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/ / '• .•W . ■. ir j f i ^ y E A R — N o . 2 2 P u b l i s h e d W e e k ly-r-^S -ubscription R a te S 5 .0 0 a i e a r in A d v a n c e —«*S>hgle C o p ies 1'6 c e n t s NEWARK, N, Y.» THIWRSJDAY, MAY 30,-1968. t Entered - as second ojask mail matter at Newark, N« X* I4'818* Post Office T W O S E C T IO N S — 18 , By Charley R o s s |ou Think! An jit T \iiliin tr e r fire cofn- ['jijy fp.ttuml a chicken harbc- L e 'firrman sty le” on its pos- [i(rs tiimii^liiiut th e business j jcctiou. n n - iaa n S (\V-i p?-” ’ .j............... m ,!t.>ii-F.l/iif >n‘ iti v, or !i -r *f ’ Jumbo\ A5’** ij,T, tire [fjrtVt-”-' Th.it u .1'- .i hot tor. . - The first in a ser.ieiftin’f newsletters aimed to keep citizens informed on the progress* of the proposed Midlown Urban Renewal Project has.been issued by*■the Newark Urban Renewal ' ' j-Ageney. , ■ t . joltii, 5T Kenney, executive di­ rector, said the agency is re* . sponsible toy administering tint \ •, • \ • planning and i execution or ur­ ban renewal., projects, tn New­ ark. He stateiQn the letter that tlie pFogqsed’ Slidtown. Project, Newark's first'' renewal pro­ gram. ent'otnpasses the heart of tiie dn/wntowT. ;>r m itral bush tieno cilslfH'i. . - - - —:—- — He siiitl sytae buildings-have been partially vacated or are used for purposes ior which LEGION LEADERS mstiuic’ct -as- new officers of August Mauer Post, The Amer­ ican Legion, for the ensuing year were (from left) \Vard Rynesfson.' chaplain; Basin Dfer -Cola, vice cprrijinander; .Eugene Robert Keuke- - V a n d e m o r tel, vice c o m m a n d e r ; Stevens, c o m m a n d e r ; E llsw o r th laar, v ice-co m m a n d e r ; S a m u e l P r inzi, a d ­ ju ta n t ; M o r r is D e R y c k e , se r g e a n t- a t- a r m s . AL t I C e, fin a n c e officer. bank one, your . tii'-’p the*,y w trc .nut-urtguialb m lend* ' T h i s m o n t h \ , bleed m a r k e d t h e f i r \ a n r F e b r u a r y 11,•■■193-7 tlint N e w . u k pci. * - • * , h a s . m a d e its quota. - - < ...... \ T r a f tir ^■ongeshon is q u i t e y'.ivi- .customer w a lkr’ NJrs , H a r r r ; s o n Bluomi seri.ius. particularly on Union a.ui'.s apparel store chaimia'n of t-L„- N iw a r k Red st. a*».u Kciim.... ' andr is ag. ” ’d began looking, l to. \ H *h:it gra.vatciF by mad't q u a t c , parking, i elitt.eb. . , 210 p i n t s of aloud were g i / u t a n d loading sp a c e U n l e s s ;in , e i - Tiie q u o t a w a s - s e t a*E 200 ptnbs. fo r t ts m a n e - to im p r o v e th e A to t a l ol 253 d o n o r s volun- a r e a , th e s e londitiol-is wilt J e n d -M.lv 1 try one oil? folic- clerk: he aSk- - tcrred to give bloud, but. -18 'very U ;K T i5 M , V .\ ri-ubed the deferred bs-eause ul colds and l*rk wij --> v -is tied up i i i .knots - other reasons. • |c;ir t.u (, u i - sl -: o i i . . Tllis blood b a n k . 'marked the. first tune tue qt.. to has been ' ..reached. In the last six attc-.mpi M rs Bloomer is. grViteiul to ’ .the donors who made it possi- » ~ * | ble lo i xeeetl' tin- quota ar.'t [FUI. MOON, son of the Rev. I thanks tlie m a n y Workers, doe- pdYTr; w illiam I - Mnon, h a s - tor\’ ancl nur-scs lot their ton.