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r 3 sj Y. Courier-Gazette 1,-3' :uoe 6 19^8 B-7 v teiA Ur ■;-. Pilot\5* search for -.:. t.'.j'nt h a s re • . •mil;; <>f. a hard- — , ait r trom C a lifor- :l..:ne ot Hob Mritu* t. •; r M a r v in . !- tne 6-1. 195- u contract that to play w ith t h e ' p v s iri Hw C lass &■ , p-i-nn League this viio batted .411 a n d ' MVP-award at Cabrillo-- WJ> first signed by M in - lau'uiit duty with the, N a ­ si! Guard prevented him ,r .--uring a. Tw ins uni*' • r-otd; rookie resides Iffatsuu' tile.. CAhf- D u r in g his high sciiool com- Kicn hr. -aas named to the, Star team each'year and as j hhwsu.t ho played. Little !- Eme.\p«.n\ League, .Colt and mfe'.Ma.’k b mebuH. He bats i i threw\ re ht-handed. i L'sbtni •!•. -f M a tiflich to a ' iipc: rr.;!\■> to ’ seven the ? %er .e-n'dned to^the C o -P . il-i fjfho'oeun their spring train- , |.ntr: ni m. Newark on J u n e : lei u ' k opens its first year' |:ip NY-Penn League a t G e n - t K jr. Jn%\,22 and: at home on ■ n.st tne Auburn HECTIC SCENE -— -Village forces are shown rolling strips of turf across infield' nt .Colburn Paris-—home of 'the Newark Co-Pilots • in refurbishing East Newark ball park for the first game of the season on June 25. I L a u v B.eeyo. i fornlvr m e m - ( : oer of tho Nov. ark Co urai bd.i-ni M u inm . team, \v,m en.'(te(l c‘(vcapn::.i ot the P l a n s - 1 I4.li- S.t.dr \,iI. ity s» iin.iiu’ft ttro M r l.c.Xt- \i. ,. at tho ..a-.. M b- jtith'^fir bmiqurt. -JPiettT TStolie of Isi't aVilie is t.'.e 0 rii*r I'ti-i- ,]>t -up B.o'h. are jii- mors . j bto.a ii .a b ( i; .... vjU.sf.lllU- i’ - uiiui.\! for. th p. ,-t .l.t.o ■ isonl- Ho was ' undefeated' M dual, rivet Competition- tills year and for the second time was n.un-'d to the NA-I/Cs All- American teiun. H e was also .voted or.e o f t,he three most outstanding sWimmers in the national meet., Boeye, although’not ouite as 1 spectacular a tinm a n as 0 Stone, has held' his own against some ot the best -in the country. He ■finished am rpK tiie top 25 swimmers in both the 100 and 200 -y.ird backstroke events ja the national meet last year. A Two Teams Share Lead m Spring Doubles League Two teams share first place iri tile > p i ill\ iwiitdoa I,< a’UUv al the R is e Hovvj League through tiie tn.-'t niyiitli . M t*.e ti-vvcek schedule. ' , Bi-b Denton and Dick- C r a v e r ■share the lead yyith Hie tandem of Ray Dowd and G il Qymzdle”: 'I he father and; son entry of Har- ivlcf Hess. Sr. arid Jr: holds third place with Pu.t Bram a iite and Ken Gasseim a n in .fourth- spot, Pat Bram a n te rolled a high league' total nf 775 on gam e s of 187. 190. 