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THE NEAPOLITAN. New Yorfc Lack. & West'n R1 Trains on tho rsioods as follows 1>. L. & W. pose fr<-i p^ti t Q*. \'OlUlliO<ltttJOU, CU 1 AlioQ etc , 1 1 f roifiht, freight. I 1 40 8-.03 i I I oe 1CV.53 1 »8 f» 47 r Our road if a double track, nm i omoothly «» J ni^v , &zvd with far« as cho»p • < by other route f hit j>at>Hc lii axked for p«btmai;e. A Et BHTJLT8. Ajrent OanandalPTta Tlic t>oat~ u. I^iv c Wo<xlvillo .-»t I ^ea \ o C'aiiantlaif^ua. COOIM^'IOIM made with irftliu Tha » Sua'l»<i proorinor. will run to «a d fro tt»vtm Naplea one hour b«for* boat tin For rnbber <^>od8, bootv, etc^ at. | Read holiday locals very carefully, cost, call art Kimball'u, North Cohoo- | v Morgan Ixas opened a fine line of ton. j fancy and usefnl holiday goods. The driulr. the boys get now-a-days j Th e second one in \W. R . Marks' seems to have more noise in it than j family is now down with scarlet anything else. j fever little Frackie. Look out for fires! Oar village | Cbristmas tree next Monday night cannot always g o \Scott free\ as it a.t the school boose, Garlinghousc, for baa in the past. the school and patrons. -A. very sodden change in the full line of furniture stock, and weather Friday night—from spring- • especially cheap for the holidays is like to real winter. the plan of Mr. Shnrhin. li e has Shurbin continues to sell his beau- j the best stock ever seen here, and is tiful goods, and more arriving daily, j giving good satisfaction. lie has useful and ornamental ones John Fisher's house the old JVIah- T»- , - -. . 1 Ion place was burned to the ground Mrs. Featherkile and family have j ^ _ become residents of the town, occu­ pying the Lewis house beyond Hose Kidge. Weld <fc Hill have on hand yet a THTTBSDAY. DECE1CBEB. SO , Get out your cutters. Andrew fries is not able to attend to his express business, and Dan Smith fills the bill. Alonzo BrXaning has removed from L. H>. fuller's place to the J3rigjg» house on Cross St. There will be services at the Oath- olio church Sunday next, and Christ­ mas Day, by father Ruby. Appearances are often deceiving; even Jumbo was not all that was ex­ pected of him by the public. There will be a Christmas meeting of the Juvenile Temperance Union at the Iteading Room Saturday at two o'clock. Our tradesmen do not allow \Hard Times,\ i f wes can j udge by the rare stocks of goods they have brought in for the holidays. Tho ''Treasury of Song\ the finest collection of music extant will make a -valuable holiday gift; leave your order at thi« office - Those who have not closed up their Bubscriptioi .H for thin year will of course see the necessity of a call or remittance at once. Some personal v enom appeared among the locals of tho up town pa­ per last week, but its few readers must forgive its faults. Our agents are well known in sur­ rounding localities, and old or new subscribers in those parts can leave their 97tt£cs with them. ^ A. nice monumant hws been placed over the remains of th»v late L . jti. Donton, the work of the\Littlejohn factory at Seneca Fal^s. Fred Widmer ^^te|^g some business that ot so few of those choice, warranted lum­ ber wagons; also a lot of spokes of all kinds. Cyrel Lyon has been able to re­ move from Simons' to his brother's, O. C. Lyon, and continues gaining in health. The Town Board will meat as a board of audit on Wednesday Dec. 26th, at 9 a, m , at the office of C- L . Lewis Esq. Banking cellars was a very push­ ing business last Saturday; were doing a banking paid them ! Itemomber that large sale of cut­ ters, carriages, drills, drags, lumber etc., at Griswold's shop on Saturday of this week. Tho ric;ht one of a nice pair of felt and kid gloves was found recently on Anable hill. 1*1 ease bring the left one or call for the right. O. 1J. Kimball of North Cohocton is selling off his boots and rubber goods at cost, closing out that part of his stock, and gives great bargains, N. Razey has been confined to the house by Hicknes s for about a month past; his friends will be pleased to hear that he is able to get out a lit­ tle. M iss Emma Arnold wishes to an­ nounce to the r>u*b]ic that her dross- making uhop will b«» closed during the holidays. She will resume work .January 1 st. The tax roll is now at S„ Duane Lyon's store, and Tuesdays, Thurs­ days and Saturdays will find Joel EL Yaw ready to receive, for thirty days