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The Neapolitan. (Naples, N.Y.) 1879-1884, August 30, 1883, Image 2

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THE NEAPOLITAN. - fr* found Jltr at /V W i4yi _ <•«>«-*- ^lil»(rfl*in0 Xff'ncy, 7^nc« /Jt*i£j rontf ville if ; li< v \(io-a- foot,\ wi.-*?i to i i«It t o l'frkins - CTH.CTTLATION THURSDAY, AUGUST 30 , 1,500- 1883. TV. UrUio l CTcn tax-. Tlio ;\|ijil<_* tra p in tint* o motion in almos t a complet e failure. Wha t will wo d o for vinegar ? Ho p pit:Jcing commence d Wednes ­ da y morning , althonp h w e hear d of one, Mar k -A. Case , commencin g On Monday . IJumnesa in tHis plac e is abon t a« uflu'cl excep t ho p fixings, wach a s l>o\le an d Iciln clotli an d \brimstone. Don'l , Mr . Editor , t>e afrai d t o paflfi Joh n Acjard is layin g th e wall for'throug h thi s sectio n havin g a fear & ne w hooae. f of I I 1, for w e ar e abou t a s fa r Th e blis^n t is damagin g th e pota - 1 from tha t place a s mos t an y other , toe s her e a s elsewhere . althoug h w« d o smell of brimston e lAllie Brigg s spen t last Sunda y at - certai n time s of year , wit h friend s a t >Iaplefj. Kristol is becomin g note d for littl e .Afra. Isaa c Pardee' s fathe r an d sis- fights a s well a s hop s an d sal t wells 1 ter, from Victor , ar e visitin g her . Onl y a few week s since a t a social WA w , , „ „ „ _ . , . danc e a sor t of scratc h an d coup e We ar e gla d t o se e ou r neighbor , ^* fa A . - _ rtl . too k tdasi* an d last Saturda y 2 boy s uses Agara , muc h improve d in * ' «* -» >ift *.1th- go t into a littl e ncrimmag e an d linal- , , 1 y a. ma n pitchforke d on e of them , i n« ho p cro p in thi s sectio n is look- .. _ .. _.i c J - , _ . , . the n anothe r ma n wit h a feoduig-pe c to e fine. XXop pickin g is t o co m - c .. . , , & . A 1 wen t for th e pitch fork man . menc e abou t Sept . 1st. . _ , _,, , . _ \ Som e of ou r peopl e thin k of bid - Joh n Vv a t kin s an d wife, of Gor - • ~.. , .. , .. , . ... , ' din g ilchance t o death , dispunst' wit h ham . ha-ve bee n spendin g a few days ' , . , . „. „ \ * . * ^ J . uiidtTtakorn an d HOxtons becaus e an *>t jlcra. Watkin s aunt , Afrn. 1>unnmi' 1 T . . _ . , „ . to ( India n lias bin n amon g the m an d Richardsl , givin g tht-m advic e an d medicin e We regre t t o learn tha t -W\ma' whic h will mak e thos e wh o tak e it Stephenso n of GarlinghoiiHC in ver y youn g attain. W o hop e some will is at- loa m tliat mor e <!«. ponds apo n j>re- 'i willin g <l »si _at ««.H tha n curing . Vco - ! pie makt* thoniBi'lvc s Hick b y thei r violations of physical law , an d th e doc trine s taugh t liy th e Savior* \G o €84.63 , an d JWrs, Crosb y $36.86. Mrs. O . S. Sear l an d JbFn. Ell a Harri s &nxig an d Jtfrs. Chas . playe d in th e Presbyteria n cbarc b last Sabbat h i n th e absenc e of th e regula r choi r wh o ar e sojournin g o n Hemloc k lake . Jkfr. Warne r ha s sold nin e lote o n Naple s street , an d th e prospect s ar e tha t O o r 6 on th e ne w stree t will b e sold soon . Fran k Larrow e is als o sellin g lots quit e rapidly - Who say s Cohocto n is no t growin g ? j I_>ied, Sarah , -wife of H - O. Pierc e 1 an d daughte r of Jame s I*. Ol&rk-* o n Saturda y a t G p . m . Th e loss seem s th e harde r whe n w e remembe r th e 3 childre n left an d also th e aocideo t b y whic h MT. Pierc e los t hi s ey e a few week s since. Th e family hav e th e heartfel t sympath y of th e entir e community . Th e funeral wa s hel d on Monday , he r pastor , Rev . Joh n TF»*ugh officiating. Ootaoctoz fever L>r. Hun t il wit h brai n tendin g her . w*» t «t«ir . Th e hors e sickness abou t he r e is improving . -A. Sunda y School picnic\; it* bein g arrange d here ; th e particular s will b e give n in time . That loss of barn , tool«, wa -^on**, harnesses , etc. , of C-ieo. cVorjantoc kV, b y fire recently , wa s a severe loss to him ; h e ha s th e sympath y of ou r lull Lionel Burnet t died on J/onda y (>l last week , his side waH pierced by a horse-fork while a t work in th e bar n th e Saturda y before Th e SITVICOH of buria l wer e held b y Klde r IV hi t o fro m th e Jtf\ E . chu n h» Ital y Hollo w A. grov e meetin g will Ije held at Farguaon' a grov e zu nr Shepherd*.