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THE NEAPOLITAN. 'Kalercd at the XV>- t O Cle­ at Naplea. N \V . sJ« /\or IY u» I'tttXa^J* I pit OIR.CITLAT £OZQT Abram Foantain ( of Minneeoto, is visit trigj; Kin ma ny friends in this place, I I o was formerly & resident of H»ent. Hill. Our merchant* are making prepa- fiZ±Zr£. I rata oris for the holiday trade. -A.. Adams <5b Son are receiving some fine >roods; Slattery, Olmsted «fc Co X,&7\S- 1 Wheeler Olayson, Wm . Teal, J. O THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13. 1883. Unocal Cor /*^9po7M£enoe. V>eirig CcDsiderab'e plowing done. J. S. VanDorfii sold his sonth farm of 115 acres and lying next to the town line to Alfred Leaoh. of Springwater. 2S1 r. V&nDoren h a>« also purchased of Mr Colo the lea»e of the Wetmorc farm. Alien 11 a flf, an old and mnch re­ spected citi/.t'n, died on the 2 1st olt; he was huned f r> >m hm residence *>n SSunciay, it)« 25th rt«-v S M. t>a> prCKrlii'd from Itev 14 13, after whic h the friend** attainted in inter­ ring the rem ai»H in ** LakeV;ew oem - ftcry at Hyneoyc. Mr. Man\ leave** a large circle of mourning friends. The O. L. fci met at the residence j handed to the aecretery | MoNair, and X>r Woodard are also. ! The U>r. has placed a new counter through the center of his store and , it is filled with «hoioe goods. The show case wbioh be has filled with Christmas and Now Year cards is the finest show ever seen at BlooAft, and at such prices as will enable each and every sne to obtain a card. For the past S weeks Mre». Richard Day too and .M ra. H>r. Woodard have been contesting for a silver cake bas­ ket and a go I d- 1 i ned n poo a bolder, i D the way of soliciting from every in­ dividual as many dollars as they f«-»-l disponed to contribute, the one ob- i ainin^ the greater amount of monev tt> have the cake Stti-kt't, and the nth er to »»fc.ve the HJ>«>< • I I holder. Tbi - w BA deter rn inpd at the ROC t a. 1 r eoe »i t ly M rn Dayton had Reeure d 139 '2.5 , and Mrs W <*«»dnrd $3 1 SO, mak­ ing in all <s70 75; this amount waw of the Hap- <->f A N. Tibbaltt on the evening of the r.th inst, and participated in a Hocml and profitable entertainment, sifter the programme of the evening had been carried out the semi-annu­ al fleet ion of effioers was held. 1're- , T . J. Allen, Vice Pres., Mrs. I.. J. Hyde, Sec , J no. JS> oolittlo. As­ sistant Sec .Flora Slingerland,Treaa., Ueo Strong, Chorister, Em ma I ngra- }i am Wallace can now boast of two imw cburchen; the jVI. EL church will soon be ready for dedication. (ieorgo Sutton has his new store nearly enclosed, I>r. C J=5. Stephens' now store will 1>« ready for occu­ pancy in a few days; L . Vedder's new hotel will soon be ready for the masons. The people of Wallace are going to have a Christmas tree, held in the •lock church, to which all are in­ vited; come aud t njoy a social even­ ing, Ohrintmas eve, and bring your presents to fill up the tree. A seriouB 'and fatal accident oc­ curred on Th anksiriy ing dav to SSteuben Oxx, wlio was employed as foreman on the Samuel Ilaskins farm near Wallace station, while he was •unhitching a young and vicious team from a wagon, by some oversight he left one tup; unhitched ; when the horses started up they became frightened and jumped against Mir. OJTJC forcing him against the fence, And the -wagon pole striking him just aboje his boot top forcing its \\ \\\ I' I :h liis leg break- mg and mangling it m / m ja manner. On Sunday following am- patation was resorted to as the only means of saying his life; but this *was of no avail, as he died very Boon after. rits funeral was held in the new Union church at Wallace on Tuesday, Dec 4th He w J*M highly respected by »11 who knew hi m a** a kind, obliging neighbor, a e\°d citi­ zen, and an earnest C hri«iian, buy­ ing in h»a youth heeded the admoni­ tion, \Be ye also read y from ht-re well and M ) d >ff hi s %• a ) u e. his satisf ac- m I «J O l «n « Some barlej goes Canandaigaa, Our hotel is doing d les«> >: grows. Kraok Lewi-* grading lidding to itH look* and W ill Gnawtild, of Naples, was the >>tit of Fred I\>l!