from the 18th. A fruit and vegetable knife that is a paier, sheer and corer and tho neatest thing out, is a late novelty at L. L, Sutton's store ; look at them and be pleased. The Y. mooting at tho Christ­ ian church next Sunday evening will have for its subject the Sunday school lesson, X Sam. 31: 1—13. Leader, Atiae Nelli e Peck. y ester day forenoon in the absence of the family. I t was discovered in time to throw out a few goods, bat clothing and moat of the goods were lout- I t was supposed to have caught from a cook stove in tho wing of tho bouse. a comfortable residence. H e has 4 acres of vines and is ^improving his en rrooD dings year by year. Last next to the Johnson road (Engodina St.,) is Gotleib Klingen- berger 's; he purchased 11 years ago has a good residence, and has with it nearly one acre of vineyard, his main vineyard being -5 acres that he bought of C. Ward Watkins north of the village. This will give our absent readers about how the west end of tho Ham­ lin and W illiams farms are peopled now, and our last article only covers the side hill between tho old parade ground and the W. 15. Johnson road. Old residents must remember that from rCose ftidge nearly to the lake that the side hill is vineyard, and even up the road towards Powell's arc many gook vineyards in the hands of industrious ^Germans which wo will write up next time. Sunday and Iloraellsville C D . Henry and family guests of his parents. Will Davis, of Philadelphia, is visiting at W . Tt_ Standtsh's. McNett Clement, of Canandaigua, is the guest of relatives here. Mrs. II . L. G riswold returned last evening from a protracted visit at Auburn. D. L . Sweeney spent part of this week at and Olean. John <. TT . Eacker, of Fort Plain, N. Y_, was the gueet of G. Pi- Granby over Sunday. Will Caton came home from Corn­ ing, last week, where he has been engaged at his trade. Alr. and M r rs. Durham of Pratts- bargh were here to see their daugh­ ters the first of the week. Mrs. Bessey and her brother Grant Conley, from the west, were the guests of I_>r. Conley the last of the week. Mai. Hichardson and T . II . Ren­ net t, of Canandaigua, and l^enry Chesebro of Ii.ushville, are in town on a reference, as referee, attorney and witness. Carpentors and joiners can have the i saws reout to any number of teeth to tho inch; wood saws will be re­ out and put in order; and crosscut saws will be gummed in a work­ manlike manner by me. Terms cash. Call at the rooms over San- ford's harness shop. 50w2 JOHN ANSLEY . Fuller below roTirent uhill April lat£ comparatively qulet^Jfor^HiT^taMrs^S^^^ Married at the home of the bride, Dec. 18th, by Rev . J. XX. Damm, 3£ r. Fred Gross of Horaellsville^ . to MisH Mary Biehl of Naples. C. A~ Greisa has a number of bed­ room sets, and othor nice furniture suitable for holiday gifts, he asks yon to look over his stock at North Cohocton and see how well he can do. Subject for Young Peoples meet­ ing at the Presbyterian church, Dec. 23, \Prophecies concerning Christ and their fulfilment,\ Isaiah 0: 6—7 mad Luke 2 : 8—SO. Leader, James ! Wise well. X. A. Seamans* law office was filled Saturday last with the usual attend­ ants upon a referee suit Clark vs. Conk Lin, The end is not yet, it be­ ing adjourned until tho latter part of January. Stirs M. A. Tyler wishes to change er business and will sell out one ranch of goods at oost for the next days. I t will be a rare opportn- ,y for millinery and fancy, goods a bargain. Ed Billings was up Saturday from 1 voca; he says he had an average Dp of potatoes about 1 SOO bushels -and bis corn and buckwheat was ly cut by frost. His is the aver- ge condition of Conbocton valley. Yesterday a ring of^ small keys, nong which was a small nickel >r«cshoe bearing the initials \C . S. was lost on Main street. The ? rider will con for a favor to the o w o - \ by leaving the same at this office. It is said that Covels' mill has in t now some three thousand bushels f buckwheat to be ground by their iperior process. This is from lg way around Naples, but it lore than we supposed was in three intiet*. Casper Kliogenberger is agent for eve ra I good lines of steamers be t ween America and Europe, and aises to bring persons from any ~int in Europe to any point in the 'nited States cheaper than other gents. I lead his advertisement. nd consult him for particulars. Mrs. Joseph Crouch and daughter, Trs. Hamlin