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Section 2—Page 6 Tri-Countv Publications: Arcade Herald. Bliss News, Wyoming County: Dalevan Press, Cattaraugus County: Sardinia Censor, Holland Review, Erie County Thursday, October 8, 1959 BY RALPH In Washington there still i s extensive and, frequently, heated discussion as t o whethe r President Eisenhower won hi s battle t o bal ­ ance the budget. I t woul d appear that this should b e a n easy ques­ tion t o answer, bu t i t i s not. The controversy started last January whe n th e ne w Congress convened. An extraordinarily large proportion o f th e members had been elected wit h the ai d o f labor union support. I t wa s their clear intention t o enact large spending bills — as an aid t o re ­ cover y — and a n almost endless list of increased welfar e proposals. BOBCT The President immediately made it clear that h e wa s not go­ ing to travel dow n that path — that to the oest of his ability he was going t o hold appropriations down to the point wher e spend- <ng would b e below receipts taken in by the Treasury The fireworks, o f course, were not slow in starting, and they con tinued until the Congress ad ­ journed. To carry out his determination the President vetoed on e spend­ ing bill after another I n some in ­ stances the veto wa s based upon the amount being larger than the REISS GAME PRESERVE AND PARK R. D . No. 2 Cuba, N. Y. Ove r 10,000 gam e birds fo r shooting—pheasant, mallard, partridge and wild turkey. No license required, no ag e restric­ tion, and n o limi t o n birds taken. Season open from September 1 through February 28th. $10.00 fee guarantees every hunter tw o birds. Dogs an d guides furnished at no charge. Boarding Ken­ nels'an d complete breaking and training facilities available. Birds dressed fo r freezer before leaving preserve. Frozen dressed birds for sale a t al l times. Sunday Hunting. Comfortable modern lo g lodge and a ne w motel a t pre­ serve Meals serve d to sportsmen and his family and t o private parties b y reservations. Ammunition obtainable at lodge. Several ver y goo d registered trained bird dogs fo r sale and pups. Trout fishing yea r around, prices according to size. Wolves, Bobcats, Bears, Elk , African Mountain Sheep, Buf­ falo, European Brown and Whit e Deer, Japanese Deer, English Fallo w Deer, Native Deer, Klnajou, Coatimundl, man y pens of ornamental bird s an d man y mor e animals a t our park and picnic area t o visi t and see. Ove r Vi millio n Xmas trees for sale, Scotch and Spruce 5'- 9', sheared. Tou pick and tag—w e cut and haul to bard road. 3,000 foot tur f runway . Write fo r Reservation or Phon e Olean 8628 o r 7751. President thought necessary I n other instances i t wa s because the bill provided fo r a typ e o f spending whic h wa s believe d u n wis e Perhaps th e most surprise ing veto wa s that of th e public work s bill. This is known as \por k barrel \ legislation and, accord­ ing to reports, n o president since Cleveland has had the courage t o vet o it. Th e first veto o f this measure wa s sustained, bu t Con ­ gress quickly passed another bill providing fo r al l th e same pro­ jects, but at an aggregate cost o f 2Vz pe r cent less. Th e President also vetoed this, but i n this i n stance th e President wa s ove r ridden, for the first time since h e took office. Why, then, should there co n tinue to b e a controversy ove r whether the President won hi s battle ' Ther e ar e tw o principal reasons: First, th e Democratic leaders insist that they held appropriations about $1.5 billion below the Presi ­ dent's budget requests, an d su perficially that is correct. The re­ ply o f the Administration an d its spokesmen is that this does no t take into account programs bein g started whic h will cost much more in future years. Second, the total o f appropria tions does not determine o r co n trol the actual volum e o f spend­ ing! This is because o f unspent balances from previous appro ­ priations. E,ven i f on e grants th e Democratic leadership claim o f holding dow n appropriations, i t does no t follow that the budget will b e balanced. That will de­ pend upon ho w much the Ad­ ministration is willing to release for actual spending Th e Admin istration's mid-yea r budget re ­ view , released, a fe w days ago , forecast a surplus o f $95 million. It is m y personal -opinion that for the fiscal yoar ending nex t June 30 we shall have not mor e than a billion dollar surplus, o r mor e than a billion dollar deficit. Many careful students are o f th e opinion that F the deficit will ib e ''My brother certainly knows how to get things done.