<ick over Sunday. Adams «fc Stuhhuiri are gettifig on those large ihroinos and lots of hol- id ay goods. The report that Magce had bought «'iir railroad and it was to be a fail- iii*., -lid not rcoeivo the sanction of • n i people. Our leeture eourae by the Free Ha] 't int HOCIUI y i» y ery onterprining, and speaks well for them; it ought to be bettor patronised. IMo re house still keeps up a fi rst elaflB stock of t*. as, coffees, flour, feed, candies, 03 stern, etc., at old place, and gives good t ion . It if. Tozer has opened a flour and grocery store next to Williams arid Adams* hardware, Middlesex, and has things in good shape. Oe keeps oysters by the dish and meas­ ure, confectionery, etc , and prom­ ises good bargains. Some of our boys visited Mr. ]McDonald at I*ottle Center and are loud in their praise of his hotel, ill very thing is A No . 1 , and \Ash\ is sure to please all who call. They also ppealc highly of Durham in the store near by. Such good hoys de­ serve the patron ago of the whole country. Firee «Sc Kountaiu are manufactur­ ing brooms hero in the basement of Storehouse's store, and they are do­ ing good work. Their brooms are in use here and give the best of sat­ isfaction; they icpair boots and nhoep, and cut hair and shave a very useful shop for our village They are entitled to patronage. tint church to be used as the chnrrh d en ires ; this h as bee n indeed a fi ne thing for the chureh, and it is hoped we may now feel assured that our church will soon regain its prosperity. Oa>a*aoi er sick ith fever are all in progress and Cjuite a nx etc . Our school doing well. Hops are being sold all the way from lO to 2 '.i cents per pound. OJooTge r$. M. allery. who has been visiting his parents here, has return­ ed to Kansas. Orestes Case has Just returned home from Kansas, he having been there orh a visit to his son, who lives there. Borne improvements going on a- round us! Egbert Child and Thos. M. Honn have nicely painted their dwellings. T*ity a number of others would not do 1 ilenwise. farmers are complaining some about the price of barley. They have no wheat and corn to sell,con­ sequently they think the low price of barley may leave them lacking in funds. The travelling is excellent. The roads are dry and hard ; the ground is also dry; streams, springs, and wells very low for this time of year, and have been all the fall although we have had frequent rains. We are living too fast in every manner. The waste is too rapid, both physical and nervous (or spirit- !>. The\ conaed\-^^flf^^fc^hj^t the Rice MotUton 2d is on the sick list with bilious fever. X>. H>. Clark has a brother from C res ton, la., visiting him. Dandelions in bloom were picked here on Thursday, the 6th. An unsuccessful attempt to carry molasses in an apron is reported, Mrs. E. Wet more had pansies in bloom last week, in an out-door bed. Our O- A . R— boys meet next Sat­ urday night for election of officers. Charles Johnson is improving his house with paint, and many mors should follow. Wetrnore «fc Sons are closing out dolmans and jackets very low, to get them out of the way. The fall term \of our school closed last Friday, and the winter term be­ gan on Monday, the 10th. M ra. Geo. Wilson spent a part of last week at the home of her daugh­ ter, M rs. Rills, in W ay land. Our farmers seem over-anxious to -ell t eir butter, and well tbey may be for it is sure to be lou er. Why don't the Wesleyans put a plank walk in front of their church to keep people out of the mud ? The circulating library at the post . offico gives a good opportunity for reading the new books at only ten ; cents each. The raking of door-yards coupled with the exceedingly mild weather reminded us of spring; all we lacked was the robins. rKe were pleased to see Morrison Parks on our streets again on Satur­ day. He is slowly regaining his eye­ sight and strength The new iron bridge across the river is now complete, Commissioner Fowler having just finished the fill­ ing in for the walk. Jfioth of the Bash boys are home from railroading. C. A., is having a good time visiting with the boys, while Volney is busy repairing and re-furnishing his rooms. Quite a little excitement and some wagers has been had over the weights of hogs here. Norman Hubbard thought his hog would be the heav­ iest, but 338 pounds told his story. VV. Van Riper'a weighed 303 pounds; and the \Liv e Yankee** hog tipped the