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Page Four Tri-County Publications; Arcade Herald, Bliss News, Wyoming County: Delevan Press, Cattaraugus County: Sardinia Censor, Holland Review, Erie County Thursday, September 1, I960 Pierce Bros. Feeds - Seeds - Grain Fertilizer Farm Supplies Phone 9513 DELEYAN CRYSTAL LAKE Mrs. Leslie Williams was Rushford one day last week caring for her mother. Mrs. Mina Clement and son and Miss Corrine Morgan were In East Aurora Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Williams and family were in Lockport Sunday, The Willison brothers of Elma were at their trailer camp here Sunday. Douglas Smith of Blasdell visit­ ed relatives here Saturday. A number from here attended the Alice Burrows auction on Saturday. Mrs. Olive Burrows and Miss Corrine Morgan were in Rushford one day recently. DEBORAHLYNN FARMS Route 16 Holland, N.Y. Dealer In Holslein Grades — Pure Bred Springers And Fresh Cows Phone East Aurora CY 5655 The GLF Dairy Automation Service MILK FASTER, EASIER with UNICO HERRINGBONE STALLS The new Unlco Herringbone-type Milking Stall System angle- parks up t o 16 cowi claiely together in two opposite stall Knee. Advantages tncludei fatter milking, less walking, less work, easier to train cows, cows are quieter and stalls are much easier to clean. Unico Herringbone stall features Include high carbon steal tubing, heavy galvanized steel splash shields and mangers, rustops on floor posts, accurate feed meter and central controls. Ground Up And Estimate (all For Complete Engineering From Arcade GLF Services W. Main St. ARCADE Phone 4 or 258 Ostertag Reports Tremendous advancements in space research already has great space science have occurred with utility in medicine and surgery, great rapidity in recent weeks to When placed in the mouth during impress us anew with the amazing dental work or in the area of sur- speed of everything in the space gery, a magnified,televising of the age. Earlier this year I wrote that action is possible, the nation's space program would Automatic gun cameras de- bring the nation many benefits veldpcd for space projects ar e now which were not as yet foreseen; used at banks and turnpikes. And that specific achievements would a whole line of new metals and produce many additional advance- fabrics created to meet space mcnts which were still beyond the nee ds ar e finding important com view of our astronautic scientists, mercial uses certainly widonH th. , M ee horl- S md 'SSU Mu.!?. ZSSSSS. tt'SStll ss tsars ?vSSL.*3S? !rtSB logues a great many benefits en S' necrln B principles, already attributed to space ex- Space medicine studies ar e con- ploration. The list includes the ccrncd with the fantastic prob- great achievements in communica- Ien } s . ° f preparing for space flights tions, transportation, reconnais- which ma y last hundreds of sance, navigation, and weather years, but these studies are observaUon, but there also are bringing discoveries which are hundreds of allied benefits which applicable to present day situa- are not a s well known. u ° ns A drug developed from In no phase of the space pro- missile propellant is being used grams ar e there more related to treat mental ills and tubcrcu benefits than from the minaturiza- losis . a means of rapidly lowering tion of equipment. Minaturization Wood temperatures is useful in permits us to pack great amounts operations; and a small valve has of vital equipment into a satellite been developed which could re- and has enabled us to gain large Place a faulty valve in the human amounts of vital information. So heart. An anti-radiation drug much has this art progressed that taken before exposure to reduce complete radios have been re- bioligical effects of radiation could duced to the size of a lump of navc great value on earth a s well sugar. Private industry, police as \> space. and doctors already are using There are many economic devices developed tor missile are engaged in the mis^e- s pace »r,;4nn^o A mpthnd of drilline bv industry. More than 3200 differ- fcf power Is ^ovfng 0 1 T ^rea't em space-related products ar e and benefit in mining quarrying construction Infrared systems developed for missile guidance are used to analyze metallurgical operations, glass fiber devise produced in SILVER LAKE DRIVE-IN Theatre Perry - Castile Rd. Route 39 Children in Cars Free under] 12 years. Adults 5.60. Fa m ily Night Every Monday il.00 Per Car Load Except! Holidays. Visit our SNACKJ BAR for Popcorn, Ice Cream Hot Coffee, Cold Drinks, Pizza Pie, etc. Fri., & Sat., Sept. 2-3 \THESE 10D0 HILLS\ Don Murray, Richard Egan (In Technicolor) Sun., & Mon., Sept. 4-5 \THE GAZEBO\ Debbie Reynolds, Glenn Ford (In Cinemascope) Tues., Wed., Tours., Sept. 6-7-8 \ASK ANY GIRL\ Shirley MacLaine, David Niven (In Cinemascope) DRAWING ON THE BEEF BARBECUE BIKE ON LABOR DAY NIGHT. DON'T MISS THESE BIG LABOR DAY