\ \One of my brothers planned to rent a vacation cottage in the Thou­ sand Islands, near our mother's home. And he wanted to get the whole family there at the same time for a reunion. Working things out could have been quite complicated, since he lives in Los Angeles. I'm near Syracuse, and the others are in Kansa s City and Greenwich, Conn. But he just picked up the phone and got us all together on a conference call We had everything settled in a few minutes — and had a wonderful preview of our reunion, too.\ Every day, in so many ways, the telephone makes our lives easier and pleasanter. Yet, for all it does, MRS. DONALD L JEWELL Liverpool, N. Y. your telephone is one of your big­ gest bargains. Its price has risen far less than most other things. NEW YORK TELEPHONE COMPANY Everyone has a stake in good telephone service ... today and tomorrow 1. Scholars and scientists seem to agree that civilization started with: a) Th e wheel? b) Agricul­ ture? c) Hunting? 2. What's the most important crop in the U S.? a) Wheat? b) corn? c) Grass? 3. Why is fall a n importnat time for America's dair y farmers? a) Man y calves will be born at this time? b) Fal l colors are prettier o n the far m than i n the city? c) It's a slack season for the farmer and a good tim e t o relax? 4. To control th e Gyps y moth, scientists brought 13 other insect species into the U. S . that are beneficial t o science bu t natural enemies t o the gyps y math. Wh y do they want t o control these moths? a ) Gypsy moths d o mil­ lions o f dollars wort h o f damage to forests each year? b) They're the bane o f the housewife wh o wants t o preserve he r woolens? c) The y carry a disease that quickly attacks livestock? 5. Whe n conservationists talk about saving water, they're think­ ing o f industry as well as agri­ culture. Fo r instance, about how many gallons o f wate r do you think it takes t o produce a ton of steel? a ) 13,000 gallons? b) 28,000 gallons? c ) 65,000 gallons ' 6. Rats carry many diseases, cause inumerable far m fires, damage buildings and foundations, attack baby animals, an d eat or spoil ou r food. I t i s estimated that rats eat about how many bushels o f grain in th e U . S each year? a) 200 million? b) 2 million? c) 20,000? 7 Why is i t a good idea for the farmer t o give his cow a mani­ cure? a) She'll d o mor e walking, and thus forage more? b) She'll look a lo t better? c) Sh e won't scratch herself accidentally? •E -i ' E - 9 'O -S 'E -fr *B-£ '3 -Z 'q- i :SJ3MSU V THE GREEN THUMB By GEORGE ABRAH AM-Naples, N. Y two or three times this large, and it still is too early to attempt to prove that they ar e wron g We may b e sure, however , that if President Eisenhower had not en­ tered this battle we would b e anticipating really significant de ­ ficits. Edward G. Mehl, O.D. Optometrist 332 W. Main St. Arcade. N. Y. Hours — Wed. 12-8 Tel. 682 Anytime For Appointment Get Young Karg For Your Auctioneer Arnold G. Karg • Prompt attention rive n to all Sales . . I sell anything anywhere. Telephone IDIewood 3691 ORCHARD PARK, N. Y. PLANTING BULBS: Fall's a wonderful time fo r planting spring-flowering bulbs. Here are the various bulbs yo u can plant for continuous bloom throughout the spring, starting from the ear Host to the latest bloomers Snow drops, Winter aconite, Croceus. Scilla (Squill), Chionodoxa (Glory of the Snow), Hyacinths daffodils, Narcissus, and tulips. The sequence of bloom of tu lips follows this pattern. First to bloom are the species ( 6 to 12 inches tall). After th e Species follow the Single Early Types (10\ to 16\) then th e Double Early (10 t o 16\) Triumphs