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COMMUNITY CHEST DRIVE OFF TO A FLYING START Now the number two debate be­ tween Vice President Nixon and Senator John Kennedy is history This oratorical clash took place last Friday night and we sincerely hope that you took time from, your busy schedule to listen to the two candidates from whom you must make your choice for the office of President of the. United States. There are .two more to come and if you have, missed the first two, by all means be sure to hear the next two. The dates of these will be announced in the metropolitan papers which are coming into our area daily. To those of you who ivitnessed this last word battle. I think that you will well agree that Vice President Nixon furthered his stand as the man we need in Washington for the next four years. We will be the first to admit that all has not been perfect under the Republican lead ership, and with the Communistic nations trying desperately to under­ mine the free thinking countries, there is always room to wonder if this or that decision is right. But once again on Saturday it was proven In the United Nations that we are the leaders in the Assembly and still have the support of most of the delegates. Even Cuba, led by the Castro faction, just got around to vote as Russia had in the latest vote. So, don't believe for one minute that we have lost our prestige in the world! Another point that Mr. Nixon made and with which . we agree wholeheartedly is the factor that, his opponent is continually running down the United States. in his speeches. Why not point out some of the good things that have been accomplished during the past years? Let's not forget for one minute that while we have had a Republican President and Vice President, Congress has been con­ trolled by Democrats for the past eight years. (History also shows us that a presidential veto can be overridden, too!) i And, last but not least, Nixon pointed out.that regardless of party affiliations, we must think wisely before casting our ballots. He pointed out in his last remarks thai it is still the man that you vote for, not the party. Be sure to register this weekend if you are not registered and by all means vote on Tuesday, November 8. One of the easiest things to do, be it on village, town, state or national levels, is to criticize the present government. Everyone is guilty of that, but how many can constructively criticize it? Or can you Just criticize ' or express theory? Is this a solution? Per sonafiy we'd much rather hear something that c-a-n be done rather than something that s-h-o-u-l-d be done. One thing that is continually coming up during the campaign speeches is the question of federal aid to our schools. We can't em­ phasize too much this point and, regardless of your^ political think­ ing, we believe you should give this matter your undivided atten­ tion. Who is going to pay the fed­ eral government so it can give aid to the schools? And how much of the dollar you pay for this aid will come back to the school dis­ trict in which you live? 10c may­ be? It makes more sense to us that if we pay more taxes for our schools then let's pay it in our own local districts. Certainly we don't want to pay for schools for the south with our tax dollars! Think this over seriously and let those seeking office know how you feel about it! Does Senator John F. Kennedy really believe in his campaign theme of American weakness and futility? And if he does believe this, would he please make it clear what he would do to correct this alleged weakness and le­ thargy? How would he override Congress with his faintly out­ lined schemes for \betterment\ of our Nation by means of federal expenditures for overseas aid, Federal help for schools, unproved military projects, etc., etc? What red-blooded American will concede that his country is weak, that ours Is a backward na­ tion? If we are so backward, just how can nearly the entire free world look to us for guidance and financial assistance to keep the world free and progressive? But—if Americans are fright­ ened by the Kennedy line, if they come to believe that only a strong President can save them — will they turn to Kennedy? Or will they turn to Nixon as a fighter and a strong man who Is experienced in government and world affairs? Is Kennedy trying, as some think, to panic our, nation? And what can possibly be his reason? Can he think that he is doing a service fo his country by belittl­ ing it for all the world to hear? Does«fce not know that his every speech on the weakness of the United States is being noted and that any country on any continent may truly believe what a member of the United States Senate has to say about his own country? Personally, we decline to be scared. And we decline to vote for Mr. Kennedy. We print below excepts from some of the leading papers in the United States: tNew York-Daily News: \If Mr. Kennedy's fellow Democrats won't unite .behind him when it Is to their vital election-year interest to do so, isn't it logical to ex­ pect a President Kennedy to be in constant conflict 'with Congress no matter how strongly Demo­ cratic the new Congress might be? That's a question we think 'the' voters had better ponder pretty carefully throughout the-._' cam­ paign.