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Newark union-gazette, the Marion enterprise. (Newark, N.Y.) 1939-1941, January 10, 1940, Image 8

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EIGHT NF.WARK UNION-GAZETTE AND MARION'ENTEERRISE, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10, 1940 , TELEPHONE 71.0 8 TELEPH( Chapter 5 j \There was little time now j for Virginia to let her thoughts ) dwell bn Lee. She had two un- j announced guests to entertain,' both City dwellers of luxurious , ta’sfes, Mrs, Archer had retired exhausted to her room.'Virginia excused, herself to Stanley and t ' fOttffdiheT.:-? . ~ ''Darling, th i s l s lovely! Buti . why didn't you -send word, and I let me meet you?\ i “I Wanted to surprise - you. | .dean-It-w a s-a -s-Uly notion, oi-i course.” Mrs. Archer returned I _ tvto -ryarm -young V'xx and xir.iicri . wanly. ■ \I hope you don’t mind my bringing Stanley this, Way. j but 1 couldn’t -very well object when he wanted- to come.” “Oh, lio, of course -not.”'' Vir­ ginia' smiled .brightly. Site paus­ ed. aiid the rest came jerkily “Father Was going to build a new ranch house as \soon as I came hack.. And I never -came The -plaits a re in his desk still.” Mrs. Archer looked frightened. She%ad not heard -that hard sound in, Virginia’s, voice since the first days after Matt Blair’s death. “Oh, hut-you were practically, on \tli'e way home.” she said SodtRingly. ‘‘And I’m Sure we Shall b e Very comfortable here. Stanley has had one ol his cars shipped out. Really, if you Weren’t ’going to sell. I should insist on vonr getting, a new one.” Virginia did not answer imme­ diately. - “Oh, yes, J suppose I shall sell,” she said si . be foolish hot to. But I ’d rather hot talk about 'it.* if voti don’t i,ranch house, and he stopped a n d , thirty feet below. Both ljien were invited her for a ride. 'She went,! half drunk, LaWier -morose,, ' thrilled with iuxuriousness and sianty argumentative a n d boast- i arrogant speed. . 1 fui. Lee hdard Sla-nty-’s tauntiiig After T h a t there were\? other voice, meet-inas. boxes of sweets, smallt \Takin’ orders from Lee Hoi-, (gifts which Josefa pruciently hid;. I lister yet? Ye’ve ' been keepin’. Be was amusing and' gay, an ar-:j yourself so scarce I thought he; dent young man. with: a facile-jprust,have -fired; yfe.” tongue fpt' compliment, and a, ”1 ain’t takin’ anybody’s or- taste for kisses, He teased Josefa,: -ders. I’m boss- around there. I; “How you know I worry my head .weeth Lee Hollister?\ mind.\ Mrs. Aroher flashed an alarm­ ed glance, at her niece’s face. “Of course,” she said -hurried­ ly, “it's your property and I -don’t more guests arrived, friends -Wjjo mused thoughtfully, “did the. had stopped off on a ,coast-to- cow hand mean by that?\' coast trip, and-lights shone and “ ' music came front the ranch. The next day Stanley made a house until far fnto the night.' A.i trip to Saunders alone and newer, gayer life had come to. ( found his way to -the office of the Circle V',. and with, one npta- j Gideon Morse, eo.unselor-at- ble exception, Lee Hollister had ’.Law. no part in it. j \I’m Stanley Bradish.” he The exception was the dance l.said casually. \Cm staying at the while the weekend'guests were ,Circle V ranch. That little mat- -suppose there. -He w*ore the blue seig -5 | ter of the other woman suit and was one pf the few inen I you leave if .to me ” ' • there not in evening clothes, b u t, Gideon blinked, but forebore he swiing Virginia into a foxtrot comment. He had a letter from as easily as if he had been born i-tfie elder Bradish, as definite as to it, and later danced twice with ’ a, letter could be. considering Peggy Vi’atrous. Peggy special- j ilow much of it lav between the ized in new men. . lines. .