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Pcge two Tri-County Publications: Arcade Herald, Bliss News, Wyoming County; Delevan Press, Cattaraugus County; Sardinia Censor, Holland Review, Erie Count/ Thursday, December 29,1960 This, That And The Oiher Thing Can Be Found IN THE TRI-COUNTY CLASSIFIED COLUMNS! Sardinia Mrs. Donald Whitefield Mr. and Mrs . Neil Franz called on Mr . and Mrs . Roland Rosie r and family Monday. Mrs. Howar d Ellis and son Ke n neth were callers at the Joslyn home Christmas Day. Mrs. William Bruyere of Eagl e and Mrs . Harr y Kurzman of Sny­ der called on Mrs . Edwin Anderson Thursday. Vernelia Crawford and Ralph Woodruff of Franklinviile called on Mr. and Mrs . Morris Pitcher on Saturday. Wis hope you will be blessed with peace and great contentment in the New Year. T.L. DROST-JEWELER ARCADE, N. Y. \fyelcome to the Nov Year! We sure hope it is a fine one for all of our good friends. Arcade Dry Cleaners Arcade - Yorkshire May the happy note on which you welcome 1961 last all through the year and all the many years ahead that 1 you will enjoy ^ rogether.y LEE and ROD JOYCE HOLLAND, N. Y. 3% INTEREST 3% Compounded Quarterly on Savings Accounts Itrt's f» thi Hew Y*r! Wt wish yw good fortvnt ml Modi r s Supply & Service HOLLAND, N. Y. IP m \I— f \iT '- i x. !• • _ - ^\ \ Stops &> 'ttit&xoUl Jeattfy BANK OF HOLLAND MEMIB man raosir IHSUUMCE COWOUTWN y/// HOLLAND. NEW YORK lay it faring twelve months of full, happy days and hours. — JOHNNY'S COFFEE SHOP ARCADE, N. Y. In the Editor's Mail Box AH letters In this column are published for the Interest of our readers. .Letters do not neces­ sarily reflect the opinions of this newspaper or any of its staff. 'December 22, 1960 Arcade Herald Arcade New Yor k Dear Follcs: - •' ' Again this ^ear v. e wish to ex­ tend JUT thanks to you for the many kindnesses rendered. We have appieciated you r patience even when things weren't quite in on- time. May the Christ of Christmas b e the portion of each one during the year of 1961. I trust that our relationship wit h the paper in- Waverly shall b e as pleasant as it has been here. Sincerely yours, W. C. Wells, Pastor Calvary Allianc e Church, Arcade Miss Patricia Kittleson of Buf­ falo spent the weekend with her parents, Mr . and Mrs . Kenneth Kittleson. Mr. and Mrs . Donald Hughes and family of Perr y wer e guests Christmas of Mr. and Mrs. Ferd Feraldi. Henry Kaiser, a patient at the Millard Fillmor e Hospital, is greatly improved. Mr. and Mrs . Seymor e Perkins and family of Darie n Center and Mr. and Mrs . Mervi n Perkins and family of Cherry Creek were call­ ers on\ Christmas of Mr. and Mrs, Charles Kaiser and family. Mr. and Mrs . Rolan d Rosier and family wer e supper guests of Mr, and Mrs. Neil Fran z and family in Chaffee on Christmas. Mr. and Mrs . Donald Whitefield and family spent Monda y with Frank Whitefield and Mr. and Mrs, Dean Rogers and family in Dele- van. Mr. and Mrs . Kenneth Armstrong and Mr . and Mrs. Charles Rosier wer e dinner guests on Christmas of Mr . and Mrs . Fran k Potter and daughter. Mr. and Mrs . Henr y Hoch and family of Springville, Mr. and Mrs . Charles King, Jr. and family of Yorkshire and Mr. and Mrs . Ken­ neth Armstrong and son spent Sun­ da y evening with Mr. and Mr s Jesse Armstrong and daughter. Miss Lillian O'Hara of Buffalo spent a few days last week with Mr. and Mrs . Merl e Barrows. Mr. and Mrs.. Edwi n Anderson and family spent Christmas in Jamestown, visiting relatives. Mr and Mrs . Roland Rosier and family were dinner guests Satur­ day evening of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rosier. The occasion was the birthday celebration of Roland Rosier. Mr. and Mrs . Morri s Pitcher, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gillette and Mr. and Mrs . Norber t Schneider wer e dinner guests on Christmas of Mr. and Mrs . Vern e VanSlyke in Arcade. Christmas dinner guests of Mr . and Mrs. John Bleyl e wer e Mr . and Mrs. N. H. ' Olin of Willlams- ville; Mrs. Charles Beeke r of Buf­ falo, Mr . and Mrs . Car l Gertis and family of Arcade ; Mr. and