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The Neapolitan. (Naples, N.Y.) 1879-1884, September 28, 1882, Image 4

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this anbl emiah cxl outamn > V<V3r; OTX~ ra.n-3>ri» grovo in. pobe»-df pcoEleosjlyo; y3^-''£IZh olcm\*xalcl sweep on softly sloplas hills; Z-^ \.>'.^nr>A.*roat strenxnlots swiiMly flowing by; .'T^P late r bloojn beeido\the- placid rills— vAJad blue domo rormdirtg siltmtly above, -N- • X?isclo&e, xxi meaaures more thnn wo could oa2c, The perfect manifest of heavtm '8 lovo, The now acconntn from 2?n-txxro*s aoldon task . Gtidinjr throtxeh litrht. There comes a poet from the arcrtdo land»; And thorxch bis form can never meet our ei^ht, rT»«» Tiowloss barp, na swopt Toy onnning hands, No v oeoma to moarn a. dirco for Bummer's death. And now to fray ly lead tlxe harvest Bonjje; Bnt when tlxe leaflet** feel hjjB eaddon breath. They ilutter down in rainbow - •haded thrones. Oh valiant northern sprite of antomu wind ! I lovo thy mnsia and thy nervios to neb; And when thy monarch. Frost, shall come, and bind Eoxth'rt many forms within his cortoin clutch. Then rirvsine sltate and sleigh bells* morry chime, And c;lad hazzoa o f arcbiss just from school, Shall tell tbo ropnl pleannreo of* our climo, \While ancient winter holds his sturdy rulo. •—-yLdctis&n. JF*. Uro usrur \An d s o yo u hav e reall y and truly enjoye d thi s mont h in tlie country, Cousin Oliv e ?** I have, indeed, Florenc e ; and the onl y tilin g tha t takes th e Htmp; fro m regret^t t leavin g this dear old phice, is the though t tha t yo u aro t o return w tli me , an d tha t I miiy tr y m y utmos t t o mak e yo u enjoy th e nex t mont h ics I hav e don e this. \ \•T o introduc e rut* int o society, t o brin g m e ou t I suj>i>ose V\ said Flor ­ ence. ** Bu t don' t yo u think. I tiin rathe r ol d Tor that sor t o f tlung ? I hav e seen twenty , Cou.sin ('liv e *' \ Withou t one spiison m >» e w- York,' - said h e ; \withou t one admire r sa% e t lie Clownish youn g men o f th o nt l^rhbor- hood, withou t a singl e offer o f inarriage, i f I mistak e not, T^loy I t is ris.illy shockin g t o bu ry your boai>ty for so lon g i n such n rt in >ti phiee ; LM tins * \ As t o offers o f msn-riiige, yo u art wrong, \ replied tin* youn g lady, lixtij^b- ing. \I hav e been honored by tw o — on e fro m Ai r bain CI regory . who wit h a grea t deal ot bawlifulncss and ti«lxr< t ixxg about, askod my consc nt t o he Mrs Sam, and th e oth< r from th e It* v \\VVestrop Dean , a poor < urate \\ lio couldn' t sound his r s. I dnln t «.<*< i j>t either.\ Mr . Cliv e Ilardmg e lifted his hand •with a gesture of disgust, anil, shaking his head, replied, dolefully . 44 Win* h it •will eventuall y com e to , perhaps i f you ar e no t quickly lifted out of this mediocr e class* into tha t highe r grad e of society t o whic h you are entitled l>y hirth an d position. I a m ver y glad you ar e goin g to m y mother for a littl e 'tune; for , although there is not , m y Xttear cousin, a mor e perfec t lady in all • Jr *-\ - * ^STorlt than you , ye t th e constant ions hip o f this so-called uppe r 1 th e \vills-go migh t i n tim e cause xio.Tn ar k his keen, d < fT <v^*^''fn 3 im-t-. instantly detected the ixxsxdt ho had nnintentlon- olTered her, and, with a slight em- barraasment i n his face, h e bent for­ war d and said: \ Forgiv e me, Floy ; do not mi sunders tao d m y mining , I a m referring to yourself. Yo u will toe en­ gage d before you leave !Ne w York . Afark m y words.\ The flush died out o f her face and a merr y sparkle danced in her -eyes as she said, gayly . *' What , in one month ! Aly good cousin, ho w quickl y you ar c goin g to dispose o f me ! Mak e n o such rash prophecy, thou oracle o f evil. \ *' Bu t 1 do,*' said Clive . \ Le t me bet you a dozen pair o f glove s that my prediction wil l com e true.\ \ -Against wha t V\ she asked. *' Agains t a kiss.\ h e refilled. ** Sir, you surprise me !*' said Flor ­ ence. *' 13ut you woul d lose you r bet.\ *' I f I lose I wil l pay,\ said he ; \an d if yo u lose you ixiu*?t pay *•* Bu t I shall not lose. Cousin Clive,*\ said Florence . •* 1 am sure that none of th e gentleme n to who m yo u intro­ duce m e wil l satisfy m y fastidious taste *• Wai t until yo u see them, m y dear child,\ said Cliv e ** Yo u are ver y un­ sophisticated. I only f— ar they wil l find too eixsy irigrp*** to tha t kittle un­ tried heart of yours She laughed a laugh that had a rin g of scorn in it, whic h mad e him look up \\ ith a puzzled expression, as thoug h he could not quit e fathom her, as she left the room Mrs Karldale's saloons were crowde d wit h f Lshion beauty .md wealth I t w a-s her last hall o f the season, and th e most brilliant she h id gi\en Amon g the assembled ludies it wa s eviden t that one v. as th*. ci ntt r o f attraction, the dazylm g star around which the smaller stars ceasfd t o shine sh e was quit e surround* d by g« ntlemen obtrn- si\< in their attention ami tiresome in tin ir flu.tt« ry ^tii si < med to feel it acutely, as she stoo d wit h h* ight« ned t olor and disd imfiil bps, mutt ly in th* midst. She s< ir< « ly lifted t lie curlin g bushes from th e d irk bhif k < yes, • gav e the le;u ->t mo\ < m< nt to the lia th:»t covered hi r wh't e sbouldt rs like a gold * n \ < il Sin w is perturbed and ibstrcsscd, and wanted fr«>ni t hem M l th« ' \ !n-( n ht 1 i\ m« r*-> md mo'-t ca n less gl m< e li id b*- one almost p:ission itc m i ti<vn. ht r laughin g tones t he inoi t f 11 1 Isom e a lgr y w ith b.-r.->ell i-ving aptly learned > ge t aw ay ing sli< had ay 1 J u t h er n in t 1 v by t tiat hi i ad m i r a - ansU ered flat t« ry, 1 tin m in three an short week s to ht artil y despise th e hol­ low- mockery o f \v h at the worl d calls | pleasure -she no w stood this bust hour in th e ballroo m in anythin g but a I happy fram e of mind At last there wa s a break in tlx circle, ;tn<l th e lo w tones o f the votarie s o f fashion ceased fo r a moment , as a youn g ma n of quiet gentlemanl y bearin g mad e his way up t o th e youn g lady. ** £hliss Lysle, \ baid lie, ** permit me to conduct you to the conservatory. Yo u wer e speaking of—-\ The y had passed through the rooms, and ah© turned to -thank idm , f fo r i ^Cthe-iarnilies yo u are in- . . - . _ ^ ~x 1 ** Ar e w e not going home? a m so tired stUX. dLivo carried along , narro w oox in his hand, of blu e enamel an d gQt , and placed it under her eryes. \ Th e bet, Florence,\ said he. «• Ha d you, forgotten it ? Yo n hav e wo n it quite fairly, or yon wi n hav e done so to-morrow, for there remains yet one more da y before th e month is com­ pleted. U\ow wil l yoxx tell m e wh y you have so coldly declined the tw o offers of marriage yo u hav e been honored with since your- stay wit h us?