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Rarely does a public office de­ mand such qualifications\ as does the office of Justice of the Su­ preme Court. And, fn no public office, does experience count so heavily in the correct performance of the duties involved. Justice is a commodity that mellows with age and the dispensing of it. de­ mands the utmost in strength, wis­ dom and understanding. It is for these reasons that most Incum­ bents with lengthy terms on the bench received endorsements from both political parties, so that this vital experience is not wasted. Here in the Eighth Judicial Dis­ trict, two Republicans seek re­ election to the Supreme Court, and deserve the support of every thinking voter, regardless of party affiliation. Incumbent Justice Hamilton Ward can point to a combined total of 19 years on the bench, having served five years as Erie County Judge and 14 years as a Supreme Court Justice. Justice Ward is presently Senior Trial Justice for the Eighth Judicial District of the Supreme Court. Justice Alger A. Williams, an-! other veteran of 14 years service in the Supreme Court, holds the office of Presiding Justice of the Appellate Division, and has been credited with aiding in the im­ provement of the entire state court system. Chief Judge of the Court of Ap­ peals, Charles S. Desmond, said of these two men, \Justices Ward and Williams have not only given sat­ isfactory service, but both of them are outstanding for ability, impar­ tiality and zeal. Each is a leader in the continuous effort to make public justice prompt and effi­ cient.\ With these backgrounds, it is immediately apparent that party lines and politics play a secondary role, and that, the qualifications of the man are the important consid­ eration. It is with this thought that we of'er an unqualified en­ dorsement for re-election of Just­ ices Hamilton Ward and Alger A. Williams to the Supreme Court of the Eighth Judicial District, Statement by Mrs. Emily Smith Warner of New York City, daugh­ ter of the late Alfred E. Smith, en­ dorsing ' Richard M. Nixon for President: \Comforted by the realization that both candidates for the Presi­ dency agree that no one should vote for or against a candidate by reason of race or religion, I have asked myself what my father in his wisdom and patriotism would do in this coming .election. He -would reject, as I do, every appeal to racial or religious bigotry or solidarity. He would reaffirm, as I do, in unmeasured terms, that no true American should allow his vote to be influenced either way by any. appeal either to religious prejudice or religious solidarity. Coming to the real issues, I ark satisfied that he would endorse my determination to' 1 support -Vice Precedent Nixon for the Presidency. I Intend to cast my vote for Mr. Nixon for these reasons: First: The'world-crisis requires that we have seasoned, able and experienced leadership in the White] House. I do not oppose Senator Kennedy because- he is young in years, but rather because he is im­ mature in thought. Second: This quality which my fother; would have called half- baked, thinking is evidenced by his unfortunate efforts to disparage our achievements as a nation and by unfair partisan attacks on President. Eisenhower. The fact is that -under. President Elsen­ hower' this country,, starting from scratch'at the beginning of his ad­ ministration, has been acclaimed throughout' the free world for its achievements in missile and space science. We stand today at the peak of our military power. Third: Further, it is evidenced in his irresponsible slander of our country in Its foreign relations. No one could steer through the last eight years without.some error. But as we emerge, today, Russia has been baffled and rebuffed in its Congo plotting; the Latin Ameri- c&i*republics have stood steadfast­ ly by us in the Cuban situation; our allies are closely knit to us and the shabby propaganda poses of. the Communists have been exposed to the whole world. The only rift in the picture Is that the leader of one of our great parties undermines our status by forgetting that partisanship should end at the water's edge. This is in sharp contract to the universal acclaim of President Eisenhower's historic speech before the United Nation's < Assembly last month which demonstrated our position of leadership among the free nations of the world. - Indeed our- prestige was never higher. Further, my father's innate hon­ esty'always deterred him-- from making promises that could not be kept, but Mr. Kennedy promises higher.