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.NEWS? •\5J--t L'UM-K 1. \' 5 ; NAPI'.-ES' NEWS //// PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY • >?>-*V ; ,r-'--*' '\ , l ' >T, \- - .J ^iiAfPLES,^ ONTARIO - COUNTY, NI • .-\J- v\y~/>.; w \ -^Terms *:^ : '.^.00 per year, in'advarice: Adyerlisipg rates made known on ap- ^.;;\^}>citk>n-.at the-business office, Room 9, ^>~V - NAPLES./ >' -- • j^v -The village ot Naples'is a growing town of about twelve hundred inhabitants. It is one of the '<r|^(^tb€Auttfutvillages in southern New York.tbe *y: >/tennimis pf the Naples branch of thq Lehigh Val- •: •••'} ;^J*llro ^,'aiia ,is. : comiecfecl with the D., L. & Wri 'iid Erie i^roids, at Atlanta, and tlic Canan- -J fai&u* Lake Steamboat Co. line, at. Woodville, by ^'|..w«ll-conducted stage routes. n - '// I 1 hjfhe culture of grapes Is its chfef(indusir>v - f^/.^h'ere'are five churches: Mcth(taist-'Episcbpal, ^> *»'ptU t, \Presbyterian Catholic imjl Germun-Luth- 4 •nuily. ' * - - ! j './Four flourishing secret .societies: John Hodge '<::'. ,|/£pd|reivNo. 815, -K & A. M.;*:-Nu\ndawaho ILodge, .;'.;?i>bV i 7.1^1. OrO. F;\; Phland Lodge, No: 321<D. 0. \j -H.V3lngham Post*No. 74, G. A. R. '/'Living commodities are cheap and it is nrtesira^ j •v 'vV -'bW location for any- person' or parties who wish! *rigage in mercantile or other business, i,; >v'-,Two.' newspaper-? keep its population Well in- ^iitimed oh current and local, evehts. . • . o -'-S . y . - r . r ••- ••' I| . '.*'•' I^JBU^INESS CARDS *4 \/.-• 1 inch' space, $4 a year. ; 'J :&YQUTH AND; LOVE. I- Xonth and Love fell but brie day.}' £-£8n\id You'th'tp tovoi-f.'I'll.gamy way;.; \\Andjleayojyou broken:hearted. „j'-_\S<, _i .ril-gojthrpugh Hfe'witlVo^tJypnr'jiid.-l.J t- I'll, gajse on neither man' nor inaid.\ j\'. I f -i ;'jAJid;foolishly,,tfiey'par.tedl.\*- \.U I\ \ ; \'.- V* - ? -\• .1 , ^ Off; went haughty Youth alone:- '• He'hummed a tupe in merry tone . And never looked behind liim, While Iidyeat hompwaa sa'd/.and Bore And loiiged'for merry Youth once inorei Alasi-shb could not.nqd hinrl ' But Youth had not been,.walking long Befqre~he}hnshed his-inerry song^ '.ViHis heart was fnll of sorrow. , ; H6^ound'it liard to stay- N away . ^ijjrenvrlibtfjej-if only foiva'day;\ \~ife* cBiiie back on-lbe aibrrow. For'Love\ and Youth apart would di« Like flowery without dew orsky'. ' ^They'd fade if they would sever I [AsMoiig as there are tide aud time \In every .land,-'in every clime, Tbath=aiidLove : will be together. —Joseph P. Galton ia Philadelphia Times. TAJ£EN PpR (JRANTEI). lyK; BARTHOLOMEW, •rBoonrt t,'G) R. Grant-y BuHding JI>0R. E. Lauderdale, # * DENTIST, ^ ^ h hy^.'A Crown, Bridge and Gold Work. ! ; : !v \-'.T *rt: : a Specialty. . * . t ^6om 10, G. R. Granby Building 'Heated toy Steam. • Lighted with Giis THE NAPLES J. T. Brown, Prop.. jfcates Reasonable. l^iSIHiiple' Room. NAPLES, N.Y. • Branch Office of W. G. Podds, in charge of J.J. LINDNER, V. S, '•- Graduate Ontario'Veterinary College. Office' in Lewis Block, Naples • 3)«y and night calls receive prompt attention. \ B®\*Treats'all domesticated animals. Naples Roller- Mills! '.'f ' GUSTOM GRINDING. - Manuiacturejoi fancy and straight-roller flour. ,->.•- Keeps for sale all kinds of flour, feed, meal, etc. \* S B. C CLARK, Manager. FRED E. GRISWOLD, - PRACTICAL « MECHANIC •^jion. aud wood work a sped mltj'. NAPLES, N. Y. lsJ%> Banking r/louse of liHiram MAXFIELD , - ^ Established in 1SS2. Lewis Block, Naples, N.Y. \T\ • HIRAM MAXFIELD, D. H. MAXFIELD, - President. Cashier. ,5 MpOSS BFjOS., ^ General Machiniists f 'JkH kinds 6f iron workldoiie in a satisfactory <;-y'. > 1 manner. ! ' ,||«Ydty Iron Works, _= Naples, N. Y. ^'1 41 LYON STREET. . Dr. H. H. Barringer, W.PBYSICL4N AND SURGEON... ViOffico. and Residence, Pottle 'Cottage, ' Mafh St., Naples^ N ; . Y. ,^viBptcLtl attention given to surgery and diseases -•'•Of. women.\ Prices Reasonable. Oiliee hours: 1 ^V) 8 and 7 to 8 p. ru.j \<8ri DR. A. \wTLBUR Physician and Surgeon Office over C. G. Eve^itfs Grocery. ^ , -^NAPLES, N. Y. I.. ' Sutton's Jewelry Stor^ Is-the place to buy Watches, •, Jewelry, Silverware, Musical £ • Instruments, Optical Goods, ' 's- \ Etc.: also the New Home Sew­ ing Machine, the best on the - ; market!! \ Repairing doiie in a satisfac-. tory manner. R. SUTTON. Naples, N. Y. S. rson s v-nWill he. found iliiti \'FrcsK; Smoked and- • fe.'^TFF?V-'XR ; :: -Sait'Meats - \Lizzie child, come down this in­ stant I What do yon mean by being! so unladylike? Sitting on the topmost rail of that fence I\ The damsel addressed came down from her high perch, and, throwing one arm over the neck of the little Drown, ppn'y, walked demurely by his side, while the old judge sat in grim state on his back. , They were very like, this 'father and daughter. ' ' Lizzie was his youngest, and though she had attained the age of 18 she was still childish in her waya. The. j,mlge placed his hand tenderly^' on thg : little.\curly-head: \.Wne^e has my little daughter been ?\ \Oh I have been up to the hall talk­ ing with the .housekeeper and wander­ ing through the great rooms, and, oh,, papa, she really took me into the beau tiful conservatory, ( and I saw such love ly flaming passion flowers and .the great creamy magnolia blossoms, and, dear me, 1 \can't tell you of all the lovely things. 