- fc-mn-ed t h i r f copy editor o f 1 tnbu.Uou ot, time. Et Art.dcrvman, A r m y news- pptr -Okinawa, H is name ,r- snrier pditor-in-chief on fc{ k ,. s ; h.ead k . is the first time in his [S1; je-irs as a clothier that ! hjvnrc Had asked to try on a ! Latktie. ■ ... * - \Savv.uldi’’ and “M a i Pen |!ii\ are two numbers which fflargarct Venturin hopes wilt [sell bv the ton- in Korat, TUai- llind. Tlie words and melody [itre composed by the .former ISTiliow Ave. resident who is do- Uting; the receipts from the fords to the St. M a r y ’s Stool of the Catholic M ission [in Korat. [ h ie records -are sellin g aP$3 |r60 baht each. j Is that ail a baht is worth, pis,\ a nickel? H a s the king pi Siatn, oops, T h a i l a j n d, |-klil. any records yety ’ to w.irsen .and spread. affecUng , the lieaitu and .economy of the, whole village. Through urban- renewal, we can .create a central bushico.s .district that is more attra tive nricf-r-omienient. We can thus l-uvve a downtovviv that Will attract private investment ■ anal keep p-a.e v.ith tl-.e rapidly growing village^ tiiat it serves. | Kentiry pcmitcai out that” the [ ’ agency is presently-, in. the early I , stages -of planning tlie urban : renewal project. The agency has . . retained Candaub, Fleissig and ! ; Associates -of New Y o r k City. A l- ( j b a n y and “N iagara Falls its con­ su lta n t s for preparing the ur- i b a n renew a l p lan and applica- i Uun for Federal a id * . . — ” T h e - .consulting lirm has ex- ; tensive experience in this area, I I h a v in g assisted in preparing j I p lans for the renewal projects in ( , L ittle Falls, Penn Yan, Lan c a s - j. 1 ter and nearby Palm y ra. In ad- j V F W O F F I C E R S - — Fred R o b in s o n (sec­ on d from. left).,-w a s installed as the <new comnqatider • o f . A r c a d i a M e m o r ial Post 2883, V e t e f a n s o f - F o r e ign - W a r s , -fost E r j d a y yii^ht-t accepting the gu v e T fro m out— : ‘ ~ ' v \ n \ - - M a c G r e g o r . P a r tic ip a tin g in th e in s t a l l a ­ tion c e r e m o n y w e r e \ R a y . K o e r n e r (le f t ) , 8 th D istrict c o m m a n d e r , a n d R ich a r d G u a r d pf P a lm y r a , -county • c o m m a n ­ d e r . It is R o b in s o n ’s seco n d te r m a s c o m ­ m a n d e r , - t ° ■ A m ile-long p a r a d e ‘arid a p p r o p r i a t e c e r e m o n ie s !at C e n tr a l' I P a r k will n ta jk th e c o m m u n i ty ’s o b s e r v a n c e -of M e m o .fial 1 o n M a y 30. • • , ‘ T h e Mem o rial D a y parade . Will start from a point near, Stu e r w a M Ave. ih the North . W a r d and end at th e down- 1 town park. • ----- i Alfred N. Dayton, parade m a r * | s'hai, announced that all unit's,. I wifh the exception of Boy and , G irl Scouts and school children, ; wdl assemble at 10 a.m. on - Sttterwaiti, Ave T h r parade wtil; -m o v e out. prom p tly at- 1th ra;m. -with -the line ot m a rch be­ ing south on North M a in to Cen- , tral Park. t -• Upon arrival Central P a r k - I all m o tor units will proceed to M a p le Court and- discharge ! their passengers. 1 T h e s-enuts nnrt splvnrti c e h ili-' i d ^ j f w i l l axsem-Hi- tut S.an(h , .Covfm ry P a rkw a y a n d 101111 the . j third division iu the parade, | !- .Veterans’ units . and -members of the Newark tyre D.-partinent ! a ^ d ti'e auxiliary unit will pro- . ■ • . - ceed to tlie p a r k . n iem u n al aiid iuand, Victnnm , before coining 1 .nu on iii'm r siue as directed’ fo\ iiis present assignm e n t - a F by the parade m a rshal The U S ; Seneca A r m y Depot. Arm y Reserve unit wtii\ rem ain : M rs. G lach s Keller, p f c s S i S E l ■in form a tion.on S. M a in St dur- , 0 f Uie Am e rjcan Legion Aitkjl- ' ing. Lite— -..cm om c L.—Hiaaut '.m ils., in-iy b-aii-. .