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The Neapolitan. (Naples, N.Y.) 1879-1884, August 23, 1883, Image 2

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THE NEAPOLITAN. I ! * \ i it roatl y 1 i t »>«• t o cotntii i tic C* plixint of lict*. CUtCITLATION 1,500 - AUGUST 23 , 1883. » loS BrUio l A t>rlncs**> <,>ur Hchool ter m of 1(5 wot -k' «.»<! Lrw»t. Friday . Georg e <*«>m>v v an d wife rciur n t o \their borne in Nebrask a this week. I t is aaitl tha t Howar d Smit h ha s th e beat piece of suga r oane in Lh«. tow n . Mar t Lyon'rf v »if*» anil ihihlnn Bpont Saturda y an d Sunda y with tin fam ily of Jatnen For* Anothe r <piiltinp l>e<* last wet k at IVI rs. Brmk ' H this tim* No w that (it IH said) th e ohl fashion* d l< a t \ t>le tal k ha s be< otne oL»n<>t< ti v. h \ don*t the y invite us boyH, Clothes-line thieve s art? aroun d Mrs . Marti n Itohltn ha d all th e b< st article s stolen from tin- line recently The thief seemed t o h e more j>artn nla r abou t th e qualit y tha n th e <|itan tity . W*T land. SorvoyorH wore in tow n Tuo«d:vy rJert I5ratlV»«ry tna«le a tljini ; \ Hit Itome Saturda y li e rt tur m d Tu t M day . Th e Wayland H j>la\ e<l w ith ti n Nort h Cohocton s on ti n 1 itti l -» ground , Tuonday . I>r. Whitfield utitl < l.irh y ^tri t to n accoinpan h d 1 t In i r w i \ * - \v «. r i a t Canadic o Ink* fi-hin^, INI The y caugh t ntatl y Kio h ha r \ estintj ar e firjish- ;ir. Al l ar c fretting ho p harvcut no w soon W c hea r n o eom - ruHt, o r mildew , an d H i*ootl for a good cro p and n toe <jtiality. I *t *rh»j>s th e I?ri»tol fc>t»iiii ^H eor - responden t ha d bette r see some othe r piet es of corn in this tow n before thoy t t 11 wh o ha s th e best. Still the y migh t no t see th e corn an y bet­ ter tha n the y sa w tha t withi n th e 1 VHt > ea r ther e ha d been erecte d a nice arid < or n fort abl e farm house on llic farm owut*d b y <'. G . Ilomonwa y iKar I Jn«t<tl Sprin^«, tha t f or desi gri is no t suipah.srd b y an y farm house in this vit mit y , w e observe tha t it is peiftc t in t on^triiction. Th e blindH, i hiinncyn, am i house ar e paintt d in a mo*t beautiful manner , havin g a moHt plea -sin g effect t o th e passer by , t -thowing goo d tast e an d pains in it s oonst ruction. ]\lr. Hem - i ri way hrm mo\ ed from hi s farm on 11 1 Ilill int«» his ne w homo an d ex- [.i .t-it o «i'i»>* the- rtmaifider of a v\ . 11 '-it* rit an d rn ti\ e life ther e witli hi-* pU> is i n t c o in pan i on . The y cer- 1 at i) 1 v ha\< ti n ^nod wishtrtof their town«p,-()pl( . A f< w nd:iru'( » e tm Titddlc •»<: x . our 1.111 / ' t' the Cha p \ i 11*_ e am p am p L i lk- i pi opl e i MI th e si n i • it, T.n i nj' I;. la i roi i nd >>(<!! • p I « > W In . ill ahh 1 u i ft , w h pa- 1 wt t hav e rt H o f yabb K. b e h a s Mid.' dot waid t h ti ^hiin ; w t he fin. . Aml n w ^hnlts , wh o has b« t n tin head chr k in th e d rt - dt part - merit of 1'it/- ^iin-Mi- , I loin A. < o r in HochoHtt r, retur m d liome Monda y night . Hi s hearty g ril **p wa s wt I- comed by those of his many fnendu. He left Wcdnewilay with bi s broth* r .Toiln for No w Yor k wher e th* y will spen d a week in st t urin g a larg* Stock t>f good s for their store in t\>- hocton . Th e firm will b e know n .is Shulta Bro'ri. «S~ Co. I nclcaldo . Crop s good , an d bein g secured m good, order . Olarlc Drak e ha s ha d a ru n of ty ­ phoi d fever, bu t is gettin g bette r nn- . do r E>r. Fulkeraou' e care . Clar k <fc Mahon e ar e doin g a good lyuaiDesa an d ar o paying mor e fo r eggs tha n thei r nnighbors . l>ralce. Cartridge have conclud port t li t V t . t. <1 . <1 i > ' i h< . i b T . .J . o f iHtor rn a y 1>< e x - onc e durin g ( hi s d i \ i n g. i d 1 plat •I h \ , a f. < h ii rt -h In r. . . 11 I I tin pill] m \ t ^mi d i dinam * of baptism wa s ob- • y tin First IJaptist, churoh of \\ illo w Gr«>\« on Sun - at i; l: M ilk ry ofli*. iat- I v a r ri e h r> nit h d u th \V . I I. 1 ieynolds, have eat h lost a ling the. pas t week, rt man y other s Be- ed^_jto depar t froj ^ th e lonjx credit on Monday ^ read y l >ri y - system , an d will begin tlio a 7 th , for cash o r See thei r bills. \I 1 Tay h I 'oile r v alnabl V\e h a v i o u - 1 y ii! Mi i .1 it. 1 £ ail road n ' ' A re' no t s us .1, la> ..: t oiupan i 1 t rat t in d ;IH .agreotl ? \ AH ou r tow n stoc k with otht rn lias no t been .surrendered w e t onclinle tha t we ar e on e of those referred to In reply t o tha t ques­ tion we would say tha t th e commis­ sioners of thi s tow n an d w e under ­ stan d th e town s nort h of u s ar o read y to surrende r th e stoc k of th e town s t o an y responsible person tha t the y acqtiairited •with, he. .jto. dejiyej^ >r, m