are visiting Mrs. Samuel Lvery, Harrison Graves and other Ia£ives. Mrs. Crouch was the first geX to her brother-in-law's on the orning after the brutal murder of i four as mentioned by us recently ho gives details of tho sight that re interesting as well as shocking. M.ra- Orrin Perry and Mrs. J. A *ierce were at a store at Bloods last tarday when train 1*7 went west, both asserted, and truthfully what they had not seen a train cars for over thirty years; they >th saw trains when they first com­ menced running through Bloods, bat not seen any since, and they live within three miles of the station. Theirs is a case of uncommon fidelity domestic duties. ''w^t^i^^^^nn^mi'' z inquire of him N\ortli Cohocton, or obtain particu­ lars at this office. u .mll.r 'oak«x Note* . Not much can be said of our rail­ road, only that work is still going on. It is said that the force over at Gorham has been doubled, and some 135 men and 40 teams have a place on the pay roll. Last Saturday the first train went over the Stony Brook bridge, and that part of the road will soon be in operation to Perkinsville. Our engineers are locating a line along northerly on East hill some­ where over beyond Parriah'a- This line co _ to Tyl *«>i£ aoroi A very interesting meeting held by the N. R- C. last Monday evening, and a special call is made for all temperance people to be pres­ ent next Monday evening. Christmas times are upon us. Our dealers have brought in everything needed in toys, fancy goods and staples. Lighten the times by light­ ening tho hearts about you. Can any one doubt the truth of the science of geology whe n the rock through which our test well has been drilled thus far, has been told beforehand by D D . Luther Esq. He has given the character and depth of each stratum correctly, and can do so as far as the drill will go. But little is known about the test ell only that the work is going steadily on. W e can only judgo that down between SOO and BOO feet, for none but those interested know exactly. I t has been stopped onco this week, and of that the public only know by seeing the boys on the street. A t a regular convocation of N a pies Chapter No . 1 held at their hall Tuesday evening, Dec. 18th, th following officers were duly elected for 1884 : E. A— Griswold. H_ P. ; W . It. Marks, Iv ; E. E. Heocker, S, J E. Barber, Treas. ; S. L . Deyo, Sec ; and tlie following were appointed by the H. P . and duly ensealled: X>. H . Conley, C. H. , H . L . Griswold, P . S-; T . J. Clement, It . A. G ; P . J Lyon, M . 3 V. ; It . M. Mo J annett, M. i> V.; W . C. Dutcher, M . 1 V. ; S. W . Kimber, Tiler. D . H . Chrysler was about town paying bills, Tuesday, when he sud­ denly missed his pocket book; dilli- gent search was made at Jordan's, Morgan's and where he had been, but it did not turn up. Finally Mr. Morgan told a story about Dan Hamhn finding his on his person ! after he lost it, and a dilligent search through Mr. Chrysler's side pockets brought tho wallet to light much to the relief of all concerned. In a hurry a wallet can be placed in an out-of-the-way pocket and occasion some anxiety. Mr. E. J. Burke of Rochester, who so kindly assisted our citizens at the concert given here last winter will at no distant day favor us with an en­ tertainment both musical and liter­ ary. Mr. Burke has recently written a humerous lecture on women's rights entitled \Much ado about nothing* 7 which he will deliver dressed as an old maid, and judging from seme of notices in our Rochester exchanges this lectnro alone is worth going a long distance to hear. Mr. Bnrke and his sister are having packed houses wherever they appear and we shall look for a similar recognition of their talents here, probably very eoon. Look for the announcement. erly on T The pabl carefully make the several surveys, maps and reports to the proper heads a long work, and we shall not know the route chosen until it is dono. The work is being pushed all along our end of tho line with more vigor than in the summer. <3 ait«X Cutler * < X As we sold you the best buggy for the money we offer the same induce­ ment on cutters, and if you will please call and look through onr shop we will show you who has the largest stock of nice finished cutters and wo think we can sell them on favorable terms. Fl8HKR MOBEHOUSE «fc Co . CMtiorm . nice lot at reasonable prices at FianER MOREHOUS E & CO'B. Bo 