-. wages, • higher relief pay­ ments, higher- farm subsidies, something -for every pressure group, and I' must ask who .is to pay the bill, Inherent in this pro­ gram is the threat of .violent infla­ tion .which strikes at all classes and particularly at ,the prosperity of the great „ middle classes of America.- Lastly, I have studied the careers of Vice President Nixon and Am­ bassador Lodge. No man ever had a better training for the presidency than. Mr. Nixon. He is seasoned, experienced, devoted and intellect­ ually honest. Mr. Lodge- has a career of magnificent accomplish­ ment In the United Nations that has made him the most reliable partner a president could have in the con­ duct of our foreign relations. Our beloved country needs these two patriotic leaders of men.\ . Don't\ foriei! '. (Especially- -the residents of Delevan). This Sun­ day {morning at' 2 a. m. the clocks are to be set back one hour.' We're sure this-is the aright date- and jgven though\ the Delevan residents were warned to.do this one month ago they can go ahead- and .do it this time and be right. Next Monday night is that long awaited night for;, \Tricks or Treats\ for the little ones.'' Having some little ones at home, we know the amount of enthusiasm that is built up in-those little heads waif ARCADE, N. Y. ONE OF THE FIVE TRI-COUNTY WEEKLY PUBLICATIONS, COV NSHIPS IN WYOMING, CATTARAUGUS AND ERIE COUNTIES Volume LXIX 10c Copy; 15c by Mail; $4 per Year Two Sections-T6 Pages Thursday, October 27, 1960 Number 41 Story From Warsaw Hospital Proves The Dog Is Still Man's Best Friend The scrathing of a pet beagle at the door of the Wyoming' County Community Hospital last Thursday evening brought an amazing story of canine loyalty and determination to the attention of local authorities. The episode began about 3:00 Thursday afternoon when a car driven by Herbert Christie of Wyo­ ming crashed on route 19 near Rock Glen. Riding with Christie at the time of the wreck was his dog, a female beagle hound named Hattie. While the State Police were trans­ ferring Christie to the Wyoming County Community Hospital, they tied Hattie to a nearby house un­ til they could return and take the dog home. But when they got back Hattie was gone. Four hours later, at about 7:00 the same evening, the pup arrived at the hospital- door. It seemed obvious by her scratching and whimpering that Hattie knew her master was inside. The evening supervisor, Mrs. Ray Thomas, first noticed the dog but was quickly joined-by Christie's surprised-wife, who was waiting at the time in the lobby of the hospital. Realizing the presence of the pup might raise the spirits of her master, who was suffering from painful lacerations, a rule forbid­ ding pets in the building was momentarily dropped and Hattie was taken to Christie's room. Once the dog had been returned to Christie, she immediately settled down and resumed, the placid be­ havior so typical of her breed. Her apprehension about her master, solved, Hattie permitted herself to be taken home by Mrs. Christie. There the dog awaited the arrival of Christie himself, who \was re­ leased from the hospital on the weekend. The mystery still remains how the dog found her way from Rock Glen eight miles away to the hos­ pital and how she sensed her mas­ ter was inside. Hattie was ap­ parently not relying entirely on scent because Christie was ad­ mitted through a door at the rear of the hospital while the dog was scratching at the main door at the front of the building. At any rate, the whole thing is Hattie's secret. And Hattie isn't saying a word. >> Masonic Grand Master-To Speak At Genesee-Wyoming District Meeting Jadre Carl W. Peterson Carl W. Peterson, Grand Master of Masons of the State of New York will be the guest speaker at the' Genesee-Wyoming District meeting next Wednesday. The meeting will be held at the Arcade Central School starting with a dinner at 6:30 p-m. Some 300 Masons are expected at this af­ fair. Following the dinner the area meeting will be held in the auditorium. Arcade Lodge No. 419, F. & A. M. is host for the area meeting. On Friday night, November 4 the Arcade Lodge officers will confer the second degree on cand­ idates. This regular stated meet­ ing will start at 8 o'clock sharp. Lefchworth