209 and 189; Red Rush kegied. a 779 and Harold Hess, Jr.. had a 770 Tim Heise Hits Homer, fe irI 70-5 Loss, Little League Slates Twin Bills, on 4 Days ij- ! Paul Caccamise Wins Blind Bogey Tourney _■ T T- - : P a d caceam ise shot .a .44 to. Tlie New a rk Little League Will ja]te top honors in a blind bogey schedule twin bllUf on. four ’days event held a. the M e n 's Tw ilight text week. . . .. . [League a t - t h e N e w a r k eotjntry The June 10. pairings find the > Club. ■ , ■ ' ilan'ts muetiifu tlie Red S'>x and . , Tied lor .second with 43 s were the Ind.,ins r l.,vmg the Yanks. R u d -V -K lt^ n e r . D r . Jam e s Flan- ,, 1 ' ' ; _. agan. H a r o ld Everdyke. G a t y fhe June 1. eort .'s s pit the Ti- Slillth> Leon Tobey- add. ■ C lan­ gers again tlie Dodgers in the ence H y m a n , first gam e and the Cubs against ■ , ' - . — Iie - B r a v e s iii i.it nightmipi Slat- S O F T B A l L P R A C T I C E ed to play on June 12 are the I n - , diahs-Giants Yanks-Cubs.' The New ark Center girls’ meetings and rounding out the soft b ill team will p ’ay- the week.are the -Br.aves-Tigers and North Rose girls this Saturday Do‘dgers-Red‘ S>x . games- o n ;at 1:30 -p.m. p.-i the H e r k b is' June 13.. . ■ ' ' • 'Park, diamond. , , j.. j KEY MAN-—Vincent Lukas, superintendent of public' works, ^ supervises ball park,project which has been attracting curious visitors during the past week. ' Jack Hodgson's '79 topped the | low gross field in the \ A ” sweepstakes- at t h e New a rk I Country Club with Ken Huebeler I p acing the low net scorers with I a 71. j V ic D e P a u w and H a l -M c C a l- I lum- tied far second low net with : 74's. , , J . D o n Crow ley 'posted an BT T d top the low gross field .in the j \ B ” sweepstakes witii R a lph Naeye and Bob \A b r a h a m son - sharing fust iuw m ’t with-74's, John Verkey and Don Crow- icy won a.best- bail event with a score of 75-16-59. H a l 'M r C a li u m and Bob Abrahanison teamed up to post a 76-43-63 to tie tlie 78-.15-63 total of the Bill Jtmes- 1 A home run and a single b T im JHeise failed td help the Braves who. went down, to a 10-5 defeat to tlie Indians -in the New ­ ark .Little League. Heise hit a solo, hom e r in the' second and a* run-producing sin­ gle in the' fourth. Charles Fried­ man, Bob, Christler,. M ik e Tange and Jeff Siier each had. two hits „ , , for the winners. R a d e i Ortiz -j versa l^ s w m m e r , Boeye h a s j SCattered three liitg while strik* filled Ip m a n y of the weak spots tng ou^ jg_ .and w a lking seven, ■in th.\ Plattsburgh smmd. | f0Ur in the first inaing. , Several tunes Boeye finished lus backstroke event ' o n lv to j —T GATES OPEN AT 7:45 - SH O W APPROX. 8:45 7— DAYS-^-7 WEDNESDAY , TUESDAY FIRST RUN, '* ^ P I C T U R E UNIVERSAL PRESENTS in TECHNICOLQR ® — J” STAB*INp :hr ••52’’ Duplicate^ •a M a y 21 were the , ’ 1 J.- 1 a ,nd M r s . Robert Only 1 2 points separate the first three teams in the Serteea ■ •li.m. firstr M r s. , Archery League after the first m o n th'of the summer schedule, id and M r s . R o n - ! The Buckskin Bowmen oi Waterloo pace the archers with 532 “Qrothers tied for first place’ in a New a rk, second; | points f .flowed by tlie Arcadian Archers of Newark w;fth 531 8 and blind bogey event ' with^ Dick; Seneca F a l l s a n d . cananda-Uua Field Archers O e n o i t r a t h i r r i v . 4 ., « m , _ Bob Jones entry ft r second I ; place. Hen Huebeler and A l W arren t \>k th’rri with a 72-8-6.4 D r . E lm e r D u B m s and L y m a n ; Ni a ;k f'-.