'Then I walked down _the road to meet you, and I was.so tired that I sat down on the fence to rest. • \Oh papa, don't you wish we lived in such a nice place as the hall? It is such a grand old mansion.'' She waa suddenly stopped by seeing a gentleman approaching from the op­ posite-side of the road. \Mr. Ray, I belieVe.\ The judge bowed. \Agent for the St. Leon place?\ \Y'ea7-sir.\ \1 came to see you in regard to it, and\— 'And yo u aro' Mr. St. Leon's con­ fidential clerk, Mr. Hartley! I believe I received a letter from him today in­ forming me that you would arrive this week. Yes, yes; come right up to the house, and we will talk over the repairs. Shall we begin them immediately?\ \What 1 My letter but just arrived? Singular I\ •\*\-* * * • • \Papa you dofT't mean to say you have brought him home—a confidential clerk 2 You know there are the best rooms to be papered and cleaned and our pink dresses to be made against Herbert St. Leon's arrival. \ \But my dear,\ began the old-gen­ tleman, \just like your papa to never think of this at.all.\ 'Well, I shall see that he is put in fcho little room over the kitchen. He will never know the difference,\ and Blanche sank back'in a studied attitude on the sofa, wondering if handsome Bert St. Leon would fancy her loyely pink' morning dress that she had made for his special benefit, for of course he would stop at their house during, the time in which the repairs were being made at the hall. The door of the dining room was ajai - , and Mr. Hartley, standing before the fire in the little parlor, -heard it all. This, then, was <the welcome home that the wanderer received after roam­ ing five years in a distant clime. The tears glistened in his lashes and a bright drop fell to his hand. 'Mr. Confidential Clerk, you are cry­ ing, \-and Lizzie pushed the white kit­ ten from her lap and came over to his side, laying her dimpled hand on his arm. \I am sorry you heard them, hut never mind; I'll be your friend.\ \Your friendship is very dear to me, my little girl.\ \I'm not a little girl. I was 18 last week.\ 'Pardon me, young lady, but can you tell me something of the hall— what sort of place is it?\ \Oh it i s a grand old place, with great stone porticoes,.and marble man­ tels carved to represent gods and god­ desses, and the ceiling all frescoed in blue and gold sunsets, and a big con­ servatory, wvth hlue passion. flowers, Saining cactuses and orange trees with real oranges on them. Oh, it's so nice, so nice I\ ' 'Lizzie, Lizzie, you are talking far more than is necessary. Go t o your Frenqh immediately.\ ' • And as the abashed damsel obeyed he heard Blanche say: .\Dignity on, the. .family 1 .Nothing but a confidential clerk.\ And Lizzie exclaimed: \I don't care. I like him.\ A month had passed by. Mr. Hartley had exchanged his close apartments over the kitchen fbr.more. commodiouB ones at the village inn. Thence he calm ly superintended the projected improve m'ents at the hall, and all \the gossip ex'changeds between himself and Lizzie •was in the course of her rambles through the St. Leon woods, and if the family' had only known how often, these ram- blea were-taken their aristocratic tend­ encies would have been tearfully 8h 'opked. A \• And now Mr. Hartley sat i n the same kittle, parlor where Lizzie had first vowed to be his friend \and awaited the \ippeafanee-of the judge. „ He came, ; ,at last. '\\You wish to see me, Mr. Hartley?\\ s \Yes sir. I came to ask.you for the hand <>f your daughter, your little Lik- zieiv'i love her more than my life,- Judge Ray..\ . ' '; \;.\ , \Yon cannot have herl No, sirlil look ; 'for something higher for, \.my daughter than a confidential clerk. I f thnt\ is all, -I bid you good evening.'' i p'Nexfr •night' 1 ' the judge • rode: 'slowly home'jb- dinner, feeling a presentiment cf evil/ ... 1 V;\ v *Where is Lizzie?\ he inquired of I •Blanche as he entered the cozy dining jueiyvwnn a,-paie?trightened facd£\\'; ; ;,;-.'-'She)is.not there, papa, but.this\iiote . : ';\ .&yjbn.li«.tkbl^^^ |~' Thetjudge broke tbeaeal^aria-reftd,- '\ j-with-. &~£ac8fthat' ; ha\d.grown'suddenly : ; i??* • ; \By'. i time-that; you read' these-„ .words, dearest\' papa, ; your Tittle Lizzie, UTVj/: will be another's.-! shall be! married -to - '-^*\ Afr. Hartley. ' I .hope.it is\ net wrong, ' for indeed I do.love.him very much,.''.?* •j A b he'folded- the note with stern\ fea­ tures adight step crossed, the threshpld,- and Lizzie's . arms were around- l his neck,-the.confidential clerk standing at the., door with\d face where pride and| indomitable resolution struggled for the mastery. ' '' \Papa; torgive us!\ ' J_ ' - . f 'ril: see „you hanged 'first!-\ roared the^iold gentleman. \Begone both of youj. Beg,, starve, but never., icome -'.to me.for assistance!\ ' < \Oh papa,\ pleaded Lizzie, \I want to explain.'.' ... _ y won't hear,you.\ - \Be it'so,\ said the clerk. \''Come my little wife; we have each other left,, you know,\ and \they went, from tha house.. - \' . v ' -' Blanche, surrounded by an .atmos-. phere of. lavender and eau de cologne, was just coming but of the hysterics into which Lizzie's _ uhprecedented con­ duct had thrown her- when, there-'came a, ring a t the hell, and a gentleman bearing a foreign looking carpetbag was ushered in. « .\Is this Mr. Ray?