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/ / Newarlc,N.Y. Courier-Gazette Thursday, Aug. 22, 1.968 Army Sergeant Assigned to 1 1 th Cavalry Regiment A funeral service was held Monday for J, Bradley Palm er of 132 Church St. who, died Thursday (Aug. 15, 1968 1 at the Ne’wark- .A r m y S e r g e a n t Kenneth' L . _ W a yne •Cojnmunity Hospital from injuries received in a pedestrian r™ U r i’ n* t o f f ' 5 s?01'm accident earlier that day. ,i Gould, 1202 N, Main St., New- , ark, w a s assigned Ju ly 2 f to tile Xnterm.mt was m N e w a rk' sister, Mrs. Minnie Newcomb of 1.1th Arm o red C a v a lry Regiment • Cemetery. ! Denver. Colo.;, one sister-irHnw, in Vietnam i Tlup Rev. Robert Hv,itt of the [ Mrs. Duane Brown of New,at*; Sgt.. jGouid to a gunner in the Marion Baptist Church, .a. for- ;one granddaughter, Mrs. Patri- Headquarters Troon of the regi- ■ _ * n»’r pastor of4 .cia. Turner of Delphi, Ind.; five hrent's 3rdr Souadron at Cam p , ■ * ' ^ the- First Bap- great-grandchildren; two great- Bfaekhorse. He entered the l i s t C h u r c h great-grandchildren, .and one Army. In Jan u a r y 1967,.eothplet-• - - 4 1 here, officiated, niece, Mrs. Marvel Clark of. New-- ed basic training at Ft.'. Jackson, A M a s o n i c ark. S. G „ and w a s last stationed in 1 v i s i t a t i o n w a s . Mr, Palmer was. a member G e rm a n y before arriving in ■ •m* ■&. , ikM m a d e S u n d a y at ; and past deacon of tire First V ietnam-.. 8 pni. at tlie Baptist 'Church and a 50-year Parker-Bayfield member of the Newark Masonic Funeral Home. Lodge. He retired fr* *m th*- N*-.w- | .Memorial con-* ark Post Office in 1,952 after 33 ’ iributions m a y '.years of service. - J . B r a d ley P a l m e r be m ade in Mr. The 2()-.vear-old soldier gradu­ ated in i960 from Newark Gen-, . trq.1 High School^ He also attend­ ed; the University of M aryland-,, College Park. Before entering.: 'th e Arm y , He wak employed by . B radley's memory to the. First Hydrox Dairies, Qlean. . B aptist Church. ; Mr. Bradley's wife, tlie forfner ’ Classified W a n t Ads Bring Re- -Baltzel, died i n -1964. He is sujts . s . ^survived by one daughter, Mrs. \ ’ \ * ‘ , j F a y Buck o f Newark; one step- Equdlly Well The religious element of the funeral service is of immeasurable’ value to the bereaved family. W e at Scott's, are- familiar with the cus­ toms and procedures of every church and, thereto, can provide a dignified, appropriate 'service. ” 7 vt T ...„ ' 4 ijfiiOt.; -- ■ •*? - i L . - a c s s r ; fOME, Inc. C O T T jffu N E R A L P. DAVID SCOTT, LIC MGR. 124 W.MIU.ER ST.-* NEWARK 1 Mr.. Palmer was born in the Town of Palmyra, M arch 21, 1882 and, entered the U. S. Postal Service in 1919 as a clerk. He was rioted- for ills skill' with pushups and chinups and took on all challengers at the post of- , flee. - - ■ ................ Mr Palmer was struck, by a [pickup truck operated, by R a y ­ mond L. Buckley, .3?, of 62 E. North St., Geneva, Thursday at '9:05 a.m. as, he was crossing S. (Main, St. in the downtown biisi- ; ne&> section. L Dr. C. Dupha Reeves, a county I coroner, issuer! a certificate of accidental death due to a trac- , tured pelvis'following ari autop- I sy a-t the hospital.- I The fatality was tiie 23r.d re* j ported on Wayne County high-4 j ways this year and compaxbd | With the 24 in all of 1937. The I 23rd fatality in 1967 did not oe- ! eur until Nov. li. The fatality • was the third involving , a pe­ destrian and the first in tlie v i l - , luge of Newark. » . ■ Military Rites EAD IO ,.STO lE N Fired- Luinbrazo Tet;;>n,.f| • lice Saturday that sonic.p.,. a Lransisti.