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TJHE NEAPOLITAN , At Naples, tint&ro Coiitj, H. T. OFFICE jcjr vjfjcoTr _r _.oc_ Ono Z>olli»r A roar : so ct*. for «I zAoxxtls. ; or t.1.i~*>t> mo&tlu, bat wtxietly yj»TJ « In «J»i Siaffla eopiM tlirt oflloe, CUre* omit. c«—. S. _. SSTO, Proprietor. •X'JBKtCS :—$1.00 p«r year I_ a&raaoa.-. VOL.- III. NAPIJES, _ L TT. , TM IJ__SI>A_Y , _____T 18, 1882. ^o. 20. •a w*lsst~:*»sC» *,o ' ' . . Wmmwi m^mKmm^mT^y':^mitim^0^^^^± , •OOK ANB JOl ntiNTmo. ; Our Tjp««, Bord^^-<^«»>hto,-jBtc^j__ _k__> VERTISHfG One incb Two Inohiii _*hr_o l &chM fou r inches inch SO I '<_nt_r-t«r Colu . . 7 5 l_T_ilrd Oolnmn. . 1 OO V TT«>f Oolnmn 1 2S I Whole O O I UIDD Oldest Jewelry Store in Ontario Co.—Est. 1841. I>. PECK «fc SOJNT, One Twt* mr-lie-* Throi' inches t'our inches 2 on t : _ so} \ 1 OO-1 Ttiird Column . 1 24 Hnlf Column 1 »0 \1 Whole Colainn . Thr* d \v>/'e>*>l<j_. 91 OO I Qnar ^ T Column - SO 1 Third Column — \ Coin Whole Cola * I AO f Qunrter Colamn 2 00 I *lThlrd Colutan. . .-. OO Half ColnmO -1 00 1. Whole Cftlnmn . . . F-~o r T-w o TVt <_ nth a - <»2 rvo J Qnarter Column.. 2 SO j Third Oolnmn. .X as I ElColnxxm. . . . 4 SO ] \Whole Colamn .. F OP Thro « r*Ionths . One inctl #2 SO 1 Qmvrtcrnm n - Two inches . .. 3 SO Third Column. Throo inches 4 30 1 Half Col&mn.. . Four Inched . G OO | Whole, Ooltmm F'or* SI X Month* . Ono inch . . •» OO I Qnart4 !r Column., Two inebM . C OO I Third Column. inrhM 7 £-0 J Half Cptnmn. Or..- inoli Two .i.'h*--t * »nr* i or *h Two inches Thrco intihr\ Fbnr inches _*ou_- mcbctt OO SO 0 0 . IS 0 0 ... »7 SO . . y 00 .13 OO . .is 0 0 .. 1 2 OO . i_ 0 0 .. 2 0 0 0 . OO » OO I Whole Column r =\o r- On « Ye»r* . * 6 OO I aanrtcrCoIamB ...»18 OO . 23 OO OO GO OO Ono \ noh . . . . _ - _ _ , _ Two inches . . 8 OO I Third Column. . Threw laches ... IO OO | Hnlf Colamn... Pour Inchon IS OO I \Whole Column Tho abovo rstoo nro •cry low, «nd are fairly pro- portinncd, connlderlnft work and np»oo. The j will he closely ailherttd to in t-vory c_»s». Bualnoan lool a «,ro nnWormly S cents S***\ lme, and no insertion I OSH thnn 23 cents XJakre-e Mlvtrrtiitera will hsro rate* aooordtns to amount done. Adrertisements changed Hionthlj If desired. Soltlemcnt reqntrod quarterly. For loiral notices, tnt in f _r-f f>T~y tcn u can he msdo ok the office ox- by mnlL Marriage and death notice*, free. Town Officer s Supcrvlnor— _3. -A.. Oriswold. Town Cleric—A. W Dunton. Jnstioes—L. _£ Dunton, C. 8prH (ru«, I. _L Lyon. Hi ^hwHy Commisidonor—Henry TT. Torrsy. AuncKnors—Isaac Qoundry, T_ovi Q. Thrall, Frec- m»n French. Orerseer of Poor - 8«th Palmlter. Inspeotors of Election—John _a.»fcji us » j . \W. JE . • rnold.'A. O. ttoanann. Colloctor—J. A.. Lewin. Constables — J. .A.. Lewis, \Wxn. 8. Johnson, Q. W. Oeo. 8ch winKlo, Oeorm Swick. Game Constable—_t _ Thorntsn. sxcis e Commissioners — K. A John BnrL tlTSIKESS G x>s. W. L- 8PBAGUE, the town of Maples, f Che crlebraecct Quick Train K.OCK:FOKr> I IS\ O EPEN DENT RAILROAD WATCHES, 8t«m or Key WlDdsn. Also for sale, JJI.G TJSf <jb NIGKJE1L. stem or key w-ixsalna; w a tc ri en; at B O splendid 'WalAtx t —Clocks. M R. JOSEPH BEACH. Roarers A Bros.'Trlpl« PUted E U I TM , etc. , together with a general stock of fine Jewelry, and other goods in our line. Watch Repairing - in all its branches a. Specialty. EKOBATUVO NIUEI.V EXECUTED. CALL 12^ D. F£CK & SON. Strotoridge Waslier CoJebratcd EOCELHO H.XTBBIST Q BOARD. Operstss ss <j t does not wear the clothes; i« cheap as d durable; aand is warranted In all Its parts. <M.9M.jf par f of t-7**2 XT. iS- for <>. •~^»J astsr s pi • lc» and rcps.tr Garriages and VKagons >^«T aac{ 4wi-_Mtjf£m:^ to~yaom p«Cs< y*r£t?* -ay»v^l ?