WEEKEND SnOWS. ALSO COMING \NORTH BY NORTHWEST\ \THE WRECK OF MARY DEARE\ \NEVER SO FEW\ AND MANY OTHERS! is a very special day, not only honoring the American Worker, but also the great system of AMERICAN FREE ENTERPRISE under which he works. We can be grateful, in­ deed, for a Wa y of Life in which everyone works to the utmost of his ability, for the ultimate benefit of all. 7V Best Wishes for a Safe and Happy Holiday 3% Interest On Savings Accounts 3% COMPOUNDED QUARTERLY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WYOMING (OUNTYBANK^RUST ^ WARSAW, jVf. Y NORTH JAVA WYOMING turned out. Tens of thousands of persons are employed in the field and the doctors, lawyers, teachers and engineers are all feeling the impact of the space age in their vocations. v The Federal Government is spending more than S3 Billion an­ nually on space programs, includ­ ing both civilian and military programs. Estimates are that private industry is spending more than $1 Billion; so space already is a $5 Billion dustry. Forecasts are that with­ in a decade, the astronautic indus­ try will be larger than the auto­ motive industry, with all that en­ tails. A, box score reveals how great has been the activity in space dur­ ing the last almost-three years The Soviet Union, which launched the first space vehicles, has launched seven more successfully, the United States has successfully launched 26. Of these, 16 Ameri can and three Russian ar e still traveling in space. We have suc­ cessfully brought two space cap­ sules back from orbit, the Soviet Union has recovered one. All three recoveries occurred this month, and are indicative of the stepped-up tempo of space pro­ gress. There can be no doubt of it from any standpoint, our space programs ar e headed upward. The Green Thumb BY GEORGE ABRAHAM GARDEN MUMS Several of our readers tell us that their \greenhouse\ or florist mum which was planted outdoors full of buds but may not bloom before frost hits. Is there any­ thing they can do to hasten flowering? You can dig up the the mums and pot them in 6 or 8 inch pots and bring them indoors for blooming, if frost threatens They'll flower nicely in your home. Some gardeners place plastic overcoats (the kind of plastic laundered garments come in) over the plants at night and this protects the blooms. A frost. Without the pastic tent usually will nip only the open flowers, since the buds are tougher and will con­ tinue to grow. If you're interested in the 'football' type mum, you'll like the new strain of giant garden mums which will flower in late August or early September out­ doors. Th e so-called Harvest Giants are a new type of mu m plant that have big blooms an d which will usually bloom before frosts in early September. I've had some of mine bloom later (early October) and the flowers are similar to /the greenhouse \football\ types, deep, heavily pctalled, not flat or thin. Garden­ ers who live in early frost areas and who want the big football mums should select the earliest varieties. Keep in mind that very hot days in August will delay blooming somewhat as is the case with all garden mums. Temepra- ture pretty much governs th e blooming habits of garden mums, whereas with greenhouse mums, length of day is the governing factor. FREE. Want to know more about garden mums? Send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope and 'ask for m y helpful bulletin, How To Grow Garden Mums. This guide has a lot of good informa­ tion on growing garden mums, as well as potted mums. No loose stamps, no loose clippings, no postal cards, please. We cannot honor, them. THE HOME LAWN: Is your lawn full of weeds, not over Vt of It grass? You can renovate such a lawn by top-dressing with lime and using plenty of plant food Loosen up the bald spots, sow th e seed and use a balanced plant food such a s 5-10-10 at rate of 35 pounds per 1,000 square ft. More and more gardeners are using a liquid plant food (such as 23-21-17.) after the seed is sow­ ed. This helps the seed take off quicker and encourages existing grass to grow. GREEN THUMB CLINIC: AI reader writes: \What causes th e tops of my young maple trees to turn brown? No insect is present.