\I'm. crazy about your hand- not very delicately. \I’m jealous of -that fellow Hollister; you like him' bbttei 1 than-yeu-fto me. -He was-coming* j to Cite Circle V this morning (when I left, He’S there a good deal, isn’t he? You’re no (Span­ ish girl. Josefa. or you’d- never [let another girl walk off With ,|your man like th a t\ j \How you know I worry my iheaci weeth Lee Hollister? 1 got i plenty fella—ten, twenty, hori- dred!- Eef I-love, I fight for my ' man—fight any woman!” I \That’s because you're Span- ) 'ish,\ he said persuasively, '\But eastern girls are different.'' They’re cold, Josefa. They’d -throw over the best kind ol a dliap if'.they caught him making, a little harmless love to -another- girl. Why 1 know a case . ’Amusing for Stanley, and not without the flavor of -adventure; dangerous enough for Josefa, -tortp swept by jealousy of a ..girl front another world. -My 6 pn.~»°' 'spending a few He . , ’* 4 'cP j P u I weeks at the Blfiir .place. ?ut, T ls Inmau-.j qs not Vet associated -with inc 4 * T tl’. e ? -------- \ ; m hv t o - r ' S i 'is not ac- \Of course, not. Lee isa-\ | quainted with the details of She^he.sitatedrJia'if angry but suddenly brought tip against a blank wall. After all. who—or somewhere what-—was Lee? A bit of human I Tnrtw quainted with the the proposed purchase ” ’ It iooked like a bad At fifteen Jqsg-fa RauiirKfTvas a beauty, Avffh ~ glowing black eyes, a dusky flush under olive skin, and a slim. tvant to seem insistent, 'but if flotsam that Matt Blair had ml • you delay too long, you may .lose vaged and made into a man the opportunity. Mr Bradish is ..Who.s an i nliian? Hollister” a. very generous, man. but he :s , The voice was Stanley’s, break- onve * khi , ana a sum. gay..: w also, very—er—peculiar -He may . la just ln time to save her ;dancing body. Young Mexican? Lhipshape for simple needs, and •get impatient and \v:tnd.aw the | r0I?1 a jaj^e reply. \Oh. yes. ,-arrayed themselves in holiday; came :mji wpnt.gt win If Mrf. Archer was firmly con­ vinced, and Stanley Bradish cynically sure., that Lee Hollister was working to establish him- .self comfortably at theGircle V, either by marrying Virginia or otherwise making hbnself -indis­ pensable to her. certainly his, actions did not go far to disprove their suspicions.' He seemed tmbe merely hanging around with no leak apparent affairs of his own that deifianded attention nor any dis­ position to .acquire them. He had established himself in an'aban­ doned miner's cabin just beyond an | Turkey Gulch. making it ay., weather-tight and sufficiently take notice that you keep toler-. able- scarce yoreself when that hombre'is atound.” —-iDon't - - worry- -about-—me!” Sianty warned him belligerently,.- \Dm goin’ to be rich some day, you see if it a in’t. ■ And I ain’t, aimin’ to work like a dog for it,, neither. A’m going, to ’use my, brains, I know a m a n ‘that’s .go­ in’ to hand me anything I say. I .got him just where I want him. Ig o t V . . . ; H-e checked himself .abruptly,- as if realizing that he was talk­ ing too much \I gqt a big idea.” glanty fin-; ished craftily. “That’s wffa-t brings the money in.' Come -oft,' le’s be moviri.\ He yawned and stretched, the sobered man of the two. The watchful face 'above drew back just in time, as Blanty looked! up and around. -When the-two men went on down the slope the rock shelf was empty. For. nearly a week Lee’s cabin had been empty. Virginia began to wonder why she had- no daily' glimpses _of a t a l l ‘figure riding her range as if he owned it., or, going calmly past her door to visit-old friends in the bunk house. She rode over to see J.oey and dropped a diplomatic ques­ tion or two, but Joey had not seed Lee for days, Odd th a t he had not said -anything to Joey about his plans. Perhaps he was ill up there in his -cabin, and alone. Someone ought to go .. . She turned Black Lightning’s head .and touched him into quicker .action The little cabin looked: lonely ahd -deserted as.she neared it. HOUSE OF HAZARDS By Mac Arthur Kay Kyseir, Features Novelty Attraction Here Something delightfully' new, Opening -at, Schine’s Geneva under the screen ’sun is the Theater Sunday, Jan. 14, are the tuneful comedy, “That’s Right - , Lane Sisters and Gale Page in You're Wrong,” .which, open.s !