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\OPPORTUNITY DAYS\ START TODAY IN ARCADE! TRI- -« • ANGLES > ^ A Paul F. Poms During th e absence o f Paul F . Dorris, Harry S. Douglass of Ar­ cade, has very graciously con- •ented to furnish the material for the Tri-Angle s Colum n fo r several •weeks. Blackboards wer e simpl y paint­ ed wide boards . On e local school commissioner used t o carr y a po t of paint an d a brush under his •wagon seat, an d while inspecting the instruction o f the school, woul d refresh th e board . Erasers wer e wooden blocks covere d wit h sheep­ skin or rags . Globes, map s and library books wer e scarce. Th e water suppl y mor e often came from a neighborin g well , and there being \n o germs\ in those days, the bucket, with its common dip ­ per, was successively passe d from aisle to aisle at stated periods each session. One mino r health menac e is noted over and over as local school meeting s passed a rule that \itch shall not b e sent to school.\ The fuel problem wa s solved by requiring of parents one-half cord of seasoned wood per pupil, de ­ livered by Octobe r First. Th e word \seasoned \ wa s liberally interpreted, an d instances of com­ plaint are common; teachers wer e often require d to measure the wood upon deliver y Inasmuch as some patrons were sufficiently ex­ perienced in arranging wood so that a pile d \cord \ migh t have \spaces bi g enoug h to. thro w a cat through.\ Teachers were untrained and in some instances positively ignorant. The \inspector o f schools\ hired and fired and set a premiu m up ­ on a pedagogu e who could make and repair a quill pen an d main­ tain order Women taught sum­ mers when smal l children and girls were th e only pupils, while men were hire d winters when 60 to 70 wer e enrolled, including young me n up to age flwenty or more. Punishment s varie d but whipping was practiced, the dunce-stool occupie d a conspicuous spot, sitting unde r the teacher's desk, or the dreaded penalty o f a big boy being seated amon g the girls wer e common. All things considered, we of this later gen ­ eration canno t but admir e the beautiful penmanship , the ability to read an d spell, and the general educational attainment o f those who rose 'to place s o f eminenc e from the backgroun d of the \dis­ trict school.\ Frontier serenity in the Genesee Country wa s shattered after 1826 by the anti-Masoni c upheaval which followe d the mysterious dis­ appearance of \William Morga n of Batavia who ha d attempted to publish the secrets of the Order The fraternity wa s accused o f the murder althoug h to this da y the ultimate fate o f Morga n has never been determined. Th e whol e epi­ sode soon assume d a decidedly sordid complexio n as opportunists among the politicians o f that day fanned the passions o f voters, so much so that churches wer e split and State elections affected. The abolitionist movemen t very early attracted sympath y in Gene ­ see County. I n Novembe r 1839, Warsaw was hos t t o a convention of anti-slavery me n who nominat ­ ed James G. Birne y as President, and the followin g January a state convention assemble d in Arcad e to name a slate o f candidates. Local residents ha d a leading part in the birth o f th e Liberty Party, and were activ e \conductors\ on the Undergroun d Railroad. Through to Warsaw in 1843 came \Box Mary,\ whose real nam e was Mary Eliza Jones. The story is briefly this: She wa s du e to be sold into th e Deep South an d thus separated from he r mother, whe n two sympathetic Yanke e gentle­ men devised a plan o f secreting the pair in a larg e packin g case and heading North . Quietly leav­ ing Washington, D. C, wit h a team and wagon, an d mother an d child as cargo encased in the packing box in the rear , the men event ­ ually landed their unique load safely in Warsaw. Th e befriended girl, but not the mother, lon g sur­ vived the journey , and she gre w u p to womanhood , an honore d and respected citizen o f that village. One of the most spectacular epi ­ sodes in western New Yor k history wa s the bewilderin g appearance of the Silver Lake Sea Serpent in the summer of 1855. Makin g a nocturnal debut, th e creature dre w thousands to th e shores of the lake, manv believin g that a n ag e old Indian legen d to the effect ithat a large snak e inhabited those waters was true. A harpoonist wa s imported, a watch-towe r erected for