-;kI rvIrs. Heitlva 1 and school ehildrcn will con- ..p-sael, president of tho V F W An- .tinue on to the Cpm m u u ity Ben- xiliarv. will p l a r e the meinbrtaS: _ T 1' qn M a jlky Cnurt .where they ^aaxatlv on .the_bas& oL-the 'w ill be dism issed and treated to jerans' monument. The n.ev ice cream ---------------- - ----- LTz C O L W. F S P i C H E E ; ' to prepare a 1 and m a rket-ability w h ich' w ill assist the Two rookie patrolmen of the ’diHon the agency has retained New a r k Police Departm e n t are Ham 'ci W a rsaw attending a basic school in p o - ; la n “ USJ . ltce training preparatory to their study vwii permanent appointment as pa- a p ncy ” the proper m a rket g trolmen ---------------------- -— of prnjeet land. — A . v u ,.„ p i , n n, - Kenney said the agency has , ^T% John , P 1 completed surveys of the are a . R obert DeT-oye who are enrolled - f n determine the nature of the - in the basic school as required jarn^les anci businesses there. : A comprehensive survey of Newark State School was conducted ‘ last week as part of an Institutional evaluation project sponsored J toy the Am e rican Association on M e n tal Deficiency, division of Firiewood, ” 128- „ . .. I special studies: Feirsoa r — — - j --------- pEtv.VRK residents who have pextra room Or two available i-iwlp resolve .a housing prob- tofnr 'he New ark-W ayne Com- ptty Baseball- Club, Inc. j te ll soon be h a v in g young preball players in our m idst [iSj ifieyil jc ‘needing a place 1 stay from Ju tie 10 throngh [tabor Day. T h e y ’11 be young pen just getting out of high pool or in their-early college [fears. [ILF. a s f. contact Robert pw s who,is in charge of find- I- -v-re acconimodatipris for ft Co-Pil* Us. r * * * , i \Tien the V FAV Post puis on Ija-installation it goes a ll out, ptiim us. ITHE ,-ivc) passed hands from PH M.i.-.G.reenr to F red. Robin- l 5 -> ’• F riday night a n d .later r 'f'rl poppud o u t o f .e h a m - pnp b\tiles P izza w a s even r-H'ftl t,i the m e m b e rs. r Ray K o e rner, com m a n d e r : of i®e 8th D istrict, VFVY, m a d e p e r a l presentations a t the hi* [Sllatinn, iiicluaing >a nifty ransistnr radio to a certain jl!?spapermaii who w a s so sur- [fnsed that he is still w o n d e r- Pf shat it’s all ab o u t. ITHavks. Ray, blit the charn- Ptrr arq pjzza would have cov- fv r n h i h g . I * * « a lu a y s been of the jjpinion that the .southern cn- Panoe tft the village (Route 88 K ' \3 - M h e m o st attractive in, z ^aUf ihajor approaches jtlain and Union) to N e w a r k . PHI-.n- thp sgi/j m illion Sarah l^ir.t!-, ,-inhpiex is completed P rt “ Hi' no doubt dbout it, \ad.* Agree? % - % zPolice answ e red four com- |j”His “* or the weekend that Panatrd from salopns, v ' ' 1' i.’crtaincd to a w o m a n \Pr-irrntly had had a little ' n\ 'k _tn- di'-ink. She w a s. utho-r custom ers. „ ac- I - m\ to -the entry to the po- | W-,tt,vr Nnt oniy ^ a t but feT'\ i!<*r S-yenrmld ciaughter V)- r- One edm n laiht pertaih- .0 a croup Of patrons m a k ing e and the others to “unde- ICohtiaued ou Page 4> by-the-~New York- StatejM u toci-; ^ ‘Th'e p iry s icaf'co n d iU o n ' of i A v e V w ill i'C P H s e n r tlie Newark ' a , J | ntUfrom Z U . B D e p a i - riat Traimncr Pnuneii The school .............. Central School Junior Class in m e n t of H e a lth, Edu c a tion 'and t he 1988 Rose Queen contest, in j Welfare. - • p a l Trainin g C o u n c il The school “ “ V ) is set up for village police and aU 0uUclmgs’ sheriff’s deputies\ in a fou r -1 ' (Continued on Page 4) county.area. ■ ! v Anthony L. Cecere. chief tectiv-e out of the Ontario ( ? d u h . - ) / \ m D U I : U l l C 6 r U l l U ty district attorney’s office in; . _ _ _ _ Canandaigua, is chairm a n of the. D p / t r h p c S j S 1 1 1 \ school program . Police Chief l Y e U U l l C b 4 ' - ' / 1 ' th e J-P Rose G a r d e n on Ju n e 22. f -Purpose o f the-survcy-w a s to She will compete with 11 o t h e r ; m a ke professional .evaluation , h igh school juniors from Wayne services available to state resi- County schools for the title now ' worn by M iss Elizabeth Kelly of “Sodus. - - The queen contest -is- limited dential institutions to assist them in im p roving the quality o f residential care. F r a n k R. Giliberty, superin- S T i ^ c h o n Z s 1^ ! as°ad m e m -' ’The 'rown .