** Hall o n Saturda y an d Sunda y next. Thre e services each da y will be he Id. Key . F*. T . Lyn n is expecte d t o b e presen t for one , an d othe r hel p may b e looked for. J urn no niort*** will answe r a s well rn I physical 1r1n.tX.erH as in moral . c tcep t a few of Monda y weathe r th e to I- Cain atflc c . Rev . F . t>. ikfather ha s gone Asseles , «Cal. O .Irtay la havin g a spacious sheej barn erected. A fine tim e a t Slout' s resor t H r ed- ne*d» y las t picnic. 27o MTvices a t th e *2f. E. churc h Txxrtal after conference. Kmtie Armstrong: wa s visitin g he r . friend s ixx torsm las t week . Ther e xs said t o hav e bee n a sligh t o^olaceg int .QVTi .t ( be TT ^^'t\^ J . Sw Vandore n is improvin g th e appearance of hi s premise s b y build- in IE and repairin g severa l out-buil d - Joh n King , of Nebraska , wa s vis­ itin g aroun d tow n last wrsek. li e •went awa y from her o whe n bu t a amall boy . -A.t th e last meetin g of tlie C. J-. S . th e committe e reporte d th e picnic t o h e held a t TVaite's cottag e Sc pt Sth ; a shor t programm e will l*e cur­ ried out . Th e Yitch nonoe on sout h J/a m St . is goin g on nieely Th e political ball is opening u p quite lively an d han d shakin g is the orde r of th e day . XJ>ied, on th e mornin g of Anj ; -7 . I Di;lv*l<lo. r>arv*'Bl i s ne:irly ovc r pioc en of oats . /fttr tlie fine Miowcr last we ha d fine harves t remainde r of th e week .A.ddie ( >lney an d mothe r of Na - pl« ar e spt xiding a few week s with Mrs W . 1 -C. Wel d a t th e Kvergree n cottag e W i ha \ (* :i few on th e sick list; Mrn. Dan u 1 A\or y an d daughter , and Mr s Harriso n Ci raves ; the y ar e now considere d convalescent . Krank Ungli n ha s a fine cro p of potatoi 'H, h e du g tw o hills of th e White 1*1 1 1 pliant \ anot y arid th e pro­ duc t wa s **» 1 - '2 pound s ove r 350 bushel s pe r acre , an d the y ar e still gro w 1 n g Th e buildin g of th e ne w roa d re­ cently laid ou t throug h land s of W. K. S. Koble , W . K. Weld , an d Au ­ gustu s Weld , wa s let b y commission­ er Weld , Aug . 25th , t o J , M . ros­ ier for %.j33 r an d is t o b e complete d on o r befor e Jul y next . Th e fac t tha t PreBler ha s th e Jo b insure s th e speed y completio n an d i n th e ver y bes t possible manner ; when, finished it will b e a grea t benefit t o th e trarv- _ff1i \ff r ;r .blic fc „ • •. T - , ,, ,—^ ; SCHOOL HISTORY, I?uilt abou t 1820, perhap s fa fe w year s before fo r a school hous e which stood upo n th e presen t site of Shafer' s blacksmit h shop . Th e followin g ar e a list of th e Trustees , Collecto r an d Cler k of th e I distric t a s far bac k a s 1830 t o th e presen t tim e w e also giv e th e buildin g committe e a t th e tim e of th e ne w school buildin g on th e ne w site in 1868. 1S3 0 Thoma s C Chase , Isaa c S. Kidde r an d Nehemia h White, trustees ; James Conn , clerk ; El- ewr Bennett , collector . 1 S 3 1 Paul C Cook , Cale b Crouc h an d Samue l Chamberlain , trustees , an d th e sam e clftrlc, Con ­ stan t Cook , collecto r 183 2 Thomas C . Chase , Corne ­ liu s Crouc h an d Davi d Parmenter , trustees , an d th e sam e clerk ; Alex ­ ande r TJ) \^Vells collector . 183 3 Constan t Cook , Eleazu r Monro e an d Ard Osborne , trustees , John JBoyd, clerk ; Jess e 1*. Brace , collec tor . 1834- blam e th e cultur e an d no t th e soil Las t wee k th e colore d peopl e ha d 2 S . S . conventio n a t .Chas e Cit y o n th e 1 M. «fc R, railroad , a t whic h th e chil­ dre n wer e th e principa l speakers . Th e sheriff of th e count y wit h sever­ al other s wer e called o n fo r advice. A contes t betwee n th e race s is inev- 1 table* a s th e youn g of bot h races | ar e havin g a fair field fo r develop - i in g thei r powers , menta l an d physi- , cal. 1 ! Cour t week is th e first Mouda y in 1 each month . Th e last on e wa s a s goo d a s a circus ; colored an d whit e viein g with each othe r t o mak e some­ thin g b y tradin g horses , auctio n sales of ever y variet y of merchandis e an d manufacturos , an d a t th e recess of th e court for dinne r th e political par- tied tr y t o teac h th e peopl e ho w t o vote ; democrat , rea d just e rs, an d re ­ publicans , al l claimin g t o b e th e very bes t friends of th e poo r man , whe n to th e \victor s belon g th e spoils*' is th e s-irv^r qnux -non* Allo w m e t o sa y t o Borne of you r reader s wh o