a twenty-fou r hou r vigil, and elaborat e preparations wer e made t o confin e the denizen of the deep. Boardin g houses and a lakeside hotel did a thriving business as expectan t visitors gathered. The whole countryside talked of nothin g else for days. Even scientists were fooled and only a few newspape r editors sur­ mised it was a fraud. Occasionally the serpent would put in a brief night time appearance, but onl y once was it seen cavorting o n the surface o f the lake during daylight hours. It wa s then reported to have a body as \big aroun d as a barrel,\ colored a vivi d green and splashed with Irregular\ yellow spots. It ha d a hug e calf shaped head that moved majestically fro m side to sid e as it surveye d the landscape. Enormou s white teeth, set in a vermiUion colored mouth made the whole appearance absolutely appalling, even to the •bravest and most skeptical. As summer waned , the serpent dipped for the las t time beneath •the waters of Silver Lake. Late comers were disappointed, the various speculations agreeing that it had doubtless returned, via an underground river , to the depths of a distant ocean . In vain did nex t season's visitor s seek fo r a glimpse of the stranger He wa s neve r seen there again. The inci ­ dent might hav e remained on e of the Genesee Country' s major mys­ teries had not a fire in the attic of a Perry hotel revealed the truth. Firefighters there found a conglomeration of canvas and wire coil, the corpus delicti itself It was subsequently revealed that ARCADE HERALD • Member National Editorial Ass'n ONE OF THE FIVE TRI-COUNTY WEEKLY PUBLICATIONS Member New York Press Ass'n Volume LXVIII One Section-Twelve Pages Thursday, April 30, 1959 10c Copy; 15c By Mail $4 per Year Number 15 Delevan to Have New Fire Alarm System In Operation This Week The Public Emergency Report ­ in g Fir e Alar m system wil l be in operatio n in the Village o f Dele- van this week. This syste m is one of the most modern an d effi­ cient , perfected to insure quick and accurate response to fire and emergency calls, and has bee n installed by the Westinghous e Electri c Company, in cooperation with the Ne w York Telephon e Company. It involves fiv e tele­ phones located in various business establishments and private home s in th e Village, to insure bot h da y and night service, to residents o f th e Deleva n Fire District, an d is associated with the regular fire phone in the Fire Hall. The number remains the same, as in th e ol d system—9522. This is the wa y it operates: any ­ one desiring the fire apparatus or First Aid Squad, wil l dial the numbe r 9522, and som e on e of the phones will be answered. Give the person answering your call you r nam e and location of the fire or emergency . Th e per ­ son who answers will then trans­ mi t the message t o the first fireman who reaches the fire phon e in the Fire Hall thus eliminating con ­ fusion as has occurred In the past in determining fire location and equipment needed. Residents ca n b e assured much quicke r re­ sponse fro m the fireme n and greater fire protection. Chaffee - Sardinia, Bliss, Elli- cottville, and Westo n Mills all operate under this syste m and find that it has worked out ver y satisfactorily. Arcade Student Accepted Services Held Today At Bucknell University For Sandusky Merchant Funeral services wer e held to­ da y (Thursday. April 30) for Floy d S. Merrill of Sandusky. Mr. Merrill died o f a heart attack Apri l 27, 1959. He wa s bor n June 15, 1879. Services wer e held at 2:00 p . m. at the Sandusk y Meth ­ odist Church. Mr Merrill was a life-long resident o f Sandusky an d had operated a General Store there for man y years. Obituary will follow next week . JOH N O'DELL John O'Dell, membe r of th e graduatin g class of 1959 at Ar­ cad e Central School has bee n accepte d as a membe r o f the freshma n class in Septembe r at Bucknell University, Lewisburg , Pa. John, son o f Mr . an d Mrs . L. D. O'Dell , o f Allen Rd., Chaffee, will pursue a course in Liberal Art s wit h a major interest in for ­ estry. Thi s is a four year course. He expect s to try out for three sports this coming year football, basketball and track. While in high school at Arcade Joh n has participated in sports but als o has been very active in choru s work including bein g a member of the men's double quar ­ tette, mixed double quartette and men' s pop trio. This past year