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Arcade herald. (Arcade, N.Y.) 1927-1969, February 19, 1959, Image 9

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Thursday, February 19, 1959 Tri-County Publications Arcade Herald, Bliss News, Wyoming County: Delevan Press, Cattaraugus Cou nty Sardinia Censor, Holland Review, Erie County Page Nine TRI-COUNTY PUBLICATIONS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE FOR SALE—Place your orders earl y fo r fancy maple syrup. Howard Cool:, Maple Grove Rd. , Delevan . Phone evenings Arcad e 138J1. 5t0p FOR RENT ALSCO ALUMINUM sidin g with built-in . Bak R . foam insulation. Nothin g down 3 years to pa y Hy- man Roofing and Siding, Stryk - ersville. GLadstone 7-3274 . 5t8p FOR RENT—About 5 0 acres, well drained , vacan t farm land , suitable for small grain, 2% miles Souih - east o f Eagle. Reasonable . Herman Holzschuh , Java Center. Phone GL. 7-3280 . 415 FOR SALE—Dayton 5 h p . 3- phas e motor. 5-to n Chisholm an d Moor e electric hoist . Johnson's Stee l Products , Strykersville , phone GLadston e 7-3231 5t 6 FOR RENT — 3 bedroom lower. Bath, utility room, large modern kitchen , parlor, automatic w a e r heate r an d oi l furnace , freezer, full cellar. Garden space, country home. Ava : lable March 1. Ignacy Fery , Whitney Rd , Holland . 3t6p REAL ESTATE FOR SALE FOR SALE—Barn and chicken coop. Take down a t own risk. Make offer . Call Holland 2445 . 5t6J $8950—Must sell -this month , one family , attached garage , automatic ga s heat , al l modern conveniences, % acre , Protection-Vermont Hil l Roads, phone Hollan d 2426. 3t5p FOR RENT—Flat, 3 room s and bath . Arthu r Sturm, Holland 2257. 3tfJ FOR SALE—Cub Seem umli.rm . complet e an d good condition, boys ' jackets, shirts , and pants, men' s suits an d topcoats, used clothin g fo r infants , women an d children. Od d dishes and books , etc. 4 1 Prospect Street, Arcade , phone 42J. 4t 5 USED APPLIANCES—One au'to^ , mati c irener, lik e new, $60.00 , on e Frigidair e automati c washer, $90 , one ABC automati c washer, $50 , on e 15-ft. freezer , guaranteed , $139; on e use d TV set , onl y $29 , on e combinatio n TV-Radio-Hec- ord player, used, $69.00 . Man y othe r bargains. Clay S . Mitchell , Delevan, N . Y . Phone Delevan 9221. 4t o FOR RENT — Upper 2 bedroom apartment a t 24 5 Main St., Ar - .-.idi. Phone Arcade 191 or 268. 52tf FOR RENT—Recently redecora.cd 2 bedroDm apirtm til, $45.00 per month . Ray Arnold , 6 5 West St., Veade, N Y lt f FOR SALE—Lambs and s>tieep tor meat or breeding purpuses. Puon e GL 7-3250. 52 U DRY , brittle nails, haruenud cuti ­ cle s an d chappe d skin disappea r like magi c when you u.;e lanolin ric h Manace a Nai l Cream. Ask for: Man-ah-see-ah a t Cottrill's Rexal l Pharmacy 2t5p FOR SALE—195 7 35- f t. New Moo n Mobil e home , fo r furthe r details phone Gladstone 7-9495. 3t 6 Foil RENT—Unfurnished apart- nii n. Inquire 36 Cobb Ave. , Del- V.III 39tfX HEX f — Furnished apart mi \ 3 6 Cubb A.enue, Uelcvitii 331 fX -'OP RENT — Apaitmi-nts, office* inrt lari'i CP un d floc r hm-emem Wuvn Bluck 24 9 Main Street 'h<\ic Bradford P u 4911 colled r call K . M . LeMieux, Broker \reado o r Le o Gratz , Agent, al Arcade 31 IS'- FOR SALE HOUSE—Vincent Pawlak, Holland. 5tGJ FOR SALE — New 3 bedronm Uanch-type house i n Yorkshire Km tty pine cupboards with lazy susans . Tiled bathroom Full basement. Automatic gas heat. Priced fo r the working man. L . E. Stevens. Phone Arcade 21W1. 