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THE NEAPOLITAN. THUHSDAT, MAY 18 , 1882. lament Talk; is had about a. telephone line between Naples and Italy Hol­ low, and it certainly looks very feas­ ible. There in a Hoe now, as we are informed > being- built between Brancbport aod T*enn Yap, and the oust would be but little to connect with it via Italy Hill. The more lines th«re are the better off every­ body is. The Juvenile Temperance TJniQn baa received at the hands of Mrs. Park. Caulkius a m 'ost Virttiable gif t in the form of an excellent library of over thirty volumes, containing tem- porance st«»rie« ably and attractively written and pnbliahed by David C. Cook, <Jt»ic;igo. S4io has the hearty thinks of all tlie children not. only for this delightful and helpful re- room be ran eo, but also for her patient help in teaching them to ning. E. A. Griswold 's noboile r is a model of »tft kind, and has been placed in the beet made aroh of the town. The oapaci ty la fully thirty horse power, and it makes things hop! Mr OriHwold has passed nearly one hun­ dred thousand feet of lumber through his planer this upring, besides all the lumber, tit*s, shingles and lath cut. He has sold over ono hundred thous­ and feet of pine lumber from his yard since Apri 1 1st. It is a fact that a man can contract with the Captain for anything in the lumber line and on the most satisfactory terms. Tuesday was the 85th birthday of *'Aunt .A. man d a. Lee,\ and her many friends gave her a pleasant sur­ prise at the residence of her sister. IVlrs. Juli:i Lyon. I t was so ojiiet that Aunt Manda thought, this year, there w ould be no demonstration, but when the first lot of people came, bringing basket**, she fell into line. The house was full of old and young, and the refreshments were rich and ample. He r lister, ~Ml rs. Ellsworth, sent a nice present and the friends here gave her other mementoes of their regards. T-h\e afternoon was spent in pleasant oonverse, and it was hopeM the subject of the gathering would e»e«.- more of the happy occas­ ions. J*rof. O. C Harrington of Rome Schools hat) been prevailed upon to accept the position at Utica vacated by the death of his brother. I t was about twenty years ago that he left Naples Academy with Prof. Mer­ rill's certificate in his j>o«ket. Has his perseverance is very commenda­ ble . Of the change the' XJtica Ob- server says; Tbo Hoard of Education have per­ manently and unanimously appointed Prof. O- O. Harrington principal of Utica Advance School He had been Supt. of the Home Schools for ten years. The vacancy in the Advance School was caust-d by tho deal h of his brother I*rof. J . I*. Harrlngton who was its 1*rin\oipal for thirteen years. ^ Yonth's clothing in great variety at Latfajer's. ' Bert b&a got out his summer kats aow. What a sight! Hats for the whole country, in every shade and style at LutherV Ed Semans has some of the best packet note writing paper ever sold here. The Grand Jur y found a bill against Thornton's bowling alley, last wet ^k. H>r. Parker has removed the fence and is grading up the yard of the \Uncle Porter** place. Those a and lO-cent counters of Mrs. Beokwith'a are full; also her stock of millinery goods. I t was catima* r '* that over four •h tmdred j-\»<-»|»* u «t<un i < d ;'ie fn nrral Of Mtf. I'ritik o-i Tr.f - l')v !;3nt, i'. 1'\. . Siet.-'o-i f »:t JI lod < '» ti o read \ h .o 1.:IK of JH-HS c*«ic*i:n.bers , < * r . fi r i -* ** j' = nL n ^u i ucd f..-:. i tic and 1\ z±r* u lar^e «t(ii;k of <.2s v«-I'T kind in his line on * Jio w iy. c-M of 1'\ \V. I'.i-t :s U as i ri» nro\ tj'l ifi !