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Section 1—Page 8 Tn-County Publications; Arcade Herald, Bliss News, Wyoming County D*tev^j« Pte*& Cattaraugus County: Sardinia Censor, Hohand Review, Erie Couni, Thursday, October 8, 1959 Fair view Mrs A L Metcalf Mrs. Frank Yocum spen Friday with her daughter, Mrs. Ralph Symptoms of Distress Arising from STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID QUICK RELIEF OR NO COST 'Ask About 15 -j &ayTrial Offer: -> Ovpr five million packages of the WILLARD TREATMENT have been Mid i .ir relief of symptoms of distress arising from Stomach and Duodenal Ulcers due to El- cess Acid—Poor Digestion, Sour or Upset Stomach, Gasslnass. Heartburn, Sleep­ lessness, etc., due to Excess Add . Asfc for \Wlllard's Message\ which fully explains Urn home treatment— tree —at I'roctor-Dcli-van Pliarmacy | Gould in Farmersville Center and I with her went to Arcade. Mr .and Mrs. Vem Mason of Holley were weekend guests of their parents. Mr and Mrs. For­ est Sprague. Mrs G D. Crowell of Rushford spent Monday night and Tuesday with Mrs. A L. Metcalf, Mrs. D A. Hartman, daughter Linda and son .David of Buffalo were also visitors Tuesday Little Dale Beroff is still i.l following s'.rep throat and trench mouth. Herbert Yocum of Akron was a visitor Saturday of his brother Frank Yocum and family Miss Betty Metcalf re'urned to Buffalo Sunday She has em­ ployment m trie office.- of Tnco Products, Inc Mrs Genevieve Bullard an.1 Mrs Lavina Tucker of Be.mont and Harold Bunnell of Florida visited their cousins. Forest Spra­ gue. Mrs. Sprague and Miss Mar­ garet Sprague on Sunday Mr and Mrs. Norman Spencer and Mr and Mrs. Frank Spencer of Kenmore were guests Sunday of the former's sister. Mrs. Lee Nichols and family Mr and Mrs. R. Knox of Buf­ falo spent the weekend -it their place here. Mrs. A L- Me'cilf was at War- ' saw Hospital Friday to see ht-r ' sister, Mrs. S C Barber wh.> •_> in traction for a broken wrtubra in her neok I Mr and Mrs A I - Meto-t'J with Mrs J A Benjamin ,. ' Rushford, wen? in Gowit-vki. Fredoma and Foresrvil'.e SutKia.> They also called on Mis* O-ace Reese and Miss Edna Love .« 'ho Spnngville N'jrsirts: H.»nte Color Advertising Rates Available To £1! Merchant Who Are Interested K P <\ abrpast of times, the Tn-County aliens Inc *h s week ;s carrying .v-?r::senent r The trend of adver- • -J 'award a more effective mess . ' . ' n'es ioi co.or advert.smg are T e;chants ~f the area who are - ' • • :e v, .i A call to our office is all that • . o :r.,oo: e ./ . jn ac \ ju or. WE HAVE THE GENUINE Shatterproof Flexible Long-Lasting Only26< Lin. Ft. Kings Hardware Delevan, N. Y Order For Christmas Delivery Now 'THE : SppTngBrifS**^ *' \ H* y ~ -y ' '—- 6a f v hoH racing \vtf plain fun It's the ' *> Kerl. fro»>th«, ertglftolors of Uro spprl, onMnuolly, txilrif), prolan on'rero trucks and occkyofds**, alt \.ov«f AworJco. For real family* see yo»t, dealer lodi^f/ j'j ,t,y^'* EARL NORTHRUP Factory Dealer One Year To Pay 268 North Si. Arcade Phone 117R sed Cars 1953 Meicury Park Lane 2-door hardtop, radio, Heater, Mercomatic, power steering and power brakes 1957 Mercury Monterey 4-door hardtop, radio, 'teater and Mercomatic Mercury Monterey 2-door hardtop, radio, heater and Mercomatic 1958 Ford 4-door hardtop, radio, heater