\ \ I have not felt myself honored,** she replied- *' One wa s from a spend­ thrift and debauched ; the other from a brainless fop wh o possessed tout one idea in the world that of admirin g hi** ow n figure.\ \ Bu t yo u hav e repelled admiratio n so persistently,\ said Cliv e ; \ others who certainl y admire d yon , migh t hav e \ \ Than k yon. Cousin Clive , for th e bet. Ma y I look ?\ interrupte d Flor­ ence Lyslo , as she pu t ou t one hand for tlxe box ** Certainl y not , until to-morrow, \ wa s th e reply ; \ then yo u ma y wea r hom e th e prettiest pair o f glove s tlxe box contains, i f yo u like ; and whe n you ar e gone , perhaps I shall toe able to ge t back m y rest again and m y ap­ petite. Yo u hav e robbed m e o f both since yo u hav e been here.\ \ Cousin Clive! \ she exclaimed . \ I say yo u hav e robbed m e o f both,'* repeated Clive . *' Befor e I sa w yo u I wa s able t o eat like any otixer ordinar y mortal , but no w th e dazzlin g thing s at th e table ar e no t th e plat e an d crys­ tal, bu t a pair o f snow y hands tha t keep movin g u p and down , and mes­ meriz e m y black eyes t o look a t thorn. Befor e you came, I could sleep soundly enough at night , an d wak e refreshed in th e morning , bu t no w m y dreams are wil d and feverish, o f bewilderin g eyes and glitterin g golden hair, and one ethereal for m tha t comes betwee n me and slumber \ ** P 1 C:LSC don't, Clive, \ said Florence - \ Bu t 1 will, \ said he. ** Oh, yo u shall fairl y wi n you r bet, m y littl e Floy . I a m a cross ol d bachelor, cousin, but fo r all that, I mean t o tell you that J lov e yo u witlx all m y herat and soul \ Her head droppe.d dow n suddenly, and th e lon g hair fell ove r ho t cheeks, and tier hands tremble d and clasped themselve s togethe r on her lap. Tbor e wa s a painful pause, anil w hen Florenc e dared t o lif t her eyes she saw Cliv e Ilardinge's- face buried in his folded arms, quiet and still Sim rose hesitatingly , and then wen t up t o him , placed one soft hand on his hair, whil e w ith th e other she ex­ tended the unopened bo x I don't wan t you r gloves . Cousin Clive,** she said. ** AV\hy not?*' li e asked, wit h whit e lips. '* Because I hav e lost m y bet,\ she replied, turnin g awa y her shy face. •• Florenc e m y darlin g Floy , hav e I wo n i t r\' h e exclaimed , rapturously, startin g u p an d catchin g he r hand. \ Yes , and me, too, \ she murmured , as she lifte d her blushin g face to Jhis, and his arras-' *ti gh't^emljrace^-^, Th e office of consul eoristed i n Borne for 1.050 years. Suga r cane wa s introduced into th e Barbadoes in 1641. The first America n colony* was sent t o Sierr a Leon e in 17S7. Th e first percussion arm. wa s adopt­ ed in th e Unite d States arm y i n 18SO. A. larg e par t o f th e Baham a Island s is devote d t o pineappl e culture . A millio n an d a half o f frui t hav e been collected fro m a singl e acre. Th e banya n tree , a nativ e o f India , is an object o f grea t veneratio n amon g the Hindoo s and Brahmins , wh o look upon i t as an emble m o f th e I>eity. Th e city o f Farl s receives nearly a millio n o f dollars annually fo r th e priv ­ ileg e whic h i t grant s t o owner s o f ve ­ hicles fo r back stands in th e public streets. Th e demand fo r matches in Grea t Britian is, on an average , eigh t dail y for each individual . Fo r Europ e and Nort h Americ a tlxe entir e averag e is six fo r eat h individua l In a museum at Salem, Mass., is a box mad e of a cherry stone whic h contains one dozen silver spoons. Th e finish o f these latter can only b e dis­ cerned witli a microscope. Th e butter tree wa s discovered b y Park in th e central part o f A.f riea. Fro m its kerne 1 is produced a nic e substance resembling butter, whic h is palatable and wil l keep a year. Nea r Lawrenceburg , Tenn. , an elm tree, said t o b e th e larges t in th e Unite d States, i f no t in th e world , growing . I t is 1 OS feet in diamete r and 32i> feet in circumferenc e fro m ti p t o ti p o f its brandies . Anythin g and everythin g wa s < •veapon o f wa r i n th e good old days Scipio used jars of pitch ; Hanniba l jars o f vipers, and up t o tlie ninth cen tnr y both wer e employe d by Christian nations, as wel l as Gree k fire, an d as lato as 1217 quicklim e wa s used in nava l fights. Tli e families o f six reignin g sover­ eigns, from Charles II . t o Georg e III watt lied th e lord mayor's show fro m the window s o f I>a\ id Barclay , linen draper of Clieapside, th e brother of Itobt rt Bar< lay, w liom he estal>- Hshecl as a bankt r m I„ombard street founding liar*, lay's bank TISB at Elxrxira, 27. extensive boot and shoe*! axdson A Co. Throe hi thrown oocfeof omploymcn t loss of 9300,000 was inflict* xi. were scaioasly hur t t»y fr 'H Wnzsr Enctneor &&elviIlo, nottc, arrivod at his homi» ho found that tho many erxperianced by his wifo a scaoont, and the joy at hisj muc h for her mental c Molvillo's sad condition < and to apply to the navy indefinite leave of abs granted. CouitTNiT defeated Ten •^ttJ buhg{men^^h\e ^airii l ^^t %i^isifing;\ for ' i t woul d ill - ^^4l^<?Gn i -the bloo d of a Hnrding e to b wit h on e beneat h her.\ e ho t blood flew up in a torren t t o girl 's face as he r cousin uttered t'y^'; i^theso words , fo r she kne w that her J»\ \^hmother had been so considered t o de- jmean herself, when, t wo-ami-t wen ty ^ years before, she disobeyed th e com- » xnand o f a stt rn parent and a stern* r | \brother and proudly placed he r hand 1 .in th e strong \\ arm gras p o f a man | wh o had no sin against hi m bu t his poverty , his ambitiou s day-dreams and | - - hi s lov e f^r her tShe remembere d how , 1 i n this obscure spot, th< y h;u.l cke<l ou t 1 his meager pittance , ho w th e gloriou s i productions <\f ar t that his glowin g im- j agination, had \ ivitietl into almost liv . in g creations had passed away , and left I th e noble face draw n and sad. and the \ large , eloquent eyes, that had fought so bravel y fo r them , a closed \oJume i ~ of blindness an d death. Th i n the ! _ struggl e for life, fo r existence the long , year s o f suffering and sorro w of her ( - earl y life , and subsequently the one ~. t t . thousand dollars a > ear that some un- £- know n relativt . dying , left tin in I s Sh e had nevt r seen a single membi r of her mother's fam ily until a f* w month s before, w lien C liv e Harding*-, SOU o f tb it brother wh o had s« ih-d up his fatbt r s heart ag.unst his si-.t« r all the days of his life, came suddenly upon the m in their quiet countr y home, w ; LS struck wit h tlie refinement that 1 »* r- vaded th e at mospliere in whit h his aun t and coii-»iu livetl. and * 11 inned wit h th e r;xr<» grac e and fresh beauty fj^oS th e yoiin ^ girl . H e h.mteawl toeri^- jS^^^j^-^ate an :iTiu.it >le understandin g li t tw* en mot h« r and Mrs*. Lv.sle, wlut h. ht nig easily effected, as Mrs . Hardmg e en- ^^^lte r tai n e< I lIfl^ has n*> t harms fo r reply. ** I a m Ilarding e I su< h f n \ olitv . w e not •Willie. '* Tired of dancing, or of Ne w Yor k dissipation, Florence—which?