Lead Sunday Service The R e v . Benjam in DeYoung, a form e r pastor of the local church, -will lead ’ S u n d a y ’s 10 a.m . service at the Arcadia R e ­ formed Church. T h e R e v . D a v id Ayers of T y r e .will conduct the 7 p.m. service. new president of the American Legion Auxiliary Unit in Newark. N e w a r k ’s two veterans’ organizations — tho. Am e rican Legion and tiie Veterans of Foreign W a rs will observe Mem o rial -Day w ith appropriate services on Thursday, M a y 30. Com m a n d e r Robert Stevens of i ---------- ~ ■— the A u g u s t M a u e r Post ’286'ahfL Com m a n d e r W illiam M a c G regor ; ol the A rcadia M e m o r ial Post', ! VFW . nre in ciinrpp of the MCr ' m o rlal D a y rite. • JLL fioL W illiam Splker. exec­ utive officer of the spneca O r d ­ nance Base, will the speakeiv The M e m o r ial DaiCparacie this year will be fi'om the Lim-oln School to Central P a r k — ap­ proxim a tely one m ile long. T h e parade units w ill assem- ! J'A^e Finewood, a lifelong res- ble at, the Linooin Scirool in the . icient of -Newark, will rouneL.out S 10^ ™ H- ^ ; ' 54;ycai:s of Service w ith thejd e p ’ 'office on thp n ig h t o f the meet in M of M w l i l | “ and • P e rkins 'Co. dn! a f la lri Tickets Afe \ H s x h t * and ride to the assem b ly a r e a . ! June 30' per couple. Reserve units will join the v e t - , M r . an d M rs. Finewood were erans in the parade. ; gudsts a t a retirement dinner will be the' c row n ing of the R o s e Queen for 1968 by M i s s 'Elizabeth K e lly ' of Sodus, last yearns queen. T h e R o s e G a r d e n w ill -tos- tra'nsformed into a half room, by the erection of a portable, dance, floor brought in especially, for this occasion. Refreshm e n t areas., will also be provided w i t h - i h o ' entire scene gaily decorated. T h e A r u b a ' Caribbean H o tel and the new Jackson & Perkin s ' Rose, Aruba Caribe, axe spon­ so r in g a special\ prom o tion for this rose and members attend­ in g the coronation m a y sharp in the opportunity to w in , a f t ; att, expensg paid vacation for two: T h e - v a c a tion is from New Y o r k city and return w ith a stay a t ’ the >- A r u b a Caribbean Hotel, W nnrers\ w ilt— lie determ ined from a draw in g du r in g the cor­ onation ball. ------ * , v Tiekets for the entire evening are on sale at the dow n tow n and Plaza branches of the Lin c o ln - Rochester T rust Co., M a fifte^ M id lan d B a n k ’ a n d at the” C o ­ lum b ia B a n k on W . .M ille r St. ,i They m a y also be purchased ajt the New a rk C h a m b e r of .Com --'i. ■ merce office o r at .the Rose G a r ­ in the event o f inclem e n t weather, arrangem e n ts haVe .been m a d e t o h o ld the- entire Buffet .luncheons-will be serv- . given by a group of J - P assort- program a t a suitable indoor In I Ot zanoU nAri bravin o f i ah f Im 1 . . . . . . , . * .. ' . ed at each post home after the parade for m e m b e rs and guests ates last night at the O ld W o rld : cation, T h e crow n ing Of the In n queen w ill take place a t 11 p,m. M r Finpwonrt wpnt to work V i n c e 'J a n and h is orchestra-\ M r . Finewood went wor^ : are well know n throughout W e s - for tiie local n u ise r y in 1914 and bern New York. T;he Rochester worked his ‘way m u sician • got his \ s t a r t dinting ..TUP to farm su-1 the “big ban d e r a \ and- is a- j perihtendent. He i firm believer that the type o f ■■ h a s had expert- music, m a d e so popular by such\ p ence in a l l : b a n d leaders as T o m m y Dorsey1,, ’ phases - of the Gleri MUler, Benn y G o o d m a n ■'comparLyi fa r m l a n d others is Slowly but s u r e l Y _ o p e r a t i o n s in \ returning to its old-tim e p o p u - ;.f N e w a r k a n d ; Imd-y- A'rcadia M e m o r ial P o s t 2883, V F W , is now selling \B u d d y Poppies” in' the com m u n ity. R a y DePorter, a past com ­ m a n d e r, is chairm a n of the ua. .1 p eriodically 'at . ‘ the New Jersey, a.he rinewooa c a l i f o r n i a , Arizona and In d ian a nurseries. After h is retirement a s a 'fu l l ­ time employee, Finewood and p o s t ’s poppy committee. He said j h is wife plan to travel and enjOy 50 per cent of the receipts from j their cottage on Lake Ontario, the poppy sale are used for lo - , jje will spend part of his time cal veteran welfare work: a d d i - ; ^ { M t as an tional proceeds m a intain the • B / . V F W Rehabilitation Service a n d ' advisor o n certain field projects the rem a ining funds. tb help -sus-j for J - P . - ....... - tain the V F W national home f o r M i r . and Mrs.' Finewood reside orphans of deceased veterans a t , at 602 W . Maple Ave. They have E a t o n R a p id s , M ich. jone daughter. M rs, W illiam “ N o t one -penny of your con- j W h ite of Sodus; a granddaugh- Jan, a native of O h io, form e d his own orchestra in the late '30’s, tributioii goes to any profession­ a l fund-raising organization,'” said DePorter. The post is also sending two ter ana two grandsons 