>«-o r> o i n Cb o K • «< DCT Expelle d as ite r UM I C-Q; O I~ - J KJ> M ~v * <a Kcunrdj's '* F a— \voraco «cmc<y *>s>ocx*. WecUr . One i )io .moitt rcmnrkabl^ case ; that- has cre r boon liromeU t to t l*e no i ic* cf the public li* t bat of Mr. .1 «* I.r.ic'u. <>r r-c>»n.c I!r-li!,z'-. rj:«tor <*ouuty. V. Mr Ti<i cV I - tl s ifftr il 8U.CO October IS. 1ST 1 from t'.i»- p • *.*-ti t f <~*.k!o or Sl->nc I J H I*; rij^:it l>ltl- n j t -a « I .* t \ i-n ^ 11->-1-!<_lar»wtfv ompToyr-«l lit rl Kcic t 1 ' *. o I > w Iiom Ml-. 1 1-c c c 11 pntd h u I- d <1 H * I tJo r -niilii- xl trfanicn' , \rlLh enly tompo- r.i > . It.-r fi t.l-. aif»j>y tlm ii.-frvni jollcliMlons »r rrtondj* he wm* Induced lo tr> Dr. \ lii KtDOCii) s * \Favorilc Homnly *—rspprlcnceu A murLeil Improreuieiit from tlio Qt-^t <l»y Uo boK a n to OMC ttie medicine; on the 15 li or Scptcmlier lie volilecl a Htono as lsrgs as could be p.i<scd tlirou^h the nataral chunnel. Mr. Uco.cn coticludrn a lontr letter t o Dr . Kennedy by suylnc : * -X L -will nlways nfrord nio pleasure to recommfnd tlio \Fuvorttc Rcmfdy' to thOwe wbo ram v be HUiTerlnc from dlOlcultlet* of the Eidneyn and 11'adder, or <vrty disorders arising from a n Imyore ntnto of t»»e blood. ** The Fsvortto Remedy** sold by all druggists, Tho doctor' s only oddrcM Is Ron - doot. rv \3T. 17ml Citation. DOIh of Ni pleri, Ortsri o county. N. \V.; Mnrth-> A. d J o Jin r». K •»!!<->•. both of Gorh»ni, Oota- 7y. N . Y : Ellsworth Whipple. Burdoct Whipple an<l C>Cl» \Whipple afl or Hvfrf^XTl —iunty: >J. \V.; John S. Mnrah jf C)ilcng_ . ^ . . Mathews and Geo w Alsthews, both of doolnnntl. both of Cook county, les Howard, A t-y Bow~ . . .. . r>. Wright, Cora A. •Wright, William C. Wright t«nd Chnancey J. Wrlcht, nM of Bangor, Van Rurou county. XoTlchlvsnj S. ICdllh Wright, ol Lawrence, Van Boren sounty. Michigan, ana I— Adela M-txrBlx of Harbor Springs, Kmmet county, Mlchlsn\; wbo are Inumtc d as hetra-nt- luw- credltorft.^or otherwise. In the rea'l estate or William March, luto or the cown of Naples, In the ooucty of Ontario, deceased, send Greeting; Vou_ »n<l each of you. are hereby cited persosally to be and appear before our Sorrogste of our county of Ontario, at the-Sorrogste's office In the *wlllaga of Canandatgna. In said county of Ontario, on tha *2Dth day or June. A. JD , JBS'i. at fni O'C I OCR a. m.. than and there to show caanc why a decree should not bo made, pursuant to the prayer or the petition of Gt-orae it. Granhy. administrator, directfnst the di»- posit Ion of the real property of said William Marsh, docnawed, for tho payment of his debts, or so mash thsreot a-<t 1H necessary for that pntpese. I T KBTIMO» Y \V r* icnEor. we have canned the seal of ulQcu or our said rtn'roratn to be beienoto sfflxed. W IT N KKB , K. T\. Bnbcoek. Esq., Snrroffsis of uald county', at Canandalgna. the 2flca day or C L . s J April, in the vonr of our Lord one thousand ettfht hnndr^d and elghtv-t«vo. Joixxr S. 18w7 AlTDKEWS, IC. r*. DABCOCK, Surrogate. SPUING- GOODS. Kow tUsdu p wltk a. fait -aCau»_M DISCONTK^ *T. In i no plr \W littn cho golden Xrolc we iiatlier. Oft 1 thlalc tb^t'I would, rather fe e the winter com<-. II. sr the piercing North wind roaring Through the tree-top** bare and browis, Than this ceaseleos r-o-tlo. mstlo Of ttic hero leaves fsIUbg round, lint wlii*n comes tho winter dreary. Though ibe he^irtb-ilro blsze^ cheery. Aud tho cvenlPB gnontH are merry f-n In >«•»»r« gune by. Fain I d luo tipitng bud* burxtlog On Itio cteo-lops bot<e HEd brovr«. An^lit but this coctlsaou i oirr la~ Or Cbo white flslce r^lllar down. Wh^n with ley fitters brotoen. Though by human words unspoken : prtnjf comes, fitting sign and token Of rho P.etiu rectlon Morn j Then I saw O Summer hasten With thy glorious sunset hues. And thy genial warmth and bDJuhlne, And thy gently