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The Neapolitan. (Naples, N.Y.) 1879-1884, May 10, 1883, Image 2

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TH 12 NEAPOLITAN. \ yea r 1 b «'fii w „ad . Aw »( tn J'tt.tariffj»>t* 1,450- 10, CIRCULATION THTJK8DAY, M-A /y A.n alii ma n figed 77 year s wa s Hentenred t o oe li ange d fo r wife- murde r a t Oswego . Tamman y an d Clov. Clevelan d ar e driftin g apart . H e doca not, bo w t o thei r dictation , an d trie lovo eac h ough t t o hav e for th e othe r grow s cold . V'aiidorbutlt ha s retire d from th e preHiienfy of th e railroa d c o m paiiicn, an d hajs bee n succeede d b y James II . Kut;er . Vandurbuil t ba s sailed foi Ku rope. Th e ISritiah governmen t ar e no t likely t o as k for th e extraditio n of Sherida n an d Walsh , for the y hav e refused t o giv e u p me n unde r simi­ la r circumstanccH. mont h and 3 days . He ha d t _Z real sulTcrcr baling bee n a n iuv ;i <>.l f. i l ~ ^ oarn, bearin g hin pain Will i t I n :-4i.i n fortitude . Th e funer­ al scr% ICLS were* hel d fro m th e M . VI » liurcli o n Monda y a t 1 p in , 1 >ied , a t th«. rcMidoncc o f hiM HOII Jan . frl Howard , in Potior , on San - da y , Ma y -*3th, .John Howard , age d 03 years , after a slioit illness. Th e funeral services wer e hel d from th e M. R . churc h on Monda y a t 3 p . m . I n th e deat h of bot h of thes e th e 3/. 1£. churc h sustain s a grea t loaa. Mr . Howar d ha d bee n in tni s coun­ try bu t abou t *2 weeks , havin g left England , hi s nativ e country , aben t 4 wcck s ag o t o malee thi s countr y his home , h e left behin d hi s wife, wh o expecte d t o follow hi m soon. Th e peculia r circumstance s bring s mor e sadnes s t o bi s rs sons wh o live i n tliis immediat e vicinity. Ho w little calculation w e ca n safely mak e as t o ou r futur e cours e in this life. mad e th e presentatio n speech.. In ' hi» acceptanc e John admitte d tha t heretofor e h e ha d bol d th e opin­ ion tha t th e \man wh o sporte d a gol d heade d can e wa s lug h toned , a s i t were , bu t time s ba d changed , etc. . A .H t o bein g a lover of shee p lie ac ­ knowledge d th e soft iiuj >c3chuieiit , admittin g however , tha t thoug h h e ha d bough t man y a goo d shee p of his customer s presen t h e ha d likewise bough t man y a poo r one . Thi s rc- bce n sen t t o Rocheste r fo r GO dayn imprisonmen t fo r UJO gentl e manl y conduc t a t Canundalguc . Canandaiguan s ar c stirrin g ihem - sotvsH t o kee p 1 tobinHOii *« plo w fac­ tor y there , for h e would g o where lie «^a ti nave I»e**ter facili t ie»*. Bu»incB8 me n of I>crniinHion t o give m an y branc h of comin g count y fair th e count y have t*3ttra premium s industr y a t th e ad d res** A . : t mark, elicited round s of applause . , ooley, fc^ot A.s h e mentione d n o name s each ma n though t i t a good, jok e o n hi s nex t farm neighbor . Bloods . Wm. Terr y is filling u p an d orna­ mentin g his front dooryard . farmers in this vicinity ar e busy plowin g preparator y t o seeding . Severa l cases of scarlet fever ar e reporte d in town . N\. 1$. Cook , ou r post master , ha s pu t in 2CTO ne w boxe s t o accommo ­ dat e th e increasin g busines s of th e office . Kev . Lowrie , th e Presbyteria n pas­ to r a t Gorham , change d pulpit e wlt b [ Rev . Kellosr, of Seneoa Castle , las t iSunday . Wm . Palve r ha s move d int o th e new block in Gorha m Village , an d I with a full stock of dr y good s an d Marks* corne r is th e sot| and Mechani c streets . I in 1840 b y \Wm. 1VI arksj his deceas e ha s been T . A . Mitchell, the n A . and is no w bein g occupicfd by- ton «£= Dought y a s a grocer y -J - 13. Shurbi n ha s a fu r At th e close of ever y session of th e legislatur e a n attemp t is made , | an d is often successful, t o stoal cor- | tai n bills t o pre ven t the m goin g t o th e ^-Jovenor for hi« signature . J.awt Frida y th e bill t o regulat e th e as »CK!