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The Neapolitan. (Naples, N.Y.) 1879-1884, November 01, 1883, Image 2

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THE NEAPOLITAN. ^s»*t*' .V'war A r' r ,4 •#!»*•• ' • «-T}m-*l<.<*J a r»-i fV/» .V/* . .* • t rrrt A/-\ al OIH.CITLAT iON THTJESDAY, NOVEMBER 1,5-75- 1, 1883 ! jas t lielp liim 3. little, for b e is needy , j KM* r AVnnl th e ne w M. hZ. roiiiis- ' t-c-r, !»*• *• •* «1 IIIB first, sermo n her e I last SUM «1 iy , an«.! mad u a favorabl e | impression . Elde r Smith , of th e r're e Will I£apti«t cliurch waa prcs- oat , an d KIdt r Whit e ou r retirin g pastor mad e hi s farewel l a«ldr«si>, which wa ^ earnes t an d full of love. possession th e 1 at day of t.k« r haK «*.;*. rt «*<l a - coloi c 1 youth s Ei-Cadut , Whi t militar y school f< in C'barlston, S . C CJ laas is bfm g ined in th e plat e of lion an d wood in th e constructio n cif bridge s in Kn^larnl F< u r states , >*. • York, I van i i f No w Jerri* y an d Massacliu- netts, holii their -lat o clot lions on Tuesda y next . The I5ish<»[» *>f 1'roclia )ia*i inrnmil - te d Huioule a t \\ t< una ^~>y liaiij^wif* h i m *« t» 1 f *w i t h a i -'.rap 'V he a < t w: L M attribute d t o insni,ity. I t is reporte d J\*ort upjal , b( agi t ation in bin kingdo m abd u atin g th o throne . Tl • o h Ou **«» of W illiurn I'ITIII , said t o l»e th e firm, n HI*I * in e t»f br u k )>tiilt in I'hihtd* Ifhia , ha s 1>« en tnki r> dow n and r< built in K:iirni(Hinl l'ark . i)ia.t Kini» Louis of *c:iry of th* libt ral think*, o i Adolb i r t Doughty , of Naples , wa s here on Thursda y last, visitin g bi s brother . Tht ad j isters were her e Tuesda y I to ti x u p t-m.li of th e claiins o-S wer e unsettled . .1, S. INI iy ha s fitted u p his harnosa ->tor«» an d yhorr in th e cas t par t of Morehouse blo< k Airs. W m liartle , with he r daugh ­ ter from \\ ilhamsport , is expecte d t o bo lur e th 1*3 week. l'lan k walk i« bein g laid in front of th e old place of business of J . S. May an d .J hi. Showers , wher e th e late fire wa**. an d take s April . The roof is complete d an d th e dec- oration s hav e been placed upon th e fron t an d mansar d of th e oper a house an d no w th e slat e is bein g pn t on ; i t will b e a splendi d additio n t o this plac e a s everythin g is well don e an d no expeus e is spare d in makin g it substantia l an d showy . On Wednesda y evening , Oct . —4, a larg e numl>er of invited guest s assemble d a t th e residence of J. H_ Ueerma n in thi s villag e t o witnes s th e marriag e of thei r daughter . Ca r rie A.- Beerman , t o Georg e JC. Va n KppB of IVIiddlesex, Rev - M. I*. Blakea- lee officiating. .Many fine an d some costly present s wer e presente d t o th e happ y pair whic h will n o doub t b o k«p t an d treasure d a s mementoe s of th e occasion. Th e refreshment s serv­ ed wer e bountifu l an d al l partoo k t o J thei r heart s conten t A t a. reason­ able hou r th e guest s bad e th e hos t an d hostess adieu an d separate d for thei r several homes* th e newl y wed - chase d b y Pete r J . Rocke r wh o oc- ! copied i t unti l Apri l 1883 ; i t ha s si nee bee n rente d t o Henr y Dyk e and Albert, Wesaerma n Dyk e left in Septembe r an d anothe r cigar- make r now resides there . Th e nex t house wes t wa s buil t b y Lewis Kimbal l in 1856 wh o occupied it untill h e sold t o Alvis Gehri g i n 1861 wh o occupie d i t until his deatli in 1881 . It lias since bee n occupied b y hi s wido w an d Pete r Gehrig . Th e nex t buildin g west wa s first buil t on Ma m stree t in th e nort h corne r of th e Hira m Woo d plaf'o b y (J. J McDowel l for hi« la w office an d uocupied b y him as sueh until 18 whe n it wa s remove d t o it s presen t location an d ha s since been occupie d b y Mr s .Ta.no Xas h an d he r son .Tames. >f Mancheste r wife of Iiey- .m and (laugh- Mr RIMHI ' and wife and Mr W in>pf>Iu an d *TH \ ilh , \ iMtn l thei r f- t< r Snli C >u r c: in firdwi m< e describin g limits whi* b no u iioilcn buildin g shall J ded pair havin g th© . all. bes t wishes of day an d Sunday , rporation officers hav e issued i n b e 11 teac h th« o r« 1$ lane he gii j w ho < . ra \ re< t r MO M **, th e livin g itiUH< um , in dea d in he r h« d t he .> r I *7 poun d fat t 1 \ mart u d I >n \ id nk« leto n i n si dim * York , wa s fouin l m Krid'iy murnniL' A.« > t ! . , <1 i ii 1* I »f: i t h IT l»y special pormi t. is puttin g a n additio n to 'J5 cent s pe r pound is t o hiv e a ne w lng h Institut e At -L>ansvill ltle of Ins lititel in orde r t innodat e th e public*. «_ for all wh o come. Vl I \ pro \ t - rt prt ^ .