(*«>Iw^ a »d pULtillg in t o The wind Ts north —and how cold. Suckers are ripe and being har­ vested. Summer suits of every hue, at Ltither'«. ^ Pete delivers flour and all heavy goods bought at his store. Michacl^Ulmor has purchased 15 acres of Ira ^Williams near Getsing- er's. Report says that Iraliacy of Reedi Corners has add*, d a boy to his pos­ sessions. Wright Peck has commenced hia residence between the Ketch place and iV4 rs. A mold's. Every mechanic of our village is as busy as he can he now, and it talks well for our towr*. Mrs. Koby is <~jwite low by sickness* Ou Tuesday she had a serious time with bleeding at the lungs. A. \V. Dunton's delivery wagon is out and is a pretty business wagon. H\o on e can oom-^i>«*« with him! iQ\o bill was found in the Pal roan - ter matter that was carried to the Grand Jur y of the present court. W . \VV. Holcomb has given such good satisfaction in selling fruit trees that he has been compelled to order more. Every week we receive congratu­ lations lor having a reliable paper and the best advertising medium ever in Naples! \We have looked very closely for that last astronomical monster, but as yet wo„ can't oom-et. A glass might double up one's vision- Topic fo_r Young People's Meeting at i he J3apti*<t Charch Mav 2 1st: ** W rt*stiing with God,** Gen.32 : 34- 32. Meeting to be led by the pastor. L> *site will oomraenoe selling meat about town, from his •wagon, on Sat­ urday of this week. He w ill carry everything in the line including bo­ logna. At H. L . Gnswold's shop can now be found a large stock of all kinds of light ^ork , finished, and now is the ^time to boy while you oan mako' a j^ood Helection. Geo. Bartholomews of Bloods,whiIe hart ling ties from GatiukV mill, last week, zn some way had. hi* leg ran ore r by the load. X>r* Psrker prro- aounved jxo bones broken. Tf '.o pivini been greatl> valise k *y grading and proper shape. John H>. Dun ton says, cold or hot, he expects to plant his corn this week! It looks like blasphemy to force the season sol Orville Hinckley's new house, for Elmer's use, ou the old tannery site, moves along rapidly with Charles SI ay ton and his crew. Quarterly Meeting last Sabbath at the M. E. Church here, and Presid ing Elder Sissell was present with his usual good sermon. Tho nicest pork we ever saw is in Parkinson's cellar; he has at least a ton of it, beaides lard, hauif, sugars, teas, etc , in proportion. The sale of that choice Haxall flour has been transferred to A. W U> un- ton by F. O. Cramer <fc Co , and you can find it at the corner grocei y now. The boxes i n front of €1 ranbys' store would hide an ord i nary build­ ing. They are emptying them and stacking them away as fast as possi­ ble. M. VV alter, M iddlcsex, has opened his stock of hats, and lie holds out especial inducements for those who wish wall paper, etc; see hin adver­ tisement. Subj« ct for Young People's Meet­ ing at the Presbyterian church May 21 : \The Wonder- Worki ng God,\ Ex. 523—31, and Joah_4: 14—24. Leader, W. P . Wiseirell. T. XT. of Ontario County will he held in the M. E. Church at Phelps, Fri­ day, June 2nd, 1882, as we are in­ formed by Mrs. Neighbor, the Sec'y. Three very old gentleman Peters Dunton and Culver, mentioned in personals met i n Grauby's store yesterday and had a good visit; their combined ages aggregated 252 years! P. II. Prink and family would ex­ press their appreciation and heartfelt j thanks to their neighbors and friends for the kindness, assistance and sym­ pathies extended to them in their late affliction. Among other items from Rev. Henry Johnson tie says he was duly installed as pastor at Grand Haven Jan 13th; also that quite recently a little son was installed into his