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THE. NE-\FOLlTAN ' the evening fae was talc en l>y storm, .* by a croo<] / y number of his relatives J*; n.n cojoyaWo bad L>>• ibufo |>rxjeont~ tiroo was FT\ ^jr*-r CIRCTOXAT ^ON DECEMBER 20 Mack Clement is visiting at His father's, II C. Clement. \ 1 A new ax was talc en f rota J. B. 1,575. I Out tis woodhouse about two wee Its THURSDAY, 1883. JfZtZ-itOT-i Our remarks o»» the worth o f ad - vertiHinc. two weeks ago, was true a s ftoroe busines s one ca n deny men admit- , and no tha t i n alocality whero m a n wi»he « to rxiak*- known bi e wanthat, double the circulatio n i n that localit y advertise in * o f tht i lesse r n pn y>f r wit h o f a»iy other worth mor« to Further, i f th«» wur< h eirrulation i M o«tabli«h - ed, wil l not the advertiner b e bene- fitted more by ih t growler ? Up«»n t>ii« >>ju *iR, and a fai r and truthful one, ifl i t not wis e fo r advcrtinerH t* • see k the paper th**t wil l greater uumht- r samo price , and in i t not worth trior* to t l em? IH it n<*t f«>r tti e inter * H I o f a<l veniBor s t o 1 \»k *«> thin Sulic k has been by rheumatiflt n r**at h reader, fo r th . The North Ann n<::m I£<-v fi >r J anuary prseot M W.-* U - U;I.1 int*r «Mttri|^ table o f oontetit M !.» itM thotiwand o o f reader. Thool'»u K al , HCienttCc , po litica l and mor.i l ( ue^tio n >» a r e U I H cuBflt'd i n itH p.ig< - b y the mom a>>le o f the world , ari d **v it a almon t thro * ari d t< n o f activ e lif e . ur n ha s becom« the i on * of th . land - Buy i t fo r >i n d t<> Lnfa\ ftte Pin t e , Yor k since . J. I? . Courti s o f * confine d to hi e bed fo r a long time. .A. hay utask owned by Frank Inp rabam fel l over and four days later the hay being removed a sheep found, and none the worse fo r it s 0 6 b • »n r - coiifitiemept . \j< >re tit a n usua l interest i s man i - fe«ie d by a large portion o f the pvi - pil « <»w ng U ) the fac t that W m . A riabl o it* the U-ai he r , a, consider ­ abl e numhor are i ti attendance fro m other diHii icts . \ V e loar n that Cy ru a T>- f Ionry *n«i farni l \ , who are visitin g a t W m M« tir j ' M, W ill prolong their may over L*H li o 1 idii^n . The c o m i ng event, . -p« <*ialJy -#or the littl e folk « i« the C 'hrisiniuB tre e «*xpeote d a t the nchool - (i • >u m Monday evening; a good t i me f.>r al l may He expected a s the super - i ri 11 a<lt ri t and teacher* * o f the Sab­ bat h h chrTp+^nave i t i n charge. scor i thi s lea d 1 t lsitin g < )f t « i> on rw « ry t h r i ff (jUPKlion inter - « , bu t a local paper like njcn -Hfcilly cope with eod i »tere«t« , and it i s political in its b«anng Our tariff i s low for the NKAI airxK—*1 a year — an 1 to make i t the best Icui l paper i H dm aim . < an not widt* p p Ar tliu t Tiu- J : a m II< p s I wont»» •w-.-l Rrlitol . i - o n the t 1 1 r ji t rn:i» nic k list , around H;HI1\ **« i ^ i*t mo m y not ple n t \ . ~ f-ic moti r Smit l - childre n ar e oon - •v aleeciu g fro m a tun o f scarlet fever . The echo at th e J noway says that \Wileo n «fc Itobmson ar e rtiahin g the lumber bneinees . Frank Mol 1 ha s bol d bit* farm t o John Barrett. f *i auk goes t o Koch - estor, his native plrtco . I*rett y tiio e l **g r t those a t Bloods , Kut S . L. Smith, o f thi s place , kille d one that tipped the scale s at -148 lbs. , and Mr. Brady, Avery I n grab am, Sam Swan, Fayette Iograham, O. |stet3on, and Geo. r£. . .Tenk s movet * into hi s new hous e trrTs week. Henry Mile s ha s moved int o Wait'n bouse a t the mill . M in« C o r I ton , o f I*a. , i s v her sinter , IVI rs . O . \ V . Arkell. I Havru N *& Clark ar e doing a fin e biininePB i p their now jewelry more I >. Weld i s fas t enlarging hi a atoc k o f lumber a s hi s trade demands it . It . >1 I.ayton i s shaking hands wit h hi s uititi y friend s here, lie i s fro m .Jerse y CJity , a book-keeper fo r Mille r & Co. J. Al iVInterson , o f Mt . Alorris , i s visitin g bi n ol<i frien d Layton, and lot s o f fu n the y have with lii s dog, \Jo\ among the birds . .Joh n Andrews, o f I*a. , i s viaitinf i hi s sinter s liere , Mrs. G. II . Wallace, .M rH John liorden, and IVI ra . K . Woodard. lie has been al>«en t fo r many years, but hi s Ooun tenancc i s The Dow-Robinson salt will be held in Wet more Hall, begining on Thnrsday of this week. W. A_ Robinson of South Bristol was in town on Saturday looking up witnesses fox- tbo