hav e writte n for infor­ matio n abou t Virgini a in genera l an d of a particula r farm, of 450 acres . I learne d a t th e oour t hous e i t could b e bough t for &2 pe r acre ; one-thir d f th e sale is confirmed b y th e court , one-thir d in on e year , th e balanc e in tw o year s a t 6 pe r cent . Th e land is some broken ; a small strea m crosses i t fro m wes t t o east, an d th e It . So 33. railroa d from nort h t o sout h nea r th e center ; som e of i t ol d fields; no buildin g o r fences o r fruit of muc h acoonnt ; would mak e tw o or mor e farms ; th e wood mostl y cu t off; n o swamp , an d is healthy ; mor e I d o no t know , bu t I propos e goin g t o see it ; i t is 3 miles nort h of Keye- ville an d 4 sout h of Mehcrre n De ­ pot , bu t if an y on e wishe s t o pur ­ chas e he ha d bette r com e an d see i t or othe r lands . S. 1*. *uoch cigar Diamon d and all colors, an d a full Hue a t 1GW4 landy Packag e Dye s pjiro coloring materia l CKATN'S. 1 Brooklyn JUeadj warranted pure, turpentine, varn mixed paints a t 16w4 and Souther n liea d ra w an d boiled oils, |jhes an d a full line of CBAIN'S . rcducliou duccd Tli is is sons w ho desire triers and want it ro­ ll, rar e chance for per- fto paint, at P \ G- Cra - IFc arc (ost tation for ofieri best . r >0-ccnt t heat 5()-ccnt lob any marke t aining Our old repu­ te 'the public th e best 50 -ccnt molasses, i|cco tha t is found in tf * LEWI S BROS . jraAaiBnaY,-\ th e ne w littl e ge m fo r th e Ivtb, ha s a beautifull y [rew top ; 23 an d 50c . JOU N C . -3/OH<;AN. Naples , N . Y . some rar e bargain s it tens, all grades, Frui t Jars , all sizes. Grinds tones, mounted or plain, r sepers, several kinds . Whips , a very large [=lls &. Sou . quinin e ar e no t desir- t o carr y abon t in nous agu e remedie s day . Ayer' s Agu e antidot e for th e Ague , fevers, an d is per - leavin g th e syste m Harve y Nobles , Luciu s Shattuc k an d Jothan Hoar , trust ­ ees, Jess e McQuigg , clerk ; an d th e wime collector . 183 5 Thomas C Chase , Jotb. - a m Hoa r an d John 13 ur n side , trust ­ ees, Constan t Cook , clerk ; an d tlie rtamc collector . 183 6 J oh n Larrowe , Luciu s Shattuc k an d Richar d Brower , trustees ; Paul C . Cook , clerk , an d tlie sam e collector . 183 7 Luciu s Shattuck , Rich ­ ar d Browe r an d Calvi n Blood , trustees ; P. O . Bateman , clerk ; an d th e sam e collector . 183 8 We find n o recor d o f th e annua l meetin g hut of tw o special s for thi s year , th e name s o f th e trustee s ar e no t given ; P. C . Bate­ man wa s cleric- 183 9 Ase l Watkinfl , Benj. P\ Arbou r and . Cale b Crortclx, trnat- aes ; P. O . Bateman, clerk ^ jaxid.^the saxrie collector , -y ^f^^^^^^^ Th e Sunda y school picnic wa s held*] in Mr . Blodgett' a grove ; i t wa s a success; th e exerceises opene d wit h singin g b y choir, the n praye r b y Re v <i. 15. Kuller of Naples , an d a n addres s b y \VV. W. Hol t of Nort h Coboeton ; thi s wa s followed with muHic \>y 1.1)0 crlipir afte r whic h ro- f rcslunc nt s were; serve d an d ampl e justic e wa s don e te*» tidying t o th e fa* t tha t ou r ladies understan d pre­ parin g \ lands t o satisfy th e appetite s of hvmgry crowd , th e l»oys liad a gaii \t» of of base ball while th e girl s **uj<»yt <1 tli«_- swing . \•Battles for th e Union \ is a ne w , wor k publishe d b y th e Piresid e Pub ­ lishing Co. , Philadelphia . I t is b y th e soldie r author , ,Capt . Willar d \ Glazier. I t contain s a histor y of tlie ] caus e of th e rebellion, it s stubbor n battles , its incident s of marchin g an d I cam p life, an d a recor d of privation s j an d heroi c deeds ; i t is illustrate d an d beautifull y printe d an d bound , j I t will bo sold b y subscriptio n an d some enterprisin g youn g person 1 should secur e thi s territory . Ad - j dres s th e company , abov e given , for particulars.