and Mendels, (20\ t o 24\) , followed by the Peony flowered types. May flowering tulips include Cottage (18 to 24\) , Darwin, (24 to 30\) Breeder (24 t o 30\) , Par­ rot, (18 to 24\) , and the Lily - Flowered, (20 to 28\ ) Plant your bulbs as soon as you buy them. I f not, keep them at a temperature o f 60 degrees F They can b e planted any time until frost hardens th e ground. Daffodils should b e among the first to be planted Th e soil for bulbs should b e well drained and reasonably worked u p Heav y and light soils can be improved b y working in peatmoss. Neve r use manure for spring flowering bulbs as it encourages botrytis blight, the villain which causes your tu lips to turn brown o r blast. Plant the bulbs pointed end up. Daffs, tulips and hyacinths can be planted 4 or 5 inches deep; crocus and other small bulbs about 2 inches deep. Usually Tile lighter the soil the deeper the planting. Spring flowering bulbs ,are hardy and adding $ a mulch for winter protection is not ne ­ cessary. I feel it's ap t t o attract mice or other rodents. It's a good idea to add ne w bulbs t o your planting each fall, because old bulbs have a wa y o f petering out If you do save your old bulbs, se Iect only the largest fo r replant ing. What about bulbs whic h pro ­ duced \blasted\ blooms last spring? These can usually b e saved. Throw those that show rot or which have black round structures on the outer scales, es­ pecially at the \nose\ o r tip. Soak your bulbs in a solution o f Man - zate before planting And tr y t o change the location o f th e beds as often as practical. GREEN THUMB CLINIC- A reader writes. \Last winter rab­ bits girdled 2 of our newl y plant­ ed fruit trees. What can b e spray on our trees to keep them out?\ Ans. Better place a guard of hardware cloth o r galvanized screen cylinder around th e tree at least 3 feet or mor e in height to prevent rabbits from chewing the bark. Th e bottom edg e should be set a couple of inches into the ground to keep out burrowing mice. Put the guards o n now, not after snow flies. Sound driving calls fo r re ­ duced speed on residential streets and particularly near parked cars, according to the National Safety Council. Most child traffic acci­ dents occur when a youngster runs a parked . .NmakeLnowpo into the street from behind parked car. Soil-Saving Practices Proved in Studies The economic value of soil-sav­ ing conservation practices Is re- emphasized by results of a long term U.S. Department of Agricul­ ture study. At Waco, Tex., 12 years of con­ servation practices contributed to a substantial increase in the effi­ ciency of cotton production through higher yields per acre. On comparable lands at Waco, soil conservationist J B. Pope has since 1943 compared the production of cotton with and without the ben­ efit of such conservation practices as terracing, contouring, fertiliza­ tion, and the use of a legume in the crop rotation. The cumulative gains of conservation practices, meas­ ured in per-acre yields of Hut cot­ ton in 1955, ranged from 297 7 to 358.4 pounds of cotton per acre, de­ pending upon the type of rotation. Production without benefit of con­ servation averaged 1S4 4 pounds. Highest yields were obtained from a two-year rotation of cotton and oats-clover A phosphate fertilizer —0-45-0—was applied at the rate of 100 pounds per acre at the time of seeding oats-clover. The rotation followed on the non-conservation fields was cotton, oats, cotton, corn. Find The Fact! The ImfXrkt H-UdSr Sport Coupe J SEE IT NOW AND SEE ALL THESE IN THE 1960 Chevy i \ newt • • easy loading hggage compartment New convenience has been built into Chevy's big, vacation-sized luggage compartment by lowering the loading height. IV E W spaciousness inside Inside you'll find room and more room. There's room to sprawl in, room to sit tall in—and the roofline has a respect for hats. 