-urth. F-tt h. Geneva, third;-' with-530 8 The SouUl Sodus Bow . a Mr\ -S rmtiel Salisbury, Ro- | hunters arc fourth -with 493' ■:;u Mrs. W a lter Halla-;|.pointS:.p.qdffthc Deerslayers Bow - 1 men of Oswego arc last with 361. Bernard Heise of. Newark, president, said this year's rare is tfi'1 keenest 111 the 1 l- u - a r _. , ! history ot tlie area league ! Clarence. Baker, md M r and M r s |June ^ aj> Juut. -9 L a t the ^ ' \ ^ r X i h . s t e r B-.W u u;tcr, range on. Ridgeway’ Ave,. Rtichester-. June , 15-16 - M,d A tla::tas ..t Sugar., Falstick, Abrahanison. George : D ohn and G e o r g e 'P a lm e r shar- ; ing runnet'np honors. Jack Hod- gson took the next prize. r. and kirs. P e r c y ! , R. ■ ■!.ester, first;' Ai | r.ti E. C. D a v is, sec-! Russell Cuyjer. New-! Center Lists Parly Events M iv 28 were James.:., ! •■\•’s I,bn P Flani- Plnlip Gordon and P— it-h.. Geneva, first: A survey made ' aniong the J r „ , . L . Lvuns, ! Bfalt’S. Eueheim, M r s . Ro- feU's. Theo.- H ill in W a tkins Glen; June 23--: country's town and village jus- pun, - Arcadian '.tiees' shows that the number ,of Tliursd..y - D o d ie b a lll 3 79 p:tn.; Little League baseball 5 30 two games, (.pen pl .y ‘ backstroke event ' o n ly . climb back u p on the blocks for;i the Brhast.stroke to . pick up ] valuable punts for his team. ♦ Holldgaii Singies Home Deciding Rim In 3-2 Triumph A run-scoring single in the '.last inning by W a lt H a llagan gave the DodgofS' a 3-2 w in over the Cubs in the Little League. Matt GolHns had opened the inning with a singlo and went to S'T-ond When K im R o s s drew a base on balls G a r y ‘Sryriiour. Cubs' pitcher, struck oiit Joe Ar- .mitafle and Di'bk Martifi, but Hailim.im cam e throufih with a single to left to- break the 2-2 dcudloek. Seym u u r shriek out eight, a l­ lowed three hits and walked six T im Brow n struck out -seven, gave u p two luts and walked .two. Wayne Red Cross Appoints- Director D O D G E B A L L w i m ram Open date, June 30 - i Archers, team shoot ! v e h icle and traffic eases ,/JEf^jUay— G irls’ so ftb a ll- prim- U ifs. 3 r t 5 ' p m . 7 -' Little Lenaim two g.uin.,. . Roy P u H t r JTTviaibtrtawn and . died in' the courts lias dT-upti^tJ. h*ispbalL 5 30 u m New a rk, M a u r ice | J o e ^ R a o M WilHamson school I oVer ihe past decade., ' j n S b a U 7 nan •.,;v rin,-.,d p k S w t : ! « E e M S j „ m < , » * « . • « ^ 1 : third-; M r s . : Mrs Ronald Welcher, park Mr\ John Blacet. Liv- ’t:- Stratton Tom p kins. ■» f-.inh ers at the recent meet at C a n ­ andaigua.. with a 578 score jjers Trip Cubs |W Dave Comstock Ttvers topped :,the Cubs, .1 Little League contest. ( ..instock allowed only w hile striking out nine Pt.i'uag none in the victory. Tmrs erupted for three 7 “ e last inning tb oyer* ■ Cubs. Back-to-back bv Tom ' Luerrsen and F - Puiver and consecutive bv Comstock, T o m V a ii- •nrl Curt_ Brow n ac- E-hi ter the runs. R o l l e r S k a t i n g \kilting for h ig h school ®r‘' will be scheduled Sat- 7 P m. tm the Com n iu- ibr/er gym. Robert polnt °r t U e Buckskin Bowmem | ing 1967 with sem e towns soH.,kl^ p arlt j^Tler sk a t in g 1:13 A recent report