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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, September 05, 1968, Image 5

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Y „5, pv 5, ★ 125 WEST MILLER f S ' n ' o f CHRIST iVGVA -A 8:15 a.m. . „ . „ i.i a.m. Many .a llu r e d by '®T loads and short ,0IL Bible' tells us ^ J l rOaM-.our abUt 'recUmns God as the ' sHW«a>. iperreption ne®de^?,n Sir. W ‘-n, al VVoiH- : T 5 'gn ^ R 6 - Ld treated man in his r (he image of God. •jje |’im. male and fe-s teated he them.\^ _ . verse trom Genesis is in- ? V Le.-j m'Sermoi).; to ite Sunday in Christian cDurrtes around the flie sab’eft .is “Man.” ^passages from the de- Sal texfbook- “Science, *% jilT K e y to. tttT ,, B'v“ Mary • Bafeer- incluaes -the following: uato-stands spiritual ex- 311 proportion as bis es of TPUth and Love are Mortals must' gravid odwrd. their affections -s grow 'spiritual—they ,ar the broader interpre- of beiiig! and gaii} some sense ot tbe infinite—in jvjt ;|r. and mor-tolity- put off. ’ientific sense of being, matter for-. Spirit, by, ’s suggests man’s ab- ir.tc Defty and. the loss :nt;H. But,confers upon srged individuality, a »re of thought and ac.- iore expansile love, a ind. mare perm anent fies at First Church of \ScTennst. 130 Wiyh—Str­ ain a ii. Ail are wel- esday evening there is a. jay. meeting at 8 p.ru. . Reading Room will be esday and Friday from p.m and before and after Jay evening meeting. -f-fcrd.Tdiy invited to at- •nices and use the Read- 7IHST BAPTIST Herr if k Class picnic three golf nr miniature ,t.e R'.yd.md Golf Land ‘:gir, sharp. Bring own 's. dish to pass and b§- y: Tower chimes at 9:30 'orrirr worship service a Guest speaker will be. nShapard. an American missionary to the.. Coil; ;day school o begins at Juniors, \seniors and meet at 11:15. a.ha. TO 6 LBS. ifi# fe* M ^ im m f Svsxv: Hf Government Inspected. Jt \Dry\ t o . Insure Less Shrink LB. ! LEG WH11IJAGLJRIRST with wing s back LB. W H E N Y O U BUY 3 POUNDS O R MORE O U N D . . .BEEF-VEAL-PORK DATTLER BRAND. & T - i b ; Pkg* TEN D E R .. .STORE SLICED ...GRAND DU.CHESS...TASTY ..UNTEL UNITED METHODIST Rev. David L. Derk t\ Morn, ii g worship at ‘.. Sunday .school at 11:15 Organ melodies at’ 7:20; Evenins worship at 7:30 !1 The Knox Class wifi si tr.e home of Miss My.r- laker 316 Myrtle Ave., rffi Roil call verse wEl ar \esdgv Prayer ahd Bible '30 pm': Sahctuary tehearsal at 8:30 p.m.. BONELESS, \CH U C K \ BEEF SAVE 30' WASHDAY STA PUFF R IN S E Q Q C g a l l o n size U v Freezer Queen Gravy and SLICED CHICKEN SALISBURY STEAK SLICED TURKEY 10-oz, Pkg.7 ORCHARD PARK G O L D E N I 4 - 0 3 . . Pkg . 10 SAVE 9$ O N ORCHARD PARK; I-LB. M \ H H , S A U E R K R A U T 4 6 9 it J 1EEMFR LUTHERAN Jops and Edgett, St. ( I'- Walter Kovac 1 Sunday school and ™>-e class at '9:30 a.m.; F-' ta a m. Nursery nded Visitors welcome. Ladies Aid meets Pm • aru.dup com- mePr'-^E nt 7 30 p.m. I ASSEMBLY OF GOD Lincoln Road t Fred Parkison ?: Sunday School at ■i Worship at 11 a.m .;' =.ffwsh:p. at 7 p.m- f Prayer meeting and j d- a: >30 p .m . Royal Rangers an d . s at 7 p m. ■ Young people meet at' MCHAEL’S c a t h o l i c I Joseph McDonneU F Confessions from 4: • 30. to 9 p. m , Friday. Commu- 30 J m Mashes at 6:'45 ^ 5 15 P - m - ; .Confessions fi° m 4 ‘ 30 ■<>■ 9 -o-m..... . Masses a t 4?, 8 , 9:30 15 am ar.d 12 noon. hut t>nts ift §rades 1 - e s.