\ ANi>aBws\* BAZA B fo r Septemper , jus t received , fully justifies th e claim of it s ne w manager s tha t the y ar e ] \makin g th e bes t and cheapes t Fash ­ ion Pape r no w published-*' The | 1 V t e w an 1 n Ins in count y a t his residence i n < *orh:im Fisher, age d 91 years . C. S . Baker , of Dundee , tow n on Tuesda y lookin g u p terest s a s a candidat e for judge . Th e mason s an d carpenter s ar e pushin g th e wor k on tlie oper a house* block ; th e walls of th e first story :irc . prett y well np , K C . Dintruff ha s his photograp h ' galler y in runnin g orde r in th e t*ird Hous e block an d is read y t o serve all j wh o will giv e hi m a chanc e with goo d ! pictures . W e hav e n o stirrin g news t o chroti- 1 icle from ou r quie t place ; w e ar e a t 1 presen t havin g very cool night s an d ' no t ver y war m day s whic h ri *.n.k* M al - \ togethe r ratiicr unfavorabl e w» :xtlit r , ! havin g a gr**:*t d< r».l of c 001 - I ig , bu t I « *> »» o «• o «• . •School c^t»eus m.\t Monda y Crosb y ha s ha d th e fremt b)o< k 1 >.ii 11 ted. I\ Jone s vi**iti d 1 tli .M pin*. < 0\v e r Sun<hiy. >T Stliubm i hi l«*ft Wednesda y Ne w ^ oi k an d Ilartford . Mr«. K. M. Wlnt e an d son rc turn i d from < hautauqua . Iiot~* Ilir^h, of Klmira, wa s ^ues t of .1 C < iroon last week. 11* 11*. lVliuar<l, of (loncHOo , wa s th e 1^ y of his family a t for Krnes t th e gUt ! .7 11I1 th e first of the . of t k C*lail t o H our strc»e tH 111 m:s\ <;•.*«» K Wagmi r is t o open a liar in MM t -lii»p in Hvnr y ^*i linciJcr's liuild e Katbt r tleorg e uj>on igairi after Ins recen t oelleVtC^Alsfobii£ ^f-fashaon^rie ^^^•^•fcb^n rid mwic fr 'it rul \w« ar e plain t abou t potatoe s rot 1 1 th e acreag e is unusuall y large W m. y • » ci «* . Dr . Whitfiel d is \istLin g In 3 >r. Curti s in Dunkirk , li d win Backer , wlnlc: re 111 n» 1 rig t o his hom e from th e c-auip meetin g a t Oonesu s lake , Monday , sprained hi s ankle . Jenni e Car r had e farewell t o hor man y friend s Tuesday . Sh e has gon e t o Chicag o t o live ; o n he r arriva l in th e \Qoee n Cit y of th e west,\* alio will ente r a medica l college from whic h sh e expect s t o graduat e with th e highes t honors . Sh e lias ou r earnes t wishes for he r success. Sh e wa s accompanie d b y he r aunt , Mr s Phil o Higgins , a s far a s Oran d 1-tap- i l«, 2f ich., wher e sh e will vi««it !•« r dmnghter, 3/ra . Dwelle . Th e citizens of ou r -village held a meetin g las t evenin g in th e office of lawyer CHark t o se e wha t coul d b e don e t o induc e th e Naple s R It . Co . t o com e int o th e limit s of ou r corpo ­ ration . Som e seeme d t o thin k th e obj«*ct o f th e meetin g wa s t o find aid, auad ca n no t se e tha t if the y d o no t besti r themselve s the y will find tha t thoug h thei r broke n \po d die —Stack.** ma y b e flourished hig h in the ai r wit h a lon g re d flag an d a abou t t o ''whoa \ tha t the y wh o migh t Xldfe -will hav e t o tak e th e overlan d ing nc \ t wee*k. lies*. .1 D . llc<pia returne d Thurs ­ day of la«-t week from his\ tri p t o th o 'Fli 011 sand Inlands. Os-ear . JOIIDBOII , foreman on Lhe 111 w hotel , h:id t.l»<- iniHfortune t o fra i tur o hiB wrint Saturday . Th e ball gam e las t Saturda y rc - sulted , Cohocton a 1 —, Star s O Th e t^nte receipt s amounte d t o ST6 30, Mrs. D. \SV. Drow n an d Airs. VC. L> 1 lawks , of IIouL 'oyo, ar e visiting thei r ^arentP, < «•. VV. IVlarsli an d wife. 1-ewis Wygant an d wife, of Ham - mondsport , wc»re th e guest s of his cousin, II . \VVygrant tlie first of th e wee k. Thoma s Larki n an d family, of T-e- Itoy , v-'ere tlio guest s of his mother , .\vlrn- Wm. I -arkm , th e last of last week Fre d Witti g an d ISIaiehle «&; F*incli hav e j)iirchasod th e Winter s lot ; an d bot h ex pec t t o erec t houses thereo n this fall . J/V. 1 -111 an d wife an d Ai ISA O ' Af-.i.- r J , of Iiochoster , wcr« tb e guest s of tbo f amily of C_\ Mmlt s ove r th e vm Blood - collector . 184 1 Thi s yea r the distric t at a specia l meetin g i n Marcl i b y a vot e o f 1 6 t o 1 5 rejecte d a propo ­ sitio n t o buil d a ne w schoo l nouse . We childre n stil l retai n t o a cer ­ tai n exten t th e parenta l ideas - Richar d Brower , James A . Arnol d an d Thomas Hendryx , trustees ; Pau l C . Cook , clerk ; n o collecto r recorded . 184 2 Her e th e annua l meetin g j wa s change d t o September , Luciu s J Shattuck , John I^arrow e an d Da ­ vid Parmenter , trustees ; P. C . Bateman , clerk ; Thomas Hendryx , col leo tor . 184 3 Her e tViey electe d trust ­ ees for thre e years , on e expirin g ever y year . At th e electio n Cal ­ vin Blood , for thre e years , V . Van - Wormt.'.r, for tw o years , an d M . T . Conley , for on e year , F C . Bate ­ man , clerk , A . W. Moore , collector . 