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Newark union-gazette, the Marion enterprise. (Newark, N.Y.) 1939-1941, September 13, 1939, Image 1

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TEN< ^^toa JAILfEp ^itfuuros® Inexpensive this BtUe^fr^k <8478kw$i Hwsfej > Who do Jpu suppose ?yas the inost famous short story^' writer ,wlio ever lived? You Save read his 1 stofies.- : More than six mil- hon copies of his books ' have been sold; and- they'have fceeiv translated into- almost fev«>y language on earth, thchiding the _ Japanese, Esperanto, Caeplio- Slovakian, Banishv Norwegian, Fiench, German, Swedish and Russian His pen name /was O. Henry, and he was born about seventy years ago. . O Henry's-life is a striking, lllustiation of a man who battled against tremendous pdds arid succeeded, in spite of terri- ble handicaps. First he had the handicap of very little education. He •didn't even.attend high school; and he never saw the inside of a col- lege,! yet today his stories p.re studied as models of good writ- ing 4n half the universities of the land -o Second, he was handicapped by the ravages of diseases, The : doctors feared that he was. gov mg Jo die of consumption; ; sd they took him away from his home in North Carolina, sent him down to Texas, and he got a job 'herding ^hecp on a 'ranch there. \Today automobile tourists drive hundreds of miles out of .their way tasefe that ranch; and as they. approach it, they bait their .cars,, and walk reverently over the'grpund where O. Henry onee tended-his flocks - --Thira.-jfe-had misfortune'of being thrown into prison. It happened in this way. After he regained his health. O. Henry got a job as cashier in a-.batik in Austin, Texas. The cowib^s and sheep men hi-that seoti9& ria4'' the habit of walking into--file-\Mnk. wncn the clerks •ftrere busy and helping them- seiyes u -t© as much ea;h as they wanted, sSgnhfis a receipt for it, and then going en about their business. Suddenly,' one day, a state bank examiner came to town, inspected, the- bank's cash—and found -money missing. O. Henry, the; cashier, was arrested. He wa.S hauled . into court; and although he probably had never taken* a i-nishonest dollar him- self, nevertheless 'he was sent to prison for five years. , That prison sentence seemed like a calamity at. the time; but. The tft^Cvjafcketlf^h'ff. *^p|. may,\ of cotoie^be Worn *fep^*| 'ately, with^'*#3de selectjfe&f;? faibrics to 'Wobse £rom.4$$0{tl' crepe flapfe^, jersey,;-vf||j§eeii, . fau fe. JA&fl&m- VL:J!!9$jfrrtak contrast losrhn. mpnotonevii^i..':-. • • A ba:^e-Seaee^rpn'fo*''aW-/§u5c^ cessM f^^ar4|obc!»4h|s ..^r- : satife. pa|l\fer*i |*}1I -is&lgf|»: star|tay i^b-bse/ w3i<^dSMa5fc-C. fet>Jtnhiriatton-/^f - '$i^-M$&'.ety~ rkajiy. fctElily.s^^-afilafei-'-ib:! inexpensively ma^;- . • ' :'->-•'\ Pattern ISS^-TJiis', Sreis ha® the blending ''or yotip arid sophistication\ •_ so, dejfira&kh'-- ill, women's stees^-and ujaally hard to\ find. 8552'is atir<3ialf , - f fishlorr r ed to minimize'your -hips ana waistline,- Joy means'of a-panel- ed skirt, lilted at the waistline in front, and dra&n ip smoothly at theback'by siderb^lts'; Also, it .creates a raised bust'- line by means of • gathers ibelaw the smartly' shaped--. ;ihjanld^r pieces. . .... . •\; Take your choice of two Sleeve slates — the high-shouldered t Hong, snug type, \of Che' snort sleeves,,in.;modificatipn bishop style. Itfake -this of f erepe -or iayon jersey. Newark Union-Gazl Newark, New Tori FOR PATTERN send J5-cents in coift (for each -^pattern desired) to- gether with. your NAME, ADD.EESS, PATTEiRN NUMBER and SIZE.' » Address: Patrleia bow Pattern* 1115 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, N. %% -the - ;^par)mt4^ , '' , -^--^- l ^-U—..