1 ld«y SpeoUlUe*. Lamps, etc., at Tobey's. Santa Claus has left everything at GrifiTs. Large stock of fine candies at Grain's. Look at th at stock of wh ips at Dunton & Co's. Look over Sharbin's holiday goods for big bargains. New books, games, and lots of things at C7rain*s. Confectioneries, candy toys, and full line at Griffs. Cramer has many specialties for the Christmas times. A wagon load of dolls and at your own prices, at Jlfarks*. Old-fashioned Molasses candy for the holidays at Grain's. Toy books, dolls, everything yon can think of, at GnfPs. of goods for the Christ- at J. Porter's. for I will pay ~th« Hs ^lKast Cm, ah price fox- Barley delirered at Wood •» ine, for the old &nd r-olimhle firm of thit BCcXCecZi.- niea, mmlters and brewers, Canandai­ gua, N. Y. 4*tf P- M« Boon JSc Briglin have completed their steam elevator at E loods, and are now ready to buy Grai n and Pro­ duce of aXt kinds, for whic a the high est market price in cash will be paid If yon wish good\ prices axtd fair deal address or call on BOO K «9C 43tf BKIGLIN . Blolods Depot- Bargains in Watch CJ Some fine patterns in Ear X^ings, Bar Pins, Bracelets, Chairj|s and Fin­ ger Rings. Large lot of new kinds a|nd styles of Clocks Just received. Splendid show of Silverv^rare will be made soon, all at SUTTON' S JEWBLKJVT STORK . TPe are now prepared to sell tickets to all points north, south,, east, and west. For points west you avoid all transfers, our road runnir g through from New York to Buffalo without change of cars. Baggage checked to all points west. You can make better time, quicker connections and with more safety than via any ether route. Will be happy to give persons going west all information desirec I . us before purchasing else we can convince you. D. L . & W .l 39 A . H . SHTJLTSL Local XVo-fclocW. Fur Caps, at C. L . Claifke CO'B, Stacks of nei ty's. Gloves and mittens in at B. T . Reed's. Fur caps at bottom . Clarke <fc Co's. The best boy's 50c C. L . Clarke Ss Go's. Fits, quality and. finish in all custom work done a.t The nicest lot of vases, napkin rings, toilet sets, etc , in be Tonnd at Peck's store prices. Plenty mas time. open Send friends stock.' the N 'x ^jpox^rrajCT to your for a holiday gift always. Look at those library lamps, band by Adams <fc Stebbins on . Middle- Ohange* o > .S^orav Ifcars , Next north of last week's mention and whioh covers the balance of the front on West avenue on tho Hamlin farm, is the vineyard land of John Huber. Then wo come to tho home of Charles Folts the first on the Wil­ liams farm. He owns 3-4- of an acre which years ago was part of the Sturges property, was sold to the I Traum boys, then to the Granbys, and about 4 years ago Folts pur- ; chased it of them. I t is a pleasant home of vines and fruit, and for more vineyard Folts has purchased the Beers vineyard on Engodina St., above him. Next is the A. B. Sturges place, upon which ho built years ago, per­ haps twelve or fourteen. I t is a very oomfortablcd welling, and since Stur­ ges moved to his farm has been oc­ cupied by various tenants; last year the entire property was purchased by Casper Klingenberger making him about 28 acres in all. Casper has moved his old house down upon the avenue and is improving the premi­ ses ; the Sturgos residence is at pres­ ent unoccupied. John Huber has 6 acres of vine­ yard next. Then Fred Widmerowrjs a strip of 1 1 acres all from the W illiams farm — then Frank Reefle owns 2 acres of v.nayard next on north. Next is the residence of Jacob Turn, bought of Asbury Christian 11 years ago. This is next to the road up the hill, and is properly the corner lot of west avenue and Enge- dina st. Soon after its purchase Jacob built a good house and has occupied it since; he has almost 4 acres of vines and is continually im­ proving the premises. He is now blasting a well down through the slate rock. Just at the line between the Ham­ lin and \Williams farms a private road was opened from the avenue, I that went up to the first table above : and northerly to Eogedina St.; on this street, now closed, others had built and set out vineyards. The first to the left, up this pri­ vate lane is Frank Merkel's resi­ dence, built about 15 years ago. H e bought of Williams,soon after he was satisfied that it was an excellent place for a vineyard. H e has six acres of vineyard and fruit, and his residence is a comfortable one and