\,/<7.t^ II >> t l*>r X.. r>y Lm n Smi'l. . i- < \.-».>MI trlckn of nc ws in r j MI I >' i ** I I • • i mu< >> t o iln ir *->i-nn« Mi tha t an y publish' *. will «ent his ( lit nl \\ i n n»\ic tliitu il i- (which nearly ;U 1 -1<0 f., r tht **:».W V c.i obtainin g ndv« iti^t --**, he * x ;n t H mone y fraudi ntl \ —and tins mu**t 1 M HO . Mr Smith i*» loing n. good work an d our own Ht;it i , a** thu t of I * *_ 11 n - Bylv .inift iH, Hhimld >r ar e inventoryin g ir H jn'ct i vo storeH lmmencm g in thei r W o. y 1 :L ml will i Morlc \ *Sc r^*' the good-, m tl pr< paratoT V t< * tn w store on M ;i i n Mtrett , \vv h i e h is rc:idy. J \% ri.lt . r 1 1 r \ ii n t h **«iltl t o XI itrt in W i in mi II Tlit 1» J l w >i e re t h« poht ofiice now si :wnl - , i oiiNidt ratio n »t) , a.! hnc k stoit lOvT 'i, tw o stories, will 1 g< i u p a t « <i i<. i . | CIKMI t o it, an d Taws tha t shall p r I t in i y soem (pit i ITA*M < an atl% at it.e I wh l^U'isl -i .ibh*.li otet t t he ail \ t rti**. tha t the >s K A K. such a law, hu t -will protec t us , we gi\< th t «pi I r* H actuall y sent out e\ t ry wi * k, anil in all tlio yi nr*, < v perience of publish ing, wo liave found it b« st t o giv* th e exaot figiin*-, :vltli<»ugh lrivi snffcred fro m tin lies UIVLII 1 >y jour ­ nal s aroun d n« Z^OC<zl Corr^tpoiu^'Tir*' . on in mid d li«ex . I>. H.Townn c n.l.of Moravia , Ts'.V., -w>Ls in tow n ovt r th e Sabbath . Ou r 1*. M., is gettin g t o l^e quit e a Bportaman. lit? generall y comes in -with quit e a strin g of game . M rs . Cooper , mothe r of Capt . —£lA*\Y\ r >m ** hn - boo n . jat>T~»f*.n.al ill- - \\•^ pneumonia , bu t is reporte d better, O . 5 . William s wife an d son hav e returne d from thei r visit t o No w Yor k city , an d repor t a pleasan t time . Nat. Malor y an d bride , of Addi ­ son , >J. Y , mailt: hi s father, Itev Malor y of • hi s place, a shor t VIKU las t week- Ther e was a dWgrac _*ful brawl up­ o n otir street s on Frida y evenin g last on tlie ocvnHiun of th e openin g of tin club danc e Married a t th e residence\ of \~-»am- uol C lark, in In nlon, b y lt«v T t in plo, of Sviu'i a, Ii..swell T Wood , of MiddloH*. x, t <i Mi .-s I-Iliv.s. Chirk Orland o (*U»\ eland h as com m e ii e« d t,ho i rec.tion of tw o houses upon lii - lo t on Mill Htr» it , which whi n t t un plete d will lie ft>r hale or t o rtnt . Urn«.Cc>l Come t Stune impro N piiient H g our v 1 11 a t^i . < >ur diM ne t nchools ar e mostl y tnki n for tht winte r Mn n ripples ar< btin g seenretl this y t i\ r t h :i n wa s ti rut thought . ^•i.nie t-n knt *h *s in town ; tlit mt_ a- -•Its bt i n g < jiiite prevalent ; some f« v t r, \ tt . ?-*orne hirtliH in tins tow n hu t a s tin y all will d o so in all p'ace s ther e w no usi of particularizing . Wht.i t is growin g nicely an d w e nt t tl miit 1» more niin for man y Htn :unn u n yi t tlry an d wtil s an d HpritigN art low. Auction s ar e frequen t this fall; Brad y of Sout h Hristol„ an d Kdson Riiiulall of Bloomfield ar e on th e first of th e w«»i*k. Saw a bop buye r ndin g by; hav e not hea r as h e purchase d any . Th e most of th e grower s wan t twenty^ five cent s per pound . Business about, th e same as usual. Our \ stores\*\ liave wC ~goo£T stockT\ o f good s on han d and ye t many g o t o Oanandaigu a and even Rochestc r t o t rade . Tht* lilt s of >Tovemb«r ar e close a t hand an d polititions an d office seek- t TH art* JK tivt . Th e p« Ople will b e wi-t if the y will only pu t thei r seal •» f comd* in nation upon all seokern imtl x otc only for nut h me n a s ar e known t o b* tru e an d tried . Married on th e *_i3 of Oct. , a t Ober- Iin, <>liio, <i« or^ c Li. Mallery an d .J ulia W :ilk< r r I\lt ey ar e no w visit n»g at tli*. hom e of th e groom' s pa­ rents, I>r Mallery, for a few weeks whi n they intend t o u p thuir resi­ dent e in 1 >i< knison Oo , Kannafl. itriai o 1 NpriiiK* . Mr. lirmk ha s four sick children ill his f ;\in 11 y . t * . Ii. II (iarllDKhoDsr . 