from the l0 report, vehicle and traffic m . Roller league secretary shows that Pt-v cases numbered 8,25-1. ■ qkatine 7 o m for high’ school ver was high for the local arch- crim in a l cases were also up, - f a^ g£’ 7 p ' m ' forn>hlgn ? according to Westernian, total- . ' m ing alm o st 9QQ of which about M Q # a ^ p o d g e e i ^ @ J O 'iiD ni eight per cent were grand ju r y ! L itte bass cases. He said one reaso n f o r 1 two fcm ^ ^ .D o d g e b a l, 7 p.m. the intSfease Was the new tmi-| Tuesday— -Arcpeyy, 3:30 p m ; form Justice Court Act which \ Bod g eb a ll, .... % 3 r ifep.m .; r.-Littte- went into effect, giving towh i L e a g u e basebalf|pt30 p.m., two justices jurisdiction over a il igames:- Dodgimnte-7' i?m- types of misdem e anors, includ- i W e d n e sday * - “ljod'ge|iali; 3 '30 ing those that previously had t o l p m i Little League baseball. Roosa, a new member and one of the top bowmen in the area, topped the team with a 566 score the following weekend. Club members who m a d e up the five-man team at Canandai­ gua were R a y Puiver 578, Paul Mobbs 552, Bud Nayaert 545, Joe Roosa 542 and Joe. Bosje 630. H igh scorers at the South Sodus tournament were Joe Roosa 566, Bon Johnson 540. Doyle Stiner 536. Bud Nayeart 531, and Paul Mobbs 530. W I N S S O C C E R L E T T E R Robert Dedrick of Newark was: awarded h is varsity soccer let­ ter at , T ri-State College, A n ­ gola, Ind. OPEN PLAY IN GYM The Com m u n ity Cehfer gym will be available fof open play today at 7 p.m. be referred for grand jury a c - : 5:30, p.m. two gaifiesfVSVayno*' County Com m u n ity '{Council, 8 p.m .; Dodgeball, 7 pirn. H o b . Collectively the county jus­ tices spent 4,350 days in a ll types of court matters, exclud-, r , , C _ L A _ / \ ing the time spentpn towri4egis- i W e School L -lerk ■< lative affairs by justices who I Re f i r e s A fter 33 Years are m e m b e rs of town boards. 1 • th e county m a gistrates held a Lols E K a r d y a, of 46 L a . due Avg., C lifton SpxTfigs. has Hotel in Alton- in observance of “Law Mofith.H” Topic of a panel discussion was . \How to Im ­ prove Our Courts.” North Ro$e Student Wins Bob Jones Award retired as senior account clerk at the N e w a r k State School after a h ' 'em p loym e n t record of 33 years. 1 She first cam e to w o rk at the school on M a y 1, 1935 as an at­ te n d a n t and in 1943 W as prom o t­ ed to stenographer in the busi- ’ness office, w o rking in the pay* Ern e s t W ayne Bate of. North roll department. She W as ad- Bose, a junior at Bob Jones,vanced to the position of senior •University, Greenville, S. C., re- account clerk in 1956. A-farewell, ceiv.ed the third anntial Alunini dinner was held on A p r il 30 with Achievement A ward at a recent J35 in attendance, chapel service.' ' ” ^ ^ .’ttf SmS Sox, 77 gen Clash i ' t i T o w g h t a t t r q e n f e s t - iyp0. f s P t s t o r ctiSimnysrde-Cr,m-; gam e s w ill ’ be j played m u n ity Churcji m North Bote. T h d r s d a y, June 6: the New : -ark, J„i UV p . L e ague. V a n R e v p e n , J o n e s W i h The Red Will, engage tlri . . ' ' . . 