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Page Four Tn-County Publications; Arcade Herald, Bliss News, Wyoming County: Delevan Press Cattaraugus County: Sardinia Censor, Holland Review, Erie County Thursday, March 3, 1960 Get Young Karg For . Your Auctioneer Arnold G. Karg A Prompt attention given to all Sales ... I sell anything anywhere. Telephone IDIewood 3691 ORCHARD PARK. N. Y. Union Corners Mrs. Margie George (Held Over From Last Week) -Joan Seewaldt spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. John Schwab. John Fugle was taken to the Warsaw Hospital Friday with a serious nose bleed- Mr. and Mrs. John Waterrose and son Terry have been very sick all week. Charles Sedwaldt has been doing their chores for them. NOTICE CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATION For the position oi PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE EXAMINATION TO BE HELD APRIL 9 r 1960 APPLICATIONS ACEEPTED UP TO MARCH 7,1960 For application blanks and information, see Wyoming County Personnel Officer 143 N. Main St. Phone 27 Warsaw. N. Y. Vi and John Limbrunner return­ ed home Tuesday from their trip to Florida. Florida. John Perl was very sick Tues­ day Dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald George and family Mon­ day night were Sharon George and Norman Vetter. Mrs. Margie George attended a bridal shower for Sharon Geo­ rge Tuesday evening. Jim, Clara and David Hatfield returned home Tuesday from Ten­ nessee. The North Java card party which was to have been held Sat­ urday, February 20 was postpon­ ed, due to bad weather, and it will be held Sunday, February 28. The wedding of Sharon George and Norman Vetter which was to have been held Saturday Feb­ ruary 20 was postponed because of the weather and was held Mon­ day, February 22. The recep­ tion will be held February 27. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald George and family were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Youngers and family. Jean's Beauty Shop PERMANENTS — SHAMPOOS WAVES Open everyday by appointment Open Mon. and Fri. Evenlnts SANDUSKY Phone Arcade 249RT AURORA OPTICAL CO. 394 Main Street Across from N. Y. Tele. Office East Aurora, N. Y. #EYE DOCTOR'S PRE­ SCRIPTIONS FILLED • LENSES DUPLICATED 0 GLASSES REPAIRED AND ADJUSTED , Kenneth J. McConville Optician Office Hours Dally and By Appointment CY 5160 ARCADE BUSINESS DIRECTORY HERE IS WHERE YOU WILL FIND TIIE PEOPLE WHO ARE READY AND. WILLING TO SERVE YOU. HERE IS THE STARTING POINT FOR A NEW ERA OF HOME-TOWN FRIENDLINESS AND COOPERATION BETWEEN TIIE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN TniS COM­ MUNITY AND TIIE BUSINESSMAN. F & H Paint & Wallpaper Co. 245 Main St. Arcade 118 We carry a full line of Paint & Wallpaper. We Rent Floor Sanders & Wall Steamers. We Contract I'alntlne & Wallpaper­ ing — Barn Spraylne C. B. Hurlburt CONTRACTOR & BUILDER 132 Liberty St. Arcade Phone 565 Harold D Hopkins Western Auto Associate Store Everything for the Automobile 259 Main St. Arcade Phone 14 If it's new, we have it! FUNERAL DIRECTORS W. S. Davis Inc. 35X West Main St. Arcade. N Y. Phone 114 24-Hour Ambulance Service Ll'MKER AND Bl 'ILDEr .S' SUPPLIES SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT GOLD BOND PRODUCTS Arcade Lumber Co. I'hnne 562, Glen S. Peters Arcade. N. Y. CHOICE LIQUORS AND WINES Milo S. Davis License N«i. 1.4304 282 Main St Arcade. N Y Arcade Men's Shop Clothtrc and Accessories R S. Cudu-orth 2o4 Main St. Arcade. N Y Robert Spiegel interior & Exterior Decorating Huor Sandinc—Paper Hanging Plastic Wall Tile EaRle Road Arcade ' Phone Arcade 79SM1 Arcade Dry Cleaners Inc. 284 Main Street Arcade, New York Cleaning, Pressing. Laundry Service Hylands Store CLOTniNG & SHOES Free Parking in Rear L. H. Hyland, Prop. Phone 466 Arcade. N. Y. Zimmer Auto Sales Rambler-Ambassador Sales & Service R. W. ZIMMER. Prop. West Main St. Phone 142 