33t f WOOD FOR SALE FOR SALE—Wood. We deliver . Olenn Woodruff, Farmersville. Phone Franklinvill e 5637 . 5t9 p AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE HOLLAND AREA— Almost new 3-bcdriom ranch home, 12x26 liv­ ing room, luige knott y pin e kitch­ en, ho t water baseboar d heat , ful l cellar, attached garage , $13,00 0 Call Holland 3357 2t5 J SOLD AND INSTALLED — Ne w md u. ( d mufflers, springs, trans- ni.iM'n'i ri-ar ends . Also u-ix ' ip\. c.ir b;it'orici, radiat\r s rt r '.V > I n .m n H p s> . Yorkshire Junk rrt c.,,11 Arcad e JO. 341.11 n ;OM2 311 \UTO FINANCING—Check wi t i V.-itionwide before closing th e ii , '—,>\. yourself many dollars , \nil Airade 442 , Allan Dean, .in. ti v iHe Representative . 25tf AUCllOH iALb i RIS K INSURANCE— 'h..n Ar'„(Ie 442 , Allan Dcnn Vntu'nv id< ''niire^nliitiv o 'AVf FO R SALE — New ranc h style home , ful l cellar, combination scree n and storm windows, 3 bed­ rooms . 7 Glenwood. Call Ar- ende 242.7 22t f AUCTION SALES WORK WAN!tD RENTS MAPLEIIURST LIVESTOCK MARKET I Sal e Ever y Monday Also now bookin g spring farm -uc'i n:. Ou r complete Auction Service availabl e to you by callin g Hinsdale 4301 - 2584 - 243 1 lt f 'I'l KRN'T Newly twh-onrV\ ffire>. centrall y Incatiil in EnM •\nr..ra busines s distric t F\i de WANTED TO BUY BOOK MATCHES— Personalize d and other advertisin g gifts, etc., E. B. Mould , Chaffee, phono 7361 2t6 FOR SALE — Wallpaper New 1959 patterns ar e i n stock now We have 12(L_paUerns t o choose from . Ceiling pape r 22 Vfec pe r singl e roll, wall s 30 c per singl e roll an d up . Choose your pape r now The Howlet t Store, Main St., Ar­ cade . 3t f MOBILE HOMES—New—Featur­ ing Palac e Gold Crowned Coaches , standar d quality o f royal living. Als o front an d rear kitchens. Will trade. Terms . Bragg Bros, Rl e 104, Holley . Phone Newton 8-4040. 2t f RATS AND MICE— Eliminate d forever. Ge t \Star\ King' s Hardware , Delevan and W.rth- more Store, Chaffe e 2t9p RECORDS—Ful l stock of 12 1.1' Columbia, Capitol, R. C A . Mer ­ cury, Decca, etc Als o Hi-Fi com ­ ponent s a t catalog ne - prices Toner Radio & Televi.-ion , 70.! Main St, East Aurjra Open e • ery evening. \' MONUMENTS — Mo.ke - nme :ery lettering C R Applebv 4 4 Genesee St., Warsaw . N Y Phon e 144 « ' SEWING MACHlNEb—An} muk oiled an d adjusted, $1 New a n rebuilt machine s for sale. Terms Call Arcad e 341M2 o r drop a card to Flierl Sewing Machine B»x 231 Arcade. 47tf FOR SALE—Knapp siloe s L. 11 Mould phone Chnfi- . 7Ti l 3' M MONUMENTS — MaiKn. ii . Cemeter y Lettering. George W Strong, Representin g Gibne \ Monumen t Works. See mc foi design and estimat e 173 Mai n S : Arcade. Phon e '.35 44ti FARM EQUIPMENT SYRUP CANS — Have arrived now. We have a limited supply s o buy now. Qts., % gal. and gal sizes. Arcad e GLF Services, West Mai n St, Arcade . Phone Arcade 4 o r 258. 5t f FOR SALE—1954 Ford F600 long wheelbase chassis and oab. Goo d condition. $795. Phone Hollan d 3395. 4t5J NOW BUYING stocked an d eq ­ uipped farm s o r will handle your auctio n with th e auctionee r of your choice . Also buying and sellin g dairy an d bee f cattle. N o dea l to o large . A. C . Ehman, West Valley, Whitehall 2-3254 o r Chaf­ fee 7566. 5tfX PROFESSIONAL RUG AND FURNITURE CLEANING—Free p ck-up and delivery Wal l to wal l carpets c.eane d i n home o r office. One week servic e o n both rugs and furniture . Call Arcade Cleaners . 