\ The judge bowed, hardly -knowing whether to embrace him as Herbert'St.- Le.on or t o repulse him as an emissary from the confidential clerk. \Ah so I concluded. Is Mr. St. Leon here?\ *\^— \Mr. St. Leon, sir, is in Paranham, Brazil.\ \I think yon are mistaken, sir, as I have been, informed he is at this mo ment in his native village.\ \Herbert St. Iieon\ at home and not send -word to me, his agent ? I must go to the hall immediately.'' Blanche arose from the sofa, shaking' the bright drops of cologne from her- curls. \You will be sure and bring • him home to dinner, papa, won't you? • \I'll try, Blanche; I'll try. \ \Oh papa, you are trying to draw on your boots, over your slippers I\ \So I am, but this little affair has so upset me.\ Be was up and away. The lights glimmered brightly from the Gothic windows of the hall and winked defiance at the blustering storm without as the judge rang the bell at the great front door. \Mr. St. Leon—has he arrived?\ The servant bowed and ushered him into a room whose superbly arranged furniture struck Mr. Ray with an in­ definite idea of luxury. Lizzie was standing by a tall alabas­ ter jirase that Btood in the bay window', arranging the tropic vines that curled around its standard, and the light from the colored lamps shone ctown on the curly head BO dear to the judge's heart. The confidential clerk stood near. \I wish to see your master, young man.Jj*. \I am at your service, sir.\ \You are! Who tho mischief cares whether you are or not ? I wish to see Mr. St. Leon.\ \Herbert St. Leon is my name, sir \You ? .Why, I thought you were iii confidential clerk.'' I never tcld you I was. You took that-for granted. As tho confidential clerk I wooed and won your daughter, As Herbert St. Leon I could, have gained no greater treasure.\ \It's all a mistake from beginning to end. Son-in-law, you're a trump Come here, Lizzie, and kiss your old father. \—New York Times. I in^*-bipjpy^HtHe bird; ^ - - : z ^:Anj^\tt&- homes*feet^ ^J^U I'rp]^^^u»t.\?^ciu^e.J^n )-p - Xp*;,ao I *>iyaiy« feel' at f)OR>ei • - The s^WeV jar^erjprtbe tile* . 6r .\ birj • tftiejcbinjnry /pot. •v. *>TO.'emphattc thafeI\_l£new'shewasaqubtful. ! ;: >r !;'The .Hmie qualities/whlcK} frorp, an'cht. Ugh^cnod'.-'^ndpoint-mnko ,youYdesIrablo. *j'i^;^*pU\^nlS < Merid v from -another-''point .Vof.vieR'/would excuse an^UregiJJatec[^per\- ! ..BOH .'for; falling'in love'with\ you\. v!^* '\ ; \ '?'VJ^qw-lSttte you sp^k'-in;that.way?\ '^dema .ri 'ded^.hotly : i^^^f.cour&T shouldn't ^»Uo]Ka^>one>^^q78Ucb°::»thing,'biit;if i any one did ;Tdb'n't see •why-' he \should bol ^callednames.. • • -. -,\ I ^. s t. .1 ^^l^St^ x -I-A Ttiatfs'justit. -F'.'^J \^\df^cpurse.hd woidd.beiye-yrfobllsh'.'-V^' ^HExactly.\ : ',Shotp\sse^-.her'liead..- : ( \ '•']What|--I^meant' ! '• \; \V ^pMned^' ll yn^ ''fcha^r dthfitighvhe. would;--.be\fMli8h;flfeni. J , I ourrstendliplnt.' hp^-,to embrace\ the oppor-' \tunitieavof-\;the higher,platonicfrlendshlp' which we;;haye foui'd'so^dellghtfulV^- -;.•..' :>>V'H»ye^we?\ she^pbservedwith: disdain. )v','jYet]^ewould be'i.humnn, rather .than -/ibsurd', iw^alling. a victim ^tp your.phanns. 5si >eakihgiwlth'thebrbiberly frankness'•al:\- Mbwcd by.our. obmpact,.they ai«'so\ipibrisid- r'.erable'.'r-r ^r*'?:— o- QUEER RAPID TRANSIT. CHAINED. IN THE YARD. How some little onea travel, with their mother, , of course, , Whenever she wishes to go '** Is really and truly a laughable,-th'ng— -, The way she takes them,'do you know? - Dame Pussy,-, not^caring for coaches..and'aach,! In her mouth gives her children.a ride, 1 But then 8h6\really cares not to-be '8een>-\. I think it her natural pride.,.., - : > I've beard Mother Elephant (p'rhapsyou have, too), • * And it shows quite a good deal of spunk, When her baby she grTfesthe least bit of a rids, Packs him carefully up in-her trunk. , Mrs. Hippopotamus, a wise.-mjother indeed, Has for travel a very bright'knack—• She i>addles awai? on the face of the stream With her baby perched high on hffr baok. Mrs. Kangaroo, too. of dress very plain, Caring neither for friU, shoes nor Idcjukfc, Ere she starts for a trip Bhe hurrledlythrusts Her baby deep down In her pocket. ' ,Twas only a dog in a kennel, '' \ IXnd'liUlo.noisc he made,' ButMt'seemcd'to me, as L.heard i . rknewewhat that old.dog Bald. •*Another long month to get over. - Will nobody loosen my chain,' 1 Just\ for a run round the meadow, Then fasten me up again? \Give me my old life of freedom. Give me a plunge aud a swim, .A dash and a dive in the river,-. A shako and \a splash'on-the brim.\ I'patted his head and spoke kindly. 1 I thought that his'case was hard. Oh, give him a run in iho open—. Your dog chained up .in the yardl —American Stock Keeper. tion-'from the platpnio standpoint.'' - motH'er^'was with .her. .'\I may. 1 \ >'\'-:v <:.'