Central Schdbl PTA lo Hear Exchange Sf udenfs The second -meeting of the Letch worth Central School PTA. will be held Tuesday, November 1. The program should prove most enjoyable for the school's .Ex­ change Students will speak, each relating his experiences in- Latin American. The association hopes for a good turnout of parents, for this is one very effective way in which in­ terest can be shown in the young -people of the school. Arcade Conservation Club To Hold Annual Hallowe'en Night Trap Shoot On Saturday night, October 29 the Arcade Conservation Society, Inc. will hold its annual Halloween shoot with all interested invited to attend. This shoot is for mer­ chandise prizes and both scratch and handicap shooting will take place. This affair has been well attended in previous years. Free cider and donuts will be served by the club, which is lo­ cated on Route 39 east of Arcade. Shooting will start at 8:00 o'clock. Arcade Parent-Family Life Education Group To Meet Wednesday The Parent and Family Life Education Group of Arcade will meet in the cafeteria of Arcade Central School at 8:00 o'clock Wednesday evening, November 2. Program planning and the as­ signing of hostesses for the com­ ing year will be discussed at the meeting. Everyone with children between the ages of eight and sixteen will be most welcome at the meeting. (The hostesses for the evening will be Mrs. Lois Yauchzy and Mrs. Gerry Yauchzy. \ ing for this yearly' event. We cer­ tainly- enjoy seeing them and for the most part none of them take advantage of the night. Last year we reported in these papers how well our young people conducted themselves without very much wanton destruction.- How about it, kids, can we report .the same next week? It's all up to you, and with the parties available you can have a real good time without destruc­ tion. Make your,parents proud of you again this year.' We have followed with interest the polls telling us how the Presi­ dential race is going to come out and one of our good Democratic friends in Delevan keeps reminding -that his party is .ahead. Perhaps he's right but we can remember only too well about 12 years ago when Life magazine had its cover run with Mr. Dewey as the next president only to have the voters' change the decision. • -Personally we feel- that this'is going to be one of the closest elections that the United States has witnessed. ' Certainly we should have the largest vote ever in the history of this country. We have been able to know the candidates better than ever through radio, TV. and the newspapers. Be sure that you do your share in either electing or defeating one candidate by voting! Merle Johnson lo Retire After 43 Years With Pennsylvania Railroad Merle Johnson of Protection will retire November 1, 1960 after 43 years^with the Pennsylvania Rail­ road. He is 65. Mr. Johnson went to work for the company on May 1, 1916, on the T and T (Telephone and Telegraph Line), worked for six .months and -was laid Off until June 1, 1917, wheir- he again went to work this time oh the section. After another six months, he was transferred to the T and T Line at South Wales, continuing there for 30 years. From 1925 to 1960 he was on maintenance, working out of Hinsdale on communications, sig­ nals and flashers for the last four years of that time. Mr. Johnson was born in the Town of Sardinia, but lived in Hol­ land and in Protection for many years. In 1935 Mr. and Mrs. John­ son moved to Delevan, later they built a new home on Church Street, where they resided until -June 1, 1960, when they sold, their home, to Dr. Harriett \Montague of Kenmore and moved into their newly built home on Miller Avenue in Protec­ tion, happily anticipating this re­ tirement. Mrs. Johnson is the former Dorothy Pempsell of Protection. They have one son, David and two granddaughters, who live at Brad- enton, Florida. Their Miller Avenue property in­ cludes quite a bit of acreage, so Mr. and Mrs. Johnson plan to en­ joy their hobbies of gardening, which includes both flowers and vegetables, and travel when time permits. Mrs. Johnson works at Fisher-Price in East Aurora; They will visit their son, daughter-in- law and granddaughters in Florida for a few weeks this'-winter. Arcade Girl Scouts To Paint Halloween Scenes On Store Windows The ^Senior Girl Scouts of. Ar­ cade will paint Halloween scenes on the .store -windows in Arcade this week. The \paint will