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Thursday, October 8, 1959 Tri-County Publications; Arcade Herald, Bliss News, Wyoming' County: Delevan Press, Cattaraugus County. Sardinia Censor, Holland Review, Erie County Section 2-Page 7 Harold Ostertag Meetings With Reports on Khrushchev AN OLD AMERICAN SAYING The Russian Premier has come and gone and now we will wai l and see what develops (as we say in our country) Th e visit certain­ ly was an amazing combination of campaigning, promoting, perform­ ing and crucial discussions. It was a radical departure from anything seen before in international di­ plomacy The final communique issued by the White House following the closing talks of the President and the Soviet Premier contained the word 'agreed' three times. They \agreed that all outstanding in­ ternational questions should be settled not by the application of force but by peaceful means through negotiation.\ They 'agreed that the question of gen­ eral disarmament is the most im­ portant one facing the world to­ day. Both governments will make every effort to achieve a construc­ tive solution to this problem,\ they added. The third po-nt agreed was \that an exact date for the re­ turn visit of the President to the Soviet Union next Spring would be arranged through diplomatic channels.\ In addition an \un­ derstanding was reached\ con­ cerning the Berlin question As the communique put it, \With re­ spect to the specific Berlin ques­ tion, an understanding was reach­ ed, subject to approva l of the other parties directly concerned, that negotiations woul d be reop- Alfenfive to all needs and heedful of all wishes... Thoughtfully to anticipate every need . . . faith­ fully to observe every wish. Including that of judicious economy . is ever our aim in con­ ducting a funeral service. Weismantel Bros. Funeral Home Hammond Organ Music I f Desired 271 East Main Street SPRINGVILLE Phone l.Y-t-1SZt ened with a view to achieving a solution which would be in ac­ cordance with the interest of all concerned and in the interest of the maintenance of peace.\ The general view is that the most important of these matters at this time is the agreement that international questions should be settled by peaceful means. This was given an immediate applica­ tion in the Berlin situation when the President and the Premier an­ nounced a day later that there was no fixed time limit for reach­ ing a settlement in Berlin. The Soviets previously had sought to fix a deadline for settling the sta­ tus of Berlin and we regarded this as a threat, an ultimatum. This change marked a Soviet retreat, at least for the moment. If it is fully Implemented, the pledge on disarmament could be even more significant, of course But like the pledge that all dif­ ferences should be settled by peaceful negotiations instead of force, the important thing is what will follow these pledges. We cannot forget that agree ments at the Genev a Conference four years ago wer e not carried out by the Soviets, instead Com­ munist probling and interference increased in the Middl e and Far East Neither can we forget that df tjie 52 major agreements which the Soviets, have concluded with us in the past quarter century, they have broken 50 of them. The great gulf between the So­ viet's written and spoken guaran­ tees and their 1 actual conduct has long been Evident in all fields. It was evident again during Premier Khrushchev's many pub­ lic addresses during his visit here. The Soviet Union is opposed to interference in the internal af­ fairs of other countries, he said time and again. But we recall Hungary and a dozen other cases. The Soviet Union has a very democratic constitution, he told us. But it is not implemented, as we know freedom and democracy. In fact, liberty and freedom wer e matters which the Prem­ ier clearly avoided in his addres­ ses here He sought to attribute most of the differences between our nations to the differences in our economic systems. He talked about peaceful economic compe­ tition as the vehicle whic h would relieve all tense spots. But the fact of the matter is that our disagreements stem from radically different social and po­ litical viewpoints. Our system has evolved to provide freedo m and liberty with justice and to assure the dignity of the individual. The purpose of the government is to serve the people Communism, on the other hand, has brought regi­ mentation and totalitarian con­ trol of the life of the individual by the state The purpose of the individual is to serve the state. The Communists