lawsuit- The mercury r«acbed one degree below zero hero on Satn rday morn­ ing for the first time this winter. The last victim of tho sqairrel fever is \Peanut\ F^artri d ge, and \Trader\ >V or more has the eymp— | toms. Melvin DAVIB while on a business trip t o Co hoc ton, las t wsok , gave u s a cal l long enough for a> frien d I y shake. S . G. Smith i s making a rai d o n tho Hemlock lake docks, and the hoys are expecting big duck storie s when h e returns. There i s a loud smil e o n the conn te r ance o f C A. Grieaa , and there i s j a reaso n fo r it . Eight pounds o f gir l j baby ought to p'ease any o f us . Sora e o f our people are the recip ­ ient s o f a n essessroen t from a defunct Koch este r insurance company, and ar e le d to exclaim why *s thi s thus? I) r Abram R reported the death o f a, Mr . O love r livin g i n the town o f Wayland who had hi s skul l crushed whil e trying t o repai r a clover huller. Kumora sa y the sal t vei n i n the Naples wel l i s fro m © inche s t o 8 fee t thick , and some i n imagination can already se e the oi l mixed with sal t flowing from the foo t o f east hill . The officer s o f Taylor Post G.A.K. . fo r ensuing year are James E . Jones Cjin., II - Stoddard S . V. C, C . AI . Johnson J . V. C- , E TI Wet more Q M. , I X 13 . Clark Chap., Theodore Whitney O. O. , Geo. W. Case O . G . N EAPOLrTAR : In the Issue of Nov. 29th I see in your \.forty years ago\ a notice of new streets and localities in Naples; speaking o f the old \parade ground' reminds me of the locality as it was; there I first saw a general training under the management of Col. Wil­ liam Porter; I was then bnt a small boy yet I retain a vivid recollectio n o f tbe day and it s events; although yonng I had a great desire to partic­ ipate i n them. I thought the presid ­ ing office r had the finest Baddlc hont o that over was, and I had a groat de ­ sir e to \rid e him; the horfe was a fin e dapple gray and wel l raparirtoned , ' 1 n my twenty eight years o f wes t er n lif e I have passe d but fe w a s pleasant fall s a s tbe one just passed, tbe weather stil t < ontinues fin e al - • 1 though th e ground is froze n severa l , I iocbcB deep, have but very littl e ; I enow . Times are dull , monev close , . and but littl e doing by way o f in - provementfi, many o f tbo laboring clas s are seeking work i n eastern towns and lumbering countries; rail ­ road building close d fo r the seaso n hence there are many out o f employ- men t ; aomo are wor k i ng f o r their board. Wheat about tho only staple product, worth fro m 7 8 to SO cents pe r bushel . I . I I WAE^EK. Tho best mi|xed ready mixed at A ful l stoc k ojf dye staff s s-t Fine plmsteriij^ th e market, Af4 >itGAJr *s X>rng Store- best in g hair, very <bramer*s . Fork, JBCanx, ilsh of all kinds for sale at C. L. K imball's. I f you wis h i soft , loo k a t th e stylish hat, stiff or stock of U. T. Reed's. W e keep al l suc h a s tubs , pii i Bes t handker | i n America ar e Store . - Hancock Ins p TT*e pu t them o n sol d b y K G . C |chiof perfumes n d a t Grain' s rator s a t a lo w pric e an d warrant them, t-amer - K Covert some that ter, and not mnob death d t XI zsii e Bord e n he re , •wife o f James M» B.trdc i cu m n gloom over our \-ah»-\ . • v» r> if time ha s elapse d **m<.-e h*-r bur . a . She was a daughter o f J «»seph I>e - wick and her tZeat h wa»- a shock thai wil l hasten th © declin e o f her aged parents, A Rhort \\ ea r o f rnnrned life , jiin t commencing h o .is*- k «-«-pi t > g , > recently npri nginp mother 's bean ; all b'm^fml future, but ;i\ ages knew no t o f • tie d wit h her severe « k-> and had t o suc - familiir t o al l who knew him o f old. < >ne evening las t week tho people o f thi s plac e were tbrown into a ter ­ ribl e commotion by tbe peculiar nois e fro m the h i 11 southwest o f here . Some predicted a terribl e storm was brewing, while others were willin g t o cal l i t tho prowling of some wil d animals either tiger , wildcat, o r hyena; some were ac ­ quainted wit h suc h howling als o tbe voice s of many differen t animals; i t opened up broad fields for discussion and by close enquiries solved a por­ tion of the mystery, although but a few were eye-witnesses. There is no perceptible obaoge in tbe^ > ^olor > ^ l ^_ nrsy/naerrrm I .