\ 1 Chicago Tribune: \Mr. Ken­ nedy's 'leadership*, extravagantly (Continued on page 5) ONE OF THE FIVE TRI-COUNTY WEEKLY PUBLICATIONS COVl HERALD NSHIPS IN WYOMING, CATTARAUGUS AND ERIE COUNTIES Volume LXIX 10c Copy; 15c by Mail; $4 per Year Two Sections-16 Pages Thursday, October 13, 1960 Number, 39 . ROCKEFELLER George Collrill Receives Citation for Efforts In Promoting Registration, Voting Chest Drive Chairman Names Zones And Their Canvassers George Cottrill, owner of Cot- trill's Pharmacy, Arcade, was awarded a citation signed by President Eisenhower from the Small Business Administration of the. United States praising his efforts in promoting registration and voting. Cottrill's Pharmacy has displayed registration and voting information in the store and has urged all eligible citizens to take advantage of their voting privileges. The campaign was part of a nation­ wide \Let's AU Register, Let's All Vote\ campaign. The citation was also signed by Phillip McCallum, SBA administrator. Pictured above is the presenta­ tion of the, citation. Pictured from left to right are: Chuck Dettis. local Rexall representative; George Cottrillv and Robert Hopkins, act­ ing Mayor. Chaffee Woman Fatally Injured When Struck By Auto Tuesday Night Mrs. Ida Fisher, 82, long time resident of Chaffee was fatally in­ jured Tuesday night when she was struck by an auto. The accident occurred about 10:15 p. m. Mrs. Fisher is said to have entered the road from behind a parked car. Mrs. Fisher is survived by her husband, R. O. Fisher, three sons, Byron E. of Chaffee, Charles P. of East Aurora and Kenneth C. of Ara­ bia, and one grandson, Robert C. Funeral services will be held Friday at 2 p. m Friends may call at the W. S. Davis Funeral Home in Arcade. Calling All the Delevan Cub Scouts 'Cub Scout Pack 27 of Delevan is preparing for a new year with renewed interest from all Cubs and their parents. A pack meeting will be held at the Delevan Methodist Church Youth Center oil Monday night, October 17 at 7:80. All Cubs and future Cubs are urged to attend, but must be accompanied by either one or both parents. A Hallowe'en paper bag mask contest will be held with prizes awarded for the most comical, etc. Cider and donuts will be served to top off this first pack meeting of the season. So, don't forget the place and date; we shall be looking for you! Arcade Lions'Directors Hold Bi-Nonthly Meeting; Plan Hallowe'en Party The Arcade Lions Club held its bi-monthly Id (rectors' meeting Monday evening at the Arcade Hotel with 11 directors present. The meeting was called to order by President Carlyle Curtis. The first order of business was a discussion of Ladles Night, sche­ duled for Monday, November 21. Due to the closeness of Thanks­ giving and the Christmas party, the motion was carried that Lad­ ies JNight be deferred until spring. President Curtis reminded the dir­ ectors of the zone meeting at Springville Tuesday, October 25. A large turnout was requested. John B. Bainbridge presented an estimate for the printing of the •Lions Clubs rosters in two colors instead of black and white. He announced the colors would be blue and gold, the official Lions colors for New York State. The motion was passed that he go ahead with the two color printing. William McCloskey, chairman of the coming Halloween party, made his report to the directors. The •party will again be held Hallo­ we'en night, Monday, October 31 with two separate parties, one for youngsters 12 years and under and the other for the teenagers. The children will have theirs in the school auditorium withprizes for the best costumes. .Gordon Cooper will again act as organizer, handing out the awards as well as organizing the parade. A movie (Continued on page 5) -The—1960 Arcade Community. Chest drive for funds got official­ ly underway on Monday. Chair­ man of the drive is William- E, Borcanaz, with Keith Hebble as co-chairman. Again, Arcade has been split up into 11 zones for canvassing. These zone; are as follows* -Zone 1. South side of East Main from