>r..j;adi-j fr„*:; j.',, Auto Supply on-S. Kl-.rm s* Uvl m » -Un ta-* • M tP K B I P B K lilt * * & \ • : ' V J t * » / * > *4 A * ¥ 4 * * / i ’Sjrt. «5 phone DEM175 P a r k e r - ^K a y f i e l d ^ U N E R A L ^ O M E ^ _ ' 127 East Miller St. ** N e w a r k . N e w Y o r k 14513 ^ Leon J. Kirolak, Lie. Mgr. Prepared, through experience, to ren­ der kind assist­ ance to bereaved families in a re­ spectful and dig­ nified manner. 6 Kaym o n d .Culver , j Marion Graveside services. 1 were conducted in Parish, N. I Y ., for Raymond Culver, 34, of i Marion;* who drowned early last | week in the St. Lawrence River tnear Alexandria B a y . Burial [ was in Pleasant Law n Cemete- i ry. Parish, His body was recovered from the river by State Police Thur.s- | day. , Survivors include his parents, R a y Culver and Dorothy Whee­ ler Culver of P a r ish; one brdth- er. Wayne, of H o lley; ode SiSt&r, Mrs. Delores Glick, .of Tyrone, 1 N. Y,. I Mr. Culver had been vaeation- . ing with relatives in Cedar Point State Park, near M illen's B a y . Police were summoned when fishermen spotted, an empty boat circling in the bay Sunday, I A military funeral service w as ihPlil Saturday •!•\' SP 5 ' L . Bornheimer who w a s killed in g heUcupU r c.rasli in Vit-tiiain oil i The service was held- at 2 p.m. [at the Scott Fiinc-ral. Home, Inc, ! with the Rev. .David L. Dt-rk. pastor of the. Emmanui:! United Methodist Church officiating. ,| B urial was m East Newark I Ceixictcry. I Contributions mav be niade in J rpemory. of the Newark soldier to the Knuiiaiiuel Utat* d Me- •thnd'st f'hiirch MemoriaT Fund. Spfc. 5 Bomhein-.t-.: d:*-ti iv*un burns sustained when; h.s ht-li- ,-cJpiff. mt. d>: liostilc atitoriiatic weapons fire, crash e d -and burn* , ed. A crew Chief and door g.un- nqr on- the a-ircrari. S P 5 B**rn- ±>( ,,rier had .serve*1 13 in iiiihs in Vietnam and w as to have re- ,tunned to tm* iiiuntry tvwi days ' aftei- he: Was. killed - R O T A R Y CLAM BAK E Secjiui\ .unnu il ci.imb.ike f*>r Rotarians., Rotary Anns and guests will be held Sept 2G at tseckens Park r t t ' ( ‘J o Cheap insurance isn’t always low-cost insurance, If it’s J u s t cheap, it m a y be full of holes F o r real protection ;)t a fair price, see te.. W e ’re iride; _ pendent / agents. W e represent you. 105 E. Miller, Newark END OF SCHOOL-—Children in the Sum- , came to a close at Park Presbyterian and. mer Cooperative Vacation Bible School First United Methodist Churches. School posed for ohe last picture before the school directors said the program was a success. (C o n tinued from Page 14 “ How do you know it can l h6 done if you've orilv received one b i d ? \ asked Elzufori mayor.?' Faithfully serving families of all faiths CALL DE 1.3255 Mrs. Josephine Gresgen “it > Josephine M, Gresgen. 91, ' died Thursday. Aug. 15. 1968 ,u [315 Myrtle Ave. j She is survived by four nieces Mrs. Edward (Hcleni Ferguson of -Newark, Mrs. Earl (Ethel) , Vrooman of Rome Mrs. J. L. * fGertrude) Farrell of Ft. Lau- ■ derdale, Fla., and Mrs. Francis (B a c k -of Utica. Funeral services were held at the Heintz Funeral Home in Utica. Burial was in St. Joseph’s Cemetery. Utica. ' CARD O F TH A N K S ■ The family of Lawrence P a c k ­ er ymdcl like to express their ; sincere thanks to friends, neigh- ; bors and relatives, for the many s acts of sypipathy during our re­ cent-bereavement. M'rs. Lawrence Packer Mr. and Mrs. L a r r y Packer arid family Mr. and M rs. Lee P a c k e r Newark’s Funeral Home T f - * ■ ' f\ Yours To Use At No Additional Cost Offers you the pfivacy of your own home regardless of cost. Provides for modern surroundings in an atmosphere that is homelike, , Ample parking of cars, away from meters pr other parking restrictions. G. SC IIU