you r last issue in th e >te*s j ou ask this tj u est ion >me of the 1 town s nort h of lg th e operation s of th e >y no t fulfilling their con - positm g th e original stock i^are^ acquain t h re Tuesday , o.'itM for his i in onrt' bar n , you st t hi m Edito r Di-yo w an d helped hiuihi If t< beas t ou t of Fmu k r look you r barn s WIMMI comin g Dey o wt mean . Fran k Clar k is fixing u p a c omfort- able hous e nearl y opposit e Fran k Si xnons* residence. Th e \blacksmith sho p ba s bee n move d t o th e npot antl j,be residenc e will g o wit h it, an d b** occupie d b y M r Snyder . * Fran k Clar k lias his wall u p antl the timbe r on th e spo t for a houst o n Wel d JSt , in Naples . I Its wished to ge t int o a railroa d town , an d sorut of u s think: lie ka s gen e in the* wron g direction . (H e i*c rtainl y ha s no t ED. ) Pilo t Creole . Andre w llolley— a girl. Ou r Sabbat h S< hool prospt w e hav e preachin g ont o in Ifm . T-.obdell ha s jus t ret it!o'cK~/to th e company pif,vUae completion of th e road i ' Bat the <I<> not propose t o delive r u p th e stock urn onditionall y a s th e paper s a rt now m a < 1<* out . I n othe r wor d s wt d o not p n ft r t o giv e u p ou r stoc k withou t a railroa d in workin g order, l 'ht n \ \ t ar e read y throug h a prop- i riy appointe d truste e t o surrende r our t 1 ii rn - M. Ii . Mil Icr, of Bath , wa s in oar tow n Tuesday . 13r. Fowle r is soon to buil d a bar n upon liis place. I>r. ~h*Z. 2VI_ Whit e retame d Satur ­ da y from Chautauqua . Th e receipts of th e M. K_ festival Saturda y evenin g wa s $5.50 Star s of Rocheste r vs , Cohocton s her e nex t Saturda y afternoon . A numbe r of Cohoctonitc s axe a t Hemloc k lak e spendin g th e week . FVil7. Hawkes . of Klmira, wa s th e gues t of T£- A . Htggin s ove r th© Sa b - bath . Joh n .A.rdell returne d trora his vis­ it t o Monro e county , th e first of th e week. 1 vatie O'^NTeil, of liath , wa s th e gues t of Mrs . W . harki n th e first of th e week, vY Presbyteria n ice crea m festival will b e held a t She p Kowell' a nex t Saturda y evening . BcHwie 13raisted, of Elmira , wa s th e guest of he r cousin, SdCinnie Hal l 2 or 3 day s last week. -N T e 111 e Raymond , of lia y City , Mil b., wa s th e gues t of V . Van - Worme r ove r Sunday . C . J Clar k an d wife, of PrattB - bujf(ri, wer e th e guestf of thei r son Mor t Clar k Wednesday . Th e Jyf. K. Sabbat h School ha d a fine da y an d a n enjoyabl e tim e a t Loon lake last week Wednosday . IVI rs. Ix)uisa McDowel l returne d i last week from .Jamestown wher e she has been spendin g the pas t few weeks M rs. Day , wh o lias spen t som e weeks wit h th e family of Dr . Fow ­ ler, returne d t o Dansvill-o last Satur - da y 12d I -eggett , of A voca, wa s in town Monday . Th e ar t of tele- graphm g migh t hav e change d hi s con rse. \Doc\ Kenned y playe d 2 game s with th e Telegram s of Klmir a Iast Thursda y an d Friday ; lie also play s with the m this week . Owin g t o th e illness of Fathe r Georg e n o services wer e held a t th e St. I'nis churc h last Sabbath . We arc gla d t o learn lie is improving . Iwaac Henr y for 7O year s a resi­ den t of this tow n died Tuesda y even­ ing a t th e residence of his daughter , Mrs. S . .A.. Hill a t th e ag e of 80 yrs . -A.n Avoc a nine sough t t o dow n th e 2d nine on Saturday ; resul t Cohoc­ ton s 44 an d Avoc a 5 . N o comment s as i t woul d b e cme l t o strike whe n down . Tw o ne w iron bridge s ar e soon t o be buil t in town , on e jus t nort h of th e villag e nea r Warner' s farm , an d th e othe r a t Blood s b y Mr , Shep ­ herd' s place . C. E . Hull is to return Sept. 1s t to campin g ou t a t attt ntlm g a t Silver Lake . the rn and w t e k s. >vt rt .1 Noril i « F d \VV t_*t mort.* i Canaudaigu a lake M rs. W t thi riy t am p mi etin '1 in potat o bligh t is damagi i potat o t ro p tins yt ar se\ e re 1 y . Th e inl'iiit diil d of Clark Woo d rufl' agt. d < months , died Frida y fore noon. S u r \ t \ o i-s for th t n abo\ t ou r town , HUT\I pe t Ling Wt\ 1 * C i ui ntr \ in an an d an d starte d fo r thi s couutr y the n a wildnerness . H e surmounte d man y difficulties i n crossin g th e Gree n Mountains , bu t h e pushe d hi s wa y forward , cam e b y th e wa y of Whit e Hall an d Saratog a an d di d no t sto p until bo arrive d in thin itountry, th e place of hi s destination . I l e located a homo , settle d himsel f in 1 i fe b y takin g unt o hi m a worth y farmer' s daughte r for a wife. Fourtee n children were bor n unt o them , seven of who m died in infancy ; none work­ ed an d toiled an y harde r tha n lie did, an d Co d honore d an d blest hi K in­ dustr y b y i noreasiDC li i in in th e weal th