5'1 0 WANTED—Light trucking . Live­ stock and calves t o Commission Market . Maplehurst, Mondays etc Claud e Hieeins, Freedom. Phone Arcade 596W1. 4t f WANTED—Holstein heife r calv- >? Don Lynch, phone Arcade 9J1 2t 5 .UWs WAN1LU & foil .- VAI r IUIU Kintj. ^oik^iuif I 'in n •i 4.'<1 IT 179 9tf WANTED—Farm to ru n on shares by dependable marrie d man Cap­ able o f al l phases of farming . Life­ time o f experience. Writ e LB, c/o Box 345 , Arcade 3t 5 PROFESSIONAL—Paper hang ng md painting, rnt.rior an d ex- 'er or Phil Kepp, phone GLad­ ston e 7-993 1 o r Arcade 34 5 3t41p CARPENTER—Wants work Cal l Chaffe e 726 4 afte r 6 00 p . m U'CTIONEER OR pedigree work \\ith th e nuelinnerr of your choice \1.iri. n Bi\\vn , Bliss , N Y . Phone 7\H4 o r 7314 3W WILLIAMS AUCTION BARN - Oilc-Min Auctio n every Thursday 7PM New an d used merchan- li<=o Onnn dailv 38tf X Al'CTION North Canad a St. , of f Route 1 6 Holland, N Y a t the Holland Valley Sales Pavilion Every Thursday Evening 7 30 P M . Furni'nre appliances , tool s an>1 antiques Consignments accopte daily ;ind private sale s daily fro m 10 t o 6 . New an d use d furniture If ycu prefer we wil l buy you i iou=i hold goods fo r cash Truc k .ivailable Clarenc e Foss, Sale-- Vlanauer :mn Auctioneer Phone Holland 2411 o r Cypress 0664 36tf r.iN CI 1 I i.L l'AYb r . i >. i .i Id crippkd or down ImrMs dim ous. ANo removes (U u d huiH- :>ri eo\\ > IF rjllefl linmedi.itch nom; Machin s 8496 ° ' 8tf WAi \l £.D —Mlioolii iui..> Mjlld.ni HI i t capping . Roche Tire bcr let JHV.I 5 Cornels. Java veiue i i J lione GL 7-9541 l3t ilIOHEsT PRICES — Paid foi idiiding timbe r Bob Andrews , Town Lin e Rd., Delevan. Pho m Machias 8253 71 vVANfLD — Cows o f al l k.mt Cliftorci Stevens , Freedom i'hui. arcade 29 Wl 5U5op-o2p ' \VANTED — Hemiuik cncn} maple an d basswoo d saw logs W L. Cohoon , Yorkshire . Phone Ar .jde 130M2 38tl 1IGHEST PRICES — Pai d foi lunk, rags, paper, iron, ol d farm nachlnery , old cars, batteries. Wi pick u p Yorkshir e Junk Yard George an d Michae l Weichm.m n call Arcade 50. 341J 1 o r 11>M2 3t' WAiMhD—Highest pi ice* pdiu lor lean runs. Arcade Herald Office, PELFVI^ION—House Radi o and Car Radio Repai r Davi s Radio & TV . Wcstovcr Avenue, York- -hire N Y Phone Arcade 54 7 lUSroM S\W1NG—M lk-r Lum- oer Company. West Mai n Stne A cad e 46tf SKPTI C TANKb— Cie ined I m ne.l.a e service Fred Zuech Frsn'-.'invi'le N Y Phone 338 8 41U4 •V > WAN 1 Eu—I rurkiiis til le an d calves t o Buffalo . Sprine- llle et \ Cliffr-rd Stevens, Froe- l m P i. Arcade 29W1 81 f AUCTION SERVICE — We ar e ready fo r anothe r auction season with severa l goo d dates left t o plan a sal e fo r you. The Russ Hurlburt Sale s Service, Bliss N Y Phone 7543. Bill Kent, repre­ sentative, Franklinville , N. Y. , Phone Ischu a 2511. 411 0 ' !•' \d J-'IHNG—Palios ali o general tile work Ro v T \us O : nun 11(1 Y.nkshire, N Y Phone HELP WANTED WANTED—Any girl s intereste d I n full time o r part-time work as Beaut y Show Director s please writ-' JR. c/o Box 345 , Arcade. 4t 5 EGOS AND POULIRY HOLMWOOD'S CHICKS—Better bre d fo r extr a profit. Leghorns, Gray-Leghorn cross, R . I . Reds, an d dual purpos e White Rocks. Also sellin g Hubbard's famous Leghorn Kimberchiks and broiler crosses . Harr y Holmwood, 353 S. Freeman Rd. , Orchar d Park . Tel ID 3205 . . 5 HIGHEST PRICES—Paid fo r all kind s o f poultry . Arthur G. =iturm. Holland . Phone 2257. FOR SALE—Complete sugarin g outfit. Vermon t evaporator 4x12 . Call Machia s 8429. 