L Z , Leon R. Hall, Lie. Mgr, Mople Court — Just Off Main •ffers « D o u b le ProtecdoM G u a rattteo ° 'When yoar family iw n t 'k id«t@&ed kth th i . B o e k ot A g e * t r a d e m a r k •M l .i t is gusranteed.not on~ b 't o y o a b n t t o t h * i cemetery w h e n it . ! is erected- A Rock sf Ages wxdtisini.. NEWARK GRANITE WORKS Owned ar/d Operated fay M r s / M a r y M e n z la 731 N. Main St, Newark,, N.Y. Dial 331-31305 b e done’ and said, fioning ml? integrity. Eizufon then got angry -with- .Lukas affd sta-ted that -as. the; m a yor he hns a right to ques­ tion anything he wants. \In 14 years that I ’ ve been here no one has ever talked to me likb that,” Elzufori said. “ How- dare you talk to me' like- that?” T h a t’s when Lukas walked out of the meeting, saying “ I quit” before he left. Now the village is uncertain whether it actually is without a village engineer, pefiding' L u k a s ’ Written resigna­ tion. Following the incident. Leo Kam a lsky of the N e w York State Department of Agriculture and M arkats.vnade .a .special re- port to the bodrd on the subject of infected elms.-' K a m a lsky noted that air pollu­ tion, salt in the streets and a couple of sum m ers of ideal con­ ditions for the beetles which transm its the deadly fungus are among the reasons why so many trees have become infected. In some areas', such as Syra­ cuse. curtailm ent bf the disease, rather than rem o val of the-trees has been the chief aim . accord­ ing to Kam a lsky. Such a pro-, gram is questionable, however, | as the disease is only down to two per cent in Syracuse, noted K a m a lsky. Since the beetles migrate only about 1,000 \feet a season. Ka- m a lsky stated, it is possible to get some kind of isolation on the yet untouched trees. K a m a lsky pointed out that the weak poirli in any tree cutting program, is the fact that certain trees become infected on private property, over which the village has no authority. ’ f K a m a lsky was accompanied to the meeting by .Thomas Wil­ son, a,iso of the New York State Departm ent of Agriculture and Markets. Wilson suggested that the cutting down o f trees on pri­ vate • property be budgeted un­ der village tree work and be put out for bids. , o f th e •'rojeet, the boal'd' ex- 1 (Continued, from Page- 1) I pr[,sst,d th[, desln, lo i,)Qk 'into Coventry .and Al Winfrey in r e - ! a ll alternatives; and get Some gftrsi to a dra-ina'ge. problem accurate e.stimatvs and to ,re- ’ along Route 88 at the site of th e p o r t a t tlie next meeting on its new Sarah Coventry plant. At fin d in g s . ’ * present, water is draining o ff; y mrCnt L u k a s , superintendent JAricoIn Rd. onto the ^ S a rah? pt, (jlio w o r k s , po inted out.\ ’ *■ t hat. - Rout\-. 88..is si-hotlniod f \ r a Lukas reueated that it couldn't, ■Coventry property and. is pre. ' You’re c g p l P ' ’ \ \ ‘ w. S^ing the seeding*of thff prpji-t vvidening arid- reaiigrinieiit from ('-• - - ( Bose Lane tq the County Line * • Sarah Coventry proposed that J and- -that such- construction may it hpUt“the cost o f the correction. change the whole ’ situation, at projet t on a 50-50 basis with the the S a r a h Coventry site*. V illage. A rough estimate of the The municipal 'board submlt- ppoject .*,as figured to be around.{,ed a written request tliat tlie $14,400 total In view of the c o s t . village acquire an electronic ' I computer f or the purpose of wa - ' ter billing, payroll arid other w o rk' of a clerical nature. Charles Haiisman, village clerk. Was .authorized to look into tlie m atter and m ake a report to tlie village board at a later meeting.- suits. Classified Want Ads Bring » Re- FRI.