and Fordomatic 1957 Ford 2-door, radio, heater and overdrive 1955 Ford 2-door, radio, heater and Fordomatic 1954 Ford hardtop, radio, heater and overdrive 1953 Ford 4-door, radio and heater 1953 Ford 2-door, radio, heater and overdrive 1957 Chevrolet 4-door, radio and heater 1958 Chevrolet 2-door, radio, heater and power glide * 1954 Chevrolet Station Wagon, 6 passenger, ra­ dio and heater 1953 O dsmobile 88 4-door, radio and heater Harolds' Motor Sales Phone / rcade 359 Sandusky. N. Y. Java Village 're \.-v. n Freyburger Jr A Dedication Service in memory of Ruth Nichols and Edward Bell will be held a\ the Java Village Congregational Cha-oh Sunday October II at 10 00 a m Mr and Mrs Melv.n Becker of Buffalo visited Mr and M-s Clif­ ford White Sunday- Mr and Mrs. Joseph Frey­ burger' Sr of Buffalo were supper guests of Mrs. Noel Houghton Sunday Mr dtid Mrs. IvoJUv fcVbwwii called ou UP>. Kl&w, fclKUviuvU* RK-hburg SutKUy Mr »utU Mrs. SiUvci. fc*u <<p «i > M 'Sunday ot Mr W*- Evv.\' 1 Java Vllaa^ Vfe**** Sutadav Mortixu£ VYvcsiwy. Stwytw U 4 is, Sutadaty S^cti\vi a. IAV Prujfvr M<r*«uts VYvdjtesjvUy * l> «; Wuui SV«.»vi«> Sutti&y 't \^ ut Chtuvh. Kev Fuat (.UUsjtfccJs. *V*- tor Suudjsy MvrtWAS YfWstfw Service 10 4. tw.. Suudyw Svhw<l U '.5 a tu., Ohjttv KviWMr*.*'. Wtxliwufctv S p. tu. SUbio Sswdo October 16. T Sl) »\ tiv Mr and Mrs. Ciordott Ivtrcvt spout tho wwkvtui wfch Mr atv.( Mrs. Raynuutd RrtnymiWer *u s l fa.r!ttl.v of Slli<.vCtvtl [t> tht> 0 >XN>- si.vi beitis Mr and Mrs. Ivirbvt'i. aim wrs*ry the »wk Nfttxre ^ If It's Insurance.. WE HAVE IT — IF WE HAVE IT — ITS PROTECTION' • o: -\>-.• j .v.. \ iiu .t- Buck Insurance Agency WANTED Experienced Millwright Must be able to move and set up heavy machinery Modern plant, good pay and benefits Apply R. E. Miley Doehlcr-Jarvls Batavla, N Y. C M Failing—S. A. Hall— G L Hickey—E. C Cook HOOVER FLOOR WASHER Washes floor*, then drinks qi the scrub watif/ the floor with clean water and detergent it thoroughly ... gets it really clean. it Instantly —really dry, too. SCRUBS VACUUM DRYS The modern way to scrub floors—with­ out wet, red hands. See a demonstra­ tion soon. Phil's TV And Appliance 18 Liberty St. Phone 212 -.. Arcade Eagle .'is Etliol Roborts Friends from Rushford, Rltss. Arcade and Eagle called over the weekend on Mr and Mrs. Frank Husted who observed the tS5th anniversary of their marrtagv on October 3.\ Their daughter. Mrs. Maurice Roberts of Avon visited them. Friends here have received notice of the death of Mrs. Mar­ garet Culver Welch Howard of Dearborn. Mich, on Wednesday September 30. Mrs. Howard lived for many years in Eagle and later in Arcade Mr and\ - Mrs. Charles Sulli>un and sons visited their grandfather. Charles Illig of Castile Sanitarium Thursday evening. Mrs. Charles Anderson was a dinner guest Sunday of MrS Harriet Shick. Mrs. DeAltoh Husted and Miss Edna Husted of -WoStfield spent Monday and Tuesday in Buffalo. Err and Mrs. G Stanley Bake- man were dinner guests Saturday- evening of Mr and Mrs. Elliott Roberts. Mr. and Mrs. David Hientz of Wallenstien, Ont., and Mr and Mrs. Standly Metzger and Bon, Freddy of Heidleburg, Ortt., were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Shantz. Mr and Mrs. William Barnes and children spent Sunday with Mrs. George Barnes and Joseph in Buffalo. Mr and Mrs. Edward \tVM ^-r <ajt. *i\d ohiUtivn tvf Knox- vt -U,*. tVutt wctv! also gliosis. V.'