- men t of telegrap h poles wa s stolen b y som e rascal , bu t anothe r cop y wa«* procured . C^ueer doingH. Th e Branc h -Bro's . liavo fi n IMIICMI sawin g a t Simeon tStru>jle*s an d will noon mov e t o 1 'cabo d y > r* j\i»*t o v«_ r tlie line in Springwater . JK buildin g committe e ha s been chosen an d ?2oO apjiropriate d t o re­ pai r th e school hons c in I~)ist. No 3 , tliis HjxjnkH well a 1 * fa r :IM i t goc w Tlie O. lieltl a very interest ­ in g meetin g a t C 15. Hyde' s o n th e evenin g of Apri l '21at. arid will mee t agai n in thre e week s a t th e hou**e of Alva h Caske y . Som e spi I ti g whea t h an been sown an d faimin g goe s o n in earnest, . ^Winte r whea t IB less tha n a o averag e ferop wit h prospect s tha t some fields ^sterill hav e t o b e re-sown. Nortti Ooboeton. »tice a G an d lO-ccnt te r li^^y ^B & Fuller' s store . ThegW^flh^Jayk ba s begu n o n t b cellar ne w store . vaatatawb- Stanle y a fs w day s from crackod ri b tha t b e in g i n a bar n en laid, tip for \*\~aitiBed -by a Ou r dealers in tobacco s hav e been inventoryin g thei r stock for a rebate . .1. C . McNai r ha s returne d from a tw o weeks'vacatio n in Niagar a an d Orlean s counties, Satie Ardell cam e hom e from X*a. o n Friday . Sh e lias been absen t six moiiLh s visitin g I riendrt por t an d v ieiinty . jl/r« r^ouiH liutih returne d hom e ] last week frcm Mieli Sh e spen t th e winter visiting he r childre n an d he r othe r relatives iu the west . Mr < 'ole of Oampbel l took pos­ session of th e 1*1 rio oftice Ma y 1 st . Mr. Shult s it is said will remov e t o and engag e in busines s in Rocbeater . 1-11 1 a** I ^tn t IIUH riK-c i v o d th e ap ­ pointmen t o f Btation ag e n t a t East. ISethany o n th e 1>. «fc \V . It . It . He entere d on th e dutie s of hia office on Monday , Apri l TOth. Win . Ott o It ft fo r bin hom o a t O t- Hcgo, Allega n C o , Mieli , o n \Wcdnes- , day afternoon . H e ha s bee n engag - ' ed th e past winte r as boo k keepe r for his uncle, II - \\V . Hatch . H e lias b y ' his gentlemanl y deportmen t won ' man y f rie nds durin g hi s brief sta y amon g u s whoso kind wishes aecom- j pan y hi m t o hifs distan t home . ) Goo. H. Haven s ha s applie d fo r a j governmen t license fo r th e sale of manufacture d tobacco . Thi s make s G place s in ou r little hamle t wher e lovers of th e sacre d wee d ma y in­ dulg e thei r tastes . I f othe r inter- estso wer e a s well represente d w e woul d b e entitle d t o a n ac t of incor­ poratio n an d t o assum e cit y jJropor- tiona. groceries is doin g a goo d business. E . Lawrenc e ba s returne d from bi s weddin g tou r t o Ne w York . H e a t I presen^t is th e only dr y good s me r chan t a t Stanley , th e othe r kavin g gone up the river. Wm - Itobaon and left for iduc&'tnay^' xf> no t ^4~tb.e^esi^i^'ce o f he r son-in-law, Joe l ^tey*o a ^-^r^ Watlcine, April 22d, i n th e r °' he r age , of apoplexy , afte r a n illness o f four days . Sh e -was a sister of Rice an d Maria Moul- ton , and, formerl y a resident of Co - bocton . Rev . Bessoy is appointe d t o th e charg e a t Klkland , Sullivan Co., X*a. He move d on Tuesda y ; Kev M. H Sweeten , of Buffalo, it* his eueeessor on th e Wesloya n charg e here We ar e sorry t o lose so worth y a citiy-en, bu t trus t Itov Sweete n m a as succ *CHsf ul. wife Williams- t Michigan in answe r t o a telegra m re - | ceived last week, of th e dangerou s illness of Mr . It's , sister, Mrs . Susa n Arnold , a t Thre e Itivers . Th e lumbe r an d coal trad e a t Stan ­ ley is t o b e conducte d a s heretofor e b y Wheado n «fc 3 ten wick, th e ab ­ sence of Mr . Itenwic k in th e wes t not interferin g with th e business of , th e firm. Th e outlook for whea t in this eec- , t-ion IB promising ; th e warm, rain last Saturda y lias greatl y improve d th e I whea t an d early-sow n oats . Plant - I in g is nearl y don e excep t corn an d potatoes . Tlio surveyor s ar o o n th e line of | railroad west of Genev a markin g de­ ficient grade , etc . Ther e is on e cu t on th e road, jus t west of Stanley , of abou t JO rod s whic h ba s bee n filled with stone s an d earth , an d th e grad e been plowe d dow n b y a farme r bo - cause h e ha d no t received th e con­ sideration for righ t of way ; perhap s h e ba d th e righ t t o d o BO bu t i t seems t o u s questionable . -A. larg e majorit y of th e inhabitant s of th e I tow n ar e i n favo r of havin g th e de ­ po t on tb e wes t side of Flin t Creek, a t Gorha m village, and w o presume the y will b e suited. I t is also tbougb t that A \Union depo t built b y tb e three- Toadfl wil l b e nee««M.Ty > at~\;Sfcsnley:. v ^fjui\ ~~\\~\ 3 ~ r - <Jo tao-c lo a» Ba«ln« M M\ lace*, c;biircbci. Et c al A r* L E AVKNVE , (« ONT1NLKH \) In ou r last w e spok e of a build in g tha t stood upon th e presen t cite of I*. J. Kocker'n clothin g stor e oc­ cupied a t tha t time , 1847, b y II . G. Blood, an d which wa s burne d with tw o others . Thi s firo a t tb e tim e create d considerabl e excitement , i t bein g though t t o b e b y incendiary , an d a certai n part y wa s arreste d bu t fo r lac k of evidenc e a nolte jo T -&£-crj IA -i wa s entere d an