1 W illa r d Fike, field superinten­ dent, acted a s m a ster of cere­ monies a t the retirement dinner. poppies , in a plastic box togeth-tT. L. M c D a n iel, m a n ager of er with a .self-addressed enve­ lope fpr a donation to all m e m ­ bers. The A u x iliary . unit of th e ; A m e r ican Legion P o s t here i s , watch fo r liis m a n y years of also' gelling poppied I c o m p a n y service. Jackson & Pe r k in s New a rk D i ­ vision, presented M rs, ®liftew o o d i w ith a bouquet of roses ahd Mr. Finewood w ith • an engraved . M a y o r Milton Elzufon m u st have touched all the bases in a talk given before second grade pupils a t the Perkins School. ■ T w o 'even wanted his auto­ graph. The m a y o r m u st have talked oh everything blit music, J udg- in g /ra m the com m e n ts the pu­ p ils ' wrote in^ little letters of m u s t have stressed baseball, sw im m in g pools and population figures. Oh, yes., the talk w a s given in the m u sic room. T o m m y H e a ly enjoyed the m a y o r 's visit. , “ I ’m glatj that we’re going to have baseball gam e s with Ge­ neva and N e w a r k ,” he wrote. \ I kitow N e w a r k w ill beat them. B a s q b a ll is m y second to the best sport. I ’m real glad that the town of New a rk is having a ski resort because sktog is m y be s t snort.” Little Tom m y is scooping this newspaper on his reference to a sk i resort in New a rk and also, on the outcome of the N e w a r k -' Geneva gam e (N Y -Penn Le a - gueL- H e . predicts a 15-5 < score: for New a rk. ■’ “ W 6 ’re giad you c a m e ,\ wrote T in a M o llenkopf. “ 1 havh ten m o re y e a r s and than I can go ^wim.'.nlng hi it.” The m a y o r , m u s t have prom ­ ised the youngsters a sw im m ing' pool in his talk. * ^ ■ “ I w a n ted your autograph,” com m e n ted . J o h n. Mayberx-yt “ b lit I didn ’t have a chance to get it. I hope you come again.” The m a y o r is a m e m b e r of Johnny’s father’s bridge club and the next tim e the bridge group cuts decks at the M a y ­ berry residence w e ’re sure the second grader w ill get a ll the autographs he wants— assum ing He w ants the m a y o r 's signature a t that time, \ D o you take care of the p o o l?” asked Lauren Nevii of 50 \the^street not to,” J a g g e r Road, Marion. \ I forgot w h an the backetball gam e was, YoU r job m u s t ' be h a r d .” “Thank you fo r e'oming yes­ te r d a y , \ sa id ‘R u s s e ll Elliot. “Thank you for telling us how y o u 'w o r k . Y o u do a good duty to our com m u n ity.” - T h e- m a y o r a lso m u s t have discussed \dogs cats, parks, 11 speeding and throw ing trash into the'-streets. “ T h a n k you for givin g us your valuable time and telling u s nbt to let our dog o r cat come to school with us,’’, noted R o b in Hoad. “ I am very glad that we are havipg a park and other things, x told my mother and fa- ther not rio speed if they have and if they throw trash opt in She drew a picture of a little g i r l adm o n ishing her dog and, a cat: “G o home . . . you too. The m a y o r h a s a friend to W a d i K h o u r y of Port Gibson. “ We have a big com m u n ity full of lots of people, street .cleaners, police and firem a n , re- pairm a n . dozers.” the . pnpij (Continued oft P a g e 8) T h is is the k in d o f m u s i c , ! loye,” says Vince, “and it’s .very _ encouraging to see th a t it is-4)e-- com ing m o re and m o re popular w ith the younger people. There is nothing m o re rom a n tic, than ’ dancing cheek to cheek w ith your favorite dan c in g p a r tn e r t o the ‘sm o o th rh y t h m s o f a ' M l sized orchestra.\ \A n d w e ’re go in g to„go^.ohe_:‘ step further,\ added C h a irm a n G o o d m a n . \W e ’re go in g to do it under the stars!” T h e featured vocalist w ith-the V ince J a n orchestra to M a r y L o u F r e d a -w h o is best know n for.the hundreds of sin g in g com m e r­ c ia ls 'she has m a d e , to Sponsor drcotic Forum in Auditorium .» ‘ S 4**1 A narcotic foruto will, be., h e ld June SB' a.t.. 8 -p.m . 1 ,in,the sclhlor high tfeehoolj auditoriuni totoer! tiie a u s p ic e s ,o f th© (New a rk Bfts* iness. itnq • Prftfessiphal W o n iln ’s Club. ; ' ■'f - • . Detective Eugefte LaChim ia; of the Rochester N a r c o tics Sq u a d w ill be the speaker. H e w ill show a film on narcotics and w ill also show sam p le s of. nar-.. cotlcs. N e w a r k Police Chief D o n ­ ald Brow n and Sheriff J a m e s H u rley w ill also be on the pn g r a m . j. M i s s Shirley W illiam s , qlub president, said the m e e ting is open to the p u b l i c . without c h a r g e , . , . ' early publicatio !/ 41 j Because Memorial Day falls ' J on a'‘Thursday (May 30),. the Newark Courier-Gazette wUf-: ' be published a day earlibr next week with maUodeliver-* leg being made .on Wednes- . day. The editorial,.and. adver-! tising staff would appreciate' f early copy to help .ease early publication next Tues­ day, - ............. .

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