« Mvivtvaiu i> ct\» teittw Jvaiv ITi .vv '.UvJki \<t jftww, (tying »w..i «v *»v >wtv tti litis vicinity V.K A,<N,-i '. VtVXttVft tlUttl K't t'ikv .Mll <st '.t I t\wAs xi -tw SN. I *tfi. tt .'lUt' Ml V.N t M .I, K t\ t\' « CI WllV ,Oit«ct SWWt^ Suttdat.v o.t Mi itud Mil*. tVltK-s III tlltl.lt H\l 1'. M\\«. k \f>at v » M.i'li.-ti of Mat ill. t \ iSiVwt i« ivttvu'v Mi an d M>N fcilatwt IVu'tau Sti»d«> Muv< Janet IV«-n.ttt ctticitauifd a Ut'jCtr vvu'ty S»ttuula.\ evottuii in hvvt.u f t the cwtuttiiic ?>;udcnts w CK * a-.v ativttdm»; Aivade Central i.\t«atd WeUttitskt t> spending a tS-da.^ leave vvtlh his giatid- tttothet Mt-> Jo»ev>h Welnmski. Sr He is tramuii: in the Air >Vnv in Albany tta Mr and Mr.- Ktchard Maher wtv dtuttet sue*\> Sunday eve­ ning ,>f Mr and Mrs Klnier IXn- tian Kathy Moiitfotxi of Aivtule was I an v>writtgttt sties*, of the Misses ' Jean and Sharon Mo^vre. I Mrs E R Fowler siwr Mon I day and l\iesday w ith her daugh- ; \or Mrs Gerald Donk and her husttand m Clifton Springs Mr and Mrs Francis George and daughters of Sheldon spent Sunday with Mrs. George s par­ ents. Mr and Mrs. L. J Allen Mr and Mrs G D Hint and family were guests Sunday of Mr Hint's brother. Edwin Hint and family in Manila Mr and Mrs Bernard Lux and children of Sprmgyille visited the William Agen family and Mr .and Mrs E. L Husted on Sunday Mr and Mrs Harold Sh.inlcv iv.urned to Buffalo after spend­ ing the weekend at their home here. David Wilson, Janet Dornan and Beth Calkins cook two college students back to the University of Buffalo Sunday Miss Pearl Moore of Buffalo was a weekend guest of Mrs. Claude Barber Miss Clara Hus'ed spent Sun­ day night with Miss Sharon Moore Mrs. Albert Vickman and Dale •were In Ufctle Valley and Olean Wednesday morning. Letter Writing Week Being Celebrated fin* iiand minimi Letter Writing Week Is living celebrated in Ar- .-.tdf during the week of October •i io in a was announced today l i•) IVstimiMer 11 Jnint's llylnnd. | I urn sure we nro nil awaro ! that a |» i 1 1 let i ' tm iifliml visit, the most intlmnto am! I 'tviuimtt a! iiicin eucli , f us ii IU i . * uli itr tol- lini turiLiti boiiigs. A^vui'dlngly, 1 HEARD ABOUT THE LATEST IN HOME HEATING? sj Gas - Oil - Lubrication Wheel Alignment General Repair 469 W. Main St. Delevan Drive-in i Theatre Route lfi 1 1 Delevan Drive-in Shows Fri and Sat. Oct. 9 and 10 Warlock \\ idmark D. Malone and Enemy Below Rrbort Mitchum K. Jcrgens Both in Color Sun and Mon Oct. 11 and 12 Don't Give Up The Ship Jerry Lewis Dlna Merrill and Vertigo J.imcs Stewart Kim Novak Both in Color Tues., Wed. and Thtirs. Oct. 13, 14 and 15 Hot Rod Gang and Hill School Hellcats Ari'jlis 60c : • Urtrrn T.'nder 12 FREE Two shows nightly Lowest Priced I960 Frigidaire Automatic Dryer 139 (Electric) Model DS-60 I.95 Montgomery Electric Store 250 Main St. / Arcade Farmersville Mrs Albert Vickman Francis Connors, Arcade, call­ ed on his sister, Miss Veronica Connors, at the Leonard Connors home Sunday morning. Mr and Mrs. Alvin Goss and family of Chaffee called on their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Goss, Sr., Sunday morning. Mr and Mrs. Albert Vickman and Phillip spent Saturday after­ noon