Catling dews. Bufwhsua Summer's thnndsr crashes. And tho nery lightning flash**. And the wlld -vaTt fiercely dashes On the, roek-bonnd oosst. Then 1 long agsla for Antamn, A ntnirm with its bnrdenad sheaves. Autumn with Its golden fruitage. And the fa 11 liar o f theUaTrs. —Rural New-Torkcr, \Wiiy Meeting Didn't Sz-eaJIc- It may not be known to tiie—- readi­ er that Friends* meeting is dismissed, when the worship is over, Xyy two aged Friends, who are \known as the \Heads of Meeting,\ shaking hands with each other. In any Friends* meeting house on First day an ob­ server may see the worshipers sit in perfect quietness excepting -when there is a sermon or a prayer until one of the beads of meeting extends his hand to the other, who clasps and shakes it. Then everybody gets up and goes borne without a word of dismissal. Bat until the hand-shak­ ing occurs no Friend would think of moving from~nis seat. A. few Sundays -ago Fjlias Warner and Thomas Brown sat as usual a t the head of Bonnyb.er»r JVIceting. The meetings ^hauL^ been- -in session :al)outJan ^our^ud^ n obo<3 ^ihad^1sn^ok% •ooD\rg' he did ing to in the ha'f a Friend and mr SudtJ 1:111 gh ed: «*IIai| pie Ther iviuked he sat ^lias sailed hide hi The ing int that wi head ol Thomas with his t elbow. But *t. He remained quiet, try- appear aa if bo wore wrapped s[nost solemn meditation. Xhna hour or- more passed, tho mean while \ getting madder ^dder: enly Thomas wild heard to his sleep. Then i*e exe-laim- inah, wliy don't thee got the liis ny t *5« opened, a v d a« th e boys in the meeting lauglied up, t»Inahed crimson, grasped ^jVarner'a hand liurried Jy and wiftly out of the meeting to i confusion. t anagers of Donny berg Meet- nd t o reorganize on a basis 11 put younger men at the the meeting after this. BCixrric anes . tezkd In th|e central ley, thc| days *» stirred st i11 as the stays olj by th miles the earj \beneatl is nothi| or air, may bel the weej the clo where, air. Ii forces and its we wer0 clouds over a. | season of hot weather in the part of the Mississippi \Val- re often come successions of hen tho atmosphere is not by the winds, but remains as the air of a cave. Despite y gain iu the heat, the sky oudless, or at most is flecked light clouds that lie five' more above the surface of th. .All nature seems cowed t the fervent heat, yet there tig of distinct portent in earth |A.t last, toward evening there seen- a sudden curdling of tern sky; in a few minutes 6 ds gather, coming from no- rowing at one© in the lurid- less than half an hour the <^>f the storm are organized, dreadful advance begins. If just beneath the gathering ;ve should find tha t the\ air i igaoea. m il e or^so S n - dia m eter canal will find, pleasant packet boats to convey them to Montezuma, from whence coaches will b© waiting to convey tbera to Can«ndaigua, where they will meet the regular lino of coaches to IJnfftxlo. There will also be a coacli in waiting to take passen­ gers to** Cayuga Ifcridge, whore they will meet the steainbc-iU that run to t lie head of 0;\\ n<xi lake. Passeti- gers by this lino will arrive at Omi' - andaigua tlic second driy front TJtica. Tho^e coming from t lie west-, will fiod the same convenience from Au­ burn or Cayuga Bridge to the eanaJ. The packet will leave Montezuma for Weed's IBasin every morning at half past < o'clock. \This easy and expeditious travel­ ing, by canal packets and post coach­ es, cannot fail of attracting attention of travelc re, and they may depend upon the punctuality of tho boats in starting and arriving as above. The tables will be furnished in excellent style, and lodging good and comfort­ able. -A.11 baggage at the risk of the owner. For passage apply at Amos •3-ay's, TJtica, or to the captains on board. July 1st, 1822.