scales at 431 1-2 pounds; and Mr. Curtis is declared the winner of the belt. Curtis* hog was a very chq^oe one, the rough lard weighing ft4 pounds, aud is the best oue of the place. !TN\o little sport has been had over the expected weights wbioh tarn out as reported above. »ooi digestive tSm&TnT~ niemT brano, craves, demands, and will ob­ tain a stimulant of some lcind to try and bold up a little longer a false and mistaken notion; for this cour**e ouK makes more >-u re the breaking- down pri ICM K ! FI »* re re pen tanca aud ao'oiii^ e of heart is p«»«iiively nec , H - -1 r > for - «'v tliot i \iy change of n • • 1 n t , i • , - 1 >|) Me w as e ; \to p * v *-i lialnt iMai a**t*-f th< s\*«t»-m T L T K* < • 11 t v 1001 i an<i rn• (licin «*H ili »t a re «*i m pie and plain. F*o« *d l h mom n -uriwhing, but of t h« most digestible k 11 id , use only such m e< j icine as help t •» d igei-t and a^si nnh te the food. Use not & drop of alcoholic liquors of any kiud. ohang- reco ver- fever as that M . Mrs. T . Swartz returned home *~n Friday of last week- Jack Connell Is moving into the bouse vacated by John Shardlow. The sccial at J J. Crouch's was a fine event, real 1 icing for the trouble about $10. Minnie Thorp, w ho has been visit­ ing Mr. Owen, returned home one day last week. T>. Weld and Wheeler Clayson Jiave moved into their new houses axux are now settled. .Joseph J en ka nan the frame of his barn raised. M, H . V\ ilcoi wears a proud look, cause a son. A. T . I*arkbill, of Avoca, was in town Saturday. A. H . Wilcox expects to move his family to Elmira this week. W. X>. Baldwin, of the 7Vme^, spent Sunday with his best girl in Naples. Rev. E. Ci. Hall attended district conference at Lawrencoville, Penn., last week. Maicble «fc Finch have commenced the cellar wall for their store on the Winters lot. Fred Wygant has so 'far ed from his recent attack of to be out part of the time. Wo are pi eased to learn W. Harris, who has been confined to the house the past IO days, is improv­ ing. The ladies of the Presbyterian ch u roh will hold a Fai r next Frid ay evening at Mrs, T . It. Harris'. Al l are invited. Cearles Campbell, who came from Albany to attend the funeral of his nephew, Clarence Campbell, at Bath, Monday, was in town Tuesday. The show windows of Wygant, Sbattuck, riarrie Bros., and Rey­ nolds look a** if Santa Claus was go­ ing to be good to all the coming On ristman. At ttie examination held Friday of the shooting of W . T . Elliott on the 1> 1„. «fc W. railroad, De c 4, Prank 15 Sator was held to answer before the CSrand J ury in «Jan nary J us- tices Cooley an d W aagh -were asso ciatcd in the ex amination. •E. r* Terry has a couotor in Bar rin* Mtore tastefully arranged with de­ lights lor the little ones; judging from the admiring eye« that we oft- en see watching the xnany beautiful things, we &r* sure you can get that wbioh pleases your loved ones there. The Phelps ^<Zv~t*mvr ed its quarters. Supervisors met last week and ad.- joaiTied tojiia^bi^iy^osMon . Can an ^algw^j^c ^ over tHepros- pect of water works by & Ne w TTorlc company. The Geneva ^ct-oerttsmr keeps up its railroad faith to oven a gaseous condition. Five hundred gallons of molasses IM Kaid to have been the daily pro­ duct of the Penn Van mill. r« Baldwin, of Geneva, has been <•• nvictod, sentenced to prison and fined for her abuse of an adopted girl . A fracas at Stanley between an old gentleman and a son-in law is the last disgraceful act in that part of Ontario county. The £>ansvillians are freely signing ing a petition to have the T>. TJ. *5Z. W. railroad carry the mail. It probably will be labor in vain. B. F. Dow &. Co., who used to manufacture threshers, etc., at Fow- lerville, J-.iv. Co., N . Y- , have failed at Peru, 111., where they moved. The tax — the first one—for the Union School district of Danaville is opposed, and an injunotion has been applied for to prevent its collection. Brooks, the Phelps astronomer, th in ks th e red li gilts that have f o 1- lowed the setting of the sun for a couple of weeks past, is meteorie dust, or that we are entangled in the tail of a comet. This may be so, for we are enveloped with meteoric showers now. blocs: erected! the past summer by C. Shults and occupied by Shults