\fom: Wives\. •Sunday at the Capitol Theatre. , outstanding successes— in Starring Kay Kyser with his i \Four Daughters” and “Daugh- If 1*3\ ' I* 1 +' ‘%’m betting she Won't Joey \ The old man peerecf at him shrewdly. “Looks kinda serious, that youfig Bradish feller corru/i’ filong, like it was a family party. It’s queer -how life keeps turnin’ folks around. There was ‘Milt feratiis'n. \back in the late nine­ ties, busted -and glad ter eat the grub M att gave him. an’ now Milt’S a millionaire and Matt's the oiie th a t’s down, an’ Milt’s boy Is out here hangin? around M att’s girl. Funny, ain’t it?\ \Very.” The voice sounded grim. “Never -did' have-^any use for Inside were orderliness and. sitn- , there’s. mixed. 4jfo6dlttiere,~-V^-Tb«A -a-mb roeie-untes-ou-t of fhHF]—TfiereW'ere 'ftp bolts nor b a r s j+ t^ tyt tte * r o o m vvas'^nKrclv _ „ ... ' . . . Didn't your father pick him tip way to spend an hour or so at I and in hfi>- absence the curious t „nri „ mmtrpt j o t ’ n s- - on-one .of the reservations 0 Or Francisco's rancluto and knives J could inspect as they -pleased. fmght have warmed un p l e a s a n t - , ^ it south of the- bordeffi l . : W ^ ‘nt around;sIowIV ,0ok. v r im ii Tn!S tlirie Virginia showed herlher favor. Lier. nursing a grievance and only ., t this. thta„ artd tliat 3 - ■ annoyance. “I don’t know.\ she 1 Only when Lee Hollister .-top- ' too anxious to find something to , f ” th „ J w J .. f .-aid coldly. ’ You’d better a-k j ped at the sheep ranch was there satisfy it. So, q.Uite p-rivateiy. had - t h „ mi-th t Lee-' t;2 m tBheer Hk°fthably 1.c!lfIelte.1!.1 ^tanley Bradish critically ShT knew — ’— : about hei. like the .sultry 4 - 111 - veymg the ground for reasons of - h - cheruhed her father’s C h a p ter 6 ’ ? ‘T ' ,Hf ^ his.own- thea: pfound ,‘memorv. but still that was an Tv,? ,, i !-now.i.Jfiancbco for .years; the evidences of dark motives o r .nriri a v . f h„,. The recollect ion of the m - , entif? hou,Phr!ri rtplodt.d into hidden activities, unless, per-, ^ hp!?-n”fl ° do’ t0 put hel hospitality at his approach and!, haps, the large rough chunk of t ‘ a . ' , ^ _ pound us joys and troubles into quartz lying in full view on a 1 ’ : his ears. Josefa was merely'shelf might be so classified. On Fraaicisco's pretty kid to him.' [it was pasted a bit of paper with Josefa..pouted and sulked, and this simple legend: «•••;:s',ted hcr-ej with tire other • Matt Blair Therefore -he was flattered, but. A Man not particularly surprised when! Died October 15. 1933 ar. agreeable- >oang nun caught j Sianty Gano knew what that ; her ha-ndi and sard teasingiy ' sample was. He had watched Lee Offer.” particular moment the man called Lee Hollister, whom She both disliked and feared, and the little dried up prospector whom she considered a very vulgar and obnoxious old man vvereJiscussing her affairs with considerable freedom. “Beckon Mis’ Archer's aimin’ , tcr-take Honey back east?” said. Musical- Kawwdedger 1 -the—radio^^ l a t e r reftffns wlmn TtTFbatij’ be- 1.1 . 4 ' “Too plumb full of foolishness to live. All they think of'is money and how -many yachts and: b u t­ lers their friends -has. I t must have ’most killed ’em when Honey’s ma married inta the shirt sleeve set, but I took notice that when Matt was makin’ a lot of money they corresponded —with-him -pretty fi-equerrc: 'C sti T tell m e!” The dark head turned slightly. “They’re bom grubline-rs, Joey,. • i f T know the breed. I’d like to see the stubs Of M att’s check hooks for the last six years ” Joey nodded thoughtfully. Bib-; ehce fell between them again. «. 