** he asked. •* Both, \ she replied. \ I wouldn' t liv e here fo r worlds, i f 1 a m t o be dragge d about nigh t aft* r nigh t lik e this ' \ flie n sue you * he said. ** o, indeed, * was tin disappointed in <. liv e though t I1111 1 siipt no r to H e st t ms t o like it \ I \ The n yo u 1111st ake , F 1* ty * said her I < om p mion • It is ^«»( it ty that « ourts j not h« w ])•> c 'l 'iirts ->i >t i< ty A s I \ mi say. he is SUJ K rior t<» it * I * I'lien by (lne>, hu g o into i t so ! mut h '•'* slit asked • H e is pt rfoi min g a sort <jf ]>en- arn c \ was tin n ply. * and mixin g in I g-i> ,, t. v whit h he <ht«sts. fo r tlie sake of one he < ares for mm h t o see if the , pure gold of spirit 11 ibty in ht r heart will st m d the ti ~.t of the schiuiiii g World \ tlarl but btyimtl tht smile upon In r lips, ami the -•light pressure o f In r hand upon his arm tin could r. ad in.thing • 1 .111 1 goin g boi 111 in ti\«_ days ** she s>;ud.:us tlu \ pa -set I through tl >'ew Whea t I>lstr-Iets. Accordin g t o tlie Ji'tirrnrr, an exte n »iv e wheat-growin g district is abou to be op* net! up in India. Th e papt ; says: I'bo Indi a office is lendin g its sanction just no w t o an enormo\. reclamation of tl tin; Vunjaub. T l five ri \ ers whith to tha t region flow to th e sea, leavin g larg e tract of desert land, some which wa s once fertile, t o be th o hom e of nothin g and nobody. Thos e sam rivers are sufficient to make that same desert blossom as a rose. Th e wor k of cuttin g canals r :whioh.. rwould ^afford -A - T-:^-H-K T-fviW! -C-i 'i^t.iV^^^-no!^ irr^i o^aZ^ scheme for th e waste litinls tif water s o f th e g i ve th e nam e wastefully awa y 2St££oL<aXo States . '. , destroyed the tory o f J. liich- Ired hands wui'O and an I'MII T I t • *--«^T Fonr firemen \tifs walls, of tho lost Jean-* in •PhtlnHalphin, i|xxon±hs of anxiety n her husband's rotnrn, were too nlibrinm. Mrs. mpolled hor hns- «|topartmwnt for an rhich was ocbo • r Saratoga, go vo irn or. nty-oiajht 1 Ropablicana Bey in a boat race for ronce ri-ror near AJo3randri | Ti a General Unitarian biennial session at era or John X>- T^ng, of aided. Etev. 3>r. John S. half a contary n. prominon Alothodifft Episooiwil chur| day at NowborR, N . ~S. years. A .T Dormunsvillo, N . forty —oi^ht ycMira old, t* woondod ht_i» wifo 2Siinni< of age, and then killed hirjj marriod last fall, hat had MAIJJE'S official vote for exception of a few tmxall roturns -will chacg« tho re follows : Total vote, 138, Robio, ; I*laistc| X .208 ; Vinton, 262 ; plurality, 8,798. The forCongress are elected excess of that for beans carry foaxtoon of Of the senators, twon and three FnsioniBta. O tlie hoDBe, IOS ore Fnadonists. Tug long ntrilco of t \Pittshnrpf I*a., is over, t decided by a largo majori nndor tho old scale of pri< Tioiurr nominated l>y Democratic State c -i >nven governor, Benjumi governor, Saniaol W R< of HUte, r>. N- iSlullin t ron. < inr«r ntnl n-ceiver, Io<ljjos; auditor, John 1 enoo; attornoy-general, Wor ot- A te r A T tho New York Tt«l| v on t i«>n m SnratOKB tin for turn poniry chiurmni Mnddc -n, while tho aiiti- through United Ktutos £>o| nomiiintcd Stato tvoiiatx. Mnddi-n was chosen by a. .Judge Folder, (Jovcrnoi) iri.'iu \\ ndswortli, John >i rix 1 KobiiiHon u-oro nort the name of ~tV alter- A drawn from tlie contest, suited, in votes for null, for V\ nduworth for RobinBou. IS] OCHSHI On tho Bocoml b;illot, voto*». Cornell '2~2?2. nnd motion of Senator Mill*.* J iul^<- !*'<*!go r war* made PaoKicHflon A.. A. Y\ o r*K a full ticlcot, was nomirin| State I'rohibition con \I^ E MasaachuaottH convention at WoreeBto R_ Bishop for Rovernoj liontonant-govomor, oecrctary of stato, trooauror, Charles R E. J. Sherman for att- A.-r- the Oonnoctiont . Eyck nr.** X>emn- on tho St_ Law . ct^onforonce held ita N . \y. Gover- [assachusotte, pro- toholl, for over It clergyman of tho [eh, died tho other a god eighty-three \t?. Alonzo Cash ; and mortally Berveutecn yoani lisolf. The two were »oparatod. governor, with tho plantations, whose bnt Little, is as For governor jd, 1 Chase, 305; Robie'a candidates plural ties httle in Tho Eepub- sixteen counties, are Republicans [f tho members of and forty-ono Bocublicon • b -.7 le iron-workorn at 10 stridors having -y to renamo work ses. the MaRBQchunott 8 Ition at Boston: For Butler; bontonnnt- twernian; socretary of Winchester; 14 'ral William A . I. SHweoney, of I_*aw- |Ooorgo Very, of ublican Stato con- Stalwarts through . on their condiduto ox -Stato Senator l ^dininiBtration men nator Warner Millor • r JC. L . l >ittR. Mr. vote of 2S1 to iM3- Oomell, Congrens— -I Rtnrin imd Cen- uated for govomor. Wood being with- Tho Qrwt ballot re- ^\olger ISO for Cor- 19 for Starin aud G i~y to a choice, 240. JEToIger received 2/>7 Wadaworth IS. On r tho nomination of Imuoimoua. [NS for governor, with tod at the Now York ntion in Rochester, onuhlicans in Stato no in mated 1-toliert Oliver A met) for on ry B. Piorce fo r Oleason fox >odd for auditor and -genoraL _ can \State con- ftho Jftfollo^vinKXi^akof Dnbiel A . sln> looked 111 > into the ilca r c vi-s of ^Tf \-i.*.H tie ire-t frientl. * A r \Is a^ain * hall h irr\ tt> > Kim i\ t to sol 1 r. my nit or lilad t o si 1 1 hwt aunt, sh -an ht ask* I 'd n\ mot her I shall l>€* [* has been -and Cousin no feel in pi o f woma n she had resentmen t nev er seen, h e suddenly f;inc led that the cool, fresh breezes* of Hillside mifjht hav e a hene- ficial influence on h i •* town-hre d consti­ tutio n ; and, therefore, withou t any circumhx ution, he gav e a broad hint t o tha t effect Hi s aunt took th e hin t an d invite d hi m Durin g his stay he and Florpnco had been a grea t deal throw n together, and. wit h a constant^ interchang e of thought and opinions passing bet ween them, gre w irx a mont h pretty w« 11 t o kno w and appre­ ciate each oth* r. Cliv e Ilardmp e W:LN neither hand­ som e nor younf». l>nt he possessed that xvhich our people , ami our wom**n «-s- pecially. \abi e im»re in me n than eor- rectness of feature, or even youth streapfth, courage and manliness. Five - and-thirty V r:lr had rolhvl ove r his brow n head, ami 1< ft th e wav y hair still brown , and the g r iv eyes un- dimme d in th e flrt* o f their boyhood H o conbidcred biiusclf a michlle-ajred ma n now , ahd. if any mi dsn in mer day-dream eve r lisxd tinned wit h a tran­ sient brightness tlie even tenor o f his . life , i t wa s long since roiled up in th e forgotte n past. H e took an interest in HTlorence, a deep interest, by reason of Jlior beauty, her innocence and her nn- : protection . 2d an o f tlio worl d a « lie ^ _ _ r ~-5-' \W -Cis, thoroughl y understasdtDg all th e b±icl Outs^of society, h e fel t tha t his s n o commo n girl—tha t she ^^^.