d th e part y discbarg - 1 ed. Thi s buildin g w e ar e unabl e t o ge t a t it s early histor y an d ca n only say tha t i t could no t hav e bee n of lon g duration . I n 1845 Jaa . Drape r purchase d th e bouse tha t stand s bac k of th e Harri s block, no w occupied b y Louis Schrie r Jr. , of Chas . Dodg e b y who m i t wa s erecte d a shor t tim e before . A few month s after th e fire abov e spoken of Mr . Drape r purchase d th e site an d erecte d thereo n a buildin g which now th e front par t th e Rdcke r store . Thi s Mr. Drape r used for a tailo r shop And sometime s kep t groceries an d also a stock of ready-mad e clothin g for sale therein . Durin g one of hts term s a s post maste r h e kep t th e office there . Abou t 1872 Mr. Drape r sold th e buildin g t o T, Warne r wh o rente d i t t o Edwi n A . Draper , a so n of James , wh o occu pied i t a«* JL bamoBS nliop. 2VIesarw Sh a t tuc k an d Say les havin g been burn t ou t in th e sprin g of 1873 mov­ ed into this buildin g in Ma y an d r e maine d ther e until December , 1873 whe n th e presen t proprieto r Pete r J Uocker, the n jus t starting , in buai ness, rente d i t an d laid th e found tion of hi s presen t fine trad e in t h ready-mad e clothin g business, an d which h e ha s since carried on with commendabl e zeal. Mr . Kocke r pur­ chased th e buildin g in th e sprin g of 1882 an d a t once erecte d a n additio n upon th e bac k par t an d no w occupies th o entir e buildin g in his business. Abou t 1847 a buildin g whioh stood upo n tb e Crosb y site an d whic h wa s previousl y occupied a s a -tailor shop , an d a t anothe r tim e a s a harnes s shop , wa s burn t togethe r wit h on e tha t ^av^Sl^JOK^^P^ou dsii over an d in th e rea r which also extend s ovefc office. Th e entranc e tof is directl y on th e corner, built u p a goo d businessj o alteratio n ha s eve r to th e old Mark s stor e i appearanc e excep t addai on th e nort h side, nextj, carried u p th e tw o Mark s homestea d wa s 1842, an d h e wen t int o i finished in th e fall of t h occupied i t until h e died . I t th e hom e o f Mrs . Ms>rks an d hear t hom e of th e grandchildren . Ou r I t kep t in th e bes t of reriair dow s t o th e west audi been adde d a s well a 4* atb of Main wa s buil t an d since dccopic d b y j W_ Dnnto u Dun - | store . ' loiturc stor e j f tp e stor e an d r th e post- bi s room s an d h e ha s in tha t line , bee n mad e a it s genera l g a few feet th e walk , H (Lories. Th e buil t abou t |t whe n partl y at yea r an d ye t th e {children an d first remem - summe r of at cost stock . OtlcloUts cash t o close ou t ou r F. G. CKAMKU . Galvanize d telephon e wire , No . 1 \Z which neve r rust s a t 4 1-2 cent s pe r poun d j w e h&vc only a Kiznitod supply . F. G. CKAMKE . Tickets tm Ne w York and return for S i 2. are on sale a t Bloods, and they are good for 10 days. i5y n o other rente can you go so cheaply and pl< antly. J. A . SHtTLrs, Agent, Bloods Statio rane e of i t wa s i n this 842 whe n Elder s B a iger , Mallard, etc., ha d a two-da y m meting within ts unfinished wails. I t ha s been ba y wi n menta l an d useful piaspzas; i t ha s th e fort y year s k an d flower th e front of lain, bu t very south other hav e orna- Slcmm FlttlMK. We hav e employe d a practica l steam , wate r an d ga s fitter from Buf­ falo an d shall b e prepare d t o d o all wor k in tha t lino i n a workmanlik e an d scientific manner . F. G. <7 &AMXB . CARPETS ! CARPETS 1 CARPETS ! CARRIAG E REPOSITOEX^^ GRSIWOLD, EHLK & McLEAN, NAPi—. r--j _ v*.. KAN C VACT U RZBa OF J us t received a splendi d lo t of bugg y an d tea m whip s bough t fo r cash an d will b e sold cheap . Thi s is th e bes t lo t eve r opened, i n Naples . F . G . CKAMKK . X»o NAY Olnli t o sell good s exclusively for cash bu t wo d o claim tha t an y ma n buyin g for cash ca n bu y cheape r of u s tha n an y othe r hous e i n thi s congressional district . F. G-. ckAH£K , genera l looks oft ago. Th e lattic e woi | garde n east of it, alon th e wal k in par t re m fine arbor s an d a summe r house, elaboratel y wrought , -were buil t tw o years ago . Th e nex t east o n th e soutli Hide o f this stree t is th e fine residenc e of I*. I t w as th e \Ftatli- bone \ place a t th e beginnin g of it s •xistenco built b y JjLines Rathbon e I t passed t o Dr . Joh n Joh n Richardso n wh o complete d th e house . I t wa s sold t o D D. Hemer, the n t o Mr . I*eevy, tbe i wold wh o twelv e ye a to \V an Dixhorn . irs IHTine Mr . Va n D*xhorn change d th e piazza d a hall, an d i larg e additio