#MjS *vvBicyc |es: Xv Gurisj- RevolVers o ing -Machines %>\epaired: \ Ro ^^Nevy But mamma, dear-rhow different with ; your herl To keep you from dangers and harms When she goes to see grandma on foot train, Carries baby clasped Bafe in her arms. —Baby land. or by T&e Culian Goia Mytfc. If we listen to the voice of the charm er or go to the boots on. Cuba for our information, we shall find that the mineral resources of this island include gold, silver, mercury, lead, antimony, copper, chrome, iron, manganese, pitch, bitumen and even coal, but when we come to look- for practical • metallic re­ sults commensurate with these varied mineral resources we ghall be disap­ pointed. • The gold fiction is the most time hon ; ored for the original Spanish settlers expected to find rich gold mines in Cuba. According to their historians, \much gold was taken from this island at the beginning of the conquest,\ but it seems probable that most of this was taken from.the chiefs or caciques of the Indians and very little from the. ground. \El Viagero Universal\ (Madrid, 1707,) Bays:*\Someof this metal (gold) is still found at.Holguin'.'\ Whenever 'the,ex- Tbe Blrda' Petition. Dear Brothers of the Earth; We, your little brothers of the air, \ wish and hereby request you to show us the little kindnesses which we ask of 1 you. 1 Whenever you go out t o the woods in , winter or early spring always take with you some corn or bread for us, as our supply of berries will be nearly gone by-, that time. Never take a gun or slingshot into the woods with you. Please never destroy our neats or take our young or eggs. Whenever, you see a yo'tragbird on the - ground, lift i t up into its little ! home. - - j Tell your mammas and aunties never ' to wear feathers in their hats. -as v thou-1 sands of us are slaughtered every year : to decorate bonnets. ; And we promise you; that we will re- , pay your favors by delighting you with our quaint pranks and v BWeet songs. (Signed) Robin, Bluebird, Sparrow, - Chickadee. Oriole and' many others. — W. R. Murphy in Good Housekeeping. / ^ —~- ' . I They So Not Spin-. j There are scores of spiders • that do . not spin webs. For instance, there* is \ the wolf spider. You may find .him al­ most anywhere in the .short grass of British meadows, says an English writ­ er. He-is of longer body than, the web; spinner, which is a lazy sort 'of .ani­ mal except when 'spinning cr pouncing on a fly. The wolf spider is acfcive'and rrms through the grass like gray Walk,- Swim o r Fly . A strange 'bird recently found - in British Guiana, South America, is, tht only vouched for survivor of a hitherto supposed extinct race. Several of, them are known among the fossil races, and are called by natural historians opistho- comnseristatus. This particular species is called the crested hoatzin, and the records of the Smithsonian institution stand sponsor* for it. \Tlie young hoatzins have, when hatched,\ says the institute report, \four\ well developed legs, the front pair \being somewhat of a reptilian character, with strong claws. They possess tho ability to leave the nest as soon' as batched and, by using all foui legs lik6~ ii monkey, /to climb over, branches, twigs and ^tree^trunks. Th 'iE 1 bird has also the ^pbwer \ even while young to swjim, dive and remain for a long period under water.\ Soon after hatching the fore legs be­ gin to change, the claws fall off, and the clawlike member becomes flattened into the point of an ordinary bird wing, feathers begin to grow, and,, when fully grown, no sign remains of the'queei fore legs it possessed at birth. In the Smithsonian^ report Professor Lucas says, \In the nestlings we have the nearest approach to a quadruped 'found among existing birds.\ „The' adult bird is nearly as large as a peacock and lives in the densest forests.\ It is rarely seen, but its loud, wailing cry is often heard in the woods. Its' flesh has an offensive smell, from the 1 vegetation it Belect s as food, arid this renders-it unfit for eating.—Chicago Times. 0 Gfime of Emereency. In the game of \emergency\ the hj >stes3,ask8 each person to whisper to .his fight hand neighbor some question and to put that/questipnin the form of ah emergency. For instance: • s \What would you do if your house --' V But |;.do; -i tYoufhaye'away-of looking' at\afellow'!—... \ *\ % .-,}3'\\ '^thay^'tl^Vv^' I * s{, \'*\>:' ,A''>i.\ '\ ^'-'whkifi '/mlght . easily ''disturb a ' bus-, i .ceptible roind :'!v-~.v-,<,- - ' ''Al*-Y6u r Ally,^endw;! , .'-_^.,.-^;.. y ,. : 1' \••'''Ajwayi?-' I-rep^ted- ; feelingly, \which is. very;tarying-eyen^tb^ 'sp^p]roriounced; ; a ypiatpni^^a.'I^.;'--.v'.\'» , .;'-iv\ ? :-i.i^Y'-- V ,V-' i- ' J^sonietlmef.think,/,'.' 8hy : murmured thougblfully, ^tfiati/yow'^platomci,' yiow* 'are- hot' so pronouncedaBjy/)U : professl\ 'f~b-'' ,>-r.« 1 Su^lyjhyifpractice r<MiiflrDi8imy ;TOe; bry?.'^I,inqulr^:.wlth '.aBtp -'- , * \list''.nigh^^ehJy^u.^pUt'iiiB in,tli(> hahsom''— t .^Sheip ^usBd, Vdoub 'tfully. - j. ralse4 niy hands in.ptotest::v -•>\'' '\' ''Aj casual .and extremely' : Blight' devla- Her may., have sque^ed'your\ hand a'little',- but what of that?y Why, you'returned''.^ » . '.' <- ' \1 ,.It .was. absurd.of you.''.* . , • '^jgalnV- ylra!-.might ! ; refer tothe night we walked home from Hamilton's.'' '.' I ]hm not .likely, to-fefer; to. that.'' \B to be \clear from- anyriBt of in ^Bconcep ^on,'' I InBisteaVloftily.'- \It is truoT kissed ymi, but\4-'' '\'~ ; ' \I : was exceedingly cross.\ \She walsn't. ''That, again','-was merely a relapse into theS ^pr— Tiuman point of view,-for which. I wns' ( not responsible.\ , J ''I'm'^stire I wasn't;'' ' \f F \Exbuse ,.mel \ You\ twisted a-fwrap round \your shoulders sp ^that you loolced —woll, ii I wore spcakrhg from anordi- nary point of view I Should say-bewitch­ ing.\.'