in Buffalo. Mrs. Margaret Goss and daughter of Delevan spent the afternoon wi.th her sis­ ter, Mrs. Philip Sampson and family in East Aurora. Rally Day Services at the Bap­ tist Church will be at the 10 o'clock Bible School hour Sunday, Oct­ ober 11 Everyone is urged to attend. The Philathea's annual turkey dinner will be Thursday. October 15 from 6:30 p. m. until everyone is served. Howard McMurray of Rochester called on his cousin, Mrs. Ralph Warner Monday afternoon. Mr and Mrs. John Kushman of Buffalo spent the weekend with Mr and Mrs. Nelson Warner Mrs. Jennie Arnold is a patient in the Olean General Hospital. Mr and Mrs. William Klink, Franklinville and Mr and Mrs. Albert Vickman spent Saturday evening in Olean celebrating Mrs. Klink's birthday Quite a number from town at­ tended the PT.A. family night at Rushford Central School Wednes­ day evening. Mr and Mrs. Walter Brown and family and Gail Williams spent Sunday with Walter's parents, Mr and Mrs. Charles Brown and fam­ ily in Rushford Mr and Mrs Cecil Goss and daughter and Mr and Mrs. iien neth Vickman. Franklinville; call­ ed at the Vickman home Sunday Mr and Mrs. Keith Slocum and children of Arcade were callers Saturday evening at the home of his parents, Mr and Mrs. Paul Slocum Mr and Mrs Lawrence McMur­ ray of Hobart, Ind., called on their cousin, Mrs. Ruth Leonard Mon­ day afternoon and were supper guests of his cousin, Mrs. Ralph Warner and family They were enroute to visit his uncle, David Leonard at Adams Basin and bro­ ther, Howard McMurray, and family in Rochester William Roblee attended the Geneseo banquet at the Castle in Olean Thursday evening. Mr and Mrs .Albert Vickman were in Warsaw Monday after­ noon. Willard Blssell of Lyndon was a dinner guest Sunday of his aunt, Mrs. Mabel King. Mrs. Ruth Leonard visited Rev and Mrs. Mason Smith in Olean part of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Henry were in Little Valley Tuesday Mr and Mrs. J C Kiste of Buf­ falo visited at the home of her brother, Ralph Warner and family Monday . Mr. and Mrs. Edward King and sons spent Saturday night and Sunday with his brother, Roderick King and family in Girard, Pa. Mrs. Elmer Arnold, Mrs. Nellie Edmunds, Mrs. Ruth Leonard, Mrs. Ralph Warner and Mrs. Merle Roblee attended the Mis­ sionary meeting held at the home of Mrs. Mason Smith in 01eafi>) Wednesday Mrs. Perry Henry and Mrs. Merle Roblee were in Olean Tuesday Mrs. Ruth Leonard called on Mrs. Grace Kellogg in the Cuba Hospital Sunday. They also call­ ed on Mrs. Robert Gill. Mr and Mrs. Albert Vickman called on Mr and Mrs. D. B. Hil- liker and family at their farm on Blue Hill Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Baird and family. Freedom, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Goss and daughter, Delevan, and Mr and Mrs. Lowell Goss were caller of Mr and Mrs. Cecil Goss, Sr. and son. Miss Ardys Webster of Roches­ ter 5perrt the weekend with her mother, Jennie Webster Satur­ day afternoon they called on their sister and daughter, Mrs. Lynn •Holmes and family in Curriers. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Sampson and Kuth Marie called on their son, Philip and family in East Aurora Sunday ailternobn. Mr and Mrs. Ralph Warner spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Lloyd Coen and family in Franklinville MobiEheat has a new way to hold costs ct rock bottom I First came automatic burners . . then automatic fuel sup­ plies. Now ... Automatic Per­ sonal Care is here to hold your heating costs down—automat­ ically. Before buying any fuel, find out what our Automatic Personal Care can do for you. Call us for a free booklet. Mobil heat Clyde Johnston DISTRIBUTOR' Phone Arcade 370 YORKSHIRE urge everyone to 'write today to those away' \ Posters, depicting n mailman in a now postal vehicle called the mailstcr, arc being displayed in post offices throughout the coun­ try. Colorful streamers proclaim­ ing that \Letters are fun to send and exciting to receive\ are dis- I plavcd on postal vehicles. Postmaster Hyland stated that the special Week should serve as a reminder to write long-overdue letters to servicemen, hospitalized patients, foreign acquaintances, faraway friends and relatives, and others who will welcome a per­ sonal letter Radiator Service Special New Lift For Large Truck Radiators All New Modern Equipment For Standard Radiators WELLS GARAGE Holland Phone 8785 or 3311 lit Vil i •m i Saving is like tackling that snow shovel­ ing job — large at first but, ii done little by little, can add up fast. Help clear a path for your future by saving in our savings accounts. Bank Of Delevan nnfniinnn,tim>i„„nnMii,mi ,nHMitii ,iiii ,ii,iiinitinn,.timiiiini« i .„..,i>in». .....»..*••*••••*»t,. a >.i.iaii........(.....j •.•MltmillllHItllllllHIllllt M HlllHllllltlllllltlMimilltlMllltHHtmil l (Mltlllflll t •••ItllllMtMMltMtlltm i ••llHIIIHIftlMIIIIII 2 * c: : in MEM'S DUNGAREES d $ 1 57 . t'L 1 79 an 1 ' ize BOYS' DUNGAREES Joubl\ #% it and Knees J f or <00 e Dnubl •..-at £ c Siz s G-18 : = : I I.E-SEASON SPECIAL |]| KEN'S r?i s i *r ^9CTft5 ,.. $399 • Sizes 6- MEN'S CANVAS HUNTING (OATS $795 , Red Rack * Full Size Gamp Pocket • Water Repellent HUNTING VEST $498 Game Purke. S—XL CHILDREN'S RAIHCO.'; . Reg. 3.49 3 • Sizes 6-18 Mm MEN'SS TANKERR JACKETSS 9 Choicee jt»» sBjjjj 4%% mm Off Colorss VrOKrOK , Washablee ^ J * ~ s Sizess S-XI.. LADIES'' JEANIEEANIE JACKETSS « Choicee rff *j)) / I W FliC i or-11 C '<< MEN' TANKE JACKET 9 Choic jt sBjj 4 mm O Color V , Washabl ^ J * ~ s Size S-XI LADIES J JACKET « Choic r *j / I W FliC i or- C ' SPECIAL!!PECIAL!! Ladies'' SKIRTSS $2^82^8 LADIES'' FLANNELL NIGHTIGHT GOWNSS .Sizess 34-488 ^|| 8 8 USEE OURUR LAYAWAYAYAWAY PLANLAN S Ladies SKIRT $ LADIES FLANNE N GOWN .Size 34-4 ^ 8 8 US O L P CK'T.DREN'S SLEEPER PAJAMAS , Sizes 1-4 *{» I •\*••+ INSULATED : \ HOODED SWEAT SHIRTS (| Ideal For Hunting : j S—XL $498 HUNTING CAPS 98c •> Choice of Colors „ All Sizes SHELL BELTS $119 SPECIAL ! ! DATA HUNTING PACS Insulated Choice of 1 \ow or O D Kei . 10.90 $995 MEN' KNEE BOOTS • Reg. 4.98 • Extra Heavy Sole? • Unlined Black Rubber $449 SPECIAL ! ! WORK SHOES Cushion Tred Reg. 7.95 Val. Sizes 6-11 $498 DRESS RUBBERS All Sizes $100 OUTDOOR STORE ARCADE 274 Main St Open Fri. Till 9 P'. M. Z Z ;niAlMIHMMHHMI t SlIflltllllllltHIMIIMtllM l Hi «MIIIMM«IMIttt#lttMllllllllMt»IIIMIMIIIttllt»IMlMIIIIUIIIMttlttlltll»l»ItllllltMtllllllllllllltllt(ltllMIIII|Iltij|t|||n ; • II tlllllllliMi i MM\ Mtr« •••• ••111 lltllll I •*•*!• II •lliitllllititttlltllllliltiiftittllfT

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