very pleasantly situated on the first table above the avedue. John Wolfe is next to the north on this private road. H e purchased ; of W illiama 12 years ago axtd. bnilt Accounts are due the fiifst of every ~ lj>e charged Call up to October. Interest will thereon after that date, the \Big Anvil The cheapest place to buy silver plated ware, watches,oloc] cs, jewelry, etc., all suitable for holidfl y presents, at Peck's jewelry st< »re; every things warranted aa reprec en ted Jack-screws by X£. JMen'a all-wool pants S3. SO Clarke <Sb Co's. Wells A Son. G. L Overcoats for S3 .SO at C, L Clarks *k Oo's. ^f- Varnisbi Consult [where and K . It. » Agent. goods atj. Conaugh - ess variety, prices, at C. in town at guar an teed Reed's. town is to very low and setth >. JOH N PICK. fine furnishing goods : at C. L Clarke «fc Co's. hard oil finish, shellac, specialty Handy package and Diamond dyes at JT/oirci A^N'S Drug Store. Cohocs undt am selling their Dnane Lyon. Pure Rio coffee 20c per pound -Martin TPalter's, Middlesex, N. Y. A full line of I . rubber trusses at B. Seeley's hard ifORGAH 's. Genuine Haxall and at H . E. Clark's. Pure Brooklyn leu oil at J%fo £GA Globe Float lead and A ro\t^T\^««Tn OE.GA.ISI*S Dro£ Store. Fall and winter styles in boys* and children's clothing at C. L . Clarke <fc Co's. The largest stock of men's linen collars and cuffs in town, at C. L. Clarke «9k Co's. AH the fall and winter shapes in soft and stiff* hats just received at C. L_ Clarke <fc Co's. The cheapest and best place to buy boots and shoes is at ^faxtin Traitor's, -2hT i ddlesex, N . Y . A new lot of Boy's Overcoats and Winter Suits just received at C L. Clarke So Co's. For a full an ••* complete stock groceries, flour and feed, etc., call Dunton <fc Co 'i Another lot of those ladies' Jer­ seys. Come early and get one of S. Duane Lyon. Boota and shoes made to order in the most workmanlike manner at Jo Haitz', Benjamin Block. **A12e samee\ a ladie*** 50c vest in had of S. Duaue s last year the bent tho county ca u be Lyn. The largest and finest stock of gloves and mittens ever in town is now being carried by B. T. Reed. A large assortment of ladies* and children's shoes, slippers, rubbers, etc., has just been received by Jo Ilaitz. MTen's Pants in Great Variety and at prices varying from One Dollar to Five Dollars, at C. L . Clarke & Co's. Rubber boots, stoga boots, fine hoots, and everything for winter wear in tho boot and shoe lino, just received by Jo Haitz. House trimmings, sheathing paper, doors, windows, glass, blinds, etc, kept in stock and sold low by F . G. Cramer., C. L. GLAJtKE & CO., Have just received the largest stock: Winter Clothing- ever brough t to town . I of MW HMJJWARB STORE XGddleseac? Center. Overcoats, Winter' Suits, Hats Caps, furnishing Goods, and *fenit Goods. Boys and OtiilcLren's Suits and Overcoats a specialty, an d a large stock. Finest line of Underwear in town. Trunks, and. Traveling- Bags. H8«^te*-1i\ices J from IO to IS per cent lower than elsewhere, as we can prove. HARDWARE BUSINESS ZH9CUUU4 U**y a-rm now raeatrtac A I STOCK OF GOODS COOKTH G STUVJKS , FAKLOS XCKAZXJro STO 1 tor ooml or wood, mil of n*w MM ! DMattrtU Im'imt Agricultural. ImplBmntx, Overcoats, , HCOUSTE PUTTY, TRmn TWOS,! cmaxr, - anu in short m •.i -. «— trwyt ta . First-Class HarflwanrSton You are invited to call in aaxd inspect ttie new stock. O. L- CLARKE & Co. Gordo n Block. REAL ESTATE FOB. SALE. iii** 1 ^' f«w' left.;-* jgoodl preMnt fQT yorir son; don oh an 00 to get; one. -ChrlitinM \tT miss -tnls XvoLs of fresh goods for the holi­ days at Granbys* too many to enumerate. Tobey <fe -Son are opening a large stock of holiday goods for the old aud young. X>iaries for 1884, just nice for a holiday present to yourself or some­ one else at Griff's. The finest display of Christmas cards ever before on exhibition this village at Marks*. A. full line of Bibles, albums, pic­ ture frames and hand mirrors cheap­ er than ever at A£arlcs*. Nothing yon want for the holi days that Griff has not on hand to show you, call early. The largest assortment and cheap­ est lot of diaries for 1884 ever, brought to town at Jtfarlcs*. Full lines of the best perfumeries in bulb: and every way, and lota of holiday presents at Morgan's. Shurbin will make it an object for you to call on hirn if you want any­ thing in his line before January 1st. J ust lovely those