household ! I t is said that our lake has five seines around on its banks doing an illicit business. Con«tabIe Schwartz was around last week and rumor says he hai made arrests, but no details oan be given. It is a wonder how many goods are brought down from Bloods by the express wagons of Andrew Fries and Guy C. Lyon; hut it must be remem­ bered that Naples is the third town in the county! Mrs. Tyler was at Honeoye yester­ day and has made arrangements to have ready-trimmed hats on sale with Mrs. Lowe, and she will herself spend every Wednesday there to take or­ ders, deliver goods, etc. H_ L. Grisvrold has a Champion grain drill that he wishes to sell. This is the best drill in the world. Poke the money at Heury and get a bargain; or try to trade him lumber, a horse, a note or something. _ S. ft. Sutton furnishes Sells Bros, show, that is travelling over the Union, with their best street parade and their best inside inu.^io from his publishing house in this village; they are the original productions of O. E. Sutton . Talk about fishing! Geo. Rem­ ington went down to the creek back of Pessenden'A, and in one hole spear­ ed 48 great suckers. They were so plenty that he would jab in the spear f. without seeing any &«<h, and hit one at least half the time! We are compelled to announce the death ol little \Sammy\ A. ti — tin, sou of Rev. W. 1^. A.>x«tii», of Dunkirk, !N\. Y. His age was -4 years, and disease congestion of the brain. The bereaved family have the sympathy of the* many friends here. The Executive Committee an - nouoco that there will be a meeting of the W. C- T. XJ. on Friday even­ ing. May 19th, at the Raading Room. A-very full attendance is desired as the question to h« considered is of tlve noefc- vital importa»«o. Now rain again. < New Goods Lyon's. w spring goods at S . X>uane Lyon's-. Vennor is to change tho wind to the south. House-cleaning is the \ prevailing fever now. Paints, brushes, and materials without stint at Grain's. Surah silks for 5s the nicest thing out at S . Daane Lyon's. One hundred more of those coun­ terpanes at ^1 .36 Granbys.' Muscatelle at Grain's, sure cure for rheumatism and liver complaints. The Granby boys say \Ye? w*V*ve got it——the largest stock in town.\ The Clyde } T east cake is a new thing, best out, and Lyman Sutton is the sole agent . All tho latest dress goods in the new shades with moire trimmings to match at Lyon's. Brocaded silk and satin parasols with all the different colored linings, just in at Lyon's store. A Garlinghouse man says: The casket in wh ich the remains of AI rs. Prink were buried was the nicest and best ever used in this place. The body was of red cedar covered with black broadclot h and velvet; the sides being heavily draped and the trimmings outside and in being very rich and tasty. It was furnished by Charles Greisa, of North Cohocton. Dr. White, of Cohocton, is in town to-day. S. S. Cobb of Geneva was in town yesterday . Mrs. Prank Semans spent last week at Honeoye. Mrs. J . J . Loonie is at her moth­ er's for a visit. John Bf. Smith, of Hammondeport, spent the Sabbath with his parents. T3 r. Geo. 3D. Hamlin has returned from his course of lectures in New Voi k. Ida Semans, who came home to her aister's funeral, will remain for the present. Uncle IBill Dunton is up from Mid­ dles* xi ; he is a very old man and a vigorou? ono. Mrs T . Warner, of Cohocton, w i th the little Miss Cramer, came to P . G. Cramer's yesterday. Goo. W. Culver and wife have been spending a fow days with \W. II. Pierce and family. H. W_ Blake was about town -oyer ;Mr: ^e^neTd.