Bros. ^= Co., and by John F. Shults who has rooms in the 2d story; the third story is a fine hall. This is oue of the finest brick blocks in town and speaks well for the •nterpriso of Mr. Shults. The next house was built in the fifties, and among its early occupants Phillip Beemer, and Robinson, the tailor. About 1866 it was purchas­ ed by J. Wigdon who occupied it until he sold it about 1861 to Mathi- as Hoag who sold it about 1870 to Jacob Wiand who occupied it until about 1874, when it was purchased by C. Shults aud has since been rent­ ed to different parties. I t is now oc­ cupied by ? About 1853 there was built on the ground now occupied by the office of Thomas Warner a small building by Samuel ObamlSerlain who had a gro­ cery there. In 18S5 it was sold to !N. J. Wheeler who moved it to the present site the second west from Shults* block, and the same year sold it to Daniel Claney who remodeled it and built the present house. About lgT2 Mr. Claney lost a limb while at work in the lumber yard Soon after this accident lie sold out and moved to Bath. It was then sold to C. Shults and up to 1881 rented to dif­ ferent parties whose namen we have not obtained. In 1881 and since it has been occupied by Michael Welch and by Mrs. Jilary Shults, mother of Conrad Shults. The next lot is vacant. The next has been purchased by William Perault who intends put- ing a storehouse thereon. Next comes the IX L. *fc \W. rail­ road with its tasty depot from which you can start and go anywhere upon the known world, and where you will find the obliging ajeent, T . E. Murphy, ever ready to assist you to a ticket, and Jacob Hart, Jr., will put your trunk on aud give the en­ gine a refreshing drink. The best mixed ready mixed at paint Mo A. full stock of dye stuffijt ifoKGAlT 'S Kioo plastering hair, the market, svt Cramer's. Pork, Flam, fish of sale at C. L. Kimball** all If you wish a stylish ^ft, look at the stock of B LILSL £, stiff or T_ Re«d's. W e keep all kinds of w such as tubs, pails, butter K, W Best handkerchief perfji in America are found at Store. o|oden ware, bowls, etc. So Sou. |umes made u*s Drug Han cock Inspirators at ijt> low price KVo put them ou aud waijrant them, sold by F. G. Cramer. for cash to c I o F. G. at cost Rtock. Call at Dunton «& Co*s. lemons, and all foreign ai fruits. I will deliver in quautit that nice I^ackawanaa coaJ| apply to 31 tf GUY Tin ware tin toilet sets complete stock at great] prices, at F. G. C-Vamcr. The BOHX 50 -cent tea Kimball's, North Cohoctc for miles around ; it heat money - The increase of Jkf~~ is due to the fact that he cheaper, believing that th pence is better than the sl| Big reduction in pric have an overstock an duced. This is a rare chi sous who desire to paint, 1 mers- W o have in stock coi corn meal, bran, bolted graham aud all kinds of fl|our A . W . IDTJI- X.«>K.ter (rom S . Pmrtrltfge . Since I commenced writing this letter I run across an article in a newspaper on \Sights in the Far West\ which I attach hereto, the fellow who wrote it having had about the- same experience as we had; it will give you some idea of what they have and what and how they do it in the western country. \Since I came into Colorado 1 have played at snow-ball on the last day of July, I have seen ladies scrape away the snow and pick flowers from the ground under the snow, and I have seen red-i ipe strawberries pick­ ed from green bushes after kicking off a foot of enow from them. * This at Alpine pass. X have -seen men 'on. 'horseback: Bush has his house newly is buying all the furs be TL. J. painted, Geo. C can find. Our merchants have a fine spread of holiday goods. Coboctou' a Bn«lB«M DANSVILLK STREET. Having nearly finished the history of the east side of the river with the exception of Erie street and the por­ tion about the Ijarrowe mill which we shall take up In future articles, we shall in this and the folic wing 2 or 3 articles step across the Conh00- ton and look at the history \Canada\ has been writing Upon the south side, east end, was erected a small building about 1840. In 1853 it was purchased by Samuel Ch imberlain which he used for a grocery. I t was then rented to Ben­ jamin Henry, then by M S. Andrua. It was purchased about 1862 by by V% llliam Abel who kept