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The Neapolitan. (Naples, N.Y.) 1879-1884, June 21, 1883, Image 4

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iTH-E—HEAPGLJTA N. BEST ABYERTISDHF MEDIUM. . CTRCDLA1TON 1 ,450 Local and IntLepencLent in its Character. ONXY «X Office in TJnion. Blocic, OVER SUTTON'S JEWELRY STOKE. PILLS A NOTED DIVINE SAYS: Jb'or -ten 7r.-vr» I h> . in uv r t o 1)} iiHipKi a. Conn 11 pat ion and •> 'ring; jour [nils wcrcrcommccdmi 1 u-<_• 1 1hcia (>'U« with lii.tl* laith). X am xiotr ! * \v<ll m . ii, Intra pood op poll to. dik-wtio'. T>«i f-ct, i C^T ulur n' «*>1». p*t«-« gou«, nnfl X hnv* trsi-tert rm*7 ponn<U aOlld fleali. Th ViJoJ~c vrciirlio in gplrl. 2.i SYIV1PTOMS Or * LIVER- -«_ - _. o. duH_yi«\»»tlon rt . \3^\ •* T^\\^ «»r th e ShoT* T aJm r oatlmy , -wit h_a_dLis— xcrtlono f \xz>d y o r mJn i .TrltsT X^S^i 3Cmt»l)iit.y ox* toinp^r> !ll«o%x^ , op t <.fmiiaoTy,\wtt h ft. foolin g o f fa-; ZC^lMtt^yjjjg ot* t,ho ]j 'e».rt, Potai ho^oro tlie xi«-»sjo. t nigSr^jaxg-faTy cbTorod \tTrino. ^ ESE WX^WWXaKTlNHEEDED, SEttlOUS DISEASES WILL BE O EVE LOPED X (JIT'S FILLS *r « eapeclnU r a»«me.T»*ea Co •ao b «-r» • cia . o n edo« « o wootJi rach A cltaus * orrcolinu& a lr» cuttonls h \axo •nffercr . Tr y mn«tl y fairl y . ex-mixi _y o u irll l \ \ *n. raea.ltxaj' I>lir<MitloD. V laoroi u Par * akJ ood , S» tro»» a nJerro«». n.u«x LXkd Uvor . 1'rlco , ;3«. CexxCs. officio. rtrs i»Tono-y rv. T - TUTT'S HAIR DYE. <S r*xy Waix- an d <*7V bis k er e g\ * Ulou y Blac k b y • * HIDCIO n.r»x>l 1 caption o * < 111* lo> o . »*. lnax>n>-<a *»- D«t.r a 1 color . T 1 • X uKtanUnoouity . Sol d b y Wj-nK- (Clatit. o r •« ) t b y x i» r- o »» ^ oi> receip t of Am.. Olnce . n^i Murra y M« .. rVew ^ork . <• I> I t . TUTT' N MAIVI'Al . o f Valaabl « \ . I x»ror rrx ntlon ^>irt » ncfn I lt%colp« • wil l 1 x bcniallc d IS 1 .1 «IA application . • c — '^*.7> 5 TV SmtPASSES ALL HT W0SZVAK3SIF. ITS SI1CPX.ICIT 7 TnnnmBT.T.BH ITS DTTHABII.rrX ' QUESTIONED. IS ELEGANT IN APPEASAiTCE. THE WORLD CHALLENGED T O PKOD'D'Ca IT S EQUAL, fo r Snlf> l>y M- C . SUTTON , NAl'LES , Y. A TALKING! HORSE — ',.r SKI-II.V'f* &T « . «f£ t» i.£ J - 1U 1* K»«. or tlui Tbn - TH'K StCA.lt KOUTJ E TBT4T w V«rdlcS «rtk n Jur y r »r Eke DaftaJawf i TT«w tk « Terdlc t WM KerHm i afte r A. tria l Icurtizi^ nearl y ser«i i montha , «Ji-8enator DotB«y, w i A wwiiif mil Postm»st«r- G«Dorsl Brad y an d the othe r men imllotoci for oonayiracy t o defrau d th e corernmen t in ooxxnectlon wit h th e lottin g oa t of Sta r rout e T>o«tal contracts , har e bee n ac<xraltted b>y th e jury . Trie jur y wa s 'a s follows: Joh n EC Crane , foreman , prodoo e dealer ; Joh n J - EEnfirhes, laborer ; Clarenc e Shields , laborer , See s ETSIIS , stonecutter ; Pran k Renahaw , grocer ; Goorg« Sheriff, farmer ; Joh n \Ver­ non , barkeeper ; Jackso n Howard , colored waiter ; Mato n Lowery , colored -waiter; O- Qrior, rea l estat e ag-ent; Michae l Horrijran , Horeeeboor; Edwar d Gill, pain t dealer . After th e jury ha d retired , an d a s tba y wer e utterin g th e court-roo m for farthe r lnstrtio— tione from th e oourt, a n excitin g episode oo- carred . Jaro r Verao n fell i n a fit, havin g boon ^bprivod for Rome tim e of hi s one- tomnr y slimntanta . ZZe - wa s re ­ stored t o coa^cionanens, an d th e jury asai u rotirect t o deliberat e npo n thei r verdict. Th e scenes which oc^urrod when th e •ortlict was finally reached ar e describe d as follows : Who a th e juror s too k thei r places >u th e oonrt r-oom. a t prociaely 10 o'clock. Jadfie WyJio looked a t the m an d said, in tiin slow, heflltatinir way : * * OonLlemen 1 hn've nea t for yon t o lear n ahe m t o lon m if yon hnvo atrreed abe m npo n a verdict- \ Mr . Crane . th e foreman , said : * * \W\o ttave afrreed.\ Judg o Wylio (rave a * star t of snrpris e an d looked towar d tlie sea te fo r th e ooonnel fo r th o soTommon t No t on e of thorn wa s present . Ba t M_r. Kerr , on e of th e ooannel for th e proneoution, cam o in an d stood i n th e doo r a s th e jadn e sai d t o th e cleric, \ Receive thi s verdict.*' Ther e was th o nsnal nilenoe a s every on e tame d towar d th o foreman . Mr . Cran e said very deliberately, ' * Wo nn d th e defeadant e no t RnUty.\ The n ther e followed a soeno of frrent con - fasion an d nproar , which th o judg e ooold no t restrain . Indeed , ho di d no t try . _ Th e fljrnro of a woma n i n gra y silk was soon jmnpingn p an d down with hand s oxtonded towar d th e ceilmK, BObhmg, nhontin s an d cryin g '• \ Glory t o God!** \Glor y t o God 1\ I t was Mrs . Doreey. wh o ha d a violont fit of hysterics. Doraoy, with tear s runnin g down his cheek s from nnde r hi s gree n goggle.-*, had all ho oonld d o t o restrai n hi s wife, an d mak e he r regai n hor self-control . Colonel Ingersoll' s face wa s a stady . Th e ster n lines of a n intens e anxiety relaxed, his lips an d chi n trembted , an d tear s filled his eyes. Hin family were o n thei r feet perfectly wild_. Th e stoical Jodc « Wilson becam e a s nervon s a s a child- ti e walked aroun d with a lighted ciga r m hi s hand , an d b a rood hi s maetach e half off tryin g t o pu t 111#•> wrong ond >f tho defend- in hi s mont h ITii ant s an d their friends quickly t o th e ficklo crowd of Mp4 *ctators, who cheered an d yelled a t th e victory of th e de ­ fense, while every ma n of the m wonld prob - rbl y hnvo bee n a s read y t o cheer an d yoll if th e govornmon t ha d lwen Huocoesfn I. Brad y wow tho only on e in tho whole crowd who retaine d tho sam e ironcla d oompo?cr e whic h h e lias shown all throng n th o trial . ELia countenanc e never change d II o sa t Silent for a few moment a an d mechanicall y shoo k hand s with those who approache d him- The n he go t up an d walked <jniotIy over t o th e jury . H e was th e first ma n t o approac h th e jury . Uogmmn g with th o foreman , he shook hand s solemnl y with each membe r an d the n aske d a fnon d t o presen t hi m t o Judg e Wylio. Th e jury , a s soon a s th e confanion ha d moderated , was polio 1. Judg e \Wylio the n announce d tha t ther e wos n o inoro dutie s for th e jury t o perfor m * You hB'l a laboriou s tai k t o perfor m in this case, \ he said. \Yo u have boon mor e tht.ii six month s engage d in th e trial . Man y of you have occupation s of your ow n tha t yon have been obliged t o neglect , nn d althoug h your v o r - die t will of «-ourso creat e dissatisfactio n with man y ye t th e cour t i» boun d t o pr e snmo tha t havin g heen selected accordin g to Isw an d sworn t o perfor m tha t dut y faith­ fully, you havo don e so, eacli on o accordin g to tho dictate s of hi s own conscience, i t will l>o a satisfaction t o you as lon g a s you live. You ar e discharge d with tho thank s of th e cou rt. * * Th o cour t was adjourned soon after Th e defendant s an d thoir counsel WOLIL t o onu of th e ante-room s of tho coort, whore a mos t extraordinar y scone of congratulatio n fol­ lowed, Doraey cam e u p t o Colonel Ingorsoll, and , puttin g bot h arm s aroun d him , gave hi m a ferocious hug . an d thon surprise d th o Colonel b y kissin g hi m with a rapturous , re ­ soundin g smac k of superlativ e grata tude- Tbe n Mrs . Doraoy kissed him . Th e tear s of happines s continue d t o flow. Th o triump h of such a n unexpecte d success afte r tw o year s of fighting m th e face of th e entir e powe r of th e goTomment , mad e th e hnmbl03 t Person, connecte d i n th e xa.ofcx--x-exnohn degre e FREE GOOE3S. 0<x_xl-» {not medicines or rcei(>cs) Free, to ^ntrodnoe Thorn - want tx> tntruducc our i{u*><ia, order Co do mo quickly, »n<l the whole country to their w<; will EIVC Sampl e ll •> COO M~r-rm r to an y one ~—Jag 3_3 ocnu to pay the poMag« M and patJfine Addrcn, Hothehll d M>r-g Oo. Station T>. N, \ Ta»a firm needs no recommendation. Nan— -» POSTPAI D GENTS, A TREATISE ON TKT: BOBSZ: AND — HIS DISEASES. Containin g n11 Inde x ef Diseases- whiob g-j vea th e Symptoms , Cn~use. an d th e Jssort Tuatmen t of esr h A TnWepvin f all th«s r s used for th e Heroe, with Lh« effect n, an d atrbttet e whr o a with a n IL\ ' ~~ — M *>f th e difrarcst ages . wTita* rules for tellin g tlie e. A vaJnaMs oolluuLion ef Beceiet a an d m uch atha r vahmb U iniema - tion- ZOO I*AG1-: BOOS , •••rt peeten d t o an y addrc«\> in th e Unite d Otrtuu o r <*i-*•*• for 2S CEN I'S. vis A Tab ! ? 