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ARCADE. N. Y. TRI- A > ANGLES • k. •'aul F. Dorris Because of the absence _ on vacation of Paul F. Dorris, our editor, publisher and Tri-Angles columnist, this space will be taken up for the next few weeks with Lenten messages. The first in the terics winch follows is written by Rev. John Riley of the First Bap- tst Church of Chaffee. THE PURPOSE OF LENT The real purpose of Lent is that we may know Jesus, that S range Man who went to the Cross for us. As St. Paul put it \That I may know Him, and the power of his ressurection, and fellowship of his suffering.\ It is of first import­ ance to know who this is who went to Calvary's Cross. The New Testament was written pri­ marily to tell what he did, and even more 'mportant, who he was. The various writers, inspired by God, interpret him to us. Here ii si me of the answers to our question - Jesus Is The Savior Of Men. A few weeks ago we were joyously say.ng, \Thou shalt call his name Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins.\ Above all he came to be our Savior. And in this Lent 1959 what does the world and Its peoples need more than a Savior? His whole work was to that end—includ ng his last great sacrifice. He came not to condemn but to save. Jesus Is The Light Of The Wor.d. One of the most common figures used of Jesus was light. And here again he meets our world at its greatest need. We know much in our modern world— ex­ cept in the great things of life. And it is these questions that our Master answers. What life is for, what to do with it, how ,o have strength for it, what happens when this earthly phase is over; Jesus tells us of these things. One came asking \What must I do to have Elernal Life?\ Jesus told him as will tell us. Lent is a good time to Listen to Him. Jesus Is Our Master And Lord. It is intended here to show that he is dominant, has authority, 1 ovui im.ius and hearts. This is what everyone who cla ms to be a follower of His acknowledges. To follow Christ is to do His bid­ ding. The tru h of the matter is \that we are all dominated by some­ thing, either pleasures or riches or earthly ambition or a desire for popularity. It is only a question of what rules over us. But that determines how our 1 ves turn out. If Jesus is Lord we know well what the resul! will be. Christian history and biography tel s clearly how life under Him turns out. To put it simply: lives controlled by the Man of Nazareth have had greatness in them. This Jesus of Lent is also The Christ Of The Magnetic Cross. As He himself said, \And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me.\ It has been lhat \drawing power\ that has made Chrisitianity through the centuries. The church has many theories about the dea'h of Jesus, but the outstanding fact has been that men, looking upon Jesus on the Cross, have had th- r lives changed. We do not know lust how it happens, but we know it does happen. It has been ful­ fil ed countless times 'n full meas­ ure, \They looked unto Him and were made radiant (jubilant).\ There is much more about Jesus in the New Testament, and it is of infinite value. So le' us use these days of this sacred season to in­ crease our knowledge of him. May it be said of us, in increasing measure as of two of His ureal followers: \They tock knowledPe of them that they had been with Jesus,\ and learned him. ARCADE HERALD 4 Member National Editorial Ass n UNEOF THb '-Ivfc < .NT \ t -rio .Y pum 'CATIONS Member New York Press Ass'n Volume LXVIII One Section-Ten Pages Thursday, February 19,1959 10c Copy; 15c By Mail $4 per Year Number 5 Mayor J. T. Sullivan Replies To Letter Written By Trustee R. E. White A'rade CMfer Celebrates Hafional FT A. Week February 21-28 Future Farmers of America [\\m^rr\: t*irr>uc>\iit - the nation are scheduling special activities to focus public attention on the work of the organization during National FFA We»k, February 21 in 28. The Arcade Chanter has several plans for this week includ­ ing a \'indow display at the Ar­ cade Men's Shop and the Calf auction which Is shown in a pic ture elsewhere in this papnx. Membership in the FFA Is made un of farm hoys who are students of vocational agriculture in high schools. The organization's acti­ vities are designed primarily to help develop rural leadership and good citizenship and to stimulate the boys to better achievement in their study and work