\ c^pae £rorrT Canaridai goa Tuesday, on his bicycle, and; made a Khort visit with relatives. * Let Pennell left here yesterday for home-. He is sending out the last shipments of fine nursery stock for th is season, N. Henry, of Pennsylvania, has leased\ the residence of Mr. .Taqua on Lyon street which he will occupy as soon as his family arrives. Col. Harrington, of Middlesex, was here on Tuesday. He refers to old military days with pride, when Gov. Clark was his Lieut. Colonel, and Ira Dcyo was fife major. Uncle ISil 1 Peter«\is here from Union Springs for a visit; he is with Mr. Parley th ere, and is a remarka­ ble man for ono SG years old. He was born in this town in a log house just east of where Eph. Cleaveland lives—once the Dr. Puller place. DocoraUoo . We give tho several officers and committees for I>eooration Day, as appointed by the citizens and Post: President of the day, C S. Lin- col n ; Marshal, James W. Watkins; Finance, L. G. Thrall; Executive, R. T. Porter, L. W. Defreest, I. A . Seamans, C. S. Lin­ coln, E. C. Clark; On speaker, I. A . Seamans; On music, J- II. Ilulburt, C. I5enja- min, M. C. Sutton, O. E. Sutton; Reader, L. G. Thrall; On flowers, E. C. Clark, Mrs. L. T-.. Sutton, Mrs. E. A . Griswold, Mrs. Prank VanRiper, Mrs. Jo French, Mrs. I. A . Seamans, Mrs. John Ma- greevy, Mrs. Darwin Ty ler, Mrs. Phil Dinzlcr, Mrs. S. J . Merrill, and ZVCisses Libbie Pottle, Addie Monier, Cretie Dunton, and Mary Wells. The Post Ritaa.1 will be observed, and the exercises at the Hall will be announced next week. If your wateli is out of order don't fail to bring i t to Peck's jewelry store. A.t a small expense we will make it a square trotter for time. 1) . PECK <fc SON. JVIr. S. R . Sutton says Elgin watch­ es are the most popu la r w at dies i n 11 »e world. W e h n v e lot** of 1*11 tz ' n watches, key or stem winders. _/VI runny grades of other tirst-clas^ Am­ erican made wai che.-a of the latest sty les and improvements, stem or key winders. A l^o nickel, stem winders, etc., all gnamn'eed good ti TOern, alI of \wbiuh we offer at the v e ry lo wefe t bottom cash prices Those wishing a good reliable watoh wimld do well to took them over be­ fore purohaslug elsewhere. D. PECK <& Sow. pork . I have just received a heavy stock of pork, hams,* an d lard, which will be sold as low as possible. My stock, of sngara, teas and choice family gro-i eerier, is full and at satisfactory prioea. Everything yon want, o*» hand. lTtf T. PAKKINSO:*. JkT&s TPash rags, bath soap, bath sponge, bath towels, at ilfoKGA^'s DBUQ STORK. _2Vc>io Johnson's dry kalsomine a full assortment, at JIfocoAN's DBCO STOHK. row Will find a full line of P. TP. Devoe's mixed paints, at JfORGAN'S DEUO SPORE. JJ^<xtJ€- The largest stock of pnre Brooklyn white lead in town, at JfoEG A>J 'a DRUG STOETC. JTt is *>aid that the best cigars in town are at i/OBGAN's DxtTJG- STORE. The most complete stock of paint brushes, varnish brushes, kalsomine brushes, whitewash brushes, striping brushes, etc., at JfcfoitGA.N'S DRUG STORE. The best mixed paint now used is P . W. Devoe's, at A/ORGAN'S DRUG STOEB. For pure linseed oil, varnishe s and painters' materials, call at JI/ORGAN'S DRUG- STORK. The citizens of Naples and sur­ rounding country are respectfully in­ vited to call at the sign of the big anvil when the}' have anything tQ,he done in the blacksmithing line. Mot­ to, \Cheapest and best.