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E D I T O R I A L P A G E Nev/arlqN.Y. Courier-Gazette Thursday, July 11 , 1968 Ini-» 'T:.; >11 ihe doors were opened.— { Acts 15:26) . Ji'suly e.;i , i, •> ^ c, ,p i; p \ *** t,:,d He will sHow us how we can flve‘'this. wiiy. New a way, a'w o rk f o r all of us. Let Us see y occupied, giving, and prowins. God sees us Uhis way |ovn\f! .,.ntim.rtlly o p e n in g to us, Look At'Otirtd A Bit bMU-“ O t . & r w e h a v e miroh. to g iv e ,, t £ n YEARg ^ j • Ju ly 10, 1958 i P a t r ic i a ■ *©elxo ha* .been - a p - i pointed by tlie Wavne, C--nntv — - H z - w n:l need to find a home, a couple hundred miles away, t Health Nufsniir Service. For-tUie litt.ti consecutive year ■ f i iu tiist things you Would 1 do is to-liiake iiiany ,in- immediate area of the new boa tion, and then lectj, |, u cities- and towns for personal inspection. * \pinlc ' casing\ the surrounding, countryside, those areas >th licit ittr.'iclivc homes, clean streets, and modem 'shopping reas,arouse ynut interest, while, those which are -litter-strewn ,ii ipottfd with unkempt homes a re immediately rejected. gut.hoir ihm’t have to move. Yet .this imaginary visrt'h.as »ped ii'ctul- purpose. The way to keep America beautiful is et a pcitf.t example in your own backyard, ft ^ill serve as a Ulejwc .mil icininder' to your n ei ghbo r s— and..tildr..neighb.ox s.. ,11 tolU'W When pride in cleanliness has|permeated hhe-neigh-, orhooi. tho good example will encourage .the entire city or jwn tc billow. ( - ' gem«-mber. it is the combined' efforts of individuals who leterniinc uhether or not litter is to be downgraded and an en- i ait’ii upgraded. W ' ’ ......... ---••■ ^ Newark inis been cUcd by tire A m e rican ’ A u tom o b ile ’ A ssocia­ tion for liavtiiM eltm ma-ted pe­ d e s tr ian traffic d e a th s tronr its streets’ d u r ing 19.57, ' . Dedu11 Oi ic p.ri x i i ti; - i.u/ter from tlie village s pro p e rty rolls. Som eone took a m e ter irom iri front of th e .Newark' G range ! b u ilding on E. M iller St, \\ n iiout .so m u c h ' a s leaving a \ t h a n k you” -note. H u n d r e d s ef property ow jiers shewed, up- a t.tlie tcw-n offices o i l ' -af-ncial •■Grievance D a y ” T u e s ­ day to question the tow n assess ors on increases in th e i r assess m ents. Yes, the Ctf-Pfldts Have Landed Hive the Co|-Pilpts really landed in Newark? . TW ENTY YEA R S AGO j July 8, 1948 _ C o m p leting his- in tern s h ip - i n .. Deaconess H o spital, B u ffalo' ori. July !, Dr. B ruce Babcock so i T d r ” Mr, a n d jyfrs. B ruce B a b cock, j Efossoni Road, is now associated . w ith Dri I. Eugene H n e trdom in th e practice ot m edicine. Tire old Ncvvyirk Junior-Senior. High Buildine-h-u German. POW ■ . . . ^ : , , j htinp in Workl War XI will soon ■ Manaacr htbby brsU s hustling L o -1 dots almost had the, be demolished iuilowmg action, Jirst ifrtint- ill a head-on meeting wijh the front-running williams- taken Tuesday night by the Vil- ’ Itrrt (.Pa ) Astros, but. didn’t Tet the second one slip. away. Ex- lage Board in opening bids sub- ‘ (ellerrt pit* hinc by Nelson Gibson, home runs by Bill Gardner ! nutted tor- ’the job. Ind Ctw* k Yhilit/ and brilliant all-around defensive play pro-I Miss Ekn-nor Ursitrtu of New- lidedirtic tans with their first home victory of the rain-logged leason ■ . * N E E D L E S S . D E A T H S -' ------- This y e a r an estim a ted 45,000 tneti and woliien w ill die c&n=~ cer of the’ colon and rectu m ,' M o st of these deaths a r e need-, less. T h e proctoscopic e x a m i n a - .... tion, included as p a r t of a n an­ nual physical' checkup, could m e a h the cure of 70 per cen t of E lder S teven S m ith a n d Elder R ichard B e rger, w h o W bee* t n T t S ■ n ■ ‘ - m<’nt, th r e e out., of' .four liv e s residing at 126 W est M a in St., W d h am son, have‘*rereived tron th a t they will be perform ing in (h is,y e a r 's ' production of the , cpulcj- be savdd from this, type Hill C .am o rah P a g e a n t; ’in P a l -1 - — —- — r —— -*• , 0 f cancer. . ^ ’ ’ » y i ’a. . . - fie d Jerusalem . A'binadi taugh* ; ‘ —; - ■ y . Tnese young m issionaries will th a t th e S u f f e r in g Ser'vant be leav in g - f o r P a lm y r a on M on- spoken of by Isa iah w o u ld be It's paid sented rig h tl y a t 9 p.m .