a saloon the.o. During the latter part of this occupancy the following is related: A train loaded with returning sol­ diers was going north on the Erie. Daring their stop at this station a few of the soldiers goinu over sought something to eat; but the price uot suiting, they went back to the train, and accompanied by a large number, completely riddled the house of its eatables, Th us Cohooton had a taste of war depredations. Thia place was purchased in 1 808 by Conrad Shults who removed the building across the street and built the pres­ ent building, and up to the present time has kept hotel there. I t is now. owned by contract by C. J. Mehlen- backer who now occupies, the old store part as a bottling works and obtains full possession April 1st, *&4» Next west stands the new hrick have \'meri r ^gn^oot^Ks^ltirM have seen those horcmen draw out red flag and ride baok at dare -devil gallop over the ties to flag a train I have seen the ticket agent at Marshal's Pass, 10,725 feet altitude, sitting by a'roariug fire in his office on July SO, while outside the ladies of our excursion were gathering wild flowers atid berries, thermometer 44 degrees in the shade. I have seen the adobe houses of the Mexicans at Pueblo, wherein was more dirt and filth than ever dream­ ed of by an English family; wherein men, women, girls and visitors alike slept under straw on a clay floor, in a room which was alike kitchen, par lor, and bedroom. I have seen Mox ioan girls with castinets dancing E fandango, wearing nothing but a few sunflowers in their long, black hair unabashed in the preHonee of a lmn died on -1 ooke 1 M. I have seen in the stieetw of twenty saloon towns open gambling hells, with a aign above tlio door, \Cards and Ram.\ I have seen 011 , the streets of Denver splendid houses, the occupation of whose female in­ mates was only too plainly indicated by a transparency gas lamp suspend­ ed in the vestibule. I have seen mountains of rocks thousands of feet high, with the stones arranged layer upon layer as if built by a mason, as regularly and carefully laid, and I have seen stand­ ing in the middle of the plain a flat stone, on its edge 33 0 feet to its top. I have seen in the R.oyal gorge a mountain over 2 00 0 feet high all seeming one solid stone, without a crack or crevice actually one big solid rock. I have seen, aud have in my sachet specimens of coal brought from the same mountain, one from an anthra­ cite vein proving up SO per cent, carbon, and another of bituminous coal from a vein 8 feet thick, and from a tested field of 3,500 acres owned by one man. I have seen a girl dashing over the plains on horseback dismount to pick a boquet for her hat, and, calling her Newfoundland dog, step on his back, and remount. I have seen an open Bible laying ou an elegantly carved oak altar at the entrance of a rum-shop and gambling den at T^eadville, and above the Bible a sign painted, say­ ing: \* Please, Kind Friends, Don,t Swear.\ Think of such an appeal made in such a way by the keeper of a drinking den! I have ridden in a palace-car on Rio Grande railroad, the name of which, painted on its side in gilt letters, was \The Blood of Jesus,** fol lowed by another car named \Heart of the Saviour.\ I have traveled nearly two thous­ and miles over the territory west of the Missouri river, in a land wbioh my mind bad peopled with Indians, and have not seen a single Indian on the whole trip not one—except two filthy squaws on the station platform at Cheyenne, 1 * You r Ne w X Call on us for estimates room, giving you hot or water closet and all conne class aud cheap as dirt; F Com! I CToml t r all grades to suit custom fine aud coarse all gra and barrels. Lime, cemi F*aris, marble dust, wate]' hair for plastering. Coir Tickets to New York and return for $12. are on sale at Bloods, and they are good for IO days. lr y no other rente can you go so cheaply and pleas­ antly. A . FOSTER , Agent, BIOCK la Station. Excursion tickets fro Buffalo and return, good via the X>. X*. *fc TK., at Bloods ^dspofe^^ArrTrTjA: Just received a spied bug~y and team whips cash and will be sold ohe the best lot ever opened F. G. Tfe are selling the U . S. standard scales (Forsyth) hay, counter or platform, with all the late improve menta 6*a! 