1-1 nimo. «T . \\ un h ha s be» t o t «*:i< h ou r wintt r ter m Th e potat o t rop waH ar larg e on e here , :i le w yd b e dug . JPHSU * Westbro i k an d wif jsyin^; a ft w da> ** isit with 1 engage d if st hool . iinusuiillv remai n t o dr. OOllOClO El Geo. V. Webbe r wi HZast Waylan d school. Th e Tripnoc k tlistrict hav e engag ­ ed T>. II . Mattic e as teache r for th e coining winter . F\red Herbert , of Rochester , wa s th e gues t of hi s sister, Mrs . J. IT. Shults , ove r th e Sabbath . Fran k Knge) an d Geo . Schub - mehl, of Dansville , wer e tlio guest s of A . K. Shult s last week. l*olititians ar e tpuite plent y a t th e p re Hen t time some of the m will want, t o H t;iy a t h»• me woon •I hi.. '1\ 11 lot«on, wife an d ehild ren , art* nicely located in Mr s 1-toseu- kran s house for th e winter . Mrs. J . I-t. Wilso n returne d from Cornin g wher e slio ha s upon t some­ time a t th e e.ure of I^r. Ingersoll . Mrs. CharleH I^arrowo returne d Saturday , from a tw o week s visit with he r parent s in Hammondsport . M rs. >\*. A . Mattison , of Ionia, M loh , is spendin g some weeks visit­ ing relutiv es an d friends in th is vicin i t y . Th e teacher s an d officers of th e Presbyteria n Sunday-schoo l wer e tleete d delegate s t o th e count y con­ ventio n a t Avoc a thi s week. Burr' s wife says sh e woul d like t o hav e th o person wh o wen t into he r cellar anil took: l o oans of fruit call a t he r front doo r wher e tli oy ca n ge t th e othe r two , t o mak e a dozen. Mrs. G . K AckerraaD au d child accompanie d b y he r sister, Mrs . K*. A . Mattison , of Ionia , Mich. , left for Warsa w Friday . He r husban d wa s recentl y appointe d ther e b y confer­ ence . Joesph Jenka has started t o build a barn on the lot lately purchased of Mrs. 1ST. J„ \W heelerj M. S . Harris h* Hop s 1 6 Ithac a it- school. Teachers ' thi s week. Rev . .T. I>. Rcqu a ha s been settled a t Tioga , I*a. Victorite s ar e havin g th e measles very generall y Potatoe n 2/5 ccntfl a t Cohocto n an d all aroun d Najilea. Th e Corn ing telephon e oflfie.e con - nects with OT> villages. | Huntin g matclies ar c quit e com- J mon i n neighborin g town**, i Th e ne w Catholic* churc h a t Fair- por t wa s dedicate d last week. CIICUH ove r a t Phelp s la«t week ; tha t tow n is last bu t no t leant. 1> StephenHon , of PhelpH , lies prontrate, from n. paralyti c «tr»iko J\ s m iiuy U.H SO pe rttoriH ti nd em ­ ploymen t in th e Perr y knittin g mill. Addition is u.uite elateti over th e prospec t of oil just t Ner t north PecK, built, ID 18 for his own use. tb.e home of Joh n O liy himself and It is a very sub­ stantial, neat reaidonce, lias a com­ mandin g view, a n wea r th e medal of wilderness blossom] he is surrounde d all kinds , an d ha s Nex t nort h is 1 1 oxxaon Garfield, wl tioiied as havin g lj Webb, , au d th e IQ> yar d fo r tlio up* year s ago . I t is tie nee witli nea t has been Mr , G donee for nearly Uetween this and |1 h e can certainl y havin g \mad e th e lilce th e rose, \ for t ith choice fruit of . prett y residence, e residence of Sol­ id ) hap bee n men- |>een buil t b y Win . nation wa s th e mill er sa w mill forty large , goo d reai- aarro u ndi ogs , an d a|rfield\*a hom e resi- score of years, |the Oraemn s Web b III t II w a*y ire jus t recovtr - if measles. isi tir tl: iy s *. with du u . ,rk .1 1- i i. th Funk »*. l \ t. lift x ti m l i d N at** pi ai ii t a i in Milo. Wil l Krnik, 1 4 hutch els o f i four hours . A .7 tint s corapaniod 1 >y \W ed ii end a v f«»r an wit h relatives an d old in M t lngan <\>n Saturda y 1 i-t 1 rank Cor, y robi 'Cton , an d C'arrii C It-im tit Kail t n th e broa d *-» a of tonin g licit*. Ma y ti n ir bar k in. vi r h* tOH3i 'd b>y temp i *-t o r *-tt»rm I>ast week sevt ral ftimilit** t hang* tl thei r place of n sidtnu I 'eloH I?rigg- rnoVid t o th e fawn purt based t >f tin tloundr y I?rt >s , < haunt ty Wrigh i move d t o I^t lt»s Itngg H farm in l'a r de e Hollow, W id C hapma n t o tl u hou^e •vacated l>y goiiu Bartholom i father. W righ t an d mo vt s in w 111 K.ii li • «•»•* n»iy - 1~ vrnam ha s go i on a *» isi t l>oi»lt y lias go i t o visit he r son Mrs. Marti n \Wyomin g <. *o M rs. Poll y LePoy, >*:. V M r. F Pec k lias been hirttl 1 o teach|th e schoo m th e Johnso n I>i - tric t th e comin g winter. Henr y Suto r an d family brothe r John's . Tlicy oom e from Englan d an d mak e thi s < ountr y thei r futui e home . WV come- Ou r nex t m u-ieal entertainmen t w 11 b e held a t th e residence of .1 T Johi'Bon m x t Saturda y o*. ening . T.*!^ last one a t Mr . A . Kunc s *we attende d au d enjoye d b y i \X. char d ParwiMs ha d Jiis hous e iur e d dow n a few day s ag o w ith i.ea Jy all of it s content**, an d n o in- t xxx.- nee_ Xf b e should call upon yo u an attac k Mrs. 1 \di;» <.'ti\« 11 waH frit ruls m r».r Palmyr a last week . I-'rt •) 15 ir n t t ban mrvved in t t'l.