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WAYNE COUNTY'S MOST WIDELY READ NEWSPAPER v- : -'--^«ig [VOL. LXVIM^O- 49 Entered as second class (nail matter at Newark, N, Y. Post Office X- Exclusive Club Adds Member Suggest Central Public Of- fices at'School', Aid for Cemeteries Proposals for a town-owned jhousing system for families: on tclief and the moving of all vil- Jage and town offices and •agencies to collective quarters in Tthe old junior-senior high school •when It is vacated next June, •featured the seventh annual [banquet of Newark iEx-Mayors held last Friday evening at Hotel iGardenier. ' - Along with these important > topics, the 11 surviving ex- mayors who attended recohv- nended further investigation of lie plan for municipal garbage collection, a water softener for the local water system, further improvement of Newark airport, and possible subsidizing of local cemeteries. Centra! Fire House Urged Ex-Mayor Arthur N, Christy oroposed to the .group,- which Jach year discusses solution of local municipal problems, that the village and town proposes to exchange the present City Ball; with the Board of Education for the high school building oh Church St. under an equitable agreement, and that all village and town offices and charitable agencies be located there. He said that placing all vil- lage and town units under one roof would serve the double pur- pose of eliiiiinating office rents for town offices in Grange Hall and relief PfiEiees on Blast Union St., and also centralize th'e scat- tered community offices for greater convenience to the pub* lie. Christy also proposed that the East Newark arid New York Central fire houses be eliminated and all fire-fighting apparatus be concentrated in a central department hi the basement of the \hew\ City Hall. '\While there might be objection to this on account of the club fs(atttres» rf both \cbMpaiu^^the pro-\ ponent sald t \It as certainly ap- . irent that modern equipment can reach any fire in Newark withm two minutes from the school site, and* this would elim- inate a long-standing traffic hazard on East Union St.\ He declared that the two local boards and the Chamber of Commerce should get together and consider the project. (Continued on Page Two) |lncrease of $2,710 In Fees Reported By County Clerk j^ABOqffl'^^^ '•••;•: '% : ,. . 7, 7 - TW BUREAMlil^^ two m^mm-^. \A PAGES 4- ii* - itv fSj# Association Annual Se to'BeHeldBec:^! at •;•*% -*;| .•vis-' ! it Straddling chair-iised-as, goat, former May^iJiafW ']$_,'._, Parker is shown as he was initiated into Newark Ex-Majors Club at annua) dinner. Former l^yor Paul' D. Newton (right)' administers \embalming fluid\ as former Maydr Charles Drake offers chaser of celery. An increase of nearly $2,710 in fees over 1938 was shown in the annual report of County Clerk Charles A. Noble-for 1939 sub- mitted to the Board of Super- visors at Lyons yesterday. Noble, who fs recovering from i long illness, made his report through Deputy Clerk Fred' Peer, who listed $23,472.87 as total fee moneys received dur- ing the year'ended'\Dec. 1. This compares with $20;763.65 re- ceived last year. Largest increases were in the registration of motor vehicles. J operators, and miscellaneous fil- ing, where the county's share was $10,238.87, a jump of $2,067.- 28 over.last year, A jump iji fees for searches was also shown, «ith a .total of $7,096.75 for the past year surpassing f338 by Si .234.18 Other receipts were shown from recording deeds, I S1.603 25, . mortgages, $1,003.75, and smaller amounts for court judgments, naturalization, and trial fees. Gi&rd*rt Group Head Names '•' . ;-.