- < . \My appearance has nothing to'do with the matter.\ ' 'It! has a great deal to do with it— ^from some points of view.\ . \You have no business-to take such, points of view. We agreed not to be— fool­ ish!\ • \You make It impossible for me to keep the agreement.\ I groaned. -\If you really wantedroeto\—' -'' Of course I d%.\ jShe doesn' fc. —' 'you would fnoke yourself look as un­ attractive- as possible.'\ \No woman would do that.\ She spoke with intense conviction. ' \Then you must not blame me for any weaknesses callecl forth \Ly woman's nat­ ural VAnity -and perversity. Prom my point, of view'^r- !. . \Your point of view is absolutely,ildio• ulous,\ she declared, waving her hand aa if* she were sweeping folly\ into\ '.space. \Every woman tries to make herself look nice—every woman you know. You don't, therefore, consider yourself' at ^liberty to go —and—aad\— \Kiss her?'! , \\Wcll.'I suppose you don't?\ I assumed a guilty smile, which seemed to annoy, her. \Why don't you anwser me?\ she de­ manded, stamping her foot. She wears twos. , . $ , \I 1 don't see\ anything to'answer.\ I tried'lobliish;-but, of icoUrse.fl couldn't. , '' Dp. you, iQetinto tell, in.e, that you go kissing women\'who—^ibpkV nice whenever you get a chance!\. ' | ' ' , '^It.wasn.'t in our bargain.that I was to bo pld'tonio with everybody, was it? M *'\ \I dbii't care what'was in 'pur bargain. It was a piece of foolishness altogether.\ \Besides I haven't said that I—er kissed anybody'\ \' \ s \Oh yesy'you have! I know you have, and I 'kjibiw. very,|yell \who ,it was. So there!\f 4 If .sho. mjeant Nora Teesdale, it was only two or three\ tiihes—just'for a joke. ' \perhaps you'll.tell-mej then?,'.' , \Perhaps I'shan't; ] thpugh, l of course, I knpwvery weli^and so;d'6 you!\' '\ • I:naturally should;'shouldn't.IP^ You would If you\^-' \ .r ^r'':. j ' ^•\>/i-perh*p^.ypu'have : ^ ~. grippe' o r \a h«H,.c 0 ^-'; ^Y.qti'. rX-'inajr^be^ recovering^ frpirif- f >1 mklana^or^a\.slow, ; f ey er 6r fe !. 'possibly!\^pm^; ; ;bf ;?the ; chil-'.; ;? dren «are ^)u^ gettihg^over-v- . N the, m^l ^.4 -,Qr^^hp>plng;V- ^.cough.v' yf].^^;^^;^ .y. .Arejqu i ^c6senng ^s ;f4st}|, you shot^d?;.fHas|;3aot^': ; ':your;.oId;. trouble ' left^ypurt; : -^bbpd -'fjjlt f ot y impurities?^' , Anp ; ..;isn'Kthisv|the:. reason ., you.keep'sq poorly?;,!Donft'i ' '\deia^;-rec'qvjsry'' longer^bui - cleahed..^ahdV'i) is put^ohr.wringers/asVj [f% goodas-new.;\-:.:..^^-..'^^^- -xftyfi U> *-rrjmbrellasrcpah-ed;- allkinds of!,casfl!n^«{ \k —' on stoves repaired;.;;k\\ivcsj;'sh'(u^,\'sk^tes!v4 f$ L IOK 111 She runs mrougn me grass ukb a gray-, :Wag afire? .. or . <What W onldyo'tf do if * f^ 11 - i 1 ^ ^Li 1.^ hound. He spins no web, ; hut psefers to;' HtrTlf . k hv » evolone?\ and to whisner movod tothe door,.but I intercepted her: .-x vT -ui- j „i L „Jk —I aw™* Dya cycionei ana,-, TO wnisper, .« tLo o k herp.vMplly/' I-.said, \don't let lie in wait behind atones, and springs on unwary passing insects. Sometimes he goes in fpr | a stern chase and\ fairly runs down'his prey' in the open and pulls it down;'succeeding in the race! by sheer-fleetness of foot.' In very dark spots fn old houses;black \I. \I spiders of enormous size comparatively of ten lurk.' They are iprbidding lopk- istencepf goldjin Cuba is discussed this i ng beasts and are t o be\ avpided^ Fnll ••™?\°\ at Holguin is invariably brought blooded men have ^ aQ \ t««™«\ '•A^io mine forward, ft is true that some work has been done at this point and a little gold haB been extracted, but there has never been any systematic 'exploration, and there is nothing-there which maybe dignified with ' the name of-*a minel Jennings S. Cox, Jr., in Engineering Magazine. - 5 Quick Change. Shopkeeper—Come here, Fido I animal .that. Y/m r .clng> sir? Customer—My dog? I hope not; would not be followed around, by such a cur'as that. Shopkeeper—Get out, you brute f Do you know, I hate'dogs?—Boston Tran­ script been known'to die from the inflammation and blood poison­ ing brought on by the bite'of these'dafk lurkers: °:Where children oriweak-.per­ sons are concerned they are reallys dan-' gerous., (--.\' ; 1 ; •\ .Fine rHigbesfcp marketprices -paid for rodm.„ ij^i'In laor'foom.jl. suppose, mourning , • j . 1. ... .-.-'^ t., .••••„..••-. -•-„ - ..; - - af?er. her, dear clerk..- - r =. c-. • —.— —— -.—.— - ------•—— 1—.. —,R -;.--.-».;-.r-—•• -,. mi -v T • ; .-sp. .„. 1 v -'i ---^--t.'---.-- . .••r.' r .\^r.v '.i vu \'j '»»»i |'i «i j.uu.nnv..-.v;...-.s-.'.:-,,vi;wir' ^yAY'Vu \\' : -~r •'•- '- ' ,.: : >' 'W.ell; ; call her to .dinner,': chiia.\ think of except the matrimomal combine.^ only distinctionby which one is marked, nectioniwilhThe;Aews ; ,-.lo^v^;. k;J- ; ^ *J$ir x ?j%t^ J Bran and middlin'gf,.perl001b8;>t85'@ 00ci't> %ke Mbit CmrfdwB 'Eggi.' :U A shark'segg. is one''of >'the\ oddest looking thing8'\\imaginable^ and-has-na more resemblance, .to-, an. eggf-strictly. Bpeaking, than dt.haB to.a, paying, stone; In one variety it ia pillow shaped ;ahd1 has a long \horn.\ or 'j'feeler,\at each corner' 1 The average 1 sizeis^atxrat' 2 by 2M' ' inches and ; : the c8l6r • almdat 1 pure, black. v •' \ • • It is 'unprovided .with;shell,ma_we understand .that; word/ hut ( the contents, are protected'tiy a thick'feathefy.coyer- ing.' which ha'a.almost \aai'much c ela8tici-> ty : nb6nt r it'as a coverihg v 6f^iridiainab- : ber-would-have. ;; 1 i. The ' Y 'feeler8'?