he played the lead in the senior play and whil e a freshma n and a sophomor e he wa s president o f his class bot h years. John has had a majo r in mat h an d scienc e in his high school cours e wit h a minor in language. Arcade Central School P. T. A. to Have Teacher Recognition Night The Arcade Central Schoo l P T A. , enjoye d an evening o f music put on by the schoolband unde r the directio n of Chester Minkle r at thei r last meeting The nex t meetin g will be Ma y 19 and wil l be Teacher Recognition Night, There will b e a Spring Confer­ ence work sho p May 4 i n the West Senec a Central School. Officers and chairme n are urged to attend. . May 22 the P . T . A. wil l have a bake d goods sale at the Wallac e Store . Delevan-Machias Alumni List Plans For Weekend Come and join you r friends and acquaintances in Delevan , the weeken d of Ma y 23 Thi s will b e the first inter-communit y alumni weeken d and plans are bein g mad e for a very enjoyabl e \homecom ing.\ Spouses, friends and rela tives are most welcome Plans in brief arc Saturday, Ma y 23, 1959, 7 00 p, m., dinner; 9 - 00 p. m. dance . Sunday, Ma y 24, 3:00 p . m. , of ficlal dedication o f new K-1 2 school building, 4-00 p . m., guided tours through the new building. Please send you r dinner reser­ vations with a check o r money order to James D . Sproul, Delevan, N Y Reservations must b e mad e on or befor e Ma y 18 an d n o reser­ vation will b e honore d unless ac­ companie d b y a check . VFW Post and Auxiliary Officers Installed At Joint Installation Recently S3 Officers o f the Hendershott- Manness Post No. 374, Veterans of Foreign War s an d its auxiliary were installed for the comin g year Saturday night Apri l 18. Proceed ­ ing the installation a dinner wa s served and the Post received a most humorou s talk b y Frank Smith o f Yorkshire. Pictured abov e in the front row left to right are: John Dildlne, Mrs. Bernard Brass, Mrs. Katherine Manness, Mrs . Arli e Austin and Leonard E. Fuller, retiring com­ mander. Second row Walter Za - wada, Mrs Clifford Lester, retir­ ing president, Alton Petit, Mrs. Joseph Piedmont, president, Leo Decker. Mrs. John Dildine Third row Gordo n Cooper, Mrs. Eugene Haskell, J Harry Kingsley. com­ mander. Maurice Hopkins, Jr , Bernard Brass, Mrs. Glenford Harrison and Elbert Holmes , in­ stalling officer Spring Band Concert to Be Held In Arcade, May 1 The Music Departmen t o f Ar­ cad e Central Schoo l will hold ; Spring Band Concert Friday, May 1 at 8:00 p. m., in the auditorium. The Beginners, Junio r an d Senio r Band s will perform. Soloists wil l be James Marsh, Margare t Weid man\ Conrad Phelps and Rober t Miller. Wayne Kellog g wil l perfor m the Warsa w Concerto accompanie d by the Senior Band The Musi c Boosters' Clu b will have a cand y sale. Th e public is cordiall y in­ vited to attend. Rural Life Sunday to Be In Attica May 3 Rural Lif e Sunday will be hel d at Attic a Methodist Church, Atti­ ca, N. Y., Sunday evening, May 3. at 8*00 p. m . Rev . Dickenso n of Perr y will be the guest speaker, Light refreshments will be served . The fifth Sunday following Eas­ ter is known as Rural Life Sun­ day. All Grange families an d non-Grange families as a group worship together at that time. The seven founder s of our order recog­ nized th e need o f spiritual train­ ing for its members. Upo n this foundatio n we have continued to buil d throug h the years. Today the challeng e is the greatest of an y time. The Creator o f natural growt h wil l bring about spiritual growt h i n the souls o f those who seek Him. HOME DEMONSTRATION UNI T OF HOLLAND TO HAVE ACHIEVEMENT DAY The Hollan d Hom e Demonstra ­ tion Uni t will have its Achieve­ ment Day May 6, at 1:00 p . m. at the Town Hall. Th e public is cordially invited to attend. Red Cross Drive In Delevan-Elton and Yorkshire Nets $400 Mrs. War d Dedrick, loca l chair­ ma n o f the Re d Cros s Drive in Delevan , reports that $400 wa s collected in the Villages o f Del e van , Elton and Yorkshire . Resi ­ dents on Route 16, in th e York shire Townshi p hav e no t bee n contacted as yet. Mrs. Dedric k wishes to expres s her appreciation an d thanks to all who helped in collecting th e con­ tributions an d those who contri­ buted, especially, Mrs . Shirley Clemen t ,wh o took chairmanshi p of Yorkshir e and also th e ladies in Elton who helped. If there is anyone, who, for on e reason o