€#ittmHte>iy ' \\••;-' Program and committees ; of the Newark Garden Club for the year were announced today by .Mrs. Harry M. Brown, president. Officers of the club will act as the project committee. Mrs. C. T. Bloomer is chairman of flower arrangements at meet- ings. Others appointed were: Publicity—Mrs. Fred Kopp and Miss Ruth Reeves; telephone— Mrs. Fred Filkins, Mrs. J. E. Feller, Miss Adah Phillips and Miss Nellie Clark; property— Mrs. George Feller and Mrs. Carieton Pulver; conservation— Miss 'Ruth Reeves. Among important programs scheduled for the year are a Little Flower Show to be held in the new wing of the public library in May arid a Rose Gar- den Tea to be held in the Jack- son-Perkins Rose Gardens in June. Miss Betty Keiper, iRochester, will be speaker at the 'Decem- ber meeting next Wednesday evening. Other speakers sched- • uled are: Jan. 10-^-Slides and •1 talk on roses and perennials by Eugene Boerner, research direc- tor Jackson-Perkins Co.; Feb. 14 —Talk on evergreens by Clar- ence: Vanderbrook, C. W. Stuart -^7 Wayne County • larmer.v.j Wives, and children 'w^i:''gj||| at the sbdus.'Blgh. 6$^f|fr tnesday-, Sec. W.^j'^fM the anhuaLFarm an'dHPjrfe?||, e'ajuC and '4-H .Club'^bglift \supper and.mMling^. ^^fsf - Ace*ptduig to Mr.. J. 5>. Anifj IprWiilianison, ^\ssbcia^iorEl^es.. deht»\thls is the second -J^IS^ theiast 23 when annual;in,#iiSl' have been held in the,e'.vejt)| 4 nj :Last year's successful' ~- - *' ii when -over: 300 attended', „„. . the- corrmlttee- ehcouragemie|t% to agaii try this meeting asTIS' evening gathering. .The ^efi|ji class, of the Sodus High isc^pjSl will serve the supper. ~ -'Ifc'ii Highlight of the evehln|$& program-will be the. after-4^*1 ner speech of Mr. Romeyn-.Bj&j§M of Jacksville, New York, ntttgcli traveler, writer, and humbipJiS entertainer. Other\ eatertil^l 5 ; ;;ment events will include ^im®. Lyons .Hiil-bUly^s orchestra&:fI? charge of Thomas Rich'. •. ,0-. ; ' With Mr. Ame-ele presldtog.|h/e ; group will consider proposed changes to trie association^ §6ri- stitution and by-laws. Thtej^.#ill;l also elect a president, yice-pte^ 1 sident and secretary to sucofefed Mr* Ameele, Mrs. Dana WaMrpn of -Wolcott and Mr. Frank,§&fj$*. waSLpf-Oatario whose terms' •£$=.-: pire. \i The business meeting \yl}l.|>e : concluded with, the election '$f; executive committeemen .uv$he>; three departments'. Those 'vyTi^. terms expire include: iFaJrjra; Bureau^George, Morse, -WIllll*» son; Fred Thomas, North:,%?,, and .Frank Behsway/; 'Gnfirl Home -Bureau—Mrs7' 'An'nfer' Putnam,\ Sodus; MrSv M&xE0$ ckoh, Wolcott; send Rlr&^fl^ Leary, Ontario;* .4-jfl\]^aIfrP WjMrfS *v.v' I - With'Christmas buying in full swing, dis- *|,^nndoi*« of Newark stores are attract-- |ing;* record number of gift' seekers, and youngsters. Typical of the latter is this group fucktsted bjr runninir electric train exhibit iii Montgomery' WarA window. m,- >harity; League Sponsors fe lSance to AW Welfare :$/txs. Emily Huritley, Wali'orthv- \ • ;;••\ ••: 0 :•/•• • •' ' -•'.' Medical Society Picks Lyons Mali AsNewPres \ :Gi*mfT^ir^^r&**s::^ Warner C..Xandfie3d;6t-'N«j*i arkf was, re'-eWct'ect; for Ms.,^'i term' as chairman 'of the.Wayiie district, (Boy- Scoutls,.' executive' committee at the\ a'nnual \district banquet attehdedf. b'y^more t^an 100 men and. • women fJom throughout the county in Grange Hall last Friday evening. Main speaker was . M. Herbert' Eiserxhart of Rochester, chair- man of Region Lt, who extolled Boy scouts as an important cog in efforts toward international peace and unity. Elected vice-chairmen were Harry Smith, Clyde' and Carl Eygnor, Wolcott. Eagle badges were presented six scouts of Troop 66, Palmyra; Scoutmastej: Keys went to two leaders,, arid 70 other awards were given oiit for special recognition. Field Executive Edmond T. Hesser, ih his repbrt; said there' are now 780 scouts in 29 troops in the county, with 250 adult scputers registered. > ., ,\ '. Eisenhart was. intixjdpted by B. Emhiett Finucane, chairman of tne Rochester council, and. a brief talk, was given by Kenneth B. Spear, council executive. Invocation was offered by the; Rev. John .Williamson, Sodtti!, and singins? was led.by Elmei arfe ence: vauut:i 0luw , „ „ —^., aim . ^^ „„ „ Co. landscape architect, andj steil wlth Newton tJePuy a t Jthd PARENTS TO MEET 1 A regular PTA' parent discus- sion Rroup session will be held tomorrow (Thursday) at 2:30 !p. m. at Lincoln School. Miss Laura LeRoux will be in charge. Thrilling Romance SeriaToTWeWe& Starts in Gazette Thrills . . .. Romance . • • Love in a Western setting- That's the thumbnail oft HILLS OF BimWX* the new serial by Agfntss Louise Provost, which begins today '« the Newark Union-Ga- Mtte on page p. Miss Provost, author of many best sellers, including \The Closed Door,\ «R»* ^ne's Wheel,\ and \Honey- moon Wife,\ spent years in toe country she writes about, ^d In HILLS OF DESTINY Jells a powerful story superb- h well. \Romance of Plant Names'^ by Frank C. Tack; March 13—Talk on judging by Mrs. John Merrell. Rochester, and \Romance of Plant Names\ continued by Frank C. Tack; April 10— \Flower Arrangement\ by Mrs. A. O. Samuels, Rochester, •o -• S TB' Program Slated By Home Bureaus Home Bureau .units in Arcadia will unite next Monday evening . lo present a public program on .ilTuDefculosis by a physician from (Biggi Ifemoflal \Hosgitait; In Ithaca at St. Mark's Parish House. Dr. William J. Ryan wfil give a talk and show films- on the disease, which is treated at the Biggs state hospital, ' In a progrffm starting at 7:30 p. m. The affair .is offered)- to the public without charge, according to heads of the Cooperating units. They are: Miss Catherine Frey of Unit 2, Miss Minnie Hoeltzel of Units 14 and 18 f Mrs; Jacob Liable of/Uhit S, and Mrs. ftoso'Turner of Wldewaters unit. Dr. Oha'rles L. Steyaart of Lyons was elected president of the Wayne County Medical So- ciety at the group's annual meeting held last night in Lyons. He succeeds Dr. Clarence Pratt of Red Creek in the office. ' Dr. James L. Davis of Newark was re-elected for his .ntoth; tenrTas secretary-treasurer and was' also named first \vice-presi- dent, Dr. George Pasco, 'Wplcott. Was elected second vice-presi- dent. Elected to the Board pf Censors were Dr. George: Allen, Clyde; Or. Arthur Besemer, Marion; and -Dr. Myroh Carmer, Lyons. Society delegate for the comin'g year will be- Dr. Ralph Sheldon, 'Lyons, and alternate will be ©r. Samuel Houston, Wolcott. Annual reports read at the session included that Pf the committee on, hospitalization, which showed that the four hospitals of-„the county have signed contracts with the Fihger Lakes grouts Dr. T. F. Evans of .Buffalo cbnaucted.a scierrttfllc program oh uses of oxygen. _,—•':'••••-;q i •\••••• . Grange Plaits Dinner, Installation-of Staff •Newark Grange will 'hold a dinner and; iitetallatiott of new- ly-elected officers at 6:30 p. m. this Friday in the Grange Hall. Douglass. iLtocoln, Reeds ^Cor^- ners Granger Ontario County, will act, a& installing officer. Mrs. Isaac Tack and Mrs. M** B. , s >if ittee for tlve second ah-. Jgal-^lxai'ity Ball, formal hpli- iteyrdanee^to be held in Grange '^IcolyDec. 29,- were anaouttced |agb;||^ht at a meeting of Vae SlSwfprg'anized Cliarity League, \>p%|iS6rs\ of the balij by Mrs. R.' ^iGJrj^tffeei general chairman.' ,, iffie?' fepojip also announced pp?,prbc'eeds of the affair,. ?hpj.j.a'g&: donated tp charltyt JilVMtdivided -among local' , i&Mjttable., agencies as follows: ,^o:Ber.:cent to the Arcadia Weir *1ifev Office for aid of so-called; ^**!pije cages',^ 40 per cent to .