- mentioned 'catch'f hold\ of and wind themselves-rpund pieces of, seaweed and\other-floating .bhject8 ,;'jufit as a \grapevine • tendrii^would' : do , : 5and hang there \until \ther 'egg 1 ;.ia'>Eatehecl!. prbyiding\it .doles'^nbt'! ^et : 3^tfpyed., ; ,;' f ..^.One^yaHetylbf .^e^hark.I^^^ during;the mbnthof April \These float to one's left hand neighbor' an answer ; 77 -,Uot. a single negative or afBrmative,'- i but an explanatory answer^jthus, ; would call' loudly for help,'\ or would hold on to my hat.\ * When each person has the question tand answer .given him from the right *and left; neighbors respectively well in' miud,,the game opeha! \\-\ The hostess calls a guest by name • who sits several chairs* away and asks him aloud'thequestion whichher neigh­ bor, baa-given her. He replies^with-the answer which was whispered ,;to.-,him;> In'.' this way very funny .'combinations of .question.- and - answer areformed which provoke much laughter. Y ' : ' t .One very shy young^' mah-jwho .was askep^ \what jhe-woqld^ dd-if- Que'efl Vic- - torj.a'asked to be presented to him re^ 5 plled;|'gravely,\ \I -would scream loudly, for .help, .' A A' LMckyv,It»li-Jlre8«er, .The old.Baying that a man may he a hero to every one but his valet'is called to,mind by an article in The Illustrated London ; News .on. \Famous Malsters of the Tonsorial-Art;\ in which stories are told\oft.Duplan\, thehairdresser.to-Napo- lebri. This'astute man'made, himself so. indispensable to tlie ( ;unfortunate Jose phine and became so intimately \ac­ quainted with the emperOr's'affairs that he was rejained.:in\the semcejof. .the' flbont , M ^ in ^ December , imperial family when Josephme^ wa s the little sharKiemWe;: the peribd-bf fofthf- ' —\ L ° nise ' :^.? ar _ e ! ihcubatibn, having \.bm ^aDoii^ nine empress, for'service to the- former arid- 0,000 for arranging 'tte r .,cpifrurea;-..of7 r tIie.Iatt'er. , Ultimately.; he;was.-- the ^'recipient ,vof; about 40,000. francs a'yeiar, f hia demands being' constantly increased because of Napojleon 's. *CB8triction.-^'Tefa8ing;tpIal--c •low the tch'sorial artist to j treat'''the 'hair- of any bther^cmitu'inAr .' ^*P* Wofltn'Me.' 1 ... > 1 Mother^^or '- meroy's;-' 7sake, : ^Harriet, ; what db .you and -Mr. TJumleigh^ilhd to talk\ about? It was; buzz,' buzz, the whole evening.' -„..-, -.. \j Harriet—;We were' taikmg alxiut trusts and/combLn'es,-' ma.\\FB\uir Itnyas not a p\r;8ilfc- rhair^pf^hoth the epperbr, and, - m ohtha^ 5^ ff -t^l^Jt''- s, being paid .4,000-francs a year. vvVi -r.-c : v--.- > ^ »' --• \ i';y~. •*\' V -:Jt Mekk' Fellow. •s Hoax—Say, old chap I Do -yon -believe In making yoWwife live wltldnjher;al- lowancdr !\ ' . \'\ / ^» ^:jbax— No, sir. ' Not when she can man^ ^age-to live without it.—Philadelpliia ReOi •ordv -.-.'. •' . \ >•'•: -, •x-_ ., e \W3iere the. CMva ^re .Bm^l 'eil.- G It is 1 ; not = generally known-; that -~th6*' •remains of all the.czarl bf'RuBaiv 'Bince Peter the'Great liejna memorial chapel -built on'one' of !the iklauds \of^the^Sreva.'-' ^AUitthe' •*cenotaphs 'nr^J exactlyJ^alike^ able conversation',, after. alL' Mr.' pumleigh '.ea<^\b«bi'g>a. block;* of .^hi^.^marble.'; talked.\aboutall tjae^nlbiriaMons.''£e>;pomd 1 .without'.-any/'decqratioB'.whateTeT;*.The„ thinkof except the matrimonial combine.; only distinction by which one is marked^ .j— B «^n.Transbripfc.;'f_.y'''';''„ r : \ ;w'th'fl'V »ine , of the deo««W> , ^' Tvi * rt ''*\' : \ bid-Ton Ever Think—' That a kind word put, at 'interest' ijibrings back an \enormous percentage \of love .and appreciation? '. - ^ ! '; That;/though - a lovingithbught may hot seem to^be.. appreciated\ itjhas \yet made - -you.\better .and, braver -because' ofJt ?; s >^^r i - ' ^z 'i -^That;the little acts, of .kindness and thoughtfulness' day by day .are \really greater.thahdne immense'act. of good­ ness onco a year-?\ ]' '7'i v 4.-\ L /'That'to be always polite \to thp -people at home .is'.riot.only ladylikei ^but imore 'reiBned/'thah- having --company- ! .man\ fieri? li-i.\'^.-'/ '.iA( : .\/ ;} r That-,tb.*judge, anybody by. his .'per£. rapnal app^ar^nce stanips. ; ybu as' not only ignoraritv'bnt{iir^red ?/•'-! *iy '••^ .//.That' W talk, arid .'tajk and .talk' about.. fo ^self -Tand 'yqur-helorigiri^-.vW^^^^^^ fareMirie fd^t&e/pebpleLwho ^Us ^l;^:;.'^. '-• : . \ Glub :.Bdtes.' r \' ;'^We cah'hirnish; the if pliowing ; ;p|riodi- r ^s .in\cbhriectioh with The News tat the; ratesnaihedhelowr- / ; \'V'. ^ ? • .-News arid ^/Rochester/Weekly i;TJrijpn &. Advertiser, both\ one-yeir, §1.50 .C*^' - ' , News %arid;Rochester(Weekly^ Bemo^ crat & Chronicle, both orie.year, $1.50: .'\ NfewsandNew Yprkj^fcekly Tribune^ .hoth ! 'on&'yeaiv$i .25 \/V/vr j../'.? ; , ^-r-'Y PvfNe\vs'7apdJ:Thrice >a ;Week- : .^ 'TvJbrid y \both\ one; year, §i.(35/^,../ r ..;. .t 'jNews\' - ah'd'; -'-National / iStockmah ';and. endea.: .Fai-m\e'r 1 ; bobli,pne year, $1.75 f\- >'v cV-:If \subscribers so desire\-we\twill .ybrto.procure'any/other,paper pr\maga> zine.at.reduced rates'-when-taken, in'con. hectiori-'jwi(h:'The\\News. j : ,.ltwlll remove/all- impurt- e Sties' frprr;,--\pur blood. .'It-is. \also \~k .rpnic -,cf- ; immense.'. rvalue.