towards suc­ cessful establishment in farming. Officers of the local chapter are Lloyd Butler, President; Kenneth Barber, Vice President; Daniel Boldt, Secretary; Donald Vacinek, Treasurer; Ernest Jirak, Sentinel; Mrrton Benstead, Keporter. The Advisor of the group is Mr. Robert Warner, Vocational Agriculture Instructor at Arcade Central School. Future Farmers choose the -week of George Washington's birthday each year for the observance of National FFA Week. Although us­ ually recognized as a Revolution­ ary War General and our first president, Washington's first love was the farm he called Mount Vernon. There, he was one of the first in the nation to practice con­ tour planting, crop rotation, fer­ tilization and other soil conserva­ tion and improvement methods. It was more than a century after his death before general use was made of many of the sound agri­ cultural practices that he advo­ cated. ARCADE MUSIC BOOSTER CLUB ENJOYS ELEMENTARY CHORUS CONCERT The Music Booster Club of Ar­ cade Central School enjoyed a concert given by the fifth and sixth grade chorus February 12 under the direction of Miss Fox. The soloists, Dianne Harrison, Lynda Brass and Terry Wells gave excellent performances. After the meeting refreshments were served t' Mrs. Lucille Drake and her committee. At an executive Board Meeting held Monday, February 9 of the Music Booster's plans were made by the Chorus and Band to hold a baked goods sa.e. Watch for de­ tails in a future issue of this paper Daytona Beac' February 15, 1959 Mr. Paul F. Dorris, Editor The Arcade Herald Arcade, N. Y. Dear Sir: With reference to the published letter from Village Trustee Robert White, your comment thereon ii last week's Tri-Angles column ' and to the three items in the elec trie department to which reference was made. This letter coming from one •vith 10 months service behind him on the Village Board may iook quite authentic. However if at any time during those months ( he felt the Board was pursuing ) a wrong policy, why has he never brought it up in Board meeting for discussion? I just can't let the implications in this letter, that I am or have been indifferent to the welfare of the taxpayer, go unchallenged. As to electric transfers. The only expense item, other than op­ eration and maintenance, which .he Public Service Commission ap­ proves, is an item which it terms in uou ci taxes.\ Tnis means that we are allowed to earn and pay into the general fund a sun-, equal to that which a private elec­ tric utility, serving the Village would pay in taxes. The formul to arrive at the figure for our use, is the application, in any giv­ en year, of the Village tax rate tc the fully depreciated value of oui municipal electric installation within the Village. Your Board ias leaned to the generous side whenever it could in figuring this amount. Now let's examine the \why\ of the three items to which ref­ erence has been made. 1 Sub-station. This installation is a vital necessity in the opera- (Continued on Page 7) Graduates From U. S. Naval Pre-Flighl School Ircade Central School 3oard Comments In this issue of the Arcade Her- ild there appears an article over the signature of our Assemblyman, larold Peet. This article is not ntended to be provocative or ar- umentatlve as we read it, but is designed rather to cause people to think soberly of the Imnact of ;tate financial support in Wyom­ ing County, and the possible impairment of needed services if .ta^e support is significantly dim­ inished, or even held at the pre­ sent level. The article states that mandated increased state aid to Wycming County in the year ahead wculd be $425 000 and t at 75% of this amount would be for schools. This school aid is esti­ mated to be about $56,000 per county central school. The article does not point out that this \man­ dated increased state aid\ to school districts of this county is in effect not increased state aid, ex­ cept as it provides for additional aid to the districts having an In­ creased number of pupils. In the main, the aid referred to simply provides the same state aid for next year which each school dis­ trict is receiving this year. The Governor's budget for pub­ lic schools provides that there will be no loss in state support, but it does not provide for increased mandated, and desirable salary increase in pupil enrollment, or increased curricular offerings to meet the insistent demand for