n it is one of th e commodious* of . \'a n Dixhorn'u an d adde d room s a four year s ag o buil t to th e upright . Ko^tr pretties t an d mos t th e street, an d is M hom e residence. Nex t east is th e r<J! Itee d th e J. !N\. G o TVe are selling th e XJ_ S . standard scales (Forsyth ) hay , counter or platform, with all tbe late improve merits. Call at th e office o f TF\. I*\ Jolley , Middlesex, 1ST. Y . lOtf JOLLE T 4fc WOOD , I have now receiv ed nay Spring Stock of Carpets, Tapestry, Brussels. Extra Super Carpets, Super, ^11 Wool, Cotton Oaain, * c York IMill Hemp,\ Satin Carpets, Etc. A. GOOD INGRAIN for 35ots. a larg e load of th e celebrate d Oliver chilled plows, bea r it in min d an d re ­ membe r tha t if the y don' t fill th e bill as the- bes t plow mad e w e will tak e the m back . F. G . CKAMKR . L K. A . Gri s ag o sold it year s ag o (Oar work needs n o prmifvc froxu u s a s it sp «a.1ca for itn-rlf) v *\' ^iv>^^ fioished work o f our ow n tnt]ce, \^V'S^^ Wc now hav e our ntore rooms filled witli fii -*»t-oli for tlie^xpi-itig a.ncl nummcr tx-ade. Ooxasisting «f vi EliplSc Spring Carri A ges, Side-Bar 0 «n-ia.g«s T PhnttonH, Skeletons, F*l*.tforzn Syrin x DcmocnttH, Tw o Sprinf; Dctnocrata, Two-Scat«d r*«.r Surroys, Ligh t op«u roo<l wagons , Klc , Kto. W I—I >X \T Th e Cd«-brated Whltcaborr o Lumbe r Wagona , Th e Celebrated Millbar a Lumbe r V both iron and wood axles, Champio a dr-txin Dr-ill» t (they aro th e best), Th « Whippl e Spring Tooth Han-owa, with and without wheois, Walte r A . Woo d Binders and Mowem, Bradley Whcvlrakcs . Etc. , Etc . ITe hav e take n special pains in selecting the goods we sell, and w e ca n safely sa y thmi wka. ever deals with u« will l>e well ti «ed and ge t their money's worth. Repairing in al l its branches done with neatness and despatch. Correspondence solicited for I*i-ice«. BRISWOLO, EHLE 4 b MCLEAN. A. fine line of RUGS. 5000 rolls Wall Paper stood upo n tholo t nex t west^Tl^t ho purchase d tliis sparing, blacksmit h sliop which Fran k Lyo n ll hors e an d OJC. I tj year s after t o W m year s ago , i n jaa shod man y a wa s sold a fe w JDrake, wh o mad e it int o a pleasan t residence , the n C. S, Lincoln purchase d i t wh o b y con ­ trac t wit h Drak e (v rho wa s a carpen ­ ter ) gav e it it s tsont shape - th e . wi n ft - shot*. pi,a aci a^r i Jt !i^ad oLed i ii* a n d. ^it: sidence of 15. T . don place,whicli I t Vox* Uocboater. Fro m Naple s to Rochester an d re ­ turn, only to'Z.75 and good for three days. Bu y tb e tickets of the Agen t a t Naples an d they ar e good with \Van Kipcr's Btago an d th e iLrie road. I t is the cheapest route to the city. GSJWNBY BKO'S , Agent s Tin Wmro. We ar e no w receivin g some doubl e cross ti n war e which w e bu y of th e larges t ti n house in th e TJ. S . Thes e good s ar o bette r tha n an y ma u ca n mak e in a small shop an d ar e fully toci7~rcz7*C*s<Z. We hav e marke d the m wa y down , chea p for cash . F . G . C KA.UKH. New Spring: Goods. in every department. S. DTJANE LYON. THE TIME HAS GOME (an d w e are ready ;) TO SHOW THH PBOPI.H. of 'til\ place* »l»o iho m o r lan-ouDdlri JJ towns , ou r LAK O TC, ELEGAN T an d varied LEGAL RUPB£M K C.OU ItX. Co o rv T PrlodaaiADn Gr« In c r > nctl d«Iend a rmm mono(3 t o BI tton^n d t o •«] mplnln t y ' 1)1 your . _ .i n twent y day * tula •nmnioni. exclnatv a of X twe-r th o You are h«roby r> t*»» •kt>o-r«> «,c on thi tb«. T Of Our terms for the NBAPOUTIX , a s all will remember, are in advance, which means w e shall have some nse of the pay &a well a s our patrons. All subscriptions not paid within a cash time -will be charged interest and •.cost .of collecti^—xnaldng^.tWo, per aervlco: an d In cm mm o r TOnr C*llar« t o _ . . _ _ wnr. )ud|;maBt »1H Cmlc«n Kcalnst yo u toy daf«u]t forth o ntUaf cl «znaA <l«rt3 In compliUnt . TrU l <loslriod l a eu« OOQUIT ot OuUrlo . l>m.t*yA ttw J»«- d« y oC au.IBSS . LlMCOLV A CbKLXr, I»l*tlrr*« At t ¥ • Naplu , OBUHO Gooonr , A T\. r o Tvmr o OUIKIK , OarendaDt : Ttx«» £orceOLnjE ummon n i s •ervMl n pon yo n by pub llcatlon . puranant t o a n orda r o r Mon- Jinu C . Smttti. Justlca o r th e Saprsma Court. Jalt d April 37ta. VOaa. an d fll «Kl wlt b tU c ooiaplalDt ta «b * o«l« of Clio Cn«rk; o r Ontari o oo . a t Canandalpia , N . V. on lha 3d. na y o f May , 1888 LHTCOLS a: COHUT , Pl'tUTa Att'ya , lSwT NaplM,Out . Co. , \s\. TP. -OF- READY-MADE CLOTHING. OI ft STOCK O f HATS AND CAPS IB r»r ivparlo r to m^jy o»r t thow n in tbla oo^ajntry. STYI^ES and LOWEST w a nav e a lull lino o f OENTB' FTTItiri8HrrJSrGr GrOOI>B. , ask only for a fair Lria.1. W < : are confident o f tl^o rc«xilt_ £4<i3pect rall y LATEST OSS, Priblic B ^ea -Wto^^^^^ prove T l a ud. 1 II 1 tot h ester f or J. K. Shultn i few days . T>r W lilt fi old an d wife ar e \ lnit- irig frieiidu in Ilorncllsville . AV . W . Clark IM a t <Tcnes«o tryin g th e c.ia«, I>oolittlo vs. Adams . Jt. C\ V oi 11 an d ^if o visite d JIIH mothe r in Wlicoli*r, on Sunday . Julia n Morris au d wift* SJK n i last Kahhath i ti I*rtintc:(l l *oMt, th e guest s of liis wife*'!