of this wor Id *ct \oodh. He was strictl y uprigh t antl hont-wt in all hi s dealings , an d wa s beloved b y all hi s acquaintances . Twelv e year s ag o h e wa s gore d b y a bull an d bad­ ly bruised ; lie neve r go t entirel y ove r this, kidne y disease se t in , an d from tha t tim e until hi s deat h lie wa s seldom free from kidne y trouble . He was no t a membe r of an y church , bu t wa s a professo r of religion, an d almost hi s last word s were, \Lor d hav e mercy, \ \Lor d save, \ **He is my onl y hope, \ hi s whole trus t an d dependenc e wer e in Cod . H e pass­ ed awa y quietly . Fiv e children an d a numbe r of gran d childre n ar e left to mour n thei r loss of him- H e wa s buried on Wednesda y from th e hom e of his son L . D. Fo x wher e lie had mad e i t hi s hom e for th e pas t t Wen t y -seven years . Ther e wa s a ver y larg e attendanc e a t th e funeral antl all of hi s children were present excep t Ins daughte r Mrs . Fdwi n Dean , wh o resides in Michigan . H e was burie d b y th e side of his belov­ ed wife wh o died thirty-fou r year s ago. Kcv . I > r. W. Hammond , of South l*ultii**y, preache d th e funeral se r mon from Kev . \2 1 t . \An d Co d shall wipe awa y all tear s etc* ' He: contraste d earthl y experienc e with wha t we ma y expec t in th e world t o c ome her e sickness.sorrow, pain, bot h physical an d mental , an d deat h , in th e othe r world n o sit k- nt^ss, n o sorrow , n o mourning , n o death . i* w nil lro;i yin g an d L 1 are pros- Be v er e attac k Ier «Sc Lee t have >f bilious fe\ t r bough t anot h d for the ir t repi'C at W -t nted at kins. th p 1 at t 1 4 th i a t fro m Col or lot of corr tomers . JIT. J . Clark a t th e regatt a an d 16th . C . I .Kjet wa s poihoni d witl an d wa s sick about, a we»ek, bu wor k agai n Ou r carriag e make r II II lJuri;« -- \will hav e t o build anothe r sm ill t ar- riag e i t is a girl. Wm. Fatherg i 11 lias sold his house 1 an d lo t t o \YVnltt r l*ottc r, wh o in­ tend s enlargin g it this fall. C- -A. Coller returne d homo Fri­ da y nigh t from attendin g th e rat t ^ •and visiting relatives in lJot luste r The weathe r lias been quite favor­ abl e fo r finishing harvest , althoug h •we ha d frequen t rains a t the bi gin­ ning . The wor k on Huber t Pot tt r 's now hous e is progressing , \n d when com­ plete d will b o OIK . of th e finest in to wo . The y say — Firs t a daught t r, the n a son, An d th e world is we'll begu n , Hu t T . D . Whitne y reversed 11 > ar« t im p t I i ^ 14 U t Stri -p.. I t, Lug < o rn j ilt attt tnlii I. t L l I i >hat t ut • f C ipt- \ « I lilt itr> i tht M 1 \ t r f a m - Lak i .1 1 iks 1 )t U an. liaiit - ih b has \ >o t d wt 1 v* i ft , vv t rt y oi 1 I am m< Uli. tht nd W I s prt .loh th st rt ot •lling . d v\ t 1 li i in Man lia r wal l an d wil l looks street. li d h>< nLL a n mont l daug l ISot \K II lit t.) J Lilt, in ^\ t, Llie ra ill Ii: Lin n pit . I '. \ t, :in ' tli o Mia. t . I.. nn.l l>..y . lio lia s w:vr^t» tl, K LtLra rt'in of Nort h C \>li nlwig 1 ]i lie rs , ill . 1 v. r< , <>r ^uiit o f V I ltll>Ul 1 llii'ir Mr lt> re Hoy and >t ton . from Joy Part - has no w is happ y . the* post directe d Me rge ri- it tnbt : . , H ] 1 id bt l - o f ou r i s t week . ti /t L>f tha t ns attende d co u r se th ey dre w the m b *e ball is expecte d da y betwee n th e and th e Way - > \ \ n th order - Ha d first n ter. an 1 daug h Eigli t an d a half pound bo y a t F Smith' a after all. JVra. Kennedy , of lJnfTalo, is \ i.mt- in g he r uncle, Chas . J5rady. ~i>fo rattle s were found on th e Inst rattlesnak e killed a t Hoswclls Cor­ ners . K. Perry , W. A . Robinson , Jeff Oovil, an d Joh n Brisby hav e ne w steamer s an d threshers . We seem to b o well off for threshin g machines. Sont h X3ristol ha s th e hono r of havin g withi n he r borde r on e soldier zxf th e wa r of 1812 , B . C . Howell , age d 91 year? , wh o draw s a pension Cor services rendere d t o hi s country . -\ gam e to t < >m t Alerts of land club 1 lorn Sunda y evenin g A ugus t 1 :2 to M r an d Mrs . C\ L KmibaJl, a n B pound l>t>) , < bai ICH i-s ploaaetl with liis m \v t It rk . \% r alter Johnso n ha - *-ngaged th e school a t Kast Hloomfiehl an d m - tt rnls t*> commenc e teat hin g abou t tht 1st of nex t m on t h <.