•yjoo^^^ ^ 'terrible ~feeli»ig wms manifested5 it is BnppoRe d thnt a stone-mason can lay M d f..nndatio n and throw every -io n t n tli*-- -* ni l njiht fro m l>is ! M It ». ) r . In* «-%'*-r t«e may replnct 1 iri'- m wit h th e to e o f hi s boot ! lD(l«»ld« . Last week, unti l Thursday night w e were enjoying summer weather, but o n Saturday -w e had winter i n earnest, mercury being at zer o i n the morning. The ground i s bare and tbe roads ar e awful. \ Ilev. F*uller*s donation was wel l attended considering tbe conditio n o f tho roads, and nearly $SO OO r e - cieve d w e believe . There wil l b e a Obristmas tree, and entertainment at the Ch ristia n church, o n the evening o f Dec 25t b , al l ar e invited, and no pain s wil l b e spared to make the occasio n pleasant to all . M . TFox had a fight with one o f hi s cows a short time since . Tbe t>r . sai d 00 bones were broken, al ­ though be was much bruised , and was confine d to the house fo r a fe w days but i s now considered out o f danger. Tbo cemetery fenc e i s nearly ready fo r the paint. It wil l b e use ­ fu l and ornamental, and speaks o f enterprise and thrift . Not long sinc e an old man by the name of Ball* and a, mason by trade* a&ck, fneDdleM, and hom«lcwe, osllad ~ _ ^^-^ \\\\ \ ^to/«tay a l»ri}»bt b i» d into lif e to fill n promised Buc b n typhoid fever' s r these. She wre nlcknesH two wt cumh t r>l th** fell age o f 2-* year s > destro y er . a t tli e 11 € w«. s 71111 c h be ­ love d by al l ou r p« ople , and 'K -o.s a very worthy lad y i n every respect , Tbe husband, parents, and al l rela ­ tives liay e the sympathy o f our co m - xnuui t y OMUndlce. Mrs. A slie r Norton i s under the core o f I>r. I^ar t ridge , o f East Bloom- field. •Mr? . John Stmble i s under the oare o f Dr. 14*. ck i r , o f Hemlock, who thinks her 11 cov e r y doubtful. James Skolliri<^t i and wife , form ­ erly o t thi s town, i;o w o f Alic h been -\ isitin g friend s returned to their home. A J*. Norton pa d Thomao Eld ridge ^75, to remunerate him fo r the horse that die d fro m the effect s o f a kick fiom Norton*. - horse. As 1 b e seaso n fo r buckwheat cakes is a t hand people bljoul d try extract­ ed white hone y , nl.ich i s very nice , o f Lucius XJootiti'. e at l O cents per pound. Eluu r \W . I>ooI 111 l e has returned from Bollevue, ISli^higan , liaviu g ae ­ on red the object o f bi s missio n which \wa s to marry IM -T e n « i e Triwkel t who b 'i s returned t\ it h him to share hi s jo\ 8 and sorn ws through 1'fe. taste of have here, bu t have H U » k>-v • 11« . We ar e having a. littl e winter f 1 >r a fe w days now Johu C . 'I'homa » oomplftin n o f bo - i r) ^ not much i f any better. Tbe opera house i s nearly com­ pleted; i t was opened t o the public y esterday. IV! rs . J I> . Thomas, who has been and i s stil l quite il l wit h an attack o f f«vor , i s better. Tyler Kaekett, o f Michigan, i s vi s iting hi s friend s i n thi s vicinity; li e was a former resident here . The Good Templars lodge o f thi s plac e was wel l represented a t the county co n vent io n held a t \Victor , t o-day . Ivleasle s are thic k i n our vicini ­ ty; whole familie s i n some instances have taken tho diseas e which makes i t a littl e livel y fo r doctors. The lecture committee are trying \ er y hard to put al l the arrange- thing war done ^to xnWk't. nun 'corn >T fortable; bnt oure wa« impossible; Sunday morning he passed to that b< »u r n e f r o m whence n< J traveler has e ve r ret u rned. M <md» y s*.t X 1 a . m. th e funera l service s were held from th e BapL \Ht church, Ftev . JBogardu s officiating ; and whil e \Duet to dust, and ashe s to ashes' * was repeated over h'is remains a n they were con ­ signed to the narrow house , w e thought , o f tbe words 1 u Ob, where ar e the mourners ? Alas there are none; (I e has lef t not a gap i n tbe world now he* s gone; Not a tear i n the eye o f child , wo­ man, or man-* * Our- Vlrclnl * JL.cts .feer. FC KY6VU.LK , F> jsu . 2 , 1B83 . FEIEND UKYO • — Thanksgiving over and n o thanks given publicly; i t would almost ap­ pear nothing to b o thankful for , but it i s not so; the South have good reaso n t o be thankful fo r many bless ­ ing s and not the leas t i s freedom fro m the blighting curs e o f slayery which ha s done more t o dwarf thi s sectio n than al l th * other cause s combined. With mild and healthy climate, fer ­ til e soil , (naturally) plenty o f wood and water, large rivers , inexhausti ­ bl e mines o f coal , iron , and other metals, and lands with comfortable houses, fruit\ , and al l the necessarie s o f life , and land from t o S 1 OO a n acre , what foll y fo r people to h e cooped up i n village s o r cities , o r without a home o f thei r own, when a day's rid e wil l carry them to tho \Sunny South\ w b er e perpetual b 1 aAtH a r e rar e l y known. I believ e j w rot e yo n i n m y 1 an t that I had nc v e r raise d bigge r 00 1 ti than t h is year, although the dryest o f the dry se a sons . S . 