r another wa s no t contact ­ ed an d desires to make a contri ­ bution, h e o r she may leav e th e money with Miss Alice Jone s o r Mis s Eleanor Conaway at th e Ban k o f Delevan. local paper as a stimulant to a la x summe r season. The\ 6erpent ha d been assemble d in greatest se­ crecy, anchore d in the lake, and his movements controlled by an in ­ genious syste m of ropes and a bel­ lows to inflate and submerge, all carefully operated from a lakeside shanty, hidde n in the swampy growt h of cattails and bushes. The operator s of the scheme wer e wholl y unprepared for the excite ­ ment which followed its discovery and then dared not reveal the . truth for fear of the wrath o f those the hnax was peroetrated by the I wh o ha d bee n deceived, hotel keeper and the editor o f the (Continue d next week ) Charles E. Goodell, Jr. Republican Nominee of 43 District to Visit Area Republica n nomine e Charles E Goodell , Jr. for the 43rd Congres ­ sional District to fill the vacanc y caused by the death o f Daniel A. Reed , wil l visit the Franklinville, Machias, Deleva n and Yorkshir e area tomorro w to get better ac­ quainted with the voters of the Dis­ trict. Mr . Goodell is endorsed by th e Republicans of'Allegany , Cat ­ taraugus, Chautauqua an d Living ­ ston counties. An attorney, he is presently a membe r o f the fir m o f VanVlack , Goodell and McKee o f Jamestown . Mr . and Mrs . Godel l wit h their three sons reside in Jamestown . Mr . and Mrs . Goodel l Worl d War II and the Korea n War . All voters are urged to take this opportunit y to become acquainted COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR PROJECT RAISE S 190 AT DANCE The Communit y Ambassado r Committe e announces that they realized $90 at their dance Thi s leaves about $200 00 mor e to be raised. A baked food sale wil l be held at the Wallace Store in Ar­ cade Ma y 8. D-M Ceniral Announces Honor Students £§j'£ mm Arcade Kiwanis Club To Be Host to Arcade Lions Club, April 30 Member s of the Arcad e Lions Club hav e been invited to the April 30tli meeting of the Arcad e Kiwani s Club The guest speaker iro m the Republic Steel Corp . will discuss \Waste In Government.\ Thirteen members of the Arcad e Central School Ke y Clu b wer e guests at the April 23rd meeting Horse racing films provided b y Sid Knigh t wer e enjoyed by everyon e Louise Kcnuiitz Bloodmobile Visit to Arcade Moderate Success The collection of blood by the Red Cross Bloodmobile in Arcad e on Monday , April 27, in the Motor ­ ola cafeteria was a moderate success. On e hundred and fifty- six volunteers donated 133 pints of blood. The patients and families of patients, it could be you, who will receiv e this blood will b e most grateful to these donors. Leonard Mason and Mrs. Clyde Johnston, chairmen for the visit of the Bloodmobile extend -their thanks to all those who helped either with their blood, their time or supplies and special thanks to the Motorola organization for the use o f their facilities. A mor e complet e list will appear next week. Arcade Meets Frankl'ville In League Opener Sunday \Play Ball\ will b e the familiar cry Sunday afternoon in the Ar­ cade Village Par k when Arcade will play host to the Franklinville \Frankees\ in the first league game oi the year This year' s tow n team is sponsored by Motorol a Inc of Arcad e Scor e cards are now being prepared fo r the fans' use and will be give n out at each game starting with the nex t home game The WBE N Leagu e schedul e for Arcade is as follows May 3 — Franklinville, Ma y 10—at Spring - ville. May 17—Gowanda , May 24 —at Salamanca, May 30—at El- licottville, Ma y 31—at Wes t Sen ­ eca, June 7—at Orchar d Park . June 14—at Delevan . Jun e 17— Holland, oun e 21—at Franklin ­ ville, June 28—Springville, July 4—EllicottviHe, July 5—at Gow­ anda, July 12—Salamanca. July 15—West Seneca, Jul y 19—at Holland. July 22—Delevan . July 26 —Orchard Park Al l Sunda y and holiday game s start at 2.30 p. m., EDS T and Wednesda y gam­ es start at 6 00 p m., EDST Chaffee Soldier Serving In Germany Arcade Cub Scout Pack Receives Charter At Meeting Held In Scout Building Shown abov e is the Arcad e Cub Scout Pack No. 55 which recently received its charter at a meeting held in the scout building The Cub Scouts are sponsored by the Arcade Lions Club who are cur­ rently havin g a Blind Seal ( i m - paign Shown with the Cub s a n the Den Mothers