^^^^i^-as^^^;dELc.e ruir^pted t o fill a higher ^^^^^t^^^t^or^t^ca x that- iix* \vhich sh o ha d -interes t t o ('liv e \ j * 1I<- is rath. Flo y somet li al'uiit litm — to« ! *• Who - - C'h\ 1 not old -is he His hair i^ m 1 not wrinkle d H e is I is Cousin C'h vi \ IlandsonK-, Flo y V put on lo \ e*s specta* lt j as he is, I could some yet ' •• Don ' t Florence , Har d in g o strength . old , do n t v IT Of till Ol\ »ld tfo marr \ . idle sanl >n tliink. 1 iat lielor 111 fact.\ ** lit- is I nt \ <»r not n ed it. ray. and his f ice is is \ < ry handsome 'x'tjn must hav e ^, surely, friend neve r call hi m hand- talk nonsense, Willie,** said pettishly *' I r» peat < liv e is handsome, li e b:xs more migh t and majesty in his countenanco than a- dozen ordinar y men . Her e h e comes ; now , judg e fo r yourself.\ I f a ver y wear y look an< 1 a pale face denote*! a handsomo physique, C'li \ e Ilarding e certainly possessetl it at tha t moment . H e cam e forwar d t o Flor ­ ence. ••Woul d yo u lik e t o g o now? \ h e said, kindly , •• m y mothe r is already cloaked and waitin g fo r th e carriage. \ IShe quit t ly took th e proffered arm , and. extendin g her hand t o Olive's friend, bade hi m good-night . f f tt •* •* Mi33 Lysl o sat at wor k in he r aunt's mornin g roo m th e day before he r de­ parture home . Th e blu e cashmere rol>e she wor e suited wel l th e purit y o f hor complexio n and th e rich curls of glitterin g hair. Sh e looked marvel - oualy pretty, and. so though t Cliv e Har- dingc , as h e mad e i t his special busi­ ness t o visi t th e roo m tha t morning . Bu t he r eyelashes wer e wet ; sheJoolced if sh e had. been, sheddin g two , aUejatlyy -ther o bjtra eliCy .0 Jh^pjp^'t^e*; ^\>yrrhen> a n -•lA^rm iixl th e hear t o f the- rng-nafikihg' \coxmtry; in .A si a h e selects th e bes t agen t h e can find an d give s him. an orde r -for, say, IOO rugs, o f about th e colors and sixes o f certain samples whic h h e ma y find in the. bazaars. Th © Turkis h agen t then employ s native s o f th o village s whor e the. kind o f rugs selected are wanted , givin g t o each a bag o f gi>ld and instructions t o lorder four rugs Tli e subagent then goes amon g the families and talks rugs witl i them^ drinkin g man y cups o f coffee and dis- t ussing the price fo r days at a time . Whe n a bargain is concluded some money is furnished tlie family for wool ilyes an d fooil, and th e ugent goes awa y sure that in the course o f a fe w months the ru g wil l b e ready. Upo n a carpet measuring eigh t feet by twelv e a whol e family wil l wor k fo r months. Th e cotton or woole n threads whic h for m the groundwor k or war p o f th e fabric are stretched upon a hug e fram e th e widt h o f th e rug, and th o family , or sut h members o f it as ar e able, sit on th*' floor and ti e knots in th o war p threads wit h th o colored woo l tufts, tightenin g th e finished fabric no w and then witl i a rough comb . Each worke r takes about twenty - it ven inches o f th e ru g and work s along this strip. Fro m . tw o t o four in* lies a day is th e speed a t whic h th e rug advances if th o family is larg e t nough fo r th e whol e widt h o f th e ru g t o advanc e at tlie same time . .A. ru g eigh t or nine feet wid e requires four persons, wh o wor k side b y side. Th e finishing o f th e rug, smoothing, clipping, etc , is a wor k requirin g skill and j uclgixient. Th e wage s ar e ver y small and the paymen t is accordin g t o the number o f square feet. Th e work ­ ers kno w certain pattern s by heart and dye their ow n wools. Th e old dyes hav e in some instances been sup­ planted by aniline colors, whic h d o not keep their tones, and fade withou t giv ­ ing t o the ru g th e softness of tin t whic h is th e chief glor y o f a fine Eastern nig. So man y merchants hav e refused to buy th e carpets in whic h anilin e dyes hav e been used tha t th e use of them ma y eventuall y b e stopped. Th o rug-makers as a class ar e poor in money , ver y ignoran t and ver y re­ ligious, bu t liv e comfortably . Espe ­ cially around the borders of the^Caspian sea, in th e country watere d by tlxe riv ­ ers from th e Caucasian mountains, ar e the people in comfortabl e circum­ stances, although about thre e centuries behind th o rest o f th e world . Tli e rugs and carpets ar e brough t i n fro m Persia and the neighborin g districts on camels* backs, th e arriva l o f camel trains bein g on e o f th e curious sights of tlie town . transit , and to buy ' th e ixrlgatxoii'water, undertakin g o n it s ow n account t o col_ lect th e wate r ren t fro m th o \natives. lCngineering expert s declare tha t th e special wor k can easily b e done, and reports hav e been mad e t o th o Indi a oflice whic h sho w tha t tlie land t o be claimed has soil so rich in alluvial deposits from th o Himilaya s that w e may reasonably ant icipate tlie tim e whe n a grea t region no w suffering illy from wan t o f wate r wil l become the grea t wheat—bearing territor y o f India. Som e portions o f tlie great loab whit h i t is proposed t o reclaim a loab o f r>0.OOO square miles in t xtcn t hav e undoubtedly beon both inhab­ ited and highly f« rtile in their day. I n some places the canal is almost made, tlie unused bed of \\diverted river s ly­ ing ready to be again filled wit h tht' life-givin g stream; so that th e earlier portion of tlie great wor k wil l be com­ parative ly easy. iiu t whether easy or hard the reelamation of r><\C>00 square miles o f land in an over-populated country, th e irrigatio n o f a tract so enormous in a country visited by fam- ii5e, is a task the magnificence of which , from an engineerin g and from a politi­ cal point o f view , almost overw t ightf tlie imagination . i^ay^apliiW^ftlA^ ^ si on VTV 'Aahaway, Itl IL', Orandal), of the University president. Tire full Now York It nominated at Saratoga eraor, Charles «T F o 1 govenior, B. IMatt Car| t!«.*«* of tlio court of » P I x>n)jroaniiiaii - at-1 A Helpmi *«0 I' * An eminent clergyman sat in T»t<g stutly. busily engaged in preparing his Sunday sermon, when his httle boy toddled into the room and, holding u p hi3 finger, said, with an expression of suffering: *• hook, pa, ho w I hurt it!