1 * . Ford, o f weoter n Now York, sai d i t was the heaviest h e ever cut not tho soil , hut tbo cultivation to blamo. Potatoes here , a s i n your town, county and state, a s tbo Indian sai d about the white man, IB \mighty UDoertaiu\. I ain glad to se e that Naples makes progress, a s the vo t fo r temperance lia s made a show which ere long wil l b o sai d o f our people generally, fo r none are 00 blind as not to se a that the great curse of our country is the ram ourse, and people have yet to emancipate the m sely ea, ^fomXth Vy i s^njy^of tj^j ^ a.t cos t Rtock . Cal l a t T)notoi| i Iecnon« , an d al l fru ita- I wil l delive r tha t nic e Lacka appl y t o 3 1 t f Tin ware ti n complet e stoc k prices , a t I\*. 1 G . The I5op>« SO Kimball's, North ) fo r mile s around money- The increas e is du o t o th e fac t cheaper , belie v penc e i s bette r t h Iii g reductio n We have a u ovcrs | duced . This i s son s who desir e mere . Jfe-cjcl n We hav e i u cor n meal, bra n graham an d al l k paint is Devoe'fl j Fcraona going \West need not go to Rochester or BnjQjfclo to purchase their western tickets, for they can purchase at the Blooda office as low or lower, And savo money by so do* ing; and the purchaser is surer of good time and connections if ho pur­ chases bore. All who intend to g o West should call and see how much it is to their advantage to buy here. A- IToerrmiK, Bloods Depot, N. Y- ds of wooden ware, la, butler bowls, etc K. Wells «3b Son. made Drug b to clos e out our K*. G . CBAMKE. «Ss Go's , fo r oranges, fforeign an d domesti c quantitie s t o suit , anna coal y any sis%e ; GUT G. I .. YON- HAXALL FLOUK, Globe Floiir, BDCKIVHKAT FLOOR, Cora IVEeal, GROUND FEED, a. new supply at PT. E. CLARK'S NAPLES, r*EO. 12 . NEW YORK, 1SS4. ad to Mill mil th* colnnwi o< &xrx« p^in<«a Md *oM U«t JWK TOO wonld set » oonttanoa* »txtp or tntemttag i»focro*U<». 1 1 iw 1111 11 11 •••*•>, wladon^, lound doctrtBS, u>4 wit lone •iinnj.n to rmmgt\ frotu Priatac n< to tb« top of Mount Cop*ml In ilo t sets , EL a t greatl y Cramer . full an d j reduce d Business ^ T (cen t tea i s at C . L Oo hoc to n ; i t draw* - | i t beats al l fo r tht JhT. Walter' s trad e ] t ha t h e sell s good s tha t th e nimble six- i^n th e slo w shilling , j i n pric e o f paints , toc k and want it re ­ ran! chance fo r per - paint , a t K - G. Cra - j |i<i Fionr . oc k cor n an d oats , bolte d cor n meal. Jads o f flou r a t j <V . W|. DUNTOM & Go . MAT, WAYLAND, N. Y., wisJieH th o Publi c t o know tha t h e is located in th o Morehouse Block, nnd liftH rv large etock of* HARNESSES, HOT II SINGL E and DOUBLE , thftt be ill RV full 11 chenp lino of A IM O a The funera l c per was hel d a t One case o f dij>theri u reported i n I tbe famil y o f Chas Harrison, S5, I? . Stebbins and wif e faave been jncking hi s sister , o f Dundee, a vini L IVI i o s Nellie Hosier i s reported better; she has b< e n qaite lo w wit h fever . G, W. Green &uj>plied the pulpi t ^of hi. cbttrcb o n Sunday las t i n the absence o f the pastor, Itcv . Dick «y. Married, if t tli e homo o f the brid — i n thi s town, J^re d \B«-<:k*-tt to M i »-iS. Vanepps, daaghti r o f Seih Vani-p |H , \Wednesday evening, Dtc, 5^b , 1SS S Our gris t mil l ha s got down now »Q that i t i s ru n 1 »j two hands, Wm. 3Bn.Tges at the furnace and Wm. \^jyonn £*H a t iho h<dn>; Hoys keep her : rannlng, dont give up tli e ship . ^ Monday, the 1 Ot h »n*t , was the VeOt h Birthday o f J. 15. Reynolds, i n meats o n a basi s t ta t wil l b e instruc­ tive and pleasing to al l who attend tho course, and to induce people to patronize them; i t wil l pay to give them a good patronage- The remains o f ^tl rs. James K. . Wilson, o f Cohocton, were brought her o o n Monday o f thi s week fo r burial i n our cemetery She had been sic k fo r a long time and had lauftere d much. The sympathy o f tho community i-» extended t o the ' friend s i n their ber«_a\emen t f IMrw. Henry liar- J