Arcade. N. Y. Eileen's Greenhouse And Flower Shoppe J18 Newman St., Springvllle LT t-tnt Open Eves, and 8un. Flowers For All Occasions Potted Plants Weddings A Specialty Clyde Johnston SOCONY MOBIL PRODUCTS (Wholesale) Yorkshire, N. Y Ph. Arcade 370 Nourse PLUMBING & HEATING. Inc Phone Arcade 575 Sandusky, New York Central Service Station SOCONY PRODUCTS Gas, Oil, Lubrication Accessories \ C. E. Dickey, Prop. Main&Libcrty Sts, Arcade. N Y Cottrill's Pharmacy A COMPLETE LINE OF TRUSSES We will guarantee your fit or relund your money Phone 83 Arcade, N. Y Zimmer Auto Parts WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PARTS AND ACCESSORIES R. W. Zimmer, Prop. Phone — 142 West Main St. Arcade, N. Y. Casey Bros. Builders — Contractors Plumbing & Heating \We Build, Remodel, or Repair To Your Satisfaction!\ Ph. Arcade 675 Machlas 8571 Harold R. Crabb Main and Bixby Arcade. N. Y. Phone 112 RICHFIELD DISTRIBUTOR PETROLEUM PRODUCTS A. Dilloway Carpenter, General Contractor. New Construction, Remodeling Custom Cabinet Making, Plas­ tic Wall Tile and Floor Cover­ ing. Free Estimates. Call Arcade 41M2. Collect Johnny's Coffee Shop New Location 572 West Main St. Dinners, Lunches, Ice Cream Rita and John Bailey Arcade Dairy Inc. A Complete Line of Dali— Products W. Main St. Arcade Phone 382 Phil's TV & Appliance Liberty St. Phone III ARCADE Radio & TV Service C. Hollis Hawks ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOH 277 North St. Arcade, N I Phone 482 Everything for the Hum<-. Including Bottled Gas Service TV Sales & Service Heating & Plumbing Meyers Home Appliances 560 W. Main St., Arcade Ph, 271 Griff's Garage SUNOCO PRODUCTS Lubrication and General Auto Repairs Cor. West Main & West Sts. l'bonc 357 Arcade, N. « The Howlett Store House of Furniture Walter Howell. Owner Phone 133 281 Main Street Arcade Accounting Bookkeeping and Tax Service LOUIS SCHROEDUR Phone 617 Arcade, N. Y. Arcade Blacktopping & Dump Truck Service Driveways - Sand - Gravel - Top Soli — Free Estimate! Phone Arcade 285 The Rosier Hardware Where Available Merchandise Is First Displayed i85 Main St. Phone 150 Arcade, N. Y. Sardinia Hotel Savage Road, Sardinia Legal Beverages Fried Shrimp & Fish Every Friday & Saturday Phone Chaffee 7485 We cater to parties & wedding- Rooms by Day or Week The Citizens Central Bank Offices: Arcade, N. Y. Rushford, N. Y. SUver Springs. N. Y. Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Federal Reserve System 3% Paid on Savings Account* Arcade Ready-Mixed Concrete. Inc. No Job Too Large or Too Snail CaU Us Today at Arcade 324 Fish =™i Game WORLD by Mortimer Norton Much of our spare time in March may well be spent in work­ ing on our tackle outfits, so we may be fully ready to hit the high­ ways and trails to fishing fun when the crucial moment arrives in April to visit the trout streams. Every item of tackle needs close attention at this time. Damaged rods, reels, and lures must be re­ paired, and lines or other pieces of equipment that have become untrustworthy should be dis­ carded. Success lies largely in using only dependable gear, so it is worth a great deal to keep our tackle in \fighting\ condition and to purchase sporting goods of fine quality from local stores. Examination may reveal that the ferrules or guides on one or more of your favorite fly casting or spinning rods are loose or worn, or some of the windings may be broken, or the finish rubbed off. Any of these ailments should be remedied before your rod again strains to the tugging of vigorous fish If a major job is necessary, it can likely best-be done by send­ ing the rod to the factory where experts can make the repairs. If you intend to attempt the work yourself, then follow the instruc­ tions contained in some manual on rod repairing, for you surely want to avoid ruining an ex­ pensive rod or impairing its resiliency. Inspect your reels for dust, dirt, or sand particles that may