5t 6 FOR SALE—New and used trac ­ tor snow plows . M . C . & C . M . Drake , W . Mai n St. , Arcade. Phone 165. 2t 5 FOR SALE—New idea Spreader s »nd parts. Kittleson Hardware, Yorkshire. Phone Arcade 248 . FOR SALE—Homelne cnam saws , Sale s an d Service, new and used saws. Als o New Ide a Farm Equip­ ment, Sale s an d Service, new an d use d equipment . Lewis Machin­ er y Servic e Hollan d 262 6 3Btf HOME FURNISHINGS FOR SALE—Davenport and chair. Phone 97M . Cary Owens, 2 8 Cloug h Avenue, Arcade. 4t5p FOR SALE—Furniture, refrigera ­ tors, ga s ranges, rugs , glassware, etc.; used . Sardini a Furniture Mar t next t o Re d & White, Sar­ dinia. 46tf FOR SALE—One Kenmore man­ gl e an d chair $50.00. Phone Ar- cad- 389 . 5 DOGS AND PUPPIES FOR SALE—Good ol d fox hound, $25 00. Phone Chaffe e 7515. 4t5p YOURS FOR THE ASKING—Col­ lie puppy , 6 months old. George p-.fo r ,^ n- Ap'ad \ 131W1. 5 o BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY—On Mai n Street, office, barber shop, beauty parlor, store o r simila r occupancy , also 5-room apartment an d bath a t same location . Ren t reasonable. Phone Gladstone 7 - 9731, Java Village. N. Y. 5t 8 BUY THE BEST—Buy DeKal b Chix . Orde r from Rich Glor, Glor Hatchery, Lewis Road, Hol­ land , N. Y. CYpress 0547; or from Floyd Re'sdorf, GL-7-9579; o r call Wirthmore Store s I n Chaffee, ENterprlse 2494. Ask about \Ready t o Lav\ starte d Ptil'ets 5 PLANT ELECTRICIAN—Must be fully qualified i n plan t an d mach­ ine electrical maintenance work Man y benefits available including Profit-Sharing. Apply i n person or write t o the Personnel Manager Motcrola . Inc. , 40 6 West Main St. , Arcade , N. Y. 4t5 DEPENDABLE — Aggressive man with car . That's what we'r e look­ ing for. This man may come from the farm , the factor y or ou t o f re­ tirement—i t doe s no t matter . I f you ar e thi s man an d want the opportunit y t o establis h a profit ­ able bus.ness o f your own, write us immediately, Box 1349, Albany, N. Y . 3t 5 WANTED — A-l mechanic with two t o four years experience. No others need t o apply . ZImmer Aut o Sales, West Mai n St. , Ar- pid* Phnnn ArnqHo 142 S9tf FARM AUCTION Ha\ in g decided t o quit farming, wo uill sell at publi c auction a t our tarm o n Allegany Rd , jus t south o f Orangcvill c Center and U S . 20A, 3 miles cas t o f i Varysburg, 8 mile s south o f At­ tica, 6 miles west o f Warsaw, N Y , on Saturday, February 21, 195 9 Commencing a t 1-00 p . m. 3 3 Head of Dair y Cattl e 32 milch cows (al l Holsteins bu t 2). There ar e 8 new milkers, 8 springing o r handling cows an d the balance ar e fall cows with only a few bred back . Several outstanding grade cows here with a great deal o f dairy type and production throughout . Also a Holstein yearlin g bull Farm Machinery and Equipment IH Farmall M tracto r (narro ; front); I H Farmal l H tracto r (narrow front) , I H 3B 14 \ plows on rubber; 3-sectio n spring toot h harrow; doubl e tandem dis c har­ row NI tractor spreader, Case field harvester with corn and hay head; Case blower with pipe, I H 7' PTO mower, IH side rake o n rubber; R-T far m wagon with forage box an d false front , un­ loading unit wit h elec . motor, R-T wagon box (cu t down); IH hydra cultivators, new ensilage truc k Mall chain saw , buz z saw; land tube milkers, mil k cans; pail s an d roller; Universa l an d McCD long strainer; an d other items. Terms, cash . The Russ Hurlbur t Sales Serv­ ice, Bliss, N . Y . Bill Kent, repre­ sentative Joseph an d Richard Ciesielski 4t5p Owners all vaccinaied . 