th e hous e Dec. 8th , , which was attended by a large num- | her o f sorrowing fr u rid s , th o s o r v - j ice s were conducted by li * \ . Jci sup, and hi s re m irk ^ were very ap ­ propriate. I n the dt'at h o f Al rs . Harper the Congregational chnrch, o f whic h sh e was a member, a s wel l a s tbe community, has sustained great loss . She was a 'devoted and consistent Christian; her example W^H go d , her advice and compel wi.se . She leave s behind to mourn her loss , a husband, an adopted daughter. M.rs . Ghas. liarkness a sister , and a brot her , who fee l t h is bereavement most severely; tbej have the sy mpathy o f the entire coramunit * . ith Pi o n X» eouocton . Gar school opens Lbis winter j a ful l attendance . I The band boys have cards out fo r j a benefi t dance i n Wetmore Hall o n ' New Year's night. JS I*'. Woodwojth and Ed Wet-v more have gone to Bradford, l*a- , fo r a week r on business. Gbarles I>.arrow e left. Saturday fo r a short tri p to l i oston . Mrs. Oh as . barrowe lef t Tuesday fo r a visi t wit h friend s i n I lam m o n ds - port . Ghas. Wilder, tf Middlebory, r*a. , spent Sunday wit h hi s cousin , T. Warner. J. JT. Fogal and Mis s Carrie Lowe both o f thi s town, were married the 9t h o f las t month a t Springwatcr. Mille r Bro's. are\' building a n oflic o fo r their busines s on the ol d site . The warehouse wil l be farther down the track. C. Sbnlts has sol d lots; one t o Gus Helbrung, next west o f Boon's, and one to M. J. Kennedy, next be ­ yond a street to b e cut west o f Ilel - b rung's. A grand concert wil l b e given at Shu It s flail , Friday evening, Dec *^8th ; Mrs. K . W. Warren, Mis s Em­ ma Adair, and Messrs . J. and W. E. Adair, George Sutton, and Herman Gruppe wil l take part. M.rs . Loveridgo and children, who have been at E . SK.. JL> r a po r *s fo r some t i me, lef t las t week W o d nes - day fo r Pittsburgh, I*a . 13ell e Dra per accompanied them and wil l b e absent some time, taking music les ­ son s . Iu J _ M. Reynolds* windows, a - mong many other good thing* , we notice a few painting by Mrs . E. M. White. It i s a representation o f the BO n with a pretty female profil e at ibo sid e o f tho ova L So i f there i s a **ma n i n the moon* ' there may be a woman i n the sun. Rachel, wif e o f James K - Wilson, died Saturday at 2 a. m. The cause o f death was cancer in the stomach. She was formerly tbo wife of Austin Hall, a prominent man in tbo early histor y o f this town. -A. few years afte r hi s death she was married to J* R. Wilson. They formerly resided j here, but spent some years in rtush- viUe, and returned here in the fall of 1882 . The funera l services we re- held Sunday at 3 p. m. , ltov. E, G. UaH officiating . The remains wore taken to Ftoshvilie, on Monday, for but ial« {thlns«^acore^andj^nftoen' ye^iojj c ttb\ aea the oonnnromation of that great day when mon and women will - be emancipated fro m that . bondage which destroys both sou l and body. .A. littl e winterish, bnt not s o but what th e plo w ca n ru n and se e ding go on . ^ 1*- Soolcl i caps , al l g 1 ade^ n. n d p r i<. es , Clarke *fc Oo's - at C. I- Boya overcoats fro m -S.-J u p L . Clarke &> Go's . ^ards , Those fifty-cen t pocket knives ar e warranted a t E. >fell s <fc Son's. Tbe celebrated Valley Mill s under­ wear at O. T-. C lurk o «5b Co*« . Al l woo l busines s suits , made i u th o lates t stylos , fo r $1 5 an d upwards b y B_ T. Iiecd . 5 and 6 at C - I>- Child's Overcoats i n 4 , year ol d size s fo r $ 3 5(>, Clarke &. Co' s Scarlet underwear (guarranteod al l wool) fo r % '2 . r> O per sui t at , C . I J Clarke <fc Co s . Bargai n s i n olcthing, dry goods, groceries , crockery, stone ware, etc. , at Conaughty'e, Bar iron , iro n pipe , pip e fittings , stea m work , valves , et c ; nic e ne w stock , a t Cramer's. Yoa r No o n u s fo r e?|* f^iviu^ yo u Cal l roo m water close t an d clas s and chea p a s Mr* O UNO. t i mate s o n a bat h ho t o r col d water , f ll connection s first dirt ; h'. G. Cramer. <*oml : Ooa al l grades t o sui t c fiu o an d coars e a and barrel s 1-ioi l***j-is, marble dus htxJr fo r plasterin g For TS€> 'Picket s t o New ?(12 . ar e o n sal e WHIPS , BLANKETS , ETC. JJJ^JT It, will piiy you to conic au<l BCC >no J. S . WAY, 4fi Wayland, W Y. ! Cea l ti t |ustomer s ; SALT — grades i n sack s cement , 1*1 aste r water lim e and CON A u<i iny. j \jVork and retur n fo r Bloods , and the y j are Roo d fo r l O dkys . li y n o othe r rout e ca n you g o s o antly . >V. £]• cheapl y an d pleas - oflTKK, Agent , Blood s Station . Kxcursio u ticke | Bsffal o an d retur n Ti n the D. IJ . <fc at 3loods depot . 