\ 1 j. Kimball ha s jus t receive d a large full stock of Mens* boots an d shoes an d th e winte r -stock of rubbe r goods, a s gootl a scleeton a s ca n b e found anywhere . J /rp. Mar y Arnol d an d daughte r Cora , an d IVI rs. Gardine r left Wed ­ nesday fo r I-ag range , Ind. , \where th«:y join thei r brother . Mrs . Ar ­ nold lias been engage d in a hig h school ther e a s teache r an d a t a fine salary . He r man y friends wish he r success an d regre t t o lose s o worth y : a citizen from ou r vicinity - . ^ quired, most o f th e tim e i n 'Penn ­ sylvani a overseeing their contr act. A_ Larrow e has removed bis front fence. T . Tt. Harri s has laid a fine flagstone walk in front of hi s place. The y hav e commence d puttin g in th e shelves int o th e store s of th e Shult s block. The y ar e shinglin g th e ne w hotel. Fran k Larrow e is havin g a cellar wall buil t unde r hi s hous e o n the corne r of Larrow e an d Krie streets . —I*. J . Hooker's no w sho p is abou t read y for th e plaster . Ma m stree t lias been improve d b y draw ­ ing grave l upon th e uppe r portion . 1 j. F . Drak o ha s a ne w bicycle . 'I he scholars ar e sorr y vacatio n is abou t over . Henr y Schneide r ha s the i el 1 ar unde r his shop dug.—Farm- t>rs ar e busy harvesting . Th e mer­ chant s ar e gettin g in ne w goods . Politicians ar e preparin g for th e fall e arnpaigu. Suoh ar e some of th e happening s of Cohoctonitc s durin g th e past week. I Th e (Jreen iamily re-union held a t i Willo w (-i rove, Augus t 15 , wa s a j gran d affair, an d on e of th e bes t I the y ever enjoyed an d will b e re- J membere d witli pleasur e b y all tha t were the*re, yourself an d other s wh o should hav e been ther e from Naple s missed on e gran d goo d time . Th e da y wa s lovely, th e ground s 1 in fint* condition an d th e surround - ' ings all tha t could b o desired . Th e ' attendanc e show s a n increasin g in- I terest , th e feast wa s ampl e an d I everywher e j ° y reigne d supreme . ' Th e music b y Williams* Ban d len t ! an additiona l attractio n t o th e occa- I sion. Bu t th e crownin g glor y of I th e occasion wa s th e speech of Ha n - j ford Strubl e of Pen n Yao , delivere d in his ow n peculia r an d happ y style an d th e fullness of Joy tha t wa s man­ ifested in th e faces of all present , led us t o exclaim in th e languag e of th e I poet \my willin g soul would sta y in J such a frame a s this, etc.'* i Ou r nex t gatherin g is on th e 3 d Wednesda y of August , a t th e sam e place in 1884. Th e following officers wer e elected for th e ensuin g year.—Krastu s Gree n president ; Charle s H . Gree n vice president , IT- Gree n secretary ; Geo . W . Green treasurer ; Myro n T~T. (Cleveland, Joh n Trembly , Btfiles (i roen, Walte r U>. Green , Herber t Green , F . K. Gree n an d Rober t Ale- Gillard , committe e of arrangements . from erty , eas t sid e of t h posito th e stree t fro m is th e chees e factor y J . Wilgu s wa s th e f in charge , an d thi s i of th e presen t e: maker , W . I*. Wal d ing is larg e an d coj dwellin g for family wate r is brough t spring , pur e an d thin g is ampl e andl ther e ar e 12 con tr averagin g abou t 32<| from which a laal|f ohet^eti ar o daily m Llic rouuiH above . 1| ' >o cheeses no w o n due t of thi s factor y nowned , an d readjj' prices ar e th e result. N o othe r buildin g ed upon th e stree t e : shop which wa s mc stree t b y J . W . Gr; and a largo stor e 1| boxes, erected a fe th e Fessonden s o n til east of th e cheese fat| was demolished b y Th e best mixed j| ready mixed a t cree k an d op - th o wool hous e buil t i n 1877, rst wh o ha d i t i th e thir d yea r .collent cheeso *n. Th e build- mfortabl e wit h in rear. Th e th e McKa y et, an d every - proportionat e ; (tbutors of milk )0 pound s daily , dozen larg e an d store d in her e ar o abou t hand ; th e pro - is becomin g re ­ sale a t goo d Fin e plastering h<|dr, very best in the market , a t Cra m Anothe r lo t of th | seys 6 T ome earl y a Duan e Lyon . ose ladies' Jer - nd ge t on e of fcs. Od d eoats , regulai qualit y for ^'2 an d S and *r>, a t C . H. Clai Tin ware tin toilet coin plete stock a t prices, at F . G . C'rar C\rians;o» <> ( Fort y Ontari o stree t conies mentions . Thi s is th e Von rs. nex t in ou r old stieet from Main dow n t o th e Patridg e or Fesseri den m ill an d I -ast th e old cardin g mill. Th e mill of Jarne*- Covels th e Mills mill, ha s be* n mentioned , an d ca n bes recalled b \ old residents . Th e extensive saw­ mill an d carpente r work s in th e rea r was erecte d abou t 1S70 an d is ru n b y a powerful engin e wit h th e gris t mill proper . Th e ol d cardin g mill of 11- F . Wis e wells, a s i t will b e remembered , stoo d nex t east , unde r th e hill. Ho w man y reminiscences ca n b e called of its -early life, whe n Cheste r Heed . MCr. ^ Ajderman; , and^. :ojtherjs^< worTtcedj Obltaary . Joh n Foi of Italy , Yate s Co., N\. Y., died o n Monda y evenin g Ang. 13th, 1883, age d 8 6 yrs . an d 3 mos . H e wa s born in Vermon t on th e 27th, da y of Ma y 1797. Fifty-eigh t year s ago , h e mad e n p hi s min d tha t th