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THE NEAPOLITAN. New Yorfc Lack. & West'n R'y *& W, pass Train s o n th o XJ> Blood s ELS follows: is. pagscn^tT, frciRht, freight, ncootnmwlfltion, otc .ST 1 1 -40 8:0 3 1 1 Ofl \ l o ; r>3 1 S 8 «> 4 7 1 2 20 >\ o -4, paftftcngor, ID, Bccornmodatioa cU\ , O, paBfleiigfr, 14 , fi-oiRbt, Orzr i n «i1 !*• a. double t-na^-k. mnrt naTntx- <u>^ witfa fnre at* champ an by i pnblie la rvr>kod for patroDsffv A U . BHULT8 , AgCTt. tram Nkrlfttloii <;<™ >m fartbrr ootlor a* 1 1 nil -r n W OO 4 T 1II« i t « IS* L MT « C\mn •ad*) « OaSO a. olarhtlxiar . exprr«»tnt etc. lectloo* m wl* wtlb mlo i <31aUi proprlflor. will ran • lac EC «v on« boar b«for ipu r win ™ m nlxl 1 SO *> Dt. no nxl 5 OO p ra, * • p-r~ol*J tT an<3 clo* The «rta«v>. W J 0 mj>d from ntcb bom 1 boat tlm« THURSDAY. JUN E 21 , Annivorsarj* w«ek. Fireworks , a t <irifT*e„ StTAWbery shortcake* are ripe. N o more to y pistol** for the boys . Tim e t o tallc nbotat incorporating oar •\riiiaj5 e - Mr . Hun t is addin g a. nea t bar n t o hi s premises . Th e rain y day a tr y men' s soles an well a s old roofs, •'Th e I>ig Anvi l \ headquarter s for blackauiitilin g . Iioad work, is goin g on , betwee n showers , -aroand us . Quarterl y meetin g a t tlio Al. E church , las t JSabl>atli. Goo d buildin g stono ca n b e ha d b y applyin g t o 13 a s i 1 e. No t vi m enoug h her e t o celebrat e the 4t h in a goo d ol d way . Ou r ban d playe d from th e ban d stan d last Saturda y evening . Wheele , candles , fire-crackers an d all kindrt of t\ reworks , a t Griffs . JK. \W. Dunton ' H ne w residence , Mechani c St. , is bein g plastered . Th e Greine r stor e i a bain g pain tod an d fitted u p b y Henr y House) , its owner . Arthu r Mi toll ell lias obtaine d hi s nheepskin from th e Geneeeo Norma l School . A soun d reliable youn g hors e ca n b e bough t of S. It . Sutto n on reason­ abl e terms . The y ar e makin g th e bes t of flour at Covel's milrj tha t ne w mille r cer­ tainly know s hi s business. Wnx. LamontV s buildin g a larg e barn amon g oliie^jinprovement a o n tgm Stea m whistle s ar e n o rarit y her e now ; even Pet e Danto n ha s on e on his peanut roaster . Th e ladie s of th e Christia n churc h Will furnish ice -cream and straw ­ berrie s t o al l wh o com e o n th e after­ noon and evenin g of July 4 tb . L. H . Bamu m ha s opene d a stor e in earnes t a t hi s Kirkwoo d Mills nea r Bloods ; h o ha s also a larg e amoun t of nice seasoned lumbe r there , an d is a thoroug h business man . E . K. Stetso n Bay s lie woul d rattie r sell hi s coarse mea t a t C an d 7 cent s pe r poun d tha n t o peddl e thre e day s of th e week , an d giv e his hom e customer s th e benefit of it. .A. ne w residenc e containin g four sleepin g room s an d all conveniences , with garde n an d bar n attached , ca n b e leased b y responsible partie s on applicatio n t o J. I... Monier , Myro n Clevelan d brough t u p a a larg e eg g last nigh t tha t ha d a per­ fectly forme d eg g of th e usual size inside of it ; thi s is th e secon d on e of ( th e kind th e he n ha s presente d him . I .A. baske t ol strawberrie s presente d by lVfrs. G . C. Bray , of th e WilHo n variety , beat s an y wo hav e seen, when we mus t mak e tw o bite s of on e berry ; please consider thejsi^o—of th e berry ! Subjec t for Youn g People' s Meet­ in g a t th e Presbyteria n church , .J une 24 , ''God ' s Rul e for Judgin g Char ­ acters, \ I Sam . 16 7, Act s JO 3t-3. r >, an d Jame s 1— O. Leade r Jame s VV isewell - No w tha t r>r. Henderso n ha s cure d a hog , oven after th e hole WH S du g ?br th e buria l of th e animal , Stern e Lyon i s th e lucky ma n wh o wa s benefitted b y bis serv ICOH . C^ueer hu t j to-day . School officers mus t no t ge t th e idea tha t th e school yea r i s change d from Sept. 30 , t o Aug . 