4 2 fro m Blood s t o goo d fo r l O day s ff^.y ar e be i n -tv. J£. SHULTS, Agent. JT^xst\- ,-raceIyodva I scale s (FornythJ platform, wit h al l mcntB. Ca ! 1 si t^h«| .Jolley , ifiddlesex lOtf. Th STILL ALIVE ! at Nor tl i Cohocton . DR Y GOODS, NOTIONS, Candies and Groceries; I soil the BEST t«ni or * wm y b«ck to U)« a«xt Tn 6tn« 1« wrlttan ror Iho taHatnUaM of MTU; tfal» Kme vui» of lolcillwace w-o-ald vtr<XX* tM alohe 3T or Tn tunc*. If e«*i7 boj-er of •> copy of Tfrtt finjr duiinc Uu j- emr tx^M »p«nt only OD«> hour o-wcr ic. m^ttl tf tx%m wli• or bla BXuidfstiMrr bm.m iprqt »noth«r boar, till* iMW«pftp«r la bAa milortlod Clue bttaua r>£* Uslr- t«en CT)oti«a&(( y^^rm of nl««dj raadlnf. tl la tlC «A<1 Amy. It tm only by I ltt-lo calculations lUva tli «aHc ctutt, 7-on OKD rarm m-Oy Id AS tjt tb« circulation o f tbo mo*l pop- olw of Amortom w»j>aj>« r». or of l u tnllnano* on cti« optniooa mad aotloaa of Apaerlown an — wid wo— men. TBZ 3r » La. u d will ooDtlooe to kx>. aw oewtpapar which Colla Utv drocta wltboat f«ar of Con»«QOen c*m. wtalob aT*-ta> a»t U10 favct*. 00 nwtt«r tto-vw maCB n >o IM-O - <MM com, wtttcrb pr «««iilB tb« am wm m of avll Uw world wlUioot wabaifco of word* avD <1 ID Lb« most 1 r*d>blc «luat>«, which La wortlnc with mil lta kwa.rt for tbe can>o of hopaat Kovenltnent, a*nd which tbetefor* bdlrrea Chat tbe tUpobUean pax^ty moat tro. and mtzarC so In tnu coraios T««» r or oar Lord. liHM. Kf you U .00 w TH wt S^t 70a tllce U a Iratady, and ^on will rvavd It wlCh kc^aatomvd <mi(enc« au>d proot dartng wtxavC IM faro to be the aiMt InteruaUog r »>r La lt« litniorT- If you do not yot know THE SCTTT It »• T»l»-tj Um« to C o t Into the saoibtac. TXTeras*) Co The pe ief»l edition • 11 mum r . of TIIE &vr* «vz-a ncmt by m«fl, month, 416 a. r<^nr; with San- XTiia otSitloo rtxrniatb*e> world. **f>eclaj su-tlales 1 arerybodT, and liter- • of tbo biyfaeat merit. <Lavjr edttlOD, *% T SUNDAY — Eight p _ Uie current ne-ws of tbe of exceptiooal lntereat 1 ary review* of new boolu tl a yOi r. WEKKLY— ft % eyev . Eight P-HTC* of ^SS* 1 the d-i*ily lecuee; »n A«rrlcmltnxml Po- \DoqtuJlod vaiQO, atpecial marfcet \ ->oienti&-*, and domestic W KCXXI Sen* the ncw^- hoiuehold. To elaba of THEBE'S ALffAYS SOMETHIMG That wo feel a little anxious to have our friends all ftLUy\ feaow, aTid now wo would call your attention to onr handaome une of Sw'l.'IiltlSs /STTTJLTSTT, SERVICEABLE <ZOO JDS, Wliicb w o nr o selling at There ie no reason why we should not sell these goods for more tlsan we ask for them, brat our rule is to - GIVE FULL VALUE TO CUSTOMERS For nil money left with us. ASK TO SE E THEM WHE N YO O COME IN, and you will, conclude the best goods for the price can he obtained from Cornish Block. I. W. EJSOlUAf »r, Oit; BIJPREME COURT. COCITTT oy O.TTi Thoman Ooondrv a|c*t JuM>pb WSeph/naoE - ->-~— Wbiicomb. ValenC Luna btepbrano Martha ,e Wblt- Le «U Htephe. Stepheiiaot) T<T> TK• a.»OW I «AMZX> birmpAKTB: You are hereby aamxxioned to anarwer the com plaint in tblu action, and to wer-w a copy of your ana wa-r on Che plaiutl Co ettomejra wlthic t Wanty day) after tbe Mrrlce of tbln *un>n>ona. rzelaalT* of tbe day Of nf.t- rlc» ; Md I D Caao of roo r faviln ~e K- r ntuwrt, ]Qdgn »Dt will t>« taken acalaat Ton by de— anlC for tbe relief domandod La tbe rompULat *rrtal dewlred In tho Co o oty of Ontario. LINCOLN a CONLFT. FluLntin's Attornera, Naplr* : P. O Addmi. Kaple*. Ontario County, \- Dated the Tt d»y of Ootobor. 1883. To JoMipn BCepbfintoa. Martha BUtphenseD. Ad* Lino Wbltcomh, valfintlnti WbltcoiDb, Ito*»» Ntopbnn - aon, L>inn 8t*pb<-n>oc. anil Leirla Stepb^tuon, de­ fendant : The forewolna\ •rummona LA aerv«d on yon by pub lloatlon ponoeot to an order of Ron. W luiaun B.. Smith. OQ tarlo County J adgc. dated the IMttx day of November IS**3. and tiled with the complaint, in the offloo or the cleric of Ootarlo Cottnt7, at Canandalg-na on lh<r* 13th day of N'ovnnbcr 1833. LlXCOLX A COVLKT, .. . - -— • ' >y«. I'la 1 CODBT —Ow-TA.»to CecuTT — or Che nalo of the real estate of to of Kaplea, deceawd. for the •at of Biladebta _ ^ jurauaoce of an order of the 8aiTO «»te • Coart Of Ontario Ci/hnty. detrd tbe lota day of WoTembei sold N . O. mulaades for 75 cents, Porto Rico Tor SO cents: the best Jap tea, r>0 cents; JEtio coffee 3 2 cents, Java, 28c. ; crackers for Sc.; granulated sugar, lO, lignteat coffee sugar for 8 , soft \A.