be re­ moved,' as soon as Halloween is over. Three prizes have been' off­ ered by the merchants for the best paintings. The girls of the troop wish to express to the merchants their thanks for allowing them to decorate the windows. The Senior Girl Scout Troop meets each Monday evening at 8:00 o'clock at the Fire Hall. - The officers are: President, Jacque­ line Carr; Secretary, Iinda Crabb; Treasurer, Diana Dearing. -'The leader Is Mrs. Joan Ronan, who is assisted by Miss Colleen Davis. Any girl between the ages of 14 and 17 who is interested is urged to attend the meetings. Arcade Community Chest Reaches 70% Of Goal In Last Week Of Drive This is the last week of the an­ nual drive for funds for the Arcade Community Chest, Inc. So far 70% of the goal has been attained. All those who have not as yet contributed to this united drive for funds is urged to do so immedi­ ately. No one can doubt the worthi­ ness of this community effort, and the drive will be over this week, so there is no time to waste. Helen Shaw Is Dead After Long Illness Miss Helen Shaw of Chaffee died at the Wyoming County Hospital in Warsaw on Friday, October 21 after a protracted illness. Miss Shaw was a member of the Chaffee Baptist Church and of the Telephone Pioneers of America. She had been a telephone operator in Arcade for the past several years and before that had run tfle Chaffee telephone exchange until its removal in line with company policy. For many years she was correspondent for the Arcade Herald. Her death is mourned by the en­ tire community. Kindness, friend­ liness and deep, humor .without, malice were among her outstanding traits, and her deep r affection'for her family was very evident in her every act. We shall all miss Helen. -. New 4-H Club For Boys Formed In Java Center A. new 4-H Club for boys was organized in Java on Monday, October 24, -under the leadership of Gerald Ahrens. Jay Hakes was elected President of the group. The other officers are: James Hakes, Vice President; Timothy Ahrens, Secretary; Charl­ es Fennelle, Treasurer; Norman Klbler, News Reporter. Other members present were David Con- roy, Charles Miller and Ronald Hart Meetings will be held on the first Friday of each month at 7:30 p. m. at the home of Gerald Ahrens. Holiday Candles to Be Made By Arcade Home Demonstration Unit •The Arcade Home Demonstra­ tion Unit will meet in the club rooms of the Library Thursday evening, 'November 3 at 8:00 o'clock . The unit will have a lesson on decorating candles for the holiday season, and candles will be available at small cost. Those planning to take the lesson are asked to bring flowers or any­ thing else they may desire for decorations, and pie tins of assort­ ed sizes. The hostesses will be Mrs. Ray Lous and Mrs. Walter Mattson. Thomas A. McMahan Completes Recruit Training At Great Lakes Thomas A. McMahan, son of Mr, and Mrs. James E. McMahan of Delevan,.' graduated from recruit training October 8 at the Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, HL The graduation exercises, mark­ ing the end of nine weeks of \boot camp,\ included a full dress parade and review before military offic­ ials and civilian dignitaries. In nine weeks of instruction, the \raw recruit\ is developed into a Navy Bluejacket ready for duty \with the fleet. Delevan-Machias Kiwanis Club Auction Tonight! lie Crippled -ChUdrem's Fond will benefit from the.proceeds *t the \ DelevaB-Machlas Kiwamis Club auction which will be held tonight. TMsuuuuri affair is held in the Williams Auction Barn and all are urged to sup­ port this worthy cause. The Klwanians have collected many articles which wID be pot «a the block for your purchase. AH who have attended these affairs in the past have had a good time and. this one will be no exception! Harry S.Douglass Addresses Arcade Monday Research Club The Arcade Monday Research Club met in the Library clubrooms Monday evening, October 24. A brief business session followed-! the opening of the meeting by Mrs. Gladys Dailey, President Three members; Mrs. Mabel Dean, Mrs. Phyllis Dean and Miss Dorothy Gordon were welcomed Into the club. Mrs. Dailey reported briefly on the Round Table meeting which was held in Newfane on October 22. Mrs. Dailey, Mrs. Lucille Drake and Mrs. Alice Mason attended this meeting. Mrs. Rich­ ard 'Closson, formerly of Arcade, rendered two vocal numbers. The speakers were Santa Lucia, (D.), and Senator John Cooke, (R.). Miss Malarkey. of the New York Telephone Company spoke oi \Your Telephone Voice.