^jistmas Fund, jMrs. Chaffee said Bob Boiich- ler^'Orchestra, popular in iRoch- tetet. social, circles, has been* eh- ik'ged to furnish music for the ban,-j, ;•' , .The Charity Ball committees are:--Tickets—Mrs. B. c. Rush, chairman, Mrs- Gordon R. iPar- Ser.Miss iEBzabeth Dunn, Mrs, C. Dupha Reeves, Mrs. Norris Van DuseiY Miss Eleanor Davis; orchestra—Miss Eleanor Christy and JMiss Frances Bolles; decor- ations—^Mrs. Raynpr Holmes, Chairman, Miss Martha Com- stpck, Miss Ellen VanDuser, Miss |T>prpthy Dbnnelly, Mrs. Benson Shirtz, Mrs. Helen Drake,. Mrs. Robert Chaffee. I Publicity—Mrs. Lawrence Beal, [chairman, Mrs. Edward Welc%ier, Mrs. Donald R. Bird; refresh- ments—Mrs. Ronald Welcher, chairman, and Miss Margaret Welcher. Tickets for the event, on. Dec. 29 were placed on sale, today. o— Council Re-Elects ; Mrs. Noonan Head Of <M:$ommi ivtrs. WUlfam Nbbnan- was fe- eiected.Qirl Scout commissioner; by the Girl Seou6 Coutteil\ at-the annual*election of officers Mpn-, ^evening. Mrs: Frep^Biirgreen' iwiu serve ijs vice, comrnl'ssioiierj tMrs, Le^.e P&' as s&}t&&$; kn4 'Mrs. Cecil Davidson as treasurer. Committees will foe* '• agp6iifted : , lafegh .\; . :'\• '\' s o v^-..^. Mrs.. Nooaaii annouhces ttiat as a cdrhihiinity serviee'; ]>rojecfc.| Newark'Giri Scouts will gather! during-the year^ the^fdirowih^ articles:: Empty coffee- *- cans,; odd4shap^d jars- and bottle^ .prune iuice bottles, old' clean silk underwear &&& -staefcrngs* good ends of did : siik ties, reinnari'ts of silk,- oig^r boxes, floss,; and ydm* Tne'^*tietes-.are t6 be ( sentto^ ijatients oi the oceipatioirfeii WRiAiS County Allots Farm Unit to fe$&$ete0i ,,.,. for\ them 'to .wdr-fcvw^'tti'. - \* '/jj&m project is. in cooperitfqrt-lwlth the Aniericani'tifegion*: AuMiaty; arid ufiQSr ffie ^p^rvtsioH; <5f. Mrs. Ross Warner, coun^'chair- hiEiivdf rehablliiati6h'.'' ! • < * A total of $12,300 was' voted towafrd Farfti B,uieau,\ - Home Bureau, fiitd\^ Club woik. in Wayije County hext ^r by the ^6ar4 pf.. supervisors in session* at Lyons yesterday. This' is \the Same amount which was appro- 1 printed for the thxee'uhftsi last yeai'. \ •• . t - ? .'-„. i jSespite. dem^hds froni sfivejal supervisors .for cutting-#iJ# from the amount .tpwardi. Fafm Bur- eaUvSuptpbrV the usual ^,500 was vdted< yesterday, i it was ^pointed cntt, * hp^eveoP, -ehatitKe -Wayiie bureftjii' ree-slyes 4 &WHf^bJft''-Gdr-' , m MAIN ST. Police to Enforce 2-Hour Ordinance Beginning Next Monday Two-ftour parking limit on Sojith Main St. hi the bu&mess secUohwiiragain.be enfotced, starring next Monday, according ;to*/an- order - issued' today by Mayor- Jfthea^E^Cfeiftenden^-'Elie- __ pfder came as result of a plea |;by' merchants along the street for- such .action, the Mayer ai> nouhced. I At .last night's session of the _ _ Village Board 3* business men presented a petition asking for ] a one-hour parking limit on the slyeet, but it., was withdrawn when they learned that legal procedure would hold up adop- tion of such a regulation until J&n. 1. Spokesmen for the retail group said their main desire was to keep autos of all businessmen and downtown employees put of parking spaces during the day and thereby give parking facili- ties to shoppers, especially dur- ing the Christmas period. ' rtaw Already on Boo.ks The la* prohibiting parking for more than two hours on ^South' Main between 7 a in. and § p. hi, has been on village statutes, for the ]past four years, but, it has not been enfoicedi fox .two years on request of the mer- chants. Today they agreed to ask immediate enforcement, and Mayor 1 Chittenden issued the \ order to Police-Chief S JE Mc i&own. ~ *' At last night's board meeting the trustees voted a request to iiJie.Pennsylvani.a Railroad tb .post, warning flasli signals at its crossing on East Maple Ave. at - the foot of thestate school hfil SV&e piano. Health Unit to Hear Talk by Guest Cleric There will