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Page Sixteen Tri-County Publications; Arcads Herald, Bliss News, Wyoming County: Delevan Press Cattaraugus County: Sardinia Censer, Holland Review, Erie County Thursday, March 17,1960 Arcade Central School News CADET TEACHER TO RETURN Through special arrangement with Arcade Central School, Houghton College has made It poss­ ible for one of their student teach­ ers to return during college vacation periods to do her practice teach­ ing. Miss Carmen VanderVeen will thus arrive on April 8 and spend one week of supervised teaching in the English department and then three weeks in June follow­ ing college commencement exer­ cises. Miss VanderVeen was an ob­ server at the Arcade school in November and February, CAPTAINS., ANNOUNCED Hall patrol captains and co- captains for the second semester have been chosen as follows, according to Mrs. Garlapo, who 13 chairman of the Hall Patrol Committee: 1st period, Lillian Porter and Paulette Petxie; 2nd period, Sally- Peters and Richard Doster; 3rd period, Ruth Berry and Betty Bliss; 4-th period, Ethel Shepord and Beverly Kerr; 5th period, James Belden and William Rosier. Afternoon periods are handled by Clarence Newell and Roger Marble for 6th; Thomas Rosier and Joseph Hoffman for 7th; Robert Hyman and Parke Davis, YOU and YOUR STATE --DOLLARS AHEAD when you shop where you see this sign Jr. for 8 th and Morton Benstead and Paul Hecht for 9th. Morton Benstead is chairman of all captains. ELEMENTARY FACULTY MEETING HELD A regular elementary faculty meeting was held Thursday, March 10 in the cafeteria. It was pointed out that (Mr, Hoyt's two) new\ buses have arriv­ ed. Each teacher was asked to be sure of each bus \pupil's bus num­ ber and driver's name. A summary of marks for each grade has been compiled from the last marking period. Teachers spent a few minutes looking over these lists. A report was given on a recent meeting with Dr. Williams, head of the Department of Audio- Vis­ ual Education of the Stite Educa­ tion Department It was announred that a read­ ing consultant from a publishing company will visit the school on May 5. Later in the afternoon the ele­ mentary and high school faculties met together for a report of the salary committee. Coffee was served by fourth grade teachers, Miss Esther Kohel, Mrs. Christine Clark and Mrs. Wilma Carlson. Upon returning to their rooms, pupils and teachers evaluated pupils' behavior and th e grade discussed what they had learned on the trip. They wrote in- dividual class stories, thank-you letters to James Hyland and Mrs Mary Stevens. They are now reading books about the mailman, postman and the post, office. Pupils have brought in various kinds of cancelled mail. Class discussions also include why we need stamps, why postal workers must be honest people, and the importance of our postal service. These educational trips are taken to give the children a better understanding of what happens to a letter from .the time It Is mailed until it reaches its' destina­ tion. It also gives a better under­ standing of the fact that many people help in our mail service. Mrs. Blakeley's grade was accompanied by Ronald Thomas, a student teacher, and Mrs. Gor­ don Storms, a parent. YOU'RE dollars ahead because your S&H Green Stamps give you extra values in Distinguished Merchandise at no added cost to you. YOUR STATE is dollars ahead, too, because S&H is a big buyer of your State's manufactured products for 600 Green Stamp redemption centers, across the nation. So shop whin y»u m— tba —tho sign that muni utia nlnu for your horn* Stat*. SECOND GRADES' VISIT POST OFFICE Mrs. Bernice Brown's second grade visited the Post Office on Thursday, March 10, and Mrs. iMary Blakeley's second grade made their first visit on Thurs­ day, February 18. These trips were taken in con­ nection with their units on the Post Office and postal workers as community helpers. Before taking the trips, the children dis­ cussed what they would like to find out on the ,rips, and they also .discussed standards of good behavior. Each child brought a letter to be mailed and money to bu y a stamp. The children located on maps where their letters were going. Some were destined to go way across the Unl.ed States and one into another country After buying their stamps and EDUCATORS AND PARENTS GET THE ANSWERS A dis.inguished panel of' ex­ perts answered a group of ques­ tions that were formulated in discussion groups held at a speci.il meeting of the Western District New York State Congress of Parents and Teachers and Western Zone New York State Teachers Association on Saturday, March 12. This meeting was held in the new $2,800,000 Sweet Home Cen­ tral High School in Amherst. Those attending from the Arcade Central School District were Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Walter, Mrs 0*Dell, Mrs. Marchant, Mrs. \Weitz and Principal and Mrs. Kemp. Mrs. Thomas W. Thomas of Warsaw who is the District Direc­ tor of the Western District of the PT.A presided, at the meeting with Mrs. John Mallory, _ Vice President of the New York State P.T.A., and Thomas Liddle, Chair­ man of Public Relations for the N.Y.S.T-A. in the Western Zone, making opening remarks. Educators, parents and board members then met in small dis­ cussion