184 4 N o record , bu t John K.el- logg wa s chose n trustee . 184 5 Willia m Walker , wa s chose n truste e for thre e years , A. W. Moore , clerk , «J ame a A Ar ­ nold , collecto r 184G O n tli e 13th , of June th e distric t a t a special meetin g adopt ­ ed a pla n t o buil d a ne w hous a 011 tli e ol d site , th e buildin g wa s le t t o Thomas Ilondry x for $239.0 0 The distric t als o absorb ­ ed nearl y al l o f wha t ha d bee n know n a s distric t No . 22 . Alber t S . Henr y electe d trustee , II . O . Blood , clerk , J ame s A . Arnold , collector. 1S47—-Frankli n Grill>ert, trustee , sam e clfrk , Theo . Knapp, collector . 184 8 V , Va n Wormer , for va ­ cancy , N. B . Chase , for full ter m trustee , A . \W. Moore , clerk , sam e collector . 1849—V . \Van Wormer , trustee , .Jame s P Wood, clerk , BE. Cr. Blood , collector . 185 0 No record . 185 1 D I I Wilco x for full term , Benj . Warner fo r vacanc y electe d trustees , W. T . Stillwell , clerk , W. B. Hill , collector . 1852-5 3 No record . 185 4 S . M . Stephen s an d S S . Rosenkran s wer e electe d trustees , hu t whic h wa s fo r vacancy , th e recor d fails t o say . A . Larrow e clerk , J\. H. Mills , collec Cor. 185 5 Stephe n Hagcador n wa s elected for thro e y«are, D. H. Wil­ cox for tw o years , V Va n Wormer for on e year , wh y suc h a n electio n occurred , th e boo k fails t o record , S. I I Da y clerk , an d Amo s Chas e 'of a •his^^^?^^^^^!^^^^!A'^^X^£i a only $1.00 a ^yTear ^ySesido «7 ?a:' oHdibeo I • from a list of*Wr valuablo premium ^ Send IO cents for a sample \copy to\ ' TUK AMERICA N B AZAR CO. , 20*2 Broadway, N . Y . Th e Nationa l Associatio n for San ­ itar y an d Rura l Improvemen t issue a monthl y journal , entitle d *' In.eioot-s afttl Outdoors, \ devote d t o diffusing a knowledg e of ho w t o hav e health y homo s an d beautifu l surroundings . Th e price is low, only 50 cent s pe r year , an d i t is furnished in qnantitie s to Rnra l 1 mprov«men t Societies a t muc h less. It. aim s t o ntimulat c th e member s of such societies in thei r work , an d t o suppl y practica l infor­ matio n in thi s special line. Th e ed­ itors ar e Charle s Kv Wingate , Sani­ tar y Engineer , an d J\ohn V . Culyer , Civil Enginee r an d Landscap e Ar ­ chitect- Th e office of th e Associa­ tion is a t No . 119 Pear l street , Ne w York . a t cost RtOCk. OUdoKHs for cash t o close ou t our ] P . G. <7 &AfsCKK. Pork, Ham , fish o f al l sale a t C D_ Kimball's . kinds for I will deliver tu quantities t o suit, 1 tha t nice I>ackawanna coal, an y size ; apply to 31 tf GUY C . LTO». CL I*. Kimbal l ha s filled n p hi s ne w store and asks you r attention . W e keep aQ kinds of wooden ware, snch a s tubs, pails, bnttcr bowls, et c Well s <fc Son. a viomr. _ stock of strictly ] first-class white whea t flour which w e | offer a t 70 cents a sack ; P . d. Cramer . Plon r all kinds, meal, feed, etc. , a specialty , b y Klimball, Nort h Cohoc­ ton. Wc have i n stock corn an d oats, corn meal , bran , bolted corn meal , graha m an d all kinds of flonr a t A- *W ^ DUNTO N «fc Co . Your H«m»«* Call on IIB for estimates on a bat h room, giving yo u ho t o r cold water , wate r closet an d all connections first class an d cheap a s dirt ; IT- CJ_ Cramer . Th e Boas 60-cent te a i s a t C . L . . Kimball's, Nort h Cohocton ; i t draw* for miles around ; it beats all for th e money . Bes t te a i n tow n at C . JJ. Klim - i ball's , North Cohocton . Cracker s an d everythin g fresh , I an d on e dolla r buy s mor e tha n at j an y othe r store . C . Xi . KlMBALt . Coal 1 Coal I z C««l sx i all grades to suit customers ; SAXT — fine and coarse al l grade s in Back s and barrels. Lime , cement, Plaste r Paris , marble dust, wate r lime an d hai r for plastering- CONAUG HTY . Tickets t « Ne w Yor k an d return for $12. ar e on sale a t Bloods, an d they ar e good for I O days . B y n o other route can yo u go so cheaply an d pleas­ antly. J. C SHARDLOW , Agent , Bloods Station. E- N. JENKS, THEE CLOTHIER. 