large photo- f raph albums sold by Adama <Sb tebbins, IMiddlesex, and, Oh, how cheap ! A special counter through the mid­ dle of the store has been filled by Crain, and his display of choice gifts is fine. Donton <&s C7o* claim they have the finest holiday stock in the land Toys, confectioneries, etc.; look in and see. ^Cmas, New Years and birthday cards, fine hair brushes, toy books, mustache cups, toilet sets, etc., at Morgan's. Box paper, backgammon boards, oelleloid sets, cards and card albums, frames and easels, in profusion at Morgan's. A. large line of books, cheap, very cheap. I can and will sell th goods cheaper than my neighbors. I am receiving a large assortment of XXoliday Goods, nice books, velvet frames, fancy perfumery in cases, games, fancy china goods, and many things useful and ornamental; the public are invited to look them over. 47tf. X*. ^5. CRAIN. good folding top Siriger sowing machine cheap for cash o r good note, or will exchange for wooct, hay, grain or almost any kind of produce SODS f«r selling because we have two. Enquire of or address J . XX. 1=1 tJLjjjKntT, Sltf. Naples, 2ST. Y. You will fi more and cheaper be found in any abonts. I keep a family groceries my clear,. No. 1 porlc is hundred, and everything portion. Call in. 49w4 T. tobaccos of all X have the brands and kinds. Santa Claus has his quarters at .My store. I have a good stock groceries of all kinds. Good oysters by dish -all cheap as the oheapost. The Gen. Custer and Tansil's Funoh cigars are the bee t in t he XT. S., and I carry them in stock. 49w3 G Marks. «J. Porter has diaries, holiday cards, albums, and the usual fine lot of holiday gifts at his store, and all very cheap too. A crowd of buyers at Marks' while others co cop lain of dull times, all because he adheres to his motto of small profits and cjuick returns. Bear in mind that Mr. Shurbin holding out special inducements to all buyers of furniture, a^ he wants to reduce his immense stock before taking inventory the first week in January. % fAdamfl*& Son, 15loods, have dolls and heads-, photo albums, autograph albums, card albums, harmonicas, castors and goods for the young, smoking sets and lots and lots of goods. They will be sold; call early and see them . -Adama <3fc Son are headquarters for holiday goods at their drug stoxe Bloods—cUaries, pocket hooks perfu mery in hoik, vases, majolica ware mu9tacbe cups, drinking cups \and /ancers, atoreoscopea and views, chil­ dren's toys and toilet sets, everything for the*- $mca. a~*ir Depot, d at my stjore, Naples, sugars than can other place here- full assortment of and of the best only $10 a in that pro* SON. best of general bead- oJf flour, and or measure wishing fine Feople _ chocolates should call Go. Call and get candies for the taste holidayj fine confection are headquarters for ery. Donton Co. W e have an immenifce stock of toys for the girls and tjbe boys* all rre sold at very low prices at Don- ton <5b Co's. mm taohe cups, d al L other holi- cJsU and • Parties wishing vases, toilet sets, a day preeants should Dunton A Co. Fine candies from 20 tjo 2o pound at Dunton <fc Co'i to Naples, I have just received for the Holi­ day trade the largest az id most com­ plete stock of books, sta tore frames, toilet seta, fancy goods, albums, diaries, perfun lery, pocket books, etc«, ever brough t all of which i » olfervd ~%Jf> at prices lower than Call in, Look over our siock convinoed. -School boo n and school supplies a specialty. ^jkXl goo-da our line, not in stock, abort notice. Small projfxts and quick returns is our motto. Naples, De c Sth, 1BS\ Suhaozxbe f oar th*: 37: ^ _ ^ < <wjntex5 clothinj^r^to all^'who\ coma' in hey wish to purchase or not. A. large stock of overcoatings has been received by B. T . Reed and will be made up into first-class garments for prices ranging from $15 to %SO. Rubber boots and overshoes, all sizes and kinds; also a full stock of leather boots, shoes, etc., for men, women, and children; bargains in all t Conaugh ty*s. Many good and useful articles in dry goods and clothing, at prices to close them out, at oost or less if nec­ essary; also many items to give away at Conanghty 'p. \W o X>o no t Olml m to sell goods exclusively for cash but we do claim that any man buying for cash can buy cheaper of us than any other house in this congressional district. F . G . OKAMKE , crecms or! Dunton A of our