\ The rejoalty of Flirting. / The professed flirt, heartless tho* she may seem, does not escape whol­ ly unscathed, even in the midst of her greatest triumphs. Those,, of course, are the most dangerous flirts who are pointed out as social offend­ ers, because they do not spare their powers of drawing onen from alle­ giance of old, and perhaps regretted, -ties, and of disconcerting premedita­ ted family arrangements; aud no doubt they must leave behind them some broken hopes aud wounded hearts along' their paths of pleasure and ways ,of pleas' ntness. ; But, af­ ter c all, v such.; asrt/beae^re^tbe^perpetu-£. : j jiri \pe nal t Fes'^of^tho ^:1 o v <Arcb. as^^T^n d'-' Fun:and wisdom. 1 A. shirt front is a thing to b« \stud­ ded. Hundreds of mon have apparently outjived tliei r usefulness, and they are yet quite young. Kostoh is a highly cultivated sort of place. You never hoar it said of a man there tin t ho 11 Doesn't know beans .** \Well said an Irish attorney, \if it piaze the Coort, if I am wrong in this*, I have another point that is e<jually conclusive.\ We are told that San Francisco re­ ceived Oscar Wilde with \a calm and holy quiet.\ A calm and holy quiet- in San Francisco is about equal to a riot in !N\ew York. Jk. San Francisco man has been ar­ rested for deceiving a widow. While his crime is to be abhorred, It must be admitted that his genius com­ mands admiration. . \Pa says the child, thirsting for knowledge, \they say that beavers are the most industrious of animals. What do they make ?\ \ Beaver hats, my child beaver bats.\ Student fresh from college, to con­ ductor: \ I \wish to* get on the pen­ ultimate car.\ Conductor: \ W'e have no peanut car; you can take the smoker.\ IVCutualy disgusted. A deaf man lately married was asked at the club about his bride: **Is she pretty?\ \No replied the deaf gentleman. \N\o, she is not, but she will be when her father dies.\ Elephants, it is believed, can\ be taught to play billiards. If so, it will bo a great relief to young, men 'who are now obliged to. give np \ so much, of thTeq.r valuable time *to. this ;:^S^il^€reorgi»»^ LOdF^OaUB ^j anal bTaainMs; b^bhs diill this had a largsi flri_ l _I«asrt now harihgj, heavy The oai year. Racine, week. Arkansas floods. IMonroe county has a female notary- public. - ~ ?- \ Spain is having .some, small earth­ quakes. - ~~ \* Anna Dickioaon is still playing Hamlet v* Decoration Day will be generally observed. — James Vick, the florist, of Roches­ ter, is very ill. Forty Chinamen make watches in San Francisco. The amended Chinese bill has been signed by President Arthur. - Hear-Admiral John Rodgers died, on the 15th, at Washington. \The cold has seriously injared the f rait bads in some locations.. X>r. .Gray of the TTtioa asylum has so far recovered as to ride out. Two millions of gold was exported from !N\ew York last Saturday. The court in banc has decided that Gmteau must swing June 30th. The floors of the immense Stewart stores will be made into offices. The CJC. A. R. show a membership of 86,000 honorably discharged, men. P2.ain is abundant in Kansas 'and. the prospect of abundant crops is good. General Weaver has' opened)', the greenback campaign ^n iMassaoniu-;' setts. 1 _ isCo*^'^- . Xi'ate.advioecv*from Cmfia,-lsay^<^Jijs _*;Jri^--f \ » '-ai'5* ' 3 _ _5t-T -_ ^ ~1 -^i.v- --1?Le-^ *U, V *Po a -srcxicrral banlcLng bnsineas—buy and\ sell, ex— Change, diBoouarb paper and loan naoney on good per­ sonal security. 