-ii k >* i> < t *H h o ti >«e while his own is htin g ( »1 -ih t *. re«l am i painted . St hool mi f tm g tw o weeks ag o re- — •.lit • d in th e t l< t tn>n of Mr . Ilovey ( «r trust* » , (J 11 Ilemeiiwa y for c<»l- lt t tor, ami J lilt ketHo n t lerk Mhert % arat out*' hail liis elbow li-lo* ati '1 arid his ar m broken just low th t ( lliow I u-t I-'ritlay b y a k 1 r o ii i >• i * IOUH horse be longin g .1 ohn Tn mbl y I.a*»t W i 'int stlay Jame s lijirrt^tt L t i \ » i \ :i .li-pa h h from J ersey Oi t j tppnsin g him t>f th e deat h of hi*- lutlic r , bini«elf ami wife starte d i in it tliatt ly for X e w York, thenc e t o i_ rsey <Jity. W e wtr . pleased t o grei t ou r old 1 .and pastor. Re v A . M. I^ctts more , he preache d for u s last Kriday i \ i ning . Prof. Ingoldsb y lid no t t oint as expected , th e deatli »t a fiit tit] prevented . M rs. Uurght r an tl b e*r tw o sisters t tin Misses Ingraham , from Durham , are \ isiting th e family t>f I>. C4. Fel­ lows, anil othe r relatives in this vi- v itiit> , on e wf these ladies lias been a • iii **si »>n -iry t o th e Sandwic h Islands, lit r health failing she was obliged t o i e t urn home . house j * IFrecl AVittig b'as' bis bouse fram e raised; H>r, fowle r baa hi s bar n nearl y completed ; Joh n Sny­ de r ha s his honse nearl y completed ; 1J. S. Marlatt o is buildin g a n addi ­ tion t o hi s house . Thu s th e good work goes on thoug h th o yea r draw - eth nea r t o twilight . Thoma s Warner' s stea m saw- mill was discovered on fire Tuesda y a t lO 3() p. m. I t was soon consume d with a dr y house an d a tenan t house occupied b y Ii . Rocker . Som e logs anel lumbe r -wore burne d bu t wit h ef­ fort tha t amoun t wa s comparativel y small Th e loss on th e mil l wa s 85000, n o insurance . Log s an d lum­ bers OO, th e logs wer e fully in- Hiirerl ; n o insuranc e on th e lumber . hoHH on tenan t house S3QO.OO n o in suranc e Renj . Rocker' s loss &300.00 no insurance. Mr . Warne r is t o im­ mediatel y build a planin g mill an d has ordere d a ca r load of lumbe r so as t o kee p th e me n a t wor k o u tht; hotel. oil jus ove r th t line in Pa . Th e Kawt I i loomiielil telephon e stet- tion is th e ge no ral e veil an g e for th e* Naple s line. A carriag e road will b e built alon g th e lake shore from I I a m moudspor t t o Grov e Springs . Th e recen t il re a t \W al lace burn* tl out four store* s am i on e hotel 1 0ss aggregate d $30,000. W arner' s mill a t Morris , 1 *a., re­ cently cu t over 5 8.00 0 fet t of hem­ lock lumbe r in 10 hours. M rs. Charlott e Urown , of Hath , agetl «0 year s recentl y fell down stairs, an d died last week. Ii a tli is h av ing a no w ga s house an d anothe r main ! Doea tha t mean is t o hav e anothe r pape r ? Presidin g elder liissell wa s given a gold-heade d can e whe n lie closed liis ter m of office for thi s distric t Th e Newark , >J . \Y\., post-office has bee n advance d from, a thir d rat e t o second , wit b a salar y of $2,000. _ X>. G- Smith-, of Phelps , ^ywrg • -febq— peXlar^^aUL /^r^b1fi^nb^4^oi^ly^ ;eve»mg^lajst^ frit Oobo c » c « • <? Xi tux-Okie a* JKS.C. UILL 8TU5CKT. We commenc e bac k of th e now itol ntiw bein g buil t b y Thoma s tho corne r week. Asso- w as held plat e th e tho \Webb Mtrowt. Nex t t o th e W| north , is th o U e oci tipied b y I^afi side an d K- hi, S t I t is a larg e resit tw o families Kosaeii Lyo n maf sold to , an d occu for sev or al y ca| twent y year s pa s th e IJ>eyo homos occupied b y metnj until recentl y . th e fa IU ) 1 y. I t s an d well fruited renidence. ]N e x t n or tli is Pox , an d lie hi) pleasan t an d be a was th e Droha n bu t fo r abou t while Mr. Kox h| greaLly improve' v H .1 ue a n <1 heuu t hi m . The, fruit ing** ar e ol th e take s prid e in kt order . Th e beRt lui x« rein ! y mixed txt A full stock of h~ i no pl**.ster-i n;J tlio rniirke t , at 1* sale >rk, I lam . ii: a t O I^- K i I f you w ish loft, lotjk a t tlie ik W . such : keep all k ; as tubs, pal IVc ar. - lu.rtl*« A . V 4tf liest liamiker'•thief in Americ a ar e Store. Hancock Insp ~W*3 put them on Id \Bobnick \ passes, an d s no t on Elizabet h eb b place, further y o homestead , no w Khlc on th e sout h etsou ou th e nort h lcr.ee, sufneient fo r wa s buil t b y Va n iiy year s ago , wa s -|>ied l>y J. li . Ly o s, an d for over lias bee n know n as |tead, an d ha s been bers of tha t family I t still belong s t o ground s ar e ampl e and i t is a pleasan t or sale, by E» Wells *fc Son . Tin ware tin toilet seta, a complete stock a t greatly prices, at P . G . Cramer . Tho increase of Jlf. Walter's trade is due to tho fact that ho sells goods 1 cheaper, believing that the nimble sis - pence i s better than the slow shilling. Big ' reduction in price of paints. Th e BOBA BO-cont te a i s a t G. P»- Kiroball's, Nort h Cohocton ; i t draws for miles around ; it beats all for the mone y . IVe have an overstock and want it re­ duced. This is a rare chance for per­ sons who desire to paint, at P. G . Cra­ mers. in stock corn and We have in stock corn and oats, corn meal, bran, bolted corn meal, graham and all kinds of flour a t A . W . DUNTO M Sc Co . TFe are fast gaining our old ropu- I tat ion for offering to the public the | best 5 O-cent tea, best 50-ccnt molasses best 50-ccnt tobacco that is found in any market. 