<* Arcadia Am b u -; to \junior girls in the 12 Wayne t e n a n t - o f ' S b ^ t h b ^ T?atoing i ^ T ' S S T & S S . 1 ™ ' S t SS* according to ’ i “ “ of tho • yrinp-pr t akes La-w E n - $5.17.7-60 *9 dnfe- accornuig 10 The 0ther candidates are Dr. Benjam in P> Clark, super- ^ ^ i ^ S ^ Z K ^ c e i v e d ! ^ ^ ^ ^ “ !: _ _ „ „ w ard Het coa is seer from the im m u n i t y B6osters Lynne M a r lc Qf Clyde- Pa..'conducted the survey. intendent o f Ham b u rg State School and Hospital, Ham burg, the taw enforcement group. 2 e„ un^ ra. ^ n y n ^ S ™ » ' l S M e M a r ie Dapolito o f Glydc- ® . ,- , r „„-, rtf c lu b - H a llagan M fg. C a , E d g - Savahnah central, Norm a Poole 1 T h e team visited residential Special Agpnt Cecil M . „ n ett-Bur-nham _ Co-> N o r m Rose, Ann Reynolds of l a n a service areas, observed Hie Buffalo offK-e FVB:^, j.Fofids, Inc., C- H- Stuart & C n , ■ P a irayra - Macedon, Judy Akers training and education pro- mstructor in the f‘rea - J ayNcees. Gilbert Jewelers, Q{. M a r io n Central, Susan Robie 1 gram s .in action and consulted Ttoe classroom training t o s , M a n 's Shop Colacino Electric,. W illiam son Central, Joyce j-with heads of professional serv- week consisted of firm g the geaRv George - Lookup,1 nf ” - i - - - - caliber special pistol, 12 -gauge j.Harnish & Lookup Associates, ^ - shotgun, rifles and different q J cj jnn, M r s . Annie M a c - types of tear gas grenades on Leod M e m o rial. N e w a r k E l k s “ *u“ J ‘ “ Joyce. T. S, Cen - 1 ires, inriuding the clinical direc tral, Cyyithiii Andrews -of Leav- tor, chief supervising nurse, su- enw-orth “ Central in Wolcott, j pervisor of occupational therapy Debra D r iscoll of R e d Creek, director o f education, ^supervisor the firing range of the W aynn Lodge. J_Shn T . a oyvv. Jacoucline W h ite o f Sodus Ccn- of recreation, chaplains,'super County Deputy Sheriff s Bene o- Knight. L. J- Engtescm* JRex ^ 'v iso r of volunteer services and lent * A ssociation, just south of ^-o0\c| and G e r r y ’s T r a d in g Post. I tral the county jail. , i The fund committee w ishes to The 240-hour school w ill also thank pubiicly all those who are CH O IR 1 i l i n i c include a 40-liour on-thc-job m3aking contributions to tiie fund M e m b e r s of the junior choir tratoing course, and^a 2 -hour ex-; ^ 0rder t h a t c o m m u n i t y | at tjje P a r k p r e s b y t e r i a n ( ministration, am ination -in Canandaigua. H m a y have a new am b u lance and ... nir-nii*; c a i , , the rookie law enforcement of- give better and surer service in ficers pass they will be certified c a s es of em e rgency and trans- for permanent appointment a s jer 0f patients, patrolm e n -or sheriff's deputies. 1 .................... ...... hold their_ picnic next Wednesday a t 4:30 -pm . The children Will meet at the church and go. to Pe r k in s Park. supervisor of social, work. In addition they inquired into the operation of supportive serv- _ad- T h e evaluation project will ” .; 1 ^ f-.H I have been, in operation for. two. years by the end” o f 1968 and should result, in the evaluation of almost all state residential facilities for th'e retarded throughout the United States. It has been-designed to foeus the spotlight of public attention upon the role of, residential serv* ices for the m e n tally retarded and to provide a definite,.set of standards against w h ich to measure the different function­ al aspects of the institutional program. Evaluation instrum e n ts are based upon tht A.A .M .D . M a n u a l until' 1951. on Standards fo r ’State Residen­ tial Institutions for the M e n t a l­ ly Retarded. A final report on tlie survey taken a t Newark S tate- Sehooi will be subm itted to Joseph—E.