\ •;' The'.meeting Monday was turn­ ed over to Mrs. Myrtis Kemp, who introduced the theme of the even­ ing, ' \Our Political Heritage.\ Mrs,-Maude Williams presented the mailt/ quintet composed of Philip Chapman, Richard Dister, Richard Burton, David Nichols and Thomas Hart, who. sang four' rousing cam­ paign songs, accompanied by Mrs. THus at the piano. The club mem­ bers joined in singing the last verse of ••Wait for the Wagon.\ flTben Mrs. Kemp presented the speaker of the evening, Harry S. Douglass, who related some of the highlights of the various elections throughout the history'of the Unit­ ed States. In his absorbing, hum­ orous way Mr. Douglass also gave brief biographical sketches of many of our Presidents. Accompanied by Mrs. Mason, Mrs. Maude Williams led the group in song. . Delicious refreshments were served from a gaily decorated table by the committee composed of Mrs. Doris Dowey, Mrs. Jessie Hoenstine and Mrs. Elisabeth Tracy. Reformation Service to Be Held Sunday At Arcade Congregational Church Dr. Frank L. Hicks On Sunday evening, October 30 at 8 o'clock there will be a United Protestatant Reformation Service at the Arcade Congregational Church. The speaker of the occasion will be Dr. Frank L. Hicks, Superin­ tendent of the Olean District of the Methodist Church. Dr. Hicks was educated at Washington College, Md., and Drew Theological Seminary, Madi­ son, N. J. He took additional work at Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary. .He ' has served churches in Delaware, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. He was serving the West Avenue Me­ thodist Church in Rochester when he was appointed to the superin- tendency. He was a delegate to the Ninth World Methodist Con ference in 1956 and the Jurisdic­ tional Conference of the Methodist Church in 1960. He has been des­ ignated a delegate to the tenth World Conference meeting in Oslo, Norway in August, 1961. Dr. Hicks is a member of the Torch Club, the Kiwanis Club, and is a 32nd degree Mason. Everyone is urged to attend and lend support to this united effort A Men's Chorus will furnish music-for the service. TOWN BASKETBALL TEAM TO BE ORGANIZED A meeting win be!held in the\ gymnasium' of the Arcade Central School tonight, Thurs­ day, October 27 at 7:30 for all persons interested in a Town Basketball Team. Jaya-Strykersville Kiwanis Plan Hallowe'en Party for Area Children A Halloween party for area children will be sponsored again this year! by the Kiwanis Club of Java-Strykersville. The party will be held at the Wyoming Valley Rod & Gun Club on Monday, October 31 at 7:00 p.m. Children of all ages are in­ vited and games and entertainment will be features of the evening. Prizes will be awarded for the best costumes. In addition, ten cash prizes will be awarded to those children answering the telephone after curfew time. Any child who does not have transportation is asked to please call OLadstone 7-9975 and a' ride to and from the party will be fur­ nished by the committee. NEWS OMITTED FROM THIS ISSUE Due to a last minute rush of ad­ vertising, some news had to be omitted from this issue. We regret this necessity and will publish next week the news omitt­ ed; this week. CHANGE YOUR CLOCKS THIS SATURDAY NIGHT Don't- forget that daylight saving time leaves us this weekend. Officially at 2 a. m. Sunday morning the clocks are to be set back one hour. All the eastern sea­ board changes at that time. Arcade Congregational Men's Fellowship lo Have Dinner October 30 The charter for the Arcade Con­ gregational Men's Fellowship will be presented by Dr. Ellis Pierce at a dinner to be held at the church on Sunday, October 30. All men are urged to be present Serving will begin at 5:30 p. m. Tickets are available from the pas­ tor, the Rev, John C. Wetzel, from Harvey Mason and from Lynn Roll. At 8:00 o'clock the same evening the Union Service for Reformation will be held at the Congregational Church, with Dr. Frank Hicks of the Methodist church as speaker. The Men's Chorus will present the music. The pastor will speak on \Re­ formation\ at the 11:00 a. m. wor­ ship service. This will be preced­ ed by Sunday School at 9:50. The trustees of the church will meet at 8:00 o'clock Thursday, Oc­ tober 27 at the home of Lynn Roll. Arcade Kiwanis Club Announces Judges For Tomorrow's