1 TC M E DOOM fOB FAU. WOOK n«>acrfc Thirty Days *Ty »tom ax Blood* irHI dwU out to alt wbo core o~xr- more steam FlttlMc We h av e employe d a practica l steam , wate r an d ga s fitter from Buf­ falo an d shall b e prepare d t o d o al l wor k in tha t line i n a workmanlik e an d scientific manner . P. G . CBAMKR . Wblpm. Jus t received a splendi d lo t of bugg y an d team, whip s bough t fo r casli an d will b e sold cheap . Thi s is th e bes t lo t eve r opene d i n Naples . P. O . CBAMEB . MAXWELL'S XTew Summer resort, CAflANDAIGUA LAKE, No w ope n fo r th e receptio n o f guest s and summer boarders . On Maxwell's Point, on e mil e nort h o f th e hea d o f th e lake , Pleasantly Sitaatafl, an d onl y 1-2 mil e from Woodville . A few nicel y furnishe d room s no t ye t engage d ca n \be had b y apply- Men's, Boy s, Tomb's, & Children's Sniiincs, At prices under the best figures named by any other house in the country; Wt ; mea n liusiNicsa every tim e ! Summer Goods at your own prices; Men's nice all-wool suits only $6.5f>, All other goods in proportion. 4 Wow ia th e time for Bs-rgrains, and don't for**** - The Plac e To X>o X~fc- m 1ST- JTEUVKIS. Public Benefactor . Oornisb. Block , Bloods . in g t o 284 MB. or MRS. MAXWKI.L . t o sell good s exclusively for cash bat . we <lo claim .tha t an y ma n bayin g for cash ca n bu y cheape r of n s tha n an y othe r hous e in thi s congressiona l ! district . B\. G. COAMKE. (' • rn i 1 We ar e selling th e U . 8 . standar d scales (Forsyth ) hay , counte r o r | platform , wit h ail th e lat e improve ­ ments . Call a t th e office of TP. I<\ Jolley , Middlesex , 1ST. Y . lOtf JOLLET <fc IfoOB, CO a. larg e load of th e celebrate d Olive r chilled plows, hea r i t i n min d an d re ­ membe r tha t if the y don' t fill th e bill as th e bes t plo w mad e w e will tak e the m back . G. CBAJVIBB. POST Kocbekur . 3Prom NTaples to Rochester an d re— torn , only <£2.VS an d good for three days. Urry th e tickets of th e Agen t a t Naples - an d ,they «3=e good with' \Van. 0^ip^^^»t ^goXi «iid;>the 3Eri«. road . Zt CARRIAGE REPOSITORY OF GEISWOLD, EHLE & McLEAN, K U7ACTUOKSS OP (Our work neo<l« no praine from us as it apeaka Tor St*«l£) ro^Tp-^^^^^^\^'^.^^^^^ ^'\^ or our Eliptlc Spring Carriages, l?6 Carriftgea, Side-Bar Carriagea, Phrotons, Skolctona, Platform Sprhic Democrat?., Two Spring Democrats, Two-Seated Far Surrey a, * his>it open road wagonH, Ktc , Etc. * WHAT WE The Celebrated Whites bo r-ro Lumber Wacona, The Celebrate. WlllWnM. r * .. . both £ro ? »d .«d„te, Ch.n.pioa tfr^ D \Ito . T«™ tfci ^O* T^wSJSi*\ 0 - Spnng Tooth H^r«»w«, ^itb ,od without -hock, *.ll.rl W& «lto* Pl * o.nd Mowcrn, Bradley Whcclrakca, Etc., Etc. We have taken apccto.1 painH i n selectin g tl.o e ooda wc TC U, and we on »afeW UT Uul Will t>c w«-7I ••uut . * *i : > .< •* ever deals Repairing in all its branches done with Correspondence solicited for rrices. woll uaed and get their moncr'B wortS.\ catxicss and deyr»ff *igV. \H. ^ v Wvnoir T^Mgawt ^iaggoiitfMi'riC ^eSpfc'-S' gooo^B Jtr€? l^ttefg\t*MS»nyS.; TnnVe i n a grqaCIl^ uliop \».TI<1 airs J^uZZy^^^-' tiyarran&ecL' Wo iiavo marked -thiem* way down , clieap for cash. - F . Ci. PBUMIIR, Th e beat mixed ready mixed a t paint is Devoc 'i -A. full stock of dye stuffs a t Afoit«r. A.N'H Dru g Store. F*ine pl&steriup; Ha the market , a t Orarac very best Trad e dollar s take n a t pa r for all goodn, suga r excepted , a t Gordon's . Sabbat h Wc shoul d hav e said lunt wee k Isaa c Henr y died a t th e residence of his daughter , Mrs . Jerom e .Klint, in­ stea d of Mrs. J3. A. Hill . Jtcv . O . 1£- Ackcrma n an d wife, who tiave bee n spendin g thei r vaca­ tion here , returne d t o thei r hom o a t Lyndonvill e last Thursday . A. friendly contes t for a be d quil t of th e I*resbyterian society betwee n Mrs. O. iS. Sear l an d -A/re. T . S . Oroo- b y resulte d i n -^fra. Sear l obtainin g collector . oo r ~Vlralnla E>«tt«r. KBYBVILLK , AUO . 1], 1883 . FRIKND I>KY<J> • -A. we t and cold spring followed by a dry and and hot summer, has made many a heart Bad, a s th e corn and tobacco are in man y places a failure, although i n som e sections timely rains hav e give n fine crops of wheat, oats, and g^-ass; but misfortune is often a blessing in dingnine, a s oats, corn, and other crops go t ixx early where th e ground wa s wet , o r no t well pulverixcd, is a failure, while in th e Bame fields w here corn wa s planted, and. cult.ivA.tecl a s i t should be, i t tells j an d w e rosy lemrx* t o Loo k a t ou r tiltin g skir t bustles , hoop s an d skir t combined . £S. Duan e Lyon . Kine assortment of Wright' s hand­ kerchief extracts jus t received hy 3'^w4 CEAIN . Canandaigu a I tolle r I > rooess flour equa l in ever y respec t t o Haxal , on sale a t LEWI S KRO'S. Best handkerchief perfumes in Americ a ar e found a t Craia' s made l>m g Anothe r lo t of thos e ladies' -Tor seys. Com e earl y an d ge t on e of S Lyon . Di Od d coats , regular made and good quality for $2 and *2 .r >0, worth %4 an d &5, a t C L . Clark e <fc Co's. Ti n -ware tin toilet sets, a full aud complete stock a t greatly reduced prices, a t C-J. < Vamer. Ba r iron, iron pipe, pipe fittings, steam work, valves, etc. ; nice new Stock, a t Cramer's . proLty Het 1 woil lc«l >L farm aud <:onicaf luftlo t -«M -v lelt I a tins a txAvolcr wtio 1 &Xr Owrd| npr>ea.i-nnoc of whom ttj«iy tolil ttml.froni Clio I'frhnpfl IlT)j tlon lie an cd out *• f a B< t «-«»r> y «'M.I-H I lin<3| U«id. u.ri pltla.t>1a V*K tliy OF- o x c I L- irt« *r\y hurtl: rack Atltli out ox pwJ 11 ir tiv >l<lxi t . In Al ITB UF.MK.UY- lout 1* V •o. 1* Jon wl »h • or tbnZNov YorkOVDtrklRkll: giatlon railed K&m«tr and (Irivlns Itim 0>» rooattr. y<->u r»moh Luc m>«, r Mr J»coli CurUrll, I>nputy UhMiiff ir of HiRliwayR for t»i« town ut \Wa- iiiiiHhlno of a brlRbt clay lavt nnmmcr ua henrd nomelhtiiR of tiLH history, all una. nald IVM tta marked tliw tialo tie farmer (*nu you be ihn man i«of Itx A 1 t>any aa linvln^ b«»«n nlmoct |lea<l ' liilto ontltlpd lo ih»t dinUnc- 're<l. tiair lAUKlilnff, but J wa*» 11ft- n nlluntion, Itiat In certain For flr kidney dlM >Mo ID ItB worn tono I obt&lniMl but Itttte runt <1BJ or niRltt «o oxtreioe Was •fniall of \my baclc I Vo«a«d upon my object a» ever uttrkctod the trm- [<I thii (llttfruMt or a Hounil man. Of <-I*M waJ» nrKloctod au«l my (arm weut ae Prom enichlnc cold In ncamp- nnd I akain noar camping out; lu d of It all doot^ifi* couldn t cure you —<ka I ajMUUie tliey >n oartn did you do >' vino to cxie: I dido t. so for It Oiin any a druRKtat K»ld Cardell. don't Try I>r. I>a»-lrt Konncily a FLAVOR }>a famotiH mndlclno MD( up lrom Ito n :lld and It Cun-d mo. I owo eratr- notly and medlrlot. It lima re auo labor. Y(iu may tell tile world Person s goin g West nee d no t g o 1 t o liouheste r o r JBuffalo t o purchas e thei r wester n tickets , fo r the y ca n I purchas e a t th e Blood s office a s low | o r lower, an d sav e mone y b y so do ­ in g 7\ an d th e purchase r i s sure r of j goo d tim e an d conneotion a if h e pu r chases here . -A .11 wh o inten d t o g o 1 Wes t shoul d call an d se e ho w mae h j is t o thei r advantag e t o bu y here . I Blood s Depot , 1ST. Y . [Short o f I7 nm i s taicat>le Benefit s upon tens of thonsancls of origLuate tuict maintain whlcli AVER'S SARBA- oys It Is a compound of getablo alterative**, with tlie Potassium a.ncl Iron. o_ll IcxKl-maklng, t»loo<t-clca.r _i_Hiias and 1M th e mon^ remedies for scrofu- Tfottilag; Conferred nuSurcra c<|>uld the reputation PA.RILLA er). the bent I<xU<ie» oft jyo wc rfu 1 txa<l IXTe-stistttltiln, efTcctual « yf o_ll lous, mennirlal. or blood disorders Uniformly successful and certain. It produces rapid and complete cures of Scrofula, Sores, Bolls. Humors, Pim- plcK, Eruialons, Sktu Diseases and all disorders* orlslzif? from Impurity of the blood T. y Its lnvIr^o«-ti.tiue; effcets It always re] leves aod often cures Liver Complaints, Female W caJcness ca aud. lrrt'irulari :le», ai>d is a potent re newer of waning vitality For purifying the blood, it fa s no equal. I t tones up the system, J 'cstorcs aud preserves the nealth, and imparts vigor aod energy For forty years it has been in cxtensiv« use, and medicine For sal Hancock Inspirators at a low price. Wa put them on and warrant them, l>y t*\ <i. Cnimcr. sold TVie arc headquarters for l^orril- hard's A . Y . 1 black and S<»tcb suufTs. 