\ 20wl PECK. <fc ANDERSON. VV e have i n creased our grocery stock and now have a full line of fine family goods and at bottom prices. A . ADAM3 &. SON, Bloods. Treea. I will furnish Early Crawford, Poster, Old Mixon, Stump-t he-world, Crawford Late, Stevens Lat e. Sal - way, and many other varieties. These trees are war ran ted true to name and free from disease. Pirst- class trees 10 cts., second-class S cts. TV. W- HOLCOMB. Ladies', gents* and children's fine shoes and slippers iu great variety at Af. WAT,TBR*8, i ddlesex. Feed, corn meal, bran, etc., at F . G- C I£AM KR <fc Go's. Don't fail to see. our stock of hats and caps before closing a bargain else­ where. B. ; T . RKEI> *fc Co. We will receive a new stock of seasides and other -books next week. Call\ on Aoo.A-ars' &'SON. - . -3 prjeej-at' my^Btbfe,- ^orth ' C ohocrt on . I9tf 1 A- EC. Jaffii*KAi cutler y cheap stock. Full line of tobaccos, cigars, cigar­ ettes, pipes, stems, cigar and cigar­ ette holders and mouth pieces'. ADAMS <fc SON, Bloods. Card board, scrap pictures, si I ver and gold paper, tissue paper, shelf paper, all colore, at ADAMS <& SON'S, Bloods. Seed 0> >• *.m Are very scarce. We have a nice lot and offer them at a low prices for a few days. F. G- CEAMKB *Sa Co. 7a Shades of paint for house painting, at F . G. C RAM K R «fe Go's. P««d mn«C Corn* Large stock of feed, meal, bran and corn. F. G. CRAMKR & Co. Ti n Wau-«. VV e have a large stock of our own make at low prices. Call in and .ex­ amine. P . G. ORAMER & Co. Porka« MkOTels, Kakea , Good goods, and largest assortment in the county. F . G. CRAM ICR. <fc Co. .auburn Wasona . We are agents for above named wagons, and will sell cheap for cash. Reasonable time given on secured notes. F. G. CRAMER & Co. \We have a stock of the celebrated hanging lamps sold by us for three years hack. We will sell them to cash customers cheaper than any job­ ber in the state. Call early and se­ cure bargains. F - G. CEAMKR «fc Co. Knives and forks, carvers, and pocket knives, an endless variety, at low prices. P. G-. CRAMJCFC Co. rrir < Corn . tiwvat corn for sowing for foddar, at P . G. CBAM KR <3b Go's. Best Ja p T , 50c; good T at 20c; yellow sugar, 8 3 -4c; extra C, 9 l-4c; nice A. white, lOc. ADAMS & SON. As you are passing the stora of B. T . Reed Co. don't fail to call in and look over tho largest stock . of straw hats you ever saw. If you want a straw hat don 't fail to give us a call, for we hava them in all sizes, styles, and prices. B . T . RKKD «fc Co. Hair switches, puffs, frizzes, Sarato­ ga 'waves, gentlemen's wj^n, etc , of all sizes and shades, kept and fox- sale ; also, combings and cut hair made up as may be desired. Hair chains and jewelry, with or without mountings, mad» to order, at my residenc* on Main atreat. , B. T. Reed <fc Co. have just receiv­ ed a large stock of straw hats. Headquarters for painters' mate­ rials of every kind, and ciyes and dye stuffs. J. C_ AI ORG AN. Hammocks of all kinds, from the ba­ by Bi«e, at 76cts . to the best Mexican, at $2.50 , at ED'S. Scarf pins, Lace pins, Sleeve but­ tons, Collar buttons, <7txains and Charms good stock. ADA_MS <f c SON, Bloods. A. fine line of Ladies' and Gents* jewelry j nst received Good ^oods and low prices. A . AX>AIIA <3b SON, Bloods. A carload of new goods received at the old brick, JUliddleseac LEWIS BROB, Ladies* nec3c_chains and gents* vest ehains. AT>AVR A SON, JSlooda- Paints, oSts, varnishes full stock, at E. WEL M «fc SON'S. On hand a largo stock of spectacle*, base halls and bats. Ne w stock, tioncry. ' A . ADAMS *5b SON, Blood*. Mary I \ She TP1 lad -who had that little lamb teeth as white as snow ; Iways brushed them twice & day ith \Teaberry\ yon know. For sale by J. C. JkfoRGAN. Wc tmore «fc Son, of North Cohoc­ ton, have put in stock a full line of peut'j? clothing and furnishing goods. From the amount of our sales w e judge! our prices and styles are right. WKTMORK <fc SON. Xf I rest I rust ; If I trust I bust. .f E. T. Sernan*. good