Talent Show The Kiwanis Club of Arcade is _ busily putting the finishing touches on the Talent Show which will be presented tomorrow even­ ing, Friday, October 28. Seven­ teen superlative acts are scheduled for the preformance, which will take place in the auditorium of the Arcade Central School at 8:15. The judges will be William Scott of the Delevan-Machias Central School faculty; Barry Haywood of the Holland Central School faculty, and Leonard Fuller of Arcade. The emcee will be Robert Dia­ mond, disc jockey of Station WKBW in Buffalo. Tickets will be available at the door for this wonderful show. Many surprizes are in store for those who attend. Arcade PTA Membership Drive to Continue Through Next Week Because of the failure of addit­ ional materials for the Arcade PTA Membership Drive to\ arrive, some areas will have to be can­ vassed next week. The member­ ship of every parent is needed. Those who are inadvertently miss­ ed in the drive are asked to call Arcade 259. In addition to the chairmen listed in last week's paper, the following have been added: North side of Village, Mrs. George Evans, telephone 467; upper part of Cattaraugus Road, •Mrs. Norman Ameis, 584J1; Sand­ usky, Mrs. Harvey Roll, 379W1; Liberty Street from the village limits to Sandusky, Mrs. Harold James, 207R; County Line Road, Mrs. Kenneth Bray, 592M2. en- Wil- Arcade Students Enrolled At Lycoming College Two Arcade students are rolled at Lycoming College, liamsport, Pa. Gerald- Eldenier is a member of the sophomore class at Lycoming College, majoring in history. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Eldenier of 335 North St. Charles Montford is a member of the freshmen class at Lycoming College, majoring in general busi­ ness. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs Edward Montford of 64 Liberty St. Nine hundred and thirty-four full- time students are enrolled in this, the 14Sth academic year for Ly­ coming College. Founded in 1812, Lycoming is a coeducational, lib­ eral arts institution affiliated with The Methodist Church. Lions to Sponsor Hallowe'en Party; Kiwanis to Have Hallowe'en Dance for Arcade Area Kids On Monday Evening Citizens Central Bank Directors Honor F. Earle Westover m 0 Wyoming County Girl, Boy Win State 4-H Awards Two Wyoming County young people have won the State 4-H awards in boys' leadership and clothing achievement, according to an announcement today by Prof. W. F. Pease, State 4-H Club lead, er. They are Phyllis Merle of At tiea, State winner in the clothing project, and Robert Kehl of Strykersville, boys' leadership, Miss Merle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Merle, Jr., will re­ ceive an all-expense trip to the National 4-H Club Congress and the chance to compete for one of 12 nationally-awarded $400 coll­ ege scholarship. Robert Kehl, State winner in boys' leadership, is the son of Peter J. Kehl. He will receive a pen and pencil set and the chance to compete for all-expense trip to the National Club Congress and a $400 nationally-awarded college scholarship. Donor of the awards is Edward Foss of Washington, D. C. Kehl, a 4-H member for 12 years, has been junior leader and leader for six years. He has helped start several new 4-H clubs in his community and taught 4-H project to younger members. His own 4-H projects included dairy, vegetable gardening, for­ estry, field crops, and tractor. For the excellence of his work, he was selected a county Capi­ tol Day delegate and placed 8th in the State Tractor Contest. He has held several offices in his lo­ cal 4-H club and now president of the Wyoming County 4-H Council and a delegate to the Western 4-H Council. The 21-year-old -4-H leader hopes to be a dairy farmer. SS. Peter It Paul's Rotary Society to Meet Next Wednesday The next regular monthly meet­ ing of the Rosary-Society, of SS. Peter &-Paul's Church in Ar­ cade will be held next Wednesday evening, '-'November 2. at in the church basement. Last month's winner in the blan­ ket club was Mrs. Jessie Hoenstine. A man whose normal weight is 150 pounds would weigh about 50 pounds if. all the water in his sys­ tem were dried up. Shirley Lewis to Be Installed Noble Grand Of Imperial Rebekahs Imperial Rebekah Lodge No. 275 of Arcade will hold installation of officers this evening, October 27. The retiring Noble Grand Is Hazel Harrison. The new officers for the com­ ing year are: Noble Grand, Shir­ ley Lewis; Vice Grand, Florence Ward; Recording Secretary, Nellie Rix; Financial Secretary, Kathryn White; Treasurer, Charlotte Stan- bro. The officers will be installed by Deputy President Ruth Eck of Warsaw and her staff. Temperature* For Week Of October 19-25 , High Low Wednesday M \30 Tharsdsy 48 35 Friday - r :»'__4«- > 32 Satnrday L 55 34 Sunday 55' 36 Monday *t-- it Tuesday T* \31 PreclplUtfop^-.tT' F. Earle Westover The directors of The Citizens Central Bank at Arcade gave a dinner in honor of F. Earle West- over of Yorkshire on the occasion of his 75th birthday. The guests included directors oi the Bank of Delevan; Mr. and Mrs Rollin Westover; Ward G. Mayer, Cashier of The Citizens Central Bank, and Clayton L. Husted, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Silver Springs office of The Citizens Central Bank. The dinner was held Wednesday evening, October 19 in the Cherry Room of the Genesee Falls Hotel in Portageville. During the eve­ ning a Steuben glass ash tray with his initials etched thereon was pre­ sent to Mr. Westover as a token of good wishes for a happy birthday and many more to come. During the dinner congratulatory telegrams were read from Senator George F. Pierce and William F< Fitzpatrick, Chairman of the Cat­ taraugus County Republican Com­ mittee. The toastmaster, Anson F. Sherman, President of The Citizens Central Bank, stated, \The dinner tonight is to give honor to Earle Westover, who is a distinguished citizen of the Town of Yorkshire, now associated in the field of finance as a bank director, who was at one time a farmer, a thresh­ er, a merchant, a politician, and may I say that Earl has earned the title of statesman. The defi­ nition of the word 'statesman' is man skilled in government and wise in handling public affairs.' am sure you will agree with me that his record- of public service for the Town of Yorkshire and the County of Cattaraugus has earned him that title. Mr. Sherman went on to say, \Earle was born in the Town of Java 75 years ago, September 12, 1885, on a farm which had been in the family for three generations prior to his ownership of the farm. In 1905 the family rented the farm and moved to Delevan to operate the Pierce Feed Mill. During his stay there and just prior to it he did some threshing. In 1907 he moved to Yorkshire to the 22 acre farm on old Route 16, and in 1947 moved to his present home. \Earle was appointed Justice of the Peace in 1917, and in October, 1929 was elected Supervisor of the Town of Yorkshire. While Super­ visor he served as Chairman of the Finance Committee for 13 years— a record in New York State, we are told. Following this he served for four years as Chairman of the Board until his retirement in 1956. He served as Supervisor a total of 27 years. Earle has served in public office for a total of 39 years and 10 months, which must be a record.\ Mr. Westover, in response,. told how much he had enjoyed working for the people for so many years and reminisced about his close association with both banks over a period of many, many years. Bank directors in attendance at the dinner were: Dr. John V. Anderson, Lucas R. Brass, Harry R. Cudworth, Oswald E. Davies, Lee J. Drennan, Miss Alice E. Jones, William G. McNair, Burt J, Peffer, Mr. Sherman, Stephen M. Smith, William J. H. Waring, Mr. Westover, RDey F. Whaley and Homer H. Woods. The Arcade Lions Club and Ki­ wanis Club are again co-sponsor­ ing a giant double Hallowe'en party for the boys and girls of this [Jirea Hallowe'en night. Monday evening, October 31, is the date for the festivities to begin. The Lions Club is sponsoring a party for the younger set Monday night with a full schedule to fol­ low. Chairman Bill McCloskey has announced that activities will start at 7:00 o'clock sharp in the Arcade Central School auditorium. Spec­ ialties of the night will be a cos­ tume parade on the stage for all kids 6-12 years of age with cash prizes to be awarded in several categories. A full length movie and cartoons are to be shown in the auditorium following the par­ ade Cider and doughnuts will be served. The Kiwanis Club will sponsor the activities for the teenage set starting at 8:00 p, m. in the Arcade Fire Hall. A dance has been sched­ uled with the Bob Sullivan orches­ tra on hand. Cider and doughnuts will also be served here. All teen­ agers are invited to attend as are the parents for dancing enjoyment. The