1 OO i ro 8 OS *e eo CLUB RATES. FIVE COV I KS. TB N COPIES . TWENT Y C O 1*1 ON X HUNDRED CO n K « One , Tw o an d Thtc o C*mt atamp a Addrea s New York News^auer Onioi, 134 Leonard St.. Hew York. <with the.-de fenso craz^vnt h joy . EveoBrad v jloatr hla stoicis m wKn.he'^ra a ou t of \sigh t of {tberojrowd, and/wa s a s 'jnnch''.OTerooine 'as pdtxm^Dorseyv \t vVhen. f>t' nr > *- 1 - rry> g-~ T \~^l ^ oaxne ODt\Ot1be oodxt^boiiae- a crow CL - »m>berBd\iii front \ o f him , an d the n one - stout— xuoired; broad-ahonldere d crie d oat , \•Thre e cheer s fo r Colonel Ingtira olL * * Ther e wa s a wil d soeno of tiger-lik e cheerin g an d ai-yi-in g from th e excited crowd. Thi s demonstratio n was a persona l complimen t t o th e colonol, for whe n th o defendant s passod out ther e wafl Dot th o slightest sign of approva l o r disapproval beyond th e congrat ­ ulation s of persona l fnondu Colonel Ingor­ soll stood o n tho I>rofti 1 ntopn of tho court- hounc an d nmilcd with Uio bonovolent ai r of a popular orato r m fr >nt of a congoma l crowd, and laugfiecl ontrigd t wlien som e over- oiithaftjastic admire r called *Spoech,speech\' Th e biggoat Rcene of tho da y WAS a t tho saloon opposite tho i:<jurt-honno. Doraoy went i n ther e just af(*r tlie v«rdift an d «n- nouncxil tliat it nhoiU<l ho a free ba r for all who camo. I ho lull wa» to t>e eent t o hi m ot ttits cliwoof tl»o day 'Phu Hcone tliat fol­ lowed tin'* iiniiotirict'uierit Hurpa>v«ed th o MCitomeut in tho oon rt^ room . All tho me n wtio have t o struggl e all day long to ge t drun k woro enable d t o onjoy this luxury cnrl> in th e day All c illod for tho aiOHt oxpenstvo drink** an d uconiod atiyiluiig l»nt tweiity-flvo cen t «-igar-t. bill lj ga n to mnun t so hig h ttiat ttie barkeepe r nont word to Dorsey a t 11 o'clock- At noo n th e frco-rnm dispensar y was shu t down . I n th e evenin g Colonol Ingorsoll was H«r«naileil, nnd XTin.de »» speech to th e crowd- At tho conclu­ sion of npeerh makin g Oolonol Ini;nrsoll in . ^itod th e crowd int o th e hour ^o. where Ixitnd rof rmhninn t« wore served. t\>no of th->«o who caino int o tho house was Juro r i-L v nns. H e was xoized rjy Mrs . Dorany an d Mrs I'ock, who. linkin g arm s with him. unthuti - antically oecorted ht m throug h tho parlor**, presentin g hi m t o overvbody as on** of tho twelve hones t me n After an hou r o r RO of handshakin g th o crowd dispersed . Th o total oipeiiMO of th e •»tar routo t rial^ will foot u p t o «lx>nt *l.aOO,tXX> Th o voraic t of th e jury wu.-> t>a*«e«l upon tt\o fnct.tlist tl>e> di d no t tx-lievo a enno of on f- pi racy had boon mad e out again*»t tlio defend ants . Ther e in anothe r indjcttiifiit, however, ngainst Brady an d l'ric e in which tho gov- erumen t counsel have rvlwsys rliiiuipd tha t tlie evidence is slroii^or tha n th o ovidenr e in tho ease ju«t clonal ; hut thiA indictmen t does no t include Hornby Ther e IH n o <ith*T indictmen t a(;auiRt Doraoy nnd tlie govern mon t does no t contemplat e procoedinj} agains t hi m in an y othe r case- MEWS OF THE WEEK. :cnm wa s adopte d i n th e Ne w Hampshir e hous e pinviifrtig fo r a n investdga— tioT-« b y th o judiciar y committe e o f certai n charge s tha t th e las t Stat e election, wa s affected b y a n imprope r nee of money . AICONO th o bill s signe d b y th o governo r o f TPwnvngyi *\ i s on o abolishin g th o con ­ trac t syste m i n prisons , an d anothe r pro ­ hibitin g political partie s from demandin g fro m officials contribution s fo r politica l par - Los o Isx *A2ro ha s bee n devastate d b y th o mee t terrific stor m ever know n i n it s history. Numerou s houses were wrecked, other s par* tially demolished, farms , fences an d tree s wer e tor n int o fragments , ****** man y person s injured- N . L*. Duxza , who wa s recentl y acqrnittod of th e murde r of Captai n A. C. Nntt , cashier of th o Stat e treasur y of Penna y 1 vania , was sho t an d killed b y th o bitter' s son , Jame s !Nntt, a t Union town . I^enn. Jame s Nut t lay in wait for Duke s nea r th o postoffico in Union town, havin g previously boon observe d practicin g with a revolver. Whe n Duke s ap ­ peare d Nut t fired several shot s from a revol­ ver a t him - Dnkea fled ; bu t ha d been wounde d by th e bullets an d foil dea d withi n a fnw feet of th e place where h e ha d been shot . Hia body wns convoyed, t o th o sam e roo m i n which Captai n Nut t wa s slain las t December . Nut t wa s arreste d an d take n t o jalL. I t will b o remembere d tha t last Decembe r Dukes sho t an d killed Captai n Nut t i n a hotel a t Union town- A num ­ be r of letter s i n regar d t o Captai n Nntt' a daughter , who m Dukos ha d pai d pom o attention s an d whoso characte r ho bp* 1 attacked , passed betwee n th e tw o men . Finall y Nut t visited Duke s i n tho latter' s roo m a t th e hotel. Soon after ther e wa s a acufflo, an d Nut t wa s sho t dea d by Dukes, who claime d tha t h e acte d i n self- defence. Th e tria l of Duhos create d groat excitement , which was in ­ tensified whe n th o jury, t o th o judge' s amazement , brough t in a verdic t of acquitta l botwoon hi m an d Captai n Nutt . Th o tria l wa s followed by indignatio n meet ­ ings , a t which tho jurymo n an d Dukos woro denounce d i n stron g longuago. Fo r a tim e ther e was dange r of mo b vio­ lence agains t 2>ukes, an d ho took th e precautio n t o keep ou t of Union town. Onoo when ho returne d ther e Quietly h o was ordere d b y a mootin g of citizen s t o loavo tho town within twenty-fou r hours . An effort was mad e i n th o legislatur e t o expel him . bu t before th e committe e appointe d t o in­ vestigat e tho matte r could tak e actio n Dukos resign od. TH E traged y a t Uniontowrt ha s boon tho all-absorbin g topi c of conversatio n i n West­ er n Fonneylvania . Th e coroner' s inouost, which resulted in a verdic t tha t Duko s cam o t o hi s deat h a t tho hand s of Jame s Nutt , re ­ vealed tho fact tha t tw o of t o brjllott piorood tlie hear t of docoaaod. S a sonp - tion s havo boon starte d t o pa y for Nutt' o de ­ fense. Tw o ladies wh o die d i n New York city within a few hour s of each othe r have jus t been cremato d a t WonhinRton, Peon. , o n RUC- ceedin g days . The y woro Mr*. Corneli a Wolber g an d Mrs . B«rtha Blochon. Hy a strang e coincidenc e bot h diod from tho sam o diseaso a painful organi c ono— an d onch ha d t>oen sick a year an d a hnl f Mr. Wollborg Raid tha t hin wife's nsho . wonld bo kep t in his homo, in a n nn i wreathe d with flowers nnd havin g hor pictur e suspende d over it. Mr . Blochon will nond tho ashes of hi s wife t o Carlt*ruho, German y t o bo deposite d i n th e burial-plac e of he r family . I' n T ».T r T i IIIA j»- nr -inui i,' '«> n -clontiflc congres s in August, 1884, a t which JLiuxley, Tynda l an d man y othe r distinguishe d Euro ­ pean s ar e oxpoetod. it s api'ieai'Bn ee withi n -Che ,^vii iirfii t Tlie lirnTjhT ^I MB . Braarjcoa*^ th e TTxiited State s xninister- to-Japazi, ha s delivere d t o th e Japanea e iste r fo r foreig n affairs a. draftfo r & J So>000-87» th e amoun t o f th e ^\••\ i p mmir* 6idemnit y fun d lefcin ned t o tha t go*ernmeri t b y orde r Oft C^-* \'ff 1 '\ —- Tm t r-'hgM'T signa l officer lavs ordere d th e imTTt r»di nto i1Iirnn*<Tm»Tin* o£ <•> r* 11 \\\*MW- o f station s o n accoun t o f reduce d appropria - kjrrx^xxra inciden t i n th e sbxr rout e tria l wa s th e sudde n v~j»Tt*-\g i n a fit o f Jxrror Verno n afte r th e jur y ha d retire d t o deliber ­ at e upo n thei r verdict. Th e Jury wet e eXLter- in g th o court-roo m t o receiv e furthe r instruction s from th o court , whe n Jkajc Verno n suddenl y fell t o th o floor. A. great.' scen e of confusion followed. Restorative s wer e applied , an d th o juro r soon, recorered . H e ha d bee n a heavy drinker , an d th e and-, de n deprivatio n of stimulant s i s sai d t o have , brough t o n th e fit. Tir e tria l of ex-Senato r Dorsey 1 , Brad y an d tho othe r sta r rout e defendant s laste d nearl y seven months , an d whe n they woro acquitte d b y th o jur y a soeno of grea t excitemen t ensue d i n th o crowded court-room . Th o relatives an d friend s of th e persons accused were nearl y delirious with joy, an d Colonel lageraolt , thei r counsel, was serenade d in tho evening . Th o expense s of th e tria l will roach nearly «1.200,000- SBoakrxn i TELLX B ha s pai d t o Chief Bushy Head , of