Mrs. A . Killing beck and famil y of Spring­ ville and i Mr. and Mrs . Donald Whitefield and family . Mr. and Mrs . Donald Lash and daughter of Angola wer e Christmas guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Joslyn. Mr. and Mrs . Roland Rosier ALL AMI BABIES A Public Service of the National Baby Care Council UNDERSTANDING BABY'S FEARS— By William Kitay National Association of Science Writer s Editor, All About Babies- Is it normal for a baby to be afraid? Man y child psychiatrists believ e that it is, for that matter, they point out that all babies have basic fears during their emotional developmen t Thes e common fears of baby hood are familiar. For example, the fear of falling and the fear \of a loud noise. As the in fant grows , there's the fear of being separated from the parents, the fear o f being hurt, the fear of darkness and the fear of strangers, Som e fears, however, a r created by a specific happening. For example , the baby or child , wh o is bitten b y a dog becomes I afraid of dogs. There are also fears that the parents, without meanin g to, impress upon their babies. A mother who is afraid of thunder, fo r example, may pass her fea r o f thunder on to her baby. Ia recent years, much has been learned about many factors that cause fear in babies. One, that has concerned several studies is baby's instinctive fear of losing the parents' love. Many o f the fears that babies and children develo p as they grow older seem to stem fro m this particular fear. When the mother-baby relation­ ship is not sufficiently satisfying, psychiatrists say, the child ma y develop the fear that he will, fail his parents. Th e child, as result, ma y try too hard to live up to thi \expectations of. his parents so they wil l not punish him, hurt him, or wer e dinner guests on Christmas of Mrs. Sarah Hakes and Miss Ethel Hakes . Miss Edith Henry and Miss Ann Her y of Rochester, are spending wee k with Mr. and Mrs. Morris Pitcher. Mr. and Mrs . Kenneth Gretzler and daughter of Delevan called on Mr, and Mrs. Edwin Anderson and family Saturday. Mis s Marger y Bleyle of Buffalo spent the weekend with her par­ ents, Mr. and Mrs . John Bleyle, Mr. and Mrs . Walter Schiener, Sr. wer e dinner guests Christmas Day of Mr. and Mrs. H . O. Rosier, Mr. and Mrs . Walter Schiener, Sr. entertained at a family dinner Monday. The guests were Mr . and Mrs. Maxwell Close and family of Franklinviile; Mr . and Mrs. H . O, Rosier and family of Arcade; Mr. and Mrs . Walter Schiener, Jr. and family, Mr. \and Mrs. Robert Schie­ ner and famil y and Mr. and Mrs. Eugen e Gertis and family. Mr. and Mrs . John Bleyle and family wer e dinner guests Monday of Mr. and Mrs . N. H. Olin in Wil- liamsville. Carrie Bridgeman spent the Christmas Holidays with Mrs. Te d Ortel and famil y in Hamburg. If It's Insurance... WE HAVE IT — IF WE HAVE IT — ITS PROTECTIONI Buck Insurance Agency Phone GL 7 9731 -Jav a Village Griffs Garage Gas - Oil - Lubrication Wheel Alignment General Repair 469 W: Mai n St ARCADE North Java Mrs. William Logel Mr. and Mrs . Frank Hanley en­ tertained their whole family at dinner on Christmas Day. Mrs 1 . Florenc e Dalley entertained her entire famil y at the Legion Hall in Bliss on Christmas. Mr. and Mrs. Ra y Grover enter­ tained their family at dinner on Christmas, including Bobble, who was hom e on leav e Irom the Army. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McCormlck entertained their family Christmas Day. The Frederic k and Richard Schwab families were dinner guests on Christmas of Mrs. Florence Schwab. Mr. and Mrs. William Logel and Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie George and son Douglas were dinner guests at the Joseph Loge l home on Christ­ mas. I n the evening Mr. and Mrs . Joseph Logel wer e supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Eddi e Kaybanski and family in Buffalo. Mr. and Mrs. John Leonard and son Jac k wer e supper guests Mon­ day o f Mrs. Leonard's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Fre d Bartz enter­ tained Mr. and Mrs . Ernest Claus and famil