ma y aspire to competing with us in economic matters, but they do not dare to compete in providing freedom and liberty for the human being Wit h all the Russian Premier's talk of economic competition, it is significant to note that since his departure, figures have come to light to indicate that most ec­ onomic goals of the Soviets' pres­ ent seven-year plan hav e had to be scaled down as unattainable This is further indication that Russian boasts of matching our industrial and agriculture output are so much talk But this is not to conclude that they will not continue to grow stronger in areas of military and scientific power For they can continue to channel a much high­ er proportion of the national ef­ fort into these areas than we are doing All in all, the Russian Prem - Red Cross Gives Advice Abouf Servicemen's Christmas \Be it eve r so humble, there's no cooking like home cooking.\ That's the word from American servicemen when queried about their \druthers\ on Christmas presents from home this year Cookies, fruit cake and other homemade edibles topped the most wante d list by a wide mar­ gin. The list was put together from a poll of servicemen taken by American Red Cross field direc­ tors stationed with military un­ its around the world After discounting the usual re ­ quests for one-wa y tickets home, the poll showed homemade good­ ies, money , subscriptions to home­ town newspapers and family pho­ tos were the Christmas presents most likely to succeed with men in uniform. But there was a big qualifica­ tion as far as food was concerned The men pleaded that it be pack­ aged for mailing correctly Food should be packaged in a coffee tin or some similar con­ tainer in such a way that it won't •shift from side to side. Th e tin should b e sealed tightly and plac­ ed in a heav y corrugated paste- bor.rd box Cookies should be in­ dividually wrapped The men wh o asked for money hastily added that they were not being mercenary They point out that since they are stationed in far-off places, the gift choice is wider and mor e interesting How­ ever, they ask that mony be sent in the for m of a money order ier's visit gave'us little cause to relax on any score. He was fond of using pithy Russian sayings, and our present reaction to the developments of the past few weeks could be expressed to hirn In a familiar American express­ ion Action s speak louder than words If A car with major advances in transmission, suspension, brakes, and engines which are Buick's alone today A solid, substantial car • A car of superb comfort, quiet, reliability • A car you should drive soon New comfort, quietness, and quality Doors that open wider — easier to get in and out. Family-size interior. 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Fin-cooled drums front and rear for faster cooling. Fast cooling means safer stopping, longer i brake life. AT BUICK DEALERS NOW. BUICK L'SABRE THE LOWEST-PRICED BUICK BUICK INVICTA THE HIGH-PERFORMANCE BUICK Slotted wheels pass a current of air from under the car constantly over the brakes for added cooling efficiency, fWhccls arc 15\ size which gives you up to 1/3 more tire life.) 3. Buick's exclusivc'Wildcat Engifies give high efficiency with high economy (A n optional new LeSabrc Engine is designed to give Buick performance on regular grade fuel.) Wptlonai at extra coil on LeSabre, standard on tnvtcta and Electro. BUICK ELECTRA THE FINEST BUICK Of ALL since personal checks are almos t impossible to cash The women personnel polle d were in step with the men on all gift suggestions except one — they added expensive lingerie to their list. Definitely not wanted by most servicemen were civilian clothing, toilet articles, jewelry, wallet s and cameras. All of these can be purchased from post or base ex­ changes or ship stores at below civilian prices. The Red Cross added one final SHORT SfORX Lifeboat At Sea By Lyle Pace /CAPTAIN BEN LITTLE, of the Merchant Ship Providence, scanned the Atlantic with his bi­ noculars held tight against his eyes. For an hour he had been do­ ing that, trying to make up his mind what it was that caused a speck to appear, and then disap­ pear He'd had his radio operator send out a call, but as far as b e knew there were no ships within a hundred miles of the Providence. He turne d and beckoned his first mate \Take a look, Mr Worth. Maybe theso old eyej are playing tricks on me. But I could have sworn I saw something moving out there.