^-i-'Lti^ T **''-—— .**-. $< mm •a TiBrjwl w& &MW .'- ' . ^^#ai*Mfj»iyt'-.-- <: Iiouse to \ a^coin^flate. J».?y#S guests,\ and set up. a^galjy bstr t»t flas^sing ^uristg,,^ ml tiftftlalf&jlfcitf' :%^ao^^tMn^|vppnK: t^e^spap and c|rbohc^i#sw%uld .'^tfdfefeood pianUBrWpiif and' witii black Msr-ffi *ein, aft '! ppis^npus. Watch for the fj!rW ^-^f^^mm disease vaf getting^on a lm|il #bi4 tree ih -'leafl^s-.and'^he, whlte^.^les'-'j'^^^^i^P^Y^^uld,: 'nuldtw n}y|y.ara.'What^ale they \•arifrUii&ftiKe iidflha^cfs.'j.fe^.con*'' Bow can'I get rid hi them? troi'is to a^ply wee J i ©U*ei: or * fire torch;.to the tbliage v - . ,2S',p^,^wU flf\ the hafei^Ktpjortan't, ar-ef^' v Avrsh|J«s _ handsbrrii fit/Mus g t . arice itfQjtild' p'e •&• good -adiyeirtis^ raeht.\ 'Bh'e'baarn m& ;milfc.hbuse' ;shDTiid:;!be rnj6derji|and s.anitary arid designed-.to' add to-the- adv y'eftisihg, appeal. Thfe fhilk house shaijid,$/e at least ?30 ft., away irom the bath, and the'dairy bkf 100i.'or nipre. You wili^hate, to get- a -license^ t)y permit, through.your local^heallh officer,, and he r will give ypii^a list at thei sanitary. requirements ybii will toave,-:to<iheEt. . • : , l \ , • - • The r sows • niust^be tested for ti^erculpgiSj .and (SKou|dJ)e;test-' ed periodically iat> Bang's- dis- ease and 'Mastitis.Fi #yEMctoiel. o-r apgerMbeW. lead. fti'pfed 5 lbs, to^OM sq,.'|t. every WmMrm . kill A &m:<: Mi. • , them. '•M>$f:, it seyeral'.^eeks-((before; -.npriting fi'me so i# v will: •~- Jt - mmxi below, the I^ye,! \o|ivn«w. j|ro:ciej' roSfcs,-'. ITse ^4 f pz... 4Piper •S|ht-^?prni?tldehyde- in-10-||al; --of- '.ptfiSriknd s'oak the. 1 soir : i^it-.in' S|e'*?u?row <y<Ju intei|d tb^||iht„ *\Ti-*jji coVei'-.lor- f\*e;w oS|s to .sjetia'tfe>%i s<Jedsi? ShoiiW ^.jKlaitt.tfteniiiMHi -^§Hfafeo:r|aia^fl ; aMit$;.h^^^^ have tried-to : raise,-th,em tqr timi^^;\Wt£ti&S/& hM no success.'•.; . ;•.'•:.-'' .:-• '••. ...-i :• -J\. ' ...1^.,'AKS.fflUk: •:A-4TAS\5obn-. they're .r4pe. the seeds' sljtgoild'i 'be. 4 piant'e™ about: one^haif -tech deep -|Q. m&tuM J ot- -5(R ifef * -clnt -- •sfr&rp ^antf-aiia Sff'jjer^cerit food gar- de^iVlfeni'. ThisS?seed-;bbS 'should be-kept'»moist,, but not'wet; ih partial,Ihad^;,'an<J .from fjjeez- gi'|y m^I^|wilBmo^|d4%4'and --ivljatlfifig^n^fi^-al^ufoil^-. - £ bliglvV^ |upald, rrVost-plante are Mbfectio •s)*Qn-,iitack». i i ! ; a/ll #ge|i. Ih^^a^iaE^emcdj i s to- niaintaiit a prntecWvc poauny •M s'iaiiifeV-Wiiti'oidfetpVer the fu\ :idge' ? -',.'/',., .•;\ ••- * SS£ lY-ti 5 -Wfrtft\ m :ol'di?is'vy ''hn'pe 1 ^ &\'&&£]&&\'& temperature is surHcieA;' Hints for Home and Gariii fey M&itt E. DAGNE Q;— Our cucumber an.4. sflfl,a^K jShes seem to be'SJpaded-witli a small yellow bug or beetle with black spots 6n,it They are doing a idt of damage,' arid I would like to jkneW just^what. they are an'd what I can use to get,; rid of thein? '- » - ,>-. .'-. '. . ... —a. w. , A—Those little - striped and J ,„ ,. ... • jy .