—Ju ly 29 - th r o u g h . A u g u st 3. “Am erreals W itness for cflirist,'' a s th e P a g e a n t . 'is' form ally titled, will be • p r e s e n ted by a- c a s t of am o st,, 600 perform e r s ,’’ said E lder Siirith. \A b o u t 200 of .these p a r ticip a n ts a r e young m issionaries like ourselves, and th e rem a in in g 300 a r e e ith e r m e m b e rs of the-local. congrega- 1 t h a t peace 'w o u ld com e o n l y I throughi, th is fo u n d e r of peace- - ' JeSus C h r i s t . A f t e r deH sering ’•this m essage he w a s condem n e d , j f o r blasphem y , ' taken, ' a n d f ; b u n ted a t thp,j s tak e .” • ’ j. | “A b inadi’s1’1 testim o n y - in de- : ;. fiance’ -of m rtrtrydorn ty.pifirrj: I the high 'degiee of reltgiotts * , f e rvor a t th e -clim ax found t th r o u g h o u t th e evening's per- in i t tions. d r a r e b r o u g h t to P a lm y ra . f o rniancc. We hope t-haf m a i r v ^ irom W e s tern collcgek” people ■ o f th is a r e a wili be our , T h e se w o rds are nice to h e a r as The P a g e a n t traces th e h i s - ' -guests a t one e v e n in g - of this.' | y o u ’re leaving th e h o s p itali In tory of a group of Israeites who y e a r s ’ Hill C u m o rah .Pageant.\ ir= -mhnt. wnu ,r.. w ere in s t r u c t e d by G o d to flge ‘ th e im p e n d ing .aestructioji o f ’! Jeru s a lem in 600 B.C. .Sailinp, ; across the ocean,, th e y founded 1 a new civilisation, on tire S o u th | an d C e n tr a l A rr.erican c o n tn nehts. A condensed a c c o u n t of •these people inscribed on th in sh e e ts o f gold,- was- tran s la ted into th e English' by Joseph Sm ith iri 1829, arid published us A>k the 9 d 6 Tan’s” w h o rlfhc.td'-r nt C o lburn P a r k . attended SaUirday's twi-nightl .-.Tlie . C lifton h n d Clinic's S p rings H o s p ital Second - C e n tu r y - p u r G irl F r id a y say s her new boy friend-\is like Y e llow stone’s fam o u s g t v s e r - o l d . but faithful. * ’ i|i * • The, office wolf has a tin ear ; f o r m u s ic. but he loves, to listen to the belles. Onq_ isom e tric, do-it-on-the-job .Building F u n d Itas now reach e d ( e x e rcise th a t will .-do yqu n world of its SI million, goal, ac- of good: keep ;the m o u th shut.. _ ■ - , * I Iht fans remained in their seats until the* final pMtout of , tvvin hill. They seemed to enjoy the night at the ball’ park ' I nd th- management and players enjoyed having them there. ' t wav more like ‘‘Farfiijy ’Night\.'M others and fathers stepped | i ib the box’office with their young ’uns and o'riee inside a'run I ■ras m.tif*.- for the hot dog stand. Everybody was having a won- j pertul tun*. ’ | only fitting that the Co-Pilots,, winning new fans ! •very time they run out to the’ir positions, should pick on the eadinc Astros for their fi^st home victory. Manager-Sisti’s yo.ung athletes, by the way, have come a r k uns elected president ol th e Society of DenUtl A s s is tants an d cording To G e n e r a l C lratrm a n , E. j H y g im ists of W a y n e a n d o n - ' K e n n e th H a rter. Rich uncles invariably have 'Vflo f /Total r \ f mTTtlafSTifiST County Supervisors to Establish Data Processing Center fm o st cases,, it’s w h a t yo u do 1 h e a r if ybli're covered by Blue •Cross. ' ' The W a y n e County B o a rd1 of j S u p e rvisors h a s a c c e p ted a plan, th e Book o f M orm o n . \j’fqr the e s tab lish m e n t of a daY a r “O n e . of th e -most sp e c tacu lar i p rocessing c e n t e r .in, th e c o u n t y . 