more mathematics, science and xoreign languages. Unless state support is provided, beyond the amount for public chools in the Governor's budget, increased cost of education will place an additional burden on al­ ready heavily taxed local real estate. The alternative could well be curtailed transportation, cafeteria services and curricular offerings It is to be hoped that those who represent us in Albany will not only support the education portion f the budget as presented by the Governor, but will also strongly support those education bills spon­ sored by the New York State School Boards Association. To Graduate From University of Buffalo Robert Zlmmer Robert Zimmer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Zimmer of Arcade, will graduate from the University of Buffalo School of Business Ad- m nistration with a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Kleinhan's Muisc Hall Monday, February 23. Mr Zimmer, a graduate of Ar­ cade Central School. Class of 1955, is now working with a public accounting firm and teaching part ( time at 'he Unlversfly of Buffalo, jln September he will become a I full time faculty member of the • UnIversitjc,Accounting Department. | During this t me he will be work- I Sng for his Master's Degree. JOSEPH BSASKY Word has been received from the U. S. Naval School, Pre-Flight, U. S. Naval Air Sta'lon of Pensa- cola, Fla., that Joseph Brasky, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brasky of Arcade, has graduated from the school. While undergoing .the Pre-Fllght military and academic training he demonstrated his attitude and dili­ gence that he possesses the high qualifications necessary to become a naval officer and p lot. Holland Kiwanis Club fa Honor H.C.S. Soccer Tea^ The Kiwanis Club of Holland will entertain the H. C. S. Soccer Team at their February 25th meeting at 6:30 p. m. in the school cafeteria. At this meeting Kiwan­ is will pay tribute to the boys who played soccer for H. C. S. during the 1958 season. Guest speaker will be Jack Phillios of the Buf­ falo Bisons Baseball team. Kiwanis members are also mak­ ing plans for the 1959 Tulip Festi­ val to be held Saturday, May 16th. President Merrltt Sleeper has ap­ pointed Lyle Thompson as Gener­ al Chairman. The theme for this year's parade will be \Fairy Tales,\ opening up a large field ri variety for floats interesting chil­ dren. Anyone Interested in parti cipatlng, please contact Chairman Lyle Thompson. Youlh Ambassador Project Announces Candidate Selections The selection committee of the Youth Ambassador Project wishes 'o announce the following candi­ dates - Miss Elizabeth Arthurs, Miss Sharon Lawton, Jerry Eiden- ier and Albert Bigelow. The clos­ ing date for the applications was Sunday, February 15. Ah important meeting of mem­ bers of all the project committees will be held Thursday, February 26 at 8:00 p. m. at the Library. Arcade Central Pre-School Branch P. T. A. to Hear Herbert Stanton The Pre-School Branch P. T. A. of Arcade Central School will meet Tuesday, February 24 at 8:00 p. m. in the school cafeteria. Host­ esses for the evening will be Mrs. Betty Piatt, Mrs. Carol Dennis and Mrs. Helen Barber. The guest speaker for the eve­ ning will be Herbert Stanton of SpringviUe, who will speak on ar­ tificial respiration. Mr. Stanton will discuss and demonstrate the latest techniques of artificial res­ piration assisted by Wilfred Caner -f the Arcade Rescue Squad. A film will be shown and discussed .n regard to this topic. DELEVAN TRAVELER'S CLUB MEETS WITH MRS. WILKIN S The Delevan Traveler's Club met February 9, at the home of Mrs. Barbara Wilk ns. The meet­ ing was opened with members giving the \Club Woman's Creed\ and a salute to the flag. Read­ ings were given by several mem­ bers of the Club. The next meeting will be held February 23 with Marjorie Rice. Kiwanis Club Sfarfs New Service In Arcade The Kiwanis Club of Arcade has started a new service for the residents of the Villaye of Arcade. Anyone wishing trans­ portation to Church on Son- days may be furnished with Fame by calling; Arcade 448. Anyone wishing the service is requested to please call that number before 9:00 a. m. on Sunday. Area Students Visit Gov. Rockefeller r& \V- -If» '$m Pictured above with Governor Rockefeller in his executive chambers are front row Phyllis Merle, Cynthia Tracy, Fay Clark, Gov. Rockefeller, Gail Proper, Jean Wilson, Mrs. Janice Wei z and Carolyn Nettleshlp. Seccnd row Assemblyman Harold Pee*. ill/' Eleciric Lights Are A Great Success; Headline Of Fifty Years Ago Kxactly fifty vears n>»o M^ndav February 16 the first electric lights were turned en in the vil­ lage of Arcade amidst great re­ joicing in the town In the i-sue of February 12. 