the business section to the corporation line, including Pearl, Grove, Maple, Clough, Parkview Court, Madison and Allen Streets. Zone 2. North side of East Main from, the Baptist Church to the corporation line, Water Street, North Street from corporation line east to corporation line west, plus two or three homes on Church Street. Zone 3. Liberty Street, both sides from business section south to village limits, Mill, Haskell, Glenwood and Stuart. Zone 4. West Main, north side from business section to County Line Road, and West Street. Zone 5. West Main, south side from business district to County Line Road. Zone 6. Park and Prospect Streets. Zone 7. Hurdville and North -Woods Roads, Genesee Road to Curriers Road. Zone 8. Cattaraugus Road, in­ cluding Joseph Schnltzler home, Reed Road and Sttnson or Wales Road.\ \ / ' Zone 9. Entire Route 98 outside of village, from Philip Hoffman home to old Grimm farm; Buck Street, Berwanger Road, Sullivan Road, South Road from Arcade Center to Town Line Road. Zone 10. Eagle Road, east from village, Hiram Road, north side of County Line Road, Liberty Street south of village limits. Zone 11 This will cover the en­ tire business district. The captains and workers for each respective zone are as fol­ lows: Zone 1. Mrs. Milford Newman, Captain. Co-workers: Mrs. An­ thony Affront!, Mrs. John Davies, Miss Helen Meyerring, Mrs. Gor­ don Caner, Mrs. Clyde Clark, Mrs Elliott McCutcheon, Mrs. Richard Cartwright, Mrs. James Hyland, Mrs. Leo Schnitzler, Mrs John Tarbrake, Mrs. Roscoe Wolfe, Mrs. Harold Morgan, Mrs. George Clarke, Mrs. Kenneth Dawley Zone 2. Mrs, Carl Wallace and Mrs. Keith Hebble, Co-Captains. Co-workers: .Mrs. Elizabeth Calk ins, Mrs. Clyde Dickey, Mrs. Rob ert Barber, Mrs. Carl Gertls, Jr., Mrs. Ray Berwanger, Mrs. Earl Wilson, Mrs. Thomas Ronan, Mrs. Durwood Kenyon, Mrs. William MacFarlane. Zone 3. Joseph Piedmont, Cap­ tain; Mrs. Louis Schroeder, Mrs. Fred Laird, Mrs. William McClos­ key, Mrs. Ward Mayer, Mrs. Rob­ ert Witter, Mrs. Lucille Piedmont, Mrs. William Erick, Mrs. Seymour Rosier, Mrs. Mary Bray, Mrs. Robert Warner, Mrs. Leonard Connelly. Zone 4. Mrs. Myril Korb, Cap­ tain; Francis Harrison, Mrs. Don­ ald Watkins, Kenneth Hcbdon, Mrs. Dale Kile, Keith Slocum, George Blackmon, Duval King, Mrs. Homer Wilson, James Lusch- or Zone 5 Harold Crabb, Captain, Mrs. Charles Drake, Mrs. William Tracy, Mrs. Gail Lewis, Mrs. Mar­ ion Giletta, Mrs. Eric Lee, Mrs. Earl Rule. Zone 6. Mrs. Herman Kohnkcn, Captain; Mrs. Robert Richie, Mrs. Milton Wagner, Mrs. Delbert El­ liott, Mrs. Leland Waters, Mrs, Claude McWithey, Mrs. Lynn Roll Zone 7. Mrs. Clesson Hawks, Captain, Mrs Archie Reynolds, Mrs. Robert Tucker, Mrs. Norman Dziedzic, Mrs. Joseph Kecm, Mrs. Cornelius Clinch, Mrs. Hyland Day, Jr Zone 8. Mrs. Jeanette Welles, Captain; Mrs. Joyce Hobin, Mrs Alma Gubbins, Mrs. Theresa Nea- mon, Mrs. Janet Krotz. Zone 9. Captain and co-workers to be announced. Zone 10. Allan Dean, Wallace Roll. Zone 11, Marcia Bialy, Captain. Judy Henry, Sylvia Davey, Nancy Blum. It is the duty and the privilege of everyone within the Township of Arcade to generously support the 1960 Community Chest Drive being conducted from October 10 through October 22. Let's all be ready with our contributions when the volunteer workers come to our houses. _ State's Executive Officers Arrive In Arcade Today At 3:00 P. M.; Reception At Arcade Central School Mrs. Laura Dunklin to Speak fo Arcade Central School P?T. A. Mrs. Laura Dunklin, reading consultant at the Buffalo Sem­ inary, will be at the Sardinia School on Tuesday evening, Oct ober '18 at 8:00 o'clock to speak to >the Arcade Central School Parent-Teachers Association on \How Parents Can Help Their Child Succeed In School.\ Mrsf Dunklin is well known to the teachers of this area through her work with the extension courses by the New York State College for Teachers at Buffalo. This will be a splendid opportun­ ity for parents to hear an excep­ tionally well informed reading specialist on this timely topic early in the school year. Following the meeting, Mrs. Dunklin will con­ duct a question ahd answer period for those who have questions con­ cerning reading. Parents, teach­ ers and all interested adults are invited to attend. Mrs. Anne Jackson is the chairman for the evening and Mrs. John Wilson, with her committee, will act as hostess. There will be open house for all those interested at 7:30 and the program will start promptly at 8:00. Arcade Blacktopping Service Inc. fo Erect Bituminous New Bafch-0-Matic Plant In Arcade Shown above is a picture of the bituminous new batch-o-matlc plant which will be erected in Arcade soon by