have seeped into the gears, around the handle, or at the sides of the spool. By removing the side- plates or other housing, you can wipe away all grime with a clean cloth that is free from lint, or with a toothbrush. The revolving bar of the level- wind type of bait casting reel along which the line-guide passes back, and forth, needs particular attention. When you're heaving plugs and spoons. repeatedly to the lairs\ of the fish, there must be no obstacles to smooth and steady action from this portion of the reel. Add a drop of 3-in-One oil on the movable parts and wipe away any excess oil that oozes out. Carefully test all your lines to determine if they have lost their tensile strength, or have any thin or rough spots. If the lines you bought last year were properly cleaned, dried, and cared for after each trip—and stored in a cool, dry, dust-free place over the winter—they are apt to be serviceable yet. Perhaps some of your lines may be only moderately worn and still possess much of their original strength. In this case they may stand you in good stead as \fill­ er,\ or backing, next to the spool of the reel, to which are spliced the new lines you'll purchase for the first and heaviest duty during struggles with big fish. Your tackle box may contain a few packages of snelled hooks. Look these over to see if the gut or nylon is still strong and re­ liable. Since old snells usually become dry and brittle, the best plan is to discard hooks and leaders that are liable to break after a short tussle with a lusty fish. Of course, one of the most use­ ful tasks in the pre-season prep­ arations is to \house clean\ that tackle box of yours! After re­ moving its conglomeration, clean and dry it throughly. Then sort out the amazing number and kind of articles you had stuffed into the trays and recesses from time to time There will be hooks, swivels, sinkers, connecting links, plastic floats, flies, spinners, spoons, plugs, pliers, disgorgers, knives, mosquito dope, and many more gadgets. Shine up the spoons and spin­ ners, repaint worn plugs, and sharpen the barks of worn or rusted hooks When all this \tackle tinker­ ing\ is finished, your supply of hooks, sinkers, lures, etc. should be arranged neatly in their re­ spective trays in the kit, so each may be plucked out easily and safely later on, when you're ready for action at the fishin' grounds. Roger Babson Reports BABSON DISCUSSES HEDGES AGAINST TAXES The wise investor is anxious to hedge against three main hand­ icaps: (1) Inflation, (2) labor leaders, and (3) taxes. Let us consider, this week, hedging against taxes. These will surely be more serious each year, NON—TAXABLE BONDS All non-taxable bonds are cheaper than they have been for years. The \full faith\ Municip­ als are rated best; but I think that most of the turnpike Revenue Bonds are fairly good at their cur­ rent prices. If you buy them now and later do not like them, you can probably sell them at a profit. You need not keep them until maturity. When loaning money on mort­ gage it is wise to make a farily low rate of interest, plus your approximate income tax. Then your ' mortgage interest will be net. Certainly. in th e case of rents you should insist that the tenant pay the taxes as part of the rent. This has many advant­ ages and is fair to all parties. Of course, there is no way to hedge against \death taxes\ except giv­ ing money away before you die. I will discuss this later. DUTIES ON IMPORTED GOODS Certain cities, such as Buffalo, offer opportunities to buy foreign goods that are selling at very low prices in Germany, Japan, and other countries. You must stay 48 hours outside the TLS.A. and are limited to $200 in pur­ chases at anj* one time; but you can make purchases as often as you wish. This is the only hon­ est way to avoid import taxes. Various other means can be found to save taxes on merchand­ ise. These include \sales taxes,\ which