1 bud just right for service. Ail calti e nav e bee n raised on home farm an d aie mosuy al l vaccinated lo r bangs, ai . hav e Deen vaccina.ed lo r snipping fever Cows ar e ai l young tun size an d condition . Ceriilied an u accredited, sel l o n 3 0 da y OIOOQ test. MACHINERY: Massey Harr.s 30 tractor with wide liunt end . Masse y Harri s 3 0 true or wnn narrow fron t end an d cui.ivatoi, Farmall C with cult.vator, manure loader wi.h snow b ad e and dn\ scoop, 2 sets o f tractor chains, New Holland 77 bale r with moior, New Holland fiel d choppe r with moior and ro w cro p an d direct cu t heads 1 year old , New Hollan d blower wil h 50f . of pipe , 1947 Ford truck with lo w mileage equipped win forage bo x an d EZ unloader, 1938 Ford truck w t h forage bo x and EZ unloader, EZ unloader unit 1950 Ford % to n pickup wit h cattle rack, 3 set s o f truck chains, McCormic k Deenng threasher c n rubber, Papec silo fi.ler with pipe, 50 f i rubbe r belt, Masse y Harris tractor mower, Intern a lonal 4 bar side rake, 4 2 foot King Wys e hay elevator with electri c motor, tw o rubber tire wagons wit h ha y racks, Yello w Devil weed sprayer, Mas ­ sey Harris an d McCorm ck Deer - ing manure spreaders , Ireland buzz saw for front en d mounting, 2 Wiard trac'or plows, 2 trac.or discs, 3 sectio n drag, 2 sectu n pe g tooth drag , cultipacker Joh n Deer e lim e sower o n rubber—ne w Ontario 15 dis c grai n drill, Massey Harris tractor cor n planter, an d team corn planter , sulky culti vator, tractor wfieder, dum p wa g on. farm trai er , hay tedder, pair horse sleighs , blacksmit h forge also 2 5 It house trailer com­ pletely eq u pped, larg e pile of co w manure, quant i y o f baled hay , som e househol d articles and few antiques an d many other article: too numerou s t o men.ion . Milking Equipment 4 Surpe seamless milkers, 2 double unit Universial milkers . Universa vacuu m pump and pipe line Haverl y 10 ca n sid e open cooler 2 can racks, 15 milk cans, pails and s'ra ners . Lunch available Sal e to b e held in heated tent. Terms — Cash Owner. Lelan d Grim m Auctioneer. Rnbc- t Bravmillcr Phon e N Collins 3063 ' 5 6 HORSES AND CATTLE FOR SALE — Shetland pony, -jcntle Robert King, phone Ar­ cade 667J1 . 5 p FOR SALE—First cal f heifers, ready t o freshen . James Thorn - bury , Arcade. 5t 6 FOR SALE—3 Holstein milkers, tested . Phone Holland 2465. 5 J FOR SALE—Good selection of Holstein and Hereford bulls. 8 can Haverly milk cooler ; 2 Rite-way single unit milkers , 1 Surge milk ­ ing machine pump. A, C . Ehman , West Valley, Tel . Whitehall 2-3254 or Chaffee, 7566. 5 X HAY FOR SALE PERSONAL ARE YOU TROUBLED?—Need sympathetic, confidentia l counsel ? Call Arcade 74 1 befor e 9:0 0 a. m. for appointment 3t f VACANCY—For anyone needing care, aged or convalescent. Spring- ville Nursing Home. Phone Sprlngvill e 344 . 12t f LOANS—Need money for seasona l expenses , outstanding bills o r an> cither emergency? You ca n bor­ row up t o $50 0 a t eithe r o f ou r offices. Sterling Finance Corp. , 15 Centra l Ave., Lancaster , N Y REscnt 4367 . o r 666 Mai n S ' East Aurora, N. Y. CYpres s 4080 STRAW FOR SAIE FOR SALE—Several ton s o f ea r corn; also about four hundre d bales of straw Carlisl e E . Graves, South Wales. Phone CY-1556. FOR SALE—Alfalfa hay, 1st an d 2n d cutting , and straw. Joe Pet ­ ers. South Wales. 5t8J FOR SALE—Hay, 30 c a bale. Phone Arcade 56W2 . 