e stat e of Ne w Yor k wa s a muc h bette r place fo r a youn g ma n tha n Vermont ; an d wit h thi s objec t of betterin g himself, h o provide d th e old-fashioned stea m coach , viz : a horse an d covere d wagon , and , like a dutifu l an d faithful son , took hi s age d fathe r an d mothe r wit h him , 3_ . — •I«Qrit\^ori. ^ _ ^n^\^w^ t ^sportt^Wo ^^adV^^onry^lg^; WTB ewell di d th e 1 as t 'wool' cardin g ther e abou t sixteen years,'ago . I n 1868 i t wa s purchase d b y Henr y Honse l wh o used such part s of th e old buildin g as wa s good , an d h e pu t u p a larg e three-stor y factor y o n th e site. H e retaine d th e wool-cardin g business in th e no w buildin g for a yea r o r tw o m connection wit h othe r kind s of husiuess, an d i t wa s given up. Abou t te n year s ag o Fishe r Morehouse , witli bi s fathe r I > - fr? Morehouse , purchase d th e proport y an d we^nt int o grape-bo x manufact ­ uring ; grap e basket s comin g into use, Fishe r .Morehouse opened a largo carriag e manufactor y ^thero. Tw o year s ag o h e extende d th e al­ read y larg e block, antl it no w stand s 30x80 feet on th e groun d with th ree workin g stories, a hal f story for storag e in th e top , an d a basemen t for similar us e underneat h ; arid ther e is a dwellin g house of ver y comfortabl e proportion s on th e east end beside which is occupied b y on e of th e men, Jaco b Widmer . La«t year J. It . Dixon entere d in­ t o ro-partner« h ip wit h More-house, unde r th e fi rm nam e of Fisher More­ house *.t Co. . an d th e large factory has been mad e a be e hive, contain­ ing often a s man y a s nine work­ men . Thi s firm builds from 7 r> to lOO carnage s pe r year, of th e best mak e antl stv Ie, an d a walk throug h the establishmen t would show a grea t chang e betwee n th e presen t an<i forty year s ago . IS\ow a larg e biacksmit h -diop with drills etc, ru n b y wate r power , a large wood shop an d labor savin g machiner y ; larg\e pain t shops, finishing rooms, deposi­ tories, etc. , occup y th e block. I t is muc h mor e of an establishmen t tha n is supposed. O u a portion of th e ol d cardin g mill property , east of th e creek, a ver y comfortabl e dwellin g was erect­ ed b y Fishe r Morehous e in lfiTT ; since lie move d t o Mr. Clark' s resi­ denc e i t ha s been occupied b y Itich- ar d Curra n an d family, lie bein g an experience d painte r in th e emplo y of th e company . Still east of this is th e Monier wool house a re d buildin g tha t lias been ther e nearl y th e forty years , an d which is kep t in goo d repair . Bac k t o th e \Halloc k House, \ cast aide of IS£ain stree t for th e nort h si«Jc of Ontari o street ; a s w e said in a former mention , th e Halloc k house is a tenan t house an d alway s full. Th e ol d mill house nex t eas t bo - longs t o th e mill property . Th e ol d wood colored hous e a s occupied -by Wm. Frin k an d all of th e successive millers, ha s been mad e int o a large , goo d residence ; this wa s abou t 1871 . I t is kep t u p a s a first-class place no w occupied b y W. II . Boyd , th e popula r miller of th e \Outari o in ill.\ Th e lo t a t th e foot of th e bill form­ erly belongin g t o th e Wisewel l card ­ ing mill propert y had been mad e in­ t o prett y villag e lots owne d b y Park e J. Stoddar d an d others . O n th e corne r of th e JVConier prop - Kis s Mss.-^-** T»-AJ£ an d 'exquisite, -/littl^ . -^ee thfan d ^-33 re ath;^ Bar iron, iron pip steam work, valves, stoe-k, a t Cramer's . Hancock Inspiratoi fVc put them on and sold by F . G Crame 1 Ve ar e headquo' lartPs A . V . 1 black i 4tf I louse trimm ings, tloows, windows. kept in stoik and so Crame r . Diamond and I lam all colors, antl pure « a full lint* at low » llij^ reduction in IV*' have an overs to cl duced Thi s is a rarl sons who desire to pn) mcrs •ters for IjOrril- .rui JSeotch snuffs. LEWIS B KOH. she a tiling paper, fisH , blinds, etc , d low by F . G . |ly 1 *ackage I 'yes lorinff material CKM N *-s. prit e of paint*- antl want it re e chance for per at, at F . G. Cra Tfe ar e fast gaininJ tation for offering t<| best 50-cent -tea, best best 50-cent tobaccft t| any market . 4tf \ ™ ou r ohl repu the public the 50-cent molasses, tjhat i s found in LKWLS BKOS. For sale a t miles from Bloods Kjrlcwpod Pickets , Ti e lumb Fern and a large quantity lumber. 1- W c can give you s i n I I arvest 1M ittens Fruit Jars , nll| < -i nndstoncs, Carpet Sweeper.\ Carriage Wh i stock b y F . Wells <& LIFTED M n *«w Ik a ft \ww m y n. a| wa « Ken t Bac k I.itHvInc t lie C 'Arn etT thp;N< IH ik pr«U y llttlo Rtiition on I tlir»-p IDII'-H iisck Into I r>«» vv»ll IvtM.l rami itf Mr Jornl <v n d t umnilHHlonor t.f lllifh* t.+ r\ l.