* Iiot yet registered in \f religion are j. ad_ the rectory this Fill start a s fbi- 1 «es 1-3 sept. 14, 10:30 1 % .erades 6 - 8 , Sept. b ■\ <• and grades 9-12, 1\ 30 lo 8:30. p.m. 1 W kTfid for married Rdrnt Hnheld -at Notre '•on -e. . 0l!s& i i Canan-. itservaif !3, 14 and 15- term ^ ns; 10 Rev- Rich- «su tho°x 74,1 Canandai- the mctory, 331-0911. | , 2 -I b . 3-oz. Cans A ‘ SAVE 9 4 O N LIBBY'S.. . I7-oz. ,J | CA D f c t f f c B R E E N P E A K 4 8 9 1 1 -ib. Cansi 10 CA L IFO R N IA G R O W N . . .SIZE 27’s . . J U I C Y 3 8 9 SAVE 20$...PEPPER!DGE FARMS, 2 VARIETIES 6 9 c C A L IF O R N IA G R O W N . .“.LUSCIOUS LB. * • - ^ 'is V i CHOCOLATE | ' J LAYER - OR CHOCOLATE FUDGE-, f ; , . p O f ^ R C H A ^ J A R K , J - L B K Q vs. .SAVE 10$ O N SARA LEE, !4-oz. N.Y. Grown Pascal Home Grown BIG Bunch B. i»»£?5T,e Orown • t mm onions 1 fUOISHES SAVE 10$ O N TO W N SQ U A R E . ■ 20-oz PIE l( 0 THIS WEEK’S BLUE RIBBON BONUS CERTIFICATES 8 9 ° SAVE TJcTTTLady Lib White & Assorted FACIAL C ^ $ 1 0 0 TISSUES. J R -SAVE 17c Lady l i k e TOILET TISSUE ---- $ 1 0 0 1 f t Rolls * SAVE 16c Lady; Like PARER NAPKINS ’4-TSi\n«* SAVEl'l7c Lady Like PAPER TOWELS •<» .jpwiim .$4 00- Pack A 1-FREE COUPON ’ WITH THIS | CERTIFICATE AND | P U R C H A S E S O F *7M I O R M O f f i L Good Aw Tuoi. Sept.lO only. LTmll One* | i - fre T coupoi T 1 ! « £ I 2-L B . B A G -I- SeyitJV, i . 1 on!y» Limb One* * ■yvbb fhjjzertificafv cnd'portthaso of 1-FBEE COUPQM. | IhFREE COUPON | wUhlhiSCttllfTcate 9 -cnd'RUrchate of ^ I H E S T U S ' S E M I - S W E E T I C H O C O L A T E i M O D E L S 1 2 - O U H G E B A G I Goodithru-Tuos.SepUlO j: ohly. 'Llrojl Qhe» 1 Vilth tfffj'eeillficaff I -flndpuFcJi«eof «— ii- niKosciiu) P E L S L I Q U I D D I T E H f i E H T } 2 2 - O Z . D E A L S I Z E Good thru tues. SephlO * -only .LImll One. T fbee coupon V/1lh fe| 5 £ft|incdIO •'end purchase of M E A T 0 R b M U S H R O O M • E N R I C O P B H E T T I S A U C E Q U A R T J W | -^ 7 * Tktnyi One» ^ 1-FREE COUPONTl-FHEE wlffidfiTs cerilfTcalft ood.pufchase of . 2 F R E N C H S Good thru Tues. Sfpl.10 onty./lfatf-One., 1-FREE COUPON . 1-FREE COUPON \>fltb *bts cerriftcoie and purchase of 1 - P Q U N D Goe^jfswT «. SepI *!0 • -~nenly*--LInilt-Cuife*.-- - I with thts certlRcpf* apcfpvrc|Kue^f 2 CANS RIVAL B E E i C H U M R s 1 D0BF0OD 14i-0UNCECAK Good fhru Tues. S«pt*l 0 -only.ilctil-OneA, , COUPON I * WTffi this certiRcdie • I and fwrchosepf .1 i C H E F S D E L I G H T i I M I T A T I O N I C H E E S E S P R E A D t | 2 - L B . P A C K A G E i GoodlbruTite*. Sept.W | I oaiy.ilmtFOne. .4 ; T T fREE coupon I I v/IthHiIs certificate | andpurefstte.of j 1 2 - 6 A L 0 L I V E R S J 1 F I S H O R B E E F B Y P R O D U C T S 6 I - 0 U N C E S A V E 2 7 $ ' O N 'O R C H A R D PA R K 10 -oz* PKG S . $ SAVE 38$ Orchard Park, Butter Sauce M v jDel PEAS C0RN >- 0 4 f l SAVE 38$ Orchard Park, Aui l'ir^ cluceJll0-oz $ 1 Hfpkgs. I KING SOUR, IMITATION I GcN. AwTuei.^eptdO' I I only. Limit One# * C R E A M Z S A V E 2 0 c o n A L L PU R P O S E orchard : SA V E 2 8 c o n P u r e C R I S C O 3 1b. can SAVE 26c Orcbaid Park. SHORTENING 3-lb. . 4 9 * SA V E 4 c o h FhmoHS S C O T T T I S S U E 5c on CAMPBELL’S 10% -OZ, C a n S A V E 6 c o n O R C H A R D PA R K TOMATO SOUP -o z . C a n ft

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