4tf LKWIS Bxtos. Hoocc trimmings , sheathing paper, doors, windows, glass, blinds., etc , kept in stock an d sold low h y 1-'. G„ Ora m or.. Fo r sale a t Kir k wood AS ills, 2 1- miles from Bloods Depot ; Pickets , Ti e lumber, Fence Posts, Ho p polos, and a large quantity of seasoned T*ir Inmber. X*_ FT, B i is to-da y th a mos t avatlahle TOT trie snflbrlng sick. ; b y oil druggists . F.I B. BEECHER'S LAW, JLSllCE, km INSURANCE OFFICE, Bl^OODS, 1ST. Y. REAL. ESTATE uid NEGOTIABLE PAPER Hotigjlit and »oIci on commisalon. I -*olici*ps given Closing Sale. LEGAL. We will • »ll off durliiK July & August, The h alaxice of Summer Stock, at Extraordinary Low Prices: Standard Prints, 6 1-2 cents; Standard Dresa Qin^bjuiu, lO oentc; Extra Heav y Sheetxmj, 8 bents; Slack and Colored Cashznerea, and I#ow j Priced worsted dress Qoodi at a discount of Xo per cent from regular prices. Pai ^asols, Fans, Laces | and. a lotTof Sommar 3Slotions X&osrajrdloBs o f cost. | Wotlee t o Creditors . Powo«it to aa order or tlio Bmimpite of th*» I County at Ontario, siotloe is horoby given to nU J>CT- I \ona hsvlag elalzna offaisAt r Jdtuuoa, late at Napl«a, Ontario Co., N TT , deocaaod, to pre»jnt tbe I ssuxkO wita tho Touchers tlu»«of to the izzidcrais^Bd, Imlnlatrntor, at nl» rettidfxioe In. Hmipi Briatol. on I or before tao 2©tl>, day of September, r>. a.. C7Tt-A.jrPAJLTl^ Z>&te(l Bouth Briatol, UarSi 19, 1BS3. olzii« n«>C&e-A aO Oa-»«aH«»r«>. ofrat« >y Kl-^-*tr» to all oar I Curu>. ImM oUt> i ty. Stat* of 5*« Pnraaht_U> ta.ord«r C»anty err Ontmrlo, not'i »om bsvlDE alalmt ajraln town at RtahmoDd, Onu York, docamMd, &o pr woohori tti«r«of. to ttio dwclllnc home . , town of Klchroona on or b«ro»« the 7tZi day *-nas*-y. ISO*. SAJtAM A.. O URTlH, BAUILTON H_ cxrarria. !Dt tha «loir»laroe<l mdmlatttrMon Curtu tn i r»tad, J al» no. 1SB3 15. F. DOW & CO. HT.ATTRH V OXJCBXEZt & Co Bloo<la, 'icntion G* i for Life , Fir e and Accitleut Insurance . Volu-<xh tc J^CL rnhB araul ViUagc LrOts novo on focf-nd and j~<rr sate- Address, or aee 7 . S . BEECHER, Bloods, Y Summer Resort. One of the heat ia at St an dish's \ Hotel, |^A.t the head, of navigation on Gtnan - daign a Tr« trfY, W oo Avillc- Good \BHslaixiS' Good Boats, Good. Board, etc. J list th e plac e for pleasure . All are inyitefl. W . B.- 8TAHDI8H, Fro. ^. O., Smylc . V. Y . A week ma Kiomo Xr*- tlia m - dnstrloas. BaS batlnc— now rxt- rore- pabUe . C^MXalnotBMd- _ e«i_ vi n fte t jroa. *ni , women, axxxl ctrts wale d _ . iwajraon ttM >* for oa Hg *tt \~ i^m*» i will i vr'o < Yon onry yiwr na n x Sobecxibo fox* th e 2X: Ttils reliable arm &r« aVtll maDvCactnrliic • •eiimar ENGINES; THBESHERS, HORSE POWERS, CORN SHELLEBS, FEED CUTTERS, Circula r Wood Saws , etc. , fro m thei r \Works a t Fowlerville , N. Y TTM» •Qp#rlorl«y ot aO m*\Mnii • »mii out b j tUa firm ta v«U Known to tliv «nllr« oonntrj »n4 It la only exc \TIT - ry to Inform tbo reader that I am v *n«r ai >nd win rarnlah tl»«-TO at. U>«> y«rry LOWEST RATE. X also <3eaJ tn PORTABLE SAW MILLS , UIll mil rtlTrtptlom. and STATIONERY ENGINES. \ Adar *M mo and yon wm r*ceW« PROMPT ATTENTION ts«^«j wil l -bo -aa, SAVING Qwtierml Agen t $72 i Staam Fittinfis, Iron Pipe, Etc* ^rf™™*\** Doom, Windows and JParls Green, and. Sprinklers; We have the goods and wish to seoyoti. here. That man don't live who will undersell us. Come to headquarters. CRAMER, ^a^a.w. Y . C. Tu. CLARKE & CO. o—t 1 o THIS IS THE MONTH For Bargains in Clothing-. FOB T3ECE X9'J9Z 'Z* C- L_ Clark e & Co. will close ou t thei r stoc k of\ MEN'S, YOUTHS', and. BOYS' AT IVtA.NTTFA.CTTTBEERS' PRICES- Tliia i s no t «.n oxl vert i s in g I Tin s i s no t aBSOLTTTE S\. Call and be con-vinced. L.O\T_ Straw hats own Price. at your Ful l stoc k of\ „ V WOHK SHIRTS , OVERALLS , an d COTTO N A. DE PANTS: \We are offering bargains that can- ->s-\ not l>o obtained, elsewhere. C. C1AKJCK at CO., C. O. Ji- ciothien, TTattnrt. anil rm in»Ti»n. ^y'/^ GOSSOK BLOCK- br«llms aft ts-&v«%ltn^ bags and XJr S5 TO S20 per <i»» aX ftoaw. S «ar GENTS MAKE XJatH ^xrm. 2 »nrv-*a X<*ifteeo differont Suits at prices rai 17.50 «t O. styles o f Kxitte ng from $2.5 0 t o K <3b CO'B. If your plow won't do your work yon don't want at, and if tl.fi plow X sell yon don't do all the work 1 say it will yon need not Icecp it. \W<s$ setl tlx& best twoplow s izx the marlcot—tlie Oliver &xid TV ixu-dU Coll in &ndT esc- Aznixie them »ntt X&3c;o C^LQ on trial. i X-ix2«<] pants ^1 alls 45cta. axid Alp n a£3^.rorw - shirts 40cts an d iqnnitd ^ gbodieitt i >o» lOctg Mr mi r S TiiZai&tsSlv&'icia a 2 goods i a proportion at' C L . <\! T i fcoao lOtf s DOT pair 3 -}>»?r.Jr<ir:*si-«. Airowo French nxijc«tl T»o ««<lSSe*i ^j«f P»\ r > 2 pair For 2S cts. »'i>*S ;»ll >5i >t£ir good s i a proportio n at' .-^A 3Ssd^S». I f yo u vanta TJPan'c to C L. Clar&o <Sfc C6S out, thpi r stoc k t o rri.aVc'Vo-— . , . _

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