-, parents . Millie» th e younges t daughte r of O . W In^ralia m an d wif*-, wa s take n suddenl y ill Snndn y ni(j;bt A latt report H.I\3 she i*< IK tttr . F. RJ. l'owlo r starte d for Dakotn , Sumla} , wlicro h e intiud d buildiri|z liis wigwa m th:it ) it* ma y roam in th t haunn <«f tlit \<.ltiKl c^f che f-o 1 est.** M iriu . I :it tin- ^1 1 -1. parson ago, ( May _'d, by Rartle . Wm. J KowU'y, c>f V u tor, iS . \S\ , an d Klet - t a F 1 '. Shaver , of SpriiigwuKT , Oo., >s . V A . «J. Jackmnn , of Canadir.p, v. SLS in town , Sunday , an d leit his da«j;h te r Carri e acroua tlio wa y wit h M r«. ' J*ardee w lie re sh e will sta y nil sum­ mer . Good b y t o th e clot k*=, for j no w '*it will b e all right. \ . Da n Schubmeh) , a r .Hin g youaj j I lawyer , di d no t rise with an y lofty j sentiment s Saturda y nigh t a s lie fell 1 backward s dow n th e ccller stairs, but wa s completel y up-\8ot\ . \We I ar e sorry t o sa y lie ppr-spraincd his 1 thumb; \wher e wa s I ?** ! , _ ^ ^ ^^5a ^5e «^&m ^ ^ ast-OB^day ,^6^speb-d ajahort timej^ itin^g friends'- _ . S. A.. Xieavitt an d wife, of Rath, spent tb e Sabbath with th e family o £-j JVI. W. Harria. Mrs. T. 15. Fowle r an d Libbi e Tloag spen t last Wednesda y an d j Thursda y in Rochester . I li e v. Or . WakemaB , of X*ainted i I > oflt, delivered a fine temperanc e ad - 1 dress in th e l*resbyterian churc h last J Monda y evenmpj. I Ho n O . S . Sear l retu rue d home , j Saturday , an d ma y hereafte r b e found a t liis ofliee, th e legislatur e , havin g adjourne d 1 Mra. Thoma s t'ary , of Al issouri, , (formerly iVIartha Conner, ) is visit- 1 injj th e family of M r C'ary an d otli- 1 era of he r ol d acqu uintanees I4ov. Joh n Waugh wa s confined t o I IIIM ln*il all of last week with a bil- 1 ions attack , BO ther e wa s n o service ! at th e Prcnbytena n churc h last Sun - | da j . II* i.s graduall y improvin g ] Tlic sound ol tlirou^ h ttit' th e well 1 ne w boll IH vibrat- I in g throug h tlit* valieys of th e Con- '• hoc ton a s tin* bell ret ontly presente d • t o S t 1 'iiib t liurc h l>y Air Slinlt s . ' wa s plat od in position Tuesday , the y are nUo buildin g unite a n additio n upon th e bat U nart . Th e ne w hotel %\ alls ar e alread y rceeivitig th e timboin. C^mte a stir 1 1 was caused b y tin* oollcrtion of cards , mementoe s an d memorial s tha t wer e ' placed in :i tin ho\ am i laitl under ) th e eorne r -.tone Some* of ou r 1 1 gran d < h t Id rc 11 will ha.\e epiite a time l th cipherin g th e eh 1 rogrep1 1 y. a Unio n School, an d thoug h i t would b e Th e BnaliTlIlr. l«r«t few dnyd hav e been eventful ones . Deat h lias bem claim­ in g its viptim*. Died , a t thei r hom e in Iiushville, Ma y 4th , th e infan t da n gh te r of Georg e an d Mar y I-'ord , th e remain s wer e take n t o Hike r „ Hollow fo r burial , IVlnch sickness is prevailin g in this section ; &Irs. II . li . VV hitma n is im proving , and C. J5. Salisbury's daugh ­ te r i s ver y sick. ; Emm a Salisbury is sick with rheumatism ; Geo . Ford*s •three children hav e heen very sick , brxt ar e abetting better . DDiod, a t hi s faomo in Ii.a«hvillo, 3Xny 5th , Alv a Green, age d 78 Tha t harbinge r of Hprmg , th e t»n I>ed*l lor 1» as ma tie hi s appearance . Settled weathe r is surely on th e way . Th e funeral of a Mrs. Costollo of Canadicc , said t o b e over a hundre d year s old, wa s held in thid plac e on Tburada y , IM a y 3 . Marrie d o n Sunday , Apri l '2*2 9 b y Rev . S A- freema n of Honcoy c I^alls, I Thoma s Kenne d y of Nort h Bristol I t o Miss -J 1 nnic Dru m of Iloueoye . ! forty Hour s Adoratio n Services were held on Monda y an d Tuesda y I of last wee k a t St . Jl/ary's churc h in I this village in whic h Revde . Hen ­ dricks of Avon , Mo Cartnc y of Lima, t Lear y of Ileneoy e fall**. Hartle y of * Sprinswale r an d J/urph y of Livonia participated . Th e Ontari o an d Livingsto n coun­ ties annua l shee p show will doubt ­ less b o rej>orted b y you r shee p re ­ porte r on th e grounds . Stout' s fa­ mou s hostlerie fe d crowd s of