-„, i spotted beetles are -the cucumber (Enclose this coupo%bpx w^th | pities. They attack -aH.kinds.pf 'cucjimpers, melons,.4nd squash and with each bite, thiejr sprea^ the bacteria -vf fife, wfit disfise 1 whteh they carry ovep ^ihtet in\ their, mouth parts. These fa'acr ? terla live and grow.in thg plant, and cause bacterial, blight' 6i- • •wilt which.. ^usually. kil|s the plants just toe fore\'the-7c?op is rgady to pick. The son&oi is to bucS\.all plant refnse^ pl5v?.^and clean up -the fleldi^ inJihe, fall y«uig iiatlern order.) it to. Remove from heat, and When you gather flowers from m jt st&nd two or three m , nutM your garden for uSe4n,thje_house before po urWg. Tftis settles the they will keep much longer if gmun ds and gives you a deli- ™ rt * in W^fti* 0 ™? «™ «pfefn. /ci0lls bl . ew . T i lese proportions : and rotate crops t§' reduce,,d>e^ in tne nrst place it s a goo£ idea ^-e f or twe iv e cups of coffee. Twittering adults. Cover young to cut them in the early rndsnr t . ..***.. •\- - ipian-ts--with-eheesecloth-^scfte^ ing or late^evening, when the I ,panpr» towels and paper, nap- i boxes, and when they outgrow stems and bjossoms are fult'of kins will save hours of .latindry! these, with bordgax, andjajesen^ sa P- -f * work. There are attractive i ate of lead to exclude, repel'srid Tlien put them loosely into • Umcheon sets made\ of heavy i Ml the beetles, deep jars ..of water and let. them . water-proof paper that .make l am told that planting nas- stand for*sbme. time before, ar- ,charming summer tables'^ (> turtium, castor beans, qi;dlriai-y, ranging. 'Stems should be cut, * * * ?',V' J \. «.• ( beans,, or. moth balls ih.-.£&<i.'hiu'i on a slant so that the flowers Now is a splendid\ time to wiI 1 lfe $ el these beetles. I ; hope, will not rest flatly on the hot- . transplant plants antf-'taees torn > so - be cause I pjan^d beajis';'.with; tom of the vase. 'the woods. Growth is over for the ! m V ^^^ and hope.I can save my arsenate of lead. #|t|l the .^:i°j M$ »$gfbw: pe^s\|fi&9^8S§^&iwn fof Mfflmm Wd. pT|ifIt,pa\so-rne AtSie alridvt7est;i ; Mfa?ff to'\new varieties have a' ieS-C that'' Ipoks H^afeagh.. yp^agR^v^ixl^ficco diistf ttround the se,e\5s to-'repel aphis. EGG, iTOVE; lik^-an» pgk. le^aJE-; ajMyare. v eaHed | poison^ gak. ( It :yaTies i&orn a ji creeping oiv'climbing vine to BMGWHfeAT rri««' A 'if NEWARK NY. —* Dahlias -should be cut when in j season;:but there is time for the .full blo.om.jan.dthe stems should , plants to esta-biish themselves in ~m.*~. in a way, it was most fortunate; be singed inj^a hot Qamfe^rt^tgr |their new surroundings. Be sure '•'\•\•tlS.O. Henry\ began writing, in ; DIATELX. i.Rerhove tfi^lpwet, you are supplying approximately ~ 'piKonj. the brilliant stories that .leaves trlat will, be\imniersed'-In ]the same conditions in the way -were feftegd to make his- naiiie jwater, as-thejr-Will waterlog\ ahef r W ekppsutg, soil and drainage in honored and-loved wherever the turn black. Keep tha bouquet .the new site that the plantt. eu- Jtoglish language is spoken. It is 'out of a draught and your dah- i joyed originally. -quite ( prnbable that he would ; lias will keep'in good condition . .nB.