-K ID tti«* HVIIIMII t n«<>r ik (nvi-lr r u lio ftf±<\ li<>t\r<J « \1»lr«-l Mr (ttrdell HIKIHOII II t» ppuninrr t>T Itio f f r m«r \* liom thry toM m«* »f in Albl ra )>-«»<! front tlie »l**»tl J I 'i -rlinp- 1 \in ruit <IUU« tlun t>i< HI.HU pr.'d I n I r In < d out <>r ik n**r1 oun ttl t un 11 on t *-rtt y.-i.n. I liikO klili.^y (IIHOILJ ..t.U.lD.-rt t.tit ItttU- r.-Bt dck> tl«» pulii ID OK* imiill i >f xz>) tj (•oil an [Flllablo n-ii <>t>J<'<~t un patl>> or citcli.«*<l tli« illntcu foiirni- r^> > t.iu »lueitB wiui u<>{;lcj< i» rock All thlHcumo Oo m « Iriir <>uc pxptidltlot) mid 1 <-a n. <_ '-mnu- r > iut tti «i «ml t> f It n If I »M' .iDCtjHH IftUlllll I o« I Odiililn i-wbn C on cnrtli rtltl ; Wrtll hi-l[> eticne t.> aoo 1 liny whe n In Albun} ik rtnitK' -iirrvtuUT >ot Try Or 11 E l(KYlhI>T- n t itmou* mc- driut Is\ 1 I <tt<t i*n<l It c lliliiR t o l»r K tire ii «*<! y aotl 111*) (itllctl IIK- t o life and lalmr. HO If ) on « IHII 3T5y TJ ri i vcrrsnil AYTR « CATHARTIC *>r till purgative s fo r aro ilio produc t <>r lo| successfu l chemica l I tht ir extensiv e use , their praptiee antl t> ttou.s, prove s the m t cfTccttiuI purgativ e l| scienc e ca n <lo\ ise. ctablo n o han n ca n uso, antl belnsr sugni pleasan t t o take . I and curativ e p o w e can I>e compare d witl' person , K no w in ~ tl emplo y tlictn. whet, kee p th e syste m In j m,iint;iln iu health y machiner y o f life. M| effectual, they ar c c t o th e need s o f th e ell (lorunfrements o f w hi antl cure . If timel y tl tlio l^e-it antl safes t f'tf chllttrcn an d w* ti<»ns wliero a m i catliurtlc is. required fo r sal e b y all dr u er s F. B. BEE LAW, JLSTICE, AND I B LOODS REAL ESTATE and Irought and sold oij »^rp «CT4x£ ^4 'Jfrxt. J^olicies give n for| Acciden t Ins u no to oti fia.n<£ < ZT *<2 for Addrecjs, irance . bas been crect- :ocpt tb e cooper vod t o Monie r LU by year s apjo, louse fo r grap e 7 year s ag o b y ic flat-iron piece tory , an d which gale . aiut is DCTOC'S A/OH(;AN *B. OUclotb a at cost for cash t o close ou t ou r stock. jr. G. <7itA» X will deliver iu quantities to suit, tlia-t aice Lacka,wannu coal, any size ; apply to Slt f Gov <_?. LYON. Wbl[ 0 *Wta«mC WloMr- TVo have a large stock of strictly first-class white whea t flour which w e offer a t 70 cents a sack ; F . O . Cramer . Peed «II<1 pm«>vu-. W e have in stock corn and! oats, corn meal , bran , bolted corn meal , m an d all kinds of flour a t A . \W. DuNTort <fc Co - bath _ water, a ter closet an d all connections first class an d cheap a s dirt ; F- G. Cramer . Call on u s for estimates on a room, giving yo u hot o r cold mad e an d good '2. SO, wort h * 4 ke & Go's. sets, a greatly •er . full an d reduced , pipe fitti etc ; nice at a low price, warran t them, tho _____ -for\ _he fc\_l>eanti r frClLLy^ I>ep Mills, 2 ot; 1-2 •a Posts , flop poles, of seasoned Pio c II. l___i__iir_i :>me rare bargains al 1 grades, sizes, mounted or plain, , several kinds, ps, a very largo Son. OUT. tervlcl l Farn-e r Lo _1 » Flow. \w VorkCcotr- 1 IloJlroml [1 K_4vrr»or, And «_r>i vin e itr-y > on roiM )>i tin- fln<i L «.r_elL, IMiputy btinrltr y» Tor tlio tow n or W n brlnhi day I mit. ttuii>izic: noilil-K of Illi* hlKtory law Ita market! ttie ti_l< •C-uii yo u t>« tl»« —_. • y eta lmvln>; t>«-«n tUntonl l_ltl«_ t o t_j_t dtlntlnc ?litr\*c. bu t 1 WOLM lift [c.H_.t lfl C4 -T-l»ln Kor flf. 11_ Its wor_- r.>nn 1 |r iiltctit no p\troiii «i w nj nek 1 tomioil nj>on in> v c r Kttmct »<l tho Hym - or tk. nound man Of Ctcrt antl _y fan n wen t acchlntr cold l a n _amp- ne u«ar camping out In , for le tlldn at nald t ardoll iloii'I Id Kenne-il) _ FAVO R lolne s«nt up 1 r o__ I to n r-tttl TTI« I ow » «VB ry - meijlctnft. i t tian r« Vuu ma> tell th e world Accord, i.i-s ar e Hie bes t n_nilly u.**e The y nfx laborious , antl nvestigation , mid by pliysiclans In r u.11 civilize d no ­ te bes t an d mos t ill tha t medical (Being purely VCB- _Lrl»e from thei r coate d the y ar e i Intrinsic value n o othe r 1*1113 them ; n.net ever y clr virtues , will i needed. The y terfect order, an d net Ion th e whol e lid, searchin g an d speciall y adapted festiv e apparatas . Icli the y preven t |alccn. The y ar e physi c t o emplo y kcnetl couatttu- bu t eflcctual CHER'S NSDRANCB OFFICE, N. Y. E4;OXI__XJI_E PAPER i coranUBSIOIL Life, Fir e an d \BOZC. or se« Tt kianmzTt *BIoods» \5T Coa l t Z Coml S X X all grades to suit customers ; SALT — fine an d coarse al l grades in sacks and barrels. Lime , cement, Plaste r I*aris, marble dust, water lime an d hair for plastering. CONAUOHTY. Fo r IV«w York . Tickets to Ne w Yor k an d return for $12. ar e on sale a t Bloods, an d they are good for 10 days. 13y n o other ronte can you go so cheaply an d pleas­ antly. JT. -A.. Snutrs, Agent , Bloods Station. 