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• C o m m u n i t y C o l l i e c f t h e F i n ­ g e r L i k . - s . C a n a n d a i g u a , w i l l V 1 THIRD BEST — The Society, Lyons roc k ’n’ rcjll combo, placed third in the grand finals of a state contest held at the State Fair. J.a . -Syracuse. Members of popular group are Steve Salerno, Terry Tibalh, Jirri Murphy, Eddie Sapp, Donna Prlkenton and Larry Quinn. They ve won several band battles in area. Rebekah Lodge Lists |C o m m u n i t y C o l l e g e Chicken Dinner Sept. 19 A , , . . Silver Link - Rebekah L o d g e 'C ) I r i n g e r L Q K e S No. 230- will hold a regular! . . m eeting Tuesday, Sept. 10, at 3 L l S t S N O W P r O g r Q I T J ■ Community college of the Fin­ ger Lakes in .Canandaigua an-; p.m. This is obligation night. The Lodge will sponsor a chicken and. biscuit dinner at the Grange Hall 6n Thursday,. „ . . . ' 19 Supper will be served 1 bounces a new program to tram from 4:30 to 7 p.m.. Tickets' are ‘ nature women in business- offiee-r $1.75, adults; $1, children under, skills. The program, js available 12. o r h a v e n o t h a d p r e v i o u s s e e r e - ^ ., t a r i a l t r a i n i n g . -j Dr. Edwm A. Bostrom, direc- 111 The Society. Lyons rock ’n’ to all women, whether they have roU baftd. won first place Satur- ■ “nciude^Teacder \Aides in the conduct registration' for evening ■clas.ses, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, S e p t /9, 10, and 11. ., Dr.. Edwin A. Bostrom, direcf-’ tor of the Division of Continu­ ing E d u c a tion, today announced these registration times.; at the College Administration Building, 229 Bristol St.. Canandaigua, frorft'9 am'. until 5 p.m.; at the College' Instruction Center, 34 Main St., downtown Canandai­ gua. from. 7 until 9 p.m.; Gene­ va High School, Pulipney St., Ge-, neva, 7 until 9 D.m..; and New.- ark Central ;School. Peirson Ave­ nue, Newark., 7 until 9 p.m. •Dr.. Bostrom said, that evening, classes will meet only one ev.e-: ning as- week- Previous evening, classes had been conducted two evenings per week. Tuition for classes in the'D i­ vision. of Continuing Education is $12.50 a credit ' hour. Bro­ chures giving full details on all evening classes have .been dis­ tributed throughout the ' .area. Area residents may also phone Community \ College QHthe Fin- -ger Lakes at- 394-3500 ‘for.'infor­ mation, The College is offering credit courses in business, data proc­ essing, English, speech, mathe­ matics, conservation, shorthand, economics., history,, psychology, sociology, police science and Special non-credit courses ^ to \■; | Newark,N.Y, Courier-Gazetts 2 'Thursday, Sept.'5, 1968 NEW TEACHERS — Among the new members of the Newark faculty for 1968- 69 are Louis A vino of Lincoln School; Richard Champion of senior high school; Suzanne Arnitz of Perkins School; Patricia DeYoung of Roosevelt School; Tom De- Young of junior high school, and Joseph Austin of the East Palmyra School. 2 2 Area Motorists Classified Want Ads Bring Ee^ suits. «. in the semi-liuuls in th e , Elementary School, Problems in New York State Contest at the ! Teaching in. the Elementary tor of the Division of Cdntinu- combos held at the l-ing i Education, explained that in Syracuse. State Fair : -<SW C A P I T O L Fri. thru Sun. Sept. 6-8 \• k u 3 ^ / s borriNJs i. JAMES TDEBBIE GARNER j REYNOLDS MAURICE.RONET . - PAUL LYNDE Tttluncotof* fentvuiori* FRI. & SUN, AT 7:15 & 9:30 SUN. AT 2:00-7:15 & 9:30 * the College is aware of a grow- In the grand finals, the group ing need for clerical and steno- placed third, in New York State, graphic workers throughout the Since its formation two years area Tn lv:!p meet this rfoninnri ago, the group has won prizes tile college has prepared a sp<N'\n'the state,.