Bmy cash. Lai-ge and small clover, timothy, al- sike fl|>nd other seeds, at F . WKLL8 OS Lit|tle gem, blue Peter peas, for early gardens, Kent Jlf «4d beans| ing Grape JYT. best J and Wis ploWH TF J medi drugs! have all the leading proprietary |im in the market. Pull stock of and fancy goods- A . ADAMS & SON, Bloods. Bu we wl uo sa| for La whitel chardJ k- of us the Oliver chilled ploSv ; arrant it to give satisfaction, or Try it ; we keep the repairs also. P. G . CRAMKR «& O*o. Jrg*c and small clover, Alsike and clover, timothy and red-top, or- grass and blue grass seed, at F. G . CRAMER & 6Vs. A ] pants arge stock of hosiery now ou sale Ji£. TPA LTK R* S , J\T iddlesex. the XJniversity or lead d>encils of F. T . Bujjr the Dixon Sic MANS. Batls to the bat. and bats to bat the and bawls that will make you —are among the new goods at halls, bleat- ED'S. Foi- SOc j|>er quart' :rs the best- uncolored Jap tea for pound, JLT. \H^alter is head- Scijjsora, shears, buttonhole cnttersj •, .«tc ; large stock.' ^ r^X'^r- P-A<3c. -CRA-M^kjtyoiS^ -'Goi^- Frci turu, days. Napl R.iperj ] is the Li^h F kin the hi live re add re 9 w Hi hardware Those >mes going ho and Book or My 1 bargaj vi inced Cs mine in oil things pi nishe Joi t tings line have nantsj. patch}work. cents and pay SON'S. and early by VKELLS & SON. ium, marrow and white kidney hand picked, suitable for plant- for table use. ^ E . TPKLLS ob SON. and fence wire and staples. E . PTELXJJ «fc SON. \Walter of J f iddlesex, Sells the an dust tea 5 pounds for 351 —'-'—ntees satisfaction or no sale. keep repairs for all kinds of F_ G. <SItA T MKR <fc Co. arge stock of over-alls and cotton just received and sold cheap at AT. WALTER'S, J\Z iddlesex. [,^don?t%f^^ \of?3i£? H^alter'sV\-just received. 1 - and eictras are made and sold only by 34 E . TFELLS <& SON. «« ochoter . m N\aples to Rochester and re- only §2.75 and good for three Buy the tickets of the Agent at s and they are good witli Van 's stage and tho Erie road. It cheapest route to the city. GRANBT BKO'S, Agents. it and heavy wagons on hand. P . G. CRAMKR & Co's. thousand A !N\o. 1 hickory fir­ es WHL ted at once, for which hest cash price will be paid, de- d at Blood s Station. Call on or 38 II. S. SlIATTUCK, 3* Bloods. riole carriage bs, spokes, rims, s full stock at F . G. CRAMKR & Go 's. Ig ringers and rings, at E . TFKLLS 3d SON'S. large oil chromos at 99c are fast. All can beautify their for a very small sum of money, tjhey are doing it. Call at the Store and get one. I hlavo just added largely to my stock of pocket books and purses. I can S4>11 you an elegant book for 25 cts., I genuine alligator skin for 90 cts. dy*s book at 60 cts. is a rare n. Call and examine and be con- E , T . SEMANS. ThJo TPiard chilled plow is the \old reliable always on hand, P. G . CRA M KR *& Go. kalso- at my store for brushes, all colors, pure white lead, paints linseed oil, and the thousand needed, this spring- I will yon in quality and price. Stf P . B . CHAIN. are headquarters for paints, var— oils, etc. F. G . CRAMKR & Co. received, a nice line of prints, and bleached muslin, et c AT. TFALTKR. •ought iron pipes and steam fit- we also liave an experienced £nao and tools to do work in that P. G - Cramer «& Co. Wtfetm ore Son, North Cohocton, something new in caiico rcni- JBlock» out by machinery for Entirely new. Only 25 per lb 5 call and examine them. raw Stoctc of &m*Z JSm- Sleep t lears ~tm for tJ*^ -W<x.T~m. an BOBS. SCOOPS, ji zr^-^x HO ojijs. SJUAJiOrr* -rm and itefryuM com- I *rrr-Kr- r j^jr.