4tf LEWI S BROS . GREAT A Thrlllliii ; K~K< WONDER. 1-2 «a.4K Palled . th e hom e of O. W - mad e i t a ver y [utiful residence . I t propert y year s ago , twent y year s pas t as owne d i t h e lias it , in fact all it s b:v« oeen mad o b y tu d entir e anrrouiul- liest an d Mr . fo x epin g everythin g in d paint is Devoe' i JY1 1> at; A>I *s. dye stuff's a t £(;AN'S Dru g Store. Hundreds of people who arc passing through u. nimiUr experience will be profoundly inter- <Ated in the following story Mrs. Francia is tfae wife of J Ii Francis of N\o. 15» Elk atrwt Albany, n. i -iqicntcr in the West -A. 11 >any mil rOaxl inachmc uhupa. She SJ»yH; **T*liirt <M.-ii yearn ago I ticgun to have awful orevmp« in my ntoranch; I wn.n lin.hle Co have thtern atitiiit B o'clock in the afternoon. I would be uikca with a. terrible pain right in the pit of the stomach and through the back. I lost Lhtr use of my limbn m once, my limbn would lx* n.K cold aw ico After I vo had thefw* spells bad 1 vt> lam for three monthH junt cxhanwUxl, nod they would come on me in one minute. 1 ditln t dare R° ofT that Mloop there at times for feur I riliould have one of thorn spasms. For • -\even years I sufTered in tliiM way I had Or Morgan, Or Smith, Or Nolmoii, Or. Thompson Xhey could RI\ e me no relief For three mouths I w*>«t to St. Pcter'H Uospi tal I could a t f-et holp. Then I trietl the palvauic ViatU-ry, which nearly i *ho»k me all to pieccM. Hummer before last I went to the Oiupcnsary, but no help. Soon after that, one Sunday, a fri»;nd came in and said, 'Try Or. Ke«n,*dy s FAVORITE HKMRDY * The first tM >ttI<* hclp«~d me. 1 kept on, and for two yearn now I vo been a w«ll woman It caused great wonder Mir, that I could be cured of thene HpaaniM So many knew about me in t,lii« part of tli<- city St> many of my frieiidn ha\ e lakcn the medicine. Mr. Ellio, on C31iu- ton A\t:ntie, uat*»l it for kidney disease. Mr Duncan, on lirndford street, Mr Green, on Sherman street, used it for salt rheum. Mr Karle on Clinton avenue, in always talking about Kennedy » FAVORITE REMEDY, ja OBNTH WANTED for HX&R K T*W A »TV'S* JOL. Wow UooBc ^ \T.TF E OS THE MISSISSIPPI. \ Th «i mant viUuabln, cntartainliifr, »ri (I nciiJ y IUUH- trivtod oT tUl tho tfTtakt i\ uthor'n worlu. Exirnordl- | nary U-nnn offvi -eft nffoiitn. J*tidrr*I, .for CirruJuri, Tr-r~m* t etc., WATSON GILL, Fo r sale a t Kirk.wood .Mills, miles from 13loods Depot ; Pickets , Ti e lumber, Fence Posts , IT op poles, and a large quantity of seasoned Pin e lumber. I>- H . BAENUM. THERE'S ALWAYS SOMTBWG r friends al l Fully fcn.ov^/.'ja^<^^\feS o o«r liandsome lino of- '\&£&Shs3>ii&t Tha t wo 1W-1 n. littlo ansiuii 8 t»> liavn o u no w w<* woul d call your attentio n t o JVIen 'iB, Youth 's, DE3 <>^-es' a.n«.l <Z3IxiI<aLx-e>n\ STYLISH, SXJHVICE^BLE GOOI>S;^$W% Ther e i s Wliicl i we ar e sellin^r a t JCZ> W no reason wli y w e shoul d not sell these good s we ask for them , bu t our rule i s t o for more a t cost stock;. OUclot b m cash t o close ou t ou r K . CJ. CRAMER . GIVE FULI., VALIIK: TO CUSTOMBB^^ Fo r all mone y left wit h us . -^ r ^^»^^^^ w »o No t Cl .im I ASK T O SEE Til E M WHEN YOU COME IN, ^Jlllllf to sell goods exclusively for cash bu t and yon will conclude th e beat goo<ls for th e price can b e obtaine d faom'^h^^ - JENKS. we d o claim tha t an y ma n buyin g for cash ca n bn y cheape r of u s tha n an y othe r house in thi s congressional district . F . G-. C/ttAMKK. Wtalpa . Jus t received a splendid lo t of bugg y an d tea m whip s bough t for cash an d will h e sold cheap . 'I'llis is th e bes t lo t eve r opene d in Naples . TP. G. CRAMER . Cornish Block. Bloods, NL should no t forget that lime, cement, plastering hair , and brick can b e ha d for the lowest marke t price ; also all kinds of hemlock lumber and bill stuff* a specialty. Oall on Ario \Van Wi c Bloods Station, N\. Y . 37w8 Fo r MM. o^be a r . Pro m ^NTaplea to Hochofltfir an d n tum , only $t2.7f> a.rid good for tlix-ee j days . 