hungr y wayfarer? . Amon g th e pleasan t in­ cident s of th e da y wa s th e presenta ­ tion of a pro d pole, in th e shap e of a gold heade d ebon y can e t o th e vete­ ra n slicepist, Joh n W. Taylo r of all- over-the- worl d au d especially Texas . S . F \ Shor t of Hemlock , in behalf of Home thirt y friends an d admirers , | - A^hnrja^is to^baV\©- an.opinm'sxnolc^r infr «liop,_\- - Pen n Ta n rejoiceth i n a po t being;' built. Horoellsvill© will fight fiend in th e courts. Genev a ha s man y well-dressed loafers, the^people say . Jerry Bolles is puttin g th e steam ­ er Sessie in complet e order. Th e Spence r JEferctZ^ ha s move d t o its ne w office, an d is prospering . Len a Miller, of Bath , ha s jus t com­ plete d a quil t containin g 8^8-4 0 pieces. A gam e clu b t o preven t illegal fishing ha s bee n forme d a t Watkine . A nice an d larg e publi c hall is be ­ ing built a t Victo r b y Alber t Jacobs . Th e oil pipe a t Wellsvill e burs t last wettk an d 1,000 barrel s of oil lost. l >r. Green , of Hemloc k Lake , ba s been very ill, bu t i s slowly recover- iog- Th e jewelr y stor e of Wm. Dudle y a t Canistc o wa s burglarize d last week. Victo r want s it looks no w a s v ictor four h u ndred persons wer e eon - verto 3 in Pon n \ a n durin g th e re­ cen t revival. Th e l:tst an d only license t o sell intoxicatin g drin k in I\*rattsburgh ex­ pired thi s week . A fi »• c—year-old gir l wa s burne d t o a crisp while playin g wit h fire a t friendship , N\. V. Nea r Kewar k wor k is carrie d o n da y an d nigh t continuously ; electric light s ar e used a t night . Th e Shortsville f^nt^r-prim^ think s a ban k like Gillis* would hel p i t t o bea t Clifton Spring s no w ! Th e Oct . Co . Time* think s news­ papers ar e to o plenty ; sorr y thei r experienc e prompt s tha t idea. Th e Avoc a ^tdvcLrtce wa s compell­ ed t o issue a half shee t las t wee k on accoun t of unavoidabl e mishaps . Th e overseer s of th e poor of Can- andaigu a hav e opene d u p a larg e numbe r of suit s agains t liquo r sellers. A meetin g of th e Ont . «9» Li v. Bind Association a t Livonia, last week, elected th e ol d officers righ t ove r again . Fir e wa s discovere d in th e agri ­ cultura l shop** of Bickfoi d «3b Huff- man , ISd need on, last week , bn t wa s stayed . Th e village policemen o f Cansn- daigna hav e been ordered t o disperse all loaferiah gathering s o f Sunday on th e streets . Moravia it is said has several whis­ ky shops and on e bakery. Ho w d o the y manag e t o nse s o muc h bread, is th e question. Gibson o f th e Honeoy e iVir»o» aaa business. In 1864 h o sold t o J* T . Xiiohins wh o rente d i t t o Jaco b Swit- se r wh o lived in i t abou t a year . I n 1865 thi s buildin g wa s purchase d b y Thoma s S. Crosb y wh o agai n bega n th e furnitur e business withi n it s walla. Th e origina l buildin g buil t b y Con­ ne r ambitiou s for a change , in 1882 agai n too k a walk, wea k an d totter ­ in g unde r th e infirmities of age , dow n sout h Main stree t (of course) droppin g a s i t proceede d muc h of it s oute r appare l b y th e waysid e an d havin g somewha t renewe d its a,ge an d received man y addition s is no w th e residence of l'ag o Hatch . Th e bac k portion JVIr. Crosby tor e dow n an d erecte d upon th e lo t a fine brick store which, when completed , will b e on e of ou r finest business places. In th e fire last mentione d a build­ in g which stoo d upon th e Geh ri g site was burned ; this buildin g wa s a blacksmit h shop . Afte r th e fire J. II. Mills buil t th e presen t buildin g which h e used a s a blacksmit h shop until bo sold i t t o Joh n l**ield wh o turne d i t into a shoe shop an d used it himself until 1SOO whe n Joh n an d Alois Gehri g purchased i t an d con­ tinued t o use i t for a shoe shop until 1870 whe n th e firm dissolved, Alois retainin g this buildin g who soon afte r disposed of i t t o Vorhi s A. Fo x wh o fitted it u p for a dru g More an d con­ tinue d for a numbe r of year s when th e firm dissolved an d Fo x carried on th e business alone. I n 1875 V . Reynold s cam e int o possession an d continue d only for abou t on e mont h whe n h e sold t o Pete r Gehri g wh o continue d th e sam e business until lie graduall y closed ou t in 1882. I n th e fall of 1882 th e buildin g wa s turne d int o a billiar d saloon b y E. Koap p an d John Hart . Har t after abou t '2 month s sold ou t t o Fre d Fry an d th e business is still continue d ther e b y Knap p «fc l^ry. Hair 'VVojra-. Mrs. Wilde r is happ y t o inform he r friends tha t sh e