20 , for tfvi* year ; th e la w takes effect nex t Jan ­ uary. Don' t ge t mixed bu t le t things g o on as usual this year . Th e \Honeoy e Telephone \ for Ju ­ ly will bo on sale a t th e post-office in about that delightful village , th e last of next week, for 3 cent s each. I t will contain th e grea t snake stor y in its detail with illustrations, also other matters of interest; everybod y can get one and should. JP CTSOTMZ ^ JVo««s. Mitchel l hom e from Arthu r Geneseo . Henr y Suc h spen t th e Sabbat h in Genese o wit h friends. A . M . \Wood of Uencoye , wa s abou t tow n last Thursday . G. E . Stetso n ha s gone* t o Green e Co., N . Y. , t o wor k for Mr . Beers. Warre n Fak e an d wife of Canan - daigua , passed Sunda y a t th e Jaqu a I louse . Jaco b Heifer, of th e pul p mill, wen t t o Rochester , hi s home , thi s week for a visit. Joh n Harri s of Ital y Hill wa s in Tow n Thursda y la^t, preparin g for a bi g part y th e 4th . Harr y Hogers , of th e Readin g Iro n Co., lias bee n visitin g relative s here ; h <2 marrie d Tjizzi© Slack. Ohas. Travers , of Pen n Yan , th e cand y maker , is spendin g a few day s her e with his uncle , L u Waterman . Prof . O . i£.. Sutto n wen t t o War ­ saw yesterda y an d will drum-majo r th e han d of tha t place , a t Batavia . ith nevertheles s true . On Tuesda y a goo d umbrell a a rou rid kno b on th e handl e w at* take n from Cramer' s stor e b y roiri tak e , Phili p Din/.ler want s jus t tha t one, an d will b e pleased t o ha\ e th e mistak e rectified. Th e curlin g have n of th e peach trees is th e subject of much htudy . Of course if th e leaves die or becom e of no use , ther e will be no cro p upon such trees. Thi s disease is riot gen­ eral, an d certainl y is th e result of an insect. Th e Amateu r I*. 11. Clu b hav e a no w arid beautifu l urn for m t <~» IK worn to-da y for th e first time in a matche d gam e with th e c lu b from Nort h Cohoclo n ; th e gam e is t o be playe d tin s afternoo n on J . 1$. II arr y LeVall e y wa s ove r from Pruttaburgh , Sunday , an d hi s fathe r <>. \V . Lo \'allo y wa s hom e from Itoch ester. Of will b e Railroa d Noles . course Angelic a an d tied togethe r Th e wor k a t Ston y Broo k N aples Shake . unexpected- \ Al l tha t medieal skill and lovin g hand s could d o wa s done ; her complaint wa s o f th e stomach and on e tha t ma y lead -* 0 a post-mor­ tem examination. Th e funeral serv­ ices are arranged fo r to—morrow a t 2 p . m., from th e Christian ohuroh there, an d Rev , G . 33. Fulle r will of­ ficiate. son's ground?*. Ther e will b e a lectur e in -the Liap- tist churc h Frida y evening , Jun e 2 0, b y Hev . G . A . Starkweather , autho r of Starkweather' s Sacre d Geography ; subject , \Land s of th e Bible. \ Th e proceed s of th e lectur e will b e use d t o bu y maps for th e Sunda y schools ;>^SS ^wi*S ^irTJS ou t tha t \jlurra v M o Nai r is pr o - gr ^'SRing beyon d Perkinsville . Th e maso n wor k an d preparation s for th e iron bridg e ar e occupyin g th e tim e of a laig e bod y of. men . Th e highwa y in front of th e Cum ­ uli ng s hous e wher e th e trac k crosses will b e cu t dow n abou t on e foot, which -with th e ties an d iron will mak e a nea t crossing. Th e engineer s returne d from Ge- Tohri- i oev a last evening , havin g don e thei r work well th e entir e lino t o th e Tor - rey farm nea r Geneva . The y will probabl y locat e th e Line westerl y t o th e summi t next . Th e \roadmaker \ belonging; t o th e four road districts of this village, ha s been hired b y th e company, will clear more so d from th e roadbed in on e da y th^a on e hundre d iuen 1 ^ ^It, atLao.; Victo r will celebrate . Phelp s ha s £4 soldiers* graves . Shortsvill e want s a harnes s shop . Genev a celebrate s th e comin g 4th . Canandaigu a reall y ha s th e bicy­ cle fever. I Gorha m mechanic s find wor k a t j I-tush vil le. j Flobar t commencemen t is on the ' 28t h of June. j Canandaigu a will hold forth on th e \ comiog'4th , in goe d Style. Miles A Davi s ha s purchase d th e Wayn e Co . -Rcpn-blican^ of Palmyra . Chapi n Bros , hav e Paris-greene d thei r larg e orchar d t o kill th e aphis . Th e winte r an d sprin g crop s ar e muc h bettere d a t th e nort h b y th e ra ; na . Iv is or «Ss Pulvc r of Gorha m village ar e openin g u p a ne w stree t wit h 21 buildin g lots o u it . Musical conventio n a t Mancheste r thi s week , t o close wit h a gran d con­ cer t to-morro w evening . Th e Messrs. Brown , formerl y of th e Shortsvill e J£nte-rj?r t«o, hav e pur ­ chase d th e Clifton Spring s -Prea*. A tea m a t WelUboro , Pa. , knock ­ ed dow n an d killed a five-year-old son of A . F . Barnes , formerl y of th e Bat h