5t6p FOR SALE—Baled hay, straw and corn ensilage. Richard Winch , Java Village. Phone GLadston e 7-3250 . 5t f FOR SALE—Baled hay, 250 0 bal­ e s in bam, never wet. Elwyn Meahl . GLadstone 7-3295. 4t f FOR SALE—Baled hay, al l kinds. Will deliver . Lewis Machiner y Service , phone Holland 2626 . 4t f BALED HAY — Joe Benstead , phon e Chaffe e 7565. 3:5 p FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FOR SALE—Potatoes Cal l Ar ­ cade 21R 1 44tf FOR SALE—Baled straw , wheat or oat . Call Arcade 26J1 . R . J Hobin. 4tS n AUTO EXCHANGE FOR SALE—1950 tudor Buick. Standar d shift . Reasonable. W W. Law, Yorkshire. 4t5p FOR SALE—1957 Nash Ambassa­ dor custom V8; 195 6 Nash States­ man; 195 6 Dodge Station Wagon: 1955 Chevrolet Station Wagon; 1954 Plymouth 4-door sedan. ZIm­ me r Auto Sales. West Main St, Arcade. Phone 142 . 4t f BIG DAIRY AND MACHINERY DISPOSAL Saturday, February 21—12 Noon 1 mile west o f Randolph on Rte 17 7 1 Certified Holsteins 43 cows o f which 7 are spring crs, remainder mostly bred fo r fall; 7 bred heifers, 1 0 1 1- 2 year old heifers, 3 yearlings ; 6 calves, 2 bulls, 2 and 3 year s old . A dandy dairy that i s boun d t o do you good . Machinery—Mostly new and in fine shape; 2 JD tractor s with high lift , scoo p an d blade; JD 195 8 baler, mower an d hay conditioner also JD spreader, grain drill, two 2 bottom plow s and cultivator; Oliver corn planter; New Idea side rake; AC combine ; Smoker 3 2 ft . elevator; Dearbor n corn picker, Brillian cutlipackc r and grass seeder; 2 wagons on rubber with hay rack an d boxes ; tracto r dis c and drag, new power sprayer, grain auger elevator ; Badger barn cleaner ( 2 mos . old); 2 wheel trailer; 2 milk coolers ; Universal milker, 3 units an d pump; 50 0 bushel oats, 800 bushel corn; 4 0 ton hay, 30 0 bales straw; 10 ft . en­ silage in 1 4 ft. silo; 27 5 locust fence posts; heap s o f small tools ; 2 ponies. Als o 265 acre farm in high state o f cultivation , mostly tillable with good buildings. Eats in Our Junio r Diner—Sale held in tent. Ralph Brainard , Owner Vic and Don, auctioneers. For Kent's reliabl e auctio n service, phone 4301, 2584, 2431 . 5 HOLSTEIN CATTLE ANT) FARM MACHINERY AUCTIO N SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1959 100 P . M . On th e Wethersfiel d R d (ou t Liberty S t ) 2 mles sou'hwes t of WARSAW, N . Y Havin g decide d t o discontinue farmini . w i I sell 41 Registered And Grade Ilo's'p>n 44 Fegis'ere d an d Grade Hols'ein-; .30 M lch cows, mostl v frch o r rci§»p-iip 2 bred heifers, 7 ope n heifers 4 heife r cal.es 1 steer A real good dair y o f hig h nrodurln\ cows . Her d average 11334 M O 3 72^—422F T B . Accredi ed , Calfhood Va c cinated, 30 day bloo d test. MACHINERY—1952 Ford tractor o n new rubber , with DB 14\ plow s an d cultivators , John Detie. A tractor with power-trol and lights, nearl y new rubber , all overhauled , Joh n Deer e DB 14 \ plow s with hydraulic o n rubber , Horn loader wilh snow bucket , manur e fork and blade; New Idea manure spreader . New Hollan d 5-tcn wagon with 16' rack , 2 o her wag ons wit h racks. Trailer, Ford mower, Cas e 4-bar side delivery rake; McD s de deliver y rake New Hollan d 6 6 baler, Oliver 2 - ro w corn planter ; John Deere 11 hoe disc drill; hay elevator Clima x ensilag e cutte r wit h 40 ' pipe; Buz z saw. Quantit y ea r buckets , storage tank , ga'hcrinp tank an d pans; 11 x 3 8 tractor chains, 1000 b u metal storage bin; quantit