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Thursday, June 4,1959 Tri-Countv Publications: Arcade Herald. Bliss News. Wyoming County: Delevan Press, Cattaraugus Cou nty : Sardinia Censor, Holland Review, Erie County Page Five LEGAL NOTICES CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1 OF THE TOWNS OF HOLLAND. COLDEN AND WALES, ERIE COUNTY, NEW YORK NOTICE OF SPECIAL DISTRICT MEETING June 1C, 195 9 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tha t pursuant t o a resolutio n ad­ opted by the Board of Educatio n iin Mav 12 . 1959 , a Snecia l Distric t Mi'Uinii of the qualifie d voter s of IVnlral School Distric t No. 1 of •' T' • -= cf Hcllnd, C'cldn and W.iloF . Eric County. New York, will held a t the Hollan d Cen- 'r.i l School, Holland, New York, i n said School District , on June 16. 1959 . a t 1 30 o\clock P M. (D. ST) for the purpose of voting •I p< n the propositions state d be- z>SffllNlft> Gas - Oil - Lubrication Wheel Alignment General Repair 469 W. Mai n St. low The voting will be by ballot a s provided by the Education Law and th e polls will remain open from 1:30 o'clock P. M. (D. S . T.) unti l 9:0 0 o'clock P . M. (D. S . T.) and a s much longer a s may be necessary to enable the voters the n present t o cas t thei r bal­ lot s Proposition No. 1 RESOLVED: (a) That the Board of Education cf Central School Distric t No. 1 of th e Towns of Holland, Colden un d Wales, Erie County, New l'uik , is Hereb y uutiiorize d t o ac­ quire a s an addition t o th e sit e of th e existing Holland Central School building, Holland, a certain piccu or parcel of lan d adjacent and contiguous t o th e north side cf sai d existing school site , al l in -iid District , and hereby desig­ nated a s such addition to sai d site , the estimated maximum cost of sai d specific object or purpose, in­ cluding preliminary cost s of maps, plans , surveys, estimate s and hearings and cost s incidental theret o and the financing thereof, being $8,000 , said piece or parcel of lan d containing 8 acres , more or less , and being more particular­ l y described by metes an d bounds a s loJIows. ALL THAT TRACT OR PAR­ CEL OF LAND, situat e i n the Town of Holland, County of Erie and Stat e of New York, being par t of Lot No. 3G, Township 8 , Range 5 of the Holland Land Company's Survey, bounded and described as follows BEGINNING i n th e center of Canada Street a t th e Southwest ccrncr of land owned by Jacob Harsch, thence south 84-% de­ grees east , five (5) chains, thence north 10 degrees west , two (2) chains, thence south 84-% degrees east , fiftee n (15) chains and sixty- two (62) links t o th e west line what every smart farmer knows joi-rimo Model No 461 Model No. 674 Both in brown hortehide Cloth Tamp lined, rubber heel, steel arch support, the famous Proudlit last. 9 FARM SHOES re Vittfhtt-tni-Tttn WORK-PROOF! / \ F7 — 100% Union Mode — Get them soaking wet / & these genuine shell horsehide Thorogoods dry as soft and pliable as new Can't shnnk or warp out of shape, either. Even damaging barn yard acid can't hurt them. 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Howlett Store MAIN STREET ARCADE of lan d owned by the Western New York and Pennsylvania Rail­ road; thence along the sai d 'west lin e of land owned by the Western New York and Pennsylvania Rail­ road south 28 degrees east , ten (10) chains and thirty-five (35) link s t o the center of th e stone culvert on the said Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad; thence south 87-% degrees west, twenty-three (23) chains and thirty-si x (36) links t o th e center of Canada Street; thence along sai d center of Canada Stree t north 10 degrees west, ten (10) chains and te n (10) links t o th e place el beginning, containing twenty- two (22) acres of land, be the s;me more or less, EXCEPTING AND RESER- ING THEREFROM al l thos e pro­ mises described i n a Warranty Deed dat e March 31, 193 2 given by Edwin A. Roth and Maude B. Roth, hi s wife, to Frank A. Car­ roll, Pau l J . Wurst, Everett Sleep­ er and George Wangelin, thei r successors and assigns, constitut ­ ing th e Board of Education of S'-hoo l Distric t No. 1 i n th e Towns of Holland, Colden and Wales, re- cc rded i n Erie County Clerk's Of­ fice April 4 , 1932 i n Liber 217 4 of deeds a t Page 286, and THOSE PREMISES described