1 Stf FRESH ARRIVAL ZET\ ZET\ • j « 111 TZT TZT zer ZETS EVERY \WEEK ! AT SHURBIN'S FLLrrvittAre TVctrerooms. JkSX ~W\orfc' Warramted I' •r.clorr .m * VA D. street, r«. t>I«• .. IV _ *v. Oeo. W. Strobrid.g^e. GROCERY HATS AND CAPS. VARIETY s T o> rt ZE : r TJNT D ERT AKHSTG^ in all ite brsnehM . My HS «ortm«»t in larsre. styles are new. ta d prices far below ths nnrroundlnit towns. For bargains In Furnrture and goods In that Hue. «all on J- B. SHTTRBIN, Naples, MARTIN WALTER. j *el*<il *.XIT*^IE> C to the or UlddlMPZ iDd Tlclu. vrthA t 1 b.T o on hu d .1 1 (1 ab.ll oo&tiODa t o Choice* Pamily Groceries Shelx* Hardware, Boo^ s and. Shoes, Di~Y Goods, Cl ^ockLery Etc., Ktc. PRICES AJS X.O*W — ' as any boose In the country. I wish, to Inform the public that I have Just roeolved a r/ew lot of 5 ;XTI d IO cent Goods. Too cart SB>VO from EfcO to voo por cent by 'layliijr these ([oods. Every Article Warranted to be a cenutne barcsln and of KOO <3 lntrlnnlc value, and In svery-day use by ovor>- family. 1 nl»o keep constantly on sale a rull lino or Groceries & PfOYisioB?, Lemps k Fixtures, Gloves & Mittens, Paper Golla s, N B H OBS, Etc.. Clioice G gars Maccos, Pipes. by the manure In tbalr season. 1 ana bound to LIVE AM1> LET UTVE. CALL1N. A. M. WOOD, S«s* BONKOTE, I*. T\. SPOKES! SPOKES! SPOKES ! B ENT W HEKL R IMS or all hnds . X atl'l mannfaetsrs BOOTS aarad SHOES, aawsd UEFalBlKO promptly aaad neatly dsae . HIGKOBY anflOAE BDTTS of the WELD & MILL. The Harness Business It Title rcrreo: tuwltwOio t -yrlil 6 »ec»»» t ^wiT^ — ^ .. . jjft. t> pMwB t o tm t »rj'«oi job work: JscA3aXi« . w ^xTm^-l J&J&^JP&Z,JZF*AJ& -&jF T Jl&y-&- FULL LINE F-iLVTtisJvirig G-oocLs ! CASSIMSHE^, CLOTHS, B TB.IBIBIIS'GrS , ted tho nicest work done to order REED & CO., NAPLES, -N . Y. GET THE BEST t T.^ATI ALL OTi Every Style & Price. FOB OPERATION. ECONOMY; DURABILITY ssnaf WORKM AW8JHIP. no ciliers. Iwaws Reliable. POPULAR EVERYWHERE. ar StsaXea ±XM, Uxr«wr-y- C£* v A1H> BY J()K1»N ILK.O'l'HERS, NAFLSS, W. Y. $66 a week In jutir No nalc. Bre r rcantred. _ own town. SS oatSt ft sr.. rytalofr new . Capital 'mot Wo will furxalata you eycry- or are makinir lor.nc«s. X>a- ^Qoh as men. and boys and jrlrlv malra .X pay. Kesii«r, lr yon want a on si Tinas s t wnfeb can niaka «TeM nay all xba tlnsa you. work:, wrt ^ yr- nir.t.rrr A <^0- . JPcrrMarsad. Great ehsnos t o TTraVw _money- Thoss wbo always talce adrantMta of «h» rood ofaanees for nas-lnz manay tbs t «r* offired. rsssraUy wblls those wbo flq m»t ImproTa rmala In povcrJj — — boy* and*, jrirls rlgrht laa their awn loeaqtlsy. Any property ftoui the ttrst at-«rs> Ths^OTTrtn ens •iy mor* than tn i rlcaca enUasry - wUlpal. _ _____ ___ _ PCB «V _ «-OT-> -nrnlubod fraa. _«•> -ox_s «^_> foils totnalc* Du>nayraplctrr« Ton catrd — Wlmta t_ne_to \X_r» worlc'or onl y your-. • _ taTo___«n_sniX-alt. tk»t 9 « _ n i m • itjai mm --- fgi'aiWx^Co. j XLmwi M EMM r_« _CTa 9fyl mnaa s. • _^p1o^^jgapjto^.wonder^*fiy*tih«y> d Li -not s h ale e hands -«nd\brea_c meet-\ ing, and. some, even the old. Friend- who had been disciplined to patience by half a century of meetings, be­ came a little restless and fidgety. Suddenly a faint snore came from the place \where the heads of meet- \ ing sat. The worshippers looked op with surprise. The painful fact then appeared that. El ia_> Warner was asleep. \When Thomas Brown heard the snore lie looked oalraly around and then put his head quietly back, ' with his forehead on his hands, and his hands on his cane. The Friends saw there was no hope of fretting away until 111 I i as should wake up, no they made u p thei r roindet, in their usual amiable fashion- to endure the wrong in peace. So El ia.s slumbered and snored calmly along for about half an hour, when a fly that was promenading about on his nose happened to buzz into his nostril, whereupon Elias sud­ denly awoke, sat up with a jerk, cleared his throat, and tried to look as if he had net been asleep at all. The meeting drew a long breath of relief, and there was a little bus­ tling movement indicating that the Friends expected to go