tho Cheroke e Indians , th e £300,000 appropriate d b y CongrefB for land s ceded t o tho ttnito d State s b y tho Cheroke e nation . THE OLDEST SOL D IER RETIRED. A Philadelphi a d ispat is informe d tha t th e %z >> in tho Delaware, will de to-morrow undor tho c Presiden t to rocen e a plnced on t-ho retired f oai tin < li Hftyji Th e Times i«on of Kort Mifflin, nrt Tor \\ a-liniKtou itprrfw ortiorw «>f the coin mm-ion (iri<i *>e liRt of arm y ofneer**. garriso n i*>, an d ha-* been for man y carw, compose d of on e ma n bath e lias since listmen t on March HO. 1\V3J> scon enoug h e for a dos:en Ill s nam e is Georg e \V. Bromley an d hiw ran k is ordnanco-s«^rgoant- H e wa s a par t of th e 1 serried column s \ tha t * * blazed ' * a t < Hceola, th o Seminol e chief, from 1H11 t o 1H1-1 When tho Mexican war brok e ou t lie W»»M on e of those t o plurjgo throag h th e surf au d iilaiit Scott' ^ hntteneH on th o beach before tho Malls of \ er a <*ruz_ After fighting a t I'HIO Alto Kevica d« In I* (dm a an d Oamarfcro. he fell with a halt throng h his leg whi'.o loading his compan y in ti e charg e <r n tho CJuoen's bridg e a t Monterey after his cap- tti n an d lieuutrinut had bt on sho t down. H e ha s refused a cotnmis^ion thre e timeR lieforo , he ha s been in charg e of For t Mifflin for man y )0'irn, \*hilo airiong his vis­ itor s havo been numbere d ofucerw of tl»e highest rank , m c u ling (louerid Slierman . H e hi s served th e longest au d it* tho oldest soldier in tlie active service of tho conn t try, end was bor n in Norwich, < 'onu , August 3, 1817. MUSICAL AM ) DUAMATIC. a-sj* m, cfaelmm s JoflEPn JKTrrai-soN will retir e from tlie stag e afte r nex t season . Mrna JEK*\ \ SAWTKB, of Sa n FranciBco, who bitoly san g in concer t a» Nice tinder Mnzio s direction , is remarkabl y handsom e only twenty-two . an d is pronounce d by Verdi t o possess th e finest voice i n Europe . Jorrf* McCrmx>t»Ou'n ne w play, \Momnon ' * i« founde d i n th e er a of th o * • Shepher d Kings' * of Egyp t Th o chief rol e is Mam . non , hea d pnes t of Egypt , bein g take n by th e sta r himself. I t i s a traged y of th e sombe r sort . I t resemble s somewha t * • Vir ­ ginias. \ I T i s said i n theatrica l circles tha t th e brief seaso n wit h Mrs . I«angtry, supplementar y t o he r tou r unde r Mr . Abbey' s management , an d nndertaxe n unde r Frederic k A_ Schwab' s management , ha s bee n unsatisfactory . He r secon d visit t o Philadelphi a wa s disastrous , an d all th o othe r citie s i n whic h sh e ployed were smal l ones , whor e th e receipt a were insufficient t o pa y th o oxpensee of hor co m - pany . Trrx America n prim a donna , Mari e Du ­ ron d, appeare d i n th e titl e role of ** Giocon - d a a t C o ven t Garden . Londo n cri i c s pronouno o he r a n octrees an d a singe r of Sout h an d Weat . A TOnNApp whic h passod throng h Beloit. \Wis. wrecke d th o busines s par t of th e town , Jdllod on e ma n \-\^ injure d sevoral \-others. A stor m a t abou t th e sam e tim e blow; i h coo [ car s fro m th o trad e a sea r Olay CenWr^'jKan-, saa, a. croelc; tw eiity-fl.Ve ^JCeet' ^-helbwv Realising oevoro in^rrie s ^to'^Ven^psesei^arer^r> Xni. ' \general laanager . .of ih~o\^c<«>hiix»g< >SonthexarxJezpoi ition j a t XJouisville^Ja^fe^^re oeived a lette r from. 'TE^reeid'ontTiA'VtJSgjc^e air«Vr. il y approvin g It s pnrpoaoa. _' - Wt *^ ~\- Txrx America n sciontifio expeditio n ~fx> th e Carolin e islan d i n th e Pacifia ocea n fo r ob ­ servin g th e recen t solar eclipse, reache d Sa n Francisc o after a highly successful trip . ANOTHXR boo m i n Con federate wa r bond s is reporte d a t Riclunond , Va- Nort h Caro ­ lina wa r bond s brough t four dollars pe r $1,000. On e IIOUPO ha s bough t over i£20.- OOO.OOO worth of tlioso securitios. Dnum o a tornad o nea r Chilliootho, Mo., tho rcaidonco of Denni s \Wolf was demol ­ ished, an d th o family wore carrie d a distanc e of abou t fivo hundre d feet throug h tho air- Mr. Wolf was killed an d his wifo's skull wa s badly cut . A<? Utica, nonr Ohillioothe, tl»o Bajitint bric k ohnrch wan demolished , an d a t Summe r City, eightee n miles southwowt. elovon building** woro deatroyod an d thou­ sand s of tret'R were uproote d Jonj>AN ConiiiN (colored) sho t an d killed Benjami n Carden , a wliito residen t of Hoclt ford, Ala. his wife an d son , an d the n Hod. Th e only cause assigned for th e terribl e deed is tha t tho murdere r intende d to assault a youn g datiglitor of CarUou, wh o mad e her escape. TuiRTT murderer s will bo tno d a t tlie presen t ter m of th e county cour t a t Llano , Toxns Stat e troop s woro Rent thoro t o pro- servo th e peace. Sr i mon woro convictod a t Moun t Sterling , Ky , of th o murde r of Vaughn Heittou, whom they phot dead in be d Ixwulo hi« wife and child, an d all were sentence d t o impri s onmen t for life. A T th e <>hio Stat e prohibitio n conventio n In Columbu s a full ticket, heade d by Ferdi ­ nan d Schumacho r for governor , was nomi ­ nated , an d a platfor m in conformit y with th e principle s of tho part y was adopted . \V iLi.iAM 11 AiiOKE a nil Solomo n Hewit t wore hange d in privat e a t t'onwaj , S. (\ , for th e murde r of Jeremia h Stalvo>, a n old mer - chftnt. JOKDAN ConniN, tlio nogr o who murdere d Benjami n ('nrde n an d Reriously wounded his wife an d son, fo r tlie purpos e of gettin g thorn ou t of tlio way «o tha t ho could assault Cor­ don R daughte r a t Kockford, Ala. was cap . turod hy citizen 1 * lUid put in jail. Tlie sam e nigh t ho was take n from tho jail by a crowd of fiOO perso s an d tuingod. Th o o n mo won mos t delit>orato an d horrible . Cor bin remaine d for a n hou r al>out tlio house, which wns barricade d hy tlio wounde d wifo witli a be d on which lay hor doad hus­ band , who ha d beon sho t in th e hea d whit e aslee p by a gu n pushe d throag h a window Th e daughte r escaj>ed t o tho woods. Sho wa s found almos t dea d from frigh t an d is no t expected t o live. Th o mothe r an d so n Poreig n 29~e-wa. Tn x basi s of peace between Chili an d Per u stipulate s for th o cession of all th o territor y south of th e river Comarono s t o Chili ; th o occupatio n b y Chili of Tacn a an d Arica fo r te n years ; after winch a plebi/tcit is t o decide t o whom they shall belong , an d th o countr y gettin g thorn is t o pa y $10,000,000 t o th o other . A ra>irKe prevail s In th e Kurdis h distric t of Asia Minor . Man y person s hav e died from starvation . Groi n is selling a t six time s it s usual price . M EOHMKT TEWFI H is tho full nam e of th o presen t khodivo of Egyp t WaxJi M E . OIADHTONC, premie r of Eng ­ land , will no t retir e a t tho ond of th e presen t session of parliament , a s ha s bee n rumored , ~M . Gnrrr , presiden t of th e Frenc h repub ­ lic, is simpl e an d unostentatiou s i n hi s daily habit s nn d method s of living. T n n ITT stories of th o barrack s a t Kaluga, Rannia, fell in , killin g ton porsons an d in­ jurin g man y more . 11 is reporte d from tho Cong o river, Africa, tha t Mr . Honr y M. Stanley ha s arrive d a t Brazzaville with l.OOO men . M. d e Brazza, his Frenc h opponent , ha s a force of SCO mon , an d lias mudo bu t little progress. Tn z sentence s of a numbe r of Nihilists, throo of whom ha d boon condomne d t o death , have been commute d b y th e czar. Br a n oxploRion o n a tu g a t Ohuelo,Buenos Ayros, eigh t peraons were killed an d nin e other s seriously injured. TTT K Frenc h villnRO of Valloires ha s boon completely destroyed, by fire. FOUK of th e dynamit e conspirac y prison - ore— Dr. Gallaghor, Whitehead, 'Wilson an d J Cur tin o n trial i n Ix>ndon, wore found ^jtnlty, an d sentence d t o pena l servitud e for lif o. Th e other s tw o prisoners—Bernar d - Gallaghe r an d Annburgh woro acquitted . j TUBS Chines e commande r a t Shangha i ha s J informe d tho Fronc h aiiiiMter tha t Ctun a ha s i n o intentio n of doclaring war agains t Franco . | Th o Frenc h ministe r ha s replied tha t Chi­ nese soldiers capture d in Tonqul n will be considere d as pillagers an d summaril y shot. TrrE recent oarthauak o in Ecuado r wa s folt intensely i n som o part s of th e interior . Ther e was groat alar m in Quito, who—e tho lieop e, fuai.nK a. cataclyjni c~»\ampoU i n th o streets . I n Lataoungo , which i s subject t o earthquakes , an d wa s utterl y destroye d b y on o in th e lost century , th e shoc