fine trade; we 3. whether The reJtl e»ta.te of the la to David ] Briggp, deceased, is now offered for sale and consists of* the following : | 153 AcrBs of ihoics Lanl in Garli nghouso, WOR t o f Naples village, with good bui Idi nga, or­ chards, and valuable timber; 96 ACRES, adjoining E . A. Hamlin's farm with comfortable house in good re ­ pair, barns and out-buildinga,choice fruit and timber; House ani. Lot of 3 Acres, the Briggs homestead on Cohocton street, IS a.pies, with large house, good hams and fr\iit; HOUSE and LOT, of 1-2 acre on Cross street, in Na ­ ples village; any of the above prop­ erty will t>e sold, on reasonable \terms and. -possession given -A.pril J-Bty X884. iFpt particiuara^eiiquira. 1 «IJm3^>^j;GT t .ABW ''x!;^itTq:cHB orn meal, corn, bran, feed, Ilaxall and Roller flour, way down, so that after your interest on Railroad you will Have a little mon­ ey to buy groceries at low prices of SO _ G . M . LYON. paying BondK, Greats Bargains B. T. It Bid's Store, Neites in the following goods : •hlch 'wrtll t>* Mold at X. O By ClOM Attentlou to Fiu.luo. m.iid fm.tr -» hoDowbio doiUot, w . hope r 11 y n i 11 42 WILlliJJB <3k ADAMS, lUddleactx, W . Y. Gr. A . GORDON. TTrtf DEROI.OTBINO, GLOVES and.HITTENS, Cardigan Jackets, OVERALLS , JTJlCPEaS , LACK SHIRTS, Calico ana Fercail SMrts, Cotton Pants, Paper Collars and CofEi, a large •variety of TT«wfifc- erchleik and Stockings, OmbreUas Ji Rubber Goats, STII/C OPEN ! Offer Eitraorflinary. A $4. PerMical for $1.50 i Number for Nothing. A Dictionary ^itlMt Cost AJS \RTiKOAKT KN QRAVIHQ FREE. WttJ^vers/ -V«w 5n/ut nft^i- * I f TOUT gubuci iptlon to tho American Agriculturist VV\ i wil pay the ht £*ho3t market price for oats delivered to ns at Na­ ples, N. Y. W . li.. MARKS «5b Co. Naples, Dec. 5, 1883. W« in for 1» forwarded I U before Doo. ltttli, tho neod- OT will bo prawnted with tI>o December number of this yoar rreo: &l»o with n 600-PA« K »• T1«>NA S Y, with 50,000 words and 45 pag»fl of oncMtTioffs, poat-Croe, (nftcr Deo. loth IO cent* ex­ tra muatbo sent to p»y poAtaso on IMctlonary) olno tJio MJVITQ i tloo a t EnKraviilK. 1 I q I B '* fO«t» 4>M. |ftlUDl>t > T \ (IO conta for |>ostAK« ) TO> HrRANCBSS. IThe Amert«aM ^(^rtcul(uru< nioete tho wants of AT.T. cLn ^Bes, in Oity, Village, and. Country; it 1A lit- ersllT BVESTBODT' S rAPEX. Xt helpn th« r «R3«KS , the the raorr onowKK, the MXCIIANIC, IXSI007AI. snd JICBTMIOB man. it g-r«n,tly adclB D«E-KjCEi'Cii, it, ploiMca ckiid ine> racta thn LZIII the » r • i-1 r .y- ONER. It in otlitxfwl -vr* tli y r «m«. <^a* Ubor, iutd «<} p«n«o. Lin pne^t ubound in a »<Mxxl, practical , rtn- doa and lagg^Kloiia. the pnor can give you some rare bargai Harvest Qdittens, all grades, Fruit Jars, all sizes, Grindstones, mounted or plain, Carpet SwoeperH, several kinds. Carriage Whips, a very largo stock by E. Wells <5s Son. OCEAN STEAMER Lines CAM DIRECT HAMBURG LINE, The White Cross Line, AND The Hamburg-American Packet Co. Lnc, -i«rty < xuMiholtl Koonomion, AniroAls, 1*1, thin t«sv*vct it RorpaMw. by frvr\ • uols. Xto coDRtont atfXpoamr-A of nambaica and Bwindline Hchenuw oro Invaluable, aud aavo many tlmoe its ooet to eweary reader. It >uhnita no tswlMaJ Mlv«>rtla «inoDta, acid no antraitworthr «d - vcrtuiorn. It<i ImmAn^e circulation poablco the Pub - Unhoro to lrsae it at -retry low ratoa. a\d to deal lib- onvlly with aubaanbora In the way of premium*, etc S*«md< K C^OK^Y o * ab o A one ric^a n crlcoUnrtBt , or- A1««CWOC m • • • ITS < 1 OO KugraviD g^a* •> D <K 14 0 c o •- nm n m ot r«a<lif K mat«- « r) , av« K> m. o u c« » r»« o < awo B -wo—n t »«.«• or* v>a lo r atttiiK , K>oaCm_JCv, «cc Si.SO at Te a rz s t K> aC • o sauna t»«r- » 1 & CCDtS . Active Canvassers wanted Every where. PuMlnhero, Orange Judd Co., David W. Judd, T5l Broadway, Tork • ad n* Which C: rettb « loweit rate* between Kew bor e London, eontbaoiptoi> a n »vr». Amtwnp, and all the Italian porta, and Cross all porta to Maw- Toik. l'oaengt *~m from AN Y radlroad station tn Europe can be booked thro\ tattoo In the O. S.. and of this A SPECIALTY beat, aa w«l l win ba Elv- I S .DOT* MADE. lines are of th< 5lmS a of the the ob«apa by or on application to tha aimt , TC TiTWGEHBKBQElt, HaplM, IT. Tf. HOLIDAYS, at UM> DRUG STOMB, HOLIDAY GOODS •T« T froacbt to thSs town, ALBUMS, OIL PAINTINGS, CHKOXM, XAJOLICA wIltE. BTBBBOSOOPES and VIEWS, JUABTXS, FOCXEI BOOKS, L