the Arcade Black- topping Service Inc. The corpora­ tion, recently formed by Donald Norton and Roy Tullar is selling stock in this new venture. The stock is non-negotiable and full return within a year is guaranteed if the plant is not erected. A survey of the area produced good results, showing a good mar­ ket for the batch-c-matic hot mix here. The plant Is capable of producing 90 to 100 tons per hour, •meeting all state and county mix qualifications. Anyone wishing more information about this plant may obtain it by contacting Mr. Norton, Mr. Tullar or Robert Bent- ley, attorney. Robert Warner Elected President Wyoming County Teachers' Association Robert Schiener Named Chairman For United Fund Drive In Sardinia The United Fund Drive for Buf­ falo and Erie County will get un­ derway on Monday, October 17. Heading the drive for Sardinia is Robert Schiener Mr. Schiener reported that the quota for the Town of Sardinia is $700 this year. \Let's put Sardinia over the top\ is the plea of Chairman Schiener. He specifically asks that all give and work once for all the local and national health, wel­ fare, and character building agenc­ ies. If everyone does his part, fit will be a small job. Robert Warner The Wyoming County Teachers' Association held its annual busi ness meeting at the conference in Attica, October 1 Officers elect ed are: President, Robert Warner of Arcade; vice-president, John Austin of Perry; Secretary, Mrs. Maude Williams of Arcade; Treas­ urer, Edwin Wogenblass of War­ saw. Donald Robinson of Letch- worth Central School was elected delegate to the New York State Teachers Association. John Cyz eskl, also of Letchworth Central School was elected alternate dele­ gate. Albert Harvey of Warsaw Central School was elected dele­ gate to the New York State Teach ers Retirement meeting, and Les ter Schoenthal of Wyoming Ccn tral School was elected alternate delegate Mr. Warner served as president of the local Arcade Teachers' As- sociatllon during the past year and as a vice-president of the Wyom ing County Teachers Association. C-S Kiwanians to Erect Memorial In Memory Of William Andera The Kiwanls Club of Chaffee- Sardlnia at its regular meeting on Monday passed the following re­ solution. \To jerect a suitable memorial at the Sardinia Community Park In the memory of our deceased member, William Andera.\ Anyone wishing to subscribe to this memorial may do so .by con­ tacting the' committee in charge, which consists of Clarence Hill- man, Frederick Meyer nnd Ferd Feral di. Temperatures For Week of October 5-11 High Low Wednesday 68 30 Thursday 65 47 Friday 58 34 Saturday 69 28 Sunday 70 32 Monday 69 31 Tuesday 66 43 Precipitation — .33\ October Immunization Clinics Throughout Wyoming County Dr. La Verne Campbell, Wyoming County Commission­ er,, has. announced that, the following: pre-school and school immunizations will be held during October in the county, October 18, North Java, St. Nicholas School, 10:00 a.m.; October 19, Wyoming, Central School, 9:00 a.m.; October 20, Bliss School, 11:00 a.m.; Octo­ ber 25, Silver Springs, School, 9:30 a.m. Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller All arrangements are complete for the arrival of New York State's top executives, Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller and Lt. Gov Mal­ colm Wilson. They will be ac- Lt. Gov. Malcolm Wilson companied by their wives on this trip. Arrival is set for 3 pm. and a reception will be held at Arcade Central School Everyone is invited to attend the affair Third Quarterly Meeting of Arcade Chamber Huge Success; Wives Feted; School Board, Rev. Riley Honored More than 160 members and wives attended the third annual meeting of the Arcade Chamber of Commerce Tuesday night, as the Chamber paid tribute to the School board members and to the Rev. John R. Riley of Chaffee. The meeting was hold in the Arcade Central School cafeteria and was under the direction of M. S Tracy, a director of the Chamber. Early in the program, the Rev. Riley was presented with a gift from the Chamber in recognition of his services to the area. Arcade was his first assignment as a mem­ ber of the clergy and he is fin­ ishing up his work at the Chaffee Baptist Church, where he has served for the past several years. Much credit was given him for coaching baseball in Arcade, as well as being instrumental in the formation of the Arcade Men's Club. Rev. Riley in his remarks later reminded the gathering that, with all the credit given him for these two things, he did have time to do some preaching at the Ar­ cade Baptist Church. Rev. and Mrs. Riley will move to the Adir­ ondack region, where they will enjoy their