10 lue* C ross card, Blue Cross is- a prep a id hast. , pitallzation\ prlan. The h o s p ital, bills p in e Cfoss, and gets p'ald < directly. W h en you’r e re a d y - t o go hom e, th e r e ’s nothing le f t 't o do b u t h a n d th e cashier your- scenes of t h e P a g e a n t,\ th e ml: sionaries eom m e n ted, \is the app r e h e n s io n of .th e prophe No bills for yo u tc h a n d le. No T h e ’board also m o v e d th a t i t 1 en ter info a leasing ag r e e m e n t ) with international- B u sihess M ar, . „ j „ , A b inadi, a n d .his a r r a ig n m e n t’j c h ines.C o rp. for th e ir 560 M o d e l5;pal^ ‘'eceipts to se d ^ u t. N p p a r ^*ndG rial .-before- t h e - a rrosant-j.20 com p u ter and necessary a d d - : P’-rw o rk or records fo r you to court of the. wrekect king N o a h . , ed equipm e n t at a, m o n thly rent- keep. Ydif can concentrate all. your efforts on getting well tario C o u n ties at its o r u a n iza- T h e overall am o u n t needed t o 1 g r a n t deal of W illpower, tirm rheetim> h e ld - - J u n e 30 in - b u ild a n d equip th e new d i a g - j -You’re; lucky to_ h a v e to deal N ewark. , --*-HOstic and tre a tm e n t center i s . oiily with your boss. C o n sider • A fter a n , accrlm o n ious v e r b a l r al ch a r g e of $1,652, ^ exeirairge w ith uhc p r i e s t s ' o f : T h e a g r e e m e n t also includes N o a h 's coUrt, A b inadi -was con- - m a intenance which will be effed- , . , '.' d e m n e d to a d e a th by fire. The five in varying aniorm ts ,as t h e . Blue Cross is the h o s p itah z a - g u a r d s a h d th e solidiers could I e q u ipm e n t is delivered. S u p e r*, tioh p lan th a t taker the m o n e y not to u c h him , ho„wever^-he j v ,teorW a rd J ,• M ^ fceU u s^of W ii-; w o rry o u t of; h e a l t h care. Blue w a s divinely protected u n til .h u j \ ~ T ....... had. delio-viered hie m e s sage in I , I liam s'on an d Lookup*- | a g a inst the m o tion. v o t e d T h e V i !U: l :*'' s bii'-tlrraive for ttre $7 m illion of vVhich over $2 m il- 5 'what he goes through, dealing ................. .. . . Vs«r«e» \*. h r s t . h a l t i f 1548 scared to 124,- lion is an ticip a ted .is cnm p .trcd w ith 116 f.rr th e eorresponcilnr period a yt a r ago, according to -Mrs. H a rry Bnb- cock, r c p is tiw r o f v ital sh r ttstk a . in 'govern- [With HIS boss, m e n t g r a n ts an d $2 5 m illion will * * ' * . . . be m o rtaaued T h e b a lan c e w i l l ! A well-known colum n ist has , . _ _ from funds a lr e a d y o n 1 b e e n extrem e ly pa-ined la t e l y : j p h e tic pow e rs, som e of the w r i t - i ships a n d other vessels to by- He began lo expound- tire scrip tu r e s to- them concerning th e com ing of th e M e ssiah, and, in te r p r e tin g th r o u g h his pro- W E L L A ND CANAL Tlie1 W elland1 C d n u l, located An. j C a n a d a six m iles w e st of Niag- ; a r a F u lls, enables ocean-g o in g Cross -is prepaid hospitalization. A \ big reason why your Blue C ross/B lue -Shield card -is A m e r­ ica’s No. 1 get-w e ll card.. ^ r t i r ^ u l V ‘^ e M ihe’s l-e.en 'hftvbig. ajt attack, of I U)B5. of Esaiah. which they had. pass die non-negotiable . ca-tar lifinci tr x n i ttTC * pi /“ - . . l l n n t n n n n , h m n o h i twitK fTinrvi i i*>Ie : _ _____ _ ____ T H IR T Y YEARS AGO July 7, 1938 E x c e p t fo r th e flashes a h d th o drive conducted in 1963-64.- I t w a s also announced re c e n t ­ ly th a t a special fu n d h a s been established in- m e m o ry o f th e ?De G a u llestones. i b r o u g h t w ith them w h e n they i a c ts. Blue Cross/Blue Shield, 41' C h e s tnut S t r e c - t, ** R o c h e s ter,’ . N-.-Y. I46Q4. PlroiK-. 454-1760, ------ — liis *!*«*• i>> winning Some, -of those games that landed in fhe (yong column. A We ki»>w ffir sure, however, that the Co-Pilots have land- btxrms of w ian t firecraik e r s a n d - u r t e Dr. Eloise S m ith Fusca for in \ ’*-v*.*:k. They’re somethin! |ier* I inhiy. Saturday and Sunday nights, just -tn -case you re l-.v n d -rin*,In-n tlu-y’jl bo home A.gain.