* The father, interrupted in the middle of a sentence, glanced hastily a t him, and with just the slightest tone of im - Kisxnarek's Album Verses. Man y a might y man . reluctant t o mak e use o f pen and ink. has been overcom e by th e smilin g importunities of fair autograph-hunters, inflexible ii their resolve t o enrich their collet tions. I f report speak truth , fo r once a wa y a titled liixly has this year succeeded in gettin g on e pag e o f tier autograp h album filled by th e silent Moltk o and b y another grea t ma n who, although no t an artist, rarely ex­ changes his giganti c pencil fo r a pen AT ore remarkable, still is th e fact that I*rince Bismarck lias commente d upon Count Ivfoltke's text , whic h deals-witli tlie contrasts betwee n pretense and genuineness, trut h and falsehood, and wit h th e distinction betwee n inner wort h and outer show , so admirably summarize d in th e Frenc h prover b Mieu x van t etre qu e paraitre,' £ Bette r bo than seem. ) Count Moltke' s contribution t o th e lady's album : * 1 Schein verpeht, Wnhrhoit boatcht,'' may bo free! \ rendered thus ; ' * Shams noon fndo away. Truth endorcfl for aye-*\ Underneat h this couplet are inscribed the followin g lines, in I*rinco Bis­ marck's handwritin g . ** Icb glaubo doss in joner Welt Oio Wahrhwt ntets den Sicj; bobaelt ; Doch mxt der Lao(-o dicsen Lcbons Kncmpft unser MarachiUl Bolbst Tergob«i] O f whic h I subjoin a hasty para- P* r :i^e : ** X do believe, forsooth. That in some distant * Happy Land ' The spotless virjjixi. Troth, fiJLay oxorci5« supreme command. Bnt on our worldly scene, Wbsro Falsehood and Docoptioo La w are 00 Btrong, that e*on <3hxr \T-^>->-T- 1 fl^fats with thmy i A BPWiAi. commission nvw.LiRuU> fbnr^o oflice prefi-rred a^ainntj I>, Hccretnry honrd t>f education, ln| flndft trTjit li ere wore v oxpondituro uf tlio ft iiet 't nnd tl nt i»o ivfd any bi-no it f 1 ox. ciitioual i)ublic.iti<mH. AT Pon»ncoln, l-'ln 3 to bo Inrgoly on tbo in< occn 1 nii |4 dully. JAM B. GRAN T IIJIH governor by tlio Colonj A T tlio national co: Horso-Tliiof a«sociati| Mo., delegates ropre^o lodtf«« attondod. r tiio New Yorl| rouvoution in Syra tlje vjircouH fncftonB wor« tMittled l>y grradt Demorraoy tlitrty-*;i Hnll twonty-four Roats| seats. i^ester U. t»»e fonrtli btdlotGr of B lffulo, WIIH nomiuf iiiv; lill voLo .1 apr :] Henry W Slociim and man It >**w«»H 1* Flower 11*3^ Tins rosalt wa*» a del*\K«'vtion« f rom Now \ Cleveland on the tlnrd mayor of Klrnira, was ant-(jovcrnor on a risil ipnera! Henry W. Slo C >n urossman-at-1 u rfjo| of Syrnrase, was nom lot for cliiof jndjjo of tl OPivi n21 0 vote' , n«a i Heckham. On the York city now is reprt| born—John Holly and ing Hall by one me: Oemocracy by tbo ron| AT Buffalo Mrs. Jr duliriam from fovor, hor yonngost child drowned herself and l| L DELAYED HnxlO Ftouding in the Fourth York, when it was run iinothcr train with nn<) j >/in.HOii^or can Jvt/vdrtirio Aubort, lied; William Howjs Boon after of his inj| other persons wore ht probably fatal_exToct. A TBOUICL E tlio coming campoij Doogliisis near Salt inforced by two eomi| troopp. TJTE liquor men of projrreaa of prohibitij held a State incert measures X *or| terents. JlOK OOXTlIAIt <ot| BoUevifew, La., for colored, named a desire for rovonRts •Berlin. XJctZxrr. wit h Does the weather change moon ? Sir \Villia3 n Thompson the tells men lost thoir livcs,- ing dispatch from l| Howard, owner of a John Koeloy, owner driving eastward in North of Trinidad, , two herds uiuio -to : talco tho old Santa ind K-eoley -was to vor. On tho rorxto cattla had, been t Ixzcylnsr^. life stodkL- horseback—tho-two- mdea •fSf fjr loo t apart fcom thoir omployoxs th .0 flfiitwaBtobesJii. Attho fizat flro Ibor men wore instantly killed. G«orc « XioJrtor, o f Kocley'a party* was shot throagh the breast. Ono o f Howard's y^>fv«-| IToll with s> hall through his head, and two others o f the «un o party were ohot tbxoash the heart. Distoayod, the Howard party, with the oaz- ooption of thoir mem r >l nyn^ floxt to> their camp. Keetay then rodo up to Howard and pro- posed that they should rhjhfc i t out. Howard deolined, sayine: that ho undorstood tho matter to have boon settled according to tho terms of battle made beforehand- Jhioquit- able exchang e of cattle was then made. Th o dead wore bnriod by tho other men fmui both parties, and tho drovers, with their herds in charge , separated for thoir respective rotates,** has been received at the treasury department that a coontorfoit sil­ ver half-dollar mado of Babbett metal and &lass is being circalatod. Zt has a good ring and is an oxcellent imitation. TH E census bureau has issued a bulletin classifying tho population of the XJnatod States in X8SO by nativity. The native-born were: Whites, SG.S43»2»X; colored, 6,G32,&4S; foreign-born, 6,073,943; total popula­ tion 60,1S5,7B3- Of the foreign- born 2,\772 were natives of the United Kingdom of Groat Britain and Ireland, X,0*3G>- 7-42 of tho Gormnn empire, 7TL7.084 of Brit­ ish America, X94.S37 of Norway, 181,729 o f Sweden, XOG,97T of France, of China, and the remainder represent all the countries of tho oarth. TTTE President has ratitlod tho postal con- vontion between tho United States and Switzerland, to take oxToct October 1. CoNOEn >frNa the now comot reoently dis- co-vored in Colorado, a \Washington dispatch says: The groat comet reported as havixig bwn discovered by obnerrora in Colorado was observed at the Naval observatory this afternoon. I t was found in right ascension 11 hours 19 minutes 32 seconds, and declina­ tion north IO degrees and XO minutes. The comot was easily seen with tlio naked eye. and exhibited a short tail witli a bright hood of considerable extent. In tlio telescope tho nucleus showed as a confused mass of bright light, indicating a largo comot with plenty of loo so material. Extending on both sides woro soon bright arcs of light, presenting tho api>o.iranco of a bird with outstretched wings. In regard to this comet a dispatch from Rochester, N . Y. , says: \ I>r. Lewis Swift, director of the \Warner observatory, has been recoivinR messages from all parts of America, claiming tho discovery of a largo naked-eye comet, now viniblo near tho sun. To sot at rest all inquiries ho states that it is tlie samo comot recently diacovorod in South America, moving west. Xt is not tho comot of 18X2, and is not identical with any known comet.** TTTE secretary of the interior has decided Qpon the disarmiiincnt of the uncivilized Indian triben- Hi-» nrat ntep in that direc­ tion is an order that no more brooch-loading nfl «H bo supplied to the Indian i>ol iro. EX-UNITKI > STATKH Senator Chri.iliaacy hus been griuitvd a divorce from tun young wife on tho ground of desertion. >Vhxle United States Senator Ivl_r. v Christiancy, an old man with several children by a former wife, mar­ ried a young lady omi>loyod in tho treasury department. OnscKTATiONB of the newly discovered comet made at Washington tend to confirm its identity with tlio comet of 1B-1.H and 1SSO. TUB Hecrotary of tlio interior the other day made about 200 appointments in tho peimion ofeco. N o further appointments will be made in that oxHce. Xt is\ txraito easy to tallc <^^-i-t -tr?-rr> rm-f^Tiy atborxt tho beauty of a forgivin g spirit, bnt wh o find themselves able so t o for­ giv e ono wh o wrong s thexn a s t o do hi-m a, favor ? An Englis h bishop gav e & fine example o f this Christian virta e whe n ono of his clergy wh o had abused him through tho newspapers solicited a favor. Th o bish.op promptly granted hfa, request. fHis astonished reviler re­ plied: ** M y Xiord, I must say I ver y much regret the part I have taken against you. I be g your forgiveness.