CJoxtri<rr y last week . No w ther e is som e suspicion tha t Hammond , th e Syracus e attorne y for th e prosecution of th e excise cases in Canandaignn , is \playin g roots. \ Genev a ha s a historical recor i from th e tim e Gen . Snllivan mad e hi s cam ­ paign in 1779, an d ha s forme d a his­ torica l society t o collect an d pre ­ serv e them . Th e person s wh o ar e bein g deal t with for th e violatio n of th e excise laws, expecte d t o hav e th e cases se t aside a t th e la«t count y court , bu t Judg e Smit h denie d th e motion . Tr y our BO-ccnt molai ma ; xt i s warranted t o h o first-class lo r cook­ in g or for pan calces. I*3rw; A Baot . doa e a t Springs , further Fee d grindin g will b e Hawkina* mill a t Briarto' L Thursla y and Saturdays ur til notice. B . T . H^wKiras. Butter, m, an< taken in eggs , oats, wheat| all kind s of ' ixchange for Smoke the Sir Knight tjigar, lO cent cigar iu the county. W. It . potatoes, produce at B J best good s ai i4d Anothe r lo t of those soys- Oorae early and get| Duan e Lyon . W\e bavo a rust-proof tin water and milk pail ; also a full stock o f all kinds of tinware. E . TFell^ Son . agen t fo r th e Sunda y Telegram , yo u ca n ge/t on e Saturda y evenin g a t Griff s store. Fin d Cramer's ^Largest Stock\ b y ' finding his ne w advertisemen t in our columns to-day . Se e wha t h o says . VV\c hav e correspondent s u p alon g th e line of railroa d t o Stanley , an d all move s will b e dul y chronicle d in this paper. Th e X'nited Workme n picnic a t Willo w Grov e on Saturda y of thi s week , an d th e publi c ar e invite d for a goo d time . A congregation-singe r say s when h e know s tha t a quartett e choir is t o d o th e singin g in heaven , lie will <juit not before ! A subscriptio n for a pipe orga n for th e Presbyteria n churc h is goin g th e rounds of th e friends . Th e churc h deserve s a goo d one. Mil o Crippe n ha s tor n awa y the'ol d hous e th e Itiley Crippen house—and his ne w on e jus t nort h of it no w show s t o a bette r advantage . On Sunda y last ou r valley wa s threatened with a shower ; bu t it wen t aroun d an d cul mi n a te d in a se­ vere hail stor m a t Middlesex . Griswold , Khlo *t Mc Lean sa y tha t the perso n wh o took tha t singl e harness from thei r shop shoul d re­ turn i t a t once an d sav e trouble . Thos e lO ew e lamb s of Nelso n Bee - man 's , mentione d las t week , sheare d bette r tha n wo said , the y produce d 1 38 3-4 pounds , 1 ii lbs. 1 4 ounce s each . Harle y F-. Leet' s hotel , nex t t o th e Hyat t Block, Bloods , should no t b e forgotte n b y all wh o wish a srjuare meal, a goo d be d an d a first class cigar. Celery plant s ar e no w on sale b y th e Caulkins Bros . Yo u ca n ge t th e Golde n Dwarf , Dwar f Crimson , etc , at reasonabl e rate s b y applyin g t o the m - More pai n ting an d fixing u p abou t ' our villag e an d tow n thi s yea r tha n : usual. I t is no wonde r that incom­ ers speak of our goo d looks an d thrift. W m, \Van Kiper is kalsominin g and improvin g th e office an d billiard room of hi s hotel a t Nort h Cohoclon ; Pi^n k Le e and fitlart Lyo n are doin g th e work. Joh n Harris will have a grand 4th - of-July Ho p on th e evenin g of th e 3d , a t his hous e on Ital y Hill. Joh n ha s goo d times there , always , and all are welcome . Kemembe r th e strawberry and ice­ crea m festival t o morrow evenin g at •the Academ y Hall ; th e proceeds will h e use d t o bu y an Encyclopedi a for th e school. As h Grov e Cabin, belongin g t o The N\aples Club, a t Hicks'\ Poin t on Canandaigu a Lake , is said t o b e very fJ-rtVi, Ho w nice, no w tha t it is com­ pleted , fo r th e compan y t o send ou t Juvitations enoug h t o giv e i t a rous­ ing d* edi ca tioo . ^ 'peculiar d ryj^ gTbufia^^om e of ou r gap^^g*-^ , \ \ order \to'^et Th e ^trt jTrxC^r(i7L<zr%ffG come s laden with sweet s in its line, for th e civili­ satio n an d us e of th e ladies. I t in invaluable . Sen d t o th e address , Nassa u St. , Ne w York , for a sampl e copy, an d see it s worth . Th e Floral Cabinet for Jun e i s ae full of useful knowledg e a s ever. Such information for th e household , and suoh a beautiful magazine . N~o thon t a oopy£ . J^§Si^^B^3^ii^s^i^^ cu t suoh vine s bac k in ne w wood ; wit h