^ Two-Sided Coih . o th e r pyrotechnics, and several m inor irospital cases for careless observants,*' N e w a rk sp e n t its i 162nd 'safe and_ s a n e F o u r th of to w a teh . T h e y l l be p la y i n g | July. S n o u ts o f joy w ere audible for th e first trine in P e r k in s P a r k over F o u r t h of July u tek e n d as m o re t h a n 506 boys’ arid1 g irls en* joyed1 t h e new facilities of th e su m m e r playground. V,111-age B o a rd a t its- m e e ting Th, L . S. has carried the idea of individual freedom far ! Ither than .my people have ever done before — so fa r that we ! T u e s d a y |seem to he m danger of forgetting that the back side of the coin equipping th e new H o s p ital’s Cardiology, D e p a r tm e n t. Those h e a d of C ardiology a r e urged to specify th is fund as pledges to th e - h o s p itn r are m a d e . \ ” - E n c o u raging progress h a s also been reported in tlie Special G tffk division d u r in g th e p a s t I v d ’weeks in_ th e Villages of. C lifto n Sprirfgs, M a n c h e s ter. P h e lp s an d Shortsville w ith over $7,500 already pledged. These n i g h t voted to cover com m u n ity appeals w e re origin- carne* a crest which reads “responsibility” . In no other country do young people have the degree of freed,,m allowed, in the U. S. today,” Mr. Robert CA tGunness, presici.-nt of Standard Oil Company (Indiana), told members of T-al- * Junior Achievement at their Annual Meeting. But. he Mid. your personal freedom— if unbridled—-is an intrusion on four neighbor, who also has rights of his own. ’ Lien you go to college, he said. I would, suggest that v*u rf A-q make it your first order of business to try to reshape th- p!.u,- , h cording, to your own ideas at the rriorhent. Let me, rpcnn-.na nd a decent regard for the fact that the institutions you \ill rtitpiul ate the product of time, money, and thought con- tnbutrd over a long period by a large number of people— many ot \bun hi re at least your equals in intellect and wisdom. A*mi- of man’s institutions is by any means perfect, and T ■ j'.lis will be to improve on those yon inherit Rut w ith black top the en tire )• n g th :of W est Avenue. FO R T Y YEARS AGO ’ July ■ 6, 1928 The. E d c e tt - B u r n h a m . Com- , p a n y lactu ry o n M o n d a y ol’ th is week bctmn th e an n u a l pack, of peas. D u ring t h e season of about 20 days lire factory will p a r k a p ­ proxim a tely 100,00Q dozen cans ‘ o f peas p f the No. 2 size. ailv scheduled to close Ju n e 28, b u t hayc now been extended th r o u g h July 12. T R E E S AND LIG H T N IN G T r e e s grow ing' in sandy and loam soils a r e m o re susceptible to lightning dam a g e th a n trees grow ing in clay, m a r l , an d cal­ careo u s soils. . M A P L E CRO P One of the most vigorous at­ tacks yet launched on fraudu­ lent ar.d deceptive practices •wl;Jch victimize consumers os- liupe that you will ,go about the job in responsible 1 pecialiy through widespread [fashion ltu*ro are legitimate avenues of protest in a free .so-; false ativcrttsrng. was annu»m -- |c!pty . 'i mif rpa| challenge is not to sit.in -but to build up, j ed last-vteek bj Attorney tn - --f -- j eral Louts J. Lcfkowitz. I **. itn*oit fk r tre m e n d o u s p r o d u c t i v i t y , o f th e A m e r ic a n ; lit said th a t in cooperation Ic-nr.itn. Mr Gunness p o i n t e d o u t , w e w o u ld riot be.dehaH n g -* w ith the New Y o rk Sthtt tb mrpis of universal h i g h e r 'e d u c a t i o n or h o w to p r e s e r v e 1 j H-tir .,1 ir* i dnm, iri the w o r l d , re b u ild in g our cities.- trying to , It. inn*, poverty, goipg to the moon, or warding: off world ranune because we couldn’t afford to undertake such tasks. Bar Group, LefkowHz A b o u t 70 p e r cent of th e New 1 Seek Law Curbing Fraud « U i t ' about 60 ppr cent t h a t w a s ship­ ped out of the sta t e 25 years ago. An Overhaul Needed A* „rw reads of lawlessness arid rebellion in colleges and hmivvT^tirs throughout -theAvofTd, incbichng the \U. 