** The bishop promptly forgav e his for­ mer enemy, wh o then asked; \ Bu t ho w was it yon di d not turn your hack: upon me ? I quite expected it-** \Why \ nobly rejoined the bishop, \* yo n forget that-1 profess myself a Christian.** Ha s the reader a n enemy ? Le t _him also try to melt his enemy in the furnace of kindness. Zior*?s ECerraZcl. OTXTC , K . J.. Sapu 1M t 3«B1. 1 -T- \Wjuooat -A: Oo.r &irit X XV»T» cixraaZ. of Bslcht r a XDi» \fc>-y- nuin uc -fcb*» !«>•« • dy known XLS . Warnw' S *f«t KidTmy io»d. X -A ~r«r SiuiiTT .isiuxiT Swiss convents contain *>&4.& male nnr* 2,020 femalo inmates. To o aggro- gate wealth is G, 000,000 francs. a Treatise upon the Horse and his r>f ^• J ^ T »a» TTl Boole o f XOO p&gca. Valuable to o rnjy ovrnor of hoxson. rostago stamps takm. Sent postpaid by New York Newspaper TJaion. XOO Worth Street, New York. ; : o f Che Bladder-. Srciomo lrntatfon, >r* R rn ntri «-» T -» and Slidnoy and TJrinary C^naplaints cured by * 'Ba- chnpaiba.\ %1- Drnggists. Send for pam­ phlet to E. S- Wgna , Jersey City. N . JT. The Sdenco of Xiif e, or Self - Prooorration, a modical work for every young, middlo- \ or old- X2S invaluable prosexiptions- B A.X.TILAflA v. GnON, a •prominont 1 German socialist, committed suicido by hanging while •frr* priwnn at HanAU. AN international electrical exhibition has been- opened*at ^nnich. ^ . ,^*-. v , _ ^•\•^^^ey^it^^r^^c^st^ J£cll«dooa New s a-xmel Notes . Chicago has 400 ministers an d lay- readers. Ther e are thirty-tw o Episcopa l news ­ papers i n the. Unite d States. The Hon . Jaco b Sleeper has been superintendent of a Methodis t Episco ­ pal Sunday-school in Bosto n fo r nfty_ tw o consecutiv e years. Ther e ar e thirty-nin e Roma n Catho­ lic churches i n rhiladelphia , an d i t is estimated tha t th e Roma n Catholic population is about 200,000. Man y peopl e regar d religio n ver y much as they regar d smallpox . The y desiro to hav e i t as ligh t as possible, and ar e ver y careful tha t i t does no t mark them . Th o oonv^erts t o Christianity from amon g th e Daliot a Indian s ar e gatli - ered int o eleve n Presbyteria n churches, whic h togethe r for m a presbytery. Sev . eral o f th e pastors ar e full-blooded In ­ dians. .A. larg e numbe r o f tlie -Japanese stu­ dents sent t o Americ a returned t o their nativ e country Christians, whil e no t one such case lias occurred amon g those sent t o Germany , Franc e and England . Tli e TCpiseopiil Clergyman' s Insu­ rance leagu e in th e last thirteen years has paid $316,OOO t o th e widow s and orphans o f deceased clergymen , and o f this sum Slo,552 wa s paid durin g th e past year. Durin g tlie visit t o Englan d o f Cet- awayo , tlio captiv e Ring o f tlie Zulus, a forme r missionary in Zululan d pre­ sented hi m wit h a handsome Iiiblo printe d In th e Zul u langu.tge. H o wa s much gratilied at tlie gift . A n Englis h journa l says thtit ** M r Moody' s evimgelisti c eiimpixign wil l not be forgotte n whil e Scotland stands.\ I t regards his wor k in that country as ono o f th o greatest event s In th e history o f Christianity, Durin g tho past tw o years, sixty-five ministers o f other denominations hav e been ordained, deacons o r advance d to tho priesthood, in tho 3?r ot est ant JEpis- JCtSSOTJXEB ZTBOat DEATH. Willi 1 J. CeticUhi. of SomorrOIe, lliuw., u^n : In t^m f>D or 187C X w» » t»kon with »T.J.« i>mo ow -» ujiKM, fallowBC by M. •ciTwn ooa«h. I lo«« my appatlt* sad. Imh. and WM ooaflnoil to my l>o«5. In XSTV I win admitted to tha IXojylt^l . Taa* doctow fmf -1 I bad m hol« In my lrxnu am tjisc as a ba7f dollar. AX en* tin * a report treat around thtt X was dead, X iraYO -ap hop*. t>ut a Crtand t*>ld mo of DR. WHV y r t A.-I»T y=r A T.T.'fl DAL9AM XTOEt. THE H.TTN03. X j^o* »botUo. whoa to 'zsur miTprtao, X <x>mm«no»il to f*ol b«ttor. and. to-dmy X fool bnttor tluuf f« pain. *\ M«W or a U<EN> 8 HRAIN FOOD!—Most, rwllal>I» tralo /X t~r U» Brai n v-ncl Gemndve Orxnju . Xt. p«<Unl y OOJIH K*z-n»u J >»t»lLltj- JU<1 r^wtuf !« & •rlrtX* powm . t£~*A try atinntets. S J. « « fo r SA . Fm* tor- B&IX on iwilpt <rT rHo*. JOHN a.T-.X J J£T<».C;si»a»»»»^, 31Q rirat, Ayynjat, HirTork . Ba y m, TrMtU o i s • m tt» Boole of IOO pun . Vataatxls roartaaro lUmp* Ukan. Suab N-KW3PAJ-KK UNION . TH E MARKETS . NKW TOBX. Beet* cottlo, Rood to prime, 1 w Calves, com'n to primo voala Shoop ................ . . Lamba..................... . Ho £S ILdvs Dressed, Flo' J _ , _ WOB L , Rood to choice Wboat No. 2 ftoci. ... VCo. X Wtiito 33»rl«»y Two-rowed Stato Cora—rjnfrrad. Wtsst. rzxlxed. Yellow Son thorn .... Oats White Stato Mixed Wofrtorn ..... Hay X-*nmo Tixaaothy . . . . 7G Straw No. X, Ryo. 55 Hop*—Suite, 1S31, choice . 5S l J orlt—Mcfls, now, for oxijort 21 70 Lard City St-srxm. . 12 25 Rofiuod 12 75 Petroloiim—Crude . . .... It o fin cxl Btxtter St^to Creamery .... t>niry.. W0.1t. Im. Croaniory. Factory. . .... Chooeo State Factory ... Skims ... \V«5ntoni EgRn State and Penn .... Potatoes— XJ . I. , bbl irti rrxix). Stoera Good to Choice . . . J Lntabs—Western Slieoiv—Western. Hop* Ciocxl to cliolce Yorks Floor C>\ (ironlid n. proCf Wheat No. 1, Hnwl Dnlnll Coi-n No. a, IVii xod Oubi No. 2, Mixed \Vontc Barloy—IVo-rowod St^ite BOSTON. Beef Ex. iilato and fttmxJy HOK \ 1 lire ... City X>roswxI . . . 11 X Port Kx. Prime, por bt»l 2X 00 CO Flour BprixiK Wheat patents 7 25 Cg> S 75 Corn Hifrh Mixed .. 64 @ S5 Out** Extra. White ... . 50 & 52 Ftyo Stnto 85 (<$ 00 Wool W«h T U comh <Sz. dohiixio -44 <& 48 UnwnwhoU \ 28 @ SO WATEHTOW N CATTL E Beef Extra, quality 7 50 @ 8 S7X Sheep ^J^ivo weight ........ 5 <2> 6 Ijambs 6>^@ 6}^ HogB—Northern, d. w . . XXM@ XI «ri l.« ft E K M\~ » » fK O VK K> KIDNEY \Did'\ *~ It I> a SURXCUREfo. . DISEASES ofthe L.1 Xb Xua • '*~*\ «otloa oa tV*^ —•«-»•-- -~*~t—'*'\. -r~-r— iT -llna- It; tlirorr ol i'^. ITilly IB PTlrt. aruZ toy ScoeTlsif £lu> laowOla £=x^lrw« ooadl- tlrm. «rrrta*.Tt tag Its rujtular dtooaigcge. — K I DN e: V-WORT* Kx5X=t013A*n\S K3ARQTJNG ^-.-^^ - oldest and tlio fltaadard HninKatto <3r- Volted States. X -*orK -o otws SUM; roeOJuiiLW rm.u, zs cantt; Br\\ alzo fo r tanrfij; cents; Mcrekiuat'S W\orxx*JsTs.t^ets ^«SH For c&loby every dmsrsTla&an.d. q^psi nt* In conoral mcrebandlie. . ' - « Fo r Family Usft. _ _ Tlio Garsllnff Oil LInlmont wlfii ~~ WBArrx m propftred for * — — - UD In ^Bzn&lfr bottloB »nii/. tho aXcln. Z?rico 25 cents. The Garg-lliiff Oil Almanao fo r \ Xs now In tho hands ol* our printer, errdfwlU be nsdy for dlstarlhut4on duriafr_ ttoe montM \>r Novo (Ustorlbut4on durlacr ttoe moatlw - arid DcQeniber, XSKZ. ThoAl- sont free to any address. Write for ono. \ ^ A sic tho Nearest Dmggist ; v _ If the dealers In your plooedo notlcoep Merobont'n Oanrllns: Oil for saJo. lnxlrt. upon their Rendinc to us, or whoro.thoy »rc* their xxfredieXn.es, and ervft It. Keen tho bottle welt oorXced. and shako it boforo uslnff. TellfW' wrapper for anlmkl and whlto for hlim.