1909 of the Wy­ oming County Herald a two cri- umn head \Com\ to .Arcade Tu'S day. February 16th, A Grand El­ ectrical Celebration Will Be Held All Day. The Old and New Will Be On Exhibition\ is prominently displayed. From the article arc the following notices of the day's celebration: 1:00 p. m.—Review and in­ spection of the Arcade Fire De­ partment. 2:30 p. m.— Afternoon session with speeches by Prcf. J H. Gib­ son, Prof. Frederick J Lyon, W F. Arthurs Mrs. W. K. Beebe, V C. Beebe, W. C. Beebe, F F Mason R. D. Coyle and John Knight. 4.30 t o 8:00 p. m.—Supper In the Masonic Banquet Hall. Price 25 cents. Proceeds to the Library Fund. 5 30 p. m.—Banquet Hall, Bap­ tist Church. Suoper will be serv­ ed to castors, G. A. R., Firemen and wives. 7:00 p. m.—Electric current will *\» turned m at which time par­ ade by band, horsemen, firemen, school children and citizens wil. Lake place. 8:30 p. m.—Drama by Mondav Club in Keystone Hall. Proceeds fcr benefit of Library building fund. In the following issue of the Herald, date February 19, 1909, another two column states that \Electric Lights Are A Great Suc­ cess\ and the sub heading reads 'Lights Turned On Tuesday Amid General Rejoicing and Arcade Is Now the Best Lighted Village In the County. A Victory for the Tungsten Lamps. Halls, Churches, Business Places and Residences Gave Out A Blaze of Light.\ Two paragraphs from the story are as follows: The lights were turn- in the streets at 7 o'clock, and such a transformation as they made is rarely given mortal man to sec, and it was the opinion of our visitors from the city that we had the best lighted town in West­ ern New York, and, as Western New York towns are probably as well lighted as any in the coun­ try, we have no doubt but that we have the best lighted village in the United States. C. J. Wnite's hardware store was also an object of general ob­ servation and favorable comments. He had his lignts all trimmed and ournlng and it certainly looked like a new store. Trustee R. E. White Further Explains Letter To Editor About Village Affairs Arcade, N Y February 16, 1959 Dear Editor: There seems to be a great deal of confusion as to who wrote what in last week's Tri-Angles, so in an effcrt to clear up this question I wculd like to repeat my letter in full. The letter in full is as fol- .ows: \I am all In favor of keeping •ir rec rdi strai? it as y u SUJ tested in last week's Tri-Angles, but lets go all the way and ex­ plain the entire operation. It has become increasingly eas­ ier to say \the Electric Department paid fcr this and it didn't cost the taxpayer anything.\ Now lets explain to the taxpayers how the surplus cf the Electric Depart­ ment is transferred in lieu of tax­ is and the greater the surplus the lower the tax rate. It now is obvious that one way or another, the taxpayer is footing the bill. There is far too much deceit iracaced cn the taxpayer in all levels of government today so lets do our part to give them the true itcry at home.\ I wrote this letter in protest to your statement that the new street .ights and the new village offices did not cost the taxpayers a dime, t had no idea that it would be published or I would have elabor­ ated m order to make my point clear. in the past four years the Vil­ lage of Arcade has invested $9,- .269.52 in new offices fcr the meter division, the Superintendent of Public Works, tne Mayor and tn- Board cf Trustees, and all the bills are not in yet. 1 am not going to debate tne necessity for tuese out I make the point that here is over two thousand dollars per year tnai was not transferred in lieu of iaxes and was indirectly spent by the taxpayers. on.mued on page 7) Arcade Central School Announces Regents Scholarship Winners It has been announced that there were four winners of Reg­ ents Academic Scholarships at Ar­ cade Central School. The winners are John Dawsrn. Donald Holm cs, Cynthia Tracy and Sandra Gunn. The alternates are Mar i' rie Koch, Sharon Wallace and James Ruhlen. Two New York State University Nursing Scholar­ ships went to Sandra Gunn and Marjorie Koch. The value < f