can be avoided most easily by persons living near the bor­ ders of certain states. There al­ so are allowances which your tax return permits you to make on doctors' bills, medical costs, hos­ pital charges, benevolent gifts to churches, etc.; also exemptions for certain children, and other de­ ductions. You can secure a list of these from your local bank. NATIONAL FEDERATION OF INDEPENDENT BUSINESS If you are an average business­ man as well as an investor, you should at once join the National Federation of Independent Busi­ ness, Inc. Its headquarters are at Burlingame, California. This Asso­ ciation has secured some helpful tax and other legislation from Congress. The most helpful man is C. Wilson Harder, President. When the federal agents check your income tax payment, they will be absolutely honest as to the mathematics. If you have paid too much they will tell you so, just as they would if you had paid too little. But they will not tell you. how you could have saved tax money. It therefore will pay every taxpayer to employ some ac­ countant in his locality to make out his tax return. This will save the taxpayer money—the charge will not exceed $25.00 and will perhaps bo less. Don't be \penny wise and pound foolish.\ WHAT ABOUT DEATH TAXES? These axe very hard to avoid if you are married and leave; an estate of over $120,000 (if single $60,000), but the federal tax can be reduced in various ways. If you are young or middle-aged, give a cetain amount to your heirs every year. You can give $3,000 annually free of tax. You also are allowed to give annually from 20% to 30% of your net income to religious, educational, and scientific bodies. Such gifts I make regularly; this is really a joy. The large investor, however, who misses this \joy of giving\ and is trying to be the \richest man in the cemetery\ has another means of cutting death taxes. Cer­ tain U.S. Government Bonds can now be brought at a discount of about 15%or more which will be accepted at par in payment of death taxes. Hence, by investing in such bonds to an estimated amount of your death taxes, you can save 15%or'more by purchas­ ing them now holding them a- gainst your future death taxes. Everyone can hejdge against taxes to a certain extent, but it requires care, throught, pre-planning and the help of a tax report. The Green Thumb BY GEOKGE ABRAHAM A GOOD ANNUAL: While scanning through your seed cata­ logs you might take note of an annual known as Ten Weeks Stock, grown only in a few gardens here. The flowers come in white, pink, red, dark blue and yellow and are fragrant Plants grow 15 inches high with a high percentage of large, double flowers and long lasting quality of blooms for cut flowers. Start the seed indoors in March and April and transplant them when about an inch tall. This helps stocks get a start and make growth before hot weather comes. Some gardeners can make stock flower in summer merely by sow­ ing the seed outdoors about May 15 th. This works in most cases, although I feel that an early start indoors gives them a quicker start toward flowering. BUYING ROSES. Which rose will do best in your garden? Is there any way of telling before you plant? Actually, there prob­ ably isn't a perfect guide, al­ though through the efforts of the American Rose Society it's pos­ sible to select some of the best based on national ratings. The new I960 Guide lists 455 varieties of roses, each evaluated by numbers. As a service of this newspaper to readers, we've made arrangements with the Society to send a 1060 guide, free, to each reader. The guide gives height, color class, fragrance as well as dependability, for hybrid teas, floribundas, grandifloras, climb­ ers and miniature roses. If you'd like your free copy, send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope, AURORA East Aurora, N. Y. Phoiif CY2220 Free Parking in Rear of Theatre HELD OVER 3 - DAYS - 3 Thurs., Frl., Sat. March 3-4-5— \OPERATION PETTICOAT' HEY KIDS! ! SAT. MARCH 5 1:30' P. M. Roy Rogers — In \BELLS OF C0R0NAD0\ Color PLUS . . . DISNEY'S \KARTUNE KARNiYAL\ Sun., Mon., Tues.