1 at the office of W. F. Jolley, Middlesex, N Y . lOtf JOI.LKT ]& WOOD. NOTHING Can t>e lost by sending for frtm npecimcno of the Grea t Far m and Garde n Journa l of Amer ­ ica, The Real New-YorfcBr. Dovoo's >BUA^f \S. at Store, ery best i kinds for |se out our ORAMKE. for oranges, d domestic es to suit, any size ; CJ. LYON . full aud ly reduced is at C. I-- n ; it draw** * all for the Iter's trade sells goods nimble six- |ow shilling. of paints, want it re- ice for per- F. G . Cra- L and oats, oora meal. at 1* «Sc Co . ou a bath cold water, ctions first G. Cramer. *30 lit ! s; SALT — is in sacks nt. Plaster r lime and ADGHTY. Bloods to }for XO days, being sold Persons going West need not go to Rochester or Buffalo to purchase their western tickets, for tbey can pnrohase at the Bloods office as low or lower, and save money by so do­ ing ; aud the parchaser is surer of good time and connections if he pur­ chases hero- All who intend to go West should call aud see how much It is to their advantage to buy here. A~ FOSTXR, Bloods Depot, N_ Y . HEW STORE, NEW GOODS, NEW PRICES X hmr« jo«t rot aw*«W<l in mr new itor* CJ^L SH S ITS T JEJMC, which will allow m « to do i »Hn t>*t**r t>y castom «rB th mo wvwr b«for* 1 £*«1 oonlUnnt in uT lnc I h^-v-e UM ou t itock of Lxi town, o ••lde» m. (ood atoak oT Kra's BOOTS & SHOES. NEW YORK, X884. I have a 50-««nt tea that defies competition. It sells like wildfire. It cannot be be-aten, and it needs only ono trial to prove it true. Mr SUGARS i ZED CZ> \A/ ow* or oar —UDUihiiw t darl»c <2io It you wwM U> u • mm m ocxd to M d mXt «teo ooli mSi Tn Btnr* prtntMl ui d vols l\ t y um r ce* •> ooaUnoou* strip or lntui ••llus' Immt* • illinium wiadoxc, —\\^il docCrlj wit lomjc MKMICII Xo rwoh frwm Prlnllng to th» top of MotnU Cinnnlr m 1m X.m\m moon, thro bmclc to PMntU « «' ti n or *.mtm w» y oa*. _ - _ Sect Trntrnt Sow te wrlU w row UM lnhabttaMa of UM i 11» - Uxl* — m T arex-lz> of TnftlH —r n would m.ti qii tin itob* 33 or S3 t1iii»». XX w«ij r hayw or * copy or Tn 6cw dortnc C2aa pait j mm • ha« ip«nt onl j orrm hour orer It. il l IT bis W 1 ZB> or B.1S snadfatbo r 1 t«M tbooM M j »T I of itcady iwillng nlK^t »BK1 It Is only b7 UttX» cmlcnlationa Uka th w clkmA jroa OBJB (Mm mmy Itlaa, or tba dTCBlstlon or t2>w moat poo— al w or Amorla u mu m mymymu m. or of It* iHflM ^m • OK «h« optntooi And ACtloa* or A. nvrlout B M and wo— *TataE St7X 1«» and w1_Tl CODUOO* to »o , aw aawipaDK which takUa the tratta wltboat rnar of rntiiaqnanraa . wWch (wta aLt U>a» tmxztm mto ma«tnr how nne b tlao pro- owa«« ooaU, which |II aiainil • tfc« • of avll th* world without waata or worl i And tn th* mo*t > i1iTil« •h i f «s which Is worfclni with aill its baart for th* e»«» e or hontat icmrnmapc. ud which ttaarafora b*ll«vwa> thst that Rrpo bllcan p«ity ixxa»t 4T0. shd must •TO In tht« aorolriK ymmjr of our Lord. IM4. It? >-ou know Tnm Be . yoo Ulta>tt «l4-**d7'. ud you wfU read rt with aocvatomad dUi««no « n ' profit dortaa; wh*« im aturo wo oo tha tnoat lntaraaMag j • hUtory. If 70 0 do out r« t lt-mow Tn Sov. t* IM hhrh Um« to eat Into the aanabln*. daky edition, $7 . SUNDAY—Eigh t pa_ fch» trarrent n«ws of the ROCK BOTTOM t hawd alao at full atock of 1* IS «i> ^ ISIONB, PORK, HAMS, FISH or avll klnda. of mil frr^dc Look over my boots arid shoes and see if* I am not right there, and suit you both in quality and price Come and prove what I say X can give you. the most and better goods for the money than any other place in town. C. I*. K I WM HAT.T.j North Cohocton. STILL ALIVE ! at North Cohocton. 1 kcap s K«h«:raU BtOCk of DRY GOODS , NOTIONS, Candies and Groceries; «u tn* nis T did lot of j \(bought for '.p. This is in Naples. It costs more t-<> pu 1»1 inli than nil class I t presents ovor 500 on: iti^« rtnntially of cuttle, p;rnin, \ 1 1 IIUH over GOO contributors ' tin- o«Bt wriU'rn in tlto world. [)entncn t Oround s of 82 arreH mtorctf l of its Bubssribcra . A NEW in tlio agriculture and hortieultu 1 y other of its ongruv- its, etc., etc n mong them It owns Ex Worked in the ER A ro of America. A $4 Weekly fo r $2 a Yea r s pure in Lone \ semen tri. 11 a, horac, and rth. It is origina l througho u and admits no Ambiguou s adver t is a farm, garden , roIifjpotiB, ne o literary paper