th e increase d acer- ago an d th e injure d vines i t perhap s is jus t t o expec t bu t a mediu m cro p for 1883. Tha t restauran t b y Georg e Kern- ington , is noarin g completion . It s walls whit e finished, th e woodwor k of chestnut , natura l color, an d its arrangemen t for seatin g a t table s all rende r i t th e pleasan t roo m of ou r villag e fo r such purposes ; wh o would hav e though t tha t Benjamin Hlo< k j woul d hav e been converte d into th e . nice business places it ha s been? Blood s improve s as fast as an y Hiirrouudin g town ; th e new block, by j Hoxler , Fe n ton, Woodard , an d A r- j nold, is really an imposin g one , an d will ad d largel y t o th e looks an d busi- J nens capacit y of th e \ illa^e. G . W. | Mart z lias also erecte d a scales an d j office just sout h of th e Krie depo t i tha t beat s anythin g hereabouts . [ Look over thes e improvement s when you ar e u p there . Henr y Standis h bough t of J . S . Hicox six delain e ewe s tha t a t th e shearing , Ma y TOth, gav e th e bes t fleeces yet . Th e six aggregate d 10 2 1-2 pound s ragin g from J .*> to 11> 1-2 t o th e fleece. Thre e of the m ar e thre e year s old an d tiiree ar e tw o and each of th e si x ha s a fine Iamb b y he r side. ISdany hav e been t o see thes e ew s an d pronounc e the m th e bes t in thi s o r Yate s county - Ther e is t o b e a gran d concer t on Thursda y evening , Jun e 28th , a t th e Tow n Hall , Naples , which is t o b e for a specific benefit, an d worthy,an d will embrac e th e best of hom e talen t an d muc h invite d assistance. I t will consist of entirel y ne w vocal an d in­ strumenta l music , with a readin g b y a competen t elocutionest . Admission 2 5 cents , child ren 15 . (le t read y for it, an d rea d bills lo r particulars . A shor t visit t o Waylan d virag o ha s impresse d u s with its size an d importance . On e mus t g o there , g o ove r it , t o realize it- Fiv e hotel s prominen t amon g which is Pfafifs an d Kline's , th e larg e hardwar e of Kim - mel <fc Morris , th e larg e harnes s sho p of J . S. May , plent y of stores , mark ­ ets, grai n buyers , an d full business places of all kinds . O n Tuesda y i t seeme d th e busies t place w e ha d seen for man y weeks . II . K . Merril l write s bis brother , S. J- , her e a glowin g lette r of th e custom s an d fruitful ness of Ne w Mexic o wher e h e no w is ; n o rain ha d fallen for a yea r tha t helpe d any ! H o say s th e smallpo x prevails , bu t it seem s th e Puebl o Indian s hav e a summar y wa y of managin g it . The y di g a plac e in th e earth , cove r th e .patien t wit h dir t u p t o th e face, cove r th e face wit h a n oiled silk, feed th e patien t bu t giv e n o medicine ; ther e h e remain s until h e \3ies o r recovers . Rathe r a cool wa y t o us e a sick on e in a conn try wher e i t i s to o war m t o Wear an y clothes . ny ,_ jijiiSifi^fii^paBhing thing s wes t i^.ox'^ ^^SOK ^sville^ 'an d w o believ e i t will no t b o man y weeks ] befor e thi s section of th e road will bo pushe d a s well. Th e tria l line which th e presen t corp s of engineer s brough t dow n from Perkiiiaville t o Naples , mad e a dotou r of abou t on o m 1 le, westerly , to hi t Waylan d village. I t come s t o th e mill of Kirnmel & Morris , an d in fact throug h it . Thi s seetnp t o b e jus t as it should be , an d is Wayland' s opportunit y for a goo d roa d tha t shall let tha t enterprisin g communit y out into othe r region s tha n thei r pres ­ ent facilities afford. Tb e enterpris ­ in g men on th e line will giv e th e righ t of wa y ove r ther e an d nearl y all can bette r afibrd t o d o so tha n hav e th e roa d ru n a mile eas t of t hem. family .should^ bfr r avadresai^2^^eseV%£ •SOT ^m \o^Sy3raV^ i s all\it purports t o h e th e richest of reading- I t is full of amusiu lustrations, beautifully bo u 3d printed neatly and clearly. I t ge m ! Som e one ough t t o write him for th e agenc y Horac e is a favorit e wit h all classes of readers , an d th e ver y excellent , cheap , edition b y Joh n 15. Alden , 18 Vese y St., places thi s wit h th e series of \classics \ wher e all ar e abl e t o obtai n it . Th e whol e 27 volume s in th e series costin g heretofor e # 1 a volum e ca n b e ha d for a small frac­ tion of tha t su m b y addressin g a s abov e a t Ne w York . Look a t our tilting skii-t bustles, hoops and skirt combined. S- Duan e Lyo n . 