'S.rbne can-' [no; help but wonder what is w^ong with the educational system. Mr. John Chamberlain, one of thff out-standing commentors world affairs, in a recent article, writes on the student trend. [He refers to it as anarchism. Mr. Chamberlain says: “The very : act that the anarchistic impulse can capture so many young U.S. e lists is in itself a commentary on the sort of education they ?'e getting in our political science courses. * . B v i< w. of student and 1 other unpunished lawlessness seen ri th? -I ,S one cannot help questioning the character of pur Locational system on which countless billions of tax dollars [-a? .Sppnt ^y kf- S. citizens. It indicates that an overhaul of out I* C'Ttional program and teaching approach may be needed. As sbrt. we might teach that the rule of law is the basis of a free IT')!'' ka'ck A UP with a guhrahtee of punishmenti of law* B a r A ssnci.rtion lie h a s recom n ipnd- ed a bill to th e L e g islatu r e to d e c l a r e a l l depentive a c t s and p r a c tices unlaw ful, ’ :. Pet foods and o th e r ‘‘nA n -’ food’’ item s m a y acco u n t for as ; inurh as 20 p e r re n t of the cash re g iste r re c e ip ts rit the grocery , store. ’ Newark: Courier-Gazette Marion Enterprise Clifton Springs P r e s s • ^ Established 1*846 . < h a f !«• ■>- \ I1.--S Mimajjing K'litor U « ha«U VVhtiney Business Mnn«tier Theiesa Colacino Office Managei Uobeit H. Hum.Itnri Adverlisinff Manapcei Puhhsbed by Newark CouneiiGa*. | ieUf, .tnc.r^Gfaage'*\Bldfr. , ark. N. Y. Vinco Spezzttno. ; | fe-rfieni; .John EJ. Gartland- ?e <-1 etary-t reastl ref. „ l , ,ls>ng rate of car thefts in the United States was the tin \ y alhclq. published recently in The Petroleum Bulle*- Jl-urisburg, Pa. Tire item stated: “The number of cars^ Ka Trtt '11 ^C>^- >f placed bumper to bumper, would stretch from a ! T f'5a■ to Northern Mains, according to the National ornoKilf' Theft Bureau, in announcing that the number of ]„°,tnt'fts last year hit a record of 656 , 000 . The figure was up 1 Per ff.„t lrt ong yeal. ancJ bad doubled since I 960. -•*». > - ' •. :fj , ^ lf>r'k'inR in. cooperation with the FBI’s computerized Na- m , J \ 110 Information Center, the \N A T S assists law enforce- inat ° * ’n Jracking. stojen vehicles through rapid disserri- se.-1?11 °f essential data on 'license, vehicle identification and •tin!,3 n.l!!Tl:,eis ° f engine and transmissions,, as well as descrip- 110118 of stolen cars. ' ’ T h i s is th e m o s t s p irite d lu x u r y c a r o f a ll lim e ; w h ic h d o e s n ’t in terfere in th e slig h t e s t w ith it i h e ih g th e m o s t , t e u r i d u s : I -ir {\ WATCH FOR THE ANSWER NEXT WEEK 7/4 John Quincy Adams starved iri Congress after having served as President. M .LFS& E S t SON t!O M P L E T i j m U f i A N C E S E R V I C E 123 E. UNION ST.-NEWARK, N.Y. The year’s most surprising driving experience is” yours for the asking. W p call it a \Command Per- formance,\ and it b egins the minute you tafee your seat in a 1968 Cadillac, ^ This year, our 472 V-8 engine introduced a new' level of performance to luxury motoring. The lar­ gest production V-s ever to power a passenger car, it delivers performance that is smooth, quiet ahd .highly responsive ^- performance tp fully match Cadillac's stature. With its graceful Styling, tasteful interior decor and thoughtful driving conveniences, this is the rnost luxurious Cadillac of all tirpe. Along wfth un- assure the m a tchless valuo and pride of owner­ ship for which Cadillac has long been renowned. Your authorized Cadiiila6 dealer will gladly stage a \Cornmaritl Performance” test drive -at your con­ venience. His selection o f m o d els is now at its’’ b e s t so contact him this week. A sk yo u r C a d illac d e a le r for a \ C o m m a n d P e rf o rm a n c e ” test drive.

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