y and Joseph Claus and family at dinner on Christmas. Sandusky Mrs. Leila Snyder The W.S.C.S. will meet with Iv a Jones o n Thursday, January 5. Dinner wil l b e about 1:00 o'clock. Mrs. Lillie Cheney spent Christ­ mas Eve wit h Mr. an d Mrs. Robert Dawle y and famil y in Arcade. Mrs. Lillie Cheney spent Christ­ ma s Day wit h Dr . and Mrs. Lynn W. Ham. Mrs. Anso n Foss has been ill for the past week . Mrs. Leil a Snyder and family spent Christmas Da y at a family gathering wit h Mr. and Mrs. How­ ard Coo k an d son. To everyone we wish a New Year filled with happiness and good health.. YORKSHIRE FREE METHODIST CHURCH discontinue their love. Thi s leads to frustrations and to behavior problems. Quite often it is not so much the demand a parent makes that is unreasonable, but the premature timing o f the demand. On e ex­ ample is a mother's Insistence on .the early toilet training o f her baby, . Whe n too much parental pres­ sure is put o n a baby to perfor m at a certain time and place, say psychiatrists, the baby, afraid of losing the mother's love and afraid of being punished, may not only show resentment for the toilet but ma y actually develop a real fear of going to the toilet. This is one reason wh y man y psychiatrists suggest that mothers keep their babies in diapers un­ til about the age of two to permit the child to pick its own time. They believe that late toilet train­ ing is mor e natural. It is easier upon the bab y and upon the mother. I t contributes to less tension, less aggravation, less tem ­ per tantrums, less conflict betwee n mother and baby — in other words, less fear and thus less dan ­ ger of behavior problems develop ­ ing as bab y grow s older. New Year's Eve Service Planned By Yorkshire Free Methodist Church A New Year' s Ev e Service will be conducted at the Yorkshir e Free Methodist Church this Sat ­ urday evening, December 31, be ­ ginning at 9:00 o'clock. The ser­ vice, whic h wil l continue until 12:00 midnight will consist o f a variety of presentations consisting of the teen age feature length film, 'Seventeen,' plus special se­ lections i n music and song; includ­ ing the choir and orchestra. The service wil l close with a sermon by Pastor Wilder, speaking on the subject, \Watchman What of the Nialit? \ and 'ho serving of the sacrament. The public is ci rdlally Invited to enjoy JLhis period in Christian fellowship an d worship. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS Som e basic facts on care of electric motors, including install­ ation and maintenance, are listed in Cornell bulletin E -848. Single copies are free to New Yor k resi­ dents from the Mailing Room, Stone Hall, Cornell Univ., Ithaca N. Y. CENTRAL SERVICE STATION ARCADE, N. Y. Your Choice of Fine Wines and Liquors for the Holiday Season WE ARE NOW OPEN EVERY EVENING FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE MILO S. DAVIS MAIN ST. L4304 ARCADE ii get your red-hots herel The only way to sell hot dogs b on-the-spot! But to sell packaged wieners for next week's picnic ... or lipstick or freezers or cardigans or houses . . . your most' effective selling is on the printed page. Fortunately, when you talk about your wares in this news* paper, you can be sure how many people can hear you. You see, our circulation is audited by. the ABC*: You can know exactly bow many people buy the paper, how they bought it, how much they paid ... and even where they live. This information lets yon place your advertising with confi­ dence — knowing that you're getting exactly what you paid for. Ask to see a copy of our latest ABC circulation report. £. Arcade Herald • Thii newspaper is a member of the Audit Bureau of Circulation*, an association of nearly 4,000 publiibert, advertisers, aod sdverosina afeacies. Our circulation it audited rejularly by experienced ABC ..circulation auditor*. Our ABC report show* BOW much circulation w« have, where it foes, bow obtained, and other facta that tell yon what you set for your advertising money when yo* us* this newspaper.

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