1$ uy th e ticketa of the Ageu t n.t 1 are good' \with \Van the £ri e road. I t Naples an d they Itiper's stage au d is the cheapest route to th e city. O Ft A. N BY Bso'a , Agents . Com e wher e ther e is a n assortmen t t o selec t from : ATTTT8. OXIiS. AN D Cultivators, Plows, and Extras; — w ^ ^Z) ,. huir, very ainer'a . kind s for NEW STORE, NEW GOODS, NEW PRICES LEGAL. Steam Fittings, Iron Pipe, Etc.; •Doors, Windows WITITI lx of all nbali'n. stylish liat, stiff or 1 tock of 1? r V. Kecd's. ids of woodeu ware, Is, butter bowls, etc . K. Wells A. Hon. <]iiartera for Ijorril- s.c-k and Scotch snuffs. LEWI S BROS . perfumes made lound a t Grain's Dru g I l have in a A. SI I SYSTEM, Notic e Co Oredltora . I*uniuanl to an <»-«l«r of th« HurrOK>ta of tho | | Co ran ty of Otit&rlo, notice Is fi ornby rl voii to mi\ par LI • IIBVIDK claims »)t^ |n|, t Wlllla.m to. SLmmo&a. L« or tho town of TM&x>I*»t OnUrlo County. StAtw J Naw York, decoMod, to proit«at tha nme . witli Ui« I onrlion tbaraof to tfam undvrvlKnnd •dmlnUtrator [ I WLX. hU omc* Ixi a«A<l town of Ntplea on or iMfure tX TtA djtj of Uarch IBM I -EONA RL> I.KWIS I>al«d S<-i>t. O, 1S83. AdniinUIrtitor* IMtniS Paris Green, ftiicl Sprinklers; which will allow «.lll )Milt«r t>V sold b y F . GJ. C^-am aro a t In? intond u was II. RnabTlJle . .T K. Ii. >>>*»< »n li JIM moved into hi s liousr (»n <Tilbt*rt 8tr«'f t flit frv.jiipiit rains very much liin !• rs tlio wt >rk of gradin g upon th e r ix\ I r^a J l)l»<l C>< t. JVth, 1883, in thi s vil­ lage, M r**. Kli y.nbeth benl age d 8 3 Kunural scrvifes wer e field from th e residence of Mrs . Kti/.abuth Ansbe r «• r on Monda y a t 1 p . m. , li e v. L . Jissu p offioiating Joh n Bromer, of Indiana , ha s bee n ViHitin g his brothers-in-law , th e TL >ward boys , an d h e i s s o much pleiaed with this countr y tha t h e has conclude d t o settl e amon g us; h e has parcbaae d M r. Henr y Harper's farm , built- Warne r which take s u p <>f Main an d Hill streets - Th e first buildin g wa s buil t b y Joh n Ciehrig in 1 8H'2 wh o ha s since oot upiod par t of i t a s a shoe sliop. IL is also rente d t o Willar d Itobin- son an d Joh n l^itxpjerald. Th e nex t house was buil t b y Joh n Gehri g in 1H6G wh o lias since occupied it. Th e nex t house was buil t b y Jaco b Maichle in 186 4 an d ha s been oocu- picd b y him since . Th e nex t house was buil t b y Fran k Hake in 1862 an d occupied b y him until his deat h in 1864, the n for a shor t tim e b y hi s widow , wh o in i860 was marrie d t o Joh n 11 oltzmey e r wh o ha s since occupied it . Th e nex t house was buil t b y C J McDowel l in 1874 for his farm house It wa s firs L occupied b y ISdilo Brliller. then b y Kugen e VanWormer , Jame s Sutler an d Jame s C Green . Th e farm in .A. pri 1 1883 wa s purchase d l>y Merrit t l^usenbur y wh o ha s sinoe occupied it . Acros s th e stree t an d a little east stand s th e house move d from th e -A. T*arrowe farm in 1B50 tojits preaen location an d ha s since bee n occupied by Joh n Wempl o Th e nex t house wes t is th e Catho ­ lic parsonag e buil t in 1880 and h since been occupied first b y Itc v Josep h Fengcr , an d since th e fall 1882 b y Rev . Georg e Zurchcr . Th e nex t buildin g is th e Cathol i church , which w e will tr y and gi v ia a separat e article . 17pon th e site of th e next house stood a honse whic h had stood there some years and was burned in 18-6 7 the present one was built b y Georg e Wage r in 1868 who occupied i t part of th e time and rented t o various | parties untiJL 1878 when i t wa s pur- while returning hom e from Xtuslrville. Henr y O. Moore, near Perm Ys n suicided b y hangin g a few day s ago ; he ha d lost hi s grap e cro p b y th t frost. The Stat e Hluid -Asylum, a t ISata- via, lias been i losed on a.i coun t of malignan t diptheria . Tht* inmate s wer e sen t t o their homes last J\. Sunda y School Teacher s cialion for Stouboii count y at A voca Tuesda y an d Wednesda y of thi s week wit h good atten d an ce - Afte r th o Waylan d an d Wallac e fires, Denni s Larkin , of Cohocton , the insuranc e agen t there , wa s th e first t o b e on th e groun d t o adjus t Gideo n l*itts* horse , of Honeoye , was frightene d b y th e car s a t Livon­ ia, last week, runnin g awa y an d in­ jurin g Mr. I*itts; bu t no t seriously. W m. hZ Adai r took th e first prize in musical instrument s a t th e Hern- lock fair recently , an d ha s sold a larg e numbe r since, giving; good sa t isf action. A larg e numbe r of republican law­ yers in th e 7t h Judicia l distric t hav«- nigned a recommen d tha t th e demo­ crati c nom i n ces for Suprem e Cour t Justice s b e vote d for. A Ii . Vorhis, th e Canistoo default­ er, wa s arreste d on a forged not e of , 83,400, his friends **ohipped in l > an d paid th e nolo iu less tha n forty-eight 1 tJia^nAce-J-jaxxk:«»,: apply\ to\ ' STOT wanna.co i Yon r Ble' Oall on u s for room, giving yd u water closet and rltisa aud cheaj: <: o I : «' . all grades to sui fiue and coarse all and barrels I ji uie I*aris, marble dust liair ft>r plastering. *K<»r rJc v Tickets to \Ne $12 ar e on sale| are good for 10 route can you gof autly. J . O. Kxou rRton J?uffalo au d retu) via the I>. I-.. «Ss| at IJlnods depot. Al We ar e sellii scales (Kor»yt itform, with ments. cVall Jolley , 3 /iddle4ex, N. Y. lOtf ours an d h e was se t free. Th o talk is tha t Lim a an d Honeoy e alls will hav e th o £?as from th e I i 1 oom fie Id ga s well carrie d t o tli town s for ligh t and fuel ; it seems t o feasible an d ineasn res ar o being take n t o fulfill th e project . Cbanjco n o > J»*«x-«. jr If om. jrm. No w th e west side of Kli/.abe tli stree t calls for its mention . A s w e hav e often said this stree t opens into Vin e street , jus t wher e the old saw mill creek turne d aroun d th e ban k t o th o uppe r saw mil), and , we hav e said before, tha t Vin e stree t was th e ol d creek be d tha t in olden times ran alon g th e ban k from wher e S t rob ridge' s rac e now run s in, t o th e saw mills mentione d before . On th o west corne r of E'ixabeth an d Vin e street s is th o statel y resi deuce of S. Duan c Lyon , whic h ha s been mentioned . I t ha s ha d i t slop in g lawn grade d an d improve d since it was mentioned . Acros s th e front, of th e lawn is wher e tho old mill race ran, an d even no w it s evidences ar e visible in th e nex t lo t nort h t h propert y of G . BdC. Lyon . I t would interes t th e reade r t o look a t tl: front par t of th e lo t last mentione d and , w e think , tho re ca n b e t-een plainly, wha t was th e bed of th e old mill race nea r th e head of th e pond of th e uppe r mill Thi s lo t of G. M Lyon's, a s well a s tha t of S Duan e X*yon*s, ant) even Joh n Peck's , nex t north , wer e tht; oak grov e below an d adjoinin g Bobnick . N o buildin g on G. Sri. Lyon' s lot , bu t i t is a fine peac h orchard . a larg e load of <_ hilled plow?, 1 membe r tha t it as th e best pi the m back . In (own iHwldm a irood ntoolc ot *l£«m 'n BOOTS & SHOES. INotlc« c o Or«dltor« . . PorstiMit to i*n ordnr of tlio HnrroR«U> or CotiDty of Ontario, aot'c* la oor»t>y tctv«n to nil p«r ~ na h»vln« clAlinn ««alniit Mnniunl Curtlj*. latn of tb« wnof Klchmoud. Oatarlo Conn ty. BUkta or M«w York. dnCfluwil, to promnt tha Mtmo. with tb« 'oiiohnre i h«rt« tf to tho ujid«rtlKU«d sdinlDl>tr«Uini Lt too dwoiiinic tiouHi of H&r*b A. Carttii la aald owa of Rlclitnocd on or bvrors Ih«i 7tti i*»y of F«t> I8tM A.. CUBTT8 HAMILTON II. UtTKTIB, Adroluliitrotnr Dntwl. .July 30. IHN1 *ln>6 We have the goods and wish to see you here. That man don't live who will undersell us. Come to headquarters. F. Gr. CRAMER, Kaplf a*-, -sr. rators a t a low price , aud warran t them , 1 hav e a 50-cen t te a that defies competition . It sells like wildfire . I t canno t l>o beaten , an d i t need s onl y on e tria l t o prov e i t true . My SUOABS «ra XZ> O \A/ Notio n s o 0*r«»4U\*ont. PurmiAnt to an oxxlor of tl»« Burrogato of ttao | | County of Ontario, tiotloa in horuby ffivon to at] per­ ns having clivlmn n^tkioAt Otia fioroo. tatu of I | Naplsn, Ontario Co., 27. V , dooosaod, to prcatto.t. U*.e I | Batao wttik tho ToneliorB thereof to ti»o «-ort«*rmig*aeoL, | eaewcrator CLX. hi a storo In Uie ITUIABO of NaDlce, : I said county. On or bofnre thn 6th, Am.y of A .prlt, 1884 GEO . B . GRANBY , Xxecutor. XTateO, 2?ax>Ios, Oct. Stf, 1SS3. OUR Gchr G- lysrow.\ - estimates on hot or cold . bath water , all connections first s dirt ; F. G . Gramer. ati ; x Co i customers ; grades il I ! I S A L T - in sa<*ks cement , I 'laster water lime an d CoNAU<; I1TY. jw \V ork an d return for at liloods. au d they days. 15y no other so cheaply and pleas- i A u I>LO w, Agent , Bloods tStSktion. I lc«*j> on band al-o a, roll atock of PORK, HAMS, FISH of all kinds or ni I |Fi-iMtc>» Mc-tii. otc. Loo k ove r m y boot s an d shoe s j an d see if I a m no t righ t there , an d j sui t yo u bot h i n o L ualit3- an d price . Com e an d prov e what I sa y I ca n givt* yo u tin* mos t an d bette r good s I for th o mone y tha n an y othe r plac e j :i town . C. I*. TTTTWR AT.T., Worth Cohocton. S T O V f^^^^^^ pketa from Bloods to ] ru, good for ti days, j W. , ar e heing sold .A.. II . Slit:i is , Agent. g tlie IJ . Jr>. standar d lh) hay , counte r or all th e late irnprove- th e office of VK. h\ J OI.I.KT v « Koccl ' «fc TVooi>. tho celebrate d Oliver >ear it in mind an d ro- the y don' t fill th e bill r mad e w« will tak e f*\. G. CKA.