i n a Warranty Deed dated June 5, 1956 given by Edwin A. Roth and Maude B. Roth, his wife, t o Ray­ mond A. Roth and Mary R. Roth, his wife, recorded, i n Erie County Clerk's Office in Liber 599 7 of Deeds a t Page 483, on June 5, 1956. (h) That a tax I s hereby voted for th e foregoing specific object or purpose in the amount of not exceeding $8,000 to be levied and collected i n installments i n such years and i n such amounts a s may be determined by the Board of Education; and (c) That i n anticipation of sai d tax, bonds of the School Distric t are hereby authorized to be Issue d in th e principal amount of not ex­ ceeding $8,000, and tha t a tax i s hereby voted to pay the interes t on th e sai d bonds a s th e same shal l become due and payable Proposition No. 2 RESOLVED (a) That th e Board of Education of Centra l School District No. 1 of the Towns of Holland, Colden and Wales, Erie County, New York, i s hereby authorized to construct a new elementary school on a part of th e site of the existin g Holland Central School, Holland, in sai d District , and t o grade and improve th e sit e and purchase th e necessary original furnishings , equipment, machinery and appar­ atu s required, the estimated maxi­ mum cos t of said specific object or purpose, including preliminary costs an d costs incidental theret o and th e financing thereof being $552,000 , (b) That a tax i s hereby voted for th e foregoing specific object or purpose i n the amount of not exceeding $552,000 to be levied and collected in installments i n such years and in such amounts a> may be determined by th e Eoard of Education, and (c) That i n anticipation of sai d tax, hnnd s of the School Distric t are hereby authorized to be issue d i n th e principal amount of not ex^ c< oding $552,000, and tha t a tax i s hereby voted to pay the interes t on th e sai d bonds a s th e same shall become due and payable. By Order of-the Board of Edu cation. Dated May 12 , 195 9 Beverly Beardsell, 18t2 1 District Clerk Spring cleaners can learn about the right kind of cleansing ma terial s from Cornell bulletin E- 951, \Supplies free to New York residents from the Mailing Room, Stone Hall , Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. Help Your Local Dairy And Poultry Farmers ...SERVE YOU FAITHFULLY FOR EVERY OCCASION/ DRINK MORE MILK EAT MORE EGGS This Ad sponsored By Arcade GLF Services Farmersville Mrs. Albert Vickman Miss Grace Hatch, director of the Camden Christia n Center , Camden, N. J., was a guest of th e Missionary Society with the meet­ ing in the church parlors and she also spoke at th e Sunday School hour. Mr. and Mrs. Jack French of Olean and son Larry of New York City were caller s a t the Allen Leonard home Miss Cheryl Durkee of Rushford was a recent overnight guest of Miss Peggy Roblee. Mrs. Loona Moyer from Clarion, Pa., spent a few days with her brother, Arthur Lines. Mr and Mrs. Carl Miller of Gowanda were caller s Sunday of Mr and Mrs. Merle Roblee, Mrs. Miller also called on her cousin, Mrs. Ruth Leonard Several from town attended th e Musical a t Rushford Central School Tuesday evening. Mr and Mrs Merritt Roblee and Mr and Mrs. Merle Roblee at ­ tended th e funera l of Mrs. Eva Schuyler a t th e Funeral Home i n Arcade Friday afternoon. Mr and Mrs Paul Slocum, Mrs. May Slocum and Mrs. Addie were i n Franklinville Saturday and called a t the Henry Decker home. Howard McMurry and daugh­ te r Shirley of Rochester called on his cousin, Mrs. Ralph Warner Friday. Mrs. Nellie Edmunds was i n Cuba Saturday an d called a t the Nursing Home t o see Edna Love Mrs. Mabel King and Mrs. Ed­ ward King attended a bridal shower for Miss Margaret Mulli ­ gan, a t the home of Mrs. Charles McCaa in Cuba, recently. A baby shower for Mrs. Louis Crawford and infan t son Mark of Olean was held a t the home of Mrs. Jack Finch Thursday eve - ning. Guests Saturday a t th e Vick­ man home included Mr and Mrs. Philip Sampson, Eas t Aurora, Mr and Mrs. Cecil Goss and Karen Farwell, Cuba, Mr. and Mrs. Ken neth Vickman, Franklinville, Mr and Mrs. Lawrence Spaulding and family of Yorkshire. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Goss and family, Chaffee, Ralph Baird of Freedom, and Cecil Goss of Cuba called at the Cecil Goss home Monday evening. Mr and Mrs. Albert Vickman and Patricia Sampson, East Au rora, called on Mr and Mrs. Donald Hilliker an d son a t thei r farm on Blue Hill , Delevan, Sat­ urday afternoon Miss Ardys Webster of Roches­ ter , Miss Grace Smith of Cam­ den, N J., and Rev and Mrs. Mason Smith were recent over night guests of Mrs. Jennie Web­ ster . Mr and Mrs. George DeWitt of Scottsville were caller s a t the Merle Roblee home Friday eve­ ning. Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Jackson and children enjoyed a picnic dinner a t Myles Jackson's a t th e Narrows Saturday. Mrs. May Slocum and Mr and Mrs. Paul Slocum were i n Sala ­ manca Monday. Mr and Mrs. Richard Taylor and daughter were callers Sunday a t the Paul Slocum home. David T. Leonard of Adams Basin called on hi s niece, Mrs. Ralph Warner Thursday. Mrs. Edward Glaske and Miss Kathy Smith of Bliss called on Mr and Mrs. Emil Glaske Friday evening Over the weekend holiday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Leonard were Mr and Mrs. Frank Brown and family of Pittsburgh, Mr. and Mrs. John Larimer and family of Buffalo, Kenneth Brown of Salamanca, Miss Ellen Wil­ liams of New York City, Mr. and Mrs. Gwilym Anwyl and Mr. and Mrs. Norman Leonard of Buffalo, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sampson, East Aurora, spent th e weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Vick­ man and Sunday with Mr and Mrs. Leon Sampson and family Mrs. Donald Stebbins and her siste r and children called on Mrs. Irena Stebbins Monday evening. Mrs. Cecil Goss spen t Monday evening with her parents , Mr and Mrs. Albert Vickman and family Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brown and family spent Saturday with Mr and Mrs. Dale Kile and family in Arcade Mr. and Mrs. Leo Clements of Rochester were visitor s a t th e Cecil Goss home Saturday. Mrs. Vivian Joslyn and 6on Richard of Arcade an d Mr and Mrs. Keith Edmunds of Roches­ te r called a t th e Morris Hooper home Sunday Mr and Mrs. Lewis Crawford and son of Olean spent from Thursday night unti l Sunday with her parents, Mr anr d Mrs. Allen Leonard. Mrs. Ruth Leonard spent a few days in Summerville, W Va., las t week and attended th e wedding of Harry Grandmaison, Jr of Elli- cottville and Miss Janice Hughes of Summerville. The Farmersville Fire Depart­ ment has organized a Marching Unit. They participated in th e Memorial Day parade a t Frank­ linville and are looking forward to taking part i n othe r parades thi s summer Dr and Mrs. Charles Tramont of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, and Mrs. Vernia Hooper of Springville were callers Friday afternoon at the Morris Hooper and Merle Rob­ lee homes. Mr and Mrs. Joseph Henry, Jr and son Don of Delevan. Mr and Mrs. Howard Henry of Olean, Mr and Mrs. Kenneth Vickman of Franklinville, Mr an d Mrs. Perry Henry and family, Mr? Allen Leonard and son, Reuben were guests Sunday a t th e McCluer and Henry homes. Mrs. Doris Wixon was injurey by a cow early Monday morning and was taken t o th e Cuba Hos­ pital , where i t was found she had a broken leg and was put in trac­ tion . Monday she underwent surgery and had a pin put in th e leg and she i s resting more com­ fortable and expects t o come home the latter part of th e month Mr. and Mrs. Chet Chase, San­ dusky. Mrs. Neva Coen - and child­ ren , Franklinville and Sharon Kushman, Buffalo, spent Saturday at the Ralph Warner home. Mrs. Jennie Webster accom­ panied by her brother and siste r of Buffalo and daughter, Ardys of Rochester went t o New Jersey t o visi t her son and wife over th e holiday weekend Mr and Mrs. Wesley Francis of Franklinville were recent callers of Mrs Mabel King t fe « OPEN FRJDAY NIGHTS UNTIL 9 - _. «-a Er a rra car i one package of BIRDS Em FRENCH FRIES WHEN YOU BUY 5 PKGS. Reg, 5 for 98c — i SOFT-WEVE BATHROOM TISSUE 'BUY 7 ROLLS I oti ONE im L Reg. 7 for 95c 9 SAVE 13c ^\\\l 5 2' DOLLAR DOUBLERS WITH COUPON BELOW and the purchase of Sparks Blitz Creamed COTTAGE CHEESE Pound 29 c ... Buy 10 Pkgs. i Get ONE FREEL^ Reg. 10 for 93c ROYAL Gelatins Strawberry Raspberry . . . Starry Orange I Leiee IjRg\^ SAVE 9c ^^^*| Buy 5 Pkgs. i Get ONE FREELp i •*» ^ Reg. 5 tor 98c PILLSBURY LOAF MIXES YOUR CHOICE OF 4 KINDS CLIP THIS COUPON SAVE 19c w+^^t tmu ^ Buy 5 Cans ! Get ONE FREE — w ^k^, ^ ^ Reg,; Reg. 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