\ for 9 1-2; soda, 8cts; pork from 12 1-2 to 14c; lard. 14c; kerosene .ond- Ssajllight^cdlj.-^^ We> aro sollic;? trio \CJ- S- standard hay; ' counter or h e Istte improve- office o f TP\ K . JQLLKT <&s WOOD, C_\ I>. Clarke & es t assortment , of_ g wear i n town of\ al l £jra<l« goods a t l>ri t o 41.50 . Look a t [thos e for e buying po. bavo tho larcj - |entlemen'f l under ­ stoc k consinti * o f white and colored ratr»irirjf£ fro m 2 5 ctfl. goods ^ancL I and' tine only ~5 and. lO-cent conn- ten in town, all of* wbicb. we will sell GJtJ±:^±i* for cr^LSJS, or Ready Pay. I.. D. i^U I «T« rTR. 34 North- Cohocton. Will r Ontarlc 1BS3. 1. the nodemli eetate of William IV-_ _ decea ed, will a>ell at public anctloD at the front itepe or tbe Town Hall. In tbo town of Naples, In tbe Coautv of OnUrlo, N. Y\.. on the 13th day of Jann ary. 18S«, at lO o'oloot In tbe rorenoon or that day .the follow-inc deacrlped real csfato. to wit Thu nndl-vlded one-half part or all that tract or par eel of lent afruate in the Town of VaplM. Conoty of Ontario, and 8Uteof X?ew York, belojc \ — - - tor ----- - - - Come where tliore is an assortment to select from: A1NTS. OZtS. ^.JtTJO VARini Cultivators, Plows, and. Extras; BEST HOBSZ: RA KES IM THE MARKETi Steam FittlB£s, Iron Pine, Etc.; TrlmiTiiTifrs, Doors, Windowi Paris Green, and SP r i n klers; We liave the goods and wish to see you here. That man don't live who will undersell us. Come to headquarters. CRAMER, Kapl< 2T e be - »» \i t>\ CooK b Cure , 2 5 rents . I'rercription o f a ponton physician <3iHj>ent?*;d years \>y OWK OOSE wil l Ctll cough. I t ac'tM all AjAk J < \ MoitiJA y f|o r Lit* o f \ HUH COI A R»OC K \Well s «fc S o l have od another larce stoc k and .*50-cont pocket knives. ju^t recei v o f those 2 5 A fres h suppl y o f cloth s mors , i n th e lates t pattcrus , bee n roce i ve e a t Heed's. and caswi - hav e jvist The hos t tifty -qenL wrappers and drawers i n town—-white , fanc y stripe and mixed, at O . Clark e *fc Co's . Adam R *& Stobbins now well a nic e Tti o coffee , browned, fo r I S cents a pound ; the cheapest and b*-st i n iVliddlesex . S5w»t«, Coridi i *3b Oo's . celebrated two-threaded, non-shrinking \ woo l un ­ derwear onl y * 3 per sui t at O L . Clark e Co's. Carlton Club, Gold Medal, Yol - ande, Popilius, The Norwood and oiany other styles o f puf f and Wind­ so r nec k scarf s jaat received at O . I-.. Clarke *fc Co's . Fo r Kocbeeter . From Naples to Itochestcr and re­ turn, only and good for three days. Bay the tickets of the Agent at N«.ples and they are good with Van Rip*ur*s stage and the Erie road. It is the cheapest route to the city. GRANBT BHO'S, Agents- Lessons ppve n o n piano, and organ, i n voic e culture, thorough base, har ­ mony and musica l composition , terra , 2-* lessons , and to commence a n any time; lesson s given at the residence o f the pupi l i f desired . MKS. A. Sri ART, 15- IV I , 4 6 Is' orth C'obocton , N. V . stick:- For year n and had been liavmg liosto n d rug- r e any ordinary most magically. '25-cen t bot - | 0 UKE . junol'84 liieadaclie . y\ earfl the writer i k o r nervous Headaches afte r extitcraent, mental tabor,nois e or long r i :les . ZO-PE-SA cure d me entirely . now take about two teaspoonful s about twice a week , enoutr h to operate ai jout twice , ctncZ • slee p souud, my systjer n every way. ZOPKSA i s a grand tliinp r fo r the Liver , l_>y»pO]>sia and general system. iVIay ever 3' body know ind tr y it - For sal e b y «Toiii+ < 1 r«- > t F\» rm 1 tl 1 ti f- fo Tlifl finral New-Yorker I eat well , regular Naples , Y . N. GOAL! GOAL?? GOAL??? J. IT. Loveland has the celebrated. Dela ware Sc Hudson Goal for* sale. This coal has been used in UNTYx- ples for th e last si x years, always g-iviiig\ the best satisfaction; it i s clean, pure, and hard. r Fiio I3est istlio Cheapest alzvays. Send i n your orders and try it at Prices xvciy down, for Aicgtcst. J. H . LOVELAND. NOTHING ^ >j It cowt« mor«- to pul>Ii»l» tli c In ax It presents <>\ vr Z> itifrs nnnually of t'ttttlo, Rrrj • b««t •* po ri men t iitero-itrt < tli. i,untribui| GOO ri tors 111 tli Grounds of f itn subi )£ribor8. A NEW ulturc ami hortitj any other of |LK> orif^iaa.1 ongra in, fruttw, etc