k wa s very severe, overthrowin g sovorol houses, while thos e remainin g threate n t o fall an y mo ­ ment . Th e villa go* i i n th e vicinit y ar e al ­ mos t completel y destroyed- C o to p aaci i s i n aotivo eruption , an d tho.people i n tb e vioini-^. t y ar e terriiled ^-at-tiro JT» ro b able : rejpeti tion^of f I >r -*~*—= - T^rJa^of^thej>qDr i^TnoTrla T jrinTi-ri-'rr'inr^TJTTi'nri.iiy.., r , _.. _ Vessels. J oponod._ ri fire .on,,' the^^Jtovno^jnthe^' ( thro o forte of •which, mouzitrn g ^ ^h^rty^-1 guns , replied . The y wer e QT^okiy ' silenced, however. Th e Hov a quorto r of th o town was destroyoJ , bu t th e Frenc h factory an d mos t of th e America n houses escaped injury. Th e garrison , compose d of 2,000 mon , retreated- Th o Frenc h occupied tlio town, an d ar e collecting th e customs . -— . .AMrimoKJijr i JCEWS. A 3Rrmac Ixx Bosto n de e iroyedL Gray' s Opcia - honuev causin g & loss o: ' ^100,000- Diimxsro^ xzt-a£Crav at. s schoo l exhibitio n i n G re en s bray , M on e J WAS sho t dead , anothe r ,ira«-ii) o rtally w oondod . amountin g -to a pemic , wa s create d i n th o Chicago , boar d o f tr a i e b y th e armonnoe - ment-tha t -the fiT \' of. M cGeoch, T^-^rri\\gr»a TT i As Couy th e heavies t d e alers o f lar d Northwest , ha d faXIed- ha d controlle d th e Ia| create d a * * corne r ** _ i t wa s foun d fhaffiiey v -ore no t meetin g thei r obligations^lard vras OJ fcred righ t an d left i n an y qnantitv , an d pi ice s fell i n a : t o caus e otunplote d e raoralization . Eigh t othe r firms, inoe i of* t l « m broker s fo r M c Geoeb , E fcringha m amoun t t o mor e 'than pendo d ; an d th o tota^ i n th e Thi s firm fo r mom th e Ird : marke t an d ha d tha t product - \When whos e 1 ^1,000,000, als o of th o * bulls * * will reac h abolnt ^-4,0D0.000. A TBAOZDT of a n nnuijtaal characte r ha s oc - od a t Mansfield, Lan e Borden , preaide^it fouxole' College, killed b y th e Bev . B . T.| Methodis t Episcopa l patche s sa y tha t Mr . Bisrd* whore th e Rev. J . of th e Mnosfiold B^iot thre e time s an d Jenkins , Jr. , a youn g [minister. Th e cits— y^riTi |y ^roma^x wh o wa s kins , an d tha t th e li t to; th e entir e community . TnoHo s J- BaiDi , ex- general , ha s bee n indl Washingto n gran d jury ceivin g compensatio n zj awardin g hi m a sta r n pensio n office an d two tho paten t office have boeu discharged . PEBTJ ha s a ne w cabii tet. JOU N BacTon-rJ (h o f a nou s Englis h states ­ man , ha s bee n fete d 11 whol e woek b y hi« fellow-citizans-jof Birmingha m i n hono r of friend t o Mr . Jen- r ha d th o sympath y of OFsistant postmaster - icte d agai n b y th o o n th e charg e of ro- •oin a contracto r for to contract . Ln th e Washingto n Inty-one emplojo s of his havin g represente d year s i n th o Britdah parliament . Join t W. FosTEn, th e ister t o Spain , ha s presente d hi s credential s to Kin g Alfonso a t Mad Ax.x. th e business part| in Canada , ha s boon S1S0.00Q. \ A TERRIBL E CATASTROPH E A Pani c l a a n Envllnh Tlo-vr-n by Wtalcb Nrai 20 0 OaUdren X^ofir Thei r I.ITCK. A dreadful calarnity, of 188 children , la s 00 = Sunderland , count y oil I t seem s tha t a n ojt o given i n Victori a hall b y a conjuror , which was attende d almos t alt t o th o numbe r of set o *al thousand , ocoidov.fc oocun o 1 a t th o close of tlio f ormancc . boon ontiroly cle.ire J o twe.ve hundre d of rushin g downstair s from tho gallery At th o top of th e first flight of stair s thoio was a door which opened only twent y inches, an d one child only was porniittod t o pans throug h a t a time . At this poi childre n were pushing thorn fell an d were uno ble t o rise, owing t o tho other s crowdin g on. Th o result WON tha t a groat numbe r were pushed down, tiaitiple d on, an d eithe r enOTocatel or crushed to dent li Th e ncono was torri : could sto p th e ma d r^isli of od children. They < t hough strangel y with<|>ut an d soon J 8 S of thorn wo|i killed b y other s trampl i greate r numbe r of tho| b a Hy mangle d from th e e 188 childre n krjown longed from fou r t o clothin g tor n from tfioir bodies struggle . Th o age s of 1 t o hav e been , kille d fourtee n years . When th e disaste r an d his-wiXe .an d several! . ^ _ , bystander s 'wen t tb* work, immcdintol y ! -igive ifae^ suffe reTs-i^relipfl\ ~- • Thog e ,who- w ; tii' Min 7 1 » • 1 ns^ii; T\. found-^ihe^worT^ - lard had w r aged tha t city twenty- fivo new America n min - |rid- of Sterling , a village burne d ; loss abou t 1 n vol ^ i ri g tho irrt d in tlio D-iruam England , jrtaiamon t hi d boon jogethor hy ohildron. Th e pot Aft r th o bod y of th e hall hod its occupan t * littl e onos nt , whil e th e mas s of forward, som e of etTort tho ofTriKht- 1 poll moll, m uoh nhonti ng . |ro knocke d dow n an d n g upon the m Th o bodies, which were th e trampling , laid Many of th o victim s tot killed ha d thoi r ,Tmn>»; a a good..dealo f .head, worJcabout baseball , saidMansge r JT. J . SdZxrtrio, o f th o Pol o ground s i n Ne w \York ntirt th o proo f o f i t i s cocn i n th o considerabl e nxanbe r o f 00L - J«^£J4—^TT f^~r^y^ gtn • • <a wh o hxy o T\ \ thei r mar k i n it* an d adopte d i t a s a profession* •So far - a s th e ^\wHiTt i s conoemed , ther e i s every reaso n wh y the y «hrwir* d o so , fo r first-class basebal l player s no w receiv e salarie s whic h would b o considere d prizea by man y youn g ministers , lawyer s an d doctors . \There ar e no w thirty—one professiona l club s eigh t i n th o Loagae , ^•ig'Kfc i n th o Ameri - * \ rven i n th e Inte r - S tat o . eigh t i n th e North - . League . Thi s reqaire s sa y SSO skil l od players . an d th e co m petitio n t o secur e th o bes t ha s graduall y ra n n p th e •salaries, unti l i t i s no t a n nneommo n fo r a first—class playVr t o receive mor e *>»»»i-» ^3,OCO fox- eigh t months* work . A n ordinar y salar y i s fro m $3U20O t o ^2^500 fo r a season . Th o combine d salarie s of th o Metropolita n tea m amoun t t o £290,000, an d thos e of th e Now York: leagu e t o abou t th e sam e sum . To o ma y judg e how shar p th e competitio n i s whe n Al Beach-, manage r o f th o Philadelphi a team , offered *jjO.OOO a seaso n fo r fou r men , an d coul d no t ge t them . D o yo n se e tha t youn g fellow i n th e Chicag o tim e wh o jus t caugh t tha t hall s o beautifully i n th o cente r field? H o wa s gettin g to n dollar s a wee k workin g i n a pape r mill no t lon g ago - Thi s seaso n h o refused a n e n go gem en t a t ^2^COO, an d mos t b e gettin g more . Th e contract s wi h professional player s ar e no w s o stric t 1 ha t only mo n wh o hav e prett y good habit s co n live u p t o them . & ro m th o openin g of th o seaso n m April t o th o olose about; ISO gamo v T o d o tbi s no mus t bo tem ­ perate , mas t tak e regula r sleep , an d mus t kee p i n good health . I t i s erroneou s t o sup ­ pose tha t professiona l player s or e slugger s an d rowdie s an d drtmkards . Suc h me n d o no t las t lon g i \ prominen t position s now . A professiona l playe r i s liabl e t o expulsio n if h e is seen i n a pool room , an d gamb l in g is strictl y prohibited . LXIQCZ OX.TJI1 KEOOBD. Th e official record of tho league champion ­ shi p gome s played u p t o th o IGth is a s fol­ lows : YJLCTJLM'- Boston .... . Buffalo ..... Chicago. ... Clevoland .... Detroit . . . . . . New York Philadelphi a Providence . . . _ . Game s lost . . . 13 1 S 3 O Sv S S § I O CD 1G 31 12 2^ 20 34 19 31 13 32 14 30 8 33 AMnUOAN AflSOOIATION aBooon. Ci-uo. a f -< J -a 8 Allegheny.. . . - O 4 1 Athletic G 2 Baltimore. . ... 2 1 1 Cincinnati . 2 1 2 Columbu s - . ... 2 1 1 1 EclilMto. 1 2 2 2 Metroi>obtan . 4 1 4 2 St- IX )Ui8 2 2 8 2 Gome s lost. IS S 21 11 1 21 1Z]1G| 11 17128 14,30 15* '30 OOLLEOE OIIAarFIOHSHIP BEOOHD. Yole Collogo ha s wo n th o championshi p pennan t fo r lHf»_ Th e recor d up t o th o nint h showed tha t every gam e excep t tw o ha d bee n ployed , an d tha t Ynlo could no t possibl y lose th o championship : Yale Pri n co ton Amherst . . Harvar d Brown . . S^^m^tZ. lost. —— I. . — 1 l ' 11 2' 2 7 1 7 O 1 1] 2 •. ' fi r OJ 1 I 1 2 4 X o: o, 1—; 1 2 T O O O O , O; T ippeno d .hastil y 1 it ifc'e-\ beapjbf . aidVo«*»*t *15__ „„ plL/where-the loonrdi>otons^iril r attendancev; aeaeT,'esy efXortto-reet: >rt , ;^tho««'j^n.