al l in one . Tn K R LHA L N KW -Y ORKK R South. Rust, nurf Wes t It lial leadin g rural paper l>y real woij araoe, and enterprise b y it** <lo' true interests of all wh o till the for pleasure or profit. It is prii tinted paper, IO pages weekly, 1 2il C 1 inches It eomhinesl tures of the daily and weekly p| that can instruct, elevnte, and | rural home. Its Free Seed Distrfi butions or th » l>ocomc the tli, persevcr- rotiou to the hi. 11 d whether 1 ted upon fine |cach pag e 1 1 the best fea- ess with all i n teres t th e have introduced or disseminated most valuabl e seeds and plants! Amon g them may ho mentioned Hebron , Whit e elcphtnt, and Bl| the Cuthber t Raepbcrry , CLa ClawBon, Surprise, XJlack\-bearde|d wheats, and a hundred others. The new varieties of aeedai the Bnral'i Free Seed Dixt ' alone -worth more at retail the yearly prioe of the Jon imen copies will fiumish all eug^ra-frlrtg^- • Y rmo-W m-om»m\ w)m+*r 34 IPEtrI t Row, Still In Bnsiiness ! many of the now know n the Beaut y of usb Potatoes, mon, F*ultzo- Centt'nnial offered in Distr ibntion are prioe a than ual. Spec* i letails with J. 8. WAYLAND, % Y., wishe* the I*ublic to know Ls located in the Morehouse ifelock, and has a Urg e stock HARNESSES, 33 O T H SINGLE and DOUBLE, that h e will sell cheap. [AJLSO a fall line o f WHIPS, BMNKETii, ETC . . O. xxiolasdes for 75 cents, Porto Rico For SO cents: the best Jap tea, 50 cents; Rio coffee 12 centSt Java, 28c- ; craclcers for Sc.; srannlatod sugar, IO, ligntest coffee sugar for 8, .aoffc. \£A5'.for-9.1-3*soOa ,%>6xlr^fem^l3Seai^M ^>^liraa -4o^, ^jootB'^for\<^-aricl rtpj-slioea* a»\criea.p ' as tlie cheapest; '' Rubber boots and shoes, Olotb slippers, etc., rraitcanfi, Crockery and tinware, and the only 5 and lO-cent conn- ten in town, all of* which we will sell CHE A I* for O^LSH, or Ready Pay. X.. X>. ITTJXJI.EE.. 34 TSortix Cohocton. GOAL! COAL!! COAL!!! J. 1 T. T^o volitn tl h«,s t, 11 celebrated Dela— ware & Hudson Coal for sale. This coal has been used in Na­ ples for the last six years, always giving' the best satisfaction; it is clean, pure, and hard. The Best is the Cheapest aZuuctys. Send in your orders and. try it at Prices ruay down, for uA.-ugvLst. J. I f . LOVELAND. 1 It will p*y 70 a to coxxxo 3. S. 4S Way] ,1 „ and see m . SCAT. JBT. Y . g reii ybodr, and _ _ _ of the mybawt mvrltt. of tixm txtatt edltiona of TBK BtJIT IVTW aont by roafl, onth, a«S a year; wltla 81m- T*hia editioii roraialk^a world, *pa CJUX\Htt*n m 1 Interest to g re ybod; •kx^T re^lewa of m< WB^KLY^ 1 *! av y«*kr. KA&iit. pawe* of m*tt«rr of tha <X»ily tsmea, S-Q _iV<j-r-i<ral parlanent of naeqaalled Talon, apuair raporta, and Ute»r7 , «ei«ntlft>, amd _ iDtolIin-dioc malce TMS WUJU.T 8rjl« tlxa paper tor tha farmor'a hooaekotd. T o claba of t«m with SIO. BLXI esctrav eouy fraa Lrcaa I W. KNGLAKD , X^nhliahar, — hxrm. N Y Oily LEGAL. THERE'S ALWAYS SOMETHING Tliafc we Teel a little anxious to liatve our friends folly- know, oxul now we would call your attention to our handsome fine of* STYLISS:, SERVICEABLE CO CDS, Which we are selling at >_r_'^y' ~i~ i<Z> \A/ IfP There is no reason why we should not sell these goods for more than we aslc for them, hut our rule is to GIVE FULL VALUE TO CUSTOMERS For all money left with us. ASK T O SE E THEM WHEN YOU COM E IN. and you will conclude the host goods for tl.e price can bo obtained trom Comish Block. . JENKS, eioods, IM. V\. To TKI plaint In t^ils action, ajid to m at copy of yoar ana W»-T- on tha DlalntliT*ai ftttomar* within twamty d*j * aftar tae aarrlca or Uila •rrmmona. ^xctnmfwm of tmrnm day of m&rirtom ; avnd LD — — — of roar favlla-a to • in»aiai I' or aa*w«r, Jaaanant will t>a Caklcan ~ m-~ r~r\ 70 a by da— teatt for tha rallaT damaod^d In Tt\m 1 nanplaliX Trial daaitx ad la trio Co a a*Tr of Ontario. LINCOL N m, COMLET, Lena St«j>b< ad IJ*«U &fia-na< len&aii Tba foragolDK aammon* La t u y d on jwo t»y pab- UcatloD pantiant to atn oa-dam- of Hon. TTtTllaa TT Btnltb. Ontario County Jade*, darad tba 13t±> day of Nommb« r JSas, a^nd Blad wtth th* coi offloe of tba ckark of Ontario Co BT. T. on toe 18th d«y of NOT Livooijr a: COXLBT, Pla, lnUUTa Atton lafTtaa*. ] Cornrrr. • Wllftarii aCarahT' lata ~Sf MTptaa\. - - •-• - — partnant of hla dabta. -f