*JEU. J I your plow won t tio your work you don't want it, anil if tlio plow I soli you don't do all the work 1 say it will you need no t keep it. TVe sell tho bent two (>1 ows iii tlio marke t th o < )Iiver aud TViard. C^all in and ox- amiu e them ad d take ono on trial. f . G . CVAMEK , Ti n Ware ; We ar e no w receivin g some doubl e cross ti n wan f which w e bu y larges t ti n house in th e I\ . good s ar e bet: makob in a urn way down , of th e i Thes e te r tha n an y ma n can \ •all sho p an d ar o \ W e hav e marke d the m ] pap for cash . f**- G_ CaAMER- On r terms all will remc which means of the pa y i (or th e NBAI'OUTAN , a s | mbcr, ar e iu advance, wc H 1 IU .11 IIHVO some use | well a s ou r patrons. All subscriptions not paid within a cas h tim e willj cos t o f coli c pe r moo t On e can ' business o r tha t matter , in healt h au \first co*ifri.<cZer\iti<sii. STILL ALIVE !| a t North Cohocton . o <> : O a I ItMD n KBDOrai qtock of 13K. Y GOODS, NOTIONS, Candie s an d Groceries ; 1 Mil ttl» IJEHT N. O molasse s Tor 7/5 cents , Porto | Ric o for 5 0 cents - th e l>eat Jap tea , OO cents ; Ri o coffee 12 cents , Java, S28c ; cracker s for 8c. ; granulate d sugar , 10 , lightes t coffee suga r for 8, soft for 9 1-12; soda , Sets ; por k from 1 2 1-2 t o 14c , lar d 14c ; I kerosen e an d ITeadlificht oil , 1 bes t smokin g an d chewin g tobacco ; boota for $>2 an d up; shoe s a s «bea p a s th e cheapest ; Rubbe r boot s an d shoes , Clot h slippers , etc. , frui t cans , Crocker y an d tinware , ^ an d th o onl y 5 an d lO-cen t conn - I te n i n town , al l o f whic h we will sell j aJIIJstl* for CASJEI, or Read y Pay . X.. 3>. FULLER, 34 North Cohocton. COAL! GOAL!! GOALIMI «& 80N . DEALERS IN GENERAL HARDWARE, NAPLES, N. Y. CO CO g* s u S ta > 2, o IB. F. DOW & CO. EVERY TIJM.E. be charged interest and ting—making tw o per |h for the year. S. I>- Drso. expec t t o succeed in pleasur e either , for unless one feels all righ t spi rits . Tli is is th e No-* , it'a a small matte r when this remedy , ZO-PE-S A is recommende d so highly , even <jxtar- CLnteecl t o r«;new one's energ y an d spirits b y invigoratin g tlie Live r an d aid ing t>ig« 'ation, b y clearin g th e Brain, openi i g th e pores of th e slcin, regulatin g tlio Rowel s an d system, dru g stor e of JOHN C. ge t a single t>ottle of trial . I t is a dut y ever y himself. Tr y a bottle t o g o t o th e ^I/OBG A N ancj Zores A a s a one owe s t o , then . J. EE - Loveland lias tlao celebrated Dela­ ware & Hudson Coal for sale. Tliis coal has been used in Na­ ples for thie last six: years, always giving- tlxe \best satisfaction; it is clean, pure, and bard- The Best is the; Cfoetzjpest ctlwctys. ! Send in yonr orders and try it at Pirices way down for ^Lugust. rm oki-a still ma D af»cturlDK | ENGINES; THRESHERS, HORSE fOWERS, ' CORN SHELLEES, FEED COTTERS, Circiilar Wood Saws , etc. , From their Work s a t Fowlerville , N. Y . *ni. wm • lut 1 LJ of n)KblMi7 Hint oal try Uil. firaa 1. W.1I kliww.i XA3 th . ratlr. oouulr. .xxl lit . osxly Mcaa .i r InCon. th . rmm nr i that x . m rr HI .jcn l u d will foisllll *— K ^ ctio vm~T LOWEST RATE. I Klao <3«>«J In PORTABLE SAW MILLS, •od s&wa of *U ii 1 •« 1 1 tiTI 1111 • BJMI STATIONERY ENGINES. Addrm in* u4 yon wtl] MC «1 T« PROMPT ATTENTION. b«.j*e wll tx» .Ck. 8AVINQ n***^^'j^(llrecl^ wltl* ID *. Addrm »t \\—**_ oi 3- s. lookout for cilvrnxxcos to ttra« l»*lr oapoi t imi ^o -j ?£*n £55i?SLr . . . • rr-om Ui* Orel will «»w nor* than i tn 11m • ip«n»l-ro otrtoc fttratohad nv«. tmllm to m«Jro t^aamrr r>pl41* tliu* « K > tn* work, or FT-Jil lnrorm*tlop ana «J A<3iln STIKkOa A Cos I l*.r*r« nilad np ta« ol<s «tor» -rttti Best of A£ercfLCLTuli&e: Bes t o f Teaa for 50c ; Jap siftings 5 lbs for Goo d Tobacc o for40 cents ; JPorJc <SD GTvoice FamHy GROCERIES. I> JL\ Y GOODS, n.rjd a. Genera l Stock^ VBKT 03 Al l Icincis o t produc e taken . \Warn*. Xte^r- F. B. BEECHER'S LAW, JUSTICE, AHD INSURANCE OFFICE, BLOODS, IsT. Y. UK A I. ESTATE «nd NEGOTIABLE PAPE R bought cuid sold on commiaBloq. Policie s give n for Life , Fir e &xxd -*> Acciden t Insurance . * v \ Vol tLtxhhe JF*ct rrwt CLn*£ Vilteuja JCiGftm. •noxt? o n iK<xn*i txrxtl. for aaZc— Address , o r mem . s in A rtrt-r—« Tmo at Co.. An^ai Teui i >ad AS t C*3LjartUi*(k] for . _ . tlni«, or tr\ otli^r *>o>1 1 bom Mid wtrlM wutBa «v*rrirh«r* tor-worlc'^-^'.' w «- .«««•, You <> MI . work; 1&-'> HI^>- •* - JJUWtti ^ Co, JPOrQ-Wt. ply** Ql ««i* Out. On i-*o»Tx>t o C 3rx >u_r— \-t» o*cr by -»njIcJct jon. . 3 . m& Tc— \

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