^hoaxaf » -* - v — 'detected . \Many .o f ,I Est i n removin g tho - 1 living wer e utterl y GENERA L CROOK' S VICTOR * Orllrnl rough ford. ill or Ir* tho Unite d State s distric t cour t a t Aus­ tin , Texas , a n importan t opinio n was doliv- orod in a crimina l sui t brough t undo r tlio civil right s act , pave d by Congre w in March , 1 H7;% t o enforc e th e penalty of SLJiOO for oxclnding I^nttrn Evwns, a colored woman , from a ladies* ca r on th e Housto n an d Texa s Centra l railroa d Th o cour t held tha t tho ac t is unconstitutional , bein g nn infringemen t o n th e right s of th o Boveral States , an d tha t th e Stat e tnbaoal s alon e have jurisdictio n i n th e premises . Ninetee n suit* of a simila r natur e were dependen t on tho decision in this out a hand \ of . __ . id vehemen t applause- On e criti c say s sh e sing s a s sh e feels. Ther e i s 0 0 muc h heartinhe r utteranc e tha t th e hear t of th o audienc e responds . Etor success t> ot h a s a n actres s an d a singe r gro w wit h eac h scene . „d ^fTr.f-nnfe^ i n a n effort o f almos t pain - fxxl Intensity . Ex-Juno n C'nraTEii H . Krom , th o loadin g lawyer of St . 1»UIB, mysteriousl y disap ­ peare d somo weeks ago , an d i t ha s been dis^ covered tha t ho ha s misappropriate d trus t fonda in his charg e t o th e exten t of a t leas t £G0,000- TTT.T. WAJIMEU, a • 11 lor, accused of assault­ in g on d stabbin g o n eight-year-ol d girl a t Sheboygan , Mich-, wo s take n fro m jail an d bange d by A 00100881011 appointe d t o investigat e th e alleged smugglin g of Chines e wome n an d children int o th e Unite d State s b y wa y o British Columbi a report s tha t tho practic e cornplained of i s no t general , althoug h ther e havo been isolated cases . Th o commissio n reoenmend s additiona l vigilanoo o n th o par t of custom s officers. SucgXTAKT FOLOE H ha s issued a oixonlar i n whic h h o direct s tha t oil cattl e arrivin g i n th e Unite d State s from Europe , A^* , Africa^ Australi a o r New Zealan d b e subjecte d to> a <jnarauLuio of ninet y days* »i 1 \^\ g fro m th e dat e of shipment . Stringen t regu- IsHoxxs an made , wit h a view t o preventin g lb * SJV-BSII o f SA X rKsBjess whic h ma y •port oT Ill s SurroMful Campalr a Asajm t tlie Apacbon. Th o following dispatc h from Gonoral C-rook WRS received at military headquarter s 1 i_i Sa n Francisc o I t was date d a t Silver creek, Arizona, twelve miles south of tho boundary : J.ofthoro Mny 1 with Apacho scouts undo r Captai n Crawford Got Lioatenunt s Wood an d -Mackoy with Captai n GhaiXoo'a com pan y of forty - two men . of tho Sixth Cav- alry an d ration s for tw o months , o n mules , ami followed tlie hostile*. Tlie Ohi rftcahan country is of indortcrtbttblo roughness , an d a htimbor of mules lost thei r footing, an d stoppin g from th e trail foil down precipices an d wore killed 'L ne Htronghold of th e Chiracnhuas is in tlie ver> lien r t of tlio Sn -rro Madres Th o posi­ tion is tmely watered an d there it* a dense grt)w th of timbe r an d plenty of grass. They had been campe d nea r th o head of th e B iviapo, occupyin g prominen t elevated peaks affording a fine lookout for miles, an d tenderin g «tir [>nso nlmoat imposiblo. an d lir retreat s woro mad e secure throug h tho adjacent canon . CapUun < -raw- th India n ncouts, oarly on th e mornin g of May 1 f> su rpnsa d tho village of Chatn, tl o chiof who Itjd tho rocent raid into Arizona an d New Mexico. Tl o t'ght lasted all da y an d th e villago was wiped out. Tho damag e done canno t be estimated . A numbe r of dead bodies wore found, bu t tlie indescribabl e louphneBS of tho countr y prevente d a coun t bein g made . Tho entir e camp , with thewtock an d everythin g belong­ in g t o it, was capture d It was learned from tho prisoner s take n tliat th o Chiraonhntifl were unanimou s for poaco, an d tha t thoy had alr< ady sen t tw o mtiHsengerH t o try to reach Han Carlos. On tho 17th they bega n t o snrrendfr . Thoy Raid I their pooplo weie much frightened by ou r Ruddon iippetraiK 'e in thei r fustnenaes an d I had scattere d liko quail 1 hoy asked m o t o 1 remai n until they could gathe r all thei r I band s togother, when thoy would g o I bac k t o th o reservation- 13y tho term s of I tho treat y m y operation s woro limite d t o tho tim e of th o hght- I told th o Chira- cahuan t o other np thei r women an d childre n withou t delay. The y atiaworod tha t thoy could no t ge t thorn t o respond t o th e signaL, j th e fugitives feann g thoy migh t bo aont b y • ou r Apache scouts t o entra p thorn. The y told us they had a white boy who was i n th e village onci jumpe d hy our scouts Ho ha d I in n off with th e squaws who escaped, on d j who tiad no t ye t been hoard from. The y as- I nurod mo over y on e of tlio bond should com e ! m if I would remai n a shor t time , bu t tho term s of tho treaty oro barrass-od mo greatly and . bein g in tha t rough r**g on , with ration s rapidly disappearing , ther e bein g l.of-woon 300 an d 400 Chiracahua s t o feed. I was com­ pelled t o retur n with tho Chiracahua s We found six Mexican captives—five wome n an d on e child take n in Chihuahu a in May. Thoy ar e uow with tho c^mmand - Thoso wom**n sa y they were capture d nea r tho Menca a Centra l railroa d n t a place culled Carmen . Thoy further stat e tha t when th o Chiracahua s tlin- covorod tha t th e Apache scouts wore in th e countr y they becam e greatl y alarme d an d abandone d o n th o trai l the thre e hun ­ dre d head of cattl e they woro drivin g away from point s in Western Chihuahua- Th e cattl e were afterwar d picked u p an d driven off by a body of Mexicans. We marche d back as rapidl y as the conditio n of tho stock an d th e strengt h of tho wome n an d childre n would permit . Wo found th e countr y de­ populate d fo r a distanc e of on o hundre d mile s from th e Apach e stronghold . Th e Chiracahua s insist tha t thoy always lived i n tho Sierr a Madres , an d tha t even when th e mai n bod y wont o n th e reserva­ tion som e remaine d i n th e mountains . Of tboso wh o no w wen t ou t ther e ar e a numbe r wh o stat e tha t thoy hav e neve r bee n o n th e rrsorvntion . I havo stron g hopes of bein g abl e t o clea r th e mountain s of th o las t o f those Ther e ar e no w wit h u s Loc o an d Na n a , who wer e s o often reporte d killed, an d th e fami ­ lies of othe r prominen t chiefs . Sa w n o Mex­ ica n troops , an d after leavin g th o settle­ ment s i n Northeas t Sonor a di d no t se e a Mexican othe r thrv\ th e captive s rescued- I hav e such assurance s tha t th e whit e bo y will b e brough t bac k tha t I a m lookin g foe every minut e an d will infor m vo n b y courier. England , wit h 27,000,000 o f inbah l tants , tans only 140,000 resident s of foreig n birth ; Germany , wit h 4S .OOO,- OOO, only 2*70,000; whil e France , wit h 37,400,000. has mor e tha n J ,000,000. In Franc e ther e IUBS . been a n Increas e o f 200,000 in the last flre JCJLTB disaste r ha d sprea d of pooplo oast 20.0C0 spark;o f -life' eoald'b e those wh o cam e tow s dead- rescuing- th«» _ overcom e b y th e distres sin g sigh t of so man y dead an d dyin g littlo 01 .cs. Whe n th e news of t h throug h th o tow hastene d t o tlio scene, person s surrounde d th e hall . Th o feeling was RO intense thi|t.t th o authoritie s ordere d ou t tlie Si* t o preserve orior . 'I\ ou t tho do id boJio j begun i m uiodifttoly. in th e hall an d tho pt ore admitte d for the pi the bod 1 OR of thoir childre n ty-eight h Infantr y ho work of gettin g ijtt tho victim s 'was They woro laid ou t jents of thono killed of identifyin g heartrendin g scones occurre d wo k of identification wa s in progress . Th o childre n constantly an d man y of the m tlio bodies of thei r t o tfor th e in all pn rot tlio mother s of th e dead ctlorod piercing wlinekif. fainted on discover! littlo onos. Tlio disaster wn** refferred churches in Sunderland man y of th e p roue lie prayer s wore offered friends of th o victims. Tho staircase from th rng t_ no. Both tlio audi who wero i n tlie hall disaster wero unawar e f| terribl e traged y tha t w tho door. Thoy were Graham , th e hall keepe by th o scone of th e call by tho groan'* an d gave Mr. Fay . uh o gave t h busy packin g u p bis whon a ma n rushed u p hi m of tlio disat-tsr, afid down ppaecliloas in a fi Som e of th e families suddenly darkened , los t over thre e childre n On e ma n an d bi s wife rjoahed thei r way int o tho hall in which lay t* gallery was a wind- |enoe an d tlio officials a t tlie ti m e of th e or som o tim o of th e is bein g enacte d a t no t mforrnod until |r, who, strollin g nea r vmity. wa s attracte d th e alarm . 