— March 6-7-8— Gary Cooper Julie London Lee J. Cobb \MAN IN THE WEST\ Cincscopc — Color Sunday 3:15—6:44—10:13 M\n. & Tues.—G:45—10:14 PLUS . . . Martin & Lewis IN \JUMPING JACKS\ Sunday 5:08—8:37 Men, & Tues.—8:38 NEXT— \JACK THE RIPPER\— PLUS . . . \HORRORS OF THE WAX MUSEUM\ c/o this newspaper, and ask for the 1960 guide. Only one copy per reader, please. CALLA BEGONIAS: Having trouble with this fussy little plant? Maybe you've got it in too bright a window. A west window is best and make sure the night temperature is not lower than 60 degrees. I'-vo seen a window full of calla begonias and the grower who raised them had a newspaper over the glass panes to keep sun out during the day and cold out at night. Also remember that overwater- ing is fatal to this cantankerous plant. Make sure no water stands around the crown or the roots or it'll surely rot. You can start new plants from cuttings rooted in sand or water. Select greenest tips for cuttings. GREEN THUMB CLINIC: A reader writes: \ I saved seed from our asters, zinnias and tomatoes. Please tell me if they are worth planting this year. Some is two years old.\ Answer: Quite often seed will keep longer than this, but to be sure, check for germination. All you do is put a few seeds of each variety between two moist blot­ ters, or you can sow a few seeds in a flower pot. Wait a few days and then check to see how many seeds germinate. If the germina­ tion rate is low, I'd order some seeds of the varieties you like, as there's still lots of time to sow between now and outdoor growing weather. Never save seed of hybrids. They won't come true. If It s Insurance... WE HAVE IT — IF WE HAVE IT — IT'S PROTECTION! Buck Insurance Agency Phone GL 7 972i Java Village Franklin FURNITURE . 1CAUTY . COMFORT • VACUE WITTER- DAVIS Furniture Company, Inc. SPRINGV1LLE 3 Stores Attentive to all needs and heedful stall wishes... Thoughtfully to anticipate every need . . . faith­ fully to observe every wish, including that of judicious economy ... is ever our aim in con­ ducting a funeral service. Weismantel Bros. Funeral Home Hammond Organ Mtule If Deilreat 271 East Main Street SPKINGVILLE Pbana LY -2-7822 DAIRYMEN DEPEND ON US FOR THEIR LOANS... . . . Financing Dairy­ men has been an im­ portant part of our business for a long time. - Constantly growing numbers of Dairymen in this area have found this Bank always co­ operative when they need financing. 3% INTEREST 3% Compounded Quarterly on Savings Accounts p -Ho h i \- —zc Steps to ^'xaxcidil Security BANK OF, HOLLAHD MEMBER FEDEftil DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION - / HOLLAND NE W YOR K To Help You Save Hundreds of Dollars! •k Compares The 1960 Economy Cars * Compares The 1960 Standard-Size Cars • Compares The 1960 Medium-Priced Cars PUTS ALL THE FACTS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS! FULLY ILLUSTRATED! AUTHENTIC IN EVERY DETAIL! Don't buy any new car till you read the new 1960 Automotive X-Ray booklets. Get honest, factual answers to your questions in easy-to-read, easy- to-undcrstand form: Which car is lowest priced ? Highest in resale value? Economy, fact or fiction? Get official results I Six-passcngcr room—which compact cars have it? Just a few minutes separating facts from exag­ gerated claims may save you hundreds of dollars. X-Rays are free at your Rambler dealer's. Huny. Supply limited. AMERICA'S LOWEST PRICE Manufacturer's suueited deliver*! pttc* ot the i960 *1 Rambler American 2-Ooor Deluge Sedan it the rec­ tory, Kenosha, Wisconsin, Includlni leiferal taxes. I j ^Stete end local taxes. It any, optional equipment, extra, j Get Rambler's FREE Automotive X-Ray NOW ZIMMER AUTO SALES WEST MAIN ST. ARC/

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