these scholarship range from $200 to $750 per year tor each cf 4 years depending on .inancial needs. Arcade Lodge No. 419 Keels Friday Night roM 800ih Time The 1800th regular communica­ tion of Arcade Lodge No. 419, F & A. M. will be held at the Masonic Temple Friday night, February 20 h. The third degree will be given with Lodge opening at 5:30 p. m. Dinner will fol ow the first sec ion served by the ladies of the Order of Eastern Sttrs. The second section will start at 8-00 p. m. Five brothers will receive their third degree at this mee'ing. The roster supplements have been completed and will be mailed !o the members very soon. Comnleles Course organ 10 be Dedicated *u the Holland tenirai School The new electronic organ at the Holland Central School will be dedica.ed ac a special musical program to be held in the school auditorium tonight at 8 15 o'clock. A guest organist will play and the schoo.'s musical organizations under the direct on of Mrs. Roll and Haywood will perform. The new organ was purchased by the Student Senate last June. At the dedication program recog­ nition will be given to the various organizations of the community who so generously contributed to the fund. \ All the residents of the district are cordially invited to attend th s program. There will be no ad­ mission. TEMPERATURES FOR WEEK OF FEBRUARY 11 - 17 High Low Wednesday 35 13 Thursday 40 0 Friday 45 32 Saturday 40 23 Sunday 40 23 Monday 33 21 Tuesday 38 29 Snowfall — 2.25\ Precipitation — .19\ I Charles Newman, James Eley, Francis Hoffman and Kenneth Herman. This picture was taken Feb­ ruary 3, when area students and their chaperone spent four days at the Capl ol in Albany as guests of Assemblyman and Mrs. Harold l Peet. ARCADE SOLDIER SERVING IN GERMANY PFC Raymond P Lewandowslci, son of Mr. and Mrs. William ±1. Lewandowski, Route 1, Reed Rd., Arcaae, par.icipa.ed February 2- 7 with the 4.h Armored Division in Exercise Free piay, a large- scale Seventh Army field training exercise in Germany. PFC Lewandowski, a mechanic in Company B of the 4th's 66.h Armor, entered the Army in July 1957 and received basic combat training at Fort Hood. Tex. He arrived i n Europe in January 1958. The 23-year-old so.dier is a 1952 graduate of Arcade Central High School. Before en ering the Army, he was employed by Lack­ awanna S'eel Construction Corp., I Cheektowaga. Arcade Central School Basketball Team Loses Two More Games In games played during the last week the Arcade Central School team dropped one league contest to Perry 40 to 38 and lo the Frank- llnvll.e five 61 to 50 in a nan league encounter. The Perry game was played last Friday night at Perry. They were out hustled in the last half after build­ ing up a 20 to 11 lead in the first half. The JVs also bowed to Perry 35 to 32. Last Tuesday night at Franklin- ville a much smaller team again out hustled and out fought the Ar­ cade five. The JVs came home victorious from this match with the final score being 39 to 37 Out­ standing play by Tom Rosier was a big part of tha JVs victory The seventh graders Journeyed to Holland Saturday and each team won its game. Letchworth Central School In­ vades Arcade this Friday night for a regular scheduled league game. Sub-District 18 Meeting Has Good Attendance February 14, Sub-District, 18 of 'he Dairymen's League met at the Ellicottville Lesion Hall, Little Valley, with Ellicottville Locals as the hosts. A tureen dinner was served at noon. At the afternoon session, Stan­ ley Waite, county president, intro­ duced Dr. Frederick J Hoyt, State Veterinarian, who spoke on Bruc- :olosls Control, which was started by blood testing in 1942, and the ring test which began In 1956. At orcsent there are 114 kown infect­ ed herds. Dr. Hoyt suggested that farmers having Infected herds 'Vuld get rid of all reactors, and get a clean test as soon as possible, is July list is the deadline for Brucellosis Free Dairies in New York State. This milk ordinance is ntircly a Health Department reg­ ulation. TOWN BASEBALL TEAM TO HAVE MEETING FRIDAY NITE There will be a meeting of the Arcade Town Baseball team at the Fire Hall, Friday, February 20 at 8:00 p. m. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss new uni­ forms. PVT. JAMES McARTHUR Pvt. James K McAr.hur of Hol­ land, recenLy completed the eight-week communications and message center procedures course at the Army's Southeastern Signal School, Fort Gordon, Ga. The 17- year-old soldier entered the Army last August and completed basic training at Fort Dix, N. J. Pvt. McArthur, son of Mr. and Mrs. James W. McArthur, Holland Glenwood Rd., attended Holland High School. Village of Arcade Employees Earn Awards Eleven employees of the Village of Arcade, having a collective total of 60 years of accident-free driving, were honored at the Sixth Annual Safety Award dinner at the Nichols Brook Restaurant last Thursday evening. Acting Mayor Robert Hopkins presented an engraived trophy to FaJrolman Lloyd R. Warner who had completed 10 years of driv Ing w thout an accident, and 8 year Safe Driver pins to Highway Foreman Arthur Doane and E'ec- trlc Foreman George Hudscn 7-year pins were presented to Electric Meterman Angelo Dubay and Lineman Rober' Fox, and a 6- year pin to Frank Ward, highway department employee. Police Chief Lvle Cotton and Water & Sewer Foreman Frank Tavlo- \'\n 3-vear pins Pa'rol- man Clifford Whitbeck and Elbert Holmes of the highway depart­ ment were awarded 2-year and 1- year pins respectively. Special awards were presented by Jack Mason, President of the Arcade Agency Inc. who spoke brlef'v to the group and com­ mended them for the good safety record of 1958. The 1958 acc dent record was revised by Superintendent of Public Works Luke F Sharon. He reported improvement in all acci­ dent classifications, excepting in the category of employee injuries where two rather serious accidents occurred during 1958. Mr Sharon reported that on y one motor ve­ hicle accident occurred during 'he year and this a minor acc dent not Involving another vehicle. He confras'ed this wi'h the 10 acci­ dents which occurred in 19S3 when the safety pro0ram was in­ itiated and urged continued vigi­ lance on the safety front. Public 'njury and property damage claims declined, accord­ ing to the Superintendent's retort and the Village is en'erlng its il'h vear without a fire loss on Vil- lace-owned pronertv or buildings. Lieut. W C Keeley of Troop A Batavla. New Y\<-k State Trroners. was gues' speaker at the dinner and warmlv con<ratulated the award-winrrins drivers and R5fety m nrted enro'fnrees ff the villspe A 2?-veqr Sta'e Police veteran. Lieut Keeley noted the trrm»n- d\tK increi'e in motor veWV traffic <Hrve the sdvnnt of the automobile and descr'bed how en- 'C->nt ; nued oi Page 10) Donald Vacinek Buys FFA Calf Sold Af Auction Last Monday Night Last Monday evening the Ar­ cade Future Farmers rf Amoricn lcld a meeting at the Ralston Purina Feed Store for the purpose f auctirning off a calf raised by the Purina people, as a money raising event for the local FFA Chapter. Pictured above are Donald 'acinek, Robert Warner and Wayne Stearns with the calf • hich was auctioned by Russ Hu>-!>iurt 'f Bli-.s. Mr Warner is Vocational Agricultural teach­ er in Arcade Central School .vlr . . —ns 1-^.r^iented the lalstcn-Purina Stcre of Arcade receding the auction colored ilm on raising dairy calves and growth heifers was shown plus \veral slides were shown show - ing the growth progress of thr ^alf This calf will be added to Den's projects on \Supervised Farming Program\ of which IK- now has 12 projects started. He i.- •he son cf Mr and Mrs. Martin Vacinek cf Sardinia and is a jun­ ior in ACS. Following the sale of the calf the purchaser was pre- ;cnted with a \Select Mating Cer­ tificate\ frcm Mr Leonard Bixb> local technician representing Th> Curtis Candy Artificial Breeding Co. Later refreshments were ser- .cd by the local Chapter. The < mmiltee U r the meeting consist- 1 f n-u-H Montgomery, Daniel Boldt, Gordon Cole, Jerald Martin Waiter Grant. Arcade Downs Delevan To Tie for Second Place In a game scheduled for tonight played on Tuesday night the Ar­ cade Town Basketball team gained sweet revenge for an earlier sea­ son defeat by the Delevan team 60 to 52. The game was moved up to an earlier date due to the unavailabili y of some of the De.