9 ontertainmont , was {apparatus t o depart , 'urn an d info me>d irrrmoiiato y fell fhose home s were so ove r thre e children , is be d thei r way int o |ie dead bodies of th e victims, an d without btlitraymg an y emotio n bega n t o .scan t-ho faces nizin g th e face of onoj father, pointin g with h ' * That' s on o !\ Pas.\in nizod anothe r an d the n in a fit of agony , ho crhod : * * My Go d ! All m y family gon e !\ arfd orerwholmo d with grief san k t o tho floor, ar e five ohildron dead . Queen Victoria sen' [of th e doad. Kocog- of hi s children , tl e s finger, exclaime d : |g o n again , ho recog- third . Staggerin g I n dome homos thoro j o r off Sunderlan d expressin g her grief th e occurrence . Th e Sunday -schools also sex) pathy . Flag s were a t half-mast . Do e Sun day-school loses thirl catastrophe . Many of t arm s broke n in th o e n ish. Others ar e fonn g from broke n rilj>s o r ruptur e of tornal organs . A inrw professional cilub tlie has been organize d i n (Chicago. In a Now York vs. CI ground s of th e former, pitche r of th e latte r cl disputin g o decision off Th o defea t of th e Athleti c tea m (Amer i ca n association ) b y th e was a disagreeabl e non >rise fo r th e profes­ sional visitors. Th e ?coro wa™ •* *~ \* \\ favor of th o coUoge cht tropions. TmtSt . Loui s (A-menron association ) nin e retur n homo from the n first tou r Eas t with a credi t of to n victories ou t of twelve game s played, an d five of thes e wer«* won i n thei r six gome s with th o Athl 3 tic an d Metropolita n teams . i n New Ylork a funny occurred . id Chicagoa was Fiopjp nin g by rain , ba t tho n£i a smal l boy snatche d ou t int o th e field an d trussed i t t o a co m pan - -^t . — ion, who ra n away with I th e flvrng thief, an d J called th e game . Tnxx z ar e four SoJllivans, nines , thre e Dolans , tw o Say hole lers, thre e KLansellsL tw o Glo three , JEerrols. . _ A<V»T j.ngKUTi^ tw 0 Ferg usons , tw o Hinesea, tw o Bichi aonds. tfar _ „ . a s plaje n an d i n a majorit y of i n of th e name s doc s no t i| relationship . Ta x Boston tlcraUZ. morning , wjxQe- eevoroi wero sittxng'iu fron t o f i heir hote l a t De ­ troit , Miche s had e wa s drive n b y an d Bad - ford notice d tha t on e * t-<^ ixnrooSLiatel^' _ staarted fa claiming : ***P11 gr t thikt fo r tock^ tim e th o Boston s ha d A t thi s los t th o lost ttight. . _ _ . r an d i n th e las t four lord ha d nlot participated - I n th e afternoo n Of thk daly referre d t o h o wa s nHwigr>ftd q po»r-tirm, \ mr>ld th o BostonB won . ™- - ~ \\\\\\ \ yo3terdav' s game? , . ry th o Bosto n clnb . Th e nam e o f .thexrViicer o f th e shoe . O . \Winn Cwhich appear s ]to b e prophetic) , i s plainl y staxrrpea xrj ' * PUNGENT PARAGRAPHS . ma n o f i s many abori t a bar - telegra m tho cluldron of various telegram s of f- y in - scholar s by t ho he survivors had thei r TH B KATTO^A L CrAJSTE. American— (oveland gam e o n tho Doily, th o one-arme J ib. wa s fined to r | th e amp i Ysles a t Now Savo n The to arbo r scrapes . Xherelfl nothlrigr slow fi^j . -„-^ J ^Js ^H ^^fc^J Heris^nayDe sv^little. backward 4 on . eggs ; to rat the y neve r fal l -to com e t o th e scratc h wher e flower-beds ar e con ­ cerned . Th e docto r wh o say s i t i s wnhealtb; * t o slee p i n feathe r i s mistaken; loolc a t th e spring ; chicke n and . se e ho w toug h h e is . .A. fon d fathe r boaste d tha t hi s so n woul d mak « a gr«a t sculptor , booaus t h e cliissele d hi s playmate s ou t o f th e r> playthings . .A. disappointe d tradesma n say s li e wishe s h e wa s a rumor , beemw o IL rumo r soo n gain s currency , whic h IK - I S unabl e t o do . \Seat s i n th o Chicag o produc e (ex­ chang e ar e quote d a t abou t $5000 . * No , tliank : you , w o ar e no t tired - W o prefe r t o stand . A erase i s o n recor d wher e a barbe r an d lii s victi m wer e bot h liappy . Thcj forme r talke d o n withou t interruptio n an d th e latte r wa s deaf . Th e condo r o f th o Ande s i s sai d t o kil l it s pre y wit h it s bill , an d th e hig h -tone d milliner s ar o tryin g th e saint s gam e o n th e marrie d man . -\. poe t asks : \.\Where ar o th e spring s o f lon g ago 7 \ Th e probabili ­ tie s ar e tha t the y hav e followe d th e winter s o f th e tent h century . -A. Chicag o exchang e ha s a lon g artad e o n \SZoctiii g Ponds. \ Ar e w o t o nnderstao u Chicag o girl s ren t thei r c=ast—off horse fo r xeserroir s ? J >r. j\ rmltag e says , \Ma n a h o n h i alway s b e g 1 aeefnV * X>id th e docto r eve r hav e o n a xvcrw snl t an d tr y t o ^T3t ou t o f th e \way -or 21 waterlng-cajt ? Gues s not . \Yes \ As aal d t o th e gorgeou s yout h wor> xtxai ss r durote d slave , •*T kea p t2mx5- g^Tfx^ JUW ttye-cenl pioc o I n roiy pocILisC^ acrdl JC ixore r se e i t wiChon t flWlTa'teT'CT^rj &S JUJ3JUU- \ »*?fcri«ri _ZL <of a witt y physi - T 3 S» J—IJJ. xxtA you r brethre n _ tr> isttBaSs? \ \Becaus e njsfiondxi l 3 KILM^B \CbA an r o f takin g oxrr xolt a shinm r a t th e a, a 00 0 in pa n i od b y — ^ Tfco i fryInafSxT>«rlewc« ccrlsuteXrvplc a To CT> jSnrxOK Th s following cli-ciuaatances, draw n fro m m y persona l eiporioiico, ar o .s o importan t «nr l reall y remarkabl o tha t X hav e fel t culled npo n t o TTiwV^* •<>• n-m jprriblic. *T *1 ' m \' r trot h ca n b e ampl y verified: _ I n 1B7& I move d fro m Canton . St . Iswrenc e connty , N- Y., t o Florida , whic h Stat e I tn - textded t o maice m y futur e re^drfTtcia. X pur ­ chase d a* hom o o n th o bank s of th e St— Joh n s rive r an d settle d down , a s X thought , fo r lifo. Th o summe r following th o first winte r I was conscious o f mos t peculiar sensations , - which seeme d t o b e th o aocom pani m en t o f a chang e o f dimste . X pi t of th e atomac occasiona l dizzines s h\ed aehod. Soy limb s paine d >>««-d a n oppressive sens e of X ha d a thirs t fo r acids on d m y appetit e wea k wnf l uncertain . SAy digestio n was un ­ paire d an d m y food di d no t assimilate* A t fl-r^t I imagine d i t wa s th o effort o f natur e t o booom e acclimated , an d s o I though t littl e of it . Ba t m y trouble s increased unti l * be— oam o restless an d feverish, an d th e phyai- danf l informe d xn-» I wos suffering from ma ­ laria l fever- Thi s continue d i n spit e of al l th e bes t physicians oonld do , an d I kep t growin g steadily worse. I n th e yea r 1SSO m y physician s informe d m o a chang e o f climat e wa s absolutely necessary tha t X oonld no t survive anothe r summe r m tJne South . I determine d t o retur n North, bu t no t t o th o extrem e portion , nnd s o I took u p m y ronidenoe a t Uppe r Sanduaky i n Control Ohio . Th o chang e di d no t work th o desired <mro an d I ngnin consulted phynloians. J. foun d thoy wero unabl e t o eiloct a pormn- non t curs , an d whon th o extrem e war m woathor of summe r cam o o n I grew AO muc h orns tha t I govo u p all hop e At tha t tim o I was suffering terribly . How hndly, only those cam appre - ajit o who have contracte d malaria l disease in tropica l regions. I t seemed a s if deat h would bo a robot greate r tha n an y othe r blessing . But notwithstandin g al l this, I a m happ y t o stat e tha t I o m to-d»y a perfectly wolf iind healthy man . Flow I cam o t o re ­ cover so roiniirkal)ly oa n b o understoo d from th e following card -voluntarily published by m e i n th o {Sandusky (< )hio) jVsniAoYicexTi, entitle d : nONOH TO wifoii 110MOD r s r>OK- Ennon a KEPTIBI.IOAN : Durin g m y recen t visit t o Upper Snndcwky, so man y inuuine s wero mod e relative t o what medicin e o r •course of treatmen t ha d brough t such a marke d chang e i n my system . J tool i t t o bo du o t o tho proprietor** an d t o tho public t o stat e tha t Warner' s Safe Kidney an d Liver Cur e accomplished for m o v: ha t other modi - oinos on d physicians ha d failud t o do. Tho malaria l poiso n which hod worked it s way s o thoroughl y throug h m y syst u» durin g m y five year s residenc e i n Florid a ha d brough t m o t o th e vorgo of tlio grave, an d physi- •cioxis ho d pronounce d m y case mcurablo ; bu t tha t i s no t t o b o wondere d Rt, a s i t wa s undoubtedl y on o of tlio worst on record . Houg h Brothers , of your city, called m y at­ tentio n t o th o modiciu e referred to , an d in- <lucod m e t o tr y a fow bottles- S o iniirkwl was th e oliango after four week's trial tha t I continue d it s use , an d now . after thre e months , tho cur e is complete . Thi s is no t writte n for th o benefit of Warne r «fc Co.. bu t for th o public, an d especially for an y person trouble d with malari a o r bilious attacks. \ Such is tlio statemen t I made , withou t so­ licitation , after my recovery, an d such T stan d r>y a t th o presen t moment . I om conviueed that- Warner' s SAafo Ouro is all i t in claime d to be , an d a s wc h dewrvo s th o groat favor it ha s received. A remed y which ca n cur e tho severest caso of tropica l malari a of ilvo • certainl y < _ _ ilarial tro u Pimtor Universal is t Chnrch. WoonflTOOK, C>.. May 10. 