-SflT. AUG. 23-24 FEATURING WOMEN S ESKLOO SNOW BOOT ‘7.60 p« THE TABLES WILI BE LOADED WITH BIG VALUES, ITEMS ARE TOO NUMEROUS TO LIST. •? FOR BIG ~ BIG SHOE VALUES SHOP OUR STORE DURING THIS SALE. SHOE STORE PALIOTTIS ; LEADING FAMILY SHOE STORE IN vS/AYNE COUNTY CANAL ST. LYONS, N.Y.\ Make Lyons your Friday nife shopping center. CARD OF THANKS We' %lsh to” express.-<mr sin-, cere thanks -to our friends, neighbors and relatives, tor their m any acts of kindness and and .sym p a thy during our re­ cent bereavem ent, Wbrds can­ not ad'dtfuately exeress our sin- - rere appreciation. We aYe espe- cially grateful to Rev., Derk and all Who prayed for Richard 'while he WAS reported missing, in action,. Mr. & M rs. Irving Bornheimer, David, Philip and Mark TWO TIRES TAKEN (Continued from Page 1) 1 .Community Hospital, recently* completed a course in M a n a g e -1 ment Development for assistan t , administrators arid departm ent; heads of Health Caxe Facilities., given by the School of- Public ; Health and-Adm inistrative Med-! icine at Columbia University. [ The_ 4-Week course at Colum­ bia, s'upplemented b y 8 inonths ' of home-study . -correspondence 1 work deals with such’ subjects * as: Departm ental management, employee relations, adniinistra* fion, hospital la w , -ei’ganizat-ion,. finances, m edical staff and in­ ter-personnel relations. E a s t P a l m y r a F i r e m e n L a u n c h . $ 3 , 0 0 0 D r i v e The E a s t 'P a l m y r a Volunteer Fire Departm ent will hold a spe­ cial fund drive to raise $3,000 toward the purchase of a new\ fire truck. Donations of $115 are asked, for each fam ily in the E a s t Palmy-, ra- fire distEict-J-Di'ive will start now and continue through the rest of the month. T w o P o r t G i b s o n Y o u t h s % V i s i t T e n n e s s e e M u s e u m M a rk and Leigh Sherman, children of p.r. an£ Mrs. Burton Sh e r m a n ,o f G reig St., hecently visited the Am erican Museum of Atomic Energy in Oak Ridge, Tenn. T h e museum features demon­ strations and displays oh peace­ ful uses o f the atom. CARD OF THANKS We wish to express out sin­ cere thanks to relatives, friends', and. neighbors for their expres­ sions of sym p athy and kindness in our recent bereavement. ’ We also want to thank R e v . Dirk, * ■ 1966 FORD LTD 2 door hardtop, chestnut and ’ black finish, radio, heater, automatic trans.. whiteivall tires. V/8. $2095 ’67 MUSTANG Cony. 1 Solid red finish matching interior, 6 cyi.. radio, heater, automatic trans.. whitewall tires. $2295 1965 FALCON 2 dr., solid red, matching int. R&H , std. trans., 6 cyi. $1095 ’84 Ford Galax. 500 v V/8's, automatic trans., radio, heater, power steering, white- wall tires. From $1095 1964 OLDS 98 Convertible, yellow, black top, matching interior, r a d i o , heater, automatic trans., power steering - brakes - windows - seals. Whitewall tires, , 1964 FORD 2 door Hardtop, bjack finish red interior, V/8 automatic trims., power steering. $1095 '$1495 196? FORD Gonv, Black with white top. red in­ terior,; V/8 strrmliirti traiis., radio, heater/w h itew a ll tires. $795 ’64 Ford Galaxie 500 4 door hardtop white finish, red. inferior. V/8. automatic frans., power steering. $1595 ieijTAlRLA# 500 2 dr. hardtop, dark blue im Ish, m a iehins alt-.vinyl intrr-_ ior, V8, a u t o , R&H. $895 Closed all day Saturday. Fran c is Chapman of 4M E . lD r . John D a v is, D r. Pelham . Union St. reported to police the 1 n urses and the Parker-Rayfield fi,o« -•=-*— Funeral Home, - theft _of.. two oversize winter tread tires from his car. ‘fires were valued at $50. F O R D . IN C Sisters and brothers of Albert P itts 135 W. MAIN 584-2141 PHELPS, N Y.

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