retirement. President Robert Witter intro­ duced the members of the school board who were present and each was presented with a token of ap­ preciation by the Chamber, Also honored were school attorney Mil- ford Newman and clerk C. R. Newman Supervising principal Joseph Kemp was introduced and traced the school problems from, 1927, when the enrollment was a total of 447 students to the present enrollment of over 1800 pupils, 1527 of whom are in the public schools within the district. He also explained the heeds when each addition was made to the present site, pointing out that with each addition it was considered adequate for the school enrollment at the time. With the need of more room, he urged all present as well as all voters within the district to give the board their full coopera­ tion and counsel, so that wise planning with an overall planning goal be accomplished at this time The board is presently working along these lines. Citizens' com­ mittees will be established to give them the help they need Mr Kemp also noted that in 1927, 1939 and 1950 when a need presented itself the voters rallied to the aid of the board and that they were confident the same would happen when this problem presented itself again in the very near future. A brief business meeting was conducted by the officers and members. President Anson F Sherman gave his report, touching briefly on the progress of each of the many committees that are now working. Robert Duguid, mem­ bership chairman, gave a report and introduced the members new­ ly added to the Chamber since its last quarterly meeting Dr and Mrs. Joseph A. Ladika, Edward Hainey, assistant manager of the local GLF, and Mrs. Hainey and Robert Witter, now associated with Larry Romance, were among the new members a*hd wives introduc­ ed The meeting was then turned over to Mr. Tracy for the social part of this gathering William Boreanaz presided over the What's My Line\ part of the meeting and the committee took this opportunity to present Mrs. Ethel Tullar and thank her for her part in serving the dinner. She was presented following question­ ing by members present and no one was able to identify her Sev­ eral gifts from the merchants were presented to Mrs. Tullar when no one could identify her. (Continued on page 5) Hope Lutheran Church—The Church of the Lutheran Hour—Holds First Arcade Service Hope Lutheran Church, newly formed church for the Arcade- Yorkshire-Delevan area, held its first regular Sunday service on October 2 at the Crystal Hose Fire Company hall in Yorkshire. One hundred and forty people attended the 9:00 A. M'. Church Service. Attendance at Sunday School and Bible Classes at 10:15 A. M. was 71. Rev. William A. Drews, Execu­ tive-Secretary of the Eastern-Dis­ trict Missouri Synod Lutheran Church held the service. Rev. Drews also dedicated the altar, baptismal font, pulpit, lectern, cross and candleholders. An electric organ, obtained on approval by the organ committee, was played by Mrs. Arlene Bray, organist from Sandusky. , After services, the Rev. Drews introduced Harry Kuhlow of Eden, lay missionary worker of this Dis­ trict, who made the initial survey necessary to determine if there was need for a Lutheran Church in this area Mr. Kuhlow express­ ed his great happiness that he and Mrs. Kuhlow could be present on this wonderful occasion and asked for God's blessing on the congre­ gation in all its endeavors. Next, the temporary officers of Hope Lutheran Church were intro­ duced. These officers are: Presi­ dent, Lester Lehning, of Chaffee, who will be assslsted by his com­ mittee composed of Edward Matt- son of Sandusky and William Broskett of Arcade; Sunday School Superintendent, William Winkey of Springville; Recording Secre­ tary, Mrs. LaVerne Deahn of Ar­ cade; Treasurer, Nelson TInch of Freedom. , After the introductions, pictures of the congregation were taken by Roger Gorham of Gorham Studios in Arcade, both inside and outside the building. These pictures will be available for purchase from the church. One of them, above, shows the congregation outside of the church. Ten Sunday School teachers then gathered their respective classes together and held classes for 71 children and adults. Mr. Kuhlow, under the Mission Board's direction, had made pos­ sible the first meeting of those in­ terested in establishing a Lutheran Church in this area. This meeting was held August 2, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Broskett in Arcade. Both Mr. Kuhlow and the Rev Drews were present It was explained that Rev. Vic­ tor H. Neeb of Immanuel in East (Continued on page 5)

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