and fattier\; a lung with J Bernard Bainbndg e I.ion President and Walter Howel l l.i-m l hairman. Merchants' Spring Promotion to Get Underway This Morning; WGR Mobile Broadcasts End Saturday 9:00 A. M. \Opportunity Days \ a three day money-saving event will officially get undcrvv ay this morning for the benefit oi the man y shoppers in this area This spring promotion is sponsored by the Merchants Committee of the Arcad e Cham­ ber of Commerc e In conjunction with this big sale, WGR mobile broadcasts have been aired from Main Street in Arcad e since last Monday morning and will con­ tinue until 9 00 a m , Saturday morning WGR will carry several Arcade announcements Saturday morning from 9 00 on from their studio located in Buffalo. Ap­ proximately 8,000 fourteen page w . sale brochures wer e distributed to * I the homes of tins, area Mor e than j fifty merchants and industries are •oopi rating in this promotion . An a residents are uryed to st.ip into the WGR mobile trailer ,nd meet Joh n Lascelles and Fran k Dill durin g their shows whik in Arcad e The y have man y more merchandis e cerlilieaU-s to b e giv­ en awa y befor e 9 a m Saturda> morning You mu-t In on o r driv ­ ing through Main Street to u ir these M r Las-Ci lies and Mr Dill have receive d m.inv gifts from merchants industries and lml n id uals o f the area and are enjosinj their sta> in this Milage The n broadcasting hours ale 6 15 to 10 00 and 10 00 un'il 2 00 p m AJ - cadi nil reliant-- at* pnuc l to be the first small to-wi in the history of the MolilU tl iil< l to hav e its se rv lee Sandr a Dedric k Louise Kemnit z and Sandra De­ drick are valedictorian and saluta torian respectively o f the graduat ing class o f 1959 at the Delevan Machias Central School. In mak­ ing this announcement, Principal Georg e Crawfor d also listed Clair Prutsman, Thoma s Johns, Jean Kuhn, Bonni e Joslin, and Peter Kittleson as having maintained averages o f abov e 87 % for their entire high school career. Miss Kemnitz, daughter of M r and Mrs. Loui s Kemnitz , Delevan, has a scholastic average o f 93.13% She has bee n active^in band and chorus and has participated in the All-Count y music festival in Salamanca. Sh e is a membe r of the National Hono r Society and is assistant editor o f Th e Flash, school yearbook . G. A . A . and F H. A . membershi p and secretary­ ship of the latter hav e taken most of her spare time. He r major is business. Louis e has completed her normal 4-yea r course in three years. Miss Dedrick, is the eldest daughter o f Mr and Mrs. Arthur Dedrick of McKinstr y Road , Dele ­ van. She has science and music majors. Sh e has participated in all school musical groups, is a membe r of the student council and National Hono r Society. She is a membe r o f the newl y organized Future Teachers Clu b and has been a cheerleader. Sandra has been accepted at Fredonia State Teach ­ ers College, as a musi c major. She has earned a total o f twenty-one an d one-half units of high school credit. TEMPERATURES FO R WEE K O F APRI L 22 - 28 nig h Low Wednesday 56 19 Thursday 63 24 Friday 66 28 Saturday 76 44 Sunday 68 35 Monday 45 35 Tuesday 51 41 Precipitation — 72 \ Delevan Drum and Bugle Corps Elects Officers Interested youth met last Wed­ nesday evening at the Delevan Fire Hall to form a junior dru m and bugl e corps in this village Kenneth Beach, chairman o f the Delevan Volunteer Fire Depart ­ ment committe e for a dru m and bugle corps presided and at whic h time the following officers wer e elected President. Jack Howell, vice president, Carol Reese, secretary, Marilyn Chappell and treasurer, James McElhen y Mr Howel l wishes to express that membershi p is no w officially open and, as previously, those wishing to joi n the corps need not be concerned with previous musi ­ cal knowledg e or their residency Meetings will b e continued to b e held Wednesda y evening at 8:00 at the Delevan Fire Hall. Further in formation ma y be obtained by calling M r Howel l or Mr. Beac h at Delevan 9496 and 9739 respect­ ively. Western New York Federation of Women's Clubs to Meet In Buffalo The Western Ne w York Federa ­ tion of Women' s Clubs will hold their annual convention Wednes ­ day and Thursday, May 13 and 14 at the Hotel Westbrook in Buffalo. The Wednesday program in ­ cludes a morning session of busi­ ness with roll call of membe r clubs; a memorial service at noon , luncheon at 12.30; two afternoon speeches, an illustrated lecture on Castles and Royalty of England by Mrs. Harry Drake, Secretary of the Delawar e Avenue Baptist Church and an address b y the Hon. Madg e Taggart, Judge o f City Court of Buffalo, The Serv ­ ers Banquet at 6:30, and an ad­ dress \Dilemm a of the Democra ­ cies\ by Thoma s Cook Brown , Editorial Write r Emeritus o f the Buffalo Courier Express. Thursday morning the Conven ­ tion wil l elect officers and act on presented resolutions. Elmer L. Hewson , Vice President o f the Manufacturers and Traders Trust Compan y wil l speak on \You r Will.