1883- _ Morning- on the Mississippi. A t las t i t bega n t o gro w ligh t i n tli e directio n o f th e Mississipp i shore , an d presentl y th e beam s of th o risin g su n illumine d tli e vas t wast e of waters . The scen e presente d t o the gaz u wa s on e o f desolatio n indeed . I n ever y directio n th e turbi d curren t bounde d th o horizon . Fo r al l on e coul d see t o th e contrarj , tli e cabi n migh t hav e bee n floatin g ove r th e water s o f th o Gul f ° f Mexico , o r even i n th e cente r o f th o -Atlanti c itself . Nowher e coul d th e strainin g ey e catc h th o first glimps e o f land ; eve n the \ towerin g bluff s alon g shor e wer e unde r water . -A_ long distance t o th e westward . was a group of cabins floating down- iwjarcl ^ogetheri. looking as much as 1 rTarl-tolarHlS _- Tjleassvrt feeling s afte r a stingy jB*«r Tfc*clc Tff-m ~f \j ns«v y •~™ !a ^^.., t caihaitio . X0250 • Tdiciou. UMI for <rf ™y cearj •txty-elslit. ymzs. X txxUy I uk «» »3r*«as °V L2> wtUb •tronstta u>d TiUlltr. Mjr favrttlb- °— U»K«m»dT. u d wrxua n^t !>• wltboot It. «id asmrCsIl fc»c»rja- mamd it to our fri<m<l- mnA noW\x»« ta C\°^dc « mnA BMUBI. y<XK mX lU>ert7 to OM» mx »»nr ~ best V^r—T sza<t Umr iinnl ilno. Hant* — Z>««I -Wander Ths mm^rm • - I bin . fcwn tro«bl «<1 tr,. ipUiat, folloinHl l>y «rm.'v M<tl<l«i.. - - - - ,„ m wtlb _ . >U with ti^tl (!*•( troabli LL«*<1 with r»rl. \ Hunt's tUD wbo tuid bwn oompleUlT carwl *>r *• \ImU\ Urx>l»l»lo- 1 DarotimMd a bottls mt ths <lr<J«rUt'B, »t *d OOomiiiOO*1 to Unororo »t onoo. I hkT« OMI &«t two botUo*. *ixlU for m« no morn kldnoar trrs»t>lo. r»o It Y »rl*v> now Ilfo. and t woold not bo without Hont'* Rro.ndj' »t any prioo. It 1* all tb*t It is r «onniiD «idwl to bo. and I ohmrrfullj tMtlinoTiT for tb« bonoflt of ttaa i kldnnj dlMua an<l umr«l.\ JK. r4x >l«-ecll<] Remed y for X^< baa dona woi tbla f>r Hot>or-t Kowtoo, Into Pivsldont of tho Eelectto Collrtra of tbo Cl ty ot «r*r York, and formerly of Cincinnati. Ohio, unod Or. Wm. Ball's Balwam rcry nitermWol y to bin I>TM- »-O. as many of bis patients, now HYIEIM. ui<t fKitorod to bnaltb tar tbo use of tlila InviUn&blo modlrlDr. oan amr>l y to*»tl f y. He alwara said tliat tyo Hood a raiuody ooKht not to bo comad. erod merely M a patent medlclue. hat that It ought to he prescribed frooly l>> ovary physician as a •ovemlKti n-un-dy In al 1 eaaos of Iiona Dlaoua. It Is >r Conaumptlon, and Una no «qual Cor Krllln^rr' n Z-lnlmenC. Ap^liwn to tin. li«-«v-l It rallev( pron tt t tho balr irom faUlnif out. TH E MAR K ET3. KUTW roni c Beef cattle, good to [iriino L w CJalvos. oom'u to pmit o voaLa Sheep Lninha ..... ..... Hogs I^ive. . .... Drossod, city ... Flour Kx fr*t gotxl to fnnoy • WOBL, (rood t o choice • Wheat No. *£ lied No. l White- Ryo State Barley 'l*wo- rowoti Stat e Corn TJngrad \V«»-* mu o 1 Yollow Southern Oats—\\ hite SLato. Mixed WcftUirn ... Hny—Mod- to cli Timoth y . Straw—No. 1. Kye Lard C'1 try fr>te»Lin. . . Batte r Stato Creumory. ... l>air>.. ... \A est. Im . Crenmory. Factory . aheete—Stat o Factory ...... Skim s cows; were-grbup\edi ^hJde^rS^ aral -I . _ . incident Th e gam e Jptwe m tlio N«-rw \xorjts - - pod a t th o fourth in - rth wa s started , when th o bal l a s i t wa s hi t thro e K£en- tw o Hoose - thnmB. tw o tw o De'rsleyik. thre e McCormicke fou r Smiths , Snyder 3 , \two Caaain s an d tw o Lynch e i n professiona l clnb?\ stance * th e mim'larily ndicat e eve n distan t . _ _ Isa t Monda y of th e Bosto n club of th e horse s cas t , WVFrtt aOTJOA.\' vy »**»n yo n see a ~mnm sit dow n in a hsarifcxer 's ^hn.ir M pin the newspaper arTjcrixid his neck and begin t o rea d tho tzrareX. yon may pu t him down as absent-mtniiod. Hriaband X want t o tell yon somo goo d news . I haro jrutCt had. my life insured.\ \VyjOto -Ton x lifsif Thafa just the way IB 322 X yon selfish men. Yon -noold HHY W think o f haTia g m y life faimredJ\ W book jurat ynh] ish ed i s entitled -How to Marn 9500 Yearly j?roflt with T welyo jHCerxs-\* We havo read the book.' but ^we suppose the author's recslpk i s \to sell \the corn they would nri-rtimThr eat *>rWf then kill the hens. **X notice ono thfr.j r aboot thlsJb.otel.*' said one drtimiriex t o another as the p*dr wero aostod at dinner; \the people hero -rr-**--!! • it^nr i tho art of bread-mak­ ing-*\ \So they do,\ was tho response, \but they can't help i t yon see; i t i s \Dear mer* criod Mrs- Blorxsorn. as sho laid down the paper, **It does -seem to me as if those state raiTvtrta fellows aro always in tronWe. \ jQCexeTs -an. account of a recent inspection where the company turned oa t ^53. men. Too bmd,.aOn/fc It . others smoke wa s rising, showing that the occupants had rigged up. some sort of cooking arrangements. T o th e eastward were six or eight other cabins, the most of which had people on top—all negroes. Th o near­ est house seemed to have fully a dozen. A fire wa s burning, and while one- a large, fat o egress , with a red handker­ chief tied about her head—— was prepar­ ing tho best bresUifast she could under the circumstances, the others were singing and dancing as they used to on the old plantations before tho war There were musical voices among them, which came floating pleasantly across the water, and altogether tho scene was a strange one. Between each verse a couple of barefooted negroes, wearing immense dapping straw hats, danced a \ double-shufflo\ with tremendous vigor, while th e brethren and sisters sang and swayed their bodies by way of accompaniment, even the cook, forgetting her culinary duties for the moment, joining in tho chorus. I t seemed as though there might bo danger of the wholo of them breaking through the roof; bu t it is doubtful if even the certainty of such a catastrophe would have chocked the negroes when once they wero fairly launched upon th e flood-tide of their song. St. JVic /i .o las. Why are seven days like a spell of sickness? Because they make one week. **T*lirew Physic Co th e Y>o#rs^ I T 11 Nona o r It.*' *We d o no t feel liko blamin g Macbeth for thi s expression of disgust. Eve n nowaday a mos t of th o cathartic s ar o groa t repulsive S ills, enoug h t o \tur n one' s stomach-* Ha d laobeth over take n Dr . l*ierce'B ** Purgntivo jVellote \ ho would no t have uttere d those word s of contempt . By druggists . cithon t i t -Th o Peroon s recovering from wastin g diseases, ixuch a s roalaiii, fevers, etc , will b e greatly benefited by th e use of Brown' s Iro n Bitters. A. OELIO hunte r A. fellow endeavorin g t o captur e a widow. «• Golde n Medical Discovery \ (word s reg­ istere d a s a trad e mark ) cure s all hnmora from th e pimpl e o r eruptio n t o grea t virulen t eatin g ulcers- OWKITON . Ky . Rev . J . N . Bock says : \I hav e used Brown' s Iro n Bitters an d conside r i t on e of th e bes t tonic s sold. \ THIEVE S ar e always willin g t o \ tak e a han d ' * i n an y business- _ Th e \ Favorit e Prescriptio n * * of Dr . Fierc e enros \ femal e weakness' 1 an d kindre d affeo- tion*. By druggists- TH E Solvatio n Navy i s th o titl e jr>f a ne w religiou s organizatio n i n England . CODOTXTJS, X*a- Bev . «T. D . Zohrin g says: \ I •was paralyze d i n m y righ t side . Th e us e of Brown' s Iro n Bitter s enable d m e t o walk. \ As a perfect phnrrnncexifical preparation , Hood' s Sarsar-ariila surpasse s an y proprietar y artiolo upo n th e market . A. glanc e a t th o nrti— cio show s th o scrupulou s neatnes s an d cant wit h whic h th o detai l of it s mannfactm o an d puffing n p mus t b e conducted - Thes e point a ano o f importanc e i n an y business , bu t i n rem*die e fo r th e relief o f huma n suffering £hoy becom e o f suprem e importance— Only such medicine s axe worth y publi c confidence. whe n yo n hov e trie d e very-thing else an d failed, tr y ou r Oarbolino an d b e happy ; I t will prov e it s merits - On e dolla r a bottle^ an d sold b y al l druggists - Hood'fl Sersaparill a i s o n eoUac t of th e bes t remedie s o f th o vegetabl e jringduin know n a s A It'*\ •ttives an d Bloo d 3E*orif1ers. jgjKjKTJPrc crooke d boot s and, blistere d heels T-«y <f*nring Iiyon a J?atcn t Hee l StJfgfmers. X»w^e_ JT*le 1«-tlK> XIwMg_ \Boug h o n B^ts.