home at once. Elias Warner noticed the fact and ho extended his hand to Thomas Browr__ Thomas took no notice of it. The meeting looked at the ope­ ration with intense anxiety. Just then, amid the breathless silence, an­ other faint snore was heard. It is painful to have to admit such a thing, but the fact is Thomas had d ro p ped off into a gentle slu m be r while he was\ waiting for Elias to wake up. The meeting began to feel indig­ nant. -Some of the older Friends scowled, William Benton leaned over and suggested to George Wat- kins to get np and prod the sleeper with bis umbrella, but George would rather have died than to do anything so irregular. There were young and sinful Friends who thought of going out of the meeting without waiting for it to break, but they contented themselves by coughing londly and shuffling their feet* But Thomas Went swimming along in j>lacid peace through the land of dreams, and his - snore ^rew louder and -louder until i t vibrated like a miniature fog horn through th e room. , - The Friends whose dinners were getting cold at home wsre growing excited. Suppose Thomas should sleep for an hour ? ' Suppose before ho woke Elias \Warner should drop off for another jBnoyZB? The>8itQa- tion began -to grow a^riotcs. <Even EUa» himself .felt a 1 it_th£;rp^extnrba- tio'n,' and some observers \* thought\ -they -d.«t«oted. i n him a.m'oY-inent^to as •jcal-^j -movem •with-aa nte or are in mo vera lently ; To repl rush, thj ery sid whirl wi| quickly stronge advano which t| variabl much an hour] of it B d| ing er than blast ol Much c destruc the gyijatory the sto of the ing fro) the trai| wind us that) have b if f ro rxi while < and wi essentia^lly conject: due to ^trej aming;ot\.the ^-ai r^ita>.onwjird '^nt £i \all \gain speed>o\firiotion shing rapidity. * I n a mra- two some cubic miles of air state of intense gyratory t, mounting upward as vio- th« gases over a volcano, ace this strong, whirling up- ere is an indraught from ev- to ward the center of ther nd; and as this center moves forward, the rush of air is ^*t from behind toward the g hurricane. The rate at he storm goes forward is very though it is generally as forty to one hundred miles but this is not the measure estructivo power. The rend- of the storm is much great- would be given by a simple air moving at th is speed, f this peculiar capacity for ion may perhaps be due to motion of the wind in i-m center, which on one side [•hirl wind adds the speed ans- m its circular movement to i slatory velocity of the whirl- elf. Some of tho records tell houses with closed windows^ tjjen known lo burst apart, as an explosion of gun powder, tbers, that had their doors ndows wide open, remained unharmed. I t has been •ed that this action may be sudden rarefaction of the the outside of the building; cause can not be sufficient uce such effects, and if such |>ns occur the cause must be for elsewht- re After the i once developed, it seems ffekst air on but tli to prod) explo8i<| .looked _.torm very <J_ of dest of trac during action, is gen*? exceedi storm to mov ament as wel m< »tion ually ry tory siderabjl an ord into a Weed at-^tX-icIa Weed ^ in Auhunji Those -waxtiing -an^^ y mpattetio^.affec^ mo_*o s teh'der-hearted > riyjal. _liOn >the other' hand, if ' the--issue of b^r game- of courtship in which her affections happen to be chiefly engaged, should go against the flirt, she bears all the blame and meets with little sympa­ thy. The tongue of scandal is un­ sparing in its moral strictures, and if she sinks beneath the social storm, her rivals perhaps rejoice over her d iscomforture; while even her ad­ mirer?, who used to flatter her, will miss her bright presence for a day or two and then forget her in the ceaseless whiil of society- ( Under the