1 -r . ' l- H V e rs iri tbe.Hrst gam e and thi- B l o o m e t M ^ lh o r ia l le s f r In d ian s will face Hie Cubs in . _a ’he second, contest.'. ' .. Shirley YanBeypen and. Rob'-\' \ ert Jones won Uie BJoomer Me--: .R O L L E R S K A T I N G ' m o rial in the w o m e n 's and ^^•i\''Vii-V'V'i*.ns~ ‘at -the 'N e w a r k ’ Bo iler sk a t in g -Tor y '\’gi'ad't Country Club. school pupils will be srhodu'.r 'i Mr$. Vanitevpen siidt a 32 and Saturday a t 1:15 p.m. in H ie ! Jones had a 64. - ' Center'gym . - < fin . S & SO tos* ol eaflanriaigu '/ATULICH sees his name go up on the list of Seattle s m r'V^pg American League baseball team the Pilots, f j !cb- a promising rookie from -Watsonville. Calif.. was Seattle General Manager Marvin Milkes__JQert). „ has been assigned to the .Newark Co-Pilots ot Fe New Vork-Penn League— Seattle's Class A farm team. i S O F T B A L L P R A C T I C E •The girls’ softba’J team at the « __________________________--^-411. t I y a i r P i s t o l W a n t to b a g grouse for t^e pot New ark Com m u n ity/center w ill jWithoUt disturbing trophy \ani- report Friday^at 3jl5 p.m. at t h e , g i a l s with gunfire? T r y an s i r Perkins P a r k for practice).- • - •» '• 4 THUR.-FRl.-SAT. AtL- COLOR SHOW P E T E R S E L L E R S v THE PARTY 2nd' BIG COiloR HIT ----- J A M E S G A R N E R HDUfTOFTHF GUN L 3rd HIT F R lk f tf . SUM - MON. - TUES. G E O R G E P E P P A R D IS P.G. — S I M O N E S I G N O R E T — mms BOTH IN COLOR Starting Wed, June 12 l u c i l l e H a l l . ' H E N R Y F O N D A Yours, Mine and Ours k - - IN COLOR - ~ - - 7 A >lniri jiiumcy fmm girl 10 woman. i': . A : Hayley Mills Trevor Howard Shaslu Kapopr ■' - ] — \ft Materof Innocence\ tfflKKMIIIIJISI I M r s. .Leslie Incrahain of N e w ­ ark: has been appointed sw im director at the Red Cress su m ­ m e r sw im program . The an- nouneement-iwas made by Shear­ m a n Smith. W.rYjv County Bi'd Cross Chapter chairm a n . . M rs. Ingraham , an authorized R e d Cross water safety instruc­ tor, has. taught in the sum m e r p r o g r a m s for severrl years; T h is yrTrh:' pmvrhrri wiH b- held July 8-26, M o n d a y s through . Fffdftws.- at., sndus.- P n int Bay. There are openings on the staff for those currently holding sen­ ior lifcsaving certificates and for those who- are currently au­ thorized Water safety instruc­ tors. Applications are now being accepted at the W avne Countv TStf - p.m. [ R e d Cross Chapter office, 117 °E. Miller St.. Newark or phone 331-3783. Tennis League Concludes Regular Season Friday The • W ayne County Tennis League will conclude its 1968 season with matches on June 5 and 7. The June 6 pairings find Pai- M a c a t Lyons.. M a rion at, New- iris. Clyde a t W ayne and North' Rose a t Sodus. Set for the June 7 finales are Wolcott at Pal- M a e , W a y n e at Marion, Lyons at Sodus and ‘N e w a r k at North Rose. ( '• ' ^ A R C H E R Y S E S S IO N S Archery sessions w ill be held T u e s d a y at 3:30 p m. “at Per- kin s F-ieid j irid e f the supervision of thh Com m u n ity Center s i a f “

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