** Olear s ou t rats , mice , xoaches. be d bugs . TiTss, ants , rmolwe, eZnjpw xmmka, gophers . XSc MM mu m -weather comeeoz t lithicm oollarn an d ouffja. ji o effect o n them . . . We iter Jhoico . o > <&> r. 40 - U*J (3 7* ) fiO ftb H OO o > to, Gl 47 (3> 47\-< HO (& SO Steers Good to < J-iambs Western Shoop Woatern. Hogs Oood to choico Yorka. Flour O'y ground n. process. Wheat—No. 1. Har d Daluth . Corn No. '2, Stlixed New Oats No. 2, Mixed Western. Barley—Two-rowed Stato BOflTON. Beef—Ki. plate aud family n CO (Al 7 CO liog s Uvo . .... 1 (eg 8 w \\ osU' r n I>rcssod ..... (cp 1* Por k lix.. Priuie . por bbl . 17 OO <il> 17 fO Floor Winter Wheat patent s 6 73 <& 7 OO Corn Bigti Mixed .......... 73 <j» 7 I Oats Extr a While......... . t«3 63 Bj o Stat e .... ?& (cQ 7s WATEBTOWN (1USS . J Oa3r33UK Beef £^ctra quality ..... -Gi Shoop—lave weight . ........ Xembs . . . . . H x3* 02>Cl Hogs--JfoTthc3rn;jL w_ a JE >3_'@* ^03_> • laih a a _ _ ~ •iMk'of.-ti _ whloh is oSToo Una croalltdo* of Hbod<« I L E . PINKHANT 1 Xs a. Positive Cxrro Both tho Compound and Dlood Pnrlflor at 333 uid S3S Watora ATMUM, Ljnn, enhor, SO. Stz 001tics for S3- Bent try null la too or puis, or of lomnsel, on rocolpt Of prloe, Sa pe for ettnor. Mrs. Flakhon freely mnrori all lotti Till lien 3ct_atamp. Bond for - xJionld bo wtthont LTDIA _ JCo ra*ally \hoi and tcarpldlty of tbo 1 •49-SoUl b y wll Ih*iia«l«t».-CO Biliousness and Bilious Patients. Lg t o BUe , Biliou s STiaptoinm, Th o Bilious is a disorder of tho burn a n system. A. technical definition of th o ter m is this : • * J'ortainin g t o tlio bile; disordere d in respect t o tho bilo, o±*, a /«/IUIM patient ; dependan t o n nr * ox~ess of bile; as , biliottM tetnperamont ; Otl-ioxis pymptoms. Th e wor d bile, when omployod i n th o sens e in which i t is t o bo understood in thi s article , signiflos, accordin g t o th e Dictionaries* yellow, greenish, bitter , viscid, nauseousflni d secreted b y tho liver. \ \An y domugemon t of th o bilo a t onc e manifests itself i n grea f bodily discomfort, in loss of appetite , nn d i n despondency, \ recentl y remarke d a n autho r of a -valuable troatiso upo n thi s Bubjoot. Th o sam e write r furthe r adds : \Som o of tho following symptom s aro usually promi ­ nent : Pai n i n th e righ t side , whic h i s •ery- sensitrve t o pressure . Tlio pain will some ­ time s appea r t o bo located unde r th o shoulder - blade. Ther e is also irregula r appetite , flatulence, a eanno of fullness i n th o regio n of tho stomach , and , soone r o r Later, th o ski n an d whites of tb o eyes becom e yollow, th e Ftooht clay colored an d th o urin e yollow* depositin g a copious sediment. \ Th e balanc e of th o to o familia r trai n o f ill s need s n o further mentio n hero. Th o biliou s is . a s will bo seen, i s ffp affliction of groa t magnitude , an d of varied form s of direc t an d indirec t appearance . Th o diseaso i s n o respecte r o^ persons o r locatitios- It s deadl y an d im ­ placable enem y i s foun d i n jKxnorjcse-Wojcr. Zt act s o n tho liver, an d kidney s a t th e sam e time , an d b y it s mil d bu t oiHcdoat cathartl o effects move s th e bowel s freely. Th e morbi d poison s tha t hav o bee n th e caus e of al l thi s diseas e an d airffering -will b e fhrow n off; ne w life will b e . infused , int o every organ , and-, natur e -thus- aide d wil l s oo n sestoreth e patianxr ^.. t o health. . iv^, ' v <* / - - / - r» ^VK3- - w-,- „ v, 'n p hy * tM ^7 1 \ \\^^lT|7'-^* t <faa\d gt-»Pding ^mrs »a> / , . [onjVytto pateefdV'ito' demots t a stSs^V- ^ItsV~rare V^->«*!-k«ra*W. •! • •v*eiS^wrfe *fc^ejg-a»^g-^Sjjg r \oo**i TII n f sdjes\ of-ths .'h amari'fa>\^y^- iJV.^*V ~ ' idltlon of too Boppltad b7 tlio InT narllla. \Mm.t -rj BUSI A. Grreajt Remedy Mn. A . L Fian. ChoUoo, Vt.. from a oompUcatlun of dloonlen; drvpoptlo wltb no appAtlto. Sho mn duwn ma low aha waa poor. — nm h _ and nould DnILhnr M t Hor kloop, Sbo triod Hood'a ~ parllla from the »«rj artart thla aonraod to bit thi IXIM (ban DTobottiai madat a wo 11 wui rohoat and llnalir. ' Ki«ht luunths a«n a patient, wha had boon for svon yoArs. trtod Hood's Sa .raaparillA Th« rosnlt wan truly Honderfal. Frora a pala, amaoUtod djapoptta. tbroo inonuu' nao of Ilixxl'ai SaruparULa obaoivd Into a picture of porfeot boalta. In tbn 'uUm 1 Bliall racaid It as a duty to haraanlt/ to proacrlb* Knod'n SanapariUa. IXad I Umo I ooold clU nnmorooa oaaoai.\—It. J . Hir.i.inTN. M.X>.. Naahoa. N. JHt. Hood's Sa>x7sa.x>3>jarllXa « Sold hj draas>«to. Prioo SI. mix for SA. PVnpax-nd c t>y O. 1. KOOX> A OO.. Apothooarlo - *\ ST -V^IM~U- \ TlnreQ Montlas for 25 CENTS. Dlttara moat tho r» qulramanU of Uu rational modloal pbl- loaophj which at preaontprevaila. It la a poi t o<- tly pnro TOKO tabla romodr. ran- bradnaT tho thrao tonJa and an altora- UTO. It fortlxtoB too bodj aiptinat dlmuaa, Invlsoratoa and i » vitalizes th* torpid stoma oh and (ITOT, and oflocto a aalDtat? ohanco ln tho antlr« xntom. For sal* b> all Dresxlata and KNAPFS ROOT BEER EXTRACT. IO CALLOWS F\Qg* CENTS. A DELICIOUS, HEALTHY aUMMTTTt DI1TNK. TH E OKJOINA L KOO T ITEBR. IXottlos at 2&o.. too.. Sl.W; half azad caUon oanai at S« and SB. malrtnglO. fis. 100. lOOaadWJOa-aUoiuof Uoor * IT . DllUUUliritl. UlUiJD SOB, iilHnnr * it P. B. KNAPP & SONS, 3S 2 Hudson St., W. Y. It Don't Often Happen •Vbore av rollavblo hoon. na adToxtlalnar DiaTr i os 1 tisi 1 thla hoi utflt that will t aU/ naaJco S 5 to S to x moKiroRD < •UT THIS OUT - - - — Cw«.,l - ~>l^rx^anV7l?a « . a OoIJ—i E Haul will tela, nc Jt Co.. aaansa , aa . • waVa. JM. jC^Tanna WrttefoiOlroiUan. The Missing Heiress, Eootfumletl. ocn Bailable. Dorabla mora* yoiwr ae-CTA X — JEH^TXIH balU, not flttod with an AntomaUo Olt-Off. for IllaotraMut Catalofja - - . «* Boi Tbo Gold* sod M Sahara^-\ YorlToitr. AXLE GREASE Bea t b i tk e world . Ge t ta e aenBlae . -K «•* X SUN »t aim li -Ito max roDTe. It EVERYBOOY LIKES ST. la to bo truthful and twtfafa BUN'S Arart aJ: _ ind. to write to which we I . . . n copies a woek. Ita rtrcnlaUo: over belora. rTiiTei n ii't li in X>. gagao), b^goaU. &6 c a m^g'>> or SO.AO_ per yea Pub llab or. BED - BUBS, ROACHES, Moiba, Aato,-J71loa. ITaas, Zb«t«. aCloox liao on boar, blina. obiolma: Onik ra^an4CahbajraWarpiKdiioti uinilby ..toCoo.ataimoraa. 4«>.>Sroonio Re, KTlT. win Mo— ^ r \— for 'iUkur MAJOR'S CEMENT MOKflUN E TfAJr>l.'XV Mosrsxa, Qalncy. JfctiCrx. faii doaqripcion exf Q<mp»hnlTTiiTig oppositio n an d delightin g al l lover s o f goo d booka . Wha t ZS 'the) world ouiiilng to ? Th e poo r mam i s no w o n a n oqnality wit h sh e riches t s o fo r a s book s ar e oanceme d \—Ss a fai r sampl e o f thonanrtda of *r™ rmai-wM ^ '\'g*' * b o \•\^»* fro m th o Jet— torn o f customers , \f -rcrrt -y nowBpapeni no t nxfhxenoed b y th e *Tn**h o f m<m«-rnT'i T y r rt '*~*'* r o^rmtr jVJjVX'jg TON S O F OHOIO E BOOKS , a larg e portio n o f thorn th o bes t edition s pub ­ lished £n thi s country , no w ready , an d jou r ow n aoleotions fro m thorn, will b e seirt t o an y par t o f th e Continen t fo r rrrarntnatro-n. i f yo u will giv e reasonabl e gnarsnte o tha t iho> boo n wi n b e pai d fo r afte r receipt , ox* returned—r«£ur*» transyortatioxx. a t imj/ axpemie. BX*EOIAI J BAJKGATN S ar e offering thi s month . Ne w rmMtwiK/mn^ffrj , w*^v / I DE*ricos ar o lowe r tha n eve r befor e known , rangin g froi n two cent« » -iToir Toxi2xy»ori*« \Knoc h Ardon, \ unabridged , larg e type , t o ^ 1 (.SOfo r th o larges t an d hesb Amorioan. . Oyclopedia. M y boolcs or e NO T sol d b y dealers—prices too lo w ilor -rhnm. Xxnozuz ih e ~ »those of i gi uiaaaxl. Ftootot; OeTlae, V?f*»*a. *? t \J c 7> 3J***o- J-a«r^loV-. *\ . \ ^ Xltirajyat ^ TJalT-

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