- Hubbard, director o f the division Oif special studies o f the Am e ri­ can. Association on M e n tal D e ­ ficiency. .Copies will be provided for the local institutions and for Dr. Alan D. Miller, commissioner of the Departm e n t of M e n tal Hygient. “ ' John L. O'Connor, assistant pas- T h e j i r s t division.w ill tie m a d e tor of St. M ic h a e l’s. Cliurch,’W Ht up of\ the police escort, village giye the benediction. T a p s W ilt and town officials, disabled vet- be sounded by G a r y E h r h a r d t erans in eai-s, G o ld S t a r rnoth ers in cars, W o m e n ’s A u x iliary members in cars, Am e rican Le- „gion and V F W .com m a n d e r s and. hiayor, m assed colors' an d 'cdlor guards, firing squad, m a ssed veterans groups and W a r Dads. . Com p rising- thea second divi­ sion will be - the h ig h school band, \2nd Battalion- of the 391st Regiment, A rm y Reserves, firemen,- auxiliary and New ark E lk s Lodge. V incent'Jones will be .officer of the day at the Central P a r k . rites' which will open with the pledge of allegiance to' the flag by E a g le S c o u r T e r r y Sm ith of Rev. Bernard D . and Vernon. Coleman. 4 m e m o r ial M a s s w ill be cele­ brated at a a.m, at S t M ichael’s ' Catholic. .Church fgr deceased7.\ veterans' with H o ly Eucharist at\ St. M a r k 's Episcop a l Church at the sam e time. Same Dog Bites Three Children-r Ordered Confined Three children were bitten by Granger, rector, of St. M a r k ’s ■ the sam e -dog, accordin g -to-p o * E p iscopal Church, w ill give the lime. invocation. Post Com m a n d e rs Al -rnvo 21 . a ir. u n i ™ of £ S ttI)0rted 10 poIiCE la s t T u e s a i j : » 0i r b e ^ i ^ o r c e T f ^ ; by the aw a rding of essay prizes ! Z r ! I I n, ’®' » a by the officer o f the day. . Tellier reported-. Lt. CoL W iirinm F Sp.ehpu that her 5-year-oid. d a u g M e r _ executive officer o f the Seneca mc[ted to the le f t le g - b y the A r m y Depot, will deliver the M e - sam e d°S- m o rial D a y address from the . Police inform e d the owner tq park bandstand. He enlisted i n i 1566? tbe dog confined for 1(J tlie A rm y in 1945, and after ba- .days. The ow n e r -w a s concerned sic a n d advanced training was over the m a tter and asked po- seqt to Ita ly where he served ! lice to destroy tlie dog, The.in*. \■■■ .jyostiga.tihg.p a trelm a h u ^ d s e d : I the owner to take the dog. to. a ! He received h is com m ission , v e terinarian for confinement, as a s e c o n d lieutenant hi 1952. j T h a p o lice officer said the dog He h a s scrvcci m Italy, France, a ^so bit anotIier' child a weefc Korea and Vietnam. t a g 0 although the dos — ^During his career, Lt. Col. |ed. Spicher has served as a h advisor j — ■ J to the Korean Arm y, as the n u - . C L A S S R E U N I O N clear weapons officer of the i— T h e / 1941 gradu a t ing class.Gif- S ix t h U .S. Arm y, a s director of ,New a rk Central School w ill h o ld J maintenance of the 199th L igh t a class reunion on Jtine 3- a t Infantry Brigade in Vietnam , [7:30 p.m. at tha hom e o f M r s , and as director of m a intenance [Lewis Johnson, H illtop Aeresf— I of C a m R a n h B a y Support C o m - ! P o r t Gibson. 