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Pago Four Tri-County Publications: Arcade Herald, Bliss News, Wyoming County: Delevan Press, Cattaraugus County: Sardinia Censor, Holland Review, Erie County Thursday, February 19, 1959 m*x*tmpo*o*x3*nMtsi _ PCW7MC EAST AURORA A.-.- 1124 Fish & Game World By Mortimer Norton Resentment over the one-day open season for shooting anUerless deer for the past successive years is being voiced by many hunters in this region, and some of their reactions are being received from readers of this column. a s | Take Advantage j I Of Our Facilities And Experience \ I Be Sure - Then Insure! a a Security-Service-Saving j . j i Buck Insurance Agency [ Phone GL 7-9731 Java Village, N. Y. I Ml Mill 558 Loader Versatile money-saver The all-new Oliver 658 loader gives you rubber-tired loading mobility plus the versatility of money-saving attachments—dozer blade, roller-compacter, boom and fork. All are adapted to the loader lift arms in minutes by a universal tool bar. Designed for rugged day-to-day work, the 558 loader has box frame construction, full subframe, balanced- action twin cylinders on lift arms and bucket, rigid mounting with rubber shocks, buckets in 12- and 13 -cu.- ft. capacities, 8'6' dump height, 3000-lb. breakaway capacity. The Oliver 550 industrial wheel tractor pro­ vides six forward speeds, two reverse; power steering (optional); low profile; safe, comfortable operation. Can be used in combination with Oliver No. 70 trencher to add even more versatility and profit to your 558 loader operations. SEE US FOR A DEMONSTRATION M.C. & CM. DRAKE West Main St Arcade Phone 165 David K e n n e 11, Knoxboro, writes: \Most deer hunters (sportsmen) hunt for the sport to­ day and not to fill the refrigera­ tor, so why kill off all our deer in one or two years? \I am a weekend hunter who en­ joys deer hunting in the Adiron- dacks very much. I do not agree •with the Conservation Department on open seasons for both sexes, as too many of us return each year empty-handed. \Let's let the real sportsman have a good look at a buck deer with a rack he can see, and for­ get killing off all these small deer just for meat. \Here is an example of what happened to me at Noblesboro a few years ago, when they had a doe season there. I was standing on a trail about 4 p. m. one day. waiting for my brother near the MiKer Tract. \A young fellow came dragging something through the woods and it was so small I didn't th'nk it was a deer I said to him, \What did vou get? A wild dog or a wolf?' \Of course, he got sore and wfren he came closer and I looked closer, he had a very small yearl­ ing buck that couldn't have weighed 70 pounds. It would have marie a nice buck in a vear or two. \The deer herds in the Southern Tier counties have been killed off hv so-called hunters who slaughter •he deer and each other, just for the sake of brineing home a deer. T have seen deer that were worth­ less because of many bullet holes in them. The open seasons en­ courage these so-called hunters to <hoo* at anything that moves, be it a deer, a cow, or even a member of their own party. \I certainly hope the Conser­ vation Department forgets about how much money they can take in by selling all of these licenses to people who only buy them to shoot either sex, and start giving us back our deer herds we had five, six, and seven years ago.\ Spring must be getting near, fellows! The first fishing tackle catalog—chuck full of color, pic­ tures, and facts for fishermen— has reached our desk. Those Heddon folks have done it again . . . and this time it's called Sonar—a new way to find fish and catch them. Actually, Sonar is the name of a lure with which you can catch anywhere— in 6 inches of water, or 60 feet. Think on this a moment—one lure to do all jobs of fishing, from top- water to bottom-bumplngl This little menace does it with three \magic holes\ that causes it to run on the surface, at medium depths, or as deep as you have to go to touch bottom. Nothing com­ plicated, just change your line tie from one hole to another. With each lure comes a four- color booklet, with sketches and words telling exactly how to catch on this Sonar. Heddon's deluxe catalog Includes a special intro­ ductory offer on this new lure, and you can get same by just clipping this column and sending it to­ gether with two bits, the price of the catalog, to James Heddon's Sons, Dowagiac, Michigan. AURORA OPTICAL Co. 394 Main Street Arrcss From N Y Tele Office East A«r«ra. N Y. (t EYE DOCTORS' PRE­ SCRIPTIONS FILLED • LENSES DUPLICATED • GLASSES REPAIRED AND ADJUSTED Kenneth I. McConville Optician Office Hoars Diily and By Appointment Research Is Saving Hearts LEN LITTLE Buys old crippled or down HORSES & COWS. Also remove* dead hor­ ses and cows IF called immediately. Machias 8496 Announcing... NEW ELECTROLUX (R) Automatic Cleaner Model F New Features: New two-tone color. Free Home Demonstration Also factory rebuilt, fully guar­ anteed Elcctrolux Cleaners. Call or Write: MARTIN MEYER Elcctrolux Authorized Sales And Service Phone EM5582. Ollcct Calls Accepted 93 Lake St. Hamburg, N. T. We service your area twice weekly There is hardly a day we do not publish an article reporting the death from heart disease of a nationally prominent person or a familiar figure In our community. Our obituary page is a constant re­ minder of the fact that the heart diseases are this nation's leading cause of death. Figures published this year support that fact. They show 'hat the death toll from diseases of the heart and blood vessels was more than 875,000 In the nation. Thus, these diseases accounted for more deaths than all other causes combined. Beyond this, statis­ ticians estimate that some ten mil­ lion people suffer from one or an­ other of the many kinds of heart ailments. In .the face of these facts, It is heartening to learn from the state­ ments of Heart Sunday officials of the Heart Association of Erie County that the picture is not as negative as often