^ Give nature- r. little;!, rl^lp/at this;'time 'i -.Aid hfer- ^\y ^rembving allthe prpductsX . or diseas 'e ';from ypm'_Wpod>i;v= ..If your hbwels>are' nbti;^ -just'nght, Ayer 's \Pills iwill\.. : -,make them ,-so.-', Send^fof> : ..c ur ,bppk..oni Die.t in ICpnsti-, . patibn.',, ' '- - - ... ^y z -^• '.' Wttteto oupDoclorm* . \ WVhavo'the exctustvo'servtces . of some of tiie most eminent pliyRi- j- clans In \the-United. StatoB.---Write ' t freely and recoivo a prompt roply, , without cost. -- - - - 1 : -' . Addxesa, DB.. J. 'C. A VSR, U*\ IiOweU, Ma»»r • 1 s lav coh'stuner:-' wJrtealers 'thatyseji'them''^o'ln(,t^ find it.necessary; to coa^-^people/;to ! ^ke;;'-yV'^fj \'ieiiy .thejv'jsell^rbecausey.t knoAV;that a^aplestfive cent;/cigar. jis:/ast;./ 1 .,' /| goodfai teni 'ceril ^makel ;iri/:bth^ ;Qnsb.Hcitcd^'orders- /frbmp.distant; cities; ^ ->/,?4 attest tlic qtfality of o^ir;gc>ods /v';/; ';'.•/ SI H .HBWS eIvmIq&M • , Is theiplace '^^pii^f^Z /r^.'' • YERYTHIN^ 'IN( -THE^S^SPE-'-- : <ind ...BeeiciV'UiheT /iJi'* f r \. -| ..ci/i-,., • ' Buckwheat, iCpr^,;0at8,xBr^,^ddluiga;'\ and Meal. A.'fulf stockbt'the b^t'-brarida • Spring AMI R6 u Itry •{ Fioo d:: •< a n d : >Fe rii 11 ze rs closure and . „ . . entered in Qhtnrio county clcrkfs office on March ap- ex- to v- NAPLES BRANCH Lehigh Valley R. R. Westanl Eastward us .quarrel over such a'trifle. If you |U be- lievo me'\^- 0l 'V \: *'-'~f' ''. .'-'How can believe\ 'you.wheh'you 'be- havp; in -such,.a*;WAy? Didn't,we .agree f ai tlifiilly- that 1 .w 'e/^but~I\: don 't wan t r to discuss it.\ I,tugged.my,mnstabhe.a bit. Then.I took,holdfof her arm': -\. <•_...; \ \] \•Wp ^agre ^.'^l ^Rald (slowly, '' ; tabe the fastest arid/ besi'vbf'friends—in, a .purely platoriic way ^-^Arenftcwe?'' .* ,. $//; - . /iN -qt .MM-r- s he quivered a little at the corners of her rosy-mouth and stopped.' \Not If \\either'.of 'u^ likes \any : one else better,' you\ mean,• Molly?!' She;' nodded.\ ; \.TJppn my. v honor,,-I-;| don 't, Molly.Do you?\ - She! shook' her ' head. \*' \I \never shall,\dear cried\eagerly.' ','Wiirypu?\ Stie .dropped;the wools and let; thein 'roll away unheeded, and I seized, her dear; lit-1 ^9 hands.':'\ ; . '^\•\ / -\;' Not,\ she- L Bald ^tremulously, \from\ a Platonic point.of.-;view.\ \: : JfVPl.atpriio point of view be hanged!'' \ X p^it my^ariri'around her/'*; ='; *' ;\ She 'put her; head down 'iugbri \my Bhpul- der'and laughed^andcrieda httle, ; too, I 5 ' V - 4 *Iap> f, Vmlnk;?' 'shejaaidiv\\' ! i \Dp you; ; stlh-. ebnafiier' 1 ailing; In. love absurd,; Mplly?V/I asked a : little later. h'>. j /t*'Cet^inly,'' ; snetgaid-resolutely;. J'in- other people:\'-\- 1 :~ ^-\'••\v\-':'''\ 1 -: \Which*. 1 shpwa - ; how. much depends upon the point, of--.yiew.^-J.'A. -Flynii-\; InT St. Paul's:';' =•;•: : ',\. '. •pm\ 7,10 -,*7 13 *7-20 - 7S4 7 41 « ! 7 57 *8'02 80S ,*SM9 •*8 25 -/-S-.SO • P'? 11 521. am 10,05 no .10 •10.18 10 '.-15 11 00 *11 10 'II 40! *11 47 12 00 *12 13 *12'20 12 30 P.m T Lv-' '' * -Ari > . General \*\ Pre-Eniption Bdad\ ' ,.. l)ixon •, ' Stanley • Gorham y - Green's f '• Rushviile VallqyView 1 .Middlesex . West River • .1 I'ivrrish . • Naples- - -. Ar , Lr 132' a m 8 05 *S 00 •7^53 7 47 7 41] *7 Sa •7 29| J *72? 7 7 20! *7 ).0| *7\05 7 Ot a m '522 • p-m :3 30' ,*3'20 *3 10 ' 3'00 \ 240 r *2.30 ' 2 20 *1.55 1'50 *1'40 *1 35 . 1 SO pm r> . * Stop, on signal.j - The above trains daily except-Simday. J Dinhlg Station. ' : • the Backfroui.'. Inipbrta»ee; of .V.^WHateyi»*mayMbo the stylo'bf' i the''paini^ \mg it\\l8;eviderit ^thaivbM .^capable' o1(/i^lv,lng^ar t g^^Tariety^ol*| '{rcatmeiit,: .and i in \them'./.lies. ^&at qual'lty f whlcK'may' help to',';make : or \raar'.'thp 'ar}? tlstic' effect \of a picture. ^ It'should-be ap-;' propriate to4ho ; irtibject/ibut .jeyerj/subor-- dlhajteto It.- Let; it yaiy in 'tone/ put do; no'tVin^ke^it'e^ulalfln^Talije. to the subject —t ^at'lsVlctSthejy^eueral^ Ught«r/6r^dwkerrthari^tho desigiriitaelfy ^wIthout 'tcK )''great'-'v.d'eg^.af^c'wtraBt;—' : ( J ^EriijaE.r.Bennett ~in;-Wpirian : '.8 > jHome-,Coin- /jnnion. \vr..W -/ 7 -/ : W/. . \•'•*^'v-:.f*-' i a it „ ,5 vpea, v> vyi;:-,;.\-.. - /yelld-y, eyes.} /./ Naples Market. Wheat,pe^;\\-iiite, per bu?..,.' 65c O/ate; per'\bii..\ X 80c Rye,, for .iso 'lb's'. . .. .53c Corn, for 60:lbs.'.../:..-.v -.'..45@\48c Buckwheat,-per-100 lbs'.'.. .'. ; $1.0b Clover seed/?-; :*-.c'K-.^ ;.i'.$4'.50:dna.$5V00 : *Alsike % :.':..:.•r.-'/:..'.. .\:•: .'.$4.50 and;?5.00 .Timothy-seed.:-.....^.^.-•.^r^.V^.'jl.GO. Beans','red'kidne-ys'. r.-'..'.'/.;: /.\/;?>/. $r.40 \\=\'. marrows.::-$i-:40' -@:$i ; :60' i-J.M /.medium'. 'l >. •.':.). *?i\y:>. t-.^. : V.;. $1:00 ' //:90c \.$1.45 W r bbiy-.m6dium^:uhwashed ;i .^;.vn2;@ \i-i'^ashediV^.^ /; JKijr. ;&v :2ti®. : 27c \ ^Sne ^K^^.. 15. @ 22c Hajvper tori, loose/.\.\ S :\$oM 1 arid §G:00 Straw;-ppr tbn;jpose;./:; .'^$3.00 §4.00 Pofatc >e8 ,- ; perbu \ /:'•>rC<'W@.*6(3c Applesj per,bblvv.-.V:-^ r aic .:.:v.6 @-7i .^/:'S @10C' .v/./4^@.5c, '?:v:'.3 @,oc ^sM -t-PHibo S /^aridM ;'.-VJ.:.. .'Job Butter;,tub.v.per.lb ...v..*./*:/. /:..\.i\. .;.%jf ';' ;? '\ A ^TOlr J / ,i ^' -^\'^;?i '^ij ^OlI,--- f ..... ( .',. . ... , ••• .;• • Poultry;.. -Turkeys \ ;;:,...;, 7::^. 'X. Sheep;. •// ^JH//.\-^'- •- ,v, •; ^H'ogs^live %v.::- : ) ; - ; ^'dr^e^d'r..:-,/.v//.\ OattleV .ori^fo*qt;^i':-/.7i.; : ; Hides;;: -iy^i • \V'=. DuckspjdressedV/.'