ors nriioiif; tl»<\: It owns F! - worked in tt tt- ERA ultarc of America $2 a Year. a pure* \\ \ tone (jvcrtiscmcntf) It ncwa, Iiomc, and is for tin' Is'ort-b, lias bocoaio the •v orth, persevcr. dtfvotioa to the tbe la.tid whether prin to<l Q{>on fine presM with tall I interest the Work: Olvn OnU On racelpt or r >cr n^lOrc** w« wW^kV M oflcr *nr wWcl) aro« ««™ » *Z ^• T — — Tr~aT*. a* rtyxxr li\in<i. »Hea. Womaw, J*^y» 0 -T A $4^Weeklv fori It in original througliout n.n<l ndmit.s no «mot^uou« 1 in u farm, Runlcn, relif^iotii* literary pnper ul 1 111 one. THE R- i RAL \E\V VoitKti South. Kant, vdei ^^ est I leading rvvral paper l>y rt'nl ancp, ami enUTpriso t^y itc true intereiitrt o f aJl who till| for plcannrr or profit I t ii* tinted paper, IS pngi-s n~ccV ly, each pa;;c 1 Uxlti 1 — nu-Lcd. It cumt incs tlie lient fea tttres o f the tloilv atui week, y that can inairuct, elevate, ai rural hom e Its Free Seed Distributions have introduced or clii»«cmini .te<l many of tlie most vol aablc seeds and pt tzxta now known AjQong tli cm may l>e men tio led the I$e&uty of rTe\r >roTi, \White clephtnt, an 3 Blush Potatoes, the Cuthbcrt Raiiplicrry, ' Jlawnon, Fultzo- CIAWSOD, Surprise^ BUck-bc )Lrdcd Centennial beats, and a buxidr«d otlacr *- Xlie new ^•jietiea of \*+ «ds oflered in the SLxu-al'a Free Seed XX Jrtxibntioi i sore alone wortlt more stt ret: til .prices tluLn. tia© yearly price of tbe J o-orrial. Spec­ imen oopies \Will ftzrziXah.: all details witli orijriiiaf eiTjgpra .v±rLg^s. o to r 1 To 2£avrl<» Atinbl« holr a Creditor, an<X to a»ll oth« t>to Ut« or th* - — - - . tflf«wr*c ». . . m o «a In the C uaty of On Ton, and eacb of you, arw h «T «t»y cited peraoiaaJly XA3 t>« and appear Dofore oar surro(t«te of oar conn vy er Ontario, at the Surrogate's Office In tne vlllajro of Gaaanaatgfia. In said County of \Ontario on tbe •?OT+. oav of Jauamrr A. D 18-M at ten o'cloolc A 1 then and there to nhow caono why a d«crw sboa not b« mxta aotbonzln« Jonnla Aoabl«, admlalwr tor- of tlin aroo<la. chattala, and orediSa of Che ttm - - - lea Ola bla dobca and fannraj ex-n«io»es. ox- be BeOMaarj taorvfot. In tMtlmon whereof we have CA office of our aaid 81 Witn _ SEaL Kald oounty, at Ct Lord one tlioooa ifted for the payme sed tho «ea] of if? Si idalg-ua. tbe Stb *-o year of 01 Barrosat' Co a ity of Ohtarto -» Co Orcdltora . order of the HQrrO(rat« of thr notice In hereby (riven to all por eiralnet William M Hlmraooa, of the towu or NaplM, Ontario County. Stat* of f?«w Vorlc, deceaaed, to PNMDC the aaooe. wltn tbe TOtictian fcbereof. to tbe andorfltnod KlmlnUtrator t bin offlc* In aald town of Naples on or before tbe d day of Marcli, XSS4 O LEONARD LEW EG Dated. Sept. 3. 1S83. Adn>lnl«trator* SCTO C ok DEALER S IN\ GENERAL HARDWARE, NAPLES, Y. Notic e co crcoitora . r tbe 11 per- _ _ Of tbe lo County. State of 14 »»W . _ .T-TT-MTT- . w ^.„MDt tbe Mme. with tbe roaobera t Hereof, to tbe aDdoratennd adtnlnlBtratore at tbe dwelling house of Sarah A, Cartla In vaid town of Richmond on or before that \7 £.™.*tftX_ of BAJIAH a.. C U «T1S. 11 A M ILTON a. cirirriB, ISS4 . Oated, .T uly SO. 18R3 Notic e co Oredlton . Pnrsoant to an order of the 8«HTOB»te of the COontr of Ontono, notion le hereby &iT*xtx to all p«r- , bavtag clninus against Otla rierce, late of 24*-nl«e, Ontario Co., N. Y , doccaeod, to prowont the o with the *oucbers thereof to tb mtor at hit* artore In tho •illa<r« of N a plea. In aaid county, on or before U10 5ti>, day of April. I€»34 GEO. It. QRANBY Executor. Oated, Z^aple*. Oct Sd. 1683. n Deck EVERY TI IVI E. X hrr« filled Dp tbe olQ store with tbe Best of ATerchccnoZise .- Best of\ Teaa For 5Dc; Jap siftings 5 lbs For ^pl. Good Tobacco For40 cents; Bork <& Choice Eamily GRO CERJTES. DRY GOODS, and a General Stock, kindjB of produce taken. All \Wearfc Italy. \Wo aro now receiving *ome doable crqmi tin ware which wo boy of the largest ton hoose in t4^e XJ_ S. Tneao ooodi are bettor th»n any man can Sutler, i n a smill shop and are J*dl>/ tzntedC We hw e marked them way down, cheap for oaah. F . Ci. C&unac. F. B. BEECHER'S LAW, JDSTICE, AND INSURANCE OFFICE, BLOODS, 1ST. Y. RE A L ESTATE ud NEGOTIABLE PAPER botyght and Bolcl on et»mmiM ;*iOTs _ Policies given For LiFe, Fire and Accident Inaarance. Valuable Sarins and Village Z^ota noto on hand ami f o-r aaltr. AddreM, or see B. BEECHKR, ta tr 1 £ i M »

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