\ He handed the mate the glasses. Worth adjusted them. Moments later he handed the binoculars back to the skipper. He shrugged. All Afternoon CapUln Little swept the sea with his power­ ful glasses. \Maybe sir But I can't be sure \ All afternoon Captain Little swept the sea with his powerful glasses. And always there was that small speck on the horizon. When he finally went below to his charts he stUl could not get It out of his mind. But there w*s something ho could do to satisfy his curiosity. He motioned to a seaman and in seconds the signal blinker was In operation, throwing Us strong bea m out over the water Iri rapid succession the signal de­ clared PROVIDENCE —MER­ CHANT-ARE YOU RECEIVING? But there was no answer, only the darkness and the light from the Providence Captain Little sighed and went below The next morning he was on the bridge as the sun broke out of the horizon and began its steady climb. Once again he picked up the glass­ es and squinted into the already dispersing haze This time there could be no mistake There was something out there! \Mr Worth!\ he exclaimed. \Limk at this!\ The first mate hurried to th» captain's side, quickly focusing the glasses. When he put them down he said \Shall I halt the engines, sir'\ \Yes 1 And put out a boat. Take six men with you. Maybe it's al­ ready too late \ Quietly the master reproached himself for not believing what his eyes had told him yesterday, when he had first spotted something out there A night on the ocean for the occupants of a lifeboat could mean life or death. Hours later, it seemed, Worth's boat returned only now It was filled with other men and four women. Little hurried down to the ..main deck and watched as his sea­ men helped the new passengers aboard Finally, one of them, a tall, lean man dressed In a yachts­ man's uniform came up to him and wrung his hand. Captain Little smUed. \I'm glad I was around, sir It must have been quite an experience.\ \Indeed it was Captain Little, isn't if Your mate told us the name Well, I'm George Conroy. And I did own a sixty foot cruiser, but I'm afraid the Jennie-B has joined a lot of other vessels at the bottom of the sea \ \It must have been quite a night out there,\ Little said. \I spent quite a few nights in a lifeboat once \ Conroy looked surprised Then he smiled \Well you're one up on me I don't know what gave you the idea we spent a night In that lifeboat, but it doesn't matter The Jennie-B caught fire early this morning Thank goodness we were in that small boat only a couple of hours.\ Captain little could not believe It. But he had seen something yester­ day afternoon. He was positive that it was the lifeboat. \Tell me M r Conroy,\ he said. \Did you see m y signal last night'\ Conroy shook his head. \Why no. I don't understand.\ Captain Little said nothing He could not understand, either And if he had been anything but a sea captain it would have amazed him. But stranger things than that have nappencd on the broad, sweeping Atlantic Any sailor could testify to that. bit of advic e mail gifts earl y It pointed ou t that the Post Office Department recommends that Christmas parcels should be mail­ ed between Nov 1 and Nov. 20 for deliver y by surface mail to servicemen overseas and by Dec . 10 for aid mai l delivery The Post Office also says that the farther away a man is station­ ed, the earlier his parcels should be mailed to insure they reach him for Christmas. ERIE COUNTY LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE S TO MEE T IN BUFFALO The Licensed Practical Nursj of the Erie County Division o New York . In c will hold an open meeting Wednesday evening, Oct ­ ober 21 at 8 00 o'clock. The meet ­ ing will be held at the Forty & Eight Club, 891 Delaware Ave, Buffalo. An educational program is plan­ ned and all licensed practical nurses and vocational students are cordially invite d to attend HEAD THE CLASSIFIED Pierce Bros. Feeds - Seeds - Grcrin Fertilizer Farm Supplies Phone 9513 DELEVAN Small children should never be left alone in the house, fire statis­ tics reveal. Almost 30 percent of all child deaths in hom e fires in­ volve unattended children. Franklin FURNITURE . BEAUTY . COMFORT • VALUE WITTER- DAVIS Furniture Company, Inc. SPRINGVILLE 3 Stores Feeds For Your Champions 4 G .L .F. SUPER TEST • GlFWEfcCHANGE G.L.F. Super Feeds are made to bring out the best in a high producer. As proof of their success -5 world produc­ tion records have been set with these feeds in less than two years Super Feeds are extra high in TDN . . . guaranteed 4 Vi% Fat. . contain crushed oats for greater palatability. 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