seems. Great victories have been made through research, they report, many of them with the help of our contributions on Heart Sunday which supports the Heart Associa­ tion's broad research program. New drugs, new methods of sur­ gery, new and highly accurate diagnostic techlnQues are saving hearts and lives each day. Through the application of new heart heart knowledge, some forms of heart disease can now be prevent­ ed, some cured and practically all helped. Medical scientists have great hopes for our hearts, they say, particularly if we apply some of the guards that heart study has established. Here are five: Don't worry needlessly about \symptoms See your doctor regularly for health and heart check-ups. Control your weight. Look better, feel better, work better and live longer with normal weight. Get enough rest. Beeular rest relieves fatigue and lightens tha work of your heart. Keep physi­ cally fit. Exercise regularly and moderately. Have fun, but act yoi\ age. Ease up and relax. Don't let tension and anxiety rout your your peace of mind. Med'cal scientists do not yet have the knowledge they need to con'rol the two disorders re­ sponsible for 90 percent of all car- dio-vascular diseases—hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure. To gain this and other vital information, they need an expanded program of research. Now is the time to expand and speed research through increased heart contributions. Remember the benefits your Heart Sunday gifts have produced in *he pa*t— and give more generously than ever before. Assume you have a 12-cubic- foot home freezer. Based on a na tlonal average, about how much do you think it costs each month to freeze and hold 360 pounds of food? a) $1.00? b) $1.50 c) $2.50. 2. Most of the maple syrup made in New York State comes from dairy farms where they're setting up equipment and sap houses for the annual February Aprl sugar bush harvest. How many gallons of sap are needed to make one callon of syrup? a( 20? b) 40? c) 60? 3. Home economists say the best weights for adults of any age are close to the average welehts of people- a) In their mid-thirties? b) Around 25? c) In their teens? lis the bumps ck Pmfml AMERICA'5 NUMBER © ROAD CAR Wheels are 5 inches farther apart. This widens the stance, not the car. Gives you a steadier, balanced, road-hugging ride. SEE YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED PONT1AC DEALER FOR A ROAD TEST TODAY Morrison Motors, Inc. Olean Road, Yorkshire, N. Y. WINDOW HANGINGS IN A HOME If properly chosen, window hangings when seen from the out­ side can give a home a feeing of friendliness and charm. They may even be chosen to suit the architecture of the house. Al- „ though not all windows need to be 4. Competition has been pretty treated alike, they should not be •tough in the dairy business. For handled so differently that they example, out of every 100 farmers who delivered to New York State milk plants in 1948, how many dropped out by 1958? a) 10? b) 18? c) 25? 5. Whims of the fashion world have sent raw fur prices tumbling. For example, a good red fox pelt commands only: a) about 50 cents? was once worth $25, but now it b) about $1.50? c) about $10 ? 6. In newspapers language, a morgue is: a) a place for dead people? b) a county office where reporters gather material for obit­ uaries? c) a file on people, places, and things? 7. If cows start eating soil or licking the farmer's overalls, chances are they need - a) more water? b) more roughage? c) more salt? •o-i 'o-9 B -B 'a-fr 'Oj -B 'CT-g *q-i rsiaMstry attract unwanted attention. Be­ fore deciding what to do with the windows in one room, it is a good idea to consider harmonizing them with those of adjoining rooms. Some window treatments are especially attractive because they Jean s Beauty Shop PERMANENTS _ SHAMPOOS WAVES Open everyday by appointment Open Mon. and Frl. Evenings SANDUSKY Phnn* Arfnil' HOLLAND INSURANCE AGENCY All Forms of Insurance Bonds Blinchard Rd., Holland Phone TED CROOK— 2442 DON MOORE— 3313 Watch & Clock Repairing 24-Hour Service All Work Guaranteed One Year! Reasonable Prices Pickup & Delivery Within Radius of 10 Miles TED DROST Weat Hill Road Bliss, N. Y. Phone Bliss 7505 JOHN DEERE Sales & Service N. A. PHILLIPPI Freedom, N. Y. are dissimilar, however. And modern houses often have windows of different sizes and shapes. Oftentimes, by featuring a win- dow and furnishings, it is possible to draw attention away from odd- shaped openings or to overcome [some other architectural problem. Bud's Welding Service Route 16 Delevan Phone Arcade 10W1 CUSTOM WELDING Shop and Portable Fabricating and Specification Work 'A Full Time Service\ Open Evenings For Your Convenience WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY All of us here at Wyoming County Bank and Trust Company are proud to join with our neighbors in the observance of Washington's Birthday. \First in War, First in Peace, and First in the Hearts of His Countrymen\—George Washington will always be remembered by the people of a grateful Nation. 3* Interest On Savings Accounts 37c COMPOUNDED QUARTERLY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WYOMING (OUNTYBANK^J RUST (° WARSAW, jV.Y NORTH JAVA WYOMING the bras with the exciting maglc-mldrifff playtex\ iving\ longline bras... Tha exciting elastic magic-midriff of Playtex living Longline brat glvM vow the smoothest busMc-hlp ttiM , you've evtr had. No center stay to (ab or poke. Playtex living bra stretches In evtiy direction your body . yet always stays In place. • Bias-cut side pa nob move with you,,. breath* with you • The criss-cross front lets you roach and stretch freely • low action back stretches cms-way* only... never rides up or bind* playtex living longliM 32A-44C White or black $6.95 youthful *D\ sizes $7.95 playtex living itioplm longline with stay-high < to shape you naturally for todays' fashions. 02Ar40C White $1.95 The HOWLETT STORE MAIN STREET ARCADE

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