^eri;'|pv6'-written at al}.K he-jfor several days. . \ ; hadii't^il.eerl seiit to prison. * *• * •„_ ' I WasSalkmg to Warden Lawes. of'Sing Sing, recently; and he told tare .that almost every man In Sing ^ihg wants to write the stdi^of j^life. In fact, so many -of the: prisoners in Sing Sing want 4o write, that the prison school gives them a free course ih:short story writins.' When Richard JLoveiace was thrown into an English prison. two hundred and fifty years ago. he.gloTifred his dungeon by writ- ing oije of the well known poems of the fcngHsh language. It is a love poem that he wrote to his Sweetheart. It i- entitled: To Althed-from Prison. , Stone walls do not a prison make. Nor iron taart a ca^r. The spotless mind, and inno- cent,- CaEs that a hermitage. If I have freedom in niv lo\e Aiid in my f=oul am fr-e. Angels alone that are above. -Enjoy «aeh liberty. Final Rites Held Ian Fotihd Fiodtlitg in Canal Fufferai . rites were held Fri- day for Daniel Verbrid^e. 60.. of 1114 North Main St . who-e body •was found floatins in the Barpr i^anal one mile ea<t of Lock 28B hfiie last Thursday morning. The body was discovered by an em- ployee on a.passing barge« and recovered by a canal crew from -the Ciyans drydock. aidfd b.V Trafflt Officer William Schrer- ens and W. 3. Utter of Nejf'ark , He was identified by a\n unem- - ployaiieht insurance slip m hi clobhing, which Paul J. Best, rnanager of the Newark district office,•'State Employment Sei- vioe, Sftid had been attached to his final Check which he prob- ably recWved Sept. l or 2 from AJban$. £>x. Arthur Besemer of Manoh, county coroner, issued a certificate of accidental drown- ing t- Surviving' are his wife. Mrs. ~Kath|rine Verbridge; a daugh- ter, m's. Ed Berard. jNewarlt; two s,(Jns, William. Newark, and' SSP^w^i'fJon Springs; three sisters; Mrs-.Ahram Longrod. 1 So-- dus RD, Mi's. William Kitchener Many shrubs and trees' ea-ia.be planted successfully -in' J '*th&. £|Cfl- For information on the y pTb$|ng ~*A i/ *„-• • - ,x ^ ., and care of shrubs and trees, add i' 4 teaspoon salt and > 2 cup wr i te to the New yo^k 'state l u^ aS I 09 \' \* tHe coffee ; CoI1 ^e of Agriculture at,athaca,l B Q—I have a notion that wire has boiled as long as you want Ne;w York, for bulletin 1?1«5. t worms in the soil are latgely re- When you are making boiled coffee over an open Are outdoors Q-^I have some'-\3ucklii)igs. $nd .feed them a moist mash, pow •iften should ^heSj he fcij? oi? fehou«#*i4^4h'elmaiiii&1«a*e them all tHe time? ; » • A—Up to 4 or-5 tfeeks of a^e, they slmuld?.be fedii'or Stinjes a day..After that, 2 or 3 .tirn,$i'.is enough for the mash if tfiey*c4n range on grass and. have a. little scratch .grain available. f\atMy'f0yo0-r k \^oi even the publisher—knows how impor- fajtjii & new§pape'r fe to^ community. , *\ * ' \Msk -village,Hie more important fhe newspaper is itfjrp ec&fldmte Itfe. its news* editorials, and feature stories ,fj88us pfel'mfilrfest-of surrounding territory ori the ^riifltgl fft Mart of tire V«*i?iiffe, f-#aifviile; ; a haif- oro%h*fflh# 'half-llstfc-, Dfvid ani* <f|ape ffifeid|e, Msi WIJ-^ lianTs&n: and two other half- - &M. j&uiia|.*M in Fah'viHe. whlfcli Vke/pipir is publfshedi Tbis'tdfee and the force of advertisements ^*y loc|l piefctanls buKd'ih e'vlr-^ening tradis af%a; This means rnlre business, « fetgger.M&«0'Street, morefiaonpy tor schools, churches, and : '-hBimfes^ b?4#f aftd feette'fc VlJIa-ge. * / A.yjlag4 wif)j a; newspi|er-3s a village with a future. Thfe. .^feeW^the -J^^per, the brfgrif§r %e future. •--: . v^ J-K-- •' ••-- w • \'<,. .,.•'. «. We'are trying to make this newspaper .fhe'best.:pj^.-- '-. V &isd- Ismd of protecfisiiikii^ Mitt 'Mii ?«i^ *uu:«tA • : .' -, SSktbffar cotimwtr mintomn \ >tfr*-£ %£ cr me4,?o%jM}>« lok ib bay*!- 'fife.'gi* km.\i£<jni**~ *»; - a-«y«v&;fe-»6wAW li Si:-^j ??:.^' : !?^ — iSg:S ^ A - .^i^ p&msi^d

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