-n-^ rriw cc comp£sf0 | A£TT. Id i'sl T^S, K •traction . SUFBXMIE Co'tJirr. XX. T. RKE D agt. JOHB B. JOHNSON I, John B. Johnson, defendent in this action, do certify that the charge made by roc against B_ T. Jleed, \the plaintiff^ for which this action was brought, viz: That while measuring me for a pair of pantaloons he took my\ pocketbook out of my pocket and abstracted some of my money, ought not to have been made; that I have not now, and never had any ev­ idence of its truth; and do hereby retract the same as fully as I have at an y time made such charge. Dated April 20, 1SS2. J . B. JOHNSON. led g in I shall soon open a large and stock of elegant croquet sets ran prices from S>1. to per set. - I have lately sorted up on blank books and memoranda and can give you bargains. I have a job lot of autograph albums which I will sell at astonishing low prices ; I have lots of new things that must be sold. E T . SEMANS. I have the largest stock of ink and the best assortment iu Naples. X will sell it at the lowest prices. E . T . SKMAN^. X have just received a large and most complete stock ot embossed pic­ tures for fancy work, comprising some new at.d elegant designs. Come and see them at ED'S !N\KW STORE. K**or f»ale* Ono Royal George stallion, dark brown ; coming nine years old this spring ; weighs 1 200 pounds. Tf^ill be sold or exchanged for other proper­ ty. Reaxon for selling him is on ac­ count of my health. See or address GIDEON VINCKNT, 12tf Bloods Depot. Our stock of spring millinery is bought, and will be in this week, when wo will be glad to have our lady friends call and inspect them ; we will warrant work and prices to meet any shop in the country. A new and fresh stock of wool and straw hats, of the latest and best styles, for old and young, just received. XLiicwis BROS., 2V1 iddlesex. Persons going West need not go tb Rochester or Buffalo to purchase the! r western tickets, for they can purchase at the Blooda office as low or lower, and save money by so do­ ing; and the purchaser is surer of good time and connections if he pur­ chases hero. A.11 who intend to go West should call and see how much it is to their advantage to buy here. J . A . SHULTS, Bloods Depot, Y. Have your picture taken cabinet size and buy a neat franu of Ed and then you have something worth keeping or worth being kept if you give it away. The \-Corning' paints are' the best ' *S -!A^n^WSlotr. ofj-^pou^nd^ prints jjast^opeh.-, ed. \ Th\o° ohljy place\ in _ western ^New- York where yon can buy a good calico for three and a half cents per yard. \WICTMORK <fc SON. _3/y stock of boots and shoes is com­ plete, and X wish all to remember that X will not be undersold. PRKPX RIE if OR SPRING . -Afte long, severe winter the system needs cleansing of impurities. Nature must be assisted to recuperate, the Liycr must he made to act, all surplus hiie and impurities carried off* Zopesa, from Brazil, acts as a gentle purgative. It is just introduced into this country. The remarkable results of a few doses are most, surprising. Ask your drug­ gist, J . C- jybrgan, for a 10 cent sam­ ple and trv Zopesa, the most power­ ful remedy for Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Constipation and I biliousness ever in­ troduced in this country A choice line of family groceries al­ ways on sale at Jtf\. TPA LTE it's , '4 JtT iddlesex. Fine line fishin 5 tackle just received. A DAMS <Sz SON, Bloods. Go to Reed's for straw hats. Joint trout poles, cane poles flies, hooks and lines. ADAMS <& SON, Bloods. Wansed . Teams to haul ties from Boles* mill, rXickory Bottom, to Bloods and the lake, for which reasonable prices will be paid; Enquire at the mill or of S. B. XL*ynn in the village. 