A MPS , all kinds; aLmd a> c«mplate m>e OX GBrv* na m. raTI • HiWIUfcKTmBIM - Iins of trade mad srivs Iwttar attazi- tion to Sterclian.t TalloriTig. X win Mil tho otoolc FOE CASH OHLY. Yonrs B.o#rpo<rtfully, 46 The Cu h and Ready I*a L GRAND SUCCESS. nt'SIS'ESS GREATER THAN EVER, i>or atoclc la .full to arorr DKPAJITMINT am broolng oTery thing; kept m a coontrr itora at Prices from 10 to 20 per cent rarer than any CREDI T BYKTJUK CUILALLOW . W e asstrre people from ADJOININ G TOWNS -triat it will pay tliem\ to buy their gooda of TJS. GJ- A^. GH>BDON 4 MEN'S anil BtirrvgDBSff^ N«w York. Ho party in politics, nor any aect in religion. The Greatest and the Best, The large Double Weeklv, TVKTiTCHOTJS and SXOTJX.AS, Hew Tort Oftserrer (EstcLbl-UHeci 1823) . r> paper \3X the country hoi a toora cjpwtotoctf <xbt*c forjoa of JRtlitorm. X>r. B. Ti i main Prime •taiuU ax the haod txt the editorial fraternity and hie tettera and editoriala atm —zxrtch the Oaasjrrvm. OUiara^UDoiig its editora hoqe had the tx-alsixzs* of a quarter oT a oantory for their work. T*« Cb» r tiyuiutotoe of the OnouivMit la from all .—nda; and the news, carernlly prcpro d tmm Isttera and tattymma, fnraiahaa a oomplotc rtow or the oon- m or th*» «*u«ld each weak. M DmwrttnentB of U^r <cMi <ur«, Zfi4 -r»r»<j-*, ^tstt— aVzy ScAoo* rca^Ain^ and R<J iff* o it-m WcrrJk are oon- doctod b-y cxparta, who write clearly and to the lat. The OsazavsJi doea not fill rta ooltaoof with tar caiaj • and old wuiniuii, ba t aim* to be A Live Newspaper. lasmrr week A. RELIGIOU B BHSE T full of itmctton, CTOtwiiagemeot and troth; and A 8EC- JJLB. 8HJEKT, contadntng all the turwo, Tlgoiuua \ \ \ and a fiwat •variety Lumber Wagons, lkra><le lie re and folly W ARRANT 33, VXETEXXl now ON BAND And more o<5rurtaJitJy being made, \xou will SAVE MONET By Buying of ns. WELD at HILL. Naolea, N . 1. OVERCOATS, that X am bound to eeXX. Heav y winter suits, to $6; al l wool solta $10; boys* suits S3 to S&; orereoata # B to fancy wool sb-ix-ts, cardigan jabke^s, $1 . $1.»0 , $2.60; ha.ts an d oaps, mittens, r>Tore*, «to . I have a mil line of ~* Gentlemen's Undqxweai\ The VEEY BEST CHHSiMlS PKfi^ENTh, in e verv respect are found at S. R. ^SUTTON'S JEWELRY STOBE, 3 X>o1 >{huTo For {Nma JS.<tc »*«— _ haitu ii. or a copy of the i t\T*m imllj bound wolnme portrait of the inthor. >-r will no sent to any X3TD 82 ris x BOW . 1 have on hand novelty and bevel- od siding; white and Norway pine flooring and ceiling of all grades ; finiahi'ng Ixxxober planed and ready for use; shingles all grades; and all at reasonable rates. I solicit your patronage. X>- W 3EXJ>, 3Vt£ ^BIoodB, \ST. Woman at Wori: PROGRAMME: Sketches of Notable Women, timber and will be direct trom the maaafactimr, that I < slddxahle lowcr than laat aaaaon. ji or unCerweor will and It to tlialr lnl •• to call before parchMtBS Circnlatirig- tabllahed a I have tola to sa pay rant, htra **0 clarko, and a till make a llvlngr. MyCxxiotto ta \LIVE AND LET LIVE I\ <Jall and be copwlnood, .J. E. WETHORE, Building, North Cohootsn. P. O. FRESH STOCK At Bloods. N. Y . I nnTe filled my itora with jriiJbJSII HOODS: PORK, yLOTIK., Choice Family Grbcexies, DRY G-OODB, B ots, blioes Mtoers, CASHE D GOODS. CON K KCTIONERIKfi , TOBACCO S CIOAJBUI. FA » cr oooue, xcrrTKsrs, ETC., mjl to ll« ^ C h eap As The Cheapest. Old ud new cmtosun wilt find : ready for tMurg ^mina. 48tf WS. ftr. Hn. po«nu, wrta of tmnl , etc Our Girls. S dVewoted to their tnstructxm and The Home. ^oS^S^^-S S \ELome XXelp Club** fa open to IIIITI i fluil • The World. '! PREMIUMS to CLITB XLA1SXBS I SfVtr~ \\j- rr-f-1 C&kj-i 3for 90 daya. Hew befbxe has ao r**\\** • wtiX «WW <3fc beenjtlvsai fot fbe money. \ IO oenta m d we will rmplog I before' y to oonqner •Sootl t Cr- not r«QTU-r*<l-. not. Ufa la _ wo and dare before you die, eometlilBc micbtr - atilune IMT * baalnd •*C «• weelc l a yonr o\*rn towx. I^o rUtlC. JCvet'Tthlnag rve\w. Caottal \ - arytai I xn«ja* and.boyaa»4 airta JOTt want t~ -' ~- ififiliilM 1 wealthy t Uwwe-irtio do not lmprora thalr.o»porta»i-\ni..\' tae* remain In. poirercy. Wco(l'er.«. anraat-. cta.aaaw miOce money. \Wc \want -auany uen.voitM.-N>ri7 K and jrirl*Xo \workforiu ari chtlu Tin • 1 r n -mi luiaMil— AJJTOD * can rto the worlc proparlr. (roB.th* : I Start, Tb a bnaLncae -ivlll «ay , tnora^thaa .M> tt:

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