9 * * . “You’re not sore with me for trailing; along this way, are: you?” “Don’t ' silly ” Virginia laughed and half shrugged -as- -Stani e-y -c ame -our fee where she stood on the veranda in starlight, looking across the shadovvy valley. “Well, I just wondered. You’ve been so quiet. Rather withdrawn, you know.” He bent a flushed face tow ard 1 her. “You ran away from me, V\ee. Don’t you know .that I’d follow you—anywhere ?” His voice had dropped to a vhispeE. In an'otiher .second h e would h e kissing hef. Lee this afternoon. Stanley this evening ,. . . She couldn’t stand it. “That’s sweet of you, Stan.” She moved- a little, j.ust out of reach. “ B ut don’t let’s talk about, it tonight, will you?\ * * * For Lee, a n d for. Joey also, the serpent had entered the garden. .There were no more long rides, nbi quiet evenings by Joey’s,.fire.; Virginia ‘rdde with Stanley -Brad? ish now, showing him over the range, taking him deep into th e , hills by trails th a t -Lee had shown her. On the third day aft- tended slur made her kinder t i Lee than she had meant tn be -She danced three more times with him. Toward the end of their last dance Viremia .turned her head and iaiiahcd softly ' Lo<5k. Lee! Just uut.-urie the door I'm eoina to bring her \ His eyes followed hers. Be­ yond themwafi, an open door, its shaft of lieht cutting ir.to the outer shadows and- caught in the edge of the light, they saw a gay little figure, with a dark . 1 vivid face, black eyes that burn -1 ed with excitement, aiid a scar­ let mouth. The slim body swayed slightly to the music, with a rippling animal grace. As.Lee looked -at hei—sne'^’lid hastily out of sight with an impudent lift of her chin. He -toughed.- “The little devil! She’s Josefa- Ramirez. ..and her father is ! father's', name on ihat piece epitaph—or I grim reminder. (To Be Continued) pretty things to her when she was fleeing discovery 011 the night of the dance, nor even when a swift-grey car ,1 long, fascinating monster that was a Hollister swinging, a pick to get it It had come from the spot where Matt Blair’s wilho’-the- wisp, samples had beer, dug Sianty s'tood glowering at it for some minutes before he slid out. cautiously, with no wish to meet a man. he both hated and feared. — 1 haughty rich relation of all the cars Josefa Had ever seen, ap­ peared out of shimmering dU- tance a. lesL-davs later It stop­ ped before the straegling adobe buildings where -a v pretty g.rl .leaned agahv-t the piastemfTenopgh' to \pry Tnto Lee Hollis- wall The younc m a r. apparently' ter’s-.affairs, Lee was equally had r,o‘ other errand th&n to ask observant of Sianty’s. He did not !his way., but he lingered talking like Sianty and he did not trust if Sianty Gano was curious be 3a ^heep^herder sm d ^ a ^ n o w l * 0 the vuillei-ab:f‘ Maria, and left [him. He did not care for Lawler, ue d sneep neiaei anu nas non 1 n r -oi t *-w ?- risen to the dignity of own ranchito Matt helped him to presently with a quick, oblique, either. Therefore, when . he glance at the girl. caught a glimpse of Sianty and. eet it You ran rnnnt on Fran ( A day or, lhe car;-Lawler slipping behind the shel- Cisco.' His father was a servant I PaSS! d i hat. Way •aSa’n:. and ye} !ter . of a cedar thickdt one day’ to Don Luis Bebailos.” \••Vtry interestiUB.” saia Vir­ ginia sweetly.. “Rut not much of it seem? to be about the girl , again. Once someone was with ! he picketed, his horse a safe 'the agreeable driver^that girl,[distance aWay and followed, favored among mortals, with the [Moving, lightly, with an eye for shining hair ahd rose-leaf skin. I betraying stones underfoot, Lee You’re holding out on me Lee \I th!, !;lrl wilh nche<i \n her hanbs j swung down to a shelf just \'Nrt-hih- W hold ” Lra w as% i ard Hollister at ..her feet. [ above the point where they had ” ' Josefa let the car pass with a : disappeared, dropped Hat on it sulky stare, but the next d,ay it 1 and wormed cautiously out to came again, and this time Stan-I,the gdge. ■ ley was alone They were con- Voices came to him. He could veniently out of sight of the {just see the two men about little curt about it. Someone else claimed her and she left him, her