most favorable circumstances, her career is like that of any pther popular actress, soon ended entirely or eclipsed by a rising favorite. ickly to acquire its maximum ructive power and its speed slation. _?Vt the outset and the period of most efficient the strip of country affected rally very narrow, not often ng a 'mile in width; as the vance§ the path seems grad- grow wider, and the gyrato­ ll as the transla- of the meteor less con- until at last it fades into ilnary thunder storm, or dies aid ckalx Tifm-veling Sixty Tears Ago. __L. reiudent of Clyde has presented, the Waterloo Historical Society with tho following advertidement: ;( The packet /boats Montezuma and Oneida Chief will leave TJtica, alter­ nately, every morning (Sundays e__- ceptod} at - 8 o'clock and arrive a t Weed't; Basin (Weedsport) the next _in g a t *Z. Retnroing, _ leave 33a._xn at 8 a. nu, and arrive the next day at. *7 -a- m.~ _3_t_J Basin' there will b e coaches' to convey pasaengerit' t o r aud— from v Aubiini-„.weRt; h-O \wish.- t o ,contdiinojon.,;th« An Insurance Story. -An insurance agent called into an establishment on Alain street the oth­ er day with a large account book un­ der his arm, and walking up to the proprietor in a business sort of a way, inquired : \How'B business how's stock ? \ \Oh business is very, very dull,\ replied the tradesman. \Pon my word, sir, I haven't got S900 in the house! Terrible dull!\ and he paus­ ed and looked inquiringly at the visitor. \Only $dOO ?** said the insurance man in surprise. \To n my soul, sir, I don't believe there is a dollar more look for your­ self,\ and the man looked very sad and sighed. \Then sir,\ said the insurance man, with a good deal of warmth, \how does it come that your stock is insured in our company for $4,500 eh \Oh! ah! beg your pardon,\ ex­ claimed the dealer in great confusion; \thought you was the tax-man. I was sure you were the tax-gatherer, or, upon my soul, I would not have said that, when, in fact, ray stock is worth fully $8,000. Look for your­ self, sir!\ If yon see a man coming down town with one shoe and one boot OD, with it is pants o f last summer's style and bis ulster with two button* off, .If he looks wildly at yon and mut­ tering by to dodge into a restaurant, if -hxs hands are grimy and his knuck­ les are covered with blood, don't be frightened. -There is no danger^ his folks are cleaning house, and. he has put up a-stove and i» now skirznish- ing- for breakJast_ T7p an d down - 5!t is only when an XrisLmaii geta his oholer op that he aaksyon. to tread on tho tail, of _ his coat.'* _ - - , A tnan:_i 1 jk*^r\an :egg-- < ^__*OTX .oari'tt - .tell - w 1 ^'ther^or not • li ef*s ,.good^ \ until .^-tAf rn'an woveloped^ witWa/^VVir«tcon- 1 'sin wife left ,a note\ fourthe husband\: \ I hare tooked your woman; but yon. are- welcum to nay last week's;, wages, which I didn't draw; and I hoap that squares things.\ .A. paper watch, in good running order, has been exhibited by a Dres­ den watchmaker. Evidently made from a newspaper, tho subscription of which had been \running on time'* for several years. \At a town meeting a large tax pay- 1 er rose up to protest against building a schoolhouse in a certain part of the town. \What's tho good of it ?\ asked ho. \They are an ignorant set down there, anyway.\ A lady put her watch under her pillow, the other night, but couldn't keep it there because it disturbed her sleep. And t5*ere, all the time, was her bed ticking right under her, and she never thought of that at all. They were out sleighing. \Gusaie dear,\ said she, why are those snow- flakes like your moustache?\' It ; pleased him, even to have it noticed. \I don't know, pet,\ he murmured, , innocently, \why aro they?\ \ Be­ cause they are slow coming down.