- cia program in the field: of sec- levels. Among them were first cret.,n..i .-.thence. AIL secretarial prize.-, at the Cayuga County science courses have been sclied- /Talent Hunt at Emerson Park t ied between 4the hours Of 9, in Auburn, the Ninth Annual dir. a ft d 3 ,.-p a * v - Jflnndify. Battle of the Bands at Surf City. 'Cfrft'ipft Friday *^fdus Point tuid the Wayne ’ Courses avaiMbie in this pra^.?ounty Republican picnic, cram include menu ntary typo- Members of the y o u o are writing, elementary shorthapd.. leader. Steve Salerno, organ; dictation and transcription, sec- Terry Tibaili. lead guitar; Jim n U n .d pro.wdures olfi -e t;va- Murphy, drums; Eddie Saup and cJunes and .business \writing. D»nua Piikcnlon. vocalists.; and i Larry Qmfm,—bass guitar. School. Wa-Ont-Ya Basin To Meet Sept. 9 In Penn Yan Chamber Receives Board t Approval for Pari, Barm The Newark Chamber of] Cbmtnerce has -been grunted permission by thc village board to use Central Park for a com­ munity auction .on 'Saturday. Sept. 28 Permission was also given tlv_* chamber for ...the .use .of, the yj.K lage.barns at 100 Wood Lai\' tor the storage of articles, to be :so!d at the auction. The Wa-Ont-Ya Basin of the Regional Water Resources Plan­ ning and' Development Board will hold its 38th meeting on • Twenty-two area motorists w eie.fined on various traffic in­ fractions in village court .during the past week. Village Justice Thomas W. Biddle presided. Raymond H, Smith, 23,-Huntley, -Road, Marion, paid a SLCLline. for a traffic signal infraction. ----- —— ' ------ - — ‘—:— ----- ■’ Charles P , Tillman, 38, Phelps | fine on a charge of “wrong turn RD’ 1, was fined $10 on a traffic signal infraction, Johnnie L. Williams, 46, of 4*12 E. 5th St., Sanford, Fla., forfeited $10 bail on a violation of interfering with safe opera­ tion. --------- — .. . ___ Robert ,D. Bremer, 17, of 904 S. Main St., Newark, paid a $10 fine for a traffic sign infraction. Ralph T. Luongo, Jr,', 25, of 113 Madison St., was fined $5 on ail inadequate charge. ‘ Walter O. -Wilson, 40,- of 72 Walworth-Ontario Road, Wal­ worth, paid a $10 fine for a traf­ fic sign violation. Bruce ~J. Prentice, 30, of 17 Sunrise Parkway, Oakfield, for­ feited a $2$ bail on a traffic sig­ nal violation. Gary F , Parsons, 22, Routft $1, Newark, was fined $50 andj had his license suspended for 60 Sept. 9 at 8:15 a.m . at Hilltop.j days on(i a reduced, charge of Inn in Penn Van. t driving While ability impaired. „ William Shepherd'1 of the Di- Original charge , was driving vision ot Fish and Game, New while intoxicated. - Yorki-Conservation Department, ciair R. Coon, 55, Phelps RD .will speak on “Keuka Lake Fish- j 2 . forfeited. $20 bail on a speed­ er ies Investigation, and William _ jrig summons. • . Moorehouse, watershed - inspec- j y ohn J.* Main, 17,. of 100 W. tor,..will discuss the Keuka Lake ./Main St., Phelps, wars fined $35 watershed inspection program.^ | jpn seceding charge. Raymond Wilson of Newark,\ a. member of the water group,.- 414 Grace Ave.,' paid a $10 fifie Bill W elcher-of ■ th e-Watcher r WELFARE PAYMENT Stale Comptroller Arthur l.f- vitt has announrt-cL the pay- ..nient of $193,560 to Wayne County it its share of antici­ pated welfare expenditures ja r , September. REGIXAR SERVICES w a y s b e t t e r ! ('••■‘Regular Sunday ; worship services will begin Sun­ day at 9:45 a.m. at the Fair ville Presbyterian Church. Sunday ; Road wqn a top. prize in the beef j carcass contest held at the State F a i r in -Syracuse ........ He showed three \heads' of steers at the annual exposition with one named grand cham­ pion, It was the first time a Hereford ‘woft a carcass contest at the fair. Welcher.' entered two Here, fords and one Angus. The steers were first shown on foot, slaughtered on Tuesday and the carcasses .graded. There were 24 heads hr'the class. Wei cher’s entries won a first said the program will include a tour., of the fish Hatchery in Bath, an inspection of Lake Gaging Station and Glen Brook Flood GentTMvEroiept in_ Ham- moqdspoft, a tour of ‘Keuka Lake State Park and an inspec-. tion of Outlet Gates, Keuka*' Lake outlet at Penn Yan, Garden Club to Open New Season on Sep f. 13 . The, Newark Garden Club will hold its first meeting, of the fall season/Friday, Sept. 13.. Every One is'to m eet at 12 noon at the Park Presbyterian Church, % !' From there 1he grdtip wiil proceed to Pittsford • fbr luncheon, and Ithe viewing ‘of the Pittsford Garden, - Chiti Flower. Show. -. Transportation Nicholas L. Olenych, is, : bn a stop sign violation. Sam Bowland, Jr., Bm m a n ’s Farm, Wiiiiamson, paid a $10 green arrow,’’ Leslie A. Whyte, 20, Newark RD, paid a $5 fine on an inade­ quate muffler charge. Danny L. Ackerman, 18, of 703 W. Whitney Road, Fairport, was fined $5 on an inadequate muffler count. . James F. Race, Canandaigua RD 1, paid a $15 speeding fine. Linda A. DiSanto, 19, of 215 W. Gepesee St,, Clyde, paid a $15 speeding Sine. Denis C. Taney, -30, of 100- West St., Geneva, was fined $10 for driving to left in no passfiig zone. “ ’ Dolores A. Davis, 21. Newark RD 1, paid a $l(f fine for failure to yield right of way. Joan G. Burgett, 38, Lyons Road, Lyons, was fined $20 on a reduced tpharge of not having tag or sticker on plate. Original charge was driving an unregis­ tered motor vehicle. Benjamin Hayes, 32, of 2109 West 18 th St., Sanford, Fla , for- East Palmyra 4-W-4-H displayed a total of 48 enii at the Wayne County Fai Palmyra. The exhibits n-5 ifi 35 blue ribbon winru :'> i ribbon winners,, one yt-iiow bon winner and one disqua 1 item. Cheryl Cator worked :n, t H .council dairy booth at fair. Representing the club at State Fair will, be Sally y with two exhibits. Jt an s .With an excellent exh;b:t Ghris Benson, 4-H exchange dent from Ohio who was guest of Sally Magee last, m with an excellent exhibit. Anyone wishing to join club is to attend the first ing of the year at the East -House-on Oct. — Then.-- -v-.-asn 't -mnftli—.. J_o h-n.. Kaupp, 222 Moore St., Newark, could do about stopping his. car from rolling into the Barge.'-Ca- nal last Sunday. The Newark resident had Newark Couple to H 3-Day Antique Audi Mr. and Mrs. Rex Wood; hold an auction of. antique Sept, 12, 13 and 14 at ,138 S parked his car in the Ford Cycle Coventry Parkway. Shop driveway,. Route 31, when he saw the‘car moving toward the canal. Kaupp ran to the car and tried to-stop it; He' attempt- earljr silver; clocks,' lamps, ed to apply the brakes but pumped out When the car began rolling down a 25-foot bank Thousands, of items sue paintings by well known > pieces o f cut glass', p:eee carnival glass, many piece furniture, '• rug's, stems, sets, Indian items, b,.uks The car was submerged out of' many items will be sold sight in 1ft feet of water, accord­ ing to Sheriff’s deputy Edward Roemer. Richard TelHer a scuba diver, was called to hook a chain to the car which was pulled out of the canal. Rotary Club to Hear County Planner Today Robert Peterson. Wayne Coun­ ty director of -planning, wiil be the speaker at today’s noon feited $25 bail for being an urn luncheon meeting of the New­ ark Rotary Club at the Old licensed operator. Carol. H.