- Speclal Notice. Tno srerchnnfs Garnltaff OU lias t>eerx In' uio H3 n. liniment for half a. century. All -wo nslc Is a. fair trln-t, bnt bo sxxro snd follow dl— \Trlo^aarellnff Oil and MerohwifB Worm Tabloti aro for sale by all drunytetB and. deh­ ors In general mcrcnnnrtlio tbrongnoi world. ., _ _ m • MAnufaotnrcd at I^oclcpoz-t, IN . x by 3*.er—^ 1 f ^n n V chant's Ganrllne Oil Oomnany. St Flour—Penn. ox family, eood 6 25 Wheat No. 2, Kod X OS Rye—State 37 Corn—-Stato Yellow. .......... 82 Oats—Mixed CD\ Btittor:—Croamery'Ei.Ua Ea: ^ _ _ --j ^^_'_M -r ^.r G ^- c\ HASHES A r^HP TJSET> AK D ryJT>0\ BY THE . C ^lael d -T- tenTiiri : rim. 1 .BOO ^ witia Profosaor A^._\B-: oxT Kcuxtticlty, as icon Stato ticket fcs os follows: For frov- for hontonant- jpentor; for clnof jus- Clirtrles Andrews; t -4 ;o. A.. Burton Hep- appointed li^nt winter * of raalfeiiMimco in tlie Rev. 13. G. Nor­ te Connecticut State ts mndo a report It olatiouK of law in the n*l», t^iit nothing <1 IH- L 1 not, a** chnr^t'd, ro­ ll the uppiovnl of edu- ollow fever is reported reuso, many new cuut's been nomiuutetl for • do Democrntfl. lvention of tho Aziti­ io tx hold in Palmyra, ntin<; nioro than 200 Stiito Democratic ^•5>o th e clami -t of from Now York city 11 to tho County t seiitu, Tammany t and Irving Hall ton Fatxllcner presided, over Cleveland, mayor .ted for governor, ro- iust 15G for Oonora 1 fiftoon for Congresa- ; neeossnry to a choice, .tamed by tho united ^\orlt city tjoinpr over to ballot. David li. Hill, houiinntud for lieateu- kx>f vote, as wa« aX3o |cnm, of Rrooklyn, for William C. \R -uxrer, .tod on the Grnt l>al- Iho court of api>enlfl, re- nwt 1G3 for Enfus W . »5tato oommitteo Now Isented by two mem - Augrxxsttxs Schell—Irv- rfrxbor, and tho County \i\i\ g four mom bora, .on Boniton, whilo in a Joft her bod, and *j*lc<njy boy tw o year** old, dm in a cintora. railroad train was avemuo tunnel in New into from the rear by h terrific force that two iplotoly wrookod. teacher, was instantly jf. bookkeeper, died aries, and twenty—one sevjoral of thorn with ^Ahci ^>tJi ^yrTj .Bli^ srigx>e cts -yn 01 oept £h?ogo a'gainat AvhomJ^rime'oanbe-prored'' are about \to be released. ^ A r>oirrjN dispatch assorts that the Iriah leaders have formed a now organization to tolce tlie place of the land leafirtto, which suppressed. They will doc I are in favor of pennant propri'.-tnry and of a schome for tho land colonies somewhat nimilnr to that advo­ cated by Tklicha'-l Dnvitt MIS B SAOIAH I.i^iroNic, tho daughter of re­ spectable pnret its re»id-infl* i rt Woodstock, Ontario, deliberately committed suicide by buUdinc it flro and standing over it until horribly burned from head to foot. She was rehgriou^Iy inclined and tier lost words were ** I am goiufr to Jewus.\ She left a note sny- ln « slie wns tired of this world and bad made np her mind to sacrifice horsolf. I N Concordia, Mexico, five ponftmn wore b-illod in a church which w«v _s struck by light- niuf;- A uauibor of other person** wore sa- riously injured in the rush to e»oape. GKNUOALWOLNKLIST issued anaudreHst o his soldiers congratulating thorn upon their HOC cess ixx Ejrypt. ABDEXIIU . PA S ITA , the commander of Damietta, Egrypt, was shot by his own troops for refuning to surrender to the Engliah. A GKIIMAN Catholic priest charged with libolins Prince 13it*xnarck in on article has boon fined 200 mar Its. IT having boon reported that the lendori of tho AJbaninn lon^juo at Scutari had rcols ed ; to massacre and rob tho richest of tho Chi m tians, including tl o 1-In«lish consul, two hill tribes marched to Scutari to protect their co- religrionistR, thereby i>reveritixiK' a mnsaacre. Tnxc boiler of tlio ferry steamer Iticlicliuu j exploded at Ijaclnno, Quebec, with tornl>Ie , effect Cuptitin Duvi^ctte was blown thit ty 1 feet in tlie air and fell dead on tlie tle 1 H' « son Pierre was blown ovoi bonrd and ] drowned. James Richardson and Parsons ! Amyot, both paHaeugera, were scalded to . death. Seven more i>rtsser»K*»'» were ?>ori 1<J, <.* 1 witli probably fatal recruits, and others won' ! injured iiioro or lass dr-ii^oroTxaly. xc wliich lasted several days destroyed the upp rehendod . \D tab dariaR Tho Borrifion at Fort ce City, ban been re— tanios of United States niinnift, alarmed at tho jn in Tfnnium and Iowa, ion at Rock Island to a. defense of their in— llored) was hnxxfrodl ot • -he murder of another \ iVilllnxxxs. Jealousy and 1 Prompted the deed, led duel, irx which fonr is reported ixx the follow- )cnver, Col.: \Georg e herd of 3,000 cattle, and ol* a herd of 4,000, wor componr from Arizona jCot, on plains, tho nsto. Bovmxd 'was t o trail to Kansas City •Jlrivo northward to Pai r accd.dsxi.'tal chaziE^s o f -and Ho-waxd innisted (rroater part of the town of Kiishin, Xtus- eia. AM examination Of the Kjr>-ptiox» treasury shows that about SI ,000,000 were taken by Arabi Pasha. Fix >OD3 ixx tlie Tyrol caused a large loss of life and destroyed much property. Twenty- six bodies wore recovered. <!k )MMANDws XtAWsoix, who was specially promoted for bravery at the battle of Tel el Eobir, in which he wan wounded, died from tlio effects of his wound. Tmo oxhihition buildixxs at Sydney, New South Wales, has been totally destroyed by fire, with all its contents. The loss is about S2,500,000. 13 A a or* TeNnoDEN. British permanent un­ der Hocrotary of state for foreign affafru, and formerly British n™ont for^the Ooneva con feronce, is dead. PATBIO K W*ian was hansed at Galway, Ireland, for the mardor of !Ntaxtin Xtyden. Walsh protested hxs innocence and insisted that a witness had sworn falsely. When the block in the prison was hoisted the con­ vict's mother, who was in tho crowd ontside, g-r*.v« way to woilins and refused to loav spot. Har friends nlso joined in tho choly cries. A lorjre ffmird o f soldi em were on the arrourxd. EuKTand tad th « Egryptiaxxs Fort Aalaxx \was snrrendorod to General Wood in person- The commandant and twelve offloera came forward to surrender. General Wood imTwn^in^iy inquired for the Italian naval lxoxrtexxaxxt, Paohn ' \ .A. xxew and ver y simpl e metho d o f trainin g viciou s horses wa s exhibite d at Wes t Philadelphi a recently, and th e manner in whic h some o f th e wildes t horses wer e subdued wa s astonishing Tho first triid wits thsit o f u, Jtioltirxfr, or '* bixck_ing,\ mare, whic h lier owne r said had allowe d n o rider on Ixer back, for a period o f at least five years. Sh e became tam e in about as man y qiinutcs, and allowe d herself t o be ridden abou withou t a sign o f her former wiltlness T ie mcniifl l>y whic h tlie result w;»a accomplished was tx piece o f lifrht rope whi c 1 wa s passed around th e front of tin j:i w o f th e mitre jtxst abov e th e upper teeth. cross<«l i ix hor mouth, thence