ha s sufficiently recovered from he r illness t o giv e he r attentio n l o he r wor k in itn de ­ tails, an d will fill all order s for waves , switches, 1 ad ie«' an d gentle ­ men' s W115S, etc. , and , a s in th e past will gurrantc c satisfaction ever y time . Call a t he r rcsidance, Main Htreet, sout h of th o M . K- church , Naples , an d leav e you r orders . JGw4 %OOd ^pair^^^6S Lime and Brushes Try ou r SO-oorit molasses ; I t i s warrante d t o b o fii st-class fo r coo k in g o r for pancakes . Lawis BROS . a t rfatLS* . F*I<tlOE I have 5,000 fee^ siding, 1-2 inch, fo 1 Vw4 J MOT- Sale. of first-class pine i~ sale a t a bargain. RRY ELnaaoGE. W e hav meat of Oil Cloth pies. Otic the largest and best assort ever shown in Na - WKJX S «fc SON . in bulk , very fines, ke t a t less price tl| in package s w e giv e yo u very lo\*| TERBIBLE Kidne y afcnd HIi -''Taiiiy \Year-* X»u Cood tta* Gold «*«^*»o. *- jpa-avnc feu i n n«r alt, til l wor d 1^ an c<x>>l in I.oircli, nod I kno w ! know n *-11.1 In ^|>cak ~ Yuur rc po rtc»\ pi* atl fron m Cntumoq, Sir. Uomnrd i,r mj- frlatulo in I^ow«ll 1^: ktilnrv aiifl urtnAry tn> pl>ymclAD It M Cti IB n'I «-n likrK*-ni^ti« of tb e bet a l ti«- t>e«t wtelcti Uil Irr 1 Htiid (IDUII; £>OC| <1 >n«? nil (tint in in yooi- jxj I o>i.fct Kot li* Ip lr o nnltj- I v» • « induo m 1*. t rj: IT K REHKO Y a nc<ll e in^»J c3 <-<1 rtr y Til|£hly fo r botp ml ono e I t lim.a W l\y ao ' B r Krnnc^ly m ii hoo«t r> rcji»tntlou, Ihluk mnylbJnK '••ouUl ?i« EX>» 1X511«> r IIDBI 1 1) ibma, mr\ for >nn I b»v t reccmt n my TrXtmtlm l a Lowel l TTi«y tlilalc lh«r « In DQtli: VOW IT K ItEHEbr. Wh«£ U r Uomar d MT|I aayoa e acqaaJoM d wit h min e (t good s in th e mar- tho good s sold lire in condition t o prices. O . CRA M KK. de r Oom plaint * ol tlOD > 111* \W o mm.c o< City A at— Gonard , S O r t «o'w«ii 9 rm«.•»•«. n b»nk n<iU i t &n> Imuk Mi' O Jl III tOU of (V woll ^ o f City Aw*o«*-*«r i^r »ncl^ Mr t uunr d a I Iiln •fvliti IUAOX oihrr i n dnrn- rnilnj; park of Rout 11 •'Fran k I*. Warne r cam e into ou r store t o purchas e a sample bottle of ZOPSLA for a friend, an d stated tha t he (Mr . Warner ) wa s svfflieted with Kidney an d Livor troubles for five years , an d ha d paid $200 o r *300 doctor's bills, an d ha s now been com­ pletely cured by th e use of tw o large bottles an d one sample bottle of ZorE- 8A. IXe wa s so bad a t one time that he lost 3 7 pounds of flesh, bu t after using ZOI'KSA claims tha t h e is a sound man , au d uo w weighs 14 5 pounds. li e wits loud i a its praise, aud readily consented to allow u s t o use his name for reference ** J . W . MITCHELL «fc CO. , Canisteo, !N\ Y . Fo r sale b y JOJI K C. ATORGAN. Naples, Y . 1ST. aid. « cr «fttsi for » lou ff It of dtTfceaavod W:t<l<>pyi |roi *t4 »to ciaod , t bad luffer EXIV docto r a Irralin«n( hnd »lty affortlcd. 1 K ot t» Ket fjr. IE •* n o un<r. 1 o u bav e >ert o <lo 1 k noo. ttia,l ; but t oilirr laurt e or die . Pi Or. K >maBd> ' n K A. VOB i o « blch bml !><-«• n reconi ltlo«-y dlnMHr t received like a, chun n wltli m«. s FAVOUlT E RKMHUV in 1 kno w It l Uidn t i«. ou t t Ii Ut bu tgi v»-n <llcta« evn r p r««ciib «Kl ndr d It t o eve r mo m»a y o r •rltli th v aajmc ri-atoJt. m lit * !>•-. Kenawlj' i F A B. 1\ DOW & CO. reliable Qnn ENGINES ; THRESHEEi ' Several ver y desirable houses an d ! lots an d vacan t lots a t Bloods , also tw o good farms , well watere d an d well improved , situate d within thre e j miles of Blood?. N\. Y . Tw o good well watered , well im­ prove d (arms in th e tow n of Avoca , ' one containin g abou t 230 acres. One ttheop farm within on e mile of I I lortiellsvillc, also tw o bette r farm s I within 3 miles of Ilornellsville. fift y houses an d lots in th e city | of Horncllaville, a t various prices, and a t term s t o suit an y purchaser . Also twent y thousan d acres of timbe r an d farmin g lands in th e stat e of Michigan , nicel y situate d and al l within 12 miles of rail road . -A.il for sale chea p an d o n easy terms , Special information concern­ in g an y of th e abov e ma y b e ha d b y callin g a t m y office in Bloods , N . Y . Ha BtU] tnoDufactuiins HORSE PpWBRS, HELLERS , I have 100,000 foot of seasoned pine lumber, hemlock, maple, chest tint, oak and birch. Call on or address* L- H_ Barnum, Kirk wood Mills, Bloods, Y. CORN SI FEED) CUTTERS , Circular Woo d tlieir Work s a t Tha MprTlorttjr « f aUL , i™ la wal l know n t o uk« . • ixcumj t o infon n tb> \ will roxniah Snnfi and tobaccos at A . B . JXKKS * I>D»g StOS C STATIONERY Addrra i m o PROMPT It, . «7 13tf Saws , et c , from Kowlerville , N . Y . _>ca*3 an d It la —~ tJamE 1 am nner - LOWEST BATE. MILLS, SAW ENGINES. (ATTENTION. QSO. BL HOIIC ]n X2iw TUIas * o r Itapla^ 27. o » Ua* 3M.1a Amy of SC&T. ISO*, ml. 1 o'clock , p . TO.. Uac foUowln s OawrD - eel pramuas : ^ • >All UMt t^mcrt or- ykax^«l o f Und, a*tttmtw4 lafte Trr-mrm o r Sont n ]|rl«tol. Coant r o f teSaxto, aa d Wt» f o* Ble w York , l^vlxas paart o f lo t No . frwe«tj-. awd boande a a s t»Uowa; Btghmln g mX av pota f t-w«r*y- •taclifc rod s wen t o t «otxtlieau»t corne r o f sai d lot ; LlaauacA rannlnr nortberl y pauravll»l wit h tli» weat »1<1« of MM lo t OQ « buiitrtt f ai><l forty -tw o roda twenty-tw o Itaku; tbenc a «iat«rl y paralla l With Ui« c«nl« r o r tba t\lfz*\Tm& iweaty-atRtat ro<U t o tti Hue o f itl d lot , thaac * nonlicrl y alooa\ tlio ILnM o r »*lcl lo t t o tb « aoatiiaaat corne r o f amid lo* ; waaMfl ; o n U»o nort h Itaa o f »avl >l lo t t o a B ptna tree ; tbrae a aoutberljr pawmllaZ wit h tta< lino o f «a,ld lo t t o tb « cente r or tho hljRh'War; th«nc « eaatorly alun e lb, c-onier o r aa.l<l txla*l> W«T t o th e plaxro or bcglDnlng, containjDR firry acre * o f land o o ttto «t*.mo raorm o r loan au d o«tzic Ui a Bavm« pramU O convayi d t o BAIO nal B. contU b t>y Shoiwa U Powel l and wif e b y <t«e<l baario g dat a JJoraiabar J. 18T8. EMORY B. POTTLK, Naplr», APrl) 3d. 18B3. ItcT«TOe. 1.1 -«<;<>«-.-« A COKLBI. Z'ljklntlfr 'B Attornwyi 1 W^tltli^L 1ST TED STUIOTL, Y AMSTERDAM OIL, JJotliiog: Short o f Unmistakable 23<;x>«fi\ts Conferre<l upon tens of thousands of sufferers could originate anil maintain tlic* reputation wrilch AVEfi' a SARAA- X'A.IUI.I^X enjoys. I t ts a compound of the best vegetable alteratives, with the Xoclidcs of Potassium and Iron, all powerful, blood-making, blood -cleansing and lirc-sustainiQg — and is the most effectual of all rcraetllea for scrofu­ lous*, mercurial, o r bloo<\ disoulcra. Ucirormly successful and certain, i t produces rapi«.I rtml complete cures of Scrofula., Sorvs, Boils, Humors, l'im.- ples. Eniptious, Skin Diseases anO. all clisordors arislns 1 from impurity or the blo<xl. By its iuvlgoratlng efxeets it .-ilwayf* relieves aud often cures Liver Complaints, Female Weaknesses ami Irregularities, and is a potent rcnewer of waning vitality. Fo r puriryiu™ the blood it has no canal. Xt tones up the Hytitem, restores and preserves th e health, and imparts vigor and energy. For forty years i t ixtxa been iu C*U'D»1VO use. and is to-day the most available medlciuo for the snflViring sick. For sale by all drusgists. Colors TT^ , tinds ot Turj>entine, Varnishes, Japans, Oil, and. Dry, Brushes and all Painters' Supplies. Wo liave a Very lliarg^e Stock of Everytliiiig' in tlie Line. SOLUBLE PACIFIC ~ GUANO: MARKETS NAPLES. ANWTAL SALES, SO.OOO TOICB. Thi s old and reliable FertUizer, whic h tuts bee n o n the marketer eljrbteen. Tears , is unsurpassed for use o n Fars ^ dftUTeldav **W«y oiTlowc r Bed . I t is a complete mannre, ric b »n salt the ncceuao* elements. Th e Farmer wh o plants bi s crops, lookin g t o the' money they will return, finds that ever y dollar's worth o f SOLUBLE PACIFIC CUANO applied t o the soil, repays it* cost many times over. Try Ju convinced Pamphlets, with testimonials, etc., forwarded tree. I f there is no local agent in yoxir vicinity, address ** CremO. S«llUr Avemtjs. \**—* ohara, ^*i»<r<-- Ac« * C <»r W. IK'. Agent , Vloo4* IV. •*>'_ H» T Wood , *-loot . Sbcrve wood . TlmoUiy aftcd. Fotatoea Timii w - - - - - CI ttiun a\x>plca> - Sun« T xxidm -V<rwl aJL-ixu - 81»e«> Dolbi Chick d *' ~ Qeeate, liv e •* dreai__ _ Tni-lcey*. 1S-^T5- - Porlud i BoeT. «1> eaiw.. . V ««l Ml-VM. U » White Oorn 1 Boclcwbcat floor. Whita «beat . 1 SO a 1 23 <S 2 OOa 3 UOa SO <a OO A &S A «0 A Bawley DON'T LET IT ESCAPE yoo r meinor j Uxat- >lz>o« ih a BZPLOSXON or LON <Z CREDIT taa m y Mor a cooflat «n t>« boac m avt HOV E ma n ADUOAD . To prov e Uila Eact X onl y axle a n < *»T m y cood a prlora. Mj atock o r BOOTS & SHOES for U*c «t>rt» JE trad a t* mor a complata . « ID <1 forqaal'}' , t*rl<:c an d qaaaUr y I clai m t o t>m hcaUqaarteTa y «a*tlr-e stoc k o r ait ooar* for ta a ovx t THtBT Y DATS . *n*la olEar win b a acridl y ailln • mil t o -wt»«n CAfiTB o r 1cm aqBtralan t I s U>o loeantlT* o f *D *m norhaaer . af y wUI al^y B b . eo^lau u d elk. sooda lis —* —\ \ \ fe*«low In pno * mm* A* .IBII • at- WXLXKB, tad o o So Bt OD CO* o e i t=r <r-»- CD -c=f_ C3 CO & to C33 CDD C C 5\ s» o •S @3 cn S3 O <rs CO C P B C3- CD cr> QQ - go CO-.

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