be a meeting of'the Arcadia Maternal Health Asso^ ciation at St. Mark'si 'Parish House Thursday, Dec. 7, at 8 p.tn\ The Rev. George E. Ndrtdto, D.D., of Rochester will, speak on the \Matenial Health Move-..._,— , ment\. Everyone - interested is |Glerura are co^ehairme'n of the invited to attend. ' |-dinner committee. Sodality to Hold Reception Rites For New Members St. Michael's Sodality will hold a reception for nine new mem- berg at 7:45 p. m. this Friday at the. \church. An impressive cere- mony conducted by . the\ Rev. James C. Lane will be followed by a short talk by a guest speaker; • After the service a short busi- ness meeting will be held in the Brick House. All \members are requested tp bring a \toy for the cPramunity Toy Shop. New members to be received a$&i Theresa Colacino, Al Coler mah, Mary Dadetta, Erma David, , Mary DaAaigells, Thomas Heaiy, i-Mary Healy, Josephine Longo- vei'de and Anna Marchioli. LV.War*H^i For<jGrand Jury On Check Charge] In Wayne County jail at Lryoius, awaiting action of ttoe Grand. Jury in. February, is Lester V. Ward, of N*ewai*k, commander of the Wayne County American Le- gion last year, who was arrested: Thursday on a charge of forging a check for $403 at the American Express office, in Lyoris on Nov. 20. [ Ward, local insurance sales- man, was arrested by State Trooper Harold Scott of the BOX detail oh the allegation that lie forged 1 the name of Charles EC.; Utter, Newark merchant and Wardls landlord, to a- \cerUfled'' check for that amount on a Geneva bank, He is accusedi of having presented the check to Kenneth Gerhardt, express of- fice clerk, receiving eight travel- ers checks of $50 each in return. Arraigned before Police Justice John W., Miles, in Lyons on Thursday, Ward waived! exam- ination and was ordered held for Grand Jury investigation of the charge, which is a felony, Efe was remanded to jail in lieu of $1,500 cash baft set by County Judge £,. A. ^Gilbert.. ,ya,. •,. Toy Shop Makes New Appeal a* Shortage Looms theihtfaaid^sS ay^ted^lSiiJOO^ for' Bureau>supMW\? hi».'^he ;;county., ^ese*;fujaQ»iaa*tteen^awp ; ^ •last' we\W;1ipXweler;r'e^elved for fi^*wriP'Jc{^\j^tb-h'*;£tna-'re-Ydted : The board again appropriated $l;600 forttheiplEflcebf the Wayne Gotety^?e$eranjS'' Service i&ur^ eau, following, the anhuai report submitted!'by Nicholas DeJph'n, county oflacer; This showed that total cash 'behefits: for the past 11 months to'veterans and their families in : \'the -county were $26|i&1.39, as compared to 'bene- fits of $23,752.03 secured diiring the 12 months ori&38. The benefits reported include $5,635,90 in appliea'tiohs for com? pensatibn on veterans, $1$90.51 in accrued peiiSlOfls Secured, $2,865 in adjusted service certi- ficates and final Settlements of bonus bonds, and $4,480 for federal hospitalization. Bond Takes Office Of Towii Clerk as They also directed the Supeun> 4 t tehdent of Public Works, to make < I a, survey of repairs- necessary to Infective- sidewalks throughout • jh^ftflage.., -.,;,-;•••< ~\ r. Dr. F; C. Donnelly, village T Ihealth bficer, in his report for., November, said that one case p^merHhg^is^as-^eesrded here— during the monto, resulting in. death, and one death occurred out of six cases of pneumonia.,, \there were also 14 cases of whooping cough and one of? scarlet fever. Permits were granted to Wil- liam Port for an addition to his building on West Union St, and to the New YPrk State Electric and Gas Corp. foi- an addition to its structure on Noith Main St. The Police Chief reported 41 arrests during th.e month and Police Justice J. D. Hurley re- ported $30 collected m fines and forfeited bail. _— -~*a —_ ^» in s Seniors NEW TROOPER. HERE Trooper Fred Wilson today re- placed Trooper Earl,-Andrews in charge of the Newark outpost, State