- evan players for the night it was regularly scheduled for Lafferty was the high scorer for the eve­ ning with 19 poin.s. Craob and Strojny each netted 11 points for the winners. Bly and Tayior each scored 12 Delevan points. Delevan led at the end of tne first quarter 16 .o 12 and at the hallway mark they enjoyed a 32-30 lead. In the ilhird quarter the local five netted 21 points to 9 for Delevan to take the lead This was the nin.h league victory for Arcade and they now are tied for second place in the jeague wi.h Delevan. Ar­ cade has .wo mare league games, at Holland and West Valley Plans for the league playoffs have not been comple.ed at '.his time but will be announced soon in this paper Hunter Safely Program Announces Donations For Program Use The follow'ng Clubs, business­ men and individuals made dona­ tions to Hunler Safety Instructor, Haro.d Baldwin for use in the Hunter Safety Program during 1958: Delevan - Machias K wanis Club sponsored 6y the Summer Program donated targets and wall charts to'aling $10.00, Motorola Inc. of Arcade made available a portable public address system. Rosiers Hardware of Arcade gave targets and a Grossman pistol, King's Hardware of Delevan gave targets; Arcade Lumber gave a bulletin board; Eddie Bauer of Seattle, Wash., gave a yellow sportman's vest; Earl Baldwin of Delevan gave a 12 ga. shotgun; Kenneth Snyder of Delevan also gave a 12 ga shotgun, Bert Has- mer, Joe Wolf and Bob Malonc of Delevan gave ammun tion and Neil Dennis of Arcade donated a 12 ga. shotgun Many changes have taken place in the Hunter Safety Program, which wi 1 be announce! ]a.:er Harold Baldwin, Cattaraugus Coun'y Coordinator for the Hunt­ er Safety program, is available for speaking encasements to all clubs and organizations in this area HOLLAND SENIOR SCOUTS SALE A SUCCESS The Hol.and Girl Scout Troop under the leadership of Mrs. Theodore Bemb held a successful auction Saturday evening at the Holland Town Hall The pro­ ceeds are to be used for a fund for the girls to go to o national camp at Rockwood near Washing­ ton, D. C. Holland Community Council Has A Successful Meeting A meeting pertaining to general town problems was held In Hol­ land Town Hall Monday evening. February 16th. The meeting was -nonsrrcd bv the Community Council and Rodger W Joyce jcttd as moderate r It was at­ tended by fifty residents of the township. Memhers of the Town Board commented on the meetings the> •attended last week in New York Citv for Association of Towns Justice of Peace Donald J Moore reported that New York State along with sixteen other states are in a sad financial status. It has been proposed to \streamline\ the court system and do away with lo­ cal justices. Mr Moore strongl> urged everyone to oppose the new plan wherehy there would be no local justices, but local cases would be handled by a district court—possibly three would be­ set up fcr Erie County Other town officials who at­ tended meetings in New York City were Supervisor Lee Joyce Robert Brown, who attended con­ stables' meetings, and Richard Fuller, who attended for assessors Among other public items dis­ cussed was the garbage and rub­ bish pick-up for Holland Should Holland form a garbage district whereby all taxpayers would be assessed' A committee of four was appointed to survey othei small communities near Holland and lcarrFHow they have solved the situation The committee i« composed of Robert Kustor, Rob­ ert White, Elmo Roll and Mrs Harry Herrmann. A report of finding will be given at a futun Community Council meeting tentatively set for Monday even­ ing, April 13th. Also discussed was the possibility for a Sewage Disposal Plant for Holland. The question came before th' meeting on how to encourage de­ sirable industry to move to Hol­ land Also brought up for discus­ sion was taxation for trailer resi­ dents in the township. The next Community Council meeting will be at the Town Hall Monday evening, March 9th. H is open to the public—please come and learn more about your com­ munity DELEVAN - YORKSHIRE W.C.T.U. TO MEET WITH MARTHA EASTERLY The Delevan-Yorkshire W C T U. will meet Tuesday, February 24 at 7:45 p. m. at the home of Martha Easterly A special program i s being plan­ ned in honor of the 12Q'h birthday year of Frances Willard, the or­ ganizer, founder and great leader of the Women's Chris ian Tem­ perance Union. She was also honored by being elected president of both the National and World's organization. A tea will follow Members are urged to attend. Rep. Harold Oslerfaq Receives Boy Scout Pin Pictured above is Represen!ative Harold C. Os'.er.ag, who joined with the Boy Scouts of America in celebrating their 49th anniver­ sary last week. The Congressman is receiving a Boy Scout pin as ar honorary scout from Cub Soou M chael Cancro, age 9, of nearb* Chillum. Maryland.

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