y small tools an d many other items to o numerou s to mention . MILKING EQUIPMENT—Uni versa l pump and motor In good condition; 3 Universal short tube milk'n g machines, 10 milk con« 400 ga l S'elnhors t direct expan­ sion mil k coole r use d less than two months . FEED—Approx 2 5 ton 1st cut­ tin g alfalfa mixed hay, quantity straw; quantity cor n ensuaye Terms Cas h o r good check Nothin g to be romevd until settled for Edwin M . Humnhrev, Owne r Harris Wilcox Organization Sale Managers & Auc'ion\ers Ber?en . N Y.—Phone 146 Members State an d National Auctioneer s A e *ioc FOR SALF,—1953 2-door Ford. Earl R . Rule, 45 4 West Main St. , Arcad e Phone 253 . 3t 6 WIL L HAVE TWO CONVOYS— Of Shasta' s about March 1. Get your order in earl y befor e they advanc e I n price . Bragg Bros. , Route 104 , Holley Phone New­ ton 8-404 0 ltf AUCTION Having decided t o qui t farming I will sell a t my farm located on corner o f Dupon t an d Scrabble HU1 Koad, 1 Vi mile s off Route 39 , 3 miles Eas t of Co.lins Center , 8 miles West of SpringviU e and 8 miles East o f Gov/anda. SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 28 10:30 A . M. Sharp —65 HEAD OF HOLSTEINS 65— 45 cows o f milkin g age o f which 35 will be du e around sal e time , either right fresh o r clos e t o fresh­ ening, balance milkin g and bre d for fall , als o 14 yearling heifers , IFfiAl MATirK COLLECTOR'S NOTICE TAKE NOTICE, That th e under­ signed, Collecto r of Taxes fo r the Town o f Sardinia , N Y ha s receive d th e Tax Rol l an d Warran.\ for th e collectio n o f th e County Taxes fo r the year 1959 . an d that she wil l receive the Taxe s o f said Town fo r th e next 30 days at one percen', and fo r that nuroosc will atten d the following named places: At Sardini a Shopp'ne Centei- Inc. o n th e 5t h dav'of March—i n A. M . t o 4 P M. ond a* mv hom o on Lake St. , Chaffee on all other davs from 1 0 t o 4 . Februar y 16 . 195 9 Anna L. Wiedeman n 5t 6 Cnllec'o ' REPUBLrrtAv VILLAGE CAUCUS TAKE NOTTCE. that a RenuH 'loan Caucu s o f the pi\ctors of th\ Villag e o f Arcade, Wvomlm » C o unty . New York, will be hold ir- th e auditoriu m o f the Arcad e Flro Hal l an d Municipal Rnlldine . Lib­ ert y Stree t in the Village o f Ar­ cade Wyoming Countv. New York \n Frida y evening, February 20 1959, a t 8:0 0 p . m. , fo r mnkin \ part y nominations o f candidate for th e following Village offices Mayor—Two (2) year term Trustees—Two (2) year ter m Trustees—Two (2) year ter m Trustee—One (1) year term Dated* Arcade, New Yor k Februar y 9th . 1959 . Arcad e Republican Committe e By Charles R Newman, Chairma - 4f DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS A Democrati c Caucus of Arcade LEGAL NOTICES Voter s will b e held in the Arcad e Municipal Building o n Saturda> evening, Februar y 21 , 1959 at 8 00 P M . fo r th e purpose of numinai- in^, a candidat e for Mayo r t o <:erve two year s to succee d Jav Sullivan, a candidate for trustee to serve two years t o succee d Rober t Hopkins; a candidate fo i truste e t o serv e tw o year s an d a candidate for trustee to serv e on e year , t o f'll vacancie s set u p undci th e last village election, t o in­ creas e th e Villag e Board t o fou r trustee s and a Mayo r Dated February 9, 1959 Arcade, N Y Democratic Commi'tee Robert E . White, Chairman 4t 5 CITIZENS CAUCUS A Citizens caucu s of th e eligibl e voters o f th e Village of Delevan wil l be held i n th e Supervisor'.. Room a t the Town Hall i n ti n Village o f Delevan . N Y o n Fr : lay, February 27. 