\ Followin g lunch a report of election win be made and Lloyd S. Cochran will talk on \Ameri ­ can Profiles.\ Th e Federation Pvt. Kohert Rakosk a Pvt Robert Rakoska. son o f M r and Mrs Rudolph Rakosk a o f Chaffee is no w serving in Kaiser - lautern German y Pvt Rakoska took his basic traning at Ft Dix N J and at­ tended Signal C nips Training Scheioi at Ft Gordon , G a Lyle Zahler Honored At Annual Meeting The 18th annual meetin g o f the South Erie artificial Breedin g Co­ op., Inc , was recently held at Springville Lutheran Churc h to transac' fiscal affairs of the assoc ­ iation and to elect directors and delegates. Warren Zahler o f Boston , a student of Griffith Institute, Springville. KOVC a talk with col­ ored slides on his recent trip to Denmark, sponsored b y the Am­ erican Field Service. A highlight of the evenin g wa s the present;:''or. of a 15-year cer­ tificate and service pin, by Glen n Wilgcr of Ellicottville to Lyl e Zahler of Boston M r Zahle r has served as one of the manager , technicians of the South Erie ' Former Delevan Resident Receives Second Fulbrighf Award Mrs Aletha B Callahan, a tea- eh r at the Clinton V Bush School in Jamestown is the recipient of her vcond Fulliright Scholar hip. The M.iU Depaitini lit has untitled her tl at she lias been selected to t. ac 1 ! in a Lnited StaU ; sponsored school in Santiago, Chile She will start tier luelv e month position on July 1, and has been granted a leave b> the Board of Education. Mrs. Callahan, daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Claude Bo>d of Delevan, received her first Ful- uright Awar d in 1954, whe n she went to London as exchang e tea­ cher under the U S International Educational Exchange piogram She taught in the Brentside P n niai> Girls' School, Han well, Eng land Arcade Senior to Attend Bryant and Straifon Two Holland Soldiers Complete Course In Radio Repair Two soldiers fro m Holland, Pfc Roger W Haase and Pvt. Thomas R. Galante completed the 25-week field radio course April 16 at the Arm y Signal School, Fort Monmouth, N J The y were trained to maintain and repair radio equipment used in the field to sustain vital com ­ munications during actual combat conditions. Pfc Haase, 18, son o f M r and Edward H Haase, 209 Vermont St., and Pvt. Galante, 18, son of Mr and Mrs. Thoma s E. Galante, Co-op. for 15 years and is well'entere d the Army last July re- known in Erie County and in dairy circles. He is on e o f the fe w vet ­ eran technicians who has been so honored by this servic e pin Representative Osferfag Remarks On Nation's Economy On TV Reperesentaitive Harold C Ostertag said recently the rapid improvement o f the Nation's economy makes it clear that the Eisenhower Administration fol­ lowed the right course last yea r in rejeoting ne w multi-billion dollar Federal spending programs . \The result o f new multi-billion dollar Federal spending program s on top of .oday's development s in our econom y woul d hav e brought us a good case of inflation —with higher prices fo r everyone, \ the Congressman declared. What is most important about the present favorable trend in the economy is that it represents real improvenent,\ Representative Ostertag continued, \becaus e the cost of living has remained level during the past year This is ver y important to us all, and especially to those who are living on fixe d incomes—like pensions, social se ­ curity and other fixed incomes. \ As a re-nit of the recent rise of economic indicators, Representa ­ tive Ostertag expressed confidenc e that the employmen t situation also would continue to Improv e at a beter than average rate in the coming months. H e pointed out that the improvemen t fo r Marc h was twice the norma l rate. The Congressman mad e these remarks in a radio progra m pre ­ pared for broadcast