-' Roach, 20, State Roarl, Webster, pa4d a $25 speeds -ing Ftnem- •’ - ' Robert Fremoftw, 21, Route 14, Lyons, was fined $40 for speeding. LADIES AID f o MEET Ladies Aid of the Redeemer Lutheran Church will . m S-e t Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. World Inn. He will discuss Newark’s and Arcadia’s role in. the county: planning 'program, Peterson Will describe the long range pro­ gram to im p rovefiving an d ,in ­ dustrial conditions in ithe coun­ ty. Classified Want Ads Bring Re­ sults. auction. KNOX CLASS TO MEE The Knox Class of the manuel Methodist Church convene Monday at 7 3n at home of Miss- Myrtle B..rn er, 316 Myrtle- Ave. Rcll Verse will be “Bear.\ Use Want Ads for Resui TELL THE WORLD W IT H CALL US FOR SUGGESTION! N e w a r k S ig n Servici tot LYONS ST. COR. E. UNION, D E 1 * 4 0 9 # . third I will be available to - anyone * '-needing it-* 1 . Patented comfort pouch gives firm, non­ binding support. 2 . Horizontal fly guar­ antees no' gaps ever; leg bands nylon reinforced, 3 . N ew taped front seams improve appear- ance, add strength. . 4 . E lastic waistband guaranteed for life of the garment. 5 . K n it o f premium -combed cotton; guaran- ’ teed; never to siiruik Out of fit. ■Munsingwear Briefs aake the man.. . comfortable TH E s SHOP 109 S. MAIN ST. NEWARK RHONE 331-3053 ALBERT COLACINO LOUIS PULIOE THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SEPT. 13 SATURDAY, 1 2 SEPT. 14 at 10:30 A.M. 9:30 A M. at 9:30 A M. 138 SARAH COVENTRY PARKWAY, NEWARK, N. Y. ' UNDER CANVAS F e a t u r i n g t h o u s a n d s o f im p o r t a n t i t e m s . P a i n t i n g s b y w e l l k n o w n a r t i s t s in c l u t l i n p o r t r a i t s a n d p a i n t i n g s o n w o o d , w a t e r c o l o r s , o i l s , p a s t e l s , e t c . H u n d r e d s o f p i e c e s of c u t g l a s s , C a r n i v a l , A r t a n d c o l o r e d . D o z e n s o f p a p e r w e i g h t s . M u c h e a r l y S t e r l i n g S ilv e r i n c l u d i n g r a r e C e o r g e II I S i l v e r T a n k a r d a n d m a n y c i r c a 1 7 0 0 - 1 8 0 0 i t e n j s . D o z e n s of c l o c k s , i n c l u d i n g I t h a c a . H u n d r e d s o f l a m p s c o n s i s t i n g o f C o a c h , H a n g i n g , B e t t y e t c . H u n d r e d s o f b e l l s , c u t g l a s s , m a n y r a r e S t e i n s , m i n i a t u r e g o l d w a t c h e s , u n s o r t e d b o x e s o f b o o k s . E x c e p t i o n a l l y f i n e 1 4 x 2 0 O r i e n t a l r u g a n d o t h e r s . W a s h s e t s . M any b r a s s . , c o p p e r , i r o n , t i n a n d w o o d i t e m s . S e v e r a l I n d i a n i t e m s i n c l u d i n g b u s t s a n d C igar S t o r e I n d i a n . M u c h f u r n i t u r e , e s p e c i a l l y E a r l y A m e r i c a n . S e v e r a l L a d i e s a n d G e n t le m e n ’ s C h a i r s w i t h m a t c h i n g L o v e S e a t s . T h o u s a n d s o f r a r e a n d i m p o r t a n t i t e m s t o o nu m e r o u s t o m e n t i o n , s u c h a s r a r e c i r c a 1 7 0 0 h a n d o r g a n . ” N E x c e l l e n t U s e d f u r n i t u r e o t h e r t h a n A n t i q u e s . P r o v i n c i a l , S e c t i o n a l p i e c e s , ta b l e s la m p s * l a w n a n d p a t i o f u r n i t u r e , R e f r i g e r a t i o n , e t c . M a n u f a c t u r e d b y B a k e r a n d o t h e r f i n e c o m p a n i e s . OPEN FOR INSPECTION: WEDNESDAY THURSDAY — 1 FRANK BUEHLER, representing P & C food's in Syracuse, was high bidder' for the champion beef carcass in auction which fol­ lowed quality meats competition at-1968 New York State Fair. William Welcher of Newark (right) produced1 the beef. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY — a u c t i o n e e r s , f r a n k r o a n — 2 P .M - T 0 6 PvM. 8 A.M. TO 10 A.M. ^ 8 A M. TO 9 P.M. A N D FRANK R O A N III

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