an order of tha Surrorai -Vr . dated tha lata day o T K iratJaaid. acrt'naT adaalnlatra . Wllltao) Marata. lata of tns town or . wtll atatl at pabllCMOdo n attaafrontatapa or tha Town Hall. In tba town or rTapl — . in «£• Coont T or Ontario. N . T. . on tha TXLix day of Jaan • arr, lt »H4. aft 10 o 'clock In tha foraaoon of that dary -.tha follow -ixiar daaortaad ra al aarraca. to wit: The aodlTlded ono-half part of avll that tract or par- Mi of land, alttsate In 0>a*rown of Hapm , Comaty of Ontario, and Stat* of K«rw Tort , oataar l>art» of Lo u No . thro* [Bj in, \— - part of Lot No . tnrta part of Lot 2Ca. thraa *- -raid Town. Come where there is an assortment to svelect from: Cultivators, Plows, and Extras; 33Z» L X L HORSE RAK£S XZV THE MARKET; Steam Fittings, Iron Pipe, Etc.; HOUM X^rinimiiia^ , 2>oox-a, Windowa and Paris Green, and. Sprinklers/ We liave the goods and wish to see you here. That man don't live who will undersell us. Come to headquarters. F. G. CRAMER, fl . P i «.K.T. Call imMftcl Examine BURROOATX'S COURT, ONTARI O COUKTY . Tnx. UTAH o r Btmrm- TOtcX : To Karln Anablo heir at law. 1 rrlno; K . aoable. Creditor, and to all otbar oredltora of Clark 8. ao > Die lain of tba town of Rapiei In tha C ooty of Oa tar-to. daceaaad, soad OKaxTino: Too. aod aaca or you, are heraby cltad pcraonally CO he aad appear before onr SarrocaXa of otxr COUD ty ef Ontario, at the Sarrocate « Office In tha Wllaara of Oanandaldia, In aald County of rOntarlo, on tha 3Sth day of Jumary A.. T> 18«« at tan o'olook A . al then and tbara to nbow cauaa wby a decree ihould not ha made antborlxlns Jennie Anabto. admlntatrm- tor of tlio cooda. chattala. and <srodo f the aaSd Clark; 8 ajaaole daceauved. to soil, inart«-«£«, or 1 n • aa the real aatato or aatd deceased for the pajmeot of k n debta and faneral eipenwi , or ao maca a« mar naai j tXtorefor. tlma c whereof we have oauaad the aeal of roar aald 8nrro»->. 1 — Witoaa . „ _ . Drcambar In Che •, \ - • 1 elvbty t ttCuCK. Sn: ^^^^^^^^ A. 11 Kinds c^n#d size ^a uay \r^ico Band elajhc hondn » sea Notice Co Creditor*. Portnanl to ah order of tha Stxrroa-ate Of the County of Ontario, notice la hereby a-lven to all par na having clalmi against William at. BUnmona. late or tlie town or N a plan Ontario Coonty, State of >few Vor 1c. deceaaad. to preaant the same, with tha Tonchan thereof, to the undarslEnod ad t hla offlca In aavld towa of Maples on or oaf 01 Sd day of Mare la. 1BS4 < LEONAR D LEWIS. Dated, Sept. a. 1HS3. «& SON. DEALERS IN\ GENERAL HARDWARE, T9 atlc o Co r* rm alito i~a . County of Ontario \r txJo era thereof, to the undoraicned admlnlairatora 3 dwelling hooae of Sarah .A— Cnrtla In aaid of Richmond on or bofore the Tt-a day of Pah , ISS4. SaRa H A . C DRTI8. HAMILTO N U . CUKT18, A. dmliuatratAn _ J11I7 — Notic e S o OaroaUCom-w. Pnranant to an order of tha 80110a ; ate of tha Ooraity of Ontario, notloo ia huroby giTrai to all pcr- M harlng olalma agalnat Otla Plaroo, lata of TTaplra. Ontario Co., Y. . d*oca»od, to prcaent the 10 with toe Tonchere thereof to tha tmderalTnod, outer at IUJV artore In the village of Naploa, in • •I rl oovtxnty, on or oof ore the Sth, day of April. 1SS4 GEO. R_ ORANBY , Executor . Dated. Naplea, Oct. Sd, A floor...... ... . White wh. Bnckwheat ** owt Cora meal, cw t WMU wheat per boah Rye (OO lba. > Corn ** Bailey Timothy aeed 0 OO a & SO a 4 OOa a 00 a 1 OOa 1 OO a =8 A Oo a T» a BO a 2 Ma S OO a O OO a OA a 11a 3 Of OO . 3 OO < O. H*- Olsulce «SB Co, have the lm,rcf- est assortment of gentlemen's under- wear in town- Their axoclc consists of avll gpravcles of white and colored goods m.t prices ranging; (rom 25 cte. to $1.50. Uoolc a,t these goods he- fore baying. Prom 2T*.ples to 'Rochester' and ro* turu, only #2.7& avnd good fox- three davys- I5xiy the tickets of the Agent *vt £?avpl«s and they avre good with. ~V~am Rrp«r*s stags avxxd the Erie roavd. It * the cheapest route to the city. F. B. BEECHER'S LAW, JDSnCE, km INSURANCE OFFICE, BLOODS, 1ST. Y. RKAL ESTATE and NEGOTIABLE PAPER bough t tnd BO Id oil cemmiasion. Policies given, for Life, Fire and. Accident Insnrance. noio on HCLYLGL and for aaxZo. Address, or see 7. JB. BKSCEKR, 'Bloods. IS. Y . w as

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