securtid b:xck o f her neck. I t was claimed that no horse wil l kick or jum p when thus secured, an d that a horse, after receivin g th e treatmen t a few times, wil l abandon his vicious way s forever -A. ver y sinipie method wits also shown by whieli a kickin g horse could be shod. I t consisted in connecting th e animal's head and tail hy means o f a rope fastened t o tlie tail :nt<l then to tlit 1 bit, and then draw n tightl y enough to incline th o animal's lu-jul to one side. Ttiis, it is claimed, 111 nkcs i t id mo I utoly i 111 possible \Tor tx li »rse t o kick on the sitle o f th e rope. \ t the same exhibitio n a horse whic h tor man y years had t o he bound on tlx round to be shod suffered the black- nith t o operate on hi m withou t at­ temptin g t o kick, whil e secured in the manner described. > thi RHEUMATISM, Neuralgia, Safatfca, Lumbago, Backaoho, Soronoss < of thm Chost, Gout, Quinsy, Soro Throat, S wo fl­ ings and Sprains, Burns and Scalds, Gonorat Bodily fains, Tooth, Ear and Haadacho, r~rostod r~oot and Ears, and ait other Pains and Aches. X7o Prap*r*.tJon 011 «mrth equal* ST. Jicovs On. XL* s *KX *iirr r mim r>Lc m d cft^tz]» KxItruiI a*K3a*<]y A trial «nUJU but th* compmnUr.lj lilQtnc oiltlm• of &O C<\nts. and cvary on* «ti£T*rlri£ with pado con have cLi**p snd po«ltlvo proof or ita cUlrnn. - n Plr»ctloin In EIOTSD I_^ri|cn»c^«- SOLD BV ALL DEUG6I8T8 AZTT> DEALEEfl IN MEDIO I HE. VOGELER. OO.. JJaXfimorr, JsTrf. . XT. a. 5* Y N D—3S notfluad <rllh »n AotonntloCot-Olt. E»° g - — - ..«•.. tnr |ai«rni • T1 on and GOOD MEWS •ur>i 4< 3£9cs Bos* OT Sold Bxxd. Tea B«t»* r (** pt*o *B.« omr own lioporf •** *f U,*u to*»otlfHl T*» Satm AM^IMX a Cluk for S3S *0 S«wa>-* ot t: m<l wllh fJn AXLE GREASE Sm t In itio lrorltl . Out ib o ffenolne. Krer r KucUxirn hn « on r imde-mnr k »» ••'* *•* mmxlced Vrnzcr-- . BOLD EVKRYWllBRE. NEW RICH BLOOD! KJVK tl»e Brooklyn Knxle- Mr rt O- Moon- r >f \ -. efTK. Vfrn«ni 0-> ,34 Nev* street 1ST- VOI k, wan almost jnntantly relieved by Rt JacobeOit of severe pain following a.r> attack of pleurisy. The remedy acted like magi c In tlie Gerinaii itrruy mor<- and mor e it tent ion is being paid t o the. science of terostatics, and ofiicors arc bein g trained t o mak e balloon ascensions. Ttitm ti yv<l»l; The art eoranoLweixr and exhibitor, Prof Cromwell, VB A cured of rheuiaalUm by St Jacob! Oil Norfol k Virginian >^\ew Yor k city has churches. six.ty Methodis t . —. ^7*°. hxa work qniokly snd w«ll TOS *2£.«7 ^. oos °- bI °<x i verifier and Beannral Women penitentiary _A.n Onl y Daurhte r Care d Coasumction . Whin dowtll WAH liourl> oipocloil. «lt romodloa barinK .juod. anJ l_»r. H. Jjtnni wui cipurimentlns wtth Llxo maoj Liort>B of Oa.1 attn, lio »cci<lotit*lly mida m pro- V j rail(.n wliioh enrvd tun only «tilt<l of < 'ODHIImntlon. <ia tbtlrl IMD-IW in t-Hln ronntry, nod nnjn/in( tli» b<nt or lioilt ii Hn linn pp iTiid to C Yin world tb<it < 'onMam p— It.I »*-Iy &n J pnmuuioQtlT corad Tbo - • -• - - - ubn c two tluw- rrucnt, CraddocC A ltr« o Btmut. flxllmrttlohlw. ntmluj ttolw p»pw. That twrrlnle •ooaii* faver BJMI n^ac, * ' tt* eonctnar, t >m< \CEXtBSlA.TE-* ~~ *romlttent, (Actions of tha vtom- *eh, llv«nr and bowiiU. prtxlaml by mlMiM- Xtaliaza nava l Xioxrteziaxit, Paoracci , -who wna soppoeo d t o have- ospooood Arab i Paaha'f Alte r eaxno dela y Poolncc i brought forward, wearing tho uniform of an y -g3rryf -i rt-n officer. H e wa» iTmrnv^ »placed under arrest. General Wood informed the oommnndant ol* Fort Asian that ho would intercede for h *m and his brother oflioors, if they, with their Tjnym would t««\i«t ixx roj>air- ing tho railway. Tho offer was accepted. Several crrvxliaxxsy evidently n rr to tho tipper classes, were found in tho for t They vveit) apparexttly TTTT^* I S \^\\^*^ but- they wero nevertheless onlsrod to sot to work on the railway- has Bont in axnesss^o gtgiOTrn nrn g his willing­ ness to fTl\ 1 T r P'Tl d Tt AT! -tho Egyritaaa soldiers \who 3± SXal—. Iahrt have- ^leffc.'Qxat ^post^arxd ^qTxit Ihojixmr-;] Kentucky ,On£f its ^v* rr> » o f -flltcen. ExtrttVT^CIiJicT* tav a crime; and ladien cannot <x.jrora to cXO vithcmtDr. Pierce's \Fnvorito Prenci Iption,\ irhiah, b-y preserving; and restoriaz health, ~ i*r*r* restores that boaaty -srhich de­ pends on health. A.T Henrys, N . C , i of 4*7, t-r»»n-n*^iy nno onallty ered. of meerschaum Xxas bcon discov- . oru from selected 11*« .s, prt tli*» noaahoro, lay Cairwoll, Hasiud «5: Co.. £>• \5£\_ * >^fy^.^T-,f>^ly paro andsweot- Patienta wlxo lucr* once ta!le *rin rt prefer it to oXX, o^^T 5 - y*TiyTi i rri n-n-» dcclnxo itsnperior to all other oi A *tl «jL3r3 =i=r> 3iA2tx»s, taco, iJxaxrples end roajdi klcixx ercredl. by Tisiac-Tnniper TarSoap, zxxcJ.* by O^awellrd A; CO^-STCW./SODC^ V tet- h*.vlnjr — TEJt Y «ItKAT CO«l-TVTITIO N fo r ^lXTKK. N VKAK M tmr Ainerloui Onn^xa havia* biian {otmd 1x411a I sfe to ellliArKsV. Stylo VOT; S3*: oerUbVMi men* 11 »• • •!• KM! pvwor. wlln baa* qaalttr. tatr pox irod m^tx3 BBOIIUT m DEko ID sohnnl* or Ckmllla% atX \~ \ \ S ' \ IS-X^TW H-LCBTTXATE D CATAX.OGIT E 1 >£U£X£. 03, 8lOS,l*l • or? i-s*. i PlA C DPKI^XT \~\, lmrodadiir •M .- — H > nrwvr akixd boautT ox •*o«. XX«XVX7K*1TXE-A.'FKX> CXK- X itm 1 rii nila 1 n_ rnxs . *<Z UAM1.I N OILC3AN ANt > Mr m t, a^^j^ga T>on I'liotoirTM-PU, or any ucbei will••ijilfull Jo»cilpUona. Liable minonromwiwnowill — - - - - — mnenx and prwOtab l __ _ tat>Uit-r. Pboto^Joprto, A u R u K? * cuj-x iwia O ' .->• rr>- t. AQDSJI, Kerr* YOT^. YOU53B M*n%^^^iS2tt^%ZZ&J£*Z 12&SKU5 . ...jonn ' l'arinitlve Pill s - . Blood, and willoomplotoly etiansrv tlia> blood. In - ' ro B7'lom tn thrsannmlfia. Any I>ar» _n*> ptU ancli nlatit from 1 to IS w»alu 1 to sound hoalth Tf moli a Uilnc t >a T >ossl1 whora or >wnt br mall for eicht lot Car at 1 - — .JOIl \ \ ~ rtn -M, ho t>o rot Sold.* THRESHERS Crm a. *I*IXJC A.TjrX .1 **C^LJJ Jk. TAYJLOIt <X> O ATIJCIT Y HTONX? FIX-TEK - Pnil r Kraporamr— Jt^rt 07* tJba \ \ Wrtta to Alellrld e <fc Co. . A nt a rt 1T3 awi y fnwinfj In uia4joll 7^> JT«t £»Om * *JJ — f. XXlnato. r .r ,*JTTlcMllr* arwn »n»Ti1 Q>- KNOWLEDGE IS POWER w and rbraloal EVnUillty. la f7» t nJ **- L ^,.»»>.i» tio JOOQIC. rold^lla »4«d or old. OIZ* VitaXftr. «CTa3TI«<-X5_ OF t^E; OK * - PltESEaVATllKU, tiajuiitl all _ » uu 'ehrcoale dxawaeoa, lor aaoh of wtxieXx m. fire* - p-hyirfrl-r* would chirga from to flO^-^^ondM «^ ' «o all fitbaT tnattees 00 medio TH E SCTBN^Og^gg^OB. Is seszt by miO, aoooroly »oalo«2. rrostprftX. on.'rtn ;«<'pt -aaT- ^ prlc«». oalrSlJSOiOTrediaoa). SmrJt,Tnn»Er»t»fl aajatylaay .-.-'te 1 Co- S«mflnow. bcoousnltod \ nTT -» rT1 n , .^^juh^'^ »3cXll and oxiMrietioa. Addle** * r-_-_-'-^>> ii—' ^--^i f»-SZABOr>-*- IWEDICA U IMSTITOT-^fi — - - -«» ^ 's^r*^^!- . -r- * -WTK- -rr»- v ^r _rTi» ^^g^-HV ^ag L Ll - \ » W.i^lJ .ft . PR j N Tl NG ^M ACHINERAJ8 P EQI AlTYgg

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