o n Stations WVET, Rf\hcster and WBTA, Batavia ceived basic training al Fort Dix, N J They are both 1958 grad­ uates of Holland Central High Schoo l Canisius College will giv e an ad­ dress on the \Problem s O f An Author\ and the ne w officers will be installed. Members of the Monda y Re­ search Club of Arcad e are urged Banquet will b e held at 6 30. Dur - i to attend any or all of the sessions | ing the evenin g Dr Charles A if poss ble Th'>se attending should ; regulations during St. Nicholas School to Have Dental Hygiene Service, May 4 The Wyomin g County Health Department will provid e Dental Hygiene services at St. Nicholas Schoo l in North Java, starting May 4, 1959. Dr. LaVerne E. Campbel l ex­ plained the program consists o f Sodiu m Fluoride applications for preschool children ages 3 o r 4, and in grades 2,5 and 8. Children in the remaining grades will have their teeth inspected and cleaned. Request slips will b e sent hom e with the students for the parent's signature. Contact Dental Hy- gienist at the school for appoint­ ments for preschool children. MRS LESTER ARNOLD SCORE S 98 IN GRANGE SEWIN G CONTES T Mrs. Lester Arnol d of Delevan and Mrs. Ruth Leonard of Farm - ersville attended the Pomon a Grang e luncheon and sewing con ­ test judging at Portville Grange Saturday. Mrs. Arnold entered a dress and score d a second winner with 98 points. She is a non-Grang e membe r sponsored by Mrs. Ruth Leonard of Farmersville Grange. KAREN CAMPBELL Miss Karen Ann Campbell , daughter o f Mr and Mrs John Campbel l o f Nor>:h Java, will attend Bryan t and Stratton Busi ­ ness Institute beginning with the fall semester Karen graduates in June <>f thi* year fro m Arcade Cential Schoo l She has bee n a general business student and wishes to specialize in accounting with a two-year course at the Institute Her extra-curricular interests have been many and varied She is a captain of the Hall Parol group and is serving as an asso ­ ciate editor o f the communit y news for Theacie s having ha d charge o f the calendar of coming events and acted as a reporter the previous year She is a membe r of the I-atin club, the present treasurer o f the Girls Athleti c Association and th e secretary o f the high school Teen Age Book Clu b While a member of the Librar y Club she acted both as President and also as Treasurer Her in­ terests also includ e dramatics an d she wa s a member of the cast of this year's 6enior play Arcade Inter-Church Council of Religious Education to Meet May 5 Ther e will bo a meeting o f th e Arcade Inter-Church Council of Religious Education Tuesday, May 5 at 8 00 p . m. at the Arcad e Men- nonite Churc h in Yorkshire Each church in the Arcad e Central School District will be represented at the meetin g by the Pastor and two representatives. The follow­ ing churches are members o f th e Council Methodist, Calvary Alli­ ance, Baptist, Congregational, Mennonite, Sandusk y Baptist, Sandusky Methodist, Freedom Baptist, Sardinia Methodist, Chaf ­ fee Baptist, Curriers Congrega ­ tional and Jav a Village Baptist Items for consideration at th e meeting are finances, re-valuation of the present system o f clas s meeting and consideration o f th e future of the total program o f Re­ lease Time Education. Parents of students in the Arcade Central System are requested to check with their pastor to make sur e their church wil l b e represented. This meetin g wil l b e open to anyone an d those now teachin g are urged to attend and offer any criticism o r suggestion they may have. If you have any suggestions please contac t any of the loca l Brady. Professor of English at I contact Mrs Le o Trnka by May 7 training at Pensacola. Fla ARCAD E NAVAL AVIATION MAKES SOLO FLIGH T A first solo flight was mad e Marc h 26, b y Naval Aviation Cadet Joseph L. Brasky, son of Mr and Mrs. J F Brasky o f East Arcad e Road, Arcade . Brasky attended Cornell Uni- ! pastors befor e th e meeting, versity before entering the flight progra m at the Naval Ai r Station, Niagara Falls, N Y In addition to solo flights, he is being instructed in Commun.ca ­ tions, Navigation, Engineernj A'hletics, Aerology and civil air basic flight YORKSHIRE FIRE WHISTLE TO BLOW EVERY SATURDAY It has bee n announced by the Crystal Hos e Compan y of York­ shire that the fire whistle will be tested every Saturday at 12 00 noon.

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