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The driver finds Chevy has further cushioned him from engine impulses by an improved clutch linkage system. He'll also find a convenient new parking brake that automatically returns to normal height after application. NEAREST TO PERFECTION A LOW-PRICED CAR EVER CAM El SMtea Cfcmy Sp«U TrM* . OctaW t, CM-TV. See your local authorized Chevrolet dealer WEST MAIN ST. SUGG CHEVROLET ARCADE PHONE 344 1 If you wer e asked t o guess the amountof fruits and vege­ tables the average person eats each year, which guess would b e correct? a ) 350 lbs.? b) 500 lbs.? c) 600 lbs.? 2. Until an agricultural engin­ eer recently developed a firewood packaging method, homeowners had to buy their woo d b y the cord What's a cord? a) A 4 x 4 x 8 foot pile of wood? b) A 2 x 2 x 4 foot pile of wood? c) A 3 x 3 x 6 foot pile of wood? 3 T o be able to come to a safe stop when driving 60 miles an hour, how great a distance would you have to cover ' a ) 100 feet' b ) 200 feet' c ) Th e length o f a foot­ ball field (300 feet)? 4 Ne w York farmers of the mid-1800's grew a lot more for their family's needs than today's farmers. Can you guess the tw o items those earlier farmers used but did not produce' a) Buck­ wheat and wool' b) Woo l and tea? c ) Tea and salt? 5 Today's housewife, with all her labor-saving home appliances, burns up fewer calories a da y than her grandmother did About how many fewer? a ) 100? b) 500? c) 1,000? 6. According to rural sociolo­ gists, what career d o most high school girls in rural communities want to follow? a) Farming? b) Teaching? c ) Stenography? 7 If you live in a hot area, wh y should you paint your house white? a ) A light exterior color will keep the house interior cool? b) White looks nicer i n warm weather? c ) White paint keeps its fresh color i n ho t weather ion ger than dark colors do ? 8. Twenty-five years ago, the average hen laid 127 eggs a year. Nowadays she's a poor producer unless she lays how many eggs? a) 132? b) 175? c) 188? •o-8 'e- i 'q -9 *o-g 'D-g '•e -z 'q- i :SJ3MSU V Files Mt Mdy iet «. braah-off, they're dead after cow* walk Uu-oBtfi tick* treated with py- renon* and mineral oil. Posta which form rapport for \cur­ tain\ are wrapped la saoka tr prevent Injury to animals. USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! AURORA East Aurora. N. T . Phone CY2220 Free Parkin* In Rear of Theatre Thur., Fri., Sat. Oct. 8-9-10 Regular Admission THE MUMMY Technicolor 6:45, 9:49 XTRA CURSE OF THE UNDEAD 8:30 only Matinee Sat. 1:30 P . M. Sun., Mon., Tue., Wed. Oct. 11-12-13-14 Regular Admission ONE SHOW ONLY Mon., Tue., Wed. Matinee Monda y 1:30 out 5:30 Robert Stack JOHN PAUL JONES Technirama Technicolor Sun: 5:18, 9:26 Mon., Tue.^Wed . 9.02 only LAND OF THE PHAROAHS Sun: 3:33, 7:41 Mon., Tue., Wed. 7:00 only MIDNIGHT SHOW FRI. 16 THE TRAP PLU S COLOR CARTOONS Adm. S1.00 pe r couple The theatre has been leased Wednesdays to an organization of the Immaculate Conception , Church, East, Aurora, Ne w York for the purposes of con­ ducting a non-profit Bingo Ef­ fective Wednesday Oct. 21 and every Wednesday thereafter rlclp support this worthy cause, an automatic stop signal to cars from all directions, the Allstate Safety Crusade says. Motorists avoid the hazard of youngsters rushing to or from the bus by waiting until the bus leaves. Fire Protection Needed on Farms Water Resources, Sprayer Essential Isolated farms must usually de­ pend OD their own resources and equipment to fight sudden Ores There arc not enough town fire departments yet to Insure rural safety. I But two measures of protection are quite often available. Reliable resources of water supplies arc af­ forded by good deep wells and ,farm ponds. The ownership of man-purpose, high-pressure, high- volume portable farm sprayer will put that water to good use I Mounted on wheels as a trailer, the farm sprayer can quickly be brought into action. The tank which normally holds pesticides for crop JUNK! Is Worth Dollars PICKUP SERVICE WE BUY: - Scrap Iron, Metals, Rags, Paper, Old Cars, Batteries, Farm Machinery WE SELL: Car Parts and Salvage Weichmann Bros. Ph. Arcade 50, 614, o r 10M2 Old Olean Road Yorkshire YORKSHIR E JUNK YARD Have You A PLAN For Your Future! Use Our Investment Counselling Service Andrew J. Nichols 94 S. 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