Police. -Wilson was trans- ferred here from Auburn, while Andrews went to the North Syra- cuse Outpost. • Rehearsing lj|t '*£.' $iac-sput» ; ting comedy for \Mystery Min-\ strcls'\' to be given by and for' benenl pf^Newark ^igh ScnWr* Class at gym Friday night, In-, terlbcutor Bruce Babcock (cen- ter) smiles under shiowcr\ of-' jokes shot at him by Wo-at-\' six end men, Calyiit FJSheif* (left and Walton Crequc (right), A ribt of fun is mixed | with mystery plot,.interspersed by singing of Girls Glcfi eixth, ; in program starting at * n. m. •' Miss lm»e Quiri, dramatics teacher, directs shW* Another urgent appeal fof contvibutions of used toys fof the community. Toy JShap was issued^ todajf.'by Mrs, Charles Drake, chairman, owing to the fact that additional toys will' be needed if .all less fortunate chil- dren are to be taken, care Of .Christmas niorniiig. {. [ The committee is . especially •Short on largei* 1 \ toys' ana would; like to obtain such -playthings* as velocipedes, scooters, skiis. skates arid doll carriages. . Mrs. -Drake also announced that a- number of persons are contributing new toys to the conithunjty enterprise and thaij the committee; is extremely r | grateful fof this aid^ \ She states that if anyone de- siring to give used or new toys will notify her, v telephone 339, the^artlcles will be called for. Used; toys will, toe renovatedi by ^ohn Mlartirj. who is contributing bis servicea. \\..',' Edwhi•••<?. Bond, town elerk- elect, took office officially last Friday when the. resignation pf William H, Grippin frPm the .office was accepted by- the Town ['Board, which appointed Bond to fill the -unexpired term until Jat%. i. The beard accepted the resignation \with regrets\ at a special meeting-arid comhiehded Grippin! on-faithful service dur- ing his six years as clerk. Bond* a^Rep^bUcah \Who was elected last month, took oyer his duties and is being assisted bjr iGrippinr-tnr -learning -«ic routine: Grlppuxsaid he resigned early because nfuch. of the clerk's work-during lOeeehibe* is assp- ?iafed Tvith town matters fpr the cpmifiiyeTa*'- At, 'the regular ' Town Board 'Bert* Palmatier Battles ler-Ltf* After Accident Still in critical condition and staging a fight for hfe m New- ark Hospital ,is Bertram Pal- matier f 26, oflil Mooie St, who suffered a broken neck and fractured arm; in a fall Monday morning while woiking at the Newark Courier plant Palmatier',, a pressman, was attempting to remove a bauel of metal fro.m the basement, with aid of Ciiiton Harris, anpther emprpyee, when the chain-fall standard'toppled fiom its base. Harri! said the\ youth dodged, the standai d and lost his balance* falling backwaid on thp'gi'ound and landing on the back of his. qeck. Rushed to Newark Hospital, he was treated by Dr. Elmer L Du_ Bois, Newark, and Di Cail \T Harris, Rochester, ~who said the sixth spinal'yertebia had been fractured and^-iiis left, arm brpkehv Dr. DuBoissald it is not yet definitely known whether the spinal cord was severed and that' the victim is paralysed be- low- the.-^euldfirsv He ^ajdt todajt-- ithat chances.for recovery can * ... .:..s\. -.^ r.i.'n_i , , J -i.._*ji • jj.:_. -,*. ta \ i allu- tor was re-aRppmtod dog cb.u'- moratory-for 1040 in Arcadia. Betty Keiper to Talk At Garden Club Meet Miss Betty Keiper^ garden columnist pf , the Rocliester Times-Uriipn, will discuss \Christmas! Deebratfons\ at a meeting of the Newark Garden Club at, 7:30 p; ni. next Wednes- day hi the Public Library. Husbands; of club^ membeirs will be guests on the occasion. Each ,member is -asked to bring, a\ 10 •cen^gilt forexehange. M»*iRpb-' 'ert sbpeif will make 'the\.Aowey : ar»ageaiiear.foir %m tnnetifig, . , depend mainly on dis- appearance of the paralysis.

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