8 >C. ««k__k FlltlBK . We hav e employe d a practical steam , wate r an d ga s fitter from Buf­ falo an d shall b e prepared, t o d o all work in tha t line in a workmanlik e an d scientific manner . 1^. O . CRAMER. Wlilpa . .Tust received a splendid lo t of bugf^y an d tea m whip s bough t fo r cash an d will b e sold cheap . Thi s is the bes t lo t eve r opene d in Naples . TT. G. C _C>V MKB. ~Wo M>o No t CJIalm to sell good s exclusively for cash bu t we d o claim tha t an y ma n buyin g for cash ca n bu y cheape r of u s tha n an y othe r house in th is congressional district . IT. G. CRAMER, TVe ar e selling th e U . S. standar d scales (Forayth ) hay , counte r o r platform , wit h all th e late improve­ ments. CaM T a t th e office of VK. 1*\. -lolley, 3/iddlesex, N. Y . lOtf JOI.I>KY «& WOOD, « Hav e Hcc e 1 vo<l a larg e load of trio celebrate d Oliver chilled plows, hear it in min d antl re ­ membe r tha t if the y don' t fill th e bill as th e best plow mad e wo will tak e them back . C CRAMER. Xt fro m Naples to Rochester an d re ­ turn , only and good for three days. Bu y the tickets of the Agen t a t Naples an d thoy ar e (rood with \Van R.iper's stage an d th e 3l >r_o road- is the> cheapest route to the city. sV*%- 5f^.^^^-Gt___fc __r_rsr BBO'S, Ajrents. ^ '^-vi^e\ ar© nbw^^re^^eiying 8^me;tioxible: croas-itin ware which, we buy' of the larges t tin bouse in the TT. S . These goods ar e bette r than any man can mak e i n a smal l shop and ar e _fhjlli/ •toctrrcent&cZ. \We hav e marke d then - wa y down , chea p for cash . V. G. Crc_____;xt. A. Pace . Person s goin g \West need no t g o to Rocheste r o r Buffalo t o purchas e thei r wester n tickets , fo r tne y ea n purchas e a t th e Blood s office a s low or lower, an d sav e mone y b y so do ­ ing; an d th e purchase r i s sure r of good tim e an d connection s if ho pur­ chases here . Al l wh o inten d t o g o Wes t should call an d se e ho w muc h it is t o thei r advantag e t o bu y here . J . A . SHULTS, Blood s Depot , N. Y . Closing Sale. W« wil l soil oIT durlu July & August, The balance of Summer Stock, a t Extraordinary Low Prices: Standard Prints, 6 1-2 cents; Sta-ncin_rcl I>ress Ginghamii, XO cents; Extra. Heavy Sheeting, 8 bents; Hlaclc and Colored Caslixneres, and Low Priced worsted dress Goods at a discount of 15 per cent from regrnlar prices. Parasols, Fans, Laces and a lot of Summer Notions Regardless of cost. Gr. X XT S . SLATTERY, OLKSTED & Co. Bloods, m. Y.I Summer Resort. One of the best is at Standisli's Hotel, ^At the head of navigation on Can an - daigua T.alce, \Woodville- Good \F'ishiirig' Good Boats, Good^Board, etc. Just tli@ ploxje for pleasure. All are inYiteflL W . K.- STAHPTBH, Pro. P. O., ir&ples, Tt. Y. people >r« alwafB on the tooknnt for cfe«ne«> to w«*lUir s Uioae wbo do notlnrproTo Oxtlr tx«« mnaln In pmcity. \Wo offer am. •.Tost 1— .W_« wmnt w«ny men, worm^ra^^boy* ., _ __ , ,j^f >tii^~£^ iniiifo mo -Do -r r»pl»Uy can <l*xvoCa yonr wbola Omo *o x ^_ ox \' c -. ° K mtty yoxxr nam momstte . Fri'l tofoj 111 • ytoD Pork, Ham , fish of all kinds for sale a t O. 1^. Kimball's. C. X^. Kimball ha s filled np hi s new store and asks your attention . Wo keep all kinds of wooden ware, such a s tabs, po-ils_ batter bowLi, etc . fe. Wells <fc Son, Flou r all kinds , meal , feed, etc. , a specialty , b y Klimball, Nort h Cohoc - ton . Th e Boss 50-cent te a is a t C. 1*. Kimball's , Nort h Oohocto n ; i t draw s for miles aroun d ; i t beat s all for th e money . Bes t te a i n tow n at C . I.*. Kim­ ball's , North Oohocton . Crackers and every tiling fresh, and one dollar buys more than, at any other store. C L. KIMBALL . [MAXWELL'S New Snmmer resort. CANANDAIGUA LAKE, No w open, for th e receptio n o f g~u.ests an d summer boarders . Oxx Maxwell's Point, on e mil e nort h o f tlie bea d of th e lake , Pleasantly SitHatefl, an d onl y 1-^2 mil e from Wood vi 1 le . -A. few nicely furnishe d room s no t ye t engaget i ca n b e ha d b y apply­ in g t o 2 8 4 Mit . o r MRS . MAXWELL . O CD O C«f> LEGAL. Notic e Co Creditor* . le ^xrtroivnt t o »VT» order o f tlio SnrroKnt\ o f th t Count y of Ontiuio . notloe in horvb j ffiven t o all p«r- SOZIB bAvliif; clulmH n&nAxurt 1.1 y-rl« Johnnon , la t o o f Nnplen, Ontari o Co. , N . Y , doccnacd, t o prown t th e H &mu wit h th « TOurJurrn thoroof t o tlio undoTBigiMMl, ndmi n Intra to r, a t li In resl<lcxiot» i n Houth Bristol , o n or before to o 29tb , dny o f Beptember , 18S3. r>. A CRANDALI, Adm inuitnvtor . Uato d Sout h nristol . ACoJ-oh IU. IHM3. Notic e t-o Creditor* . PanuMi t t o &xt order o f tlio SurroK»t«i o f tti« Count y o f Ontario . not'e e 1B berrb y ui -vnn t o mil per ' * _«_• *Mnnel J Cnrtb*. li »t-o of tht _ County . Statt* o f Ne w Y ork, deceiMd. t o presen t ttie imme, wit h tlie rouchor a thereof , t o tl>e onderalKOMl m Inlitrsiton •tt to e <J wcllln c bot m or S*rsvb A . Cnrt U In nald tow n of Rlchmoo d o n or boforo th e 7th day o f Fe b rtiMT. 