1959 at 8 o'clock for the purpose o f nominnlins* . candidate fo r Mayo r in p'-ici r ' Greydon Baker fo r a ter m o f 2 years, and a candidat e for Tru t ee i n place o f Robert Howell fo r • term o f 2 year s both of v. ho.-.' term expires. Dated Delevan, N Y., Februar v 3, 195 9 Warner F Rthe.i. 416 Village Cler k Gar'h Yauchzy and fam.l y Th e youngest daugh.er o f M r and Mrs. Anlhony Fasc o ha d th e misfortune t o hurt he r finger real bad and was taken t o C'hafftc Hospital where i t was sewed up. Joh n Almeter underwent sar - ger y i n Mercy Hospita l las', week Miss Marily n Warner spent th e weekend in Buffalo wit h Miss Lcjs Reynolds . Mis s Carol Schultz of Bolivar and Kennet h Warner o f Oxford and Sheila McKinsey were cue s > Sunday o f Mr an d Mr s Robe r Warner I Protect you r valuable elm irect from Dutc h elm disease. Destro y dead or dyini» elm wood i n you r beetles, whic h spread th e diseas e area b y April 1, since elm bark will b e emerging from hibernatio n in diseased wood. For hel p i n choosing a soun d farm insurance program, con­ sult Cornell bulletin E-1003, \In ­ surance n th e Farm Business. \ New York Stat e residents may ge t a free cony from the Mailin g Roo m S'on e Hall , Cornell Univer­ sity, Ithaca, N. Y. NOTICE I have received th e 1959 ta x roll for the Town of Hollan d an d al l axes are due an d payabl e on o r n fc r e March 15, 1959 5t6 Rodger Jcycc. Collecto r Yorkshire Mrs. Florence Hutchison Mrs. Isabell e Gorao n o f Ro­ cheste r spent th e weekend with her daughter. Miss Dorothy Gordon. Mr and Mrs . C J Slefan ar e spending a few day s i n F orida Harry Marsh of Nort h Collin s spent Friday afternoon wit h h. s cousins , Mr an d Mrs . Milton Sherman Mrs. Madge Burkett an d Mrs Myr:le Alien called on Mr s Hat.ie Nichols a t th e Nursin g Home i n SpringviUe Saturda y Caller s a t th e heme of M r and Mrs. Floyd Chaffee Frida y and Saturday were Mr an d Mr s Bird King and Mr an d Mrs . Lloyd Wi l iams. Miss Alice Brook s o f Rushford was a weekend guest of M r and Mrs. Burton Peckham and daugh­ ters. Mr and Mrs . Ronald Kncdeman of Buffalo spen t h e weekend with he r parents, M r and Mr s Carlyle Eastlan d Mrs. Leah Loftus of Clarence spent the weekend wit h he r sister, Mr s Rollin Westo.er, an d Mr Wesover Sunday afternoon M r an d Mrs E. W Lingenfelter called o n thei r son Kenneth an d famil y i n Hol­ land , then calle d o n M r Linsen- f e ter's stepfather , A . Le e Math- ewson, i n Wales Hollo w an d were supper guests o f M r an d Mrs KENYON'S SERVICE STATION Chaffee, N. Y. Durwood Kenyon Phone Chaffee 7414 We Give and Redeem S&H Green Stamps Start The New Year RIGHT Le! Us Service Your Car Mow — Save Cosily Repair Bills Wiih Proper Lubrication & S.ervice iliiilliiilliiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiuiiiigiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiin 5 Good old Spot may have some enemies you know 2 ; nothing about and if and when his teet h sink into 5 Z a leg, the dollars can fl y ou t o f your pocketbook. — ™ Some low-cost liability insuranc e i s th e best answer — — and we'll be glad t o give you complete information S •> without obligation Coll us l ~ | Hitchcock Insurance Agency i = 53 Main St. DELEVAN. N. Y. Phone 9511 = 5 Serving This Community for 36 Years 3 3 John H. Donohue, Mgr. 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