\ The subscription for the benefit of IVtrs. Jesse James will probably be a pleasant thing. The people of __tis- i souri will carry this affair through I unaided, strangers who formerly passed through the state having sub­ scribed long enough for the support of the family. A bridge at Denver, Colorado, i boasts of a notice which might al- ; most claim the dignity of being rack­ ed as a mathematical proposition. I t is to the effect that \ 2~To vehicle drawn by more than one animal is allowed to cro?a this bridge in oppo- , site directions at the same time:\ What to him was love or hope ?\ | What to him was joy or care ? I3e stepped on apin g of Irish soap the girl had left on the topmost stair; and his feet flew out like wild, -fierce things, and he struck each stair with a sound like a drum, and-the girl be- _low with tbe_sorubbing tbings laugh­ ed like a fiend to see him come. . ' A Washington pension agent was almost paralyzed with astonishment the other day when he found ~a -vet­ eran of the late war who had sustain­ ed a permanent injury while in. the [-army, and had not applied for a pen­ sion. The veteran hud cut an artery in his wrist whale opening a bottle of whiskey \stolen 'from the colonel's^ headqaartcrw, 'an d sai d he did n'c know a'Wdun^ of tha't character en­ titled him- to _'pensioni * The agent soon \convin\_ed- him ^>f his er r<» r, -an d in afesv da^ys -he - will^ recelV «.^2i\SOO- H tationv? w OJKio The \State Sunday School _ I UBBO( U-L' tiori will meet at Fenn TTan\ June 7 and 8- Seven thousand Jewish families are about to leave Russia and settle in Palestine. - _ Slack smallpox, a very fatal di­ sease, is creating death and a panic in -Viexioo. A great will contest over 'the es­ tate of Wm. Cameron, is in progress at Philadelphia. A dwelling and the sheds of the Methodist church at Albion, were burned last Sunday. Tho iron manufactories of F'ittss* burg conclude not to yield to the re­ quest of the strikers. The Jennie Cramer trial is bein^f pushed, and looks towards the con­ viction of the parties. The women who wish to vote, in Indiana, are to meet in mass meet ing to-morrow, at Indianapolis. A. bill confering OIL women the right of Eufferage has gone to 'the third reading in onr assembly./ James F . Seaman_>, of Wolcott, _>I. fell from a tight-rope at Flutjh- ing I_. I . and crushed his skull. A saloon at Cedarville, OHio». was blown np with dynaranite, and the keeper narrowly escaped deaths- More $200 prizes are - offered fox the discovery of new comets by th e \Warner observatory, Rochester^' John I . Davenport thinks he has traced the Garfield-Morey* letter t o the EC an cock club of _£\ew York city* A canal is to be dur> across the t Lirtthmua at Corinth, and the EZing ^ of Greece turned the first sod, last Week. Twelve thousand Holland farmers... are preparing t o settle in - M JX Co.,.. rf Dakota, with all of their capital-an,d^ ; f p\ ~1 industry. ^Postage on newspaper* in 'Canad will be removed after july'^s^ . \ _ own people are tvalkin'g _np the \aaTrri.o good idea. ^ , ^ - - ? i-J'. V \~ The response to the j&arfield /mon-- ument- fund is* so generous th at. tb e re _ is* no doubt of the anccesa-. of Hab^ ^ ing a gigantic affair^. - Horace Maynard ,cUed a t bis home); irr Knoxville, Tenn-j-YMtweck..'^ ^ waut a staunch-TJnion man ^<luririgrthe, - war, and\a very ^roroinent;man^~ .vi The disabilities of Fitz Job^^Fortext^-^1. have been removed, b y Preatden^^r? ; - ^ thur, and-be no donbC:wjill: b« reat^reol-^.- to his place .fin the* -^ioc^^yr^l^^j^^^^ back.pay I - - \_ \^^SS?^^^^ ; Tho so p rem er conrt-. Ja aa\Jv|e i^dje di\g;^>: * that_the cour»*rtailithatftr^ d l-awbiivfor^aotin receive #2;«o6 ^i ^he] tilOO iwclceted.palty;^

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