smile cool and sweet. Lee hesitated, a trifle ruffled by the uncertain ways of women, and then went but by the door where the girl Josefa had stood There was no sign of h e r Lee leaned comfortably against, the side of the house and 'roTlcd a cigarette Voices drifted to him. a man’s, low and laughing, a girl’s in smothered remonstance. more coquettish than angry. Lee flick­ ed out his match and strode lightly around the corner of the house. He thought he saw a flitting shadow, but it vanished and he could n o t be Sure A cigarette made a point of light in the darkness -about-' -ten Rnrt - away Stanley Bradish .-’.raffed toward, him. “Hello. Hollister.\ he said in? differently. “That you 0 T thought Theard voices out here \ “Did yoe?”,Lee was noncom? mittal, but his eyes searcbed thb darkness back of the house - “I was- -probahiy -mistaken Coming in?” Stanley tossed his lighted cigarette aside and started on, Lee’s eyes were on the smoked cjgarette where ; landed, still glowing. “When you’ve been in part of the country a er his Jarriva! he and-Virginia -1 longer.” he said \evenly; half? ’ had thri little went down to -Saunders and came baek With a long, rakish ear- smoke-grey, with h is moho- 'Ifiam T n •scarlet cm th e doors. After t h a t ' they were seldom hbme, At the- endri# the -third week use better judgment than that A fire, like some other things is easy io-atart, but-mot so-ea^y th put but.\ • - Stanley's annoyed stat'e fol­ lowed him as he strode off. \Now what the -devil;” he 0 H M A M LYONS, N. Y. Wednesday and Thursday - - Jan. 10-11 “The Secret of Dr. Kildare” * LEW AYRES - LIONEL BARRYMORE Third and Best of the Series Latest News Featurette - “Royal Rodeo” Friday LITTLE THEATRE GROUP PRESENTS' NOEL COWARD’S “HAY FEVER” With An All-Lyons Cast Jan. 12 TSiiturd^ - - Jan. 13 Matinee at 2:30 “Tailspin Tommy in Danger Flight” With JOHN TRENT . -rAnd— “Overland Stage Raiders” JOHN WAYNE Chapter 1 — “Dai edevils of the Red Circle” Sunday and Monday - . ‘ Jan. 14--15 Continuous Siioi- Sunday — Starts at 3 o’clock “The Roaring Twenties” PRISCILLA LANE ? JAMES CAGNEY Hl'MPIJREY BOGART State Ag Magazine Starts Sixth Year With the publication of the Jgnuary number. “Farm R e­ search”. the quarterly magazine for farmers published by the State Experiment station a t Geneva, will enter upon its sixth year. “Farm Research\ is designed to keep interested persons in ­ formed on recent developments ffrthe varied line's oi work under way in. the resear,- 1 , laboratories and experiments fields, at, fee-fi Station. The publication is sent without charge to anyone Who asks for it. — -o-—- — ' . Uncle Ab says instead of whining about your income tax. Why not rejoice that you are so well off that you pay one? Thursday - Friday . . . CROL'CHO - HARPO - CHICO “MARX BROS. AT THE CIRCUS” —With— Kenny Baker - Florence Rice — Added Feature — PAT O’BRIEN SUBMARINE D 4 Saturday Jan. 13 You Can’t Blackout Truth! Ot Last! The Cncensored Version “ALL QUIET ON TLfe WESTERN FRONT” — Added Hit — CHARLES STARRETT ‘THE TEXAS STAMPEDE’ Tuesday and Wednesday Jan. 16-17 JOHN PAYNE ? JANE WYMAN WALTER CATLETT ' \ ' 7 ' ' —And— , “Beau Htmks” STAN LAUREL a n j OLIVER HARDY Sun. - Mon. ? T-ues. Jan. 14-15-16 LIONEL BARRYMORE LEW AYRES —in— SECRETS OF KILDARE” -With-™ /' HELEN 'GILBERT NAT PENDLETON Wed- -: Thur. . Err, Jan. 17-18-19 JAMES CAGNEY PRISCILLA trANE —-in— THE ROARING TWENTIES” New Hit Scored By Latie Sisters In orchestra and Adolphe Meniou -the picture breaks shaiply away from the conventional boy- •meets-sirl success-stoiy theme on which most -band leader films' have been based. \That's Right—You're.Wrong\ crowds*an immense amount of snappy new music. Hoilywoqd satire and* uproaripus novelty entertainment into \its footage. As part its plot action, the film prfM\.it« -\The College of ters Courage”, they are teamed together in an even more h e a rt­ breaking story. Although John Garfield is -missing from the