-j -sc. • • ;;; V i:live.^;,./: ; a .7.^ ; V. ':-• ''/.';->xH'ourfl!lctail>vper -hhl Paterit:.^,-;: ...\;: ; . .,'rr,'% ^//^.'.OO.^ 5.25 SttoigTO•^n £erJ .ana , .spring-.- V. '•;'. Z: \..§o.0Q 'Sti-aigfit^winte'r/;;''.' VJA A-'.\^/-.'C$5':00 i,§raham.$^ $.00 Rye'-flour.:.\; '.'•/•/.' J'.-V;:' .^.ti ~.'ih%tS : .§&.78 .Buckwheat-ilbm r l»rviOia;l^ Corn: and'bats;- 1 pcr;3 00 lbs;T ;'/^;..-/-:-V. ; ?|l.\iQ: Corri^riiealj' per 100.11>s\/.-.-.--;'-:>//'i-r/ck-l'.OO ^practical, repali: the Red Froii! D. L «5r man/^'Give.fmela./call at,S i/J ^f '^'5i; \\\' \ \\' \\\ ' III FLOOR Always on hand.....Also YOU CAN 'i 1 anything yb'tinveat 'or improve ;^also l i».». CAVEAT .TRADE-MARK, COPYRIGHT or D €$iaN PROTECTION;. Send model, sketch, orphotb;- for free examination and advice\. •', '•'.;..•-•'•- BOOK! ON PATENTS fe\\fo«p^t G.A.SNOW&CO. Patent Lawyers'. WASH I .N GTjO Nj, D .CI .. \..', C lOUNTY / liafti & .C0TJRT-4ONTAEIO COUNTY^Wilj- 1 th'ncoluvs; Neisoh'W. Clark; et-al. Iu pursuance of a judgment and decree of. fore- . J flu jy gjjujteg i,y this' court- and ,' tlie' und.ersignecl referee, dul ie,.--wiu^ 3th, 1S9!>, I tinted in.this action for'such purjwse, pose for sale and sell at public auction; to the highest bidder therefore, at the office- of Lincoln .9.....-,. . 1.. ,*r-_,._ ^_.__- ocoun . the'^af- . mortf -. ,\'. .ged premises directly, in ana by said judgment - ' be sold, hnd therein described as-follows, or so' * \~ much thereof as_-will'.-be- sufficient-tolpay.;the ,, '• -, amount due [upon said judgment: . >/-;-• ={• ;' All that jtriict' br-parcel bfr-land',' situate'in; the* 1 \•>•••' town of.Naples, county of .Ontario and. state of New Yorkl being p;irt.of lot No..8,Iii the5thrange of lots in.said town,- beginning at an,irbh^bar at- '• • \. the southdast-comer of the.old -'gristmill'lot\ near;«\. .\ the.middle cloor.of the.old V'-ball alley\; '-'thence. \ north C3J4-d,egrecs west',-7 rods ahd^M UnKs'td.th'e- • ; ^ northwest cprnetbf'theoldshoplqt;,thencesouth- , . 3ty, deg^ejj west, 3'rods to\the'center\of,the h^gh- '. way;-tpon9.<!.\'north'easfeilyj , , albng.?jthe'-.center of.' said-high'wayjOrpds and 12 link's to the'southeast, ' .. : corner of Johnson lot; thence 3(5% degrees east, A rods and. IS links to the northeast corner of. Joljn- J,' r, ', son lot; thence'on-the north'lineof safdlofcnorth^u,;- •\ 58% degrees west, G rods and S\. links' td'Andrus'/-V //; east\lne;-thence-'along said)'line\.north grees, east,| 6 rods to A. .Griswold's south -line; '. :• tliehce along GriswoWs south'-lihc south ^lj^def. - ' - greeseast,|l5 rods and 20^ links'/to.-the; east line • ' o'rthe old sawmill lot; thence'along said^'wmiUV. line'northl24J^ degrees east,-2 rods ond<17Jlnks to'- an iron bar at the n'orth'corner .of, the triangular ' <. piece of liuibt.kno.\vn.°:.a\SitheV61d gristmill lot; thence along the east line ofi'said..giistmill lot, south.3V degrees east„17rbils and 18.hnks.to-. the ' place of beginning, he th'csame more'br less.';' To- gctherwithnirtheriglitof,race-wajv.arid^.water, ., rights and mill privileges heretofore: owned,\and'• now bjvned'and enjoyed by the said NIW: Glark, - . ! - : ./ partj-of the first part.exceptiiig.the pond•or.dam,••;\ , owned by Mrs. J,. P..Lyon.\ ,\-'•- > '•:\ -,' >,'•-, Dated, Naples, -N. Y: ; March l3th,'.189S .-Jii ' -\ / •' -' i .,!•'•..-. . William'I;. PbtHe, \\>> ^ ,'-| . • ' .-,^Keferee.\.; ;,'•'« Lincoln A.LindoIni\.. ' '' -<> ' ;•-'- .s.;.'-.-s\'-- PldintiffisAttys,-, j \'~.£'r •• „,.---- % \.^.'. ' jNaples, Ontario Co., N.'\Y.' ;.i4w7 . N OTICE TO CREDITORS.—Pursuant-to' an. or- •-•-;':; der of the Surrogate's Court of'the' County of •- : . Ontario, notice Is'hcreby.given. tballpersonshavr .'.-J-:..; 1 ing cla'ims flgainst.Robert R; Hoggs; late;of the.; town df -Naples, Ontario:county,^ r State' of-New .i,-v. - York, deceased, to- prescnt-.the.same, .with the;-.-:.<•,-,-» vouchers thereof,' to th'e-'nndersigned, administra >\\--',--.r tors of the goods, chattels/and credits of<.tttc> said t V. deceased,- at'Gi-anby Bros.*.officejin,the:village of Naples, Ontario county; N: Y., on. or/before the,) 30thdavof September, 1899../' '-' <'-^>,. \'/•';.. I' , . James.R-.-Boggs,.---?;' 'ft:;* ~ \ Timothy V:-Granby, . Dated, March.7, 1899. \;.-l-u Administrators; .\•//' Lincoln & Liiicpln, ' , .** •<'..' ; ' '.-; S Administrator's-Attys, - * \\-•--' »... ;:.-. .« Naples, Ontario Co.,-N. y, . --»' J ~M};. /18m6 ;-^V. 7^-OTICE TO (CREDITORS—Pursuant/to »n r or- -* JX'' d|er of the'Surrogate 's Court of-the\ Cburity of. ; Outario, notice is hereby given tdall persons hav-'---% ing claims'against Charles A^'.Pierce'.-'lafen'bff the >•-'\*' towiilof Naples;.-Ontario.:county,-;state.j'ofi'New' li/ ; YbrkI deceased, -to present the.same,*.-wlth;'the '.-.•'•v-; youehers'thereof,'to 'the'-undersigned 'iJames v S.;i;,>:') l Briggjs, at his resldenccin the.vUlage s of'Naples, H-Z-- onoi]beforetlle;nUi;da\y.b£'August/:1899.-\.'->-- ; -''s/ ,/SarahM/Piercci : j- . ,. - ,, ., )• .JainesS.'Brig^V .V .'/Tv-;' _ . ,-v .,-:Vr \'Administiat6rs ;-.-.S'\'1 : r : Da^ed, March 9;\1899.-'-.'-: k , .-^>>.^\*JJ '-i't^ /THE?- tTiib'Best\if§^';atj^i^.i^ r 156 PAPERS^ ^i '.GpQa/a^Pafl^ ;a':-Weeklyi^- ; •vstii-*.-.\\ \as p*&fu ¥a9\*aa^ ;wl^bb ^6i /eo^ual^alue^^

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