18tf The best stock of wall paper, cur­ tains, etc., iu the town, at G RA N BYS 1 . KVe beat the beater on both cheap and fancy stationery box papers all prices the largest and most complete stock in town, and at prices that cap the climax. E . T . SKMANS. Call on us for doors, windows, and blinds. P. G . 6'RAMKB «fc Co. Tickets to New York and return for $12. are on sale at Bloods, and they are good for 10 days. By no other route can you go so cheaply and pleas­ antly. J_ _A_ SHULTS, Agent, Bloods Station. Just received, ; very handsome nev styles of spring prints and Scotch gin« hams at Jkf. WALTER'S, iddlesex. Straw hats at ReedV- W all papers, borders, shades shade fixtures, just received. LEWIS BROS and Popular goods at popular prices are what the people demand ; ISd has 'cm. ~V~araishea, brushes, paints, and the best bard, oil finish made, at P . G- CBAUEB <& Go's, •y Boot* . I have-mammoth cluster, t hornless, and X>oolittle raspberry roots in any qnantity and at $>6- per -th o nsand. \Those -who want please call or wider of, • „ \ _a /A.T ElCBBEEGEK. 1GW4= . Save money by calling a t the store .of Jt£ ^AJCSCKS, A€ iddleaex, who has Here wo are once more \with a full stock of straw hats, the largest and most complete stock, ever brought to Naples. B . T . REKD <fc Co- Two a d *. bmlf ya n scr> I quit bCKincss oa mxycmxmt. or poor bMltb; £ am now rmuj to Ntra tia* K> EX oils at nil fnrnUh Via* Same Good. Work Asra.in. Platform, and JElijptic JSjp7-%ng Democrats, mad Carriages of all JcirtdLs. I b«r xtxm b«flt sUck Mid ' ay work U orer Our Old, Sard-Earned B.eputation Shall Be Kept TJp. m^m.lly m.nd promptlj done. I tim-vm now om huid aomo ex«ellc»t - €>JE*J&JW ^± AZ> r TOP* X£ TTG G XXCty. CALL I M- J. I» . WHITING. JT/ST ZN I CANKED GOODS ; CONFECTIONERIES , FJR OITS.AN D HUTS, HHOICE FAMILY GROCERIES PORK , LARD , I I II A M S and FLOUR. | Choice TOBACCO S and. CIQAE S Goods Delivered in tbe Corporation. A. - W. DUNTON, EAVT SIX>K SX.. NAPLES. tTtT TLx O O \F^T I HAVE OPENED IN THE (Jo rnisJh JBlocJc, Bloods Depot, J\~- fx large stock of* Ready-made <t» r r II I IX 4^! all stylish and new goods no old settlers -which wfll be sold a t prices that will come under the hest figures named by any dealer in Naples, Liberty,*Dansville or Ruth. Yo u can save time, trouble and car fare, and other expense, by gettin g just what you need in tha t line near home . The most stylish Business Suits and Dress Suits ranging from 3J55.00 to $25.00 . GENT'S A. Full line of\ FURNISHING GOODS, Kee p your hand on your pocket book and hold on tight, for if yo u don T t X wilL- temp t yo u with low\ prices- an d ge t your monoy away\. pfirorm -you; -*1C3\c ( * J ^ J -— - '—— ' \\• •-' '-^-^^'^.i ^'-alake^sc F. O. PIERCE & GO.'S PREPARED READY FOR USE. Made from such material as all practical painters use, no chemical or water mixture being used in their manufacture. Also, a full stock of Oils. L BE A S, Varnishes, Ziccs, Ha'fl Oil, Brn li^s, ^ and- all tiritis of painters' supplies, a t -- K. Wk LLi & SOW'S HARDWARE. •zn? ~F=T ~f =n ~F=T TT IB I The Leading Carriage Factory in, ^Naples. FIB. II. L. GRISV^OLD is manafactariug a fine line o f T-CLASS CARRIAGES, DEMOCRAT WAGONS, £KJELETOIT8, Etc , Etc., for spring and summer trade. ^Fifteen years 1 experieace - in thi«. business has taugh t m e that a first-clasa carriage means First Cla £S Stock used m ^i^B^BHH^^H^HHIHHI^^H^^^^^' Sh-oddv Xf you. want a factory—made buggy, I can s«Xl yon. on e mad e b y th e . COR,TJL.A]>ri> CARRIAGE FACTORY, who have th e best reputation o f any factory i n th e \United.- States . I sell th e WHITE3B0B0 & HILBDBN .LUMBER .WASOKS;';' of Owego, JST . Y publi c

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