1884. S AJt A. IJ A . CUBTIB , IIAMILTON a. otricrie. Admlnlimtora . Dated , Jul y SO. 18»3 IMmC B. F. DOW & CO. nnDuracturlog an d ENGINES ; THRESHERS , HORS E POWERS , ' COR N SHELLEBS , FEED CUTTERS, Circular Wood Saws, etc., from ttieir Works at Fowlerville, N. Y . Th« Mp<^1orlt7 of »H .Bchlur, Mat 0,1 C tl. till, firm la wnil 1. u <y~wr t> t-<> t-lm mlir . aonoti? »r«l 1 [ ], <>[ily 111 1 II.IIJ to iBfona cti. 1 1 <-r- ttx.K 1 .(] will tnraudi Clirui mX U>. v.ry LOWEST BATE. I also dea l In PORTABLE SAW MILLS, an d tawii o f al l dlacrlptlons. an d STATIONERY ENGINES . nd yoa w!U racclTO ATTENTION. PROMPT 1 8. by demllnc direc t wit h me . Kowlcrrllle , xt. Y. — G3SO. H.. UUUCK, General Agent. i wil l .V I Addren at XCoalt, <Xay a t hom e enafly TTTtiilrr S5 TO $20 S3 Satwcob a for tlio vNT ^kJcou -z^utr- GENTS MAKE iO ENOAOEIirJCT S TTxitTl y-ott bsreaeenv our Ke w >• • • Battles for the Union E. N. JENKS, THE CLOTIJIEB. re MAKE BOOM ron rALL STOCK Jb'oi - -t^irjL^ XTi«33c-fc Tliir-ty JOs.,ys <^>r* more sty score ml niood* will deal < mil wh o < Men's, Boys; Youth's, & Children's Suitings, At prices under trie best figures named, by any other house in the country; W«- mean BUSINKSS every time ! Snmmer Goods at yonr own prices; Men's nice all-wool suits only $6.50, All other goods in proportion. Now is the time for Ba-rg-ains. and don't forget Tlio Place To Z>o I-fc- Cornisli Block, Bloods. I* 11 111 10 Benefactor. 1 *—t>—*_ CARRIAGE I t K 1* O S1TORY OK GRISWOLD, EHLE & McLEAN, M ARLES. r-J_ V.. UANIIFAOTUIUCRS OF (Our work ncc^Is 110 praise from ua an it apcakH for iLself.^ W#* no w huv c ou r utor e room s filia l wit h (irst-clasH , wel l ftntabe<] wor k o f ou r own »n - for tfi** BpritiHjan d Humme r trado . Contsistlii g o f viz . KHptie Spring CarrinpoB, Sidr-Bar Carriages, T'hretoripi, Skeletons* Platform Spring D«mocratn, Two Spring Dt-mocrnta, Two-Seated par Surreys, tAf^lit open roinJ wagon , Etc., Etc. W (—IAT WE £3 EE I I 1 Tbe <%-let>r/xto*i Whitc8 »>orro Lumlx-r Wagonr., Tho CelebraU-d Uillburn Lumber W »ro M ooth iron and w<xxl BXU-B, Champion Grain I>nllt*, (they are tho beat). The Whlapl* Spring Tooth Uiirrows, with and without wheels, Walter A Wood Binder* an<l Mower», H rati ley Whcclrakes, Etc , Etc. We have taken npecial pains in Boleetin^ the goo<l« we sell, and we can safely say tkftt wfc ever deals with us will be well used and get their money's worth. Repairing in alt its branches done with neatness and despatch. Oorreapondencc solicited for Prices. GRISWOLD, EHLE/J b MCLEAN: / Com e wlCero..fliere is',air aaBorimen^^»el ^;fr(^sf4^&-.'^ _- , - JzZ&r Ctiltivators, Plows, and. Extras; IEST HOBS E KAKE S M TH3E UABEET ; Steam Fittings, Iron Pipe, Etc.; Solute TrlmmixMes, X>ooz-s. W^indow» atnd Saab, Paris Green, and. Sprinklers; We nave the goods and wish to see you here. That man don't live who will undersell us. Come to headquarters. (M.ARKE -t 1- & CO. THI S I S TH E MONT H For Barg-ains in Clothing'. o X 1 o FOB THE NEXT THIRTY DATS C L. Clarke & Co- will clowe out their stock of\ MEN'S, YOUTHS', and BOYS' AT MANUFACTURERS' PRICES. Tliis is not ao aclvertising CC HZ> O ZD G- •S,\ 33XTT J±N ABSOLUTE FiELOT. Gall and be co ri v in cecl. Straw hats at your o-wn Price. Full stock of WORK SHIRTS , OVEBALLS, and COTTONADE PANTS. ~We are offering' bargains that can­ not be obtained elsewhere. C. I.. CT.ATtmS & CO., C. O. X>- CloUiiera, Hatten , GORDON BLOCK, Fnrni«h<iTi > sr. sr. Trunks, traveling bags and T X m- ! I^ioed pacta SI and apwards, over- brcllaa at t7. CLAKK <5fc Co'o. ' a.llo 4Sets. and apwards, working | abrrts 40cta and npwards, good cotton hoao lOcts per pair 3 pair Tor 2&<rt» Fifteen dificrent styles o f Knee Suits at prices ranging from $2.50 to $7.50 at C . L. CLARKJC «fc Co's . Brown French mixed hose 1 Sets p-er pair, 2 pair Tor 25 cts, and all otber* goods in proportion a t C X*. CULCKX Co**. If yo u want a Fanc y Stra w Sat jger to C H«. Clarice «3fc Co's arx<3 bn y ozio- a-t yonr own price; they , ar c cIo*inj2c oa t their stock to. xraiDce roo m for JCMII' goools- , J v* i. ^tt- « r._ I Ktxy yon r neckwear oCrG. X*~C lark m If yoar plow won't do yonr work yon don't want it, and if the plow I sell yon don't do all the work 1 sa y it will yon need not keep it. Wc sell the best two plows in the market tho Oliver and ~W LardL. GsiM in antl cx - them atrxcl take one on trial-

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