two clubs arc sponsoring the parties in an attempt to sup­ ply fun and enjoyment for the boys and girls, thus keeping them out of pending trouble via the trick or treat routine. Wyoming County Farmers Will Meet to Elect A5C Officials Farmers in Wyoming County will hold 15 community meetings to elect community Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Committees to assist in the local administration of farm programs, Burdette Randall, Chairman of the County ASC Committee, announc­ ed today. The election meeting in each of the communities will be conduct­ ed by a community election com­ mittee. Nominations for a chair­ man, vice chairman, a regular member, and two alternates will be made by ballot. After a slate of candidal is is nominated the voting will be hy secret ballot. The farmer elected as chairman of the community ASC Committee will be the delegate from that community to the county con­ vention at which the County ASC Committee is elected. All meetings are scheduled at 8:00 pjn. and the ones in this area Include: • November 21, Arcade, at the Fire Hall, Warren Pirdy, Chalr- Arcade Central School Board Members Attend State Convention Several members of the Arcade Central School Board of Education and Supervising Principal Joseph A. Kemp attended the annual con­ vention of the New York State School Boards Association in Syra­ cuse October 23-25. Those who joined the hundreds of other repre­ sentatives of New York State school districts were Mrs. Ruth O'Dell, Mrs. Margaret Walter, and Joseph Reisdorf. The meetings began with a ses­ sion on Sunday afternoon at which time there was an address on \The Space Age and Education.\ At seven that evening Mr. Groomes, past president of the Iowa Asso­ ciation of School Boards spoke at the banquet Monday morning the groups heard about state equalization rates and education of the handi­ capped, the latter being presented by Honorable Earl W. Brydges of the 54th Senatorial District. A business meeting with Presi­ dent Leigh D. Pickup of Cattarau­ gus in charge was held Monday afternoon followed by a panel dis­ cussion on merit rating and the improvement of teaching. Featured speaker of the entire convention, Secretary of the U. S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, the Honorable Arthur S. Flemming, addressed the over­ flow crowd at the annual banquet Monday evening. The fourth and last session of the convention, held Tuesday morning, was concerned with facts about the Teachers Retirement System and the duties, powers and. responsi­ bilities of the chief school adminis­ trator. The meeting then convened un­ til next year having elected Ken­ neth E. Buhrmaster of the Scotia- Glenville School Board as their president for 1960-61. Party to Follow UNICEF Hallowe'en Drive In Delevan Community Children in the Delevan commn- nity will ring door bells Monday evening, October 31 for the United Nations Children's Fund. All residents of the area are ask­ ed to be prepared with an open door and an open heart. Each trick-or-troat'er will wear the UNICEF black and orange tag for easy identification, Each penny received can mean five glasses of milk for a needy children overseas. Five cents worth of UNICEF peni­ cillin will cure a child of yaws, a crippling tropical disease. Each child collecting will be accompanied by an adult. A penny counting party will be held at the Youth Center at the close of the canvass. Mrs. Emmitl Leeder Appointed Red Cross Chairman In Delevan Harry Hunter, Chairman of the Olean Red Cross .Chapter, an­ nounces the appointment of Mrs. Emmitt Leeder, as Chairman of the Delevan Branch of the Olean Chapter. Mrs. Leeder was born in Sterl­ ing, New York, attended the Os­ wego State Teachers College, and took several courses at the Color­ ado State College of Education, in Greeley, Colorado. She was married to Emmitt I Leeder in 1934, and two years ago, when Mr. Leeder was made mana­ ger of the Borden plant, moved to Delevan. Mr. and Mrs. Leeder live at 32 Delevan Ave., and have no children. They are affiliated with the Methodist Church. man; November 10, Eagle, at Bliss -Fire Hall, Clotus George, Chair­ man; November 18, Java, Java Center Church, Harvey Abbott, Chairman; November 9, Pike and Genesee Falls, Pike Town Hall, George Green, Chiarman; Novem­ ber 17, Sheldon, Sheldon Hotel, Robert Axmbrust, Chairman.

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