picture his ghost remains. The story is mostly'based on hi.s absence. Hl§..y\j{jQ.W„.Wh.o is Ann is going 'to wed their star boarder Felix who was in love with Ann before she married Garfield. After Felix finds out that Ann is going to have a baby he leave? her,, but a'udiencc-participation sh o w which h.u earned Kyspr renown over the air iapes. Kyser scores notably in his initial effort, and with Mehjou easily grabs the laugh-getting honors of the film. Lucille Ball is excellent as the glamor girl, and May .Robson furnishes much of the fun as Kysev’s redoubtable grandmother. Edward Everett Hpf.ton. RoscOe Karns. Dennis O’Keefe and Moroni Olsen, along with the Kyser soloists.. Gmny Sirnm?. Harry Babbitt. Stilly Ma­ son and Ish Kahibblp earn comes, sick and needs a transfu­ sion. He gives, his bipod and the baby -recovers. ' ; ' Felix knowing now that the baby -has some of his blood re­ unites With Ann and they live happily everafter:' 0 ™ ------ Strand Picture Deals With Odd Mental Sickness Dramatic thrilts '0f\aetectiori - - , - - . , 1 and mystery, played against a abundant comedy laufeis _ Davidj.backi?r(SUnd of me(jiCal marveis. p ^ e d and-.' directed (mal^ ..The Secret of Dl, Kil. f le Wrona i dare.\ new scientific detective for RKO- Radio Pictures. | romance coining Sunday to the , I Strand Theatre. Palm.vra. Many rows do not produce w ith Lew Ayres as Dr Jimmy their bdst because they do not | Kilddre ar.d Lionel Barrymore as have an adequate and. constant < the veteran-Dr. Gillespie his supply of water. Cows will drink, mentor, the story deals with a as. many as 25 times a day. beautiful eiri's weird mental Chap. 5 of “Tracy’s G-Men” Sport - “2 Roys and a Dog” Cartoon - “Barnyard Brat” Capitol News Suniday r Monday LUSCIOUS .aberration, with the young doc­ tor turning detective to tracel down the machinations of al fanatical nurse acd a quack doc -1 tor. Helen Gilbert, Who played the teacher whom Mickey^Roou-1 ey fell in love with in ‘“'Andyl Hardy Gets Spring FeVer”, play's | the \mystery patient.” .me r n c c M m jM e Expensive It’s often more expensive to pay a low price than the right price for a pre­ scription, Substitutes Can lower the cost and in­ crease ' the profit. Quv prescription prices are as -low a s possible) basecLon drugs of highest standard, compounded exactly _ as your doctor prescribes. y n n i i 1 FRI. - SAT* ‘SIS*'*’ JAN, 12-13 ■s&x® STARTS SUNDAY; JAN. 14 •Idyl at MU :V : - I 01 cAcbtaWV - ' iVuoughout a ■ hapPY '«a,l0n There is f Act in the n( been the kim of a fire. Not the It siort handed'; the 'effect thal rightness or labor unions, by one nation decision had 1 ity rights. The probl lion for a nurr I have done a s and. of all ' grc the knowledge many instance | need for amei I urgent to thos Coupled y -re vVialioilS\ tuT (he Board itse extrernely broc Those rev( of bias eviden assumed by tf sound attitude- — • t.vr more signi ,,missions, and make this situe --Gengressrx [ and daily more in its power to (he field of err, to recovery an this, end by air mean a, fair d | ..wlion would m; employee harm That Congi devoutly to Jje r of the consumii Author of <tnd 1 PAI When Padi “id, he had ai most distinguis kind of fnaii h bch, but, more who could aid the world. P Limous people Paderewqk put in prison. 1 Paderewski die But the turnin' ahead. The doctoi rewski discove of Mozart, b poser, and wh, ;day Mozart, h introduce him The docto and the selecti ‘‘Mozart is ' ful music as M compare to M Paderewsk did progress.' nmning out. only three or 1 over and over And he w, Suddenly an i in imitation oi that idea was would try! In his rooi pro viseck-a- -mi : over and ovei ■to the doctdr loved Mozart, in fear-aird Are The docto wall he anofhe n-wski told th music was spl< rewrski's minu . 1 om<> world fi Paderewsl style of M o z i Put when it Si \access of it. 4 We all ha1 do things we necessity face lo the things

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