1883, and aples post LSfABKS. On and after 3fay 22d. until further notice the office will close at 9 p. m. TV. R- Th e way to decide goods are old or new is t o amine for yourselves at the ing store, Naples- K- Wsi stBHBBCK. pether our evil and ex- new cloth - The Full Bench cigar cent ciear in Nsplea.\ the beat |3 /AaK3. - Fifteen different Suits a t prices rangin g — \\\ . C LA- I Styles C. L. *7 .SO at _ I hav e jus t receive d t took an d bes t brand * of b e found in Naple s o r els additio n t * th e celebrate d cigar s sold b y m y pre< hav e placed on sale aevi brand s of five an d te n neve r before Bold in thi s W . R. lofcal q>se Esthetic * is th e Helen beautiful- Th e need of promotin g persona l ««th e to J . C . Aye r «fe Co. , w h parabl e hai r vigo r is a beoutifier of th e hair . H fective, agreeable , i t ha s amon g th e indiep-ensable th e toilet . T o scant y luxuriance ; an d withere d clothes wit h th e hu e of y loeik ce of th e meri t for ic« is du e inoom- uni versal rmless , «rf- iaks n ran k article s of • it give s hair s i t uth . Kim- KayaKln>> Bes t te a i n tow n a t O ball's , Nort h Cohocton . \Yankee\ notions , jumpers , stra w hats , otc. I lowe r tha n an y othe r st o Tobaccos , cigars , etc . 1 cheapest . Cracker s an d everythin g fresh , an d on e dolla r buy s mor e than at an y othe r store . C- L- KLjugg overalls , L a t price s |re. bes t an d [^srjtainis wis h t o callrattentio^i JIISI I J IIMIIM I * c \Villa pain guaranty these paints to bo made of pure leads, sii with th* colors ground in . get prices and see what w yon. Respectfully B Local Ifotie^ 8,OO0 rolls wall pape r * follow; com e in an d look lOtf G RA» Choice hams and should^ m curing and smoking' all right and choice. Obituary . O n Sat u rda y last a t his residence , Len t Ilill , Henr y Vanderwarke n died of pneumonia , a t th e ag e of 3 8 years . H e wa s sick bu t abou t tw o weeks ; his deat h wa s quit e unexpected . H e was bor n nea r b y wher e h e died , wa s well t o d o in th e world , wa s muc h respecte d an d his loss will bo deepl y felt, especially b y a wife an d tw o small childre n wh o surviv e him . Henry' s genial , pleasan t countenanc e has for year s brightene d ou r business places only t o b e th e mor e missed now . Th e funeral services were held a t 2 p . m Monda y from th e Christia n church , I n gl eside, Rev , A.. F. C o u n- try man officiating, an d his remain s rest in th e cemeter y nea r by . Dem o res t for Jul y is a n attractiv e number ; its grea t novelt y is a plas­ te r papie r bas-relief of th e hea d of I'ereeus , whic h is an exquisit e wor k of art . Al l of it s literar y article s ar e of h*gh merit . Thi s valuabl e numbe r shoul d b e owne d b y every­ body , t o sa y nothin g of th e advan ­ tag e t o a househol d in possessing such useful informatio n a s i t con­ tain s . Canandaigu a Rolle r Ptrooess flour qua l in ever y respec t t o Haial , on sale a t L KW\ I 3 Bao' s 60 Genu will bu y a bette r pocke t tha n yo u eve r bough t lso fo r 7 3 eta. E . Wit t Littl e Jacob , only so n of Samue l Schenck , died Sunda y mornin g a t tb e ag e of 3 years . Th e parent s ha d bu t recentl y arrive d in thi s country , a t th e hom e of tb e father-in-law , Mr . Kribolen, an d thi s grea t grief inter­ cept s th e jo y of th e meeting , for h e j was beloved b y all . Th e funeral j serv ices wer e held from tb e Seman s 1 school house , Monda y afternoon , an d th e remain s wer e burie d in th e ceme­ ter y nea r by , Rev . Mr . Dam m offici­ atin g . Th e remain s of Josia h Keele r ar­ rive d a t Inglosid e from Bat h o u th e afternoo n of Monda y an d awaite d th e funera l services of Henr y Van ­ derwarken . A t 4 p . m- th e las t sad rites wer e held from th e Christia n churc h b y Rev . W . W. Holt , an d th e sorrowin g communit y listene d t o th e secon d servic e in on e afternoon . Mr . Keele r marrie d a Bogga , an d hi s remain s wer e burie d wit h relative s in th e cemeter y there . Th e Nort h America n iJev»Vto f o J uly ha s som e mos t excellen t article s \Th e last day s of th e - Rebellion ' b y Lieu t .