1 Priests to Offer Special Mass for Father Quigley The Rev. John O ’Connor and ' jhis classm a tes of the Diocese of j Rochester w ill celebrate their I fifth' anniversary w ith a eon- j celebrated M a s s today iM a ; 29 ] jat 5:15 p.m. at St. Michael;;;; \; Ctl a rch' . ,, „ V { 'd a y at ro ib u in Park I The special Mass will be ot- . j, - . ! fered far .the recently deceased j Nt‘w:t,'k c ^ f !hrtf ’ . . . . , - - • clasiliate tlie R - v John Q u ig- opening dav for tne Ue fVlots Duguuts are being elected, le y j in - t h r C la s s A N»!vrY H fl{-p a i»-'; K£at.'- blg-league stjic dugouts, League is too. The cement truck w a s on By Charley Ross It's getting ri'-ser to upening , reptaeed by a velvety turf su r ­ face \i-m p o rted\ from neqi’by j B a tavia. The turf inileled m a y be home of’ laid by the time the ink dries on i The bleachrr seats wiliYbfe scraped and painted. A p r e s s -' box w ill be built back of'.{he --’| backstop with som e talk df a_ i^ijv con(*esstoq stan d bpipg copr\: stnicted. The) parkiiig area ou't-. side the p a r k w ill be m a rked bff- for orderly parking. T h e y ’re just a handful of .'the. im p rovem e n ts blueprinted- l-for,-. •SHARPSHOOTERS Rookie police of­ ficers are shown receiving instruction on firing range at the Wayne .County Jail from Special A g e n t Cecil \Miller of the Buffalo toTTice, F.B.I. Observing fT6m left are Ahthony L. Cecere. chief defective in Ontario County, and Newark Police Chief Donald Brown, svlvania Easebail • 'Tuesday, June 25. and d o n \ b e t The scene M o n d a y with Club . St. M i c h a e l K i n d e r g a r t e n against it, fans. ' President Bob Kim p larid of W a l- r ______________ ___ _ ________ C - J - Tnrlfitt ' Oh. the ball park will be there,! ftogton blink-big his eyes a t the I N e w a r k 's first vdnture Into fif’d*: J G l a s s e s t o c n a i o a a y ^ t i ngm -,. n v(Iju j , ■ uiov-mg . 'r t r i A P p m y - ^ n r o g t t o ^ . ^ ■ ■ - ■ J - T h e kinderearteti classes at ; The Co-Pilots and' the Auburn w mp up the park for pfofessioii- jtfte St. 'M ichael SehooF-w ilFendvTw ins w ill'be' there. in\thelr \new baseball -------- - _ .... ----- - for the school yearton VFedhes* uniforms. S i will a few hundred; A new pvteher's mound Is be- day, -May 29, [fans . . . say 1,000 or 2.000. Any- ing niadez and if the piteliers G r a d u a tion exercises for the ; thing over 2,000 would be great 'com p lain about not being on top m o rning class wiit be at 10 I,.’ . ; just great. j o f the hitters theyTt iia ve itu one o’clock that day and for the a f - j ^ 0pening day fans w ill be 1 to blam e but themselves. The tem q on class at 1.30 p.m. - ja mr a treat. They won t recog** mound, is-of regulation elevation, riize 'the Old ball-park. | n aturally. V illage er'gws u n d er V incent' T h e r e 's a good* chance that -1 TWO WINDOWS JBROKKN F r a n k Q. sm ith of 605 Peirson Ave. reported to police M o n d a y that two windows were -broken at h i s residence on .M a y 19. Lukas, superintendent of p u b lic, w o rk on a clubhouse w ill begin works, are givin g the E a s t New - f'soop under! the supervision of ark park a complete face-lifting Mayo.r Eugene Cook of Sodus job. The skinned infield w ill b e 1 Point. Volunteers are p i t c h i n g \ \ i n ' from -all sectors’ of W a y n e ‘Cbun-:r ty. . \ I t ’s their ball d u b / * sa id | K im p lan d . “The support we_ have been receiving to date h a s ] been am a z ing. W e ’re try in g td;!' put a c r o s s ’the fact t h a t this- J s a- . W a y n e County ball chib. W g ’-'be* I lieve we're .succeeding .judging j* from the reception w e ^ h a y e r e - , f l ceived so far',’’ „ ■ Opening day can’t come-. too soon.

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