groups and raised ques ^_ tions which were later answered mailing their letters, the child- ' by a panel made up of Dr. Joseph ren watched their letters being Manch, Superintendent of Buffalo cancelled and sorted. They saw, Schools; Clayton Rose, Director of incoming mail brought into the' Public Relations for the New York Post Office in mail pouches with [State Teachers Association; Dr. locks. Give Your Little Girl \BEAUTY FOR EASTER\ with a \LITTLE MISS BEAUTY WAVE\ FKOM JOAN'S BEAUTY SALON 56 Grove Street Arcade $5.00 Through March & April Phone 445 Caryl Hedden, Professor at State University College of Education at Buffalo, and Mrs. Edward Eschner, President of the Erie County School Boards Association. nswer to a question regard­ ing who should be taught, Dr. Rose emphasised that we should teach all, and not concentrate on our gifted students. Dr. Manch corn- men ed on a query abput how educators can keep their equilib­ rium in the cycles that arise over such things as reading, science and language teaching. He ad­ vised his audience to get U*e facts and to lot. those who arejcapable of judging do the judging;-; and to avoid panic. He also' staled that the people should visit their schools and see what is already being done. In answer to a question about membership on school boards, Mrs. Eschner stated that com­ munities will get good representa­ tion -if they will work with. Citi­ zens Groups on problems and thus get qualified people interested in schools and their needs. The panel agreed about group­ ing to the effect that, whatever a school does on this procedure, it should mean that each child will be given the best. Dr Hedden, who is one of a committee of three associated with the' Educational TV station in Buffalo, spoke about the use of television in the class­ room, reminding everyone that it is -one more tool, one more ad­ vance in education and that one should use the tools that we have for each job. A final and apropos answer was given by Mr. Rose when this was asked: \Is it fair comparison to compare our educational sys- tern with that of Russia?\ He said that it was not, and that the thing to do is to \galvanize the enthus iasm of the P.T.A., the teachers and boards of education to put the same enthusiasm into the teaching of free Americans as Russians put into the teaching of slave Russians.\ ORGANIZATION MEETING SCHEDULED FOR FRIDAY This afternoon. March 17, dur lng the activity period the Arcademy Chapter of the National Honor Society will hold their or­ ganizational meeting to elect offi­ cers and to discuss their program for the balance of the school year Acting chairman will be Mrs. Garlapo who is the chairman of the faculty committee for the Honor Society. She and the rest of her committee met on Monday afternoon following school to prepare for this \important ses­ sion when the 33 newly initiated charter members will decide upon their executives. The\ Honor Society is being sponsored by the Arcade Teachers Association and the public is re­ minded of the fact that their one big fund raising project for the year will be a rummage sale on April 29. ROMAN COSTUMES TO BE FEATURED As usual, authentic Roman cos­ tumes will be featured at the an­ nual Roman Banquet held by the Latin Club on March 24 In the school cafeteria. Fifty-three club members will be in attendance'to enjoy not only the food but also the fine program that has been planned. Special and . honored guests chosen by the group will be Mr. and Mrs Belden, Mr. and Mrs. Grunwald, and Mrs. Prentice. They will see a program consist­ ing of songs, dances, skits and so forth. Acting as Master of Ceremonies, Trinclinarch, will be Eugene Ruh- len. He will introduce a- song, Domine Savam Fac, followed by the judging of the costumes- for a winner. Davis Garlapo \will then give the welcome. The rest of the program will, be as follows: A song, Dies Festus Hodle, sung by JoAnn 'Hamilton. Beverly Kerr, and Clara Husted; Ode by Gerald Pfomer; Prometheus, by Steven Connors; Choral Dance by Janet Fish, Kathryn Montford, Marjorie Button, Sharon Moore, Donna LeMieux and Betty Spohr; a play entitled Pyramus and Thisbe acted out by Paul Evans, Marcia Gar­ lapo, Dennis Grles, Donald Hack- eit, Gary Stokaylo and Kenneth Andrews; Ode to Bacchus done by April. Conner; Guadeamus Igitur by everyone. Accompanist for musical selections will be Donna Hutton.- The banquet will feature sau­ sages, eggs, ham and fish. The complete menu includes for Gus- tatio; Tomacula, Pastilli, Pipcra— for Ferculum Primum; Ova, Panes, Oucumes and for Fercu­ lum Secundum; Poples, Acetaria brassicae, Jus MaJorum and PanJs. The Pesces Coctos will follow with asparagus, radlcules, olives and caepia.' Ferculum Tertium will include Crusta dulcia, or tarts. They will then be served Palmula, Mala, Nuces, and Melo. The Com- misatio will consist of Venum Innocuum, grape juice. KKAB no r CLAISIFIBD %iS y <-omp..«v i } ^EYESIGHT SERVICE * « ».t < s I-X.\M!M-T' # t.l ASM-S MADE G. M. Falling—S. A. Hall— G. L. Hlckey—E. C. Cook When you see your first ^Uf robin-be a wise bird yourself! Fly j0r in and drive out in a new Buick'60 IT'S SPRING...IT'S TRAOIN' TIME And the early Buick buyer gets the best deal! All-time best in quality and value! 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