-Gen. Sherman , \Neede d reform s in prison management, \ b y R . Brockway , otc . ; bu t th e ver y bes t article s ar e in a symposiu m on \Churc h attendance \ in which a no n church-goer , an d thre e D . D's . giv e thei r views . Al l in all i t is a n extr a number . Publishe d a t 3 0 Lafayett e Place , No w York . Clover, Timoth y an d othe r seeds , nice an d pure . E. W KLL S & S ON. Al l kind s 'ea a a t of Fiel d an d Garde n W KLI^O.' Last night, B£rs- A . J . Hime s of In- gleside departed this life, age d 3 9 years, leaving a husband and three children t o mourn their loss besides large circle of relatives. Sh e an Avery , wa s born a t that place and wa s muc h respected and beloved b y th e entire community . He r illness wa s o f short duration, onl y a fe w days , an d gevexe, an d he r deat h Mor e Shelf Bracket s tha n yo u eve r sa w befor e a t W ELLB. ' Ixiok a t ou r 25 an d SO ct. knive s i£.. W jc LLS <3b S ON. Fo r cash w e will sell Syracuse s a at Si . 25 per bbL L a wi s B ROS. Th e best syrup and molasses for the least money at C ONADGATT'S wall paper and G borders, B: full Ne w lino. One now wago n for sale very lo - * a t F . G. O R A MXB'B . R also mi no and kalsomiue brushes at ifoRGAN's Dru g Store. Th e bes t straw ha t for th e least money,a t th e C . O. D . clothing store- Pure Brooklyn lead and Amsterdam J/OK oil a t /OEGAS'S Drcu; Store. Plain black diagonal suits, for men, only six dollars a t O. L . Clarke &. Go's. C. O. T>. clothin g store. Th e best mixed ready mixed at paint is Deroe' -Zt/oxtG.a .2tt 's. Handy package and Diamond dyes at ^JfoEGAu's Dra g Store. CoijrA Yo n can save IS per ce|nt of- your money b y buyin g your boy's and children's clothing of <P« Clarke & Co. Farmers who wish to breed of hogs would do to the Jersey Reds kept manteer ; call before the month - Hats ! H ATS P. HATS I !!* Men s Hats , Boy's Hats , Child' s Hats , Soft Hats , Stiff Hats , \Nobb y ' lined Hats , Hat s in all grades an d prioes a t C . L. C LARK K «fc C o Brooklyn Lead, and So uthern Lead warranted pure, raw and boiled oils, urpentine, varnishes and a full lino of mixed paints at C HAIN'S. 3 0w4 Vfo are fast gaining our old repu t«tion for offering to th< \ public the best SO-ccut tea, best SO-eent molasses, best 50-cent tobacco that is found in any market. 4tf L B J WIS. B ROS. op Lined pants & 1 aud adla 4 Sets. and up shirts AOcts aod upwj hose 1 Octa per pair 8 p| Brown French mixed ho pair, 2 pair for 25 cts. goods rn proportion at C- L . (JtARSi Ti B fact all peopli everybody only a know Everybody high. All who , desiring their white, Brush w\th **TaxBaBKT rng, each night- Each speck of Tartar w power, Removes instantly all Rosily you'll find it a veiry You'll b y its use- prove leisure. Fo r sale by Jo n IT < ESle «3b MoT ssn hands iome A full stock o f dy e stufis a t Jttoscc^ajo^a Dru g Storar- GriawoM ceiving some very able Lumber wagons new design and very an co, but still fa: strength, and respect ; call and loolcjat Subscrib e fo r the iea* Jer - ono o f S. of Knee Ti #2.SO to Co's. ie largest cigars t o e where in brands of lecoiaor I tral other cigars ity. M ARKS . kXnisj-Uoilav Th« following list o f bargains, i n Ken' s Clothing, i s offered b y C. L . dfc Co.. Haplea. Jtfaur** blmclc, diagonal sack suits, $6.0 0 9Csn\s £ancy sacjk: suits, dark, 6.0 0 Ken's jmxiey — rarjnrritw. light shade, TJ60 rni MI T.flB) EooOa »>« offte ed la S dtOavnt tenia, art In Uta lataat aCTlaw mm^m »nd 11 1 inaaml. ftBd ar t • aaTIi * wonUerOiI b«rB>lo.), A fa?l liuo o f saclc and frock: suits for T^O, and 8.00. fin e wool suits, fancy sacks, 9.SO, XO Genuine Scotch Cheviot sack suits, all wool, cold price 12-SO) $lO . \M *IIII • mnd Touth'a fine dress sack suits, fancy patternay (former price X5-) 13.oO all other goods i n same ptoportion. ^yii ittid examine these goods. C. L- GL A SEE 6C Co., Faplea. ~RFt \ the list of bargains offered in Chilldren's Clothing: see suits, good patterns, half wool, 2.SO; Olive green mixed, 3.60. Knee suits, XO styles, summer patterns, 3., 3!SO, 3.75, 4-, 4.00, 5.0O. Khee suits, Scotch goods, dark shades, 6 , 6.50, 7.00. Soys* School Suits, half wool, 3.75 Soys' School Suits, handsome brown and green patterns, 4.60 and 5.00 Boys\ suits, in light and dark