\ In hot summer, it's common for the young,- tender leaves o f maple to take on a scorched appearance This is called \Leaf scorch\ and i s associated with hot dry winds, plus a low moisture content in soil. Water your trees well, and keep them fed to build up and maintain vigor. Erie County Bookmobile Fall Schedule Announced On Wednesday, September 7, the Buffalo and Erie Couhty Public Library will begin its fall schedule of Mobile Library Service There will be 68 stops throughout Erie County, 58 at schools and 10 in various other communities. Each place is\ visited twice a month The Mobile Library will be in Chaffee at the Postoffice on the second and fourth Thursdays from 10:50 a m to 11.15 a. m.; in Holland at the Bank of Holland on the second and fourth Thurs­ days from 2-15 to 3.00 p. m and at the Holland Central School the first and third Thursdays from 9-45 to 12-30 and from 1-15 to 3.15 in Sardinia at the School the second and fourth Thursdays from 12.15 to 1.45, and in South Wales at the School the second and fourth Thursdays from 9.30 to 10.30. Serving adults as well as child­ ren, each of the three large vans carries about 3,000 volumes, se­ lected for all ages and interests If a book desired is not on the bookmobile, it may be requested for the next trip. In the 12 months ended July 30 patrons of the book­ mobiles borrowed 391,408 volumes. In Erie County's interchangeable library system books may be bor­ rowed at any stop or community library and may be returned at the same or any other library outlet. The borrower's card is good any­ where in the system. Carl Miller Named On FHA Committee To save on buying meat, thrifty shoppers consider the cost per serving rather than the price per pound. REAL ESTATE Java Lake Nicely furnished Cottage with Boat—Only $3,500 Log- Cabins—$3,700 and up Year around 2 Bedroom Home With garage, cellar, modern oil furnace—$6,500 3 Nice Building Lots—only $900 Roufe 98 Near Java Lake Beautiful modern Ranch Home, full cellar, modern oil furnace, private pond, trout stream, 7 acres, ideal for retired couple who can afford a better type home. Owner ill, make reasonable offer. North Java 3 bedroom Modernized Home, acre lot, garage, modern oil furnace, wall to wall carpeting. Good spot to raise a large family. Priced right! FORREST W.HOPKINS Broker JAVA LAKE ROAD GL7-3845 or GL7-3208 Appointment of Carl Miller as a member of the Farmers Home Ad­ ministration County Committee has been announced by Reginald W Barker, the agency's county super­ visor, serving Erie and Wyoming Counties. Mr. Miller owns and operates a dairy farm near Cur­ riers. Two others make up the three- member committee which works with the county supervisor to see that the best possible use is made of the agency's farm credit service program, consistent with local farmers needs. The two otlier members are William Sonderickcr of Attica and Lawrence Parker of Perry. Each member is appointed for a 3 -year term. Mr. Miller succeeds Andrew J. Youngers of Bliss, whose three-year term expires this year The Committee determines the eligibility of individual applicants for all types of loans. It also re­ views borrowers' progress and aids the county supervisor in adapting the agencey's loan policies to con­ ditions faced by farmers in this area. Members are selected and appointed so that, so far as pos­ sible, different areas or neighbor­ hoods are represented. The Farmers Home Administra­ tion makes annual or intermediate term loans to farmers who need adequate- funds to buy equipment and livestock, and longer term loans to build or repair houses and other essential farm buildings, and to purchase or improve land suit­ able for family-type farm opera tions. It also advances credit to farmers or their non-profit asso­ ciations to establish and carry out approved soil and water conserva tion practices and t o install and improve irrigation and farmstead water facilities. To control the slugs and snails that often trouble gardens in late summer, place poison bait, con­ taining Metadehyde, among the gardens vines. READ TUT. CLASSIFIED Attentive to all needs and heedful of all wishes... Thoughtfully to anticipate every need . . . faith­ fully to observe every wish, including that of judicious economy ... is ever our aim In con­ ducting a funeral service. Weismantel Bros. Funeral Home Hammond Organ Mule If Deaired 271 East Main Street SPKINGVILLE Phone LT-*-78tl Clyde E. Dickey announces that he has sold the CENTRAL SERVICE STATION 262 Moin St. (corner Liberty) Arcade, New York to Roscoe G. (Tex) Wolfe Mr. Wolfe will commence operations on September 1, 1960 and will con­ tinue to operate as a 100% Mobil Oil Station (Division of Socony Products). I respectfully urge my many friends and customers to favor Mr. Wolfe with their patronage and I wish to express my sincere thanks for the public confi­ dence and pleasant business relationships which I have enjoyed at this loca­ tion over the many years. I will continue to spend a part of my time in the employ of Mr. Wolfe for some years, my health permitting. CLYDE E. DICKEY ^JOf^J^f y^EZF?,*™-!* ^ whc «!-<lrive models have truo-truck V-8 engines as standard equipment Makes off-road trips easy! Our new INTERNATIONAL 4-wheel-drive models are geared ' and powered to go... anywhere. Is rough country a problem? Let us help you choose the INTERNATIONAL 4X4 to handle it If you have a service problem of any kind— See us about trucks...we know! R A. DRENNAN ARCADE, N. Yi INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS WORLD'S MOST COMPLETE LINE

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