shades, ,5.. stBb, e., e.so Soys' Fine Dress Suits, 6.50, to XO.OO Call and examine these goods, C. L. CLARKE <Sc Co. JS aples, N- Y. JBUGGIES. JPJS^ETOJSTS, - •• -51;- 0 jiy-f i -OSSSft I hav e a fine assortmen t of gar ­ de n seed s suc h a s Littl e Ge m Peas , ear l v, Blu e Pete r Peas . cc ~ Champio n o f England , Black -ey e Marrowfa t b y th e quar t o r bushel . Ivory-po d wa x beans , butte r bean s an d othe r varieties . Onio n seed , carro t seed , an d bee t seed b y th e poun d Hubbard squaal i seed in. bulk . Beaut y o f Hebro n potatoe s i n bulk , onio n sets , etc . , a t H . E. C LARK'S. H ai r Wor k . Switohes , cu t hair , an d combing s dressed in th e natura l wate r wave s an d mad e in th e latest style s b y Mrs . Boyd . \Waves which ar e soiled an d th e lace discolored ca n b e cleane d an d mad e t o look like ne w b y callin g o n JVXrs. Boyd , Ontari o St . Ladies , I a m no t offering t o yo u an inferior qualit y of work . I war­ ran t all wave s mad e b y mo t o curl wit h wate r an d comb ; m y wave s ar e all ventilated , no t woven . My facil­ ities for pleasin g yo u ar e second t o non e a s I deal with on e of th e larg ­ es t an d mos t reliable importin g houses in th e city of Ne w York . 23w4 JVI W . IT. Bovn , N\ aples, N\. Y\. If your plow won't do your work you don't wan t it, and if tbe plow I sail you don't do all the work 1 sa y it will yo u need not keep it. ~We> sell the_beat tw o plows in th e marke t th e Oliver an d Vr iarcL. C7all in an d ex ­ amin e the m an d tak e one on triaX. F . G. C7rea, if -Ria. We desire to inform the public tl»a.t wo arc mamif.icluring and have now for solo a l«.rg<* number of Carriages, Including Eliptic Spring liuogies, Brewster Side-Bar Buggies, Phaetons and. Democrats We use RCXX I mnu-rial throughout in tbe iiiaiiiiiueturo of our < ivrriuj^ee second-growth lii*. kory, * tool tires and axlcfl »r« osedln t*«_ gearings all noel broadcloth for cushions, un<l fine Hteol bows in the tops*; we are u«ing every eflo * to build av hand* and serviceable < arrinjro, which we are enabled to do by tbe ample use of machinery, and systematic workman- Hhip, which greatly lessen the cost of production, tlius enabling us to sell the BEST CARRIAGE FOB. THE LEAST MONEY. Carriage buyers can certainly effect a saviag that will pay them to conic from a disUnce. PIcmM call at th« shop cxnmme our work, loarn priors, nnd sec for yourself that we can strictly fulfill all wo rlarm,. •ISHER XAOXtBBOTTSB <&. Oo.. r^Ta-pleat, XS. WELLS <& SON Invit e you r attentio n t o thei r stoc k of 13 T_J C PC JEL. \Y\ JE MO E n S, Corn Cultivators, Ingraha m Cultivators Buckeye Mowers, Shovel Plows, Road Scrapers, Bs>fbiid.FiBiice Wir e a t Scytlies a-rid Sria.tlis, BUCKEYE MOWERS, Fork s and Ii,alcos, (i riiidstonos, mounted or plain, Buckeye Mowers, Shovels, spades, dirt picks, and all kinds of* agricultural implements including- and extras, aectioris .,.-riyetejt ^te .j#oroSs *2r 'e~Z- NEW- BPRlNGiil^l^pEi^^ a. til to<nirftnft *» Tfe do buyers to s aod oils <7aJl and cs.rx do for [yours, Oil a. IN. nd mor e t o i t over . B Y B BOB. sn» of our •trarranted .UOI1TT . Afolinirie o f I . B . Sceley's bard xxtblvex** trasses o,t JfoKQAN's. Don' t forget those Men's half wool suits for $6.60 to $7.50 an d SS.OO a.t O. L. C LA.EKE & , Go' s ~W liite wasli lime and wliite wash brushes a t ito AN'S Dru g Store. Naple> B»Iowa> and extra s ar e mad e and sold only by 34 K- IVells &> Son . Examine those Men's 810 suits, (all wool) at C. T-.. C LARKE <fc Co's. ja ^gxionltixrAl Implements 1 wan t of f anytti i sstinjr machine s v m y stoc k i n 11 1 a t lino Thos e i n wan t o anythin g i n th e lin e of\ Agricultura l o r Harvestin g machine s will clo well t o call an d look a t Trunks , traveling hags and X T m - brellas dt <J. I J. C LA K_E * S S Co's . Jknife of u s anywhere IJ? <fc S ON. Honici Ballder s lor 1883. M^b hav e aeoured a stock of lock?, knobs , naiK-», paints , oils, an d in fact all tha t pertain s t o bous e buildin g a t lowe r rate s tha n Naple s lias eve r known . W o wan t you r bills for the«o good s an d if we can^t ge t you r trad e b y low prices ther e is n o n»e of anybod y else tryin g to ; call iu. Cas h me n ca n mak e mone y b y bu y n g of us . \~ prove their .11 t o look iby Sid Tal- 25th of this Wel l vcards, over- •< is, working good cotton air for 25cts BO loots pe r a ad all other at & Co's. .e shoul d low tjeeth to look each morn C yield to its tan ces soar good tress - >—try i t &t *T«plos, 27. Y . and dor ^hey are of a ~ t in appear the required tod in CYC I y them. F 1 . O. C HAMKE. Bpeclmltte*. Overalls GOc, OOc, 75c, and OO cents. Cotton ado pants, our own make, for «1 .50 . Ne w invoice of fur hats, Dcrbys, straw hats, etc. Harvest mittens, Castor buck gloves kid gloves, etc. Nookties, silk handkerchiefs, rubber coattt, umbrellas, etc. Twenty dozen lace shirts from SO nts to %3 ; Percale shirts, youth's and men's white shirts, a genui uc Cheviot for £ 1 .50 Finest assortment of colored socks in town ; w e also keep the Shaw knit seamless, otc. TP** sell 3 pairs good socks for 25 cents. -' ' 6 Tt-TCTer* <fc P OTTLE. I axxi sellin g th o GREG U t>ot!) iiiadn at ' plstzi cijual if uot superior In TAr/7itness, durability, ease of JiancLliriQ, a.nil Iu ^4.11 l7ie ffoocZ qualities of a First-Glass J\£o\ver. Now is tho time to BTJY JEWELRY, GOLD axxd 8I1VW WATCHES, 8 1 WAEE and CLOCK?, at verv LOW FBICEB AT SUTTON'S JEWELR Y STORES. etK I ton c>»r r In o o > latOHt paturnt o I ll^lit Hcnprrs: Lir/7iter, easier handled, and less liahle to net otct of order tJtan any of tliem. HOOSIER HAY RAKE. DON'T _LETJT ESCAPE BZFII O SION of LONG CREDIT to my ttora good* can be boo^bc mX JBC03C-E than ABllOAD. To proTV dxla tact Z only Katie ajt <ne amlzxatlosl of my jc<xxl» axul prlc«a. stock of BOOTS & SHOES for Uae vpHac trwta la more c >mplet«. avncl ft>r Qiuajlvx. ixr*c« and Quantity I * t< » 1 ™ Co be hmCqnartCn In vtow of * proa -x »««zCtve cbmx»s» in my 1 r*r my *m*lrn stock of at asas fortaanvxt THUET T T>*.*Sts. TUla <rBtsr win l>» atrleUy* aahcrod to when CASH or Its oQtrWaJont ta tb» looentlvo of x^i* pnrchaaer. u _ — - -— of Tli o price s o n tliese raaclnuea ar e low , in fact , I a m i>rei>ared t o mak e specia l rate s an d giv e tim e t o fliose wlio desir e it . I^leasc call an d se e tlie m a t once Remftnibi'r tliiw is tin 1 plac e t o bu y goo d flo^r, feed, har d ware , ti 11 - ware , etc, , etc . II. 10. CLARK. LEWIS BRO'S. New Store, New Goods, New Firm . Receivin g an d placing , every day , A LARGE STOCK GENERAL MERCHANDISE We are fast gettin g int o sTiape an d wil l WAIT TJPON ALL WHO COME We as k everybod y t o call an d se e TT JC Cavali u d Rcndj Pay flyatom la A GRAND SUCCESS. BUSINESS GREATER THAN EVER. Both oF<l on.l n«xr ciut9men SAC lea M]r»a Oar stock 1 B tall In every DEl 'A .RTMEfT am- braclns crrcry tbtnic kept in a conatry itora Prices fpom 10 to 20 per cent Lower than an y CXLECDXX SYSTEM can ALLOW. W e assur e peopl e fro m ADJOINLNG TOWNS tha t i A. Vegetable Product, Only use d l a A YER'S A GUE C UKK * pro\c n itsel f a neve r fulling . euro Tor ever y for m o f M «lmrtml X>f4r*- ordcr, feve r nnd Apic , o r ObSUa* and Feve r N o injury follow s it s OM , mnd. it-f effects ar c permanent . I t mwiM t lie syste m t o a. condition, o f vigorous lx-n.lt.lj. cleanse s th e blood o f malarial jM) :son am i Impart s n. feclinsc ^>C .coiq- lort n iiil securit y mos t <l.«ja»trafaac Is Af^ic <li3trlct». I t ii* ctn excellen t toni c niiU prcventotlvo , a s wel l a s vnxe, o f nil complainLa peculia r t o Tntlirlotiar imrsh y an d mlnjsraixtlc regions. The ^rent superiorit y o f Avras*s Acvz C ORK <>wr an y othe r compoun d i=» that It eont.ilus n o Quinine, Arvvolc, oir mla - cml ; cof jscquently It prodaces n o cj n in Ism o r Injurious eflcety Whstevcr upon ttic constitution . TbOM cared l>y i t are left a s health y a s it the y had »-*ver hi d th e disease . 'X he direc t actio n o f AJTTMXM.** A GOK CcitK apo n th o IJve r and X>t4 ^eaTClv«> O r^;n n*« make s It o. ampcrlor rem«alT Tor\ I>Wcr Complointa . prodacinc nan r remArkablo CU res#, wher e Other afaedaV clnc s hav e foiled. £*or so.le b y al l clrn ^xlaTta. ^Gmrra W^JTKD for HAIIK A mt *ZaXl?E 4 03T TFTB mXBBXSBtmj* TI